I am an artist who loves to create using recycled items...I love junk!!! I teach art to K-2 students and my students create from junk more than they use ordinary art supplies. We draw and paint on boxes, we create a stained glass look on plastic water bottles and Styrofoam is our canvas of choice.
Just looking at something rusty and chippy almost brings tears to my eyes. If that is arranged in a certain way with concrete, or tiles and grout then I am in full junk overload!!
I gather, I search, I plunder and drag things home. I place them in the basement, mentally catalog them and eventually find a way to bring out their real purpose in life. Or I realize that a piece just works better as is placed in a special spot. Life is good when I am amongst the junk!
Fostering my students creativity is one of my favorite creative outlets, but I do steal time when I can to create garden totems, junk angels, garden art, mosaics and paintings...or anything else the junk wants to be.
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I have two vicious Yorkies. They love to get away and hide in the woods that surround my house. To solve that problem we needed a fence, but the size fence we needed was way out of our price range...


I have an old grill bottom that's been turned into a container or metal basket...complete with handles. I use it a lot for carrying tools and such around my garden. During Christmas I used it as a...

WIRE BASKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my blog followers posted about a give away going on for these wire baskets...I love them and thought I'd share them with my junkin' friends. They are sort of giving me an idea for some old...


One day soon, hopefully, I will be able to share how I put these wonderful free craigslist finds to use. From an old farmhouse to a closed in RV shed, I hope. They came from an old farmhouse built in...


I want to close in an RV shed in my back yard with old doors. After finding a fellow on craigslist giving away old doors, windows and shutters I headed his way and came home with more than I ever...


I have so many little rusty, junky bits that I have gathered them all together and they proudly show themselves off all around my house.  I started to say just rusty bits, but I was afraid you...

Santa can, can! Oh yes, he can, can!

My last Christmas post, I promise. I just had to show off my Santa can. I'm sure you have seen these before, but isn't it a great way to recycle those BIG greenbean cans?


Each year, since my mama passed away, I host all my family for a huge Christmas get together in memory of my parents. I love doing it, but it is a challenge. Soon as it is over for one year, I start...


Created with a halo from a horse's tack, and wire wings from a mystery piece, this Joyful Junk Angel is holding a wreath during this Christmas season. I made her for my resale junk angels...


My favorite local tag sale is coming up in October. I am beginning to get excited, and it is only August. The Macon Historical Society puts on a sale that just takes my breath away when I walk in...


First came the paint and the upholstery fabric, only to be sitting around for months waiting to be called to duty. Then a chair and a table from different parts of town, neither aware of the other...




After seeing MakinItHappen's path I created my version for a path under one of my arbors. It's so hot here I had to do it early in the morning, and it really didn't take me long. The path is not near...


Don't have a before picture, because the door I used is well over 35 years old. I inherited the door from a cousin who is a landscape architect and he used it as a table in his office for years. I...


Some of you who live up North may know this bridge in Conn....or at least I think it was Conneticut.  My husband and I just returned from a road trip to Maine and the states sort of all...


I have a special group of friends that I taught with in a very small school for several years, but now we are all scattered throughout our large school system. For the last several summers, as some...


These wonderful pieces are finds from the National Guard Armory turned Art Center sale. They brought tears to my eyes when I first saw them! They are going in my workroom, chippy green paint...


So our National Guard Armory building is now an Art Center. Today they had a sale to clean out a storage area for more art and equipment, and they had some really wonderful stuff! Desks, lockers...


It's a very well kept secret, I know, but I love yard sales!! Actually, it's an addiction, that I am not ashamed to reveal. I love saying it came from a yard sale and love saying how much I paid for...


While shopping in a neighbor's roadside treasures I found this tray. It was red and contained a very ugly attempt at decoupodge in the center. This neighbor always puts the best cast offs on the...


I'm an art teacher and that's a good excuse for saving all sorts of things. For years I have had a box of old adding machine paper  that my  husband tossed my way when he left a job. After...


Recently a Folk Art Pottery friend asked me to share her Antique Mall booth. I was ecstatic! This mall is very select and it's very difficult to acquire a booth there. It's large and could take hours...


I realize this is not a junk creation or part of one...YET! But does anyone know what it is used for in the kitchen? I found this one in a basket with several more at my local Episcapol Church Thrift...


What a wonderful gift...snow in Middle Georgia and the entire South! What a blessing and joy!


Project for wrapping up my masters, just before finishing thesis...create a self portrait Mandala...this is it! Right now it is hanging in work room, but it will soon be a table top with a glass...


Just a mix of several projects, special to me, but not really anything to post individually.


There were comments about my lime green walls, and those who said they would love to paint their walls that fun color. The photos do not really give the true color, it's much more brighter, but you...


Okey dokey Artichokes here are more photos of the mosaic backsplash in my lime green kitchen. You can also see the newly painted countertops that I am really proud of. I have wanted new countertops...

Colorful, Junky Backsplash

I painted my kitchen walls lime green and wanted something behind my stove to draw the color back to that area. My solution was to create a mosaic backsplash. The actual placing of the pieces did not...

Glass Memory Totem

I created several glass totems, as Christmas gifts, for the girls in the masters program I am currently completing. While they were done as gifts, they were also part of the project assignment along...

Garden Totem

I am working on my masters and I had to create a personal project...since I love to garden and I love making art from found objects I created this garden totem. It is about 5 foot high and is made...


This is a garden shed I bought off of craigslist. The fellow I bought it from delivered it and set it up, all for an unbelievable price. I am going to have sooo much enjoyment getting it in shape. It...

Recent comments

Re: Vintage Hamper Stand

It's wonderful Jim!! Saw it on Facebook post first but nothing like JunkMarket...had to come view it here too. Very nice!

Re: Twenty years in the "re-making"...and it's finally all "laced" up!

I saw your post on Southern Junkers and had to come take a look! It's just beautiful! The pillow is lovely and a cute way of displaying. I know you feel very accomplished after waiting so long to get to the rocker...been there on some things too. Congratulations on your up coming sale and store front! Best, Vicki

Re: 3 Shades of Christmas Tree.

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! The door knob on top, well...tops it off beautifully!
I have hoarded three shades for several years wanting to do this. Finally found just the right one that would give it more of a tree shape...found it by the road, of course! It's on my back porch now confusing my Christmas guest :-) Your tree puts mine in the shade though :-)

Re: In Memory of Our Dear Friend Junker Midge

I will truly miss Midge! I met her through Junk Market and though we never met in person I counted her among by friends. She always made me smile and always inspired me. I will miss her wit and creativity...and her angels :-) Such a sweet post in her memory!

Re: Junk Jewelry

Very nice! Love the drawer pull one! Great creating!

Re: Beautiful Old Wicker

Just beautiful!! I love it when everything jives and ya get to reuse something wonderful too. How perfect!!!

Re: New Use for Old Decking

Great recycle! It's beautiful! I'd love to work and garden there!


I'm crazy over both molds!!! Texture is my favorite element! I'm with Jim...bottles are definitely Andy Warhol-ish. Wonderful finds!

Re: Upcycled Tool Tote

Very nice!

Re: Vintage Treasure Jewelry :: Necklaces

Very nice!!!

Re: O Stove Grate Christmas Trees...

What stove grates? All I see are Christmas Trees! Wonderful!!

Re: From a bed to a Nutcracker...

I've always wanted one of those large nutcrackers too. There's a historical home nearby that has 2 on their porch each Christmas!! Jealous! This is such a clever idea, I may give it a go soon. Thanks for the share! Love it!

Re: Dryer Drum Bottle Tree

I laughed out loud this made me so happy!! What a wonderful idea!! Cute, cute, cute!! Best, Vicki

Re: Printer's drawer coffee table

Did you leave the bottle holding sections in the crates or remove them? What if you could turn the crated outward so the sections could be used too...might look too funky, I guess. This is really amazing! I love it! Best, Vicki

Re: Ladder Shelf

I love the original green color!! And I'm crazy over what you did with it and the new color too! What some thinking outside the old box! Best, Vicki

Re: Milk Can Top Find

that is so sweet!!

Re: JUNKMARKET Style....25,000 Members strong

Felt like home when I stumbled upon this site a few years back! I've enjoyed watching it grow, I've learned so much, and I've made so many sweet friends!

It's so nice to know there is a whole world out there just full of folks who know the joy of junk!

Thanks for allowing me to tag along with all of you! Here's to many more junking converts! Best, Vicki

Re: Dining Room Chair Slip Covers

I covered my dining room chairs with a heavy muslin with the plans of creating a feed sack this idea better! I'm going to search Pinterest for the monogram...thanks! Good going you!!

Re: Repurposed Water Fountain with Old Galvanized & Silverplate Parts

This is wonderful Brian!!! Gravy bowls are so cute with it! Ya just know the right piece when you see it, and I'm glad you found the one to top it off!!! Good job! Best, Vicki

Re: Adding Vertical Garden Interest with a Funnel

I bought a huge funnel at an Estate Sale a few weeks ago with the idea of planter in mind. However, I was going to attach it to the side of my potting this idea much better! Nice job!! Vicki

Re: O.K. for Cups...

Very clever Laurel!! Those things make the best coffee, lucky you!!

Re: My Newest Addiction

While I don't tremble like Jim does(they may have meds for that Jim), I do love old rusty tool boxes. The blue one brings me close to trembling:-) I have an orange one now I use for storage on my back porch. Good going on your finds!!Vicki

Re: Cubbie Table

Wonderful! Anything with cubbies I love!

