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Re: Summer Tablescape

Looking good Sue!!!

Re: Pipe Holder Re-Do

Great idea Sue!!! Happy Spring!!!

Re: A Christmas Package

This is so pretty!!! What a lucky person to receive this gift!! Happy Holidays to you and your Family!!!!

Re: A Christmas Twist on an old JM Project

This is so beautiful!! You really make junk look good!! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!!!

Re: JUNKMARKET Tablescapes - Twin Cities Live Video

Sue you are truly A M A Z I N G!!!! You are the Queen of Junk!!

Re: Wildlife Assemblages Formed From Re-Interpreted Refuse

These are A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Create a pallet board wardrobe wall!

I Love this idea!! Great job!!!

Re: Organizing Photos...The Junk Market Style Way

Wonderful transformation Jim!! I'm always inspired by what you do.

Re: Bike Rim Wreath

I love this idea!! I'm inspired!! Happy Holidays Berton

Re: The sawhorse patio table that does it all.

Wonderful!! I love it!! When can I come from NYC for a visit!!

Re: Lone Star

I absolutely LOVE this!! What a GREAT idea!!

Re: Nature Meets Rust

I love this!! You always amaze me!!

Re: Grain Scoop Vase

You have amazing skills!! This is incredible!! Keep on junkin'!!

Re: It's a Wrap - Part Five

I love this!! This is a package I would love to receive!!
Happy Holidays to you!!

Re: How to Make a Wreath Stand

You are truly AMAZING!! I LOVE IT!!

Re: A Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Scape

I Love your very creative table setting!! It looks very warm and inviting!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Re: Industrial in the Kitchen!

I love it!! Your kitchen is beautiful!! Can I see some more pictures of it!!

Re: Mimi-Toria's Version of SteamPunk

This is an AMAZING piece!! I LOVE your work!!

Re: From Furniture to Fashion

I love what this does!! He's Amazing!!

Re: Everything's Coming Up Kale

You've don it again!! This is a magnificent idea!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Autumn

I love this!! What a beautiful, easy fall display.

Re: CB2 Inspired mirror

I love it!! What a wonderful idea!!

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

This is wonderful!! You are truly AMAZING!! Keep the inspiration coming!!

Re: On the Hunt!

You are so LUCKY!! I can't wait to see what you come up with.
Have FUN creating!!

Re: Words on Vintage Maps

I love these!! What a wonderful idea!!!!!

Re: ~Be My Valentine~

Another great transformation!! You're the best!!

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

This is the masterclass of junk repurposing!! You are very talented!! I love it!! Thanks for the INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Count me in!! I can't wait!!

Re: Art Fun With Vintage Linoleum Cutters

I love this idea!! Simple and beautiful!!


Chic, Chic, Chic!! I love this idea!! Have a Merry Christmas!!

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

I love it!! You are correct time is tight and these are beautiful!! Thanks for the GREAT idea!! Happy Holidays!!

Re: A Kissing Bulb...JUNKMARKET Style

Is there any piece of JUNK you can't beautify?? I don't think so!! This is AMAZING!!!
Thanks for sharing !! Happy Holidays!! Love Berton

Re: Hope Inside...

I love this idea!! I especially LOVE the buttons on the back. Happy Holidays!!!!

Re: Santa Delivers with Boyish Charm

Sue, What a lucky boy your son is!! I know he will be happy to see his gifts presented in this very creative way. Thanks for the great ideas!! You're the BEST!!

Re: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

I love these holiday ideas,especially the cart. I know it would be fun to get gifts from you!! Happy Holidays to you and your family!! XXOO

Re: 'Tis the Season

I love it!! Now I'm going to be looking in the street for something similar. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Re: Hostess Gifts with a Junk Twist

Wonderful, inspiring ideas!! I love them all. Thanks for sharing!!

Re: What's Behind Junk Drawer # 1

I love this idea!! You can make anything look beautiful!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Re: Holiday Trimmings ala Army Surplus

I love this idea!! You are the JUNK QUEEN!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Re: How to Spruce Up Your Porch

I love it! You haven't met a piece of junk you can't tame!! You always make everything look so BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for being so INSPIRING!!

