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I grew up in the Midwest and now live in northern Minnesota. I love discovering junk at garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets. I would describe myself as inquisitive, creative, organized, and goal-oriented. I love learning, traveling, photography, health, and, of course, junk!

My current favorite quote is...

Life is not about discovering yourself, it is about creating yourself. -anonymous

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Get your Lighting in Gear!

Save those junky car parts as the foundation for an elegant lamp!

An Elegant Junky Holiday

Welcome to a Junky Holiday! The best kind of holiday to have! Why, you ask? Well, it's easy, it's elegant, and...it's junk-inspired! Check it out! There is a longer...

In the Swim...Junk Style!

A simple workspace inspired by simple design principles.

Junk Hang-Up: Vintage Door Coat Rack

Got any junk hang-ups? If not, here's how to get one!! In our recent home office turned studio makeover, I added a few junk-inspired touches to make it a comfortable and character-filled space. This...

Join Us at Junkologie Blog Party 2010!

 Get the low-down on Junkologie Blog Party 2010! We hope to see you there!! TIME TO GET YOUR JUNKIN' GROOVE ON!   While we are not vending at Oronoco Gold Rush Days this year, the blog party must go on! Join me, the Pfarkel Sisters fromnbspJunk...

AAJMS Puts Its Best Fashion Foot Forward

AAJMS Mother's Day Fashion Show Spring 2010

Behind the Scenes: AAJMS Fashion Show

Could I have any more AAJMS photos? Goodness! This set is all about our models getting ready for the AAJMS Fashion Show. Stylists from the Jon Richards Salon (including Jon himself...

Always Class-y and Creative at AAJMS

Creativity abounds among AAJMS class instructors, artisans, and junkers.

The Junk Line Starts Here

More junk photos of AAJMS Spring 2010.

The Junkers at the AAJMS Spring 2010 Gala

People at the AAJMS Spring 2010 Opening Night Gala.

Photo Love: AAJMS Spring 2010

Some of my favorite photos during the set-up of the AAJMS Spring 2010 event.

AAJMS Spring Show 2010: Are You Ready?

Do you have your tickets for AAJMS Spring 2010?

Barn-style Doors are Not Just for the Farm!

Get the low-down on this barn-style door project!

Junkyard Dogs...the How and "Y"

Who let the dogs out? They are running wild at WhisperWood Cottage! We recently made over our master bedroom. However, we still had one long, tall wall that needed a focal point. I wanted it to have...

Zero to Toasty in 30 Seconds or Less

This is seriously the easiest project ever. It's so easy that I was hesitant to even post it on JMS because of all the creative and work-intensive projects that people do here. Then I remembered that...

The Best of 2009 Contributor Posts Begin! "Girl's Night In" Junky Holiday Beverage Center

This junky holiday idea is all about welcoming your best gal-pals over for an evening or a weekend. It's all about getting the girls together for a...

Hostess Gifts with a Junk Twist

Need some hostess gift ideas for your favorite junker during this holiday season? How about some creative ways to wrap up wine and flowers? I collected some things around the house that might be...

Quiet Fireside Thanksgiving

Wishing you a Happy and Thankful Thanksgiving Day!

Ready for 3rd Gear?

A lamp is a lamp is a lamp. Or is it?

Moving into 2nd Gear!!

2nd Gear-Inspired Lamp

For the Record...Vinyl-Inspired Table for Two

A table top display inspired those vintage vinyl records.

Candlelight in a Box

A simple project to create some junk-inspired ambience!

What's Happening at Warrenton, Marburger, Round Top?

There's a lot happening at the big antique show/flea market event in Texas! It's been a whirlwind of junking!

Piano Rolls on Parade

Simple display ideas for vintage piano rolls.

1 Deli Dispenser, How Many Ways?

Repurposing is my favorite part of junking! See how 1 vintage deli dispenser can be put to use in today's modern lifestyle!

A Junky Holiday Coaster Ornament

Welcome to Another Junky Holiday Project! Junk-inspired creations to brighten your holiday with sparkle or warm your home with rustic patina. Amy whisperwoodcottage.blogspot.com

A Festive Junky Holiday Tablescape

Welcome to a "Festive" Junky Holiday! Now, you've already served the turkey, but what about all those holiday parties coming up? Are you hosting any? Need any creative ideas? Well, here you...

