Bridget Navoda , Round Rock, TX, US

Crafty artist in the heart of Texas...Austin/Round Rock/Georgetown!

Not settled yet on my medium...glue? I adore decoupage, paint, furniture restoration/upcycling and crafting sweet things for holidays and other occasions.

Bridies Home - where I create whimsy and functional furniture pieces from...JUNK!

Yes, I drive a truck: green, four doors, sunroof and seat warmers!

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Spring Arrives with Sue and Some Crew ...

WoW!  Amazing fun with Sue, her amazing daughter Elizabeth, and Doug (a.k.a. Blue Eyes)! What a wonder Miss Sue is so tiny...always going, and going and going!  Lucky me to...

A Girlfriend for RePete -- Another Playful Pooch

RePete sold for $930.00 at auction (benefits going to Community Montessori School -- YEAH)!  The bidding was so fun to watch...the runner up pleaded me to create another one for, here...

Former Nightstand turns into French Provincial Pet Bed . . .

I've still got the drawer that I pulled out -- awaiting it's own set of bun feet for something fun, but here I've dowled in a rod and placed dainty drapes that can be drawn to allow for a pampered...

Bird Girl or Shabby House

Found this tiny "Bird Girl" like (Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil) statue for .99 cents at Goodwill -- she's silver made in Italy -- took the shabby house off of one of my birdhouse...

Ready to Welcome Ya'll to Texas - A Rough Rider for Raffle

To Infinity and Beyond...oh, wait, that was Buzz, Charge!? This guy turned out to look so much like Teddy Roosevelt -- who can resist calling him a "Rough Rider" but he's wearing a...

Texas and Gatherings ... and Lightheartedness

Yehaw!  Sue's Comin' to Georgetown and surrounds!  Went to my ALL TIME favourite Antique store in Georgetown, Texas today...Gatherings...where I confirmed with Cathy that Sue will be there...

Little BlueBird on my shoulder, Zippity Do Da, Zippity Yay .. Some Old Stuff

My Junking Friend, Kathryn K. has since closed "Sophie's Nest" in Austin, I was delighted to find her back in business at an Antique Mall...sporting some of the little pretties that I crafted for her...

Thanks for the Inspiration

Thanks go to my friends Cathy & Stephanie at Gatherings in Georgetown, Texas, as well as to "deja vu", "Beds to Benchs", "romancerelics", "funktionaljunk" and "whatscookinjunk" who inspired...

Last Night's Party Leftovers become Today's Valentine ...

Published in Somerset Weddings 2008 issue was my take on a "green" wedding...the proposal and then gifts for the wedding Perrier bottles!  Bits and pieces from the crafting room...

My Version - Vintage Piano Music

Hope I'm posting this correctly; the pages decoupaged on this thrift book shelf came from a vintage piano book.  They didn't have the crusty/rusty brown, so I did a was with some umber acrylic...

Repete in Repose with his ball Wilson -- A Garden Mosaic Vignette

How could I not name him Repeat? I mean, RePete? Ummm... The children mosaic'd rocks in primary colors, two still need grouting (yikes, my fingers are throbbing with cuts...can I do it; can a group...

Vintage Piano Music - Decoupage, of course!?

O.K., so mine isn't player piano music, but pages from a Vintage Piano book...$3.00 bookcase and then decoupaged entire thing with the music, went over it with a brown wash, then added (my favorite...

All work and no play

Weekend is over and my hands are TIRED!  Poor Pooch is still being tiled, he's ready to play ball, but there's still some "spots" to be filled in...then the FUN part:  Grout! Someone asked...

Another Saturday and a New Project...

In order to utilize the boring tile left in a house Steve and I demolished to build a new home (a green building project), I'm prepping a pooch to mosaic for my daughter's school auction garden...


Just a gentle reminder to myself that the best things in life are, indeed, free.  These plastic marquee letters were in a "free" box from a garage sale and are quite fun to play withnbsp...

Gentle Heart & Welcome Home

I had a fantastic holiday, the most beautiful gift that I gave was simply saying "Welcome Home" to Bob, a friend's father who was sharing lots of piloting stories, including a couple from...


Chair found for $8.00 at a local thrift...including the gorgeous needlepoint cushion (very clean, no flaws!) prettied up the worn brown veneer with a cheerful blue, a tad of gold detailing and...

Who's There?

These fellows are such fun to make.  I love the frightened/awed look that you can achieve with bolts and a stiff paintbrush (yes, these are actual relics from my studio -- when you don't clean...

My Version of The Politics of Hope

I created this in late October and was thrilled when the dream of Democracy came alive again in November.  Even better, this piece sold this December and helped to lift some doubts I had about...

Bits n Pieces - The Heart has a Pattern

bits and pieces collage utilizes a chunk of wood from my hubby's workshop (aged further by poking a phillips head screwdriver into it and some sanding), old pattern pieces, a keyboard key, an old...

Giving in an unusual way...

Ever check out the custom requests on Etsy?  Well, I did and responded to a gal who was looking for a Bird Seed Tin for her boyfriend's parents.  She indicated they were in to folk art and...

Coffee Tin Upcycled to A Bird House

Nifty tin from some "Jack Daniels" coffee -- turned into a bird house.  Yes, it qualifies as it can be cleaned from year to year (remove tin top)!  Domino for a perch and some twirled tin...

Bits n Pieces Cat Collar

My daughter and I pulled some pretties out of my ribbon/fabric box...a pink ribbon, some gold tulle and some ruffled white tulle.  What every well dressed cat wears during the holidays, right?

