Troy Rash, Waco, TX, US

finding & rescuing stuff people toss away, that is what we do best..rescue it, twist it, shape it, add to it, transform it - one of a kind items, then we add the things we hand make on a larger scale - enlarged victorian postcards, hand sewn lampshades & slipcovers, wood mosaic table tops, victorian molding frames, vintage inspired signs & to all of this we add the antiques & collectibles we find. priced, packed & brought to a show near you..we are junk exchange ..

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Birthday: 06/09/1958

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Pink Sweater turned lampshade covering ..

i had an old drum style lampshade .. i had a big bulky pink sweater with awesome big pink sweater covered buttons .. i had the current issue of country living magazine, which has an article on...

Mid Century Modern Shaw Walker Redo

i had purchased this vintage 1960s era shaw walker aluminum frame guest chair right before the holidays .. unsure what to do with it .. we tried selling it and it didn't sell .. this months issue of...

embroidered floral silk shade ..

i totally enjoy finding the perfect shade to go with a lamp .. when i can't find one, sometimes i will make one .. i had a great little stick lamp .. and had a shade with a great shape, but it didnt...

tv tray cart turned laundry cart / basket

remember those rolling carts with the metal tube framework that held the family tv trays back in the 60s and 70s? my mom got hers with her s&h green stamps.. i had one and decided to make a...

slipcovers bring it all together ..

i had 2 different pairs of chairs - one a simple mission style and the other a sweet queen anne style - i wanted to group them around a white table - so i pulled them together by sewing together some...

Patriotic Uncle Sam Snowman Candy Container - made from old bedspring

a candy container made with the use of a rusty old bed spring - i made a paper mache ball - the old fashioned way - like we used to do in school - textured it - let it dry and cut it for the opening...

Texas Hoarders Estate Junk Sale

my partner and i have been preparing for our big warehouse sale - we are hoarders - were - no, are - however, we have decided to release some of the things we have saved - sharing pics of the...

my booth in warrenton, tx

12 days in the mud and rain and pastures of texas hill country and i am exhausted - it was a great show - met some wonderful people - i added more pics on my blog - esp of the famous 'prom night' -

Not too early for these Christmas trees ..

it's never too early to think about decorating for Christmas - as far as i am concerned - one thing i like decorating with is toys/dolls and primitive looking trees - 3 years ago, my brother passed...

Sunny Table transformation

found this little side table that felt like it wanted to be yellow - i painted a base of white, then the sunny yellow - then distressed it - i think it turned out pretty cute..

Seashell adorned Victorian Mirror

i had an old victorian era dresser mirror - very eastlake style - simple - original wood finish - i picked it up for like 12 bucks at a sale - i liked the shape of the frame and the flaking of the...

handle solution

i had this old metal chest of drawers that i painted white. the original handles were missing and no matter what i found, nothing seemed to look 'right' with the piece. as i have said before, i find...

what it is, what it is ..

posted this on my blog and thought i would share with ya'll - found little piece of metal and wire on a morning walk some time ago and held onto it - thought it would make an interesting 'layer' in a...

license plate star ..

first i dissected a star pattern into points that were large enough to place on a license plate. i traced the pattern on the back of the license plate with a magic marker and then using a pair of tin...

wood mosaic tabletop

my partner made this tabletop from pieces and scraps of wood that he glued together to create this random pattern. he used one of those old bar type tables that have the metal pedestal base. i love...

record challenge - butterflies are free and so are records

First of all, I have not done these - though I am going to do the butterflies - or flutterbyes as by niece says. These images are from my idea files. I knew I had images of record ideas. I just had...

dreamsicle linen & silk lampshade tied w/ a bow

I knew when I saw the frame to this lampshade what I wanted to do. It just kind of spoke to me. The frame was just that, a frame, bare and a bit rusty. I scrubbed off the rust and wrapped cotton...