A Rustic Junky Holiday Tablescape

Welcome to a  "Rustic" Junky Holiday!  What is a rustic junky holiday? Well, it's a mix of rustic items with Grandmother's china and your fine Waterford crystal. You heard me right...

Ultimate Junk Shed

Thanks to my DH, I have my own "junk shed" to protect my junk from the Minnesota winter! Before...a dog kennel. After...a junk shed made entirely out of junk! The cost? Nothing! All materials free...

Merchandising Junk...Advice Requested

These are some photos of a flea market I was at recently. It was my first time as a vendor. It went pretty well and I had a great time. I was wondering though...how does one go about successfully...

From "ick" to "slick"...Sconce Rescue

I found these two outdoor sconces under a table at a garage sale...covered in grime, with broken glass and missing parts. My junker's instinct took hold and said, "Here's a diamond in the rough." So...


There are so many reasons I love junking...(1) It is a creative outlet for me. (2) It is beneficial to the environment because old items are being repurposed, (3) It's so fun to meet people who share...

Dental Sink Plant Stand & Toilet Paper Holder

101 things to do with a dental sink! This dental sink was found at the Oronoco Gold Rush Days. It has a white/almost mother-of-pearl glass sink and a great chippy cream paint patina on the metal...

Guest Room Luggage Rack

I started with a mystery item I found at a garage sale last summer for 50 cents. It was black with hinges and it folded up. I didn't know what I would do with it at the time. It was not until just a...

Recent comments

Re: Photo Finish

This is one of my favorites yet! Great junk find and perfect use for it!! I'm sure her Grandmother will love it!!

Re: Be thankful...

Totally fabulous post! I'm thankful for you and your creativity! Now get to that baking!! :)


Re: Barn Burner Wall Sconce


Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

So clever! And I always love your concept sketches!! I imagine a wall full of them in frames...so cool!


Re: Happy Thanksgiving - Down Home Style

Absolutely loving that bell! Glad to hear your day was full of family and fun!


Re: Setting the Thanksgiving Table

Do you ever get sick of me telling you how wonderfully talented you are? I hope not, because I just can't stop! Gorgeous and clever...as always!


Re: A Thanksgiving JUNKMARKET Style

{sigh} I need to take a course on floral displays and find a green thumb somewhere. Well done, Susie Q!


Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All...The DRT Centerpiece

My favorite touch is the buckles on the shoes!! You put together the best "end caps" I know! Gobble up that tofurkey!! :)


Re: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

You've been busy with the decor! Your porch is turkey-licious!!


Re: Drawer # 4 Does Thanksgiving

Fab story!! What a fun way to remember it!!



You're one cool turkey, Jim!


Re: There's No Place Like Home - For Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for you, Lani! :)


Re: Leafy Sail Sculpture

The leaf/sail is beautiful!! The mix of metals and the rivets...love it!


Re: A Junker's Collection - Part Two

It's interesting to think about how people might be drawn to different shapes the same way they are drawn to color. I'm going to research that...


Re: Hatchery pipe plant stand

L-O-V-E-ing this!


Re: A Junker's Collection - Part One

"You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round, round, round"

Amy :)

Re: Garden Arbor Creation

I'm with everybody else...What a transformation!!


Re: Industrial goes Glam

I'll have to get plumber hubby to be on the lookout for cool plumbing parts! Great look!!


Re: Trick or Treat...Mwah ah ah!!

I'm pretty sure I've heard you laugh like that before. What were you up to...? Hmmm...it could have been any number of things, but I'm not quite sure. As Ron would say, "I have a good memory, but it's short." Aahahaha!

Love that little bone of a ghost, you clever little goblin, you!! :)


Re: Another Crazy Lamp

A wild and crazy lamp from a wild and crazy guy!

Did anyone get that Steve Martin reference?


Okay, maybe it's just me! :)


Re: Vintage Rotary Phone Clock

Totally loving this! Now, did I sell that black rotary phone I had? I think I did. I'm so pouting now!