Needlepoint Doorstop for a Friend

Needlepoint is WAY too tedious for me.  Instead, I pick up amazingly beautiful framed, or sometimes incomplete needlepoints...and repurpose them.  Here is a pretty daisy pattern...

Bits n Pieces Cat Collar

Pulling from the ribbon box, some gold tulle, a pretty pink ribbon and some ruffled white tulle make this one Handsome boy!  My five year old daughter and I braided the strips together and...

Not Your Ordinary Christmas Tags

Victorian, shabby style tags...bits and pieces of scrapbook paper, ribbons cut from cast off toddler tutus and silk pants...and stamps from my father's extensive collection. I miss you Daddy.  I...

What to take to the office party?

So, I pulled this little pretty together a while back (more spring time feel than winter!) -- $2.00 wooden cheese ball tray with cool glass dome (I always admire the glass domes in the...

My Flea JunkMarket Jerry Garcia and who knows?

Upcycled Clockcase (had to repair a couple of pieces), painted, then a vellum copy of Bill Stidham's Sacred Heart of Jerry Garcia (thanks, Bill), a battery operated candle and then a scroll in a...

Holidays & Simple Abundance

My husband and I had to tear down the last project house, but removed some odds n ends before the bulldozer arrived.  I used what I believe to be a dresser mount (minus a mirror) to create...

Refinished Furniture

Broken child's chair from the side of the road; perfect for table legs, a vintage chalkboard & chalk -- can't keep children from grabbing it and writing! I repaired a vintage telephone table...

My little red wagon - repurposed and happy to hold some fun goodies.

inspired by May 2008 Country Home JunkMarket project....

Art with Heart Show concluded...Upcycling in Georgetown, Texas

While I focus mainly on upcycling items into functional forms (furniture), it is fun to play with bits and pieces to make playful sculptures.  I was inspired by Anthony Pack, of Kansas City, who...

Vintage Vanity Platter with Monogram

This was inspired by Kelly Wilson of Kelly Wilson Antiques in Texas who was featured in the Dallas Morning news on 11/29/08.  I've been playing with decoupage for quite some time and knew this...

A few of my Upcycled Creations...from Furniture to Sculpture

upcycled furniture and fun sculpture from found objects, the side of the road and thrift stores...FUN!  I think Van Gogh said it best:  I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than...

Recent comments

Re: JMS Editors & Contributors in Review 2011

Any of ya'll going to be in Austin for the Country Home magazine show April 27th?

Gave up my corporate job in early December and am uber busy in the workshop creating.

Am getting inspiration from JMS editors and contributors!

Kind regards,

Re: Penthouse Double License Plate Birdhouse Tower

like it? no, love it!

Re: Princess Alberta, Patron Saint of Smoke & Mirrors

the name you gave to this is perfect. superb.

Re: Shiney Knight on Armored Dragon

super dooper! love the feet, and is that a tongue coming out of its mouth?!

Re: garden flowers

Reminds me of the HVAC/faucet handle flowers in the JUNK BEAUTIFUL book...I still haven't made any, but have the page bookmarked!!! Yours provide another kick in my patootie to get going...spring is the season...

Re: Garage Sale Continued

Do you sell the signs too?

Re: JMS on The Today Show with Matt!

Personal Shopper Elizabeth! FUNNY! But, I can see her now...what a cute/fun idea -- Nordstrom's move over!

Very motivating...tons of good ideas for my Occasional Sale planning!!!

Luv U

Re: Faucet knob art

This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with your husband (though wouldn't have seen the U.S. if you hadn't mentioned it)!

Delightful art...colorful "splash" on your fence.

Re: JMS Returns to The Today Show

Yeah! So, am I famous by association? I mean, like, I leave messages on somebody famous' phone...

The time is right...this is just the beginning of the JunkMarket era.


Can't wait to hear how your sale goes?! I'm consdiering doing the same thing...wondering what the appropriate markup would be and what the ROI is????!!


wonderful! I do love that bark cloth...very pretty flowers!

Re: Meet Reece, my first Assemblage Art apprentice!

Ahhhhh....a budding robotist! robartist?

We've done a booth at the school spring festival for the past two's always a HIT...boys and girls!

I'm computer challenged of late, can't get my photos into the right file size. Tons of ideas to share with you regarding children involvement with assemblage art.

Re: Garden Bench

What a super dooper wonderful gift for your neighbor! Love the chunkiness for the outdoors.

Re: Happy Memorial Day

Looks delightful! Love the button turned napkin ring...

Re: Happy Mother's Day

How lovely. I, too, received fantastic tulips from my dear daughter, a beautiful purple. Terrific post, Jim.

Re: Unusual planter

Super do! I wish I could convince my neighbor that the old tractor parts laying in the lawn would serve as AWESOME planters...oh, maybe I'll just put a pretty plant in one of them? hmmmm....

Love this look.

Re: Shutter Planter

Terrific color...ingeneous use of the ubiquitous shutter! I've got some leaning against the walls in the workshop, begging for new use, FOUND IT! Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: record challenge - butterflies are free and so are records idea file is BRIMMING, but this is going to the top of the stack (kind of like a record, eh)? :)

Re: New Purpose for Garage Sale Find

super precious ... love the brand ... precious photo too!

Re: Dustpan Note Organizer


Re: How to Spiff Up the Biff

I love the contrast of the white ruffle towel with worn, textured Bart. Naming your pieces of junk, kind of like my old Honda CRV Sheila...trusty, rusty and USEFUL!

Re: Meet the Cover Dog

As you know, I am a HUGE dog fan, but...WoW, that turquoise truck in the background is pretty darn nifty too!?

Good dog, Shadow. WOOF!

Re: My Texas-sized Junk Swap Package!

