Green Swamp, FL, US

We decided, over 30 years ago, NEVER TO PUNCH A WORK CLOCK!
I started Junking and Collecting started as a small boy. Digging bottles and selling to local antique dealers, and having a couple of tables at Moms weekend yard sales. My Wife and I met while we were teenagers. For a short period, we both held a, so called, Real Job? One day, on the way home from work, during a local spring clean up week, there was a BIG JUNK PILE. Mostly Antiques. That is what people threw out those days. Good Useable Antiques. It was considered JUNK back in the day. Anyway, I loaded this first pile into my truck. Brought it home, took out what we wanted, the balance went to the local auction house. Needless to say, the check we received from that PILE OF JUNK, was MORE MONEY than I would bring home, working TWO FULL WEEKS, with OVERTIME. I worked Construction. Rain, Snow, Sleet and even in mid summers Heat! That very next day, my two weeks notice was given. My boss said I would be back in a couple of weeks. Its now Over Thirty Years, and I Never went back, and I hadnt had to punch that time clock yet. My Wife and I became partners, and remained ever since. THANKS TO JUNK!
more to be added later on
HaPPy JuNkiN

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Bees Wanted - Paying Good Pollin!

Not much of an idea, as it's been done many times before. But, thought it nice to share, especially this time of year. This wheelbarrow was slated for the trash... yes, me, thinking of trashing...

Box Lot Left Overs - Ticky Tacky Fone Frame

Won this box lot at the local auction house. Only wanted two molds that were in it. Looked over the remains, and tried to figure what should be done with it. Then the Artist Spirit...

What we had done with a few old windows

Thought I would share that with Ya'll, since it's been awhile that I've been on here. Hope Everyone has a Great Junk'in New Year!

Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

This I would like to share with Ya'll I've created two country pie cupboards, each in a day. The first image, was the first cupboard built. I took photos all along the process, which...

This is what it looked like in the begining

It's a Life Long Undertaking. Keeps the mind forever working, not to mention to bones.

Life Long Project Undertaking

A never ending project. As time allows, I will be adding the entire story.

Recent comments

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

Hey Jim,

I've been lax here on Junkables for awhile. While doing some research this morning, I was led back here, and remembered my question about your Idaho Potato Soda bottle. Would you be willing to trade it for another soda bottle? I have some pretty good bottles to trade. Let me know when you can. And the Best of 2013 to you


Re: Cheers!

I don't drink, but now I am hypnotized into it! taerG aedI miJ

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

Wanna sell that Idaho tatter bottle?

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

Got any bottles to sell or trade Jim? I'm a soda bottle Nut myself. Nice seeing someone else that has the same "compulsion" :)

Re: HoJo's Menu

I can remember when it was just Plain Howard Johnsons, until Our Generation Duped as HoJos. Sorta like Mickey Ds.
Nice Work Jim!

Re: fruit crate shelving

Great Idea, especially mounting them above the floor for easy cleaning!!

Maybe you can put the children's books in your crates?

Which, by the way, some of these citrus field crates are rare and valuable. Depending on the stenciling, what grove and where. If no stenciling, then it's just another crate.
Always keep an eye for that. Especially old Cypress wood FloridaPast Citrus Crates. Which is what I believe you have.

Keep up the Great Ideaz.....

Re: Vintage Projector Lamp

Oh, and a Very HaPPy Easter to Ya'll too!
May it be the begining of a Wonderful Springtime for All!

Re: Vintage Projector Lamp

Very Kool Idea! Like the shade design too!

What Talent Ya'll have!

Re: Bees Wanted - Paying Good Pollin!

Yes, it is a Wonderful Gift that Mother Nature had given. She actually has been GREAT TO US through the years. And as I continue to learn more of how she speaks to us, the closer we become with her. But, a-nodder story dar'

You say ummm umm Chocolate, I say APPLE TURN OVERS...
Thanks a Bunch for your comment Midge! And may the Angels of Chocolate Rain Down Upon You! :)

Enjoy your Spring, whilst listening to the Wonderful Music of Mother Nature.

Re: Junky Old Memo Board

I'm currently creating our SwampTreasure building, and your creation gave me a good idea for a piece of a wall.
Thanks for sharing and creating.
This is such a Great site.

Thanks ALL!

Re: Metal File Drawer Chalk Board

kool use of something otherwise...??????....!!! :)
How about magnetic hooks on the inside for hanging keys and such? Or design a magnetic shelf system inside?
That's the thing with this stuff, ALWAYS an IDEA!


Re: JMS Membership Red Letter Day

Looking forward to your banner Sue. If you want to email me direct, den6sher@worldwidecollectables.com with JunkMarket in the subject. I'll post the banner/link right away.

