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Recycled Lunchbox into a New Year's Eve Centerpiece

I've been meaning to do something with this luchbox. Why not a centerpiece?

Time to JUNK build - part 2

I had to clean out my shed this fall. No more talking, just doing! If I had time, I would have set all of this up with beverages, treats and all. But as usual, I am way behind schedule.

Have a seat...JACK

This will be so much fun to decorate for fall. Gourds and Indian corn in the bottom box, and a plain pumkin on the seat. I couldn't find any of that yet.

Old window wells REPURPOSED!

This project turned out just as I had visioned. I have the best hubby. I wish we could have found an old wooden sign to make the top out of, then it would be uber awesome.

Easy as pie

I love to build bird feeders. I feed the birds all year long, and it's fun to have different feeders to look at out the window. These will probably get sold though.

"Good Wishes"

I love putting together vignettes. This will last for about a month, if that long, and then I'll change it. I can't leave anything in the same place for very long.

Time to JUNK build

Finally, I am back out in the wood shop, woohoo! It has been a long winter. We still have lots of snow, but I have to get my lazy winter butt busy for the summer shop season.  

Christmas ornament - REPURPOSED

I found these ornaments for 75% off this week. As I was walking out, a lady said, "Oh, you got some new Christmas decorations." I wanted to say, "Oh, honey, you have NO idea what I am going to do...

GAME ON...10 min. project

Is is super cold up here, -20, so it's time for projects. This is just a fast, fun project. I am going to make a checker table out of the rest of the board. Nothing goes to waste up here.

Old door is for the birds!

I feed the birds all year, but winter is my favorite time. I get all kinds, but watching the grosbeaks is so fun, they are beautiful. I also have a pair of pileated woodpeckers that come and visit...


We just bought a load of junk, and decided to use some of it to display our jack-o-lanterns. We had lots of help from our Grandkids, and I think they turned out perfect. How are you displaying your...

"Farm Junk" Repurposed

I just spent a few days with my Dad on our family farm. We had way too much fun. He taught me how to weld. I welded the scarecrow frame from rebar. We took apart an old field disc that he no longer...

Patina or Dirt???

I love "the old patina", but hate dirt. Have you heard of the Hantavirus? We know of someone who died from it. You get it from mouse droppings. Everything old and dirty should be washed before you...

Rusty Chick Protector Still Works

My mom (Dana) brought this chick protector to my house to see if it would fit on my large metal it did!!!  Thanks for not selling it mom!  I put my concrete dove under it and I...


I found this giant flower frog at "The Barn Chics" sale, and had to have it. They have an amazing barn and wonderful goods. Diane is so fun to visit with.

Do YOU Have A STASH??? Let's have fun!

After the tree went out yesterday, I had to venture out to my cold buildings and find my "STASH" to fill my sleigh for winter. I love old wheels, and the old shoe repair stands.  DO YOU HAVE A...


I must add that this is a 10 MINUTE PROJECT - after you stand at a farm auction in the pouring rain for hours, and then wash the bags three times, they were so gross! dana

Junkin' is the "SPICE" of life!

I have been hoarding a box full of spice cans for almost a year now. Well, today, no more! I thought they would make a great frame for a chalkboard, so fun. Now, what to do with the rest of them??? I...

The BEST Reason to Celebrate!

The best reason to celebrate is when your 6 year old son is 2 years and 3 months CANCER FREE!  That was all the inspiration I needed to recycle this old drummer's hat into a winechampagne...


Ok, so I am crazy for junk, and I used the word "old" too many times, but that's all I have is "old junk". 

Farm Junk Recycled

I just love old farm junk. I wish I had a covered porch, it's hard to decorate outside up here when we get 10+ feet of snow! 

Tis' the Season to be "JUNKY" Fa La La La La.......

I still have so much to do, but it's a start. I love the little elf, I think there were 3 of them, but this is the only one that survived. Every year I am going to get rid of things, and then I get...

Spiced up for the holidays

I was browsing around Old Town Antiques last night when I came across this very old vintage spice rack.  For five dollars I just HAD to have it.  I really only buy pieces that I can use...

Repurposed Vintage Purse!

I'm getting a late start, but I'm still having fun! I collect all of this junk all summer, and then try to find it and create fun winter and Christmas projects for our booth. This will be for sale...

I gave my Dad "JUNK" for Father's Day!

My Dad has everything, so I bought him a pile of old dump rake teeth for Father's Day, he loved them! I spent the last week with him down on the farm, so we created this scarecrow. I love to work...


I have been scrapbuilding since I was 15, long time ago! I rescued this headboard from the dump, and then to my scrap pile. I cut off the ends of the headboard for the sides and the rest is from my...