Re: Holiday Party Ideas for the Wine Lover

Cute, cute, cute!!! I'm partial to lime green so that wine sleeve would work great as a gift for me...hint, hint! Nah, but all the number tags and junky keys are just wonderful! Love it! Have a great Christmas!

Re: windows in a pergola

Love this!!! Your wife is very the use of the windows!!! Just beautiful!!!

Re: Toilet Tank Turned Mosaic Planter

Welcome Michael!! Planter is wonderful! This one has never crossed my mind to do, but I will be on the lookout now for a tank! Glad to have you on JMS!

Re: Upcycled Old Sewing Machine

OK so you made me tear up! I have my mama's machine like this in the basement, just sitting...I feel some jewelry coming on. What a sweet idea. She always wanted me to learn to sew...guess I can just wear the machine:-)Precious idea!

Re: Memory Jar

This is so sweet! I have a memory jar of my Daddy's things, and it brings back such sweet memories.

Re: I Luv Ma Junky Projects

Cute! Every single one of 'em!

Re: Garden Work Bench

Wonderful! Can't beat curb shopping!

Re: Junk Art Door/Headboard

Just beautiful! Love the color!

Re: Very distressed Chest of drawers minus 1!

OOPs! I'm always repeating myself...LOL!

Re: Very distressed Chest of drawers minus 1!

I would not do a thing to this beautiful piece! If you can't find the drawer, just find some baskets that aren't very deep, and place them in the top, or even use some trays in the top. Sentimental value is so special, you are blessed to have this dresser.

Re: Very distressed Chest of drawers minus 1!

I would not do a thing to this beautiful piece! If you can't find the drawer, just find some baskets that aren't very deep, and place them in the top, or even use some trays in the top. Sentimental value is so special, you are blessed to have this dresser.

Re: Tre Verde

Wonderful!! So cute! I have a screened porch this would look great on! May have to make me one.

Re: Summer Deck made from Pallets

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE...such a brilliant idea! It's beautiful!

Re: French Door Headboard

Very nice! The scroll work is the icing on the door-cake. Welcome to are going to love it here! Looking forward to more of your creations.

Re: Picked this up yesterday

That is a cooool piece. Never heard of a bark shaver. I love your reuse of it!

Re: Tool Tote!

Outstanding!! Go with those power tools:-)!

Re: Potting Bench

Wonderful job!!! Wish I had one like the color!

Re: My first post. This is one of my junk finds

It's beautiful! I love it just as it would look nice just hanging as art. Welcome to JMS, you are gonna love it here! Vicki

Re: Recent Find! for redoing a fireplace or just adding to an interesting wall

Love it! Whatcha gonna do with it? Lucky find!

Re: Old Mailbox turned Vase

Prefect! A remembrance and re-purpose all in one. Makes a beautiful vase! I use old mailboxes in lots of hold garden tools in my garden, and odds and ends. I've even used one to hold bird feed, and keep it safe from raccoons. Your use is much prettier!

Re: ~Happy Mother's Day~

Awwhhh, Jim, you shouldn't have. Thanks!
Just kidding! It is such a sweet idea! Very clever!

Re: Tea Cup Gardens with a "grow" Light

So sweet! Wonderful gifts! The ladder looks so cute too!

Re: Crystal suncatcher mini-chandelier

I like it!!

Re: Michigan License Plate Flag

Amazing! Congrats on the TV appearance! We can all say we knew you when:-)

Re: RE DO of coffee pot

Loved them the first time and love them more now! Wish I had one of those gum ball machines...too cute!

Re: Milk Can Centerpiece

What a creative idea!! Amazing!

Re: MORE Vintage Ornament Wreaths...

Love the heart shaped one! Great job!

Re: Recycled coffee pots and other yard art

Love them all, but the gum ball machine is my's just too cute! And that you got them all to stand sideways is a neat trick too:-) Just kidding! You have some good finds here!

Re: Recycled coffee pots and other yard art

Love them all, but the gum ball machine is my's just too cute! And that you got them all to stand sideways is a neat trick too:-) Just kidding! You have some good finds here!

Re: Vintage Projector Lamp


Re: Turning up the heat on SPRING!

Marie you did it again!!! What a lovely planter!

Re: Curbside Creations

Very nice!! Great find too!

Re: Nature's junk is the best-- for crying out loud

Loved last year and love it now! Happy Palm Sunday to you too! Can't wait for next Sunday's sunrise service!

Re: Nature's junk is the best-- for crying out loud

Loved last year and love it now! Happy Palm Sunday to you too! Can't wait for next Sunday's sunrise service!

Re: Another industrial mirror!

Midge and her circular cutter strikes again!!:-) Great job! I love the combination of the metal and mirror!

Re: File under "virtues" :)

Well how clever ya are! I like the look! I tell my art students everything is ART and you proved it!

Re: Just LOVE old house fixtures.

LoVe this!!! Too cute!

Re: A mold that holds

I really like that Marie! Convenient and pretty!

Re: What's missing?.....The REST of the story

Fantastic!!!! What a sweet bench! You're one smart cookie!

Re: Rusty Drain Pipe Planter

WoooHooo I love that thing!!!


The plate lined flower bed and the buffet are just my style! I'd have to think about the toilet, but it's beautiful too! Nice things!

Re: The Scruffy Cottage Coffee Table

Jim, Jim, Jim...I luv ya man!!!! What a sweet table! Cute idea for the vase also. And I think your living room wall is painted the exact shade as my that green!

Re: Seeing Angels...

Don't have to tell ya I love these:-)
Found about 30 wooden hangers curb shopping the other day, and told my husband I had found some angels wings...he just always agrees. Your hinge angels just make me happy!

Re: Repurposed mantle became our headboard

An old mantle for $15...last one I saw was $ me next time you go shopping:-) Looks great!

Re: Isn't it wonderful?

I was going to suggest ties, but I see that's been suggested. I saw once with a tin ceiling tile across the seat so that's an idea. I've even seen old pantyhose used to make a seat for a similar chair...has to be pulled real tight if they are used. You do use pantyhose to weave like the ties. Good luck, it is a beautiful chair!

Re: Wine a little bit .......

Someone donated a big bunch of corks to my art room...we used them to print with...makes great dots. I stopped using them once a student asked me if I drank all that wine! So, now I have a great idea to borrow from...this is wonderful! Your sister is going to love this gift!

Re: Get the Scoop Here!

I like it Marge! I collect for someday and then forget when someday arrives...glad you ran across your scoops.
Nice job!

Re: Vintage Terrarium

What a great bargain you bartered! I love this!! Lucky Marie!!

Re: From bread bakin to shelf makin!

Wonderful, Marie! I've never seen one of those, but I'd love one too! Nice elephant the big blue one!

Re: Miss Scarlett, in the Hall with the Rope!

These are cool! Never seen coaster frames...these turned out beautifully!

Re: Upcycled glass collage

What a beauty! No place like the Maine Coast! Bet it looks great there with all the light sources.

Re: Lincoln, NE Flea Finds

I agree with Jim...that milk crate is wonderful!!

Re: Upcycled glass collage

OH MY GOODNESS! Beautiful!!

Re: Vintage Screen becomes Office Organizer

What a wonderful re-do!!! The embossed wallpaper just makes this piece! I will definitely be working some into some of my projects...stunning in the black! Embrace the fine junker you are:-), and keep the projects coming our way! Vicki

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

Magnificent!!!!...nuff said

Re: Junk that's 'Fit for a Queen'!

I've already told you I love this on your blog, but one more time should hurt...I love this!!! That finial is just perfect for this!

Re: Ghost Town Junk

Wonderful creations! I pick up little rusty discards too. Really like the old bottle and tin piece.

Re: Lamp Turned Table

Gorgeous!! Great job!

Re: Save that door!

Beautiful idea!

Re: Chandelier Necklace

Wonderful piece! Great reuse of the chandeliers.

Re: Hold the phone - An estate sale find!!

That is beautiful Marie! What a great discovery...I'll bet you are having a blast exploring those boxes!!
I have one of these hanging near my laundry closet...hit my head on it every time I turn around, but I love it still! You are some kind of lucky to find this one! Good going!

Re: Piano stool makeover

Outstanding job!!! It's beautiful now! In pink...not so much!

Re: Garden Memo-Board

I really like this! The fencing just makes it! Good job!

Re: Large Birdhouse

Nice job! Always crazy about birdhouses, especially from salvaged pieces!

Re: Great Work Bench Island or Bar

Nice work! Really gorgeous!

Re: one hundred dollar diningroom

Very, very nice! Price was wonderful too! Great work!

Re: Another quick lamp

Marie, you did a great job on this lamp! Love the wicker shade texture with the metal funnel. Your company is going to love this one of a kind lamp!

Re: Mason Jar Soap Pump

This is just precious! I want to make one too. Have you tried Etsy for your metal pumps? Some on there sale the mason jar soap dispensers so the pumps are probably there too. Really like this!

Re: "Cush" Job...

Great idea and reuse! I like the contrast of textures between the corks and the plates.

Re: Fun Flea Market Finds

Love it all!! Great finds! I still have many of my Barbies from my 50s and 60s childhood. Glad you found a rare one.

Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

Awhhhh Jim, this is SWEET!! Very creative piece. Happy Valentines Day!


Thanks All! Doesn't take much for me...just as long as it's rusty and junky.

Re: Wall Hooks

Welcome! I love the added tin, really makes the hooks! Great first post!

Re: Junkin up your love....?

Beautiful! Such a sweet Valentine to give!