Re: October Floral of the Month

You're good!! I love this jumpkin!!

Re: Trick or Treat

Very creative as usual!! I Love the letters and numbers. Also Happy Belated Birthday fellow Libran!!

Re: Edible Centerpiece

I love it!! I didn't know you could make junk taste good!!

Re: Hemming-Way

What a great idea!! You are so inspiring!! Keep the ideas coming.

Re: Thank You One and All

Thanks for the great words!! Happy Belated Birthday!! I hope it was FUN!!

Re: Barn Burner Wall Sconce

I love this repurpose. You are truly AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing your creativity!!

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

How is it that you always make the best stuff? What's your secret? Please share!! Good job as always!!

Re: Simple Monday's - Take Two

Simply Chic and Beautiful!! I love it!!

Re: Chalk Liner Wreath

This is amazing!!! I love how beautiful you made this!!!!!

Re: Nature's Junk


Re: Camp Lamp

This is such an AMAZING lamp!! You never let me down with your wonderful creativity!! Thanks for sharing!!

Re: "Shake AND Bake!!??!!"

Inspirational and Beautiful!! A party I would love to attend!!

Re: What a Racket!

What a GREAT idea!! I love the execution of this!! You are so creative!!

Re: A Cool Coat Hanger

I LOVE IT!! You are The Junk Queen!! Long may you reign!!

Re: Twig jewelry mobile...

What a wonderful idea!! I love it!!

Re: It's a Salad Spinner

I think this is a wonderful idea. I love it!! You always make everything look so beautiful!!

Re: June Floral of the Month

I love this. All the beautiful colors of the flowers against the clear bottles and the box look wonderful. The snacks look good also!!

Re: Vintage Pitch Pipe Flower Vase

What a GREAT idea!! The flower/metal combo is wonderful!! I LOVE IT

Re: Camping Stools Turned Table

You did a GREAT job!! I love this!!

Re: JMS on The Today Show with Matt!

You were so wonderful on the Today Show. i loved the many tips that you gave for a Flea Market. You looked so beautiful!! I especially loved your necklace!!

Re: Wall Hanging Made With Multi-Colored Springs

You are so lucky to have found these. I love the colors what you did with them. Good for you !!


Beautiful, Chic, Amazing!! I love it!!

Re: What's New Pussy Cat - Contributor Challenge

What a great lamp!! You always amaze me!! Please keep the ideas coming!!

Re: Picture Holder Perfect for a Crash Test Dummy!

What a GREAT idea!! I love this!!

Re: Junky Door Display Unit

I love this!! You did a GREAT job!!

Re: Happy Memorial Day

This looked like a FUN junk party. I think you there should be an East Coast version? How about it?

Re: Happy Spring

I LOVE It!! What a beautiful floral display!! Thanks for the good junking!!

Re: vintage european military burlap chair

Great idea!! i love this look!!

Re: RAD-ical Lamp

This light is AMAZING!! You're projects are the best!!

Re: Picket Fence Planter

I love this junkformation!! Thanks for sharing!!

Re: Felted crazy quilt

I love this quilt!! Thanks for sharing a warm idea!!

Re: March Floral Arrangement of the Month

I love this project. You constantly amaze me. Thank you for ushering in Spring!!

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

I always look forward to your projects because they are INCREDIBLE!! Please keep the genius coming!!

Re: A Handmade Gift

This is so CREATIVE!! I LOVE IT!!

Re: How to Contain Your Art Supplies

It looks GREAT!! I love it!! I wish I had space to do this!!

Re: 1 Deli Dispenser, How Many Ways?

So many wonderful uses for a piece of JUNK!!

Re: "B"ounty

I collect the letter"B". You are so lucky!! I love it!!!!!!!

Re: Junk Doll

I love this!! What a GREAT use of JUNK!!

Re: Recycled sweater cup cozy

A GREAT idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

Re: How to Make a Valentine's Day Planter.

I love this!! Your sister is very fortunate to receive this. Thanks for sharing!!!