Re: Tripod lamp (small)

Thanks for the great tips!


Re: Surveyor's tripod lamp

Love the grouping of the items!


Re: Primitive Brick Barn Cats

You've got some crafty skills! A good way to welcome your trick or treaters!

Re: Hallway hat and coat rack

Rustic, practical, and beautiful...

a junker's dream!


Re: Book lamp

It's smart to keep those old lamp parts handy. I love when anything can be reused like that.


Re: Harness ring "valance"

I'm loving each and every one of your posts tonight! Just when I think it can't get any better! Well done, again!


Re: Toilet paper storage "cabinet"

That's one heavy duty toilet seat! Clever repurpose!!


Re: The Art of Entropy


Really stunning.

That pretty much says it all! :)


Re: Doctor's bag "bookcase"

Perfect place for those JunkMarket publications. Always handy for inspiration!


Re: Scale napkin holder

Clever idea!! That is one cool scale!


Re: Trick or Treat

Love the simplicity of this project! No hammering, gluing, screwing, or cutting! Fun mix of materials!!


Re: Ladder Shelf

I bet the candlelight adds some wonderful ambience in the evening!


Re: Window Pane

I love how you hung the flower artwork in the window pane opening. Well done!!


Re: I love a collage

Wow! These projects must have taken a lot of time to do. They are beautiful!!


Re: Xray lamp...

So clever, Gadora!! The black and white of the x-rays is fabulous!


Re: magazine pictures and flour scoops

Sounds like you have a great collection!! Can you post some photos of the flour scoops? I'd love to see what size and color(s) they are. That might inspire some ideas...


Re: Fall Is In The Air

Great fall decor to welcome any junker to your door!!


Re: Thrift frame to sophisicated art...

Can I say how much I loooove your name? "JunkN_DoughNuts" is so clever and fun!! The frame project is great...from 49 cents to fabulous in no time!!



So pretty, Janis! Love the mix of silver and black!!


Re: Happy Autumn

Love it, Jim!


Re: Edible Centerpiece

You know I love this! Now when is the dinner?


Re: Serving up a "light" snack - vintage junk-style!

What do you mean, Janis? You don't like the cow parts as a centerpiece? I can't say that it is particularly "tasteful" (ahaha!), but it sure got lots of attention! :)


Re: Flower Centerpiece: Milk bottle Vases in Weathered Canning Jar Lifter

This is beautiful!! I love simple and elegant projects!! It is definitely charming!


Re: No Labor Day Monday



Re: The Ugly Ducklings Become Swans - Editor's Challenge #4

Okay, really? You are freakishly...good freakishly, but bordering on eerie freakishly...talented at this junking thing. Seriously. I can't even explain the expression on my face right now. Part awe, part "how the heck did she come up with that?" Brilliant!! Kudos to you, my friend!!


Re: I Don't Know Why This Caged Bird Would Sing....

It's great to see your entry become a reality!! Fabulous!! I think that will be what we do for next year's online Junk Potluck contest!!


Re: On the Streets of London Town . . .

No, Sue, it would be sensational in MY home!! Though I have a feeling that Lani won't be giving this one up any time soon!


Re: From garden fence to cloche - an unexpected project!

L-O-V-E it!!


Re: Simple Mondays

Simple and elegant! My favorite kind of project!!


Re: A TP Holder

Ahahahahahah! Laughing over Jim's pun! Too funny! Love the project, Sue! I also love how you "flushed" out the details! Ahahahahaha! I'm making myself laugh now. I guess I need some sleep...in my new pretty, pretty princess bed! Or maybe I should be unloading the trailer...from last weekend...um...yeah...


Re: my version of $100. shower curtain :)

Well done!! It looks fabulous!


Re: Typing Tables, Office Chairs and Metal File Bins

You could use the boxes and/or drawers as planters. You might also try decoupaging the boxes with vintage sewing patterns or wrapping paper.


Re: JMS Post from the Past - "I'm Going All the Way to the Top!"

You handy little minx, you! Power tools and all! That is the perfect place for it!!! Fabulous!


Re: Repurposed Door into hall tree (my first post)

So cool!! Love the black!