Fun, fun, fun. Guess what...there's more ready for the next swap! Like any of us really NEED any of it? Though, what a fantastic display of disparate items...I've attempted post of my goodies from you, Kathy, but the picture size is always too big. I've gotta get a new computer...I'm unable to manuever this site as I should? hmph.

So glad you've enjoyed the package, and YES, the squirrel treats were AMAZING!

Re: Hanging Planter


Re: Circle Silhouette from Wooden Spool and Goodwill Dress


Re: The Evolution of a Junky MidCentury Modern Side Table

Terrific post/redesign/reuse! Love the Georgia O'Keefe red poppy with the black/white stool!!!! Brilliant.

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda! don't need Luck, girl, you need a stiff drink.


We'll be watching and cheering for you, Kathie Lee doesn't know what she's in for! I'll also be watching for JunkArchitect Jim to be in the audience with a big old junk sign?????

Re: milk bottle lamp

FUN! If you have any leftover tops you could even put them in the milk jug!? :) You've GOT MILK!

Re: Blossom

This is so fun! I would love one in my daughter's room...

Re: HERCULES POWER Mirror Project

Super duper cool! I never woulda thought...leave it to your creative, Herculean (I think that truly is a word) genius!

Re: At Home with Bridie Murphy aka the Amazing and Beautiful Bridget!

Awwwwww...and everything Sue says about me is true! Really!? :)

Sue is the energizer bunny (sorry, Easter IS just around the corner) Doug, Kim and Lani kept up with her, I HAVE NO IDEA!

When Georgia tore off in her rented PT Cruiser -- who knew those things did 90 mph? -- I ended up in the far reaches of Brenham, threw my hands up and went home -- tired! And they were all just getting ready to head out for the cocktail party at the Red Barn!? Aye, yi yi.

Steve, Carol, Nina (Leo) and Me all feel the same way about Sue, Elizabeth (she ACTUALLY SPEAKS MANDARIN) and Blue Eyes (great Dodge truck that he's named Nina -- yes, he is that sweet)...great folks! Can't wait for October. My daughter has been making multiple books and pretending to sign them. We play "Sue" and "Elizabeth".

This is like a Blog entry of my own, isn't it?

Oh, and I was SO FLATTERED to have people come up to me and say: "we were just talking about you"...hated to admit that I wasn't Sue!

Re: Gatherings - A Great Place to Shop for Good Junk

I've found doorknobs, chandeliers and vintage chalk (really)! at this delightful place.


So Pretty. The pink bow caught my eye, but the detail on the tin is stunning! Time for another junk scouting mission for me, where did I see that beautiful tin?????

Re: Shabby Chic Muffin Tin Trinket Holder

Amazing what the right color of paint will do...very, very pretty. Playful use of the green opposite the pink!

Re: Coffeebot

Fab, Fab, Fab!!! Reminds me of the maid on "The Jetsons" very Retro, very efficient, very fun.

Re: Another Mint tin project, Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

The part of this that is so brilliant is the fact that this guy is ORGANIC!!! USDA certified, no less! The airplane for a head -- super fun. Awesome, Rob.

Re: Disgarded Fireplace Stand turned Necklace holder!

Well I Never! Those things are so ding dang ubiquitous, pass em up on the curbside all the time. Little did I know all it needs is a coat of *pink* paint and it's PERFECT for jewelry! Great redo.

Re: Bad Dog

OMG -- precious! I see my next mosaic....

Re: Refinished Furniture

Hi Rose Junker:

Yes, I do sell most of my items...on Craig's List or to those persons who commission them. BUT, don't tell me you're not good at them, just start on a piece and see how you take off! That's the great part about working with junk -- I started with items procured from the sidewalk - really (Candy calls this curbside shopping!) and you can't lose. Don't worry about making a mistake...some of my best projects are happy mistakes!

Looking forward to seeing your work. Thank you for the compliments on mine.


Bridget a.k.a. Bridie Murphy

Re: Another Alien spotting...

bewildered, sweet guy!

Re: Projects - for the Scott Antique Market

Hi Kathy: WoW -- just saw dainty, how pretty, how PINK! :) I've not seen this done before (just saw your Spring drawer front). Very fun and original.

I see so many of the coppery wall hangings...leaves, sometimes pretty, but who wants that garish gold? AAAAHHHHH...magic wand...a white or pale pink paint brush!

So glad we're Spring junk trade partners! Yipee!

Re: How to Store Ribbons

Well, of course. Because ribbons NEED TO BE PORTABLE! Use em for gift wrapping, sewing, playing...

Fun Project. Never thought of the washers, i woulda drilled a hole into the wagon -- dumb me -- smart you!

Re: New idea for plain windows

When are they going to enable "favorites" on the site????!!! This is super-cool and I have enough empty windows...usually putting quilts in back for display, but LOVE the beadboard idea. Nice job!

Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject

bright idea! very, very cool color(s) -- everything goes with rust, right?

Re: Junk to Pretty - $7.00 table

WoW! I adore the curliness of the tree...super duper cool!

Fantastic use of "wood" effect for the trunk and branches...I may have to do one of these!!!

Re: "Call for Artists: SALVAGE - Reclaiming Recycling"

Great post...wonderful to see a fine museum like this planning a showcase of recycled art. Indeed, I think Cat Bishop has a couple (kidding -- she has a bunch of pieces, if not sold already), oh, and the Junk Architect, indeed!

Re: Butter Mold Shadow Box

How Cute! Of course it would be a cream bottle! Perfect.

Re: A Place to Call Home

Adorable! Love the front porch too...gotta have a porch.

Re: The Ugly Duckling turns into the Swan

that fabric...your sewing skills...delicious!