Re: Glass Cigar Tubes - Totally Tubular Project

This is AMAZING!! I love how you've made such a beautiful and creative arrangement. Thanks for sharing.

Re: "Soilax Bucket" Tool Box Lamp

I love this lamp!! You are very talented!! What a GREAT use of junk!!

Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

Geo you are very talented!! I LOVE this lamp!! Thanks for sharing!!

Re: Assemblage Fun With Georgia Moon & JennyK

You ladies are AMAZING!! I love the people you've made. So with food and junk you guys really know how to spend an evening. I wish I was closer so I could join in the fun. Thanks for sharing!!

Re: Studio Junk

You're studio is A M A Z I N G!! I love all the creative ideas. Thank you so much for sharing!!

Re: On Newsstands Now!

I've had it for a few days!! I LOVE IT!! I hope there will be more to come!! Love Berton

Re: How to Make an Indoor Window Box

This is magnificent!!!! I love how beautiful you made this look!!!

Re: Seasonal Tool Box Centerpiece

I LOVE THIS!! It's easy to do and PERFECT for the season!! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Holiday Junk Angels by Georgia Moon & JennyK

I love what you ladies made!! They are wonderful!!I It sounded like you had a fun day. This past Sunday I was invited to a Craft Day at a friend's apt. We made all kinds of things. I made some ornaments out of junk. It's always so much fun being creative with like minded people. Thanks for sharing!!

Re: How to Make a Christmas Candelabra

This is BEAUTIFUL!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

Re: On Newsstands Now!

Sue, You are truly AMAZING!!! I just can't wait to get my hands on this. Thank you for keeping us all INSPIRED!!! Love Berton

Re: Button, button, who's got the button???

Sue is correct. I LOVE this idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

Re: Inexpensive & Simple Junk Tree Ideas

I love your great ideas for the junk tree. I am jealous that you can get such wonderful items for $1.00. In NYC where I live we can't great stuff like that for $1.00 .
How about selling some great $1.00 junk to me???

Re: Upcycled Cottage Industrial Candleholder

You are AMAZING!! I love it!! You sure know how to make BEAUTIFUL things!!

Re: Have You Got The Time?

I love this clock. What a GREAT idea!! I live in New York and never heard of Bill Ding. Can someone please tell me more about them? Thank You!!

Re: Winter White Window

This is BEAUTIFUL!! You have some AMAZING ideas!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Re: Hardware angel ornaments

These are incredible!! I love them!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea!!

Re: Tag Maker Tote

I LOVE this!! What a GREAT handy storage case!!! You are truly JUNKBLESSED!!! Thanks for sharing!! Love Berton

Re: Got a pencil??

I LOVE this idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

Re: Grandma's chair

This is INCREDIBLE!! The different belts look like a patchwork quilt. I love it!!

Re: It's a Spinner

I LOVE It!! Now it's time to see your entire house. I know it must be AMAZING!! Come on SHOW IT ALL TO US!! We're waiting!!!

Re: A Store that Built our Junk

I love this building!! Thanks for sharing!!

Re: My "Top 10" in Junk

This place looked GREAT!! What wonderful JUNK!! You are correct I LOVED ALL THE BUTTONS!!


I love these !! They are incredible !! Please contact me. I would like to buy one. You can email me

Re: Hostess gift? It's in the bag!

This is AMAZING !! I love this idea !! It's very creative and beautiful !! Thanks for the inspiration !!

Re: Shutter Shelf

This looks GREAT !! I'm inspired !!

Re: Paper Craft Caddy

I LOVE this idea. I recently bought 2 wire baskets that I used for display at The NY Gift Show. Now you've inspired me to use them for something else. Thank You Berton

Re: Name that Junk

I think it was a SEE SAW. I love what you did with it !!

Re: Mum's The Word!

It looks BEAUTIFUL !! I love the items you used to put the mums in !! It makes me happy that Fall is coming !!

Re: Upscale Supermarket Floral Arrangements

I LOVE it !! Sue you always inspire me !! Please keep the ideas coming.