Re: Junky & Funky Chandelier Crystal Necklace

What a wonderful the green ruler!

Re: Vtg. Shopping Basket Find!

I remember those baskets! Great find! Fill it full of spring flowers IF it ever gets spring.

Re: Vtg. Shopping Basket Find!

I remember those baskets! Great find! Fill it full of spring flowers IF it ever gets spring.

Re: "Springy" Flowers...

Hey Laurel...I have one of those springy things, even posted it on JMS with the same ? What is it? Whatever they are I love 'em! I think they are a whisk of some kind.
So...I'll trade you the one I have for at least one of those chairs on your blog...LOL!

Re: Valve Handle Bonanza

I agree beautiful in the box! I think you have enough to share:-) I have been picking these up here and there to create crosses far I only have a few. Lucky you! And you got the best end of the deal. Hurry and show us what you do with them!

Re: Vintage dresser-vanity re-do

It's good to show your this case:-) They are wonderful! Great job on the vanity too!

Re: New life for this GREAT chair:)

WHooOOooooHoooo I like that look! Great save on the chair!

Re: A Union in Perfect Harmony!

Wonderful! I used to have a frame shop and have tons of leftover frame molding have given me an idea!!! This is beautiful! Vicki

Re: From garage to grandeur!!

Wonderful piece!! Very nice redo!

Re: Santa can, can! Oh yes, he can, can!

:-) Glad it gave you an idea! Check with a school cafeteria for a huge can and then you won't have to eat all those green beans. You have a cute idea going on.

Re: JMS....Country Garden Magazine

Enjoyed the article! Amazing window box! Great job, Sue!

Re: Shelled Sconce

Bet it sells fast! Unique and different...great remake!

Re: "Graphics" design primitive cabinet

WOW!!! Great graphics! Love the color also!

Re: From a really LOW chair, to high chair again!

Great save the color!

Re: Chalk-up Another Junk Reuse!

Love it all! Did you know you can make your own tinted chalkboard paint? Several blogs have the how to.
The dust pan is wonderful!

Re: Chalk-up Another Junk Reuse!

Love it all! Did you know you can make your own tinted chalkboard paint? Several blogs have the how to.
The dust pan is wonderful!

Re: COW design Bubble Tower

Still amazed at these! thanks for the links!

Re: Solar powered COFFEE Bubble Tower

Intriguing! I want to know how you made the tower, aside from using the bags. I'll bet the kids were so excited over it!!

Re: Love Cannot Be Measured

Wonderful! Sweet message and very creative!

Re: Christmas ornament - REPURPOSED

How clever!! I really like this idea!


Love my screened porch, WruffledWren! I'd love to have a red enamel cooler too! Can't wait to see what you do with the one you have now:-)


Thanks friends! Marie you were just too busy in December, like the rest of us. Glad you saw it now though. I'm on the look out for more junky things to make a friend for this one:-)

Re: Architectural Salvage Angel

Sweet angel! I enjoy making angels the use of the fan blade hardware!!

Re: Wood Door Headboard

Love it! Your compromising paid off!

Re: Curb Alert! Antique Telephone Bench Found!

Get outta here! You found that wonderful piece by the curb!!!! Fantastic find! Love the chocolate brown on it!

Re: Rustic Romantic Valentines

Love 'em!! Like the use of the muffin tin mixed with the wrought iron.

Re: Spelling with Treasured Junk

Wonderful idea!!! It's playful and I like that! Very creative!

Re: Spelling with Treasured Junk

Wonderful idea!!! It's playful and I like that! Very creative!

Re: assorted finds from today

WOW! On that projector whatever the name:-)...Great Find!
When I come back to Maine next summer, please tell that Lions Lodge to have another sale. Also, by then please find some non skeezy flea markets, and post them here:-) Last summer I didn't get to shop much and this summer I plan to do nothing but shop. Lucky girl on all your new treasures!

Re: Moms Mudroom

WONDERFUL!!! Love the dresser and those amazing coat racks!!! Ya done good girl!!

Re: Country Gardens Spring Edition is Out

Love,love, LOVE those bracelets!! Saw some made from old mens ties and thought that I might give that a go sometimes...well, could have been young men ties too, just old ones...LOL! I'm liking that birdhouse too!
Kicking myself now...picked up the new CG magazine in grocery line, but thought I might have subscribed to it so I'd wait a bit...old age does that to you...hmmm, did I do it, or think about doing it?
Anyway, will pick it up soon to see Sue's window box! Gonna look at your Etsy shop now:-)


Beautiful work!! Amazing piece! Now I want one:-)

Re: Pamper Yourself Trunk Show

No fair! Stopping tempting a Georgia girl...y'all have so many things I want to attend. Sounds like a great time! I really want that necklace!!!! Y'all have fun!

Re: A pocket full of posies

Love this, Marie!! Bet it's real cute under your cabinets! Hope you have a blessed new year!

Re: Mosaic: First timer!

Great job! Mosaic is my favorite way to cover up a less than perfect piece...beautiful!

Re: TLC please

That I like!! Great rescue! Poor bees.

Re: Grain Scoop Vase

What a wonderful Christmas gift, Jim. Not too many can say they received a grain scoop.
I want to do some Mercury look glass...tons of instructions out there in blog land. One day I'll get to it. Yours is beautiful. Vicki


Thanks everyone! It's all cleared away now, and the water cooler is waiting for what it will become next. I'm thinking it may hold some old walking sticks I have or umbrellas...thanks!!

Re: my Christmas Junk Challenge

A shovel only a mother shovel could love...sorry, that's a bit lame:-)
Paint it, perhaps black, turn it upside down and use it as a mail or note holder. Maybe place it by your door. Best I can do:-/

Re: Another file cabinet re-do

Welcome! Beautiful job!

Re: bird candle sconce

Great find! It would match a towel holder I have and it was way more than a $1.50.

Re: Doll bed from castoffs

Too cute! The bed, the two dolls:-) Cool finials and cool price! Good job!

Re: Old door is for the birds!

Clever idea! I love feeding the birds too. I had close to 20 blue birds in an old bird bath the other's dry and they were eating berries that had fallen in there. There were a few cardinals and chickadees mixed in...beautiful sight!
We don't have much snow in GA, but they still have a hard time eating in the winter. I may try your door idea!

Re: Cake Diet


Re: Santa can, can! Oh yes, he can, can!

Acrylic paint was used and a Sharpie for the black outline. Then, of course, it was covered with Mod Podge:-)

Re: Recycled Vintage Snowmen

Just precious!

Re: If you just can't throw anything away...

You've been a busy girl!! I am crazy about the STAR!!! Good work and great recycling! Have a wonderful new year, Marie! Vicki

Re: suet feeder

Fine dining for the birds...wonderful! Junky elegance at it's best...nice job!

Re: suet feeder

Fine dining for the birds...wonderful! Junky elegance at it's best...nice job!

Re: My Christmas Junque Tree!

Very nice and junky:-) I love it!

Re: Chalkboard Message Center from an old oval frame

It's precious! Great job!! Bet you'll find all kinds of little notes on it!

Re: Revamped Vanity Light

I have one of those still up over my vanity. I have wanted to change it for years, but the guy who built my house did things his way and he fixed it in a way that no other fixture would fit. Good to know these can be painted. Course would have to take care with the lighting part, but I'm bringing out the spray cans. Love your reuse!!!

Re: junk swap 2009


Re: Lampshade Christmas Tree

Now that is one bright idea! I love it! Love the lines of the shades. Merry Christmas!

Re: It's coming, ready or not! (And I'm NOT!)

Hey Marie! I love the wooden box...just my color. And the Santa in the GREEN suit is so sweet! I never would have thought to use an old flashlight for a vase...good going there. Hope you and your family have the most blessed Christmas and New Year!

Re: Georgia on my mind...

I live in Georgia, so just send it to me and I'll run it right over to your client(wink, wink) Might not find my way to Buckhead though, or just might get stuck in all the traffic, and have to keep that beautiful piece.

I just love your work! Happy for my fellow Georgian. So nice!

Re: Book 'Em For Christmas

Awesome idea! A real page turner!:-)

Re: Christmas chair

A Christmas chair! So sweet! Creative idea and good save!

Re: Sailors' Stockings

What a sweet, special personal. Great idea. I wish your son and his friend well as they prepare for their careers.

Re: Pretty as a Pitcher

Love it! Different is always good!

Re: "Modern Art Inspired" Revamped Dresser

WOW!!!! Creative and great reuse instead of tossing.

Re: Heart of Gold Necklace

ooooooOOOOOOoooooOOOooo love that necklace! My birthday is in July, by the way.
I like what you said about the pieces finding each other after so many years...all the more validation for collecting junk pieces:-) Great design, Jim!

Re: Meant For Me???

A Cinderella story of sorts, isn't it? Great find and it sure looks good on next to that sweet fridge. Y'all behave at that party now:-)

Re: Money Does Not Grow On Trees...

You've been a very busy girl! I love this idea! It's so hard to come up with different ways to present those $$ that teens and young adults want for Christmas. Very clever, and pretty too!

Re: Upcycled festive mirror, made from the left behinds

Love this! So bright and colorful!

Re: How to Make Corn Crib Roof Trees

Gorgeous! Bet that's never been said about a piece of corn crib roofing. These are stunning!!!

Re: The Holiday Season!

The only way to cure the problem is to keep making wreaths! Eventually, your supply will run out or you'll tire of it:-)
These are wonderful so I hope you keep making them!