Re: A few of my favorite things - from Oronoco with LOVE!!

Thanks for the photos! I was so busy with the booth all weekend that I didn't get to see anyone else's junk but mine!!


Re: My Picks from Oronoco

Love all the finds! That clock is too yummy!! And the gas pump front is fabulous!! Seriously.

Wish I had had time to do some shopping myself!! Running a booth at a show like that is hard work, people!! We're planning on doing it again next year though!

I'll be posting my photos later this week!! :)


Re: The Five Feet Table

So cool!!


Re: Somebody STOP me!!!

Creative! I have several signs that need a plan. Thanks for the inspiration!!


Re: A Shakespearean moment

Fabulous!! I love the mix of items!! It's always great to be able to shop your own home and come up with something so creative. Well done!!


Re: Sneak Peek and Guess Your Best

My first thought was a sifter or grinder of some kind. Based on Jim's hint, I'm guessing it's what they use to mark the football field.

Can't wait to see what you do with that beautiful umbrella!! (Yeah, I'm still chuckling a bit.) I know you'll come up with something brilliant!


Re: Camp Lamp

Very fun! The vintage graphics are fabulous!!


Re: Junkologie Blog Party at Oronoco Gold Rush

I'm so glad you will be doing a Tomboy Tools demo!!

I will do my best to the best junk hostess ever! My brain has been going non-stop with blog party ideas!! This is going to be super fun!!


Re: Projects from the Pages of a Book

So many ideas! You've really got me thinking!!


Re: Editor's Challenge

I'll be hand delivering some special item(s) when I come down to help with your garage sale next week! I haven't decided which treasure(s) to bestow upon you yet!!! This is supposed to be a challenge, right?


Re: More License Plate planters

Love these!

Re: Big Girl Bed


Re: What a Racket!

I like the eclectic mix of materials!

Re: The JennyK Room @ Georgia's First Occasional Sale

Looks fabulous, Jenny! Love the galvanized metal! All of your creations are wonderful! Hope it went well!


Re: How To Resize Photos

I highly recommend using picnik.com. It's free, super-easy to use, and you can do all kinds of things with your photos!!


Re: Chair - Ugly Duckling to a Beautiful Swan

Love the combination of fabrics! Where did you learn to upholster?

Re: Tuffet for chair

Super clever and crafty! You are multi-talented!

Re: Time to use some of these buttons...

So crafty!


Re: More of my free junk pile saves...

All great ideas!


Re: Laundry Basket

I love that this is a rescued piece that has been put to such good use! A+!


Re: Scrabble Tile Transformation

Nicely done!


Re: Georgia Moon's First Occasional Sale

I so want to go to California now!!


Re: Pyrex Trays - Takes 2, 3, 4.....

Thank you! Thank you for helping me to see the potential in what would normally be considered mundane things. I am continually inspired by your creativity!


Re: Can I Have Your Number ?

You've got my number, baby! :) Fabulous, Lani! Why does it never look as cool when I try things like that?


Re: Pyrex Trays - Take One

Brilliant as usual!


Re: Jenny K. Sets the Table with Some Spicy Junk

Fabulous!! I am inspired!


Re: Clean-up that Yard With a Little Junk!

Your porch is always so welcoming no matter what time of year! You have the gift of putting such great items together! Loving that bench and the white basket underneath!


Re: How to Re-Purpose a Scale

You've done it again!! I agree that the color scheme is fabulous!


Re: Vintage 78 Record Clock

Nice work! Wow! Love that clever idea for a stand. And carrying a battery along? Simple but brilliant. A true junker you are! I love those top two clocks in the last photo!! Great finds!


Re: World Peace

Totally in love with this clever idea! I will see globes in a whole new way! It will also make me think what else I can cover with chalkboard paint!


Re: Chalkboard Room Divider

Looooove this! This can have so many uses!


Re: JMS on The Today Show with Matt!

Well done! I would definitely say that you know how to throw a stellar garage sale! I learned a lot from that...not just for garage sales, but for any kind of flea market or sale.


Re: What's New Pussy Cat - Contributor Challenge

Love the sketch! Signed and dated, too! Great project!


