truxton, NY, US

I am a collector of old objects! Pretty much doesn't matter what they are, I'll transform it into some type of usage.
I am a decorator consultant, by trade.
I have a husband, 4 children,1 granddaughter. We have 2 dogs, 2 cats and 5 hens. My Home looks like an old farmhouse on the inside, yet it is only 30 years old. All thanks to my "Checkered Past" ideas, lol!
I enjoy painting,crafting and collecting. Thanks to websites like this i see i am not alone in my "junking"!
Bonnie (ACheckeredPast)

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Re: Chamber pot

I have a collection of chamber pots in my bathroom. I keep an extra roll of tolit tissue in one, hair brushes, tooth paste and tooth brushes, make up and shaving stuff in some of the others.
It's a funny little idea, different color rims on them, mine are old enamelware.People always comment on my "Old Stuff" lol! I like the "spa" idea!
Thanks for sharing!


I must say your right up my alley with these ideas! thank you!

Re: Screen Door Dresser Mirror

love it! Thanks for sharing the idea!

Re: Master Bedroom

Ok, I like all but one thing..not that i don't like this one thing but consider this...the three windows...don't they "need" something? Perhaps tiny 1/8" valances? Or better yet, swag valances, 6"L w/ 1/8" centers in same material as in now...?
(perhaps its just my perspective but they seem to be "competing" with the large window)
Regardless, you have done a wonderful job with all of it! I like the area in the corner where your sewing machine is. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Out to pasture

I have a couple of that kind of chair with plants in them too BUT I didn't paint them. What a great idea "cow" painted look! New project to do for spring...Thanks!

Re: Everybody has shutters, don't they?

I have 2 shutters waiting for a progect like this on! Thanks!
I was just going to tear it apart to paint the slats and put "sayings" on them to sell! Only one will end up apart now! lol!


great idea! i believe your ideas are just like mine, find some junk and redo, reuse! thanks for the treat!