Re: Found Object Artist Paul Kant exhibit

hmmmm...checked his stuff out...thanks for the info on Kant

Re: Upcycled Wool Cuffs

TaDa! These are AWESOME! And I thought fingerless gloves were the end all beat all?! No way...these are WONDERFUL...I would proudly wear a pair. Super original, super fun.

Re: G E O

G E O -- Aye yi yi ... that's all I can say, oh, yeah, you do live a charmed life!

Re: Marburger Farm Antique Show and JUNKMARKET Partner with Houston Habitat for Humanity!

So unbelievably COOL! Shopping at the ReStores is one way Steve and I give back...amazing amounts of unusual doorknobs and other doohickies. JunkMarket isn't a passing decor' fad, it's a way of life - community, recycling and LOVE!

Re: old bread box - a project that went south

What a terrific remake! I see these breadboxes all the time...a seat, well, no (sorry Dad)! But, a stash for books -- delightful!

Thanks for sharing the process -- I love the beeswax touch -- very "homespun" and timeless.

Great post.

Re: 1 Deli Dispenser, How Many Ways?

Oh, the towel holder, of course! Very, very fun.

Re: It's a Reel Lamp

Laughing...the plug is from a WASHING MACHINE?! The heft and weight of that the perfect balance for your fun lamp...super fun, Jim.

Re: "Tools"

Super duper COOL! Would adore one of these outside our workshop/studio. Very original, very fun...well done...and the good karma from the crystal - priceless!

Re: Angel in the Outfield!

Midge -- this is UNBELIEVABLY cute! Fantastic...

Re: shadow box from an old drawer

Erin -- this is fantastic! Can't wait to show you what I've done with a drawer -- the EXACT same shape (i've painted mine pale pink)! Never thought about turning it on end, how creative -- and the timepieces dangling from ribbon through the drawer pulls, fabulous!

Re: doilies, silhouettes, and crocheted lace

How how the sisters are looking at each other -- and the pretty vines -- unusual and fun!

Re: My Version - Vintage Piano Music

Hi J.J. Designed -- no, I don't have a store -- just a busy studio at the back of my hubby's workshop (he gets 2000 sq ft and I get about 100)! :) Always glad to show anyone current projects, or share my junk...we're in Round Rock.

Re: Play the Music, Not the Instrument

WoW...And what an apropos quote -- quite a double entendre...

Re: Spring spring wreath!

Cynthia -- Great collection of license plates...there's actually a town with the name "Spring" in, I guess they would leave your lovely wreath up year round, right?! :)


Re: Rusted light by Singer

Fabulous upcycle!


Missed this when you originally posted...maybe next project my husband will do it in less time! This is delightful, love the color...and thanks for the instructions!

Re: Vintage Leather Suitcase

Hi Jim, this is way too fun; the title grabbed me, then looking at your choice of books -- well, what a character you are! Delightful fort, yours.

Re: Another Penny Project

This is adorable! Love, love, love it! Does it come in a bumpersticker?

Re: window table

Aye Yi brilliant is this? And made to the height of the outward facing window! Fun, fun, fun.

Re: Deep Fried Decor - A Floral Welcome

Yes, always best fried! Especially "greens"! :)

Re: "B"ounty

You've gotta put it in a prominent place...over the fireplace? in a garden? amazing piece, i'm trying to get up the nerve to ask a business that's going out of business if i might have some of the signage -- highly sought after, these wonderful letters

Re: China Cabinet Re-Done

Super redo -- the black and crown molding is just what it needed to turn it into a timeless classic ...

Re: "Give" for Kelsey

This is the colors and the title!

Re: Eight Ways to Deliver a Valentine

Well, my word, if that isn't the most fun photo/project -- love the background with the elapsed time and refrigerator temperature. Aye yi yi, it did get chilly around here (and this is Central Texas, mind you) when I mentioned a "to do" list to hubby...hmmm, a simple bell? Well?

Re: Happy Valentine's Day ~ Music For My Soul

Hi Jim, not sure what I like better, the music or your lovely words...

Re: Little BlueBird on my shoulder, Zippity Do Da, Zippity Yay .. Some Old Stuff

Of course, Georgia...I would LOVE to make a sign for your fun CA shop! Now, how to transport it -- don't think it would pass as carry on when you're around here for Round Top festivities? :)

Re: Mailbox turned table...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Great redo -- that's thinkin'!

Re: Signs of Spring?!

way too cute! I now have a use for the old shovels I've been stashing! Sweet project...

Think I'll use mine at the end of the rows when we plant this Spring -- kind of like garden stakes with the names of each fruit/veggie.

Re: spirit of junk

Salad Server Wings! Laugh, laugh, laugh...and, WoW, they're perfect! :)

Re: An En-Lightening Project that's Music to My Ears! the keys dangling from the shade too! Reminds me of Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of LiFe

Re: Re-Purposed Player Piano Roll Lamp!

Oh, my, Goodness! Super fun!

Re: A few projects that are truly For The Birds!

Fabulous! Can't believe I missed this when you first posted! They're brilliant. A friend of mine also made a birdhouse out of an old camera bag -- had an ideal spot for drilling the opening...

BUT, your globe is pure brilliance! I will shamelessly copy this idea...TODAY!

Thanks for the delightful ideas, Midge

Re: the ugly little bookshelf that could. . .

ahhhh...Erin -- but it DOES look as nice as my birdshelf! you might just scuff up the edges/corners of the wallpaper corners/edges to add age and to give appearance that it's wearing away -- good old sandpaper will do it. then several coats of mod podge...when the paper poofs/pops with the mod podge, feel free to tear it and then rework it to make it stay down with the glue...i've had so much trial and error with that!

love the pretty pinks with the vintage paino music!