Re: Happy Spring

Aaaah...memories of Marburger! Too funny! How crafty you are to come up with this idea!! Clever, clever girl!


Re: vintage playpen/crib shelves and spring junk finds!

Love the shelving unit!!

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

My bird cage piece will be famous! Too funny!!


P.S. Did you sell the scale at Marburger?

Re: Sue, Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today!

You were brilliant and adorable!! Nothing new for you! I am sure people are running out to buy the book! You are a gift to the junking community, Sue! :)

Lots of love from northern Minnesota!!


Re: Marburger Farm Antique Show and JUNKMARKET Partner with Houston Habitat for Humanity!

So fun! Will you sign a book for me, Sue? Pretty please! :) Looking forward to being part of the excitement!


Re: Toboggan Winter Photo Display

Sooooo love this!


Re: How to Make a Quiche Pan Frame

Clever. Cute. Crafty. Enough said!!


Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

This is so wonderful, Georgia! Truly!


Re: Just What the Doctor Ordered

I'm with Lani! Ingenious is the word!


Re: "Fan" cy Jewelry Organizer

Brilliant! You know, I wonder...what would it be like to live in the mind of Sue Whitney for a day?


Re: How to Hang a Portrait with Junk

I really like this! You crafty girl, you!


Love it!


Re: Industrial meets Romance

So clever!

Re: Old metal mailbox turned Recipe Box Rolling Pin Holder

Nice! I have a mailbox like this and I've been wondering what to do with it! This is such a great idea! Perhaps if I ever used a rolling pin...naaah! Thanks for the inspiration!


Re: How to Make an Indoor Window Box

Love! Love! Love! Love! Love! Love! Love!


Re: A few "borrowed" ideas

Simple and gorgeous! Love it!


Re: Table Top Made With Old Printing Press Type

I agree with catbishop...it's crazy good! Love the welder's stool! With the letters, stunning! With the functionality...brilliant!


Re: Finally Got Those Skis Done!

They work in well with your wall display! Restoration definitely takes time and patience. It looks like it was definitely worth it!


Re: Found...in my own garage!

"Me thinks I love it" too!


Re: My sunrrom at Christmas

What is the crazy-looking iron contraption on the right side of the fourth photo? I was instantly drawn to it, but I have no idea what it is!


Re: Oh There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

The photos don't do it justice, Lani! I love the sparkle of the bathroom sconces and the dining room chandelier. Actually, I just love all of it!


Re: A Junky Holiday Coaster Ornament

Wow! Thanks for the honor! And you are right, Sue! It is truly a simple project that anyone can do! In fact, it took all of 5 minutes. Ever since I did that project, I look at everything I come across and wonder, "How could I make this into an ornament?" If it's not moving, it just might end up on the tree!


Re: A Junky Holiday Coaster Ornament

Thanks, everyone!

Kimberly...You are very welcome! You know I love JUNKMARKET and I believe in it what it (and all its contributors) stand for!

Gretchen...No, they are not marked. And, yes, we will definitely have to get together some time! I'll hold you to that! :)


Re: Refinished Furniture

Beautiful work. I noticed the labels on the pieces...do you sell or show them somewhere?


Re: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas part 3

Love the scale!


Re: Winter White Window

Looooooooooove it! Enough said!


Re: Fargo Road Trip!

Kriss is wonderful! After you posted about her store on your blog a while back, I called to ask her about some items. I can't wait to visit her in person! Thanks for sharing these photos as well. Road trip, anyone?


Re: How to Wrap with Wallpaper

Gorgeous and inspirational as always! I like the simple tip of re-using boxes from year to year. I always save my boxes, bags, packing, etc. I even re-use old cards as gift tags. With such simple strategies, helping the environment is so easy (and less expensive)!



I like this! Very cool!


Re: Shimmer Me Timbers

I have "Junk Envy"!


Re: Refrigerator Pocket Organizer made from Recycled Frame

Love this! Any no-sew project that looks this good gets an A in my book!


Re: Christmas Dining Room

Absolutely lovely!


Re: Stack O' Drawers / Stack of Signs

Very nice!


Re: Tree Branch Christmas Tree

Another clever creation! I can't wait to start my holiday decorating! I have so many ideas for a tree now!