Re: Hello JMS!

Very nice centerpiece! I have a mule muzzle. I have used it as a hanging basket and in arrangements also. I agree, change out pumpkins for Christmas balls and greenery.

Re: United States License Plate Map of the Fifty States

It's wonderful!
Saw one printed on a huge canvas in a department store the other day...liked it, but it's just not the same. Great job!

Re: Let's EAT!

Many blessings here!
Great job on the huge letters! Stealing your idea for the letter on the that!

Re: Cooler Weather = Bright Beautiful Color!

I just love that poinsettias grow outside in Florida! I had a huge plant right outside my bedroom window when I lived there many moons ago. Beautiful!

Re: Not too bad for under $2.00 ...

Love both pieces! Good going!

Re: Crumpled Book Paper Wreath

Love the wreaths! Great idea! Good use for those RD books!
You girls from North need to head South sometimes and bring your creations:-)

Re: I like angels -- in a BIG way!!

Hey you beat me to it! I've got a junk angel I am just finishing up, and was planning on posting her soon. Dadgum, I thought she was big at about 3 foot, but I guess she will barely come to your angel's belly button!:-)
Wonderful job Midge!!! I'll bet she is striking once you find a place for her.

Re: Industrial Ambiance

Amazing! This is the kind of re-purpose that makes me proud to be in the junker family! Great!

Re: Play Like Dinner Party!

Love it Lezlee!
The tour will be wonderful I am sure!

Re: Getting ready for the holidays...

Ah Marie! Love them all! Good luck with your booth through the holidays! I'm sure these will just fly out of there!!!

Re: Spoon Christmas Tree Topper

Very creative...I like it!!!!

Re: One more try with those recycled plastic pots!

This is the neatest idea! They are beautiful!

Re: Frida Kahlo Chair - Functional Art

Wonderful!!!! Love Frida! An art teacher's dream chair.

Re: Candlestick Finials

Crazy about these...have lots of finials and vases. If you'll look the other way I'll steal your idea:-) I may just spray mine all one color though and sit them on my mantle.

Re: Milk Glass Birdbath

Welcome to Junk're going to love it here! Nice job on the birdbath...milk glass is a beautiful choice!

Re: If the Shoe Fits!

Love it, of course! Don't think I've ever seen one like that...unique! With the bottles it's cute, but now I want to see it as a Christmas tree.

Re: Gorgeous Finial from JUNK

wonderful! Very nice!

Re: Fall Harvest Decor

No wonder they wanted's fabulous! Guess you should be flattered, but I understand. When I used to do art shows, people would bring out their notepads and pencils and write down my ideas or measure them so they could make them! AAAAHHHH! it's a form of flattery I guess.
I loooooove your red case!

Re: Rusty Junk Becomes Blinged Out Focal Piece

I love this!!!! I found a very squished bottle cap and a very rusty small spike, and I've used them in my junk art.
The juxtaposition of the the sparkly is wonderful!!

Re: Holiday wreaths

Well, Marie I hate you've had knee troubles, but glad you are better! That wheel wreath is so it! Take care of yourself!!!!!

Re: Even more angels...

Hey sister Marie...been wondering where you were:-)
I am crazy about those table leg angels! You always do such cheerful pieces! Love the colors you used. Hope school is going well for you this year!

Re: Sewing machine cabinet becomes a wine cabinet

Wonderful transformation!

Re: Drawers made into a shelving unit

That's an idea to steal:-) Very clever!

Re: Has anyone seen the spices?

Love this!!! So I know there are lots of pros on here, but did ya know you can use Elmer's glue to get a crackle finish? Works wonderfully!

Re: A Little Fall "Shopping"

I love that cart!!!!!!!!!! Don't think I've ever seen one quite like it. Guard it!
Your fall display is lovely.

Re: Autumn


Re: Patio Bench

Very nice job! The colors are beautiful!

Re: A New Wave of Junk

I'm saying it was an old dishwasher I win it as a prize, if I am right?;-) Great creation whatever it's former life.

Re: Firewood Shed/Manger

Precious! Love the's the little things:-)
Free is always the best price!

Re: Firewood Shed/Manger

Precious! Love the's the little things:-)
Free is always the best price!

Re: Industrial Cart Face Lift

LOVE IT! I'm putting old maps on everything now...nice look and easy!


I want an old dish to use as a top to a gazebo, and now I want one for an umbrella too. Great reuse!
Welcome to JMS and Amen! on your profile post.

Re: Bit & Brace Coat Rack


Re: Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too Redo

I love the mismatched drawer pulls and that you found them curb favorite place! Nice!

Re: Old Pulley Wreath

BEAUTIFUL! Decoratively's that for a description? They look like they were made for each other and for that mantle...wonderful!

Re: "Treats" For My Windows...

Love every one of your ideas!!! Think I like the spindles simple, but makes such impact. I have so many canes I've collected...might steal that idea from you. I use them as art right now, but as a window treatment it is so unexpected, might have to try it.

Re: A wall border that is easy to change and cheap.

Love the book/hook and decorative!

Re: Birdfeeders and Garden Art

I love these! Clever to use earrings in the center!

Re: my 1st flea market showing

I am crazy about that sink! I want one! Glad you had a good show, love your name and by all means do another market!

Re: Tuesday Trash Finds

You could send me the red table:-) I agree...just prop the oars against the porch wall for now. I painted a country scene on an oar once, so that's an idea. Great finds!

Re: Shed o' My Dreams

Congratulations! I have my play shed full of almost everything but planting is so much fun to decorate. I have fake windows bird in particular will sit on the window box and visit with himself in the mirrored window for hours...funny!! Enjoy!!

Re: Fish Chair

Very nice! Glad you gave it a's a secret, but everyone is an artist:-), you have just got to try!

Re: Fall Picture Flash Cards

What is it with flash cards? I like them too. At my school we have a teacher's swap shelf...I've found many sets there...some vintage, some new. Fun, fun, fun! LOVE! the ones you created...wonderful!

Re: The rest of the wall.........................

Oh Alice you've outdone yourself! Love the Smiles board and the way you have arranged everything. Just wonderful!

Re: Easy Peasy, for sure~

Now Lezlee, you are just supposed to say Thank You and not give your secrets one would have ever known it was last year's photo. You are wonderful and clever, just accept it girl! It's a wonderful feature!

Re: Easy Peasy, for sure~

'Bout time we had another Lezlee creation...early or not for Thanksgiving! So clever to use the cans! Vicki

Re: Trash find to daybed/Couch

Did you say you wanted my address so you could send this to me? :-)
That is one beautiful piece and to think you found it on the curb! How blessed! It's wonderful!

Re: The Goods

You've got it bad when a bottle stopper brings tears to your eyes...I love that little thing! It's precious! You made some great finds...those hinges are right up there with the stopper! I would still be plundering through it all.

Re: Salvaging my 1st house

How exciting! I hope we see more pictures! What an undertaking! Good luck!

Re: My version of the PB clock.

Lovely, just lovely, Alice. You got a good one in your husband too! Really like the clock!

Re: I Love Rusty Junk!

Way cool! Nice job! I love rusty junk too!

Re: Bird Feeder Finished

Awesome! Love the color!

Re: **Revised** Celing Fan Redo

There's more than one way to get around a husband...LOL!
Beautiful job! Go to and see her fan transformation if you have more to do.

Re: Oronoco Junking Finds!

Jealous doesn't even cover it! Love the drawers, the fan, the poultry bin, and, and,... well all of it!

Re: First Oronoco Adventure

I love the color of this chair!

Re: Fern Valley window in forest

I love it the way it is also, but you might could etch the name of your cabin in the glass. It's beautiful!

Re: garden work bench

Outstanding!! Neat work!

Re: "Something To Crow About"

You are inspiring me OEW! I'm having trouble printing on burlap( remember my burlap find?...I usually have to paint over whatever I print on it. I've noticed some print on another cloth and sew it on the burlap.
I love your rusty crow creative and clever. I'm ready for Fall too!

Re: Ugly duckling is now a looker!!

Looks like it would go wonderfully with my blue chair and table that I posted recently, so send it to, kidding, but it is very nice! You did a wonderful job! I have really fallen for glaze.

Re: It's a trashy day in the neighborhood.

Great finds and my feelings exactly on the all's fair in love and junkin'. From the looks of that plant you can get several from it...wonderful!

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

I love this, Jim!! It's ALL that!(sorry)
I saw the bridge again in VT/NH...Highway 9 near Keene. My husband is still saying it is not the one I took a photo of the first trip up. Wasn't quick enough to take a photo this time. It will have to wait until next trip. Your ALL table is very creative! Repeat or not!

Re: Bye, Bye Baby...

Awh Laurel it was a beautiful baby room! So sweet!
Can't wait to see how her big 3 year old girl room looks. It's always bittersweet with our children...want them to stay small always, but it's such a blessing to experience the years with them as they grow. Elsa's right "PINK!"

Re: Broken Chair Repurposed Into Garden Sign

Now that's just too cute and creative! OEW you did a wonderful job on the lettering!

Re: Oronoco Bound

OH how I wish I could be there!!!!! You have some wonderful things, and I hope you have a wonderful show!

Re: Shabby chic counter bar using old shutters

Fantabulous!!!! I love it!

Re: It's time to play dominoes!

Very nice work!! So creative...doesn't it feel good when you finish a project you've had floating around in your head? Vicki


Thanks to you all!! And I am so excited to know what the wooden piece surprising!!

Re: drought resistant flowers

I use epoxy on all my similar projects...holds through all kinds of weather. These are beautiful!