Re: Sewing Cabinet Shelf

awww...i want one! super use of a fabulous old piece.


Super pretty, and the "remember this" -- well, just lovely.

Re: Cuckoo clock birdhouse

Oh, oh, oh!!! Love it! One really, really terrific bird can clean it out too from one year to the next --which, I am told, is a REQUIREMENT for building/putting out birdhouses.

I dunno. I sure wouldn't want to leave that nest! Fabulous Reuse!

Re: Tricycle planter

You beat me to it...glad you did, I've got a vintage radio flyer that I was going to put a pot on, but the locker is a much better choice! Very, very fun with the bright pink trike imitating the gorgeous pink tulips!


Precious...quite literal and creative too!

Re: Little Ditty About Jack and Diane....

O.k., o.k., do tell, what ever happened to Jill? Or, is that the secret in your "Outdoor..." edition?

Very, very cute! I might have to cut into some of my old schoolbooks -- a 1958 copy of "See Us Play" Second level pre-primer.

Re: Satellite Dish Gazebo

Hilarious! Bet you have great "reception"s underneath that fab gazebo? heh, heh! Super fun, super reuse...bravo!

Re: Altered Art Card

Precious! And to know that you'll be sending it as a thank you card for a special nice.

Re: Salvaged Secretary

OMG -- what a stunning piece!! As suggested, chicken wire always looks fun, but it might be a bit too rustic for this fine piece; opt instead to simply remove the mirror and allow for open air/peeking into the refinished shelves.

Re: Wine Bar/ Sofa Table

If this isn't original, I don't know what is!? Super cool...can see someone having a ball, entertaining this summer!

Re: Scrabble Plaque

I did these a few years ago -- guess which one sold the best ($10.00): "Oh Behave"!

Love 'em!


Hokusai's (?) artwork on the front....PERFECT! I adore that wave...lovely decoupage job!

Re: Cash Drawer

ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh...i love the little guy on the swing in the upper left corner. fab!

you could even use copied money as a background? super project!

Re: Chandelier

Aha, a candelier! now, how do i light them? humph. doesn't matter, looks FABULOUS

Re: Any Suggestions? Ideas?

I'm with Kim -- you've got two great pieces...a base for displaying cakes, a small sculpture/figurine...and then a wonderful bird cage top...ideal for crafting easter; put a nest underneath.

Paint it! Yellow, then White, then shabby it!

Re: Recycled sweater cup cozy

Brilliant! How to make a Starbucks Mocha Latte just that much better. Yummy!

Re: Junk Beautiful- Outdoor Edition, Today Show Appearance and Kick Off Events in Texas

I'll have to get my hind end to marburger farm ... never been (can you believe it?) to get my signed edition! Look forward to meeting you, Sue!

Re: Not just for sleeping anymore!

Aha! I was getting ready to saw a footboard in half to make the sides of a bench...this might work better, just lowering the "bottom" of the footboard. Thanks!

Re: Old Gas Stove Grates

Fabulous! Guess you don't find too many of them in NM when you travel there?! The folks in Santa Fe wouldn't have any idea what to do with theses...and there you go!

Re: Out to pasture

WoW -- I would've hit the brakes hard too! Love the gingerbread curves...very, very pretty. Thanks for saving this piece.

Re: Outdoor Coffee Table

Great table!!! You must be here, in the Heart of Texas!? Looking for 72 degrees in Round Rock today!

Re: My Version Of RoadTripLouise's Bracelets


Re: "Soilax Bucket" Tool Box Lamp

Woah. This is super terrific -- USEFUL, whimsical and just FUN junk! Soilax is a scary name...can you imagine the marketers sitting around throwing out names for their product and then saying SOILAX, that's it, SOILAX!!!???

Love the storage too, heck, might be a great place to tuck away valuables -- what am I thinking -- tools are valuables!

Re: More on "Etching"

Hi Janis: I missed this one when you originally posted your take on the cheeseball cover!!! I'm off to go find another.

Re: "LIGHT IT UP!!!"

LOVE IT! I've been hard pressed to find some bobeches for a candelabra I'm building out of some old wrought iron trellis pieces. Voila' glue on a candy dish, an ashtray, EVEN BETTER! Fabulous piece; great inspiration.

Re: Tiny Pink Teacup Tulle Tree

Uh...perfect timing!!! I can see this in a Valentine's Day display!? I mean, really, trees are so significant...and this one, dreamy, romantic: STUNNING!

Thanks for the info on "how to" -- I intend to shamelessly copy this sometime soon! Now, if Taunton will get the website ready for saving favorites!!!???

Re: Trash 2 treasure

HA! Lovely transformation...whenever I see those tables I shiver -- what were they thinking?????? Well, great fodder for you, dejavu!


Brilliant! How adorably fun.

Re: A Junk Bonanza Find! Can you guess what it is?

Love it!

Re: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Way, way too cute! I would like to see the gears in that mind of yours, dear Sue! :)

Re: Believe Santa Door Panel

Fantastic...a very magical Santa Claus. The whimsical snowflakes are a lovely touch!

Re: Gentle Heart & Welcome Home does ring a bell -- you gave me the "skinny" on the Blue Hangar -- I've never been the same since! I'm contemplating another Spring "Bridie Murphy" junk market -- would you be interested? So glad you found me here...isn't this the best site? Very inspiring and just plain fun.

Re: Junk Christmas cards

Very nice...what a great gift for your friends. I'm inspired to use some tiny bits for valentines day...I adore using gears and hearts together...thanks for the inspiration.