Have a Nice day!

Re: Steam Punk Lighting

Still watching this one, just to learn what the "mystery junk" used to create. I still say flame difusers.
Now if I can only find some around hea'

Re: Box Lot Left Overs - Ticky Tacky Fone Frame

I now decided to keep it in my collection of picture frames.
Tacky, but... one of a kind, and unique. And one day, someone will give me $100.00 for it.

I looked at that box of junk, and the idea just clicked.
Just like the thousands of other clicks laying around here.........

THANKS again Everyone!

Have a JunK'in Great Day!

Re: JMS Membership Red Letter Day

Most times I sit in the side lines. But today I'll give a Holla' of Congrats on a job Well Done. Very Enjoyable, Educational and Friendly site.
I always look forward to seeing the inspiring creative works of all that made this unique site happen.
Keep it up, and Good Luck to Ya'll!

ps.. I would like to promote Junk Market on our www.WorldWideCollectAbles.com website.
I would need a logo banner. Have one?

Re: Steam Punk Lighting

Great Idea, Great Look! Almost like you made these shades from an old heater flame difuser. Look out Mexico...... :)

Re: Junk furniture for outside

by the way, how much is that Potatoe chip can?
I want that!!

Re: Box Lot Left Overs - Ticky Tacky Fone Frame

Much Thanks for All Your comments.
I don't like to waste, though I might have wasted my 20 min. creating this Ticky Tacky piece, but again......
It's Art.
The little picture I got Lucky and found right away in my pile of thousands of old greeting cards I have. "Now that's a Long LOST ART...."
Time isn't on my side lately, so I've been lax visiting here. But when this JUNK to Tacky Idea came about, I thought it good to share with Ya'll.
And we Do NEED NOT TO WASTE. So ANY INSPIRATION derived, is Well Worth Passing along.
By the way, if that little frame I used wasn't Plastic. There would have been No creation. I appreciate old frames, and this little cutie would have been a Winner if it were wood/plaster and old.
Thanks again to Ya'll!


Re: What we had done with a few old windows

MANY THANKS to Ya'll for your Kind Compliments and Comments.
I had realized my Daughter had the talent, after she won first place in the entire state school system, for her artwork that depicted Save the Earth. In which not long after, they had used her art for all the city/state/etc/ trash cans that are permanent on city streets. Her art was also used on tee-shirts, posters and other mediums used to get the message out. I still see those trash cans, way down here in Florida. She had won this in N.Y.
Anyhow, enough of Dadz' ruffling feathers.


Enjoy and HaPPy JunK'in!

Re: Industrial Trophies

Makes good sense. It is good to hear that there are folks that Appreciate the "old school" yet.
Cause your RIGHT, most people would go for the plastic crappy crap. So again, Good for you Jim!

Hope this puts you on map!


Re: Industrial Trophies

I just noticed that little pencil in the 1st Place Award.

Couldn't let that go. Would go in the box with the thousand others.


The "old school" spirits are in their Glory!

Keep it up!


Re: Industrial Trophies

The only problem with what you've created Jim,
Is the "desire" to KEEP. Like how can you let those old brushes go? Or even that old hammer? That's a Tough One There!
The rest of the items.... oh well, they can go!
Many times I've thought about incorporating my brushes or old hammers/wrenches etc., into pieces for sale, but..... I just can't do it.

Anyway, just wanted to add my rusty 6 penny nail to the board, and let you know, GREAT ART! You have the "old school" spirits in you.


Re: Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

Thanks SO MUCH for ALL your Kind Compliments. Makes me wanna go build more. Cept' I'm gonna create some country wall hanging shelves for a dealer friend of mine who can sell them for me.
Inbetween that time, re-modeling the kitchen/bath, garage, building another out building, as well as working on our web sites. And NOW, it's gettin' COLD, so it's on the hunt for fire wood. Gonna be a BIZZZY WINTER here in the Deep South Swamps.
Hope EVERYONE has a Great Day!!

Re: Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

We Do have Fun in the Swamps, especially when creative.
Though because it is Florida, the business is Under appreciated. Still, we try to work around that.
And Jim, I would sell you all wood etc. So WIN that lottery already. I have More Projects than the rest of my life would handle. And it Sure would be Nice to see this stuff going to someone who will bring it all back to life. By the way, how is Elephant's Trunk these days. I Sure Miss doing that market. I use to do very well. Usually sold out by the noon hour. I remember taking my big yellow school bus, which was loaded to the hilt, and sold ALL except two boxes of crap.
They were all over me like hungry antique dealers at a 8:00 am estate sale.
Miss those days..........
Thanks to All for your Very Nice Comments!!
And keep on Preserving our Past for our Future!!


