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A native of Western Australia, Regan Udy owns and operates the Perth franchise of Supercheap Storage; which won an award for best storage business in the territory.

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Re: Christmas Decorations in the Bathroom

I've never been good at getting my home coordinated. As long as I'm able to get my hands on something that has a decent function in my home, that's good enough for me! Aesthetics are really quite secondary!

Re: Vintage Soda Bottle "Christmas Tree"

This is actually really quite pretty and unique! It's most definitely an interesting way to make use of those old soda bottles rather than just throwing them all away in any case!

Re: Winter Garden

I personally hate the cold because of my sensitive skin condition. However, looking at your little winter display, it makes my heart grow fonder.

Re: Funky Coffee Table

I have personally not seen such an innovative idea for a coffee table. All you have to do is to get a dolly and some vintage looking suitcases and you are all set to go. Not only can you place your food and drinks while enjoying some TV, you can also keep those mess inside the suitcases which provide the perfect amount of storage space that you need. The remote gets in there, the TV schedule book and other knick-knacks that might be lying around that area. Such a brilliant innovation!

Re: old bread box - a project that went south

That is some neat antique you have got there. I am into anything and everything vintage and that storage box looks really beautiful. I personally would show it off to my house guests by placing this beautiful gem right in the living room near the entrance. I can use it to put little knick-knacks like keys, loose change, and anything just lying around the area. It not only helps to keep the zone neat and tidy, but it also adds a little classy touch to the place. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Antique Wicker Trunk Storage Chest Basket

Interesting idea but it doesn't look like a very big space for storage. Also what happens if you need to repair the wicker? It's sad to say that not a lot of people out there service this type of craft anymore.

Re: Pet Food Storage Solution

That is a really lovely design for some storage at home. And so rustic! Hard to believe it didn't come as a whole piece like that after you were done building it!

Re: Labor Day Bookcase

How Unique! I would not have thought to use grating or fencing as a shelf support in a book storage cabinet!

Re: Clean-up that Yard With a Little Junk!

The weather and aged look is really something else! If I saw these items stored in my garage or attic storage spaces, I really would have thrown them out for all the rust and wear and tear I'm seeing!

Re: New item for upcoming "Barn Chic" Sale August 21 & 22

It's a pretty idea, but definitely horribly impractical for proper wine and glassware storage! You definitely need a lot more rack space unless all it's meant to be is a display stand.

Re: Found item, industrial, steam punk lights by Mark Bell

Definitely very innovative! I wonder how you managed to spot all this stuff from the storage room to make them all come together in such a beautiful setting for light!

Re: Custom Painted Checkers/Game 1/2 Table

I am not a particular fan of pieces that are too colourful, but for a decorative table I suppose it works. When it comes to storage pieces and stuff that's meant to not be out in the open, I would prefer to see the grain... Give me sanded down and original pigments please!

Re: Repurposed Bakers Cabinet

I agree with @StrangeCargo actually! I can see so many uses for this new piece and especially with the increased amount of shelving, I can totally see myself getting screws put in to it for some good ol' tool storage in the garage or the shed! In fact, I might want to do something like that so i guess it's time for me to go hunting for a good piece like this all over Perth this weekend!

Re: Former Nightstand turns into French Provincial Pet Bed . . .

I had to look twice to see where the decoupage went, and wonder now how you found similarly detailed fabric. Hope your little pooch sleeps well in it as it is simply too pretty to be a book storage.

Re: A few of my favorite things - from Oronoco with LOVE!!

How cool are the clocks and also the wooden storage cubbie that they are sitting on? The pictures reminds me of the Fremantle market in Perth although not quite as extensive and quirky as the items shown here, there are still some amazing junk fines to be had there.