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A creative director/graphic designer at a small marketing firm that loves to get her hands dirty in some good ol' junk in her spare time. I love garage sale-ing, flea market frolicking, and dumpster diving! Reduce, reuse, re purpose!

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Door Headboard for the Guest Room

This is by no means an original project, but I thought I would post it anyway because it makes me happy. A while back I got some old wooden doors to make into a headboard for the guestroom...

Junk for the Den/Office

We just finished re-decorating our den/office, and because I pulled some junk finds in I thought I would share a few. There are other items but I'll have to save those for another day. The color...

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Re: How to Make an Indoor Window Box

I don't know what that little gem is, but it is pretty cool and works perfectly for your project! Love it!


This was one of my favs from the book too and I am on the lookout constantly for them!

Re: A Traveling Bevarage Bar

What a cute idea!

Re: Barn Burner Wall Sconce

This is very, VERY cool! Wish I could find that kind of stuff here. Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

Re: Simple Monday's - Take Two

I have something similar to this so I will have to try it out! I use mine in the summer for potted plants, but now you give me a reason to have it out all year long! Thanks Sue!

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

Great project! I just love it! I wish I could find stuff like that easier here. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Bed Spring picture / card / recipe / note / holder

This is fantastic! I've been wanting to find some bed springs. My dad had an old one on a burn pile and I asked him to cut some for me.... but he never did. I was kinda bummed. GREAT, GREAT project! Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: How to Make a Cranberry Bog Scoop Wreath Holder

Too cute! Thanks for showing us how to make it!

Re: Help...Any Creative Ideas??

Oh, I found a great example of a door desk... check out this space:

Re: Help...Any Creative Ideas??

If you have doors, you can turn them into a crafting table. I have seen this online but don't know if I can find it now. Attach some sturdy legs and get a piece of plexi-glass or glass for the top. They look great and is something I may do soon. My craft room doesn't have much junk and needs to be junk-funked up.

As for beads, button, eyelets and more... check the kitchen supply stores for those bar garnish containers (a Sue Whitney idea). I have my buttons and scrappin' embellies in jars on the shelf. You can always take drinking glasses/jars and put them on a lazy suzan for a spinning storage for all of your scrappin' tools and pencils and such. My fav thing I did was find a vintage straw dispenser (the cylindrical ones that pull up and they fan out) and store your colored pencils in it... I think this idea has been around a while but it works great.

Re: old suitcase and spindle legs make home decore

I just love old suitcases! Well done! Love the wooden legs on it. I was planning to do something like this and was looking for a metal table stand or something... this might be better, easier and cheaper to do! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Live from Charlotte, North Carolina

Sue, it was such a pleasure to hear you speak today! I was the one who was so excited to meet you that I wouldn't stop talking (Erin). I can't wait for the next time you make it to Charlotte and I'm glad you had the chance to see some of our awesome secret junk spots! Happy junking! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Re: Scrapping for Junkers

These are called Safety Graters and can be found for $1.50 new at:

They don't have the same appeal when they aren't rusty and old, but for $1.50 I'm willing to try to age them myself or let time take it's course (they sell for around $10.00 a piece on ebay used - wish I could find them cheaper used).

This is a great, GREAT project. Thanks for sharing. I just went and ordered a bunch of these to make Christmas presents since our family gives homemade gifts. I think I'm going to get some little alligator clips or something so the pictures can be easily changed out.