Victorian Kitties Sitting Pretty Footstool

I love little footstools and can't resist picking them up and turning them into something others will enjoy. This is one I found that originally was just stained a dark walnut and upholstered in a...

old barn door turned outside shower wall / hall tree

i found this old wood door in a trash pile - i think it was originally a sliding door on either a barn or garage - it still had the slide hardware at the top - i cleaned it and waxed it - i thought i...

shabby shades from 70s beaded dress sleeves

i hung onto this vintage dress for the longest time - it was an empire waisted dress with bead work on the bodice and sleeves and a ribbon at the high waist. i had used the bodice portion for...

old blue jean denim purse tote satchel

i made this bag out of old jeans and trinkets i had collected - i saw the idea somewhere but i really don't remember where - probably in line at walmart - anyway, i thought, well that's what i can do...

Recent comments

Re: Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

Sue, the info on the second photo - the link to the website - is not working properly - appears to have an "l" immediately following the .com portion of the address ..

but the event looks like fun ..



i thought it was a whisk .. but it is pretty cool .. i could see it as a 'dunker' to dunk the eggs into the dye at Easter time ..

Re: Yes, It Spins Too!

oh my gosh .. this is so cool .. love it ..

seriously, awesome .. top 10 ideas i have seen ..


Re: Stop the Draft!

this is such a wonderful project - i would love one of these to just hang on the wall - love the colors ..

very nice..


Re: Texas Hoarders Estate Junk Sale

pmorse - thank you for asking - i tried to find a quite way to respond, but there was no email link - so i hope i am not violating any rules -
here goes -
the sale is Nov 5,6 & 7
it is located in a small town near Waco, Texas called Bellmead - it is a self storage complex and we have the largest unit - 4800 sq feet - at the corner of Victoria St.& Bellmead Drive - the sale starts at 7AM on Thursday Nov 5.
If you google the address (Victoria St & Bellmead Dr. Bellmead, Texas) you will see it is very easy access off Interstate 35 -

Re: Barn Burner Wall Sconce

that is so cool - did you hang it with a section of rope or chain? - i love the mix - great idea - i want your job - lol! yeah, it's a 10!

Re: Summer Brunch with Some Fancy Junk

very inviting setting - but i was hoping for details on what foods you served - lol!
very pretty space - love picnic tables ..


Re: what it is, what it is ..

sorry guyz - life got in the way - lol! yes, mysecondchildhood is correct - as is oldnews - it was the top to a vintage Christmas ornament - i thought it was very interesting .. sorry to make you wait - but they would make wonderful 'faerie angels' wouldn't they?

thanks for playing -

love, troy

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

such a great idea .. this is so cool.. got me wanting to go out looking for chicken feeders now - troy

Re: Junky Sconce

very nice - love this - troy

Re: what it is, what it is ..

yes, i thought angel also - then i thought something left behind by a faerie - or a dragonfly - actually, i convinced myself i had found proof of faeries - lol!

Re: wood mosaic tabletop

to clarify - the pieces are painted first then glued down and the tables are either waxed or sealed with poly and then waxed - depends on the table ..

Re: shabby shades from 70s beaded dress sleeves

thank ya'll so much for the comments and the welcome - love this place - and am so excited to share -


Re: Heavy Table Makes a Mighty Statement

i think what i find striking is the photo from a distance that catches the top and bottom - the top gives the illusion of being an aztec calender or something - i don't notice at first that it is in fact a manhole cover - i like that it fools my eye -

i love this!


Re: Barn Salvage Project

do u get to keep whatever you find in the teardown process? my poppa used to hide jars of money out in his barn - it was also a fav hiding place of little boys and their prince albert tins of loose change and marbles - both which could be worth some change on their own today.


Re: From Barnyard to my yard...

i have also flipped these and used them as entry tables and fitted the interior of the 'well' with light to illuminate the lower area.

i like the geraniums - the colors are soothing.


Re: Maxine :)

i love this - so amazingly cool!! - the attention to detail is super exciting - love the eyes, the hair - would love to have been there to experience the thought process with the two of you - i would bet there was enough excitement to light the night - amazing!!


Re: old blue jean denim purse tote satchel

thank you, candy - i appreciate the comments!


Re: old blue jean denim purse tote satchel

yes, grammie25 - i just cut the legs off and boxed out the bottom - i also used the lengths of the legs for the shoulder straps - and backed them with lengths of vintage fabric - i also left the pockets functional so you could/can actually put things in them. also, i sewed the zipper shut and put a snap on on the backside of the front button so you can snap the bag closed. and i put snaps on the back pockets.

thank ya'll for the encouragement.

i appreciate the comments.