Tracy Donner, Chico, CA, US

I am an accountant by trade.But by any other time I am an artist, gardener, junk collector and re-purposer. I love to see what I can make out of others discards. I sell some of my work at the local farmers market. I am addicted to old wood windows and paper. I live in Northern California with my boyfriend, our combined together family of 5 boys, an english bull terrier named Izzy and a crazy cockatiel named Magoo.

Gender: Female

Birthday: 05/31/1962

Member Since: 01/31/2009

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Anitque wood window signs

signs using old wood windows

Glass Topiaries

Glass Topiaries for inside or out

Wood windows

All projects are made from old wood windows

Through the Looking Glass

Our sign and merchandise at the 2008 Home, Garden & Antique Show

Recent comments

Re: Funky Flower Garden

Totally cute. Very whimsical. Love it!!Thanks for sharing
~ Tracy

Re: Old white window frame

I make chalkboards, mirrors, wall hangings, coldframes, tables, planter boxes, photo frames and photo collages along with a few other things all out of old wood windows. check out my website (still under construction though, but soon to be finished, hopefull this Sunday 6/14/09) Through the Looking Glass Garden I specialize in old wood windows in the crafty sense. My boyfriend works for a window retrofit company and we get windows pretty much weekly.

Re: garden flowers

I absolutely love them!! I have made some glass topiaries for the garden and posted them on this site. I still have a ton of glass items I have collected over the years. I think I will try a couple of these. Thanks for the great work!! I'll have to post my Christmas Tree made from an old wooden ladder.

Re: Cookie Sheet Calendar

I love it!! I have been collecting stuff to make one. I wish I could collect time. I probably have enough stuff, just not enough time. Your calendar has inspired me to set aside a little time each day and make at least one magnet. Thanks for sharing

Re: Canning WOOD be NICE !

That's a clever idea. I have a space above my kitchen cabinets and am getting tired of what is up there. Those would look so cute up there. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Garden Window "Nest"

I too have a thing for old wood windows. I have a business centered around old wood windows called Through the Looking Glass Garden. I make all sorts of fun things with the windows. I probably have over 400 windows and doors in my sheds and back yard just waiting to be repurposed into something fantastic. Cute Bird accent. Is is cast iron?

Re: Quick simple fix

I make a lot of chalkboards and I use masonite. I do not get the thinest one I usually get the next size up. It is a bit sturdier. I use 5-6 coats of chalkboard paint, sprayed on with a sprayer. If you use a brush it does not get smooth enough. I was using a sponge roller for a long time but since buying a sprayer that is all I use. It leaves a great smooth surface. You can use almost anything as a frame or cut out the masonite to any shape you want. Big alphabet letters are great for a kids room. Liquid chalk is really fun too.

Re: Glass Topiaries

I used aquarium silicone glue that comes in a tube used with a calking gun. So far they have held up even outside in the freezing weather. It was 27 degrees the other morning here in No. CA. I will take some photos of the ones outside as soon as my yard is in bloom. I am glad you like them. One note-make sure you have two people gluing them together, sometimes you will need to hold them until the glue sets a bit.

Re: 1920's warehouse factory metal and glass windows from the scrap yard

I too love old windows, wood or metal. I make all sorts of stuff with old wood windows and sell them at the local farmers market. Coldframes, mini conservatories, mirrors, picture fames, chalkboards,tables, and special order anything. Let us know what you do with them.Thanks for sharing.