Re: A Trio of Fresh Ideas!

Aha! Yes, no runs to Hobby Lobby, Michael's or the THRIFT STORES...I'm sure we all have a STASH a mile high, right? However, this use of a toothbrush holder - EGADS, I always pass them up - well, shiny brite - it's Brilliant! Oh, and it keeps time too?

This is why I ordered a *Signed* copy of Junk Beautiful!!!

Re: The Garden Room - (Part 2)...details, details, details...

The mercury glass gazing balls caught my eye. Such fun treasures and tastefully arranged!

Re: My Bench projects

I like the quote as much as the bench...the two together, well: Fantastic! What a special place for snuggling next to your grandchildren.

Re: headboard bench

Fabulous redo. I've got a headboard/footboard (Eames) in my studio awaiting such a transformation. I like your delicate color/fabrics. Very pretty.

Re: Old Dresser Re-mix (appliance garage)

Amazing save! What a little hosing off and paint will do? Your shelf is fantastic.

Re: "BEWARE" of Tarnished Silver!!!

OMG. That's all I can say...

Re: How to Make a Quiche Pan Frame

Majorly Qute (cute? with a Q?)!? Quite queenly with the ruffles...quintessentially fun! Yes, a must for a February 14th sweetie!

Re: I've Pulled Another Wheelie

The punch of orange...AWESOME! And I'm wheelless ... without wheel, uh, gonna go looking for one TODAY! Thanks for the major inspiration, Georgia, suppose we could say you really move people? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!?

Re: A Wish For The New Year...

Thank you. Sending the same to you. What a lovely, lovely vignette; subtle and so powerful. Happy New Year.

Re: Old window projects

Chicken wire and chalkboard paint work for me!

I recently came across a nifty can actually mosaic onto an old window in order to make it look like stained glass! Very easy, very pretty, and MAJOR impact!

Happy windows to you...

Re: trophies, trophies, trophies!

ahhhhh...the tropy conundrum. once so prized, coveted and fought for: today, merely trash.

There's actually a guy here in Austin who buys every trophy he sees as he is decking out his car with all of the "tops" and using them like hood ornaments...only muliplied! Hence, he joyfully continues to help keep Austin weird (why I love it here so much).

Perhaps there are folks dollying up a Cadillac over at the University in Portales? You might post on a Freecycle group or on Craigs List. The bases might be useful to someone -- maybe you? Unscrew the athletes and then you've got a nifty pad for displaying something else!

Oh, and I see one that is like a "loving cup" or cup...look it vintage? Is it worthy of holding a lovely flower arrangement? The folks at Ralph Lauren would be all over that one! Again, you can unscrew it to get rid of any tacky stuff!

Have fun with your $1.00 prize! Heck, it would be one he** of a White Elephant Gift for someone next year?

Re: Old carousel horse lamp

OMG -- and from a dumpster in Amarillo? I know they've got some cowfolk and horses there...but a beauty of a carousel horse?! So glad you had the courage and creativity to save it. Bravo! Well, uh, giddyap ya'll!

Re: Picture Holders

Very fun and whimsical...I like the burlap twist too!

Re: Vintage Sled Nightstand

Super "cool" room! Love the headboard with the nightstand...I can see a denim pouch hanging off of the end of the piece, catching laundry or perhaps holding books? Your attention to detail, creating the comet logo fronticepiece (?) is awesome.


Fabulous display -- and who knew they're auger bits? Very elegant.

Re: Here is a 6 foot tall robot project made from the best of junk

What will you name him? great junk...the jeep pieces...brilliant, and he lights up? over the top, my dear, simply over the top!

Re: Towering blast from the past

Fantastic! Glad you've kept them whole so they can added feature of your whimsical, super cool headboard.

Re: The "S" wall

Fabulous collection...ssssooooo simple and a ssssnowman to boot!


Fabulous collar...I'd wear it; I don't need a haircut either!

Re: A few of my Upcycled Creations...from Furniture to Sculpture

The word Upcycling was coined by William McDonaugh and Michael Braugart in their book on ecologically intelligent design, Cradle to Cradle. In the simplest terms, upcycling is the practice of taking something that is disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value.

Re: Little Rusty Wagon

Fabulous. The Santa image tucked in behind the brilliant ornaments, delightful!

Re: Seasonal Tool Box Centerpiece

Perfect. The red of the box...too hard to create on your own, finding a toolbox "as is" is the only way to go!

Re: Industrial BirdFeeder

How could he not love it? The birds will too!

Re: Just "GLITTER" it!!

oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh....yes! No such thing as too much glitter...and as for the remains on the floor, in your hair, on your clothes, under your nails: Bling!

Re: Giving in an unusual way...

Hi Wilson, a.k.a. nutbird. No, you don't have to use ETSY, I'll be happy to do a piece for you. Simply advise your desired price and potential can email me from my profile (I'm pretty sure). As for timeline, I won't be able to "deliver" until after the new year. Thank you ever so much for enjoying my humble creations, making people smile is what I'm all about.

I'm also going to take your encouragement to heart and perhaps do a "series" of license plate pieces...hmmmmm...


Re: "Indy" the Cat, aka "Jabba the Hutt" Crystal Collar

Laugh! Love your cat and the collar too!

Re: How to Make a Cranberry Bog Scoop Wreath Holder

Adore this! Now, where ON EARTH do I get a bog scoop? And whoever named such device and whoever used such device and HOW does said device operate other than how you present it so WONDERFULLY here!?

I adore letters/words and rusty red...doesn't get any better than this. Awesome project. Thanks for the tips.