Re: I'm finally rubbing off on my husband

Love RustyDiva's idea! This is wonderful and your hubby is thinking like a junk artists. Can't wait to see it all planted...and I understand about the heat, omgoodness almost too hot to live here!

Re: "Farm Junk" Repurposed

Come teach me to weld please!!!! I love the disc blade stand...if you have more you could make a firepit like the one I posted. Wonderful job on all!

Re: Pelican?

OH SiSTER MARIE!!! What a marvelous surprise!! Your pelican is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do believe ole Groovy Cat would get along wonderfully with him! Fantastic job! And that fish is something else too! Very creative...never would have thought to papier mache a fish on sticks...cooool! Thanks for posting the pelican for me! Vicki


I want to shop this sale soooooo much! Lucky you!!! One day, one day!!


Marie, you and I are just sisters on different coasts aren't we? Wish we were closer and could share junk art ideas. My kids come back tomorrow, summer is over for me! Hurry and post that pelican, can't wait to see it! Vicki

Re: Big @$$ Windchimes

Cool stuff! Love the huge windchime. I can see a green handle handmixer beside the blue bucket that would love to have too!

Re: A Re-Design Ala-Junk Style!

Looks like I'm a bit late to the party here! :-) I love this room inviting. I'm going to try angling my furniture in my great room and see how it looks. I love the *pops* of green you've added in the room.
Lezlee and Alice are onto something...I'll be on the look out for your new decorating show.

Re: A Re-Design Ala-Junk Style!

Looks like I'm a bit late to the party here! :-) I love this room inviting. I'm going to try angling my furniture in my great room and see how it looks. I love the *pops* of green you've added in the room.
Lezlee and Alice are onto something...I'll be on the look out for your new decorating show.

Re: Garden Potting Bench

Very nice! And a wonderful spot for planting!

Re: Bookends

I have my mother's old've given me an idea. I only have one, but I think I can make it work. Love this!

Re: from green to dream!


Re: ~~~Summer Breeze Planter

OooOOoOOOoo I want! Perfect together!!!
You did tell them about the rust bridge didn't you, Jim?

Re: My new workbench "Pretty in Pink" (vintage pink!)

How did I miss this way back in May???!!!! I guess I was too busy with school work during that time. It is a wonderful piece and it was my kind of price for sure. What history it has and the color is wonderful! All those little cubbie sections...I'm drooling! Lucky girl you!


Thanks Y'all!

Re: My First Post.... Antlers

Made me smile! I love quirky stuff and this is precious!

Re: Whimsical Yard art continued made from old metal platters & odds & ends

You are so good! That town is going to be soooo colorful and fun!


How did I miss this in March??? Where was I??? I love this Alice...looks wonderful with your lamp!! Nice look!

Re: Whimsical Yard Art from recycled plastic pots

Super creative! Love it! So cheery!

Re: Gardening in extreme circumstances...

Just beautiful!!! Hostas are wonderful, aren't they? You did a lot of work, but it paid off!

Re: Time Frame and Faux Faces

Aren't you clever to make the clock faces?!! Great creativity! Love them in the frame!

Re: Wisteria Trellis

Beautiful!! It will look lovely once the wisteria covers about 5 minutes...LOL!

Re: RUSTY Bird Feeder


Re: Whisk-y Bugs

These are fantastic!!! I know no one remembers but I posted a whisk like the one in pic number 3...I didn't know what it was...well all along it was a dragon fly's body, who knew? LOL
Great, great, great!!


Thanks all, it was a wonderful day! Always nice to get away, even if it is just right down the road.

Re: Flowers That Never Fade...

Thought I was finished with all my summer projects, but I'll be making some of these! Just precious!

Re: My Cement Garden

Splendid! Always wanted a hand pump...looks great!

Re: Roadside Treasure

Wonderful! Love the design on it...a great save!

Re: Time Traveler !

Beautiful piece...I see an entertainment center!

Re: Junker's Jackpot

OH MY GOODNESS BESS! I'd frame those and just hang them up as they wonderful!!


Thanks sounds beautiful! I love classy with junky...always nice! I am still making pillows with the bags and I am using some to cover the seats of my porch chairs. Just can't beat burlap!

Re: New church bird house

Love them! Precious!

Re: Ode to Miss Gulch

Love this! The quirkier the better for me...great!

Re: GREEN Radio Flyer???

IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! Don't recall ever seeing a green one.

Re: My Junkin' Finds For The Weekend


Re: Aah, Summer: A Few Projects

I have an old meat grinder, and have wanted to display it for years....thanks for the idea:-) Good job!

Re: Bessie's Music & Icicles

Precious, sweet story! Makes your wind chime creation even more special. Beautiful!

Re: From Babybed to Trellis

Awesome! Great find! Husbands are like that, you know? Vine looks wonderful on the bed.

Re: Bench

cheriberri, you are one busy and creative lady! I am loving all your post and creations. You said on my comments you were building a pond from a! Wish I could find one, we'd build another one. Junk on girl!

Re: Birthday fountain

Welllllll tell us how you did it!!! Love it, want it!

Re: Zebra Chair...from dirty to flirty!

Don'tcha just love green zebra? I do!!! Amazing update on the chair!! This is one of my favorites!

Re: Cool old "Typewriter" desk

Marie you are putting your summer off to good use...wonderful desk! Did you mosaic the side we can't see? Just kidding! Just beautiful!

Re: From Buffet to Bar

I like this! Good job! I think brown is boring too!

Re: Broken chair to platter display

LOVE IT! Great curb shopping!

Re: Green Mountain State License Plate Map

Very nice job! I never would have thought to cut the tag letters out for the words. Amazingly creative!

Re: Drink Up!

oooOOOOOooooLOVE IT! Clever!

Re: Crosses from "Junk"

Really nice crosses...great work!

Re: Updated Shelf

Now that is gorgeous!!! The little pops of lime green look so good with the blue. And removing the spindles really updated this piece...good job!

Re: Updated Shelf

Now that is gorgeous!!! The little pops of lime green look so good with the blue. And removing the spindles really updated this piece...good job!

Re: Funky Junky Jewelry

Crazy about these! I'd love to wear them! Creative!!

Re: Another bird bath...must be something in the water...

Just beautiful Marie! So sweet! Inspires me to finish a bird bath I started a few summers back. Hope you are enjoying summer break.Vicki

Re: Bird Bowl Made From My Broken Pottery

Hmmm...might have to borrow your borrowed idea! Just too precious!

Re: Hanger Made From Salvaged Materials

How great! Love the use of the valve...sooo clever!


Well SaraJosh glad to see another Georgian on JMS! We know hot don't we? I've got a few more places I want to create a path like this one, but will wait for Fall.
Thanks everyone for your nice comments! Junk on!

Re: Painted windows

Wonderful, wonderful! I have some cabinet doors that may be getting this same treatment! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Re: My front porch

How did I miss this earlier??? It is so nice! I want to make a bench from a bed! Great job!!!

Re: Mosaic Window

Amazing!! Love the dragonfly!!

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

Love this Jim!! So unique...and to think it was designed around the bottle openers. Do you think you can have one built for me within the next few weeks? I already have several of the bottle openers. You could meet us at the *RUST* bridge, and we'd pick it up on our next trip up to Maine...get busy! LOL! Just kidding! Amazing piece!!! Vicki

Re: Birdie Builds a Nest

So so cute!Wren's will build anywhere, like inside our Tomato
Topsy Turvy! Thanks for the Koi pond comment, they are so much fun! We lost 6 fish earlier in the summer. One Koi was a good sized one. We hated we lost them! Our biggest Koi that we have had for about 10 years was also sickly during that time and we thought we'd lose him too. However, we treated the water with something for nitrates and something else, and in a few days he was eating again and now is back to his old self. We get attached to them, don't we? Thanks too for the path inspiration! Vicki


Thanks, thanks, thanks! My pond is an above ground...created basically the JMS way so it can be done.

Re: I'm Really Into Heavy Metal! it's too heavy to steal, huh? Guess I have to regroup my plan. Not really! That is one beautiful piece...the color and the rust are perfect!! Love all your garden pieces!Vicki

Re: Barn Sale Count Down

Not fair, not fair (stamping feet wildly)!!!!
Wish I could be there, GA is soooo far from all the good sales. Well, there is one in Oct. here that will make you tear up when you walk in the door it's so good.
If I did get to come I might have to bring home one of those cute kittens on your blog. Blessings on your sale!! Vicki

Re: Work is for the birds...

LOVE IT!!! Using those train tracks was a very creative I've got something else to plunder for at yard sales. The birds are gonna love this!!


Thanks everyone!!! That table is the gathering place when we have our big family Christmas party each year. It's a wonder cat hair didn't show up in the's their favorite place!
Marie, I am ready when y'all are to have a get together...that would be a hoot! We could mosaic anything that didn't move fast...joint project!
And Jim...I'm jealous you got to see the bridge AGAIN!! I'm making note of where it's located since I was excited to see it I missed that before. Thanks! Vicki

Re: Potting Bench

I am taken with that sink!!! It's a wonderful potting bench...I keep saying I am going to visit a Habitat Restore, I know I will now. That's awesome for 10 bucks!!

Re: 5 drawer stand "Cherry Mash"

That is a wonderful piece! The color suits it perfectly...wish you were in GA, it might have to come live at my house. Just beautiful!!


I had the same thought, Lezlee! There could be a *Phantom Bridge Writer*...LOL...the Mask Rust Writer!