Recycle broken clay pots

I'm nesting! Just kidding, my two have long left the nest. I found these broken clay pots at a junk shop, the guy looked at me pretty funny when I asked if I could buy them. He said take them, and...

Need a new candle holder? trouble!

I found this vintage trouble light at an estate sale, half price on the second day, (I am obsessed with turning old objects into candle holders). My daughter gave me the usual look, and the usual...

My Makeover is finished!

I wanted to share my laundry room makeover.  My laundry room is right off of my kitchen and seems to be the "catch all" spot in my house.  I was so sick and tired of it, I decided it needed...

A Junk Bonanza Find! Can you guess what it is?

I am redoing a room in my house this week and using this very cool piece that my mom picked up at Junk Bonanza a couple years ago.  Check out my blog for before and after pictures of this...

Valentine cards.......using old postcards.

These are so fun to make. Scan in vintage valentine postcards, then embellish them with old lace, buttons, jewelry, and then spray the whole card with spray adhesive and sprinkle with glitter. I...

Making cards with..........junk of course!

Another passion of mine is making cards. I have collected old sewing junk forever and now recycle it on my cards.  I use snips of old lace, buttons, keys, old advertising is my favorite. I...

SNOWMAN HILL.......junking forty two many years?

Here are a few more ideas for recycling old items. My bathroom is all old garden junk, old fence for my valance, seed bags for the curtains, and yes that's a hoe that holds my towel. I sold my end...

SNOWMAN HILL......Hi, I'm the Mom

Just a few fun photos to show how you can enjoy recycling old treasures. My whole house is full of old, and I love it. I reused an old cabbage cutter for one display, an old milk bottle carrier sits...

Canning is for the birds!

I wanted to share this bird feeder that my mom (Dana) made for our fall sale.  It didn't sell, so I'm using it now! Lucky me!  We found oodles of canners this summer while...

Sew Cute!

I made lamps out of some old sewing maching drawers.  I used a metal piece from an old Italian chandelier on the front with the knob.  These were very easy to make. We painted...

Snowshoe wall hanging with old mitten

I just wanted to share a great way to reuse old beat up snowshoes and old mittens.  I just tied fresh greens to the shoe and attatched an old mitten with berries! Super easy and takes the place...

Another Door Project

I wanted to share one of my favorite projects.  It's been hanging in my house for 5 years already, but I still love it!  My partner/mom built it.  It's an old wood screen door with a...

Old Door Shelf

We took a very old door and built a shelf out of it.  It was very tricky working with the old wood, we had to cut the top part off because it had glass windows and then everything started to...

Recent comments

Re: New birdhouses again at end of season

These are really cool. I build birdhouses too, but not like this.


Re: Summer Wine Storage

Love it, I have one of these in the shed.

Thanks for sharing,

Re: Old window wells REPURPOSED!

Thanks for the great comments! Still thinking about making the top look like an old sign.


Re: Flea Market Find

This is a really fun piece, good find.


Re: What you can make with pallets.

Wow, these are not easy to take apart. Great job!!!


Re: My Flowers 2011

Love your containers! Being a farm girl, I love anything from tractors. Your flowers are beautiful too.

Thanks for sharing.


Re: Window Mistreatments #1

Super fun idea, love old hangers. I have passed up on old music rolls, and now wish I had bought them.


Re: Easy as pie

Thanks for the great comments! This is the first site I check every morning with my cup of coffee. Great ideas and really creative junkers.

Re: How to Make a Swinging Bed...

I love this bed. I want to make one of these when we put a screen porch on the cabin. Great pics and colors.


Re: HoJo's Menu

Sweet frame, another awesome job by the "Amazing Jim". I love to design, but wish I had your skills. I am always blown away by what you come up with.


Re: Wall Candle Scounce

Great job, I need to find some car mirrors, LOL.


Re: A Memorial Day and Beyond Centerpiece

Sue, I just love the whole vignette. I have Mom and both brothers in heaven, so this touched my heart too.

Take care,

Re: It's twiggie time!

The sticks give it that awesome natural warm look, awesome.


Re: The 1905 Victorian Monster Builtinn in my old kitchen

Great job, it is a huge piece. Glad you saved it.


Re: Chicken wire Cloche

The chicken wire looks awesome on their. It gives it a whole new look.

Great job!

Re: The Scruffy Cottage Coffee Table

What is there left to say - another awesome creative job!

Love the table, great plan, so much cool detail.

The vase, I am totally stealing that idea for myself. I probably have one of those aprons in the garage.

Thanks for another great idea Jim.


Re: Junky Outdoor Pallet Table

Super fun, great job!


Re: Vintage Terrarium

Love this piece, but then, I love anything garden. It is just perfect, you will have so much fun changing it for the seasons.


Re: Now I see the Light!!!

This is a cool look. The base is awesome. I love the metal stand to the left of it.