Re: Giant Whisk Light Fixture

Oh yes, without the shade. Very, very cool, vintage industrial feeling...gad, a Whisk That big is INDUSTRIAL size!

Re: upcycled gift packages

Very thoughtful...I hope the recipients treasure them!

Re: V is for Victoria

Lovely, lovely "V"... I adore old letters, nice juxtaposition against the crisp, striped fabric.

Re: Giving in an unusual way...

Hi Cynthia...thanks for loving this piece. I was rather tickled with it too. My dear husband finally taught me how to use a riveter! I've been piecing together tins and such using nuts and bolts to moderate success. Why didn't he tell me about his trusty riveter sooner? Easy breezy and super tight, these letters aren't going anywhere, and the look is semi-industrial. Happy creating!

Re: Giving in an unusual way...

Hi Candy: Aha! Another Wilson connection; how do we get to Kevin Bacon from there? Dunno, but I bet on CL? :) Thanks for your kind too Sue! This site is so much fun.

Re: No mantle-no problem!

Just found this...Super fun. I've got an old pink window (I'm afraid of the asbestos!) that I could repurpose just like this. My five year old daughter is worried about Santa coming in the house since we don't have a fireplace! No worries, a special key will work fine...and this solution for our stockings? Divine.

Re: A Little Christopher Robin Advice We Should All Make a Promise To Keep...

I missed this when you posted it a few days ago. My, my, my. Fantastic, all the way around.

Re: Coffee Tin Upcycled to A Bird House

Hi JunkerMidge, Please do copy the perch...what a compliment -- to inspire someone else who is so creative! Oversize golf tees (for people who use oversize drivers) also make whimsical perches too.

I use one of my husband's big files to "smooth" the rough, cut opening, then affix anything from a piece of plumbing to shower ring to napkin holder for the exterior opening (E6000). Not sure what that doodad is that I used for the hole, I think a fitting for tub plumbing?

Re: Felted Sweater Heart Collar the collar too! :)

Re: Evergreen, Tinsel & Snow

Lovely. That pale green is gorgeous!

Re: North Pole anyone

I'm showing my daughter that there are flights in and out of the North Pole -- she was curious as to how he got to his gig today in our neighborhood!!! Very fun, thanks!

Re: Let it Snow

The story and the photograph of your display is adorable. The yellows with the red and green, so vintage and PlAyFuL!

The collection of shovels is precious, love the rusty red.

Re: Fabric scrap collar

Terrific, when she gets tired of wearing it, you've got a lovely wreath!

Re: Laugh out loud

Oh my goodness, made me laugh out loud too. i never thought about the two names being water related, wonder if the supreme court justices thought about it?! hysterical, thanks ever so much for the post. great green on the boat too!


This is so pretty! Fantastic tree, is it in a cup? I've put a few small trees in vintage teacups, but this might be a bowl? Whatever it is, I adore it. Brrrr...the snow white makes it chilly, even if it will be in the 70s here in Austin, Texas.

Re: Bennett's Christmas Collar

ohhhh...our poor animals! What fun to see the expressions on their sweet faces as we play. Adorable collar, even prettier dog!

Re: Memory tree

Oh wow. This is delightful and touching. Chills run up my spine and a smile on my face...remembering special dads at this time of year.

Re: Junkyard Dog Collar Contest

Humph. Quite a cat HATES collars, BUT, this is too good of an opportunity to pass up. Lily the flying Nun is too precious for words. Oh, and ours is a Barnyard cat, hence: Barney. Hopefully I'll get a pix of the ol' cat with my creation!

Re: On Newsstands Now!

Oh, and Hubby is in Home Depot daily, so I anticipate he'll see it and gift it to me for the new year. Now, how to get him to read this post? :)

Re: On Newsstands Now!

Waiting...waiting...waiting! Another resource to keep pouring over for fun, whimsical touches.

Re: Boise alley stuff

Wait. You FOUND this? aye yi yi...perfect in a garden or propping up books!

Re: Vintage ornament display - better than Cake!'s a wonderful life, isn't it...buying a bag full of ornaments at the thrift store just to get that ONE vintage piece out of the rest, then "returning" the rest to the thrift store again...

Re: What Do You Do With Cheese Graters and A Tractor Muffler?

Aha! More cheese apparatus! Well they chime? :)

Re: Oh There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

WoW! I just visited your blog! Fantastic home show...your flocked tree with silver teapots and cups: ADORABLE. Well, I mean: FANTASTIC, uh, what I want to say is: WISH IT was MY IDEA!!!

Re: Inspired By Gretchen - Old Garage Door Headboard

Tres Bien!! And to think, an old battleship gray door...gorgeous NEW headboard.

Re: What to take to the office party?

Aha! Yes, that's it, a cloche. Thanks for giving me the right word and for your kind words...o.k., everyone, NEST!

Re: Junk Basket Display

Fabulous green on your front porch! I also like the doohickey that you used to hang the basket from!!! Very fun...and brimming with good stuff. I like this.


super cool -- i adore screen doors and NEVER thought about using them inside. Thanks a TON for sharing!

Re: Button, button...who's got the button?

I love the label too...Carte Blanche!

Re: A vintage Christmas - just a peek...

Terrific the little guy holding the nativity, very unusual and colorful. Lucky you!

Re: Vintage Pennant Ornaments

How cool is your tree? Gold star for originality and for such a playful room! Yes...there is a Santa Claus!

Re: rescued from the trash-gorgeous old picture

Brilliant., to locate the local auction house and determine trash day....

Re: Believe and you shall recieve

Fantastic assemblage...the bears in the basket are precious! I just might have to copy that, Kim! Nice juxtaposition with the rustic Santa. And to think it was the title of your post that caught my eye. I believe.