Glad you like the blade idea, Marie! Make me one too...LOL!!!


Jim...that is too funny! You are probably right about where the bridge is located, Route 9 sounds good. Our GPS revolted on us, and we sat in NYC traffic forever, then spent the night in Stamford, Conn. so by that time I wasn't sure where we were either. I just knew I loved what was on the bridge. Reckon how they were able to write that up there???!! Y'all have wings up North? LOL!


Thanks Lezlee...I hope so too. "Cool fire pit"...that cracks me up...LOL!

Re: Tractor seat spring tealight holder

Wonderful!!! I love springs!!!

Re: Covering up an Old Leather Top of a Table

What a wonderful job you did! Not sure which I like best...the map or the way you painted it. Free is great, but selling something that was free is fantastic!!

Re: Verdure

Looking upon the lush green trees and plants is refreshment to me the sign! I love the quote too!

Re: Rusty metal thing

Marie, you just won't do! Now, that's a compliment here in the South! What a wonderful all your decorating for the 4th! You have such a good eye! Happy 4th! Vicki

Re: I Broke One Of My Favorite Vintage Flower Pots

What a clever one you are! That's the spirit! What if you had just thrown it away? Look what you would have missed! Love it!

Re: Recycled objects found at thrift stores

Love them all! The domino table is just precious! Thanks for your sweet comments on my mosaic kitchen, lots of work, but it is a one of a kind for sure. Vicki

Re: Easy Garden Projects!

Cute, cute, cute!!!!!!!!!

Re: A new life for an old crib...

This is so precious, Marie! What a special keepsake! Warms the heart!! It's beautiful then and now. Vicki

Re: Junk/Bell Angel

As one junk angel maker to another...I love it!! I'm with Midge I love that the bell still rings...sweet thought more angels getting their wings!

Re: Stone Walkway Nearly Free

What the heck happened??? I didn't post it that many times!! LOL oh well, now you know!

Re: Stone Walkway Nearly Free

I DID IT!! I copied your path idea! It turned out awesome. I used some broken tiles and stepping stones and a few pebbles, then swept the concrete over it. I'm thinking I may need some more concrete in a few places, but all in all it's wonderful. This is a small path under one of my arbors, but I'm inspired now and who knows I may just make a patio!

Re: Stone Walkway Nearly Free

I DID IT!! I copied your path idea! It turned out awesome. I used some broken tiles and stepping stones and a few pebbles, then swept the concrete over it. I'm thinking I may need some more concrete in a few places, but all in all it's wonderful. This is a small path under one of my arbors, but I'm inspired now and who knows I may just make a patio!

Re: Stone Walkway Nearly Free


Re: glass gems for mosaics

I'm not crazy about the grouting part either, but it doesn't stop me...slows me down some kitchen back splash that I did in mosaic still has a few bare grout places...can't be seen though.
Your table is wonderful...all those tiny glass gems must have taken hours!! Nice job!!

Re: LOVING summer break!!

Love all your finds, but that last little cabinet is wonderful! Love that it's on wheels!! You did good girl!


Well hello Angela and welcome to the junkmarketstyle fun!
This is an art project I had to create when I was getting my masters...I bought the wicker frame to make into a table, but the assignment inspired me to use the frame for it instead. I do mosaics, but this one is just Styrofoam, tissue paper and paint. Thanks for your sweet comments and enjoy exploring JMS.


Thanks all!! I'm diggin' on those signs too, sandyrae! And MakinItHappen, I am about to embark down your cement path idea...gonna use your idea of just pouring the bags of cement on top of stones. Thanks again!

Re: Dudleys Bed

Awhhhh! So sweet! Nice job on the bed.

Re: On the Hunt!

That's the place I've been dreaming fortunate can you be? I'll bet it was such a fun day! So what's in store for those lots of them here!

Re: On the Hunt!

That's the place I've been dreaming fortunate can you be? I'll bet it was such a fun day! So what's in store for those lots of them here!


I knew someone would understand, Marie! I also have a roll of lime green burlap that I hope will one day be curtains...had it about 5 years, but I still savor it.

Re: Before pictures

Hurry, hurry I'm waiting...these are great finds!

Re: mosiac window????

Wonderful!! Very creative!

Re: free find favorites

I want to follow you around! I love the storage cabinet!!! Great finds!

Re: more free finds!

I've always heard that when you find a penny it means someone in heaven is thinking of you...judging by your free treasures it looks like they were really looking out for you! Great finds!!

Re: Oak Table comes back to life

How did I miss this earlier!!!??? This brought tears to my's beautiful!! You go Marie!! love craigslist finds!

Re: is it art?

It's art!!!!

Re: free, chippy, old dresser=fabulous planter!

Way too cool! I've used old drawers to plant herbs in, but never planted an entire dresser...clever!


Ya got it, OnEaglesWings! Stay tuned...LOL!

Re: Vintage Window Flower Box

Just wonderful! Wish I could find a window like that. I placed a mirrored window on my shed and hung a flower box below it...I had to change it up some though because a little bird was wearing himself out trying to fly in the mirror. Sad, but funny.Your window is great!


Thanks y'all!
Only 3 more days and schools out for summer! Hopefully, there will be a whole lot of JUNKIN' going on around here! WOOOHOO!

Re: My Mother's Day gift

Lots of thought and love went into that sweet! Have fun with it!

Re: Can You HEAR Me Now?

Congratulations Lezlee for being featured! I like the thoughts of you making new memories with your children and grands with this phone nook now in your home. Such a sweet idea!

Re: Vintage China Birdfeeders

So sweet! Birdfeeders are so much fun to create...these are wonderful!

Re: Hall tree benches

Fantastic!! Just beautiful! Got to find me some doors.

Re: Barnboard birdhouses

Wonderful birdhouses...especially like the one with river rock!
What a lucky duck you are to have so much barn wood!

Re: Dragonflies & bugs - Garden art

OOOOOOOH! I like these! Very imaginative!

Re: Road side finds

Get out of here! You are one lucky chick! It's beautiful!!!

Re: The Junk is Flying at Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

I;m with Marie!!! We're stomping our feet on both sides of the U.S.A.! I think you need a Southern version of this show!! Wonderful pics!

Re: Greenhouses from old wood windows and industrial scrap material.

Hmmm...would you like a working vacation in beautiful Georgia?
I want a greenhouse like yours! What a beautiful piece you have created! Well, I'm sure you are way to busy to take a trip so I'm going to show your photos to my husband...maybe he'll get the hint!! All in fun, but what a great job you did!

Re: Flea Bags

OOOOhLaLa!! Wonderful!! A well prepared flea market junker is Frannie! Lucky girl too!

Re: Great Finds at Garage Sales and Upcoming Projects

Oh My! Now where is it you live? I want to go yard sailing with you...slim pickings around here lately. You have some good finds there!!! I can't turn down a bird feeder either!

Re: Recycled Vintage China Birdfeeders

Love 'em!!

Re: from terra cotta to whole lotta red!

WONDERFUL!! Love the color and the shapes!

Re: kitchen island made out of dresser turned on its side

Hi Annie
The counter top paint is Rustoleum Counter Top Paint...easy and inexpensive fix for about $23. They have lots of colors, but not sure if red in one of them. Love your island idea!! Vicki


That greenhouse is precious! So is the shelf/chair...but the title of your post is way too funny!!! Love it!!
You are one thrifty junker!

Re: Arbor with old doors

If you miss it, it's at my house...I love it!! No, I will not borrow yours, but I'll gonna plan my own version...very creative!

Re: Not quite done yet!

Cute! Cute! Cute!

Re: I have a few hang-ups...

Just too cute Marie! I love the potato masher one, and the 1/2 blue pot. I had a pot that looked identical and the cold weather broke the bottom half of it off. I loved that pot too!
You have the right kind of hang ups.

Re: claw foot curtain rod holders

How creative you are! I think they look awesome.

Re: High Speed Office Organizer

OOPS! Didn't mean to say it twice...guess I really mean it!

Re: High Speed Office Organizer

I'm in LOVE with that thing!

Re: High Speed Office Organizer

I'm in LOVE with that thing!

Re: O Spring of Junk

My kind of junker you are!!! I have some iron chairs I found curbside also...saw the set for $200 a few years later in an Antique shop...made me feel wonderful!! Clever idea with the urn.

Re: Curch Pew Rebuild

Well, well, I'd try to match the original color, if possible,and paint the new piece so you could leave it the nice color it is now. But if you can't match it, then try painting just the arm trim black...might be striking that way.The color it is now is beautiful!


Now that is my kind of chair!!! I love it!!


Lezlee I am so sorry about your student, breaks my heart for you, and your school family.
I am making a point to to plan, but don't always get around to carrying through. I've decided to just do it! After dancing all day at school, I'm a bit too worn out to create sometimes. But I will!!!

Re: No, Thank YOU Sir!

I love it!! That craigslist is one wonderful thing!


Thanks Marie!I'll bet we were separated twins...separated by lots of years I am sure, because I am old! I just love these little things...only my junkin' twin would understand. Time to go to work so I can dance...Vicki

Re: Old Letters to Make a New Entry

I am loving this!!!
It's classy I think!

Re: Junk Tables for $1000 Please

Just wonderful!! I love the it, especially the top!!


