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My name is Brenda and I am definitely a junker.My addiction started when I was a teen in W.Va. and went with my Mom to church rummage sales.Seeing all of the clothes and household items so cheap really thrilled me.
Got married and moved to the west side of Cleveland.Every Sat. a whole block of empty stores had rummage sales in them and so my collecting of about anything started and garbage picking was soon to be added.I love it all.
My hubby is not a happy camper with all my Stuff but puts up with it (and my many cats) Outside ones though.One in.
Ive restored many old trunks and furniture.Just lately liking the painted and whitewashed shabby chic look.I have a full basement( and it keeps coming in)and many years of projects ahead.Loving meeting all the fellow junkers or several sites.Seeing Im not alone is great.I guess I dont need to see a doctor after all for my hoarding problem(per the Oprah Show.)lol

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Birthday: 09/25/1947

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Pegboard from piano front and old window with quilts

The pegboard was saved from my brother-in-laws burn pile.The other is an old window

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Re: Tell me whatcha think... I need an idea.

I have a whole set like that.lol One is in the garage buried One in my craft room holding a stack of drawers.Last one in hubbys computer room.Nice and strong. Just paint it to match whatever room or cover the top with tin.

Re: How to Spruce Up Your Porch

Very neat idea.It looks great and I too love the rustic look. It looks like a wooden mat that I used to stand on in front of a machine in a factory in the late 60's to keep my feet from getting tired.Later they changed to rubber.

Re: Recycled Window Turned Art Display

Wonderful .I love it.Very rustic looking.

Re: This one will be a BIG surprise

I missed one like this at a garage sale not long ago.I got there 5 minutes after it was sold.I was sick.I could picture it painted white and made to look old (sanded and stained).I've looked for another one ever since.Really anxious to see your finished product.

Re: since everyone does a bedframe bench..... here's mine!

Very nice look. You did a great job. If that is the original wood I'd try maybe just changing the cushion and pillow colors first for a different look.

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 3

Oh my gosh .Looks like my basement.I add stuff about every week.Last week I hit a few garage sales,a thrift store and a flea market and got quite a bit of stuff .There is more coming it than going out but I go down there and I'm in junk heaven.I start one thing and jump to something else.I usually have 3 or 4 things going at once.Glad I'm not the only one with "OCD" for junk.I guess it could be worse.At least it's not gum papers or rubberbands.lol

Re: Ford Logo License Plate Art by Design Turnpike

Great job.That is where my honey works as an electrician here in Ohio, so when I saw the FORD emblem I had to see what you made.So neat.Great job.

Re: hanging up pictures

So neat. My neighbor calls my cat Bamers so my eye went directly to your post.His name is BamBam.

Re: Trash or Treasure?

Would look nice in a rustic frame.Someone may think it was done on purpose.
Welcome to Junkmarket.

Re: My Picks from Oronoco

Sounds like all of you had a great time.I love your finds Sue.Anxious to see what you do with the gas pump front myself.Show us what the rest of you came home with. All of the pictures I've seen of all you girls are great too.Would have loved being there.I give Candy and Kathy credit for driving that far.What a girl will do for Junk!! So neat ladies.

Re: Country store beaded board bird house

Great birdhouse. Beadboard and tin roof? I've been wanting to try and make some type of birdhouse myself. Mind if I ask how you get the porch roof to tilt out? I love it.

Re: JMS Returns to The Today Show

Sue,good luck on the Today Show.Maybe I can watch it this time.Last time I watched on the video.Maybe they will make you a regular like Carol Duvall was on one of those morning shows (can't remember the name of it but the host was Gary somebody) And then she went on to have her own show for many years.That would be so neat.
I'm excited about Gioni's sale tomorrow.Getting an early start.Don't want to miss something good.Saw a nice chest of drawers and dresser today at a garage sale for $20 each and thought "Boy Gioni could Shabby Chic those up real good."

Re: A Traveling Bevarage Bar

Sue: That is such a great idea.It does look so refreshing.I'm like cottageElements anything I get sits in my basement before I get going and do something with it.Great job.