Re: Compact Memories

Very clever! The vanity is the perfect place to display them!


Re: JM Christmas Tree!

What a great way to display your collections and creations! So unique!


Re: Ornament Wheel

Stunning! This is absolutely beautiful! Great job!!!


Re: Shopping for ideas ~ croquet, anyone?

The cart would be a great laundry room accessory. It would be very functional for moving laundry from the dryer to wherever you fold, etc. If you know someone who welds, you could weld a couple small pieces to the one end to even out the glass. That way you could use it as a drink server, sofa table, etc. Great finds!


Re: Don't throw out those old cribs!

I bet he's happy! What a great way to capture the nostalgia in a beautiful and functional piece!


Re: An Elegant Junky Holiday


Member showcase day sounds like a great idea! I agree with you that the member talent on this site is amazing. I am continually inspired and I would certainly love getting to know members better. Sunday seems like the perfect day for it as well.

You know, Sue, I love how you appreciate and support the members on this site. Please know that we appreciate and support you as well! Thanks for all you do!


Re: BIG Project - Getting the barn ready for an antique business!

Very exciting! I see that you are from Wisconsin! Now, I admit that I had to look up where Augusta was, but I am familiar with the area as we travel I94 regularly. Please let me know when you are going to open! I have lots of friends and family who love junking/antiquing!!!


Re: Meat grinder turned Soap Dish!

I agree with Candy...this IS ingenious! Love, love, love!


Re: Drum Side Table

This is very cute! I will be looking for drums! What a great addition to holiday decor or a little boy's room!


Re: Sweater Stocking



Re: It's a Spinner

I'm just adding to the consensus that we all love you and your style! I'm with Lanette as I'm also a fan of the washtub sink and the theater lights as well as the gear mold. So creative!


Re: Architecture in the House!

I'm in love with all the corbel ideas! And that free-standing pillar is truly fabulous! Have any extras lying around?


Re: I've Pulled Another Wheelie

Super duper clever! How you can make a bike tire look glamorous is beyond me!


Re: Vintage Christmas

What is that Santa made of?


Re: Home for the Holidays with Sue

Those theater signs in the hallway are my absolute favorite, too! All the photos are stunning! I'll pick up my copy ASAP!


Re: Traveling Spa

Great idea! I'd like to book the suite overlooking the pool...


Re: New Bathroom Shelf

Clever as always!


Re: Believe

This is very cool! I like the combination of items. The black and white gives it an elegant feel.


Re: Make it Pink for My Sis


I agree that this is special beyond words. Though I have never had a sister, I feel a kinship with all women. We are all sisters in a sense and we can do so much by loving and supporting each other. That is what your website allows us to do. Thank you for sharing your personal story and for giving us an outlet for establishing new friendships.


Re: Farewell Jedi Junk - May the Force Be With You

“Into the garbage chute, flyboy!” (Or maybe that should be the "junk" chute!) Man, how often does one get to pull from their arsenal of Star Wars quotes? Take care, Tim. Best of luck in your new endeavors.“Beware of the dark side." “The Force will be with you, always.”


Re: Just "be"

Simple & elegant. It is a wonderful reminder to take a deep breath and enjoy each moment. Well done!


Re: Spinning Fan Blade Server

You figured out how to make it work! You were working on this when I visited back in September...I've been waiting to see the final product. It looks great!!!!


Re: A Mini Holiday Project

The past two weekends, I have seen two different people walk away from the sales I was at with huge handfuls of these! Each time, I have been so disappointed, because I thought they had such potential. You have proven that they do! They are on my must have/must find list! Thanks for sharing, Geo!


Re: Trash Barn - Searsport, ME

Way fun! We are all drooling!


Re: Junk is for the Birds

Seriously and disturbingly cute! How do you do it?! Keep on amazing us...


Re: In the "Pink" Garden Sign

Nice! Inspiring as always!

Re: Fall 50th Anniversary Party

Fabulous! What a wonderful setting for a wonderful event!

Re: Fall Wedding Decorations

Stunning! That wagon is pure genious! Can you haul it to my house now that the wedding is over? :)

Re: Ever Seen A Blue Pumpkin?