Thanks!! I have wanted to do this for a very long time, and this opportunity just found me... so I'm thinking it was meant to be and hopefully will be successful. It's certainly a lot of fun! Y'all are sweet! Vicki

Re: A couple of quick wall hangings

All things rusty and beautiful! My kind of junk! Wonderful pieces, Vicki

Re: A couple of quick wall hangings

All things rusty and beautiful! My kind of junk! Wonderful pieces, Vicki

Re: Another Groovy Block Party!!!

Love the flowers!! I'm with you on that...sometimes "weeds" outshine them all...true with people and plants:-)

Re: In love with Jack...

Jack is dreamy:-)

Re: Guess what? We're on Facebook!

Great!! I've joined!!

Re: Formula Cans Into Easter Baskets

Such a sweet idea!


Love the photo holders!! Great job!!

Re: Junk Swap

The clock looks wonderful! I am so jealous! Next time I am participating in the junk swap!! Oh, yes I am!!!

Re: old toaster kitchen night light

I have one just like this one!! It was my mother's and was used as a decoration in her kitchen. You have given me an idea!

Re: you can't always get what you want...

Good finds! Very clever idea to hang them end to end...I feel a copy of this idea coming on! Vicki

Re: Crockery Shard Pendant

Beautiful! And its blue and white favorite!!

Re: My Swap Project 1 - bluebucket

Now I am wishing I had participated in the junk swap...definitely next year!
Love the wallpaper a ton of it, so now I have a direction to go with it because it will never go on my walls again!

Re: "W"

Wuve it! The W is so striking in red!

Re: The Bench is FINISHED!

That my dear is beautiful!!! Good job!!

Re: eat your way around the globe lamps

I love this! How unique!

Re: Tag, You're It!

Just splendid! Gonna try this too!


Thanks Karen! Water does collect in the top, and the birds drink from it. I place the bird seed in the little plate in the totem. The seeds get washed off more than they just sit there in the water...birds do not leave the seeds on the dish very long anyway. Thanks!

Re: Literally, A SPRING Wreath

So great!! How creative you are!

Re: Scrapyard lamp

My goodness! What a great find! And a wonderful job! I love the shade you chose for it.

Re: To DYE for!

Wonderful job, Alice!!! Great way to keep something special and make it useful. Your grandfather would be proud I am sure!


I think SunnySouthJunker may just be right. I thought more along those lines too...something to hold the eggs in the dye for Easter eggs. Whatever it is I love the shape and lines of it and it will hang in my kitchen for a bit. Thanks all!

Re: Junk Necklace

Well, I think teenagers are going to be knocking down your door for those! Creative!

Re: Towel rods from antique gas lines

Get outta here with that!! Too clever! I'll bet they are beautiful! So different!


I'm with Alice, it's a "fer" piece for me too, but I may give it a try. Thanks for the info.


Thanks for your help!! One of the little ladies at the thrift store also said an egg separator, and that brought on a big discussion on the yolk falling through. This was a hot topic there! There was one there that looked like this one, but it had two little clamp like parts to it. This one got me to wondering if they are Easter egg dyers. Just place the egg in and dip it in the coloring...hmmmmmm!
Thanks again!


I agree, got to get the next generations into this junking thing! I am having a baby shower at my house next weekend...thanks for the idea...already have items to use. Great idea! Just precious!

Re: Pantry Door

Woohoo! I did something like this to my laundry room door, but I painted the entire door with chalkboard...yours is much fancier, but I will embellish mine now that I have seen yours...great job!


Love It!! She looks like the long lost sister to my garden totem angel that's posted here. Wonderful!

Re: picnic again!

I was just looking today at an old picnic basket I have that was long ago painted blue, and I was wondering what to it! Beautiful basket and friend.

Re: The locker room

This I love!! A visionary that's what you are...very nice!!

Re: New use for a Hooked Rug!

Re: Dining Room

It's so nice! I love the mismatched chairs. My grandmother, always had mismatched out of necessity and I remember her saying one day she wanted everything to match. Times change, don't they? Mismatched has so much character. Beautiful setting.

Re: The Lighthouse Bed

Amazing idea!! I love your adventuresome spirit...take a chance on things and they usually don't disappoint. Decorators smecorators:-), do whatever you like!

Re: wacky chandelier

Love the sled pot rack...very clever!! And unique, which is always the best!

Re: fake fireplace out of twin headboard

What a beauty! Very creative!

Re: "Shift Key" Necklace

How wonderful!!! My kind of jewelry! love it!

Re: Just Fakin' a Cake

Now this I like!! No calories!
I'm just seeing this, go figure.
I also see you posted on my son's birthday...had I known they were here I could have shown it to him, and said Happy Birthday! He didn't have a cake this year and these would have been a wonderful substitute. Clever idea!

Re: Old Galvanized Drawers Tray-ded Up

Love the boot tray idea! Clever!!

Re: Old kitchen cabinet door has new life

Wonderful, wonderful job!


Thanks Lezlee, my only blog follower. :-) I thought it was time to face the world.

Re: SCRAPS - Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts

I love it!! Who would have thought junk could be so stylish?
I have a really small shoe form. My mama said it was once used for baby shoes...could it be a night light? Sorry, just kidding, but now I want to do more with it than just let it decorate the shelf...I'll think on it and y'all give some ideas.


Thanks y'all! I couldn't resist, I had to post it.
Happy Heart Day!!

Re: Portable Light for Valentine's Day!

Wonderful! Happy Valentines Day!

Re: Can't believe this one sat in the attic for so long

Fantastic table!!! Love the idea of using the Christmas ornaments for Valentines!

Re: Got Ideas?

How about sending them to me, junkin' friend? No,I wouldn't do that to ya.
This would require a bit of drilling and you might not want to do that, but how about turning at least one into a bird feeder? Drill a few small holes in the bottom for drainage and drill each corner to hook a chain in and there you have it...hang it up!


Look out!!! I love this! What a clever idea!

Re: Stained Glass Bike wheel spinner!

I will never look at a discarded bicycle wheel the same again. This is wonderful!!So tell me more about that rusty table leg...hmmm.

Re: Flea-ing in the Sunshine State!

OK! you had to pass through should have stopped and picked me up!! I would have loved that trip! We lived in Florida for 2 years and I visited the Flea Markets more the beaches. Oh, and I do want those green type writer key tiles!

Re: "Where Junk Resides"

WooooOOOOOOHooooOOOO...I love this! Those metal baskets are should be at my house!!

Re: Colorful, Junky Backsplash

Thank you! I have several memory jars too:-)

Re: ~Junk In The Garden~

Just today while on a road trip I saw bee skeps sitting near the road in an overgrown area. We commented on them and the faded bird egg blue that was painted on them. Usually they are white. I told my husband I would love one of them for my porch, and here you are with one in your garden! How wonderful!!

Re: Whoa Junkie!

ooOOOOOooo Love it! Art is junk and junk is art:-)

Re: Garbage to Treasure

The shelf was a great find, but I am loving that tin on the walls!!

Re: my fish chair

Love this one!! Keep painting!


Crazy about that chair!! I painted one for my art classroom a few years back. One school here had a CHAIRity auction...painted chairs with different themes were used for a fundraiser...cute idea!


Thank you all! I am a little lost now since classes are over...hmmmm time to go junkin' with all my free time.

Re: briefcase organizer and a pie

I love those shutters over your desk...gonna steal your idea! If I ever get my work room finished! I'm half way there. My husband's company was tossing some shelving and it is now mine for my room!
Shame on you for posting that pie picture, makes me hungry...yum!!
Love the briefcase idea too.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Love the cabinets. I eventually want concrete counter tops,but for now as a quick fix I used the Rustoleum counter top paint. It works beautifully. I have a post showing my counter tops on JMS if you want to take a look.

Re: Lampshade Bowls

Beautiful! That's right up my junk tree:-)
I have a vintage shade that I use as a bowl also. Best thing about it, is it's a soft green. Well, that and the fact that it cost 50 cent at a thrift store. Love your creation!

Re: Thrift Store Finds

Great finds...I see a garden totem in your future:-)


Thanks, and you are matter if we did use the exact same materials there would be no two alike...there's a deep life lesson in there some where:-) I did the mosaic on a bare wall over the lime green paint. I never follow the directions for anything! I used caulking to stick the pieces down, and I was using the grout in a bucket stuff, but they stopped making the color I was using. So I started using the mortar I was using to put stones around my backyard pond...hmmm I need to post that here too:-) Anyway, I love the way the gray mortar looks, but I still need to grout some places with it. I'm glad you liked it and I am really glad it inspired you to do your own. It's not worth having unless you do it yourself...well within reason and ability. This was really easy, work but lots of fun too.

Re: Colorful, Junky Backsplash

Thanks,Midge! A lot of work, but a lot of fun also.

Re: Architectural pieces and cloches two of my favorite things.

I'll be sending you my address so you can pass this on to me:-)I love it! I saved some old molding from some windows we replaced. It has a groove in it, so I see it as a plate shelf. I have some corbels too. My plans we already to make a really long shelf on my kitchen...yours would go a long nicely with it...just kidding, but yours does inspire me.


Again, thanks so much! I hope all of you go junkin' into this great new year! It's back to school for me tomorrow, but I'll have Junk Market on my mind and I look forward to enjoying all your projects each day. You inspire me!

Re: Porch Holiday Spiff'n

I work cheap! Call me...LOL
I would love to have your job...what fun!!!
Such a wonderful make over, and I know the plundering through all their "stuff" was like heaven! Wonderful!!

Re: My daughter's room

My kind of and lime...excuse me...LIME and pink:-)I do love lime!You have a very blessed daughter...nice room and a mom that yard sales...she's lucky!