Re: Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

Where are you at Jim?
I like what you do too! Pretty KOOL Folk-Art!

If you only seen the objects I've collected to create with.
I like RUST, anything Rusty. Amongst MANY OTHER CraZy Things.

As time goes on, like you, I'll be sharing my creations and ideas. It's all about salvaging our history, for the future history.
Thanks for the Compliments Jim!


Re: Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

For those of you who might be interested, here is a link to a web page I built, showing the stages of building these cupboards. You'll find it quite Interesting.
I Do Look Forward to Ya'll'z Input!
Thank You and Enjoy!

Re: Another Crazy Lamp


I too, have a thing for Old paint brushes.
I have accumulated Many through the years. Still haven't figured out WHY. But, it's ok. Along with OLD paint brushes, old worn out wisk brooms and wire brushes.
Guess it's the "OLD SCHOOL" Spirits in me....

Keep on Preserving whilst we can.................
And THANK YOU for Sharing your projects/ideas/mind set.

I am Now, Not Alone out here..........!

Re: Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

Oh, I Do "watch" the "nails" Been there and done did that! ;(
Especially using old rusty nails. Though, I've found they are Much Stronger and Much Better than ANY NAIL of today.

I'm Very Appreciative of your Compliment!

In a day or so, I'll have a web page of these creations for Ya'll to look enjoy.

Currently working on it this moment.
But that's another book.

Ya'll have Fun Preserving our Past through Junk'in!!!

There is No better!

Re: Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

It makes me feel Really Good reading all Ya'llz' comments.
Even if not for the money, the patt on the back is Priceless. So again, THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!!

By the way, in case anyone is interested, I have been known to build this style cupboard to order. Let me know if you want one. Any Size.
Or, I can SELL MY ENTIRE STOCK of Old Building Materials, and one of you can create.
I just have WAYYYY TOO MANY Junk'ins in the works.
Wait until you see my SwampTreasures. All from materials that Mother Nature supplied.


Re: Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

THANKS SO MUCH for your Kind Compliments!
I just sold both of these, not more than 10 minutes ago.

Looks like a trip back to the wood piles.

Who knows, I may sell all my wood/hardware/screen/nails and things that a creative mind could really do something with.

My wood supply is a 20 plus year accumulation from dis-mantled local FloridaPast buildings. Through the years, Many pieces were created.

I'll set up a web page for Ya'll to view the steps in making these, with some comments about.

Hope Ya'll have a GREAT DAY!

Re: Life Long Project Undertaking

I Now LOOK FORWARD to ALL YOUR Comments, Questions and Ideas.
Please don't hesitate to pop in. And if your looking for some specific type of JUNK, let me know. I might have it or be able to get it for you.
HaPPy JunK'in to ALL!


Re: Life Long Project Undertaking

Hi Ocala,
We are in Webster, right down the road from you.
Our plan is to open this next season. To show, sell and trade.
We would love to have you stop by and visit.
When we do open, we will be here Monday after 12:00, cause as you know, we gotta pick the markets, and the 1st Sunday of each month, to go along with the Car and Motorcycle Swap Meets and Shows. And also by appointment. Actually, we do have some dealers that we deal with, that call when they are coming this way. I like to wholesale and TRADE when I can.
My passion is for OLD SnapShot Photographs, signs, soda bottles and anything too KOOL to pass up. How about old RUSTY TOYS?? Got any?? Still in NEED of a Few More for our old Toy Repair Shop and Rust Garden --

Glad to meet ya'll


Re: Life Long Project Undertaking

Glad that others also Enjoy the "old look"
Thanks so much for your inspiring words.
As we clean up, and add to, I'll shoot more images to share with ya'll.
After our Hurricanes a few years back, I decided Not to do anymore. Especially after seeing ALL THE DESTRUCTION of NEW DWELLINGS. And since ours is Well Over 100 years old, it wouldn't take much. We prayed HARD that we would be spared. And we were. One BIG TREE FELL. Which was a tree I wanted down anyhow. And since we heat and barbeque with wood, it supplied us with enough fuel for over three years.
I also create folk art from our finds. Some of which I'll photograph and post here.
For now, HaPPy Junk'in to all, and to all a Great Life!!

Re: Life Long Project Undertaking

Always snooping around for MORE!

Re: Life Long Project Undertaking

Because we have an EYE and FEEL for the OLD, we do accumulate materials the we do Not need. So, if any of you find the need for certain materials, ask, I may be able to help. Of course, either for sale or trade.
Keep on Preserving our History.