Re: Vintage School Map Graphic

Very, very cool. What a great solution/impression on a big, empty wall! I'll never look at sliding doors the same way again...

Re: Refinished Furniture

Yes, these were on display at a studio/gallery in Georgetown, Texas. I'm going to "flea market" them this Saturday...along with other bits n pieces I've crafted over the past few months, ephemera I've been hoarding, and general junk!

Thank you for your compliment. I hope the pieces inspire you.

Re: I'VE BEEN FRAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bellisimo, right down to the salmon paint.

Re: Christmas Decor Ideas

Vintage ornaments in silver are such a delightful, SHINY, pretty decoration. I guess I better go dust something out and put some pretties in! Thanks for the inspiration, Gretchen!

Re: vintage dollhouse

Oh, and you know what you can do with it? Hang it in your utility room, backwards, and use the cubbies for a shelf! Might have been a JunkMarket idea, I'm not sure, I saw it in a Cottage Living or Country Home magazine over a year ago and kept the picture. Have fun!

Re: vintage dollhouse

FREE? Aye yi, yi! I almost cry when I see playmate had one like it when I was a little one - I always adored the grandness of the columns by the front door. Oh, and my Daddy made my dollhouse -- gave it to me for Christmas about 38 years ago. Today it is in my living room where my five year old daughter has vintage barbies resting under felt. Doesn't get much better, does it?

Re: How to Wrap with Wallpaper

Super pretty...would adore finding something like that under my tree! Junk Wedding Bells...hmmmmm...I hope so, can't wait to see what you dream up for the reception!

Re: Refinished Furniture

Thanks, Kimberly -- the telephone table was fun to do -- the quote comes from John Audobon.

Chalkboard came from Austin's "Blue Hanger" this is a huge warehouse where stuff that doesn't sell at Goodwill goes and is dumped into bins that one then goes and sifts through for treasures such as the chalkboard!

Re: architectural sculpture

well how neat is that? My guess is that it is a mezuzah.

Very, very nice piece, to be treasured.

Re: My little red wagon - repurposed and happy to hold some fun goodies.

Thanks for the compliments. Is there a bug in the web site...I attempted to select JunkMarket design, but it won't save the page, really! Instead, it keeps looping me into preview or publish, but then errors. HELP!?

Re: Just some footstool fun

Love it...and for Christmas too! Also a great use of needlepoint found at thrift stores...when I think about the care and time put into some of the pieces, I simply wince at the price. Picked one up today for $1.50 -- I'll repurpose it into a doorstop (a covered brick) -- idea found in a tres chic, Scully & Scully catalogue -- their version runs over $100.00!

Re: an old drawer found on the side of the road.

Fantastic! Fell right into YOUR loving, talented hands. Perfect.

Re: Card File Ottoman

i want it!!!!!!!!! and to think they were headed, oh, i shiver, to someplace other than into your creative hands!? amazing save...congrats.

Re: A few of my Upcycled Creations...from Furniture to Sculpture

Hi Christy, thank you. You can be creative and abandoned when the item you're painting was only $2.00! Right? Honestly, I've learned so much over the years by allowing myself to make mistakes. Happy creating! Bridget

Re: A Rustic Junky Holiday Tablescape

Hysterical! you have to laugh when the description of a GORGEOUS holiday display begins with: "start with a car jack..." I'm still giggling!

Re: A few of my Upcycled Creations...from Furniture to Sculpture

Hi Sue, Thank you. I feel so humbled and so thrilled to find such wonderful, creative people and a forum that is "right up my alley".

I've long admired your work (tabs, bookmarks, etc. in your book) and will call my mother to tell her that you've admired some of mine!

Re: Inexpensive & Simple Junk Tree Ideas

Very, very classy! I read your profile and am addicted to the same things you are; I have some pretty fantastic items that came from the side of the road (I use that description as it may sound a tad more elegant to those who poo poo dumpster diving).

Re: Vintage Vanity Platter with Monogram

Hi Sue, Hi approach may differ than Kelly's; hers are not foodsafe and only for display, as are mine.

Find a book of monograms (I'm using a Dover book of charted Monograms for needlepoint and cross-stitch), there are lots of nifty calligraphy books with gorgeous monograms, not to mention I found Mary Corbet has free patterns online, including Flowered Monograms from La Broderie Blanche, 1912!

I then use a piece of transparency paper to trace the monogram and then cut it out in a square/rectangle (Don't cut out detail). Put clear pattern over paper, then cut out both, including all details.

Use regular glue and affix to plate, gently wiping away excess. Even when dry you can wipe off excess from the edges of the monogram with a tip of a wet cloth.

Using a gold paint pen go around the edges. Fortunately, the china is somewhat forgiving, wipe off any excess immediately (it will dry and stay).


Re: A few of my Upcycled Creations...from Furniture to Sculpture

Hi Georgia! Yes, you do recognize a noted name. I selected it as my grandmother on my mother's side was named Bridget Murphy -- Bridie is a nickname for Bridget; I also selected it as Bridey Murphy was the infamous past life regression from the 1950s where Virginia Teague recalled a past life as Bridey Murphy, using a Brogue and going back to County Cork (also where my grandmother was from).

Ideal artist moniker as I "re" know? :)

Re: Art with Heart Show concluded...Upcycling in Georgetown, Texas

Thanks Everyone!!! I'm humbled and so in awe that I can share my creations with such a talented and infamous crew!!!

Re: cherish the journey

Simply precious.

Re: My Fall Junk Exchange gift

o.k., so where do i get hooked into this because i've got some AWESOME Winter junk stuff to send!!??