Re: The Front Porch

How lucky you the chair and the trunk! Show us more!

Re: Edelbrock clock

Hmmm...great save...I like it!


Thanks Alice...go to the website for the paint and send it to your HB:-) It really is easy...smells, but it's easy! Only took about a day to do all my counters and had a little bit of paint left over...great fix for around $21.

Re: Tree Stand Shopper

OH no you didn't!!! Too funny!!! I see that as a centerpiece next year when all my crazy family comes for Christmas quirky things!

Re: Vintage ornament display - better than Cake!

Doing this one next year, for sure! Like it!

Re: Junkin' is the "SPICE" of life!

I am crazy about this!


Well I am humbled, and honored. Many thanks to all of you! I felt I was amongst "junk brethren" the day I hit this site, but little did I know:-) It's good to be with others who get excited over the same junky things you do. I was not sure I could say the name of the counter top paint but here goes...Rustoleum Counter top paint for laminates.Found mine at Lowe's. It is wonderful!! It took me several different tries to hit on the right color to suit me, but that was me not the paint. I went off the wall a bit and chose Olive for one try, and it worked with the lime, believe it or not. But it darkened the kitchen so finally I ended up with Cobblestone. This paint does smell to high heaven though so use lots of ventilation! You have to let it sit for 3 days too. My house is in constant project disarray so we worked with that fairly well, and it is worth it! Everyone has been amazed that I painted over the can not tell it because it adheres so tightly! Probably a technical word for that, but I don't know it. Hope this inspires you to try it!
As for my students...they are all 5-7 years old so they love everything we do in art:-) I feel I am setting the foundation for them to love art, and creating their entire life. I do so many recycling projects they think everybody makes art on Styrofoam, plastic water bottles and cardboard:-)Thanks!


I am wanting to put it in one of my bathrooms also, but hubby says enough. He likes the kitchen, but doesn't think he can stand more. Oh well, its all about compromise...

Re: My "JUNK" Tree

Glad this was re-posted! How beautiful!!!

Re: Chaining up the Ornaments!

I wish I had thought of doing that with some of my many many lime green ornaments...story this idea away for next year!

Re: Birthday Bird Bath for my Mom

FABULOUS!!! What wonderful birdbaths...grand job!

Re: junk art fan pulls

This just cracked me up! It is the cutest idea!And the stamp holder is so clever! Unique!

Re: Hand lettered signs from rescued wood

Love these Lezlee...I'm crazy about old doorknobs! The hand lettering is wonderful!

Re: How To Make A Santa Snow Globe

ooooOOOOOO a plan for next year! I am an art teacher and I have always wanted to create snow globes with some of my students. I am always receiving baby food jars as donations to the art room. I've got loads of them so here we go... second graders are gonna make snow globes... with much supervision. Thanks for this!

Re: 3 Old Chairs = 1 ReNEWed Bench

I am making one of these one day!! I have loved this plan for years after seeing a fashion of it on Decorating Cents...I also pine for that show, I miss Joan...HGTV has got to go back to those kind of my HG soapbox...sorry:-)

I do love the bench!

Re: Granite Garden Paths

You are kidding right? What a lucky girl you are! I have lugged home pieces of broken concrete, but never been fortunate enough to find granite in a dumpster! What a lovely garden path you muscles to prove it too I'll bet!

Re: Old Stereo Becomes Lighted Bar Cabinet

Way too coool!

Re: Holiday Window

I am so glad you saved this wonderful piece. Sometimes I almost hyperventilate thinking about all the wonderful "junk" that gets away! LOL You are very creative to use the window on your mantel! Nice job!

Re: Glass Memory Totem

Gosh, Lori, thanks for the heads up. I don't think any thing in this arrangement had any value, except for sentimental value. They don't have a full set of dishes and most are scratched or chipped. The big green vase is Hoosier glass, but they are aware of that. When I make other pieces I am very careful, I am aware of things value. If there is any question I do not use it in a totem. Thanks for the warning, however.

Re: Glass Memory Totem

Many thanks again! And Lezlee, it is fun to go back to school...even at middle age! And the classes that I am taking are all art related and they accept my junkin' projects...what more could I want?

Re: My very first project post....An elegant, funky, bird feeder!

Love the colors!It will brighten any garden! Good job and congratulations on your bid success!

Re: Masher Christmas

Precious and very clever!!

Re: Drawer Copy Cat

Wonderful!!! I love Mod Podge too...use it on everything!I will be using this idea also.

Re: Glass Memory Totem

Thank you!
This was carried from GA to WVA in a broke apart during the trip between one of the vases and plates. When it arrived in WVA the sister in law added an extra bowl from the old set of dishes that she just added to my piece, I think. So it ended up being a combined effort or creation...LOL

Re: A Shutter of Excitement....Christmas Day is Almost Here!

I'm copying this one!!! Have the shutters in a beautiful teal with chippy paint that shows black underneath. Love it!!

Re: Holiday Boot

I love this!! I am the only one in my family that goes to yard sales...yeah, I'm the only bright one...but this is such a cute idea I am going to bring it up with them. They may just find a new past time or passion. I know some of my friends would love the idea! Great post!

Re: Time Well Spent

I made that same Target clock into a table top, but your idea is stunning.

Re: Old Wheel Lazy Susan

OMGoodness! I have one of those chair bases...hmmmm gotta find a table top now:-)

Re: A Precious Gift

I'm almost a year late seeing this, but I love it!! I have that quote hand painted around the top of my bedroom walls.This is so unique.

Re: Have Yourself a Junky Little Christmas!

Just precious...Merry Christmas!

Re: Your Frames have been Framed!


Re: Galvanized Worktop Table with Hammered Nail Detail

Galvanized is wonderful!!!

Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

Sweet! HO HO HO it's wonderful!

Re: An OLD Vanity makes a come-back!

What a wonderful piece...that color is out of this world. Great, creative job!!!

Re: Little Display Cabinet

Wonderful job!! I'm going to start looking for windows.

Re: Mailbox Hose Holder

My neighbor just threw away one of those over-sized mailboxes...I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

Love your idea!

Re: Consider Curtain Clothing

Such a sweet idea! My mama's gone too now and I have so many of her belongings that I can't part with yet...think I need to rethink some of them. Thanks for sharing this.

Re: "Stained" Glass Window

I love it...send it to GA.

Re: Glass Garden

And clever!

Re: Painted Side Table

It is wonderful!!! So colorful and fun! Great paint job!


Today while out junkin' at a local antique mall...there it was a Junk Market Style book for $2.50...mine now and I am enjoying every page!

Re: Stone Walkway Nearly Free

You are my hero!! I have wanted to do this in my backyard for years...for practically free however. I've collected from here and there, but don't have much to go the concrete idea! It's beautiful!


Got the outside of the garden shed and the floor painted today...debating about wall color, if any:-) Will post after pics soon.

Re: Fire Truck?

Amazing!! Such a clever idea!!I'm sure it took a great deal of muscle, but it looks worth it!

Re: frame corner samples

When y'all come up with a solution please post...I used to have a frame shop and I have several boxes of frame corners in my basement...I keep thinking there is something wonderful waiting to be created with them:-)

Re: Ol' Blue Door

Fantastic door!! Surely by now you have followed some of the wonderful ideas given you...if it were mine, it would be a headboard.

Re: Garden Glass

These are wonderful! Just gave some glass totems for gifts and have many orders for Christmas! They are great fun and give me a reason for yard sailing(as if I needed one...LOL)
Loved the ones lined up with the lights!!! Beautiful job!

Re: Hollydaze make me smile!

How beautiful is that???!!! Love it!!
I've been known to bring by the road chandeliers hangs over my screened porch table...think it will go holiday this year!

Re: From discarded pottery....

Fantastic use of this pot and making the lid fit was a great idea!

Re: How to Make a shelf out of a Infants bed

I can't believe this is on here...I have one that I did almost the identical thing with... Just time I saw a little bed like this in a little thrift store I knew I had to have it. I brought it home and added shelves to it and used it for years in my bedroom...great junkin' minds :-)

Re: A new addition to the front yard

I love this!!! Very aesthetic!

Re: Sweet Junk at The BitterSweet Cabin

OH those funnels!!! What I wouldn't give...long way to Ohio, but I think I could justify a trip...wonderful photos!!

Re: Junkes: A Sisterhood of Traveling Junk @ The Funky Junk Sisters Show!

My kind of booth!!!

Re: Garden Totem

Many thanks!! There was a lot of work in it, but it was great fun. Also it will probably sit on a screened porch instead of in my garden. I also make glass totems, they work better outside.

Re: Clean-up that Yard With a Little Junk!

Woohoo!!! I love those old sinks as window boxes!!! Gonna copy that one:-)

Re: Junkin' in Maryland

Old shutters, and doors just make me want to cry...such possibilities!!!!


Thanks to all!! I can't wait until I have the time to just start playing around with the garden shed...since I teach,time for things like that fall during holidays. I'd say on weekends too, but that's for going out looking for the juicy junk:-)

Re: Birds of a Feather Grandfather Clock Birdhouse

I can't believe it!! I love this idea and yesterday while out junkin' I passed up a small clock shell...shape was similar, but it had plastic on it...I'm back to that shop come Monday.
It'll will be the Mini Me version, but that is a wonderful idea.

Re: Ironing board daisy

OH my goodness!! I love that daisy!!! What a clever creation!

Re: A Touch of Class

Not familiar with the metallic glaze, but I will be very soon!
I love this idea and will start searching for one to create one in my own is elegant and fun!