Re: Crib Notes On Weaving - Shhh, Don't Tell

Neat project Candy,Very different.Like a few other people said "I think I have one in the basement".lol We all hav a little of everything then all of the sudden someone like you gives us an idea of what to do with it.

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

Good luck and I to can't wait to see you on the show.Guess I will set my alarm while everyone else sets their VCR.lol

Re: It's 'Sew' Easy To Pretty Your Home

Great job Candy. You are so clever putting stuff together.

Re: Junkin' with Jenny K.

I'm so jealous.I want to go there too. Also I'm jealous that all your goodies are so organized.I have tons of junk in my 70x30 ft basement but I just about have a path through it. Bad thing is I sit an area around 17 x 25 (under my master BR) that was susposed to be my designated craft room.Now I have "stuff" in the bigger part too.Oh well so much for that finished basement with a pool table my husband is dreaming of.I have enough junk to create until I die.At least I'll be dying happy.lol One day I'll post a picture.You guys are the only ones that would appreciate it all. Most people go into shock.lol

Re: Keeping Time With the "Rhythm" of Life

Georgia ,I love this .It's different and has that shabby chic look. All of your things are so nice.I'd love to be able to come to your store.

Re: Sewing Cabinet Shelf

Beautiful ,makes me want to go tear my old machine apart.lol

Re: A few projects that are truly For The Birds!

These are great! I love them.Guess I have to go find some candidates in all my junk and make myself a few.I know I have a lunchbox like that and maybe a childs lunchbox too.I saw one made from a 3lb coffee can a few years ago.

Re: Any Suggestions? Ideas?

Lovecrafting maybe somehow you could put a pretty fountian in it if you can get it in between the bars.Maybe take out one bar.Shabby chic the wood too,and crystals hanging in between like someone said ,I think.Then sit it on a table top.

Re: Merry Christmas to Me

I love it.I agree with ItalianPeasant .Paint it white.lol

Re: Toilet Topper

I love the look.I have a cubby like that too so maybe I'll try it.I already have the old shutters on the bottom part of the window in the bath.Great job and great idea.

Re: Merry Christmas

She is beautiful Georgia.I love adult angels.I would lik to have anfull size one back by my pond sitting right where I can see her from my recliner in the house.

Re: Old window projects

Great job,I love them all. I have a bunch of windows myself and the ones with one solid pane is a challenge to me.So now I have some ideas for them .Thank you.

Re: I've Pulled Another Wheelie

Another great wheel Georgia,such a great idea.You are so talented.Guess I'm going to have to get myself busy.I enjoy looking at everyone elses junk as much as I do making it though.

Re: How to Make a Christmas Candelabra

Wonderful Georgia!!! I love the look.I don't think I could have gotten it back together so nice,You are so talented. I love it

Re: The City Floor Lamp and the Country Floor Lamp

I also am drawn more to the chippy one but both are very nice.


So cute lady.I have so many windows and need all the ideas I can get.


italianpeasant I love it.All your stuff is so nice.Can't wait for another sale.I'd like to look at your ebay stuff too if you could give me your ebay name on here or email it to me.

Re: Inexpensive & Simple Junk Tree Ideas

So proud of you lady.You are so creative.Everything you do is so cute.I bet you are really on cloud 9.You know the window is one of my favorites.

Re: A trike tire is in the cards

So cute Candy.You come up with such great ideas.

Re: A trike tire is in the cards

So cute Candy.You come up with such great ideas.

Re: Sewing Table Deconstructed

Beautiful job Georgia.Everyone her is so talented.I need to get busy and post something else.I also love the picket mirror.

Re: Pegboard from piano front and old window with quilts

Can't figure out how to post my own picture either.Tried several times.

Re: Pegboard from piano front and old window with quilts

I wrote a reply and have nodea where it went.If I'm repeating myself I'm sorry.I'll get the hang of this eventually.Bubba was my cat of 14 years that passed away in August of 06.I have a new baby .I got him 2months after my Bubba died .He helped heal my heart.