Wow! I've never seen a pumpkin painted and stenciled like that before. It's a very cool look!

Re: Old Ashtray Stand/ New Flower Stand

This is great, Georgia! What a wonderful transformation of an old ashtray stand! It would be beautiful indoors or out!


Re: a good day at the scrap yard

Super-great finds! Love the sorting box!

Re: destroy all humans..lookout it's mr time-o-lite the robot

This is so clever I can't even stand it! Very creative!

Re: Some Fun Decorating

I love the cart under the suitcases. And that hand thing is just darn creepy! Perfect for Halloween!

Re: A Little Fall Decorating

Love the use of the piano roller!

Re: Old Door Decorating!

How great that the pieces have meaning behind them! I always love to know the history of the pieces I find. Is this in an entryway, a hallway, or a corner of a larger room?

Re: Decorating the Kitchen For The Season!!!

Love the scales and the fan! I really like the monochromatic color scheme!

Re: Can Anyone Guess What This Is Made From?

I would guess an old clock...???

Re: Georgia Moon at the Fair

Noooo! I want the bell! I was just going to ask the same thing! And how about that green cart with the towels on it...still available?


Re: Noodle Board

This is great! I hadn't heard of a noodle board either, but I'm glad I know what it is now. What a great way to add functional and beautiful work space in a kitchen. Truly excellent!

Re: Junk Renewed

Your husband did a great job! What a transformation!

Re: Update on Junk Bonanza

Great photos, Lanette! I enjoyed meeting you and your booth was fabulous! I wish I could have gotten that sink! And weren't Marge and the Pfarkel Sisters (sounds like a band name!) so fun? They make some ingenious things!

Re: A Simply Grate Idea for Keys!

I should have picked up one (or more) of those grain scoops you had at the Junk Bonanza! They are adorable!

Re: A Grater & Bedpost

Cute! I like the combination of materials!

Re: Congrats Lani! Winner of "Flat Cheese Grater Contest"

I love this, too! It's beautiful! I can also see this with a candle, soaps, etc. My hubby found a couple graters at an estate sale on Sunday. I might decide to make one of these! Thanks, Lanette!

Re: Vantiy is ready to go

Geo, this is a great makeover! I would have walked by the before version, but the after version would make me stop. It looks very chic in the photos!

Re: Bulletin Board

It turned out great!!! I love the different sides!

Re: Paper Craft Caddy

This is one of my favorites so far! It's simple. It's elegant. It's creative. Thanks, Sue!

Re: Corbel Shelf

This is great, Lani! Thanks for inspiring another "non-builder" to move another step closer to actual building.


Re: Name that Junk

I think Suzy is probably right as well. But just to add to the fun, I also thought it could have been used as part of a pier. Those wood handle parts could have been used like a nautical piece that you figure 8 the rope around.

If you wanted to create something else out of it, each side piece would be great hung on a wall. With a ribbon or rope, you could suspend a piece of art from it. You could also use it as an easel and prop the artwork on that wood handle part.

Re: It's a Wrap...Station!

Man! I saw one of these at Oronoco and now feel a bit of regret for not getting it! Great job, JunkMarket crew!

Georgia...bleachers? Now, I'm curious!

Re: Scales . . . Scales . . . and More Scales . . .

I love, love, LOVE what you've done with your scales. I am drawn to them too. Actually, I am drawn to anything metal, industrial, and functional (if it has casters, that's an extra bonus!). I look at scales of all kinds (see the one I found recently and posted on my blog...it's huge!... http://whisperwoodcottage.blogspot.com/2008/08/fun-finds.html), but I have yet to buy one. I truly love seeing what you've done with them...especially how they work within different vignettes! I'm inspired!

Re: Catch-All Bathroom Caddy

Sue, I love this! I just picked up a couple of these (along with their glass covers) at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I have been brainstorming what to do with them. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Old Beverage Holder Wine Bar

Cute! Did you have the idea in mind when you bought it or did you discover this purpose later?

Re: Farm Grain Scoop Votive Holders

I love the stenciled # on the front. I don't know what it is about numbering, but it adds something special to a set of items. Looks great!