Re: Junk Hang-Up: Vintage Door Coat Rack

Hi Amy,
Cool door, love your new studio makeover. You have so many great ideas.

Have a good day!

Re: Vintage JEWELRY Sign

ANOTHER great sign, another happy customer, I'm sure. I love everything about it. Boy, do we need to do something with our signs after seeing this, LOL.


Re: Lace & Metal Dress From

Love the fence skirt, she's a keeper for sure.


Re: The Party Bird

Now this guy is cool! Another great creation, love your work.


Re: Junk furniture for outside

Great ideas, love them all. The picket fence table is my fav.


Re: From Broom Holder to Flower Display!

Hi Lani,

Great idea, I love everything about it, the chippy paint, the clips, bottles, and flowers. I hear you, we are sooooo ready for spring.

Take care,

Re: for the birds.

Awesome idea, love it too! What kind of wire did you use? I find heavy wire hard to bend like that.


Re: Vintage Pattern Art

I love your artwork. I am fascinated by old patterns. One quilting shop I know of has one whole wall decoupaged with old patterns, so cool.


Re: Waiting for spring!

Great idea, love the tulips, we need spring!


Re: Lamp Turned Table

Awesome job, that was a big lamp.


Re: Pipe Wrench Grasshopper

This one is awesome! We made a bird from a pipewrench, but love the grasshopper.


Re: Sun Birdbath

LOVE, love, love this!!! My Dad & I made some things with disc blades last summer, farm junk is the best.


Re: Junk that's 'Fit for a Queen'!

Wow, this is a really creative idea, love how it turned out. The sign is awesome too.


Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

Super cool piece Jim, love the color. It looks like it was made at the turn of the century. You are going to have a HAPPY client.

Have a great week!

Re: Chicken Coop

I love this little building. You have lucky chickens!


Re: Belted Bulletin Board

Bec, this is so cool. I have looked at old belts too and try to come up with ideas.


Re: Window Garden

How did I miss this? This is the best. I am going to have to try and make one of these.


Re: Vintage Door Desk

It looks great, nice job putting it all together. I love the big chunky legs.


Re: Wheel Well No Fuss Indoor Garden

I need one of these. I won't see my gardens till June up here. This is really a fun idea, love all the outdoor elements.


Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

Great idea, I love those old tree stands.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you for all of the great ideas you give us. I never made it to art school, but I truly appreciate how you turn old junk into amazing works of art.


Re: Slightly Sophisticated Coop Lighting

This is so cool. I love metal feeders, great repurpose.

Re: Vtg. Shopping Basket Find!

I just saw several of those in the original stand, but the gal wouldn't sell them to me. They are so fun!

Re: "Springy" Flowers...

Laurel, these are so cute. The springy things were used in the minnow bucket where I grew up. I even saw them for sale at the bait shop, so that's what I know about them.


Re: Garden Art for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Sue, this is so cool. We met at Junk Bonanza. I just love your work. Wish I lived closer.


Re: Wheel Serving Platter

Great idea, love old wheels, have many.

Re: GAME ON...10 min. project

Thanks for the great comments, it was a fun easy project.

We cut the board on a good table saw and you have to go really slow. It didn't splinter at all. I was afraid of that, but we didn't have any problem. I cut all of my wood projects on the table saw.

Happy "junkin"


Re: Out with the "New", In with the "Old"...

Laurel, this is just charming. I love all the details you added, how fun. The jello molds on the insulators are really cool.


Re: Grain Scoop Vase

This project rocks the new year! I have the same scoop, love it, but haven't done anything cool with it. Your backboard design is super cool, as well as the vase. You are inspiring me to get my butt in gear.


Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

Super cool! I love old floor grates, I use them for table tops. This lamp has such a great shape to it. Thanks for sharing.


Re: Industrial Trophies

Jim, these are super cool. Great job as usual, and so creative. I love old tools.


Re: "Hinge-on" to another really simple idea...

Love old hinges, and love this idea.

Thanks Laurel,


Re: From Corbels to Curtain Rod!

Hi Lani,
Great job, love the corbels. I hope you are staying cool down in the cities.


Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

What is there left to say, maybe FANTABULOUS!!! You did such a great job on this piece. I love the old frig. drawers. I have some of them in my garage holding junk. The design is just awesome. You get an A+++ on this one.


Re: Oak Harvest Table and Window Curio Cupboard

Great projects, I love the cabinet!

When is your sale in June? We need to mark our calendar.


Re: From Fireplace to Mantle!

Great find, and fun repurpose. I have never seen this kind of log holders, lucky you.

Re: Late Bloomers...

Love your displays, how fun! I really love the old grate, I never pass one up.

Re: The Cat's Meow

Cute idea, great for birthday party, gives me an idea, thanks!


Re: altered antique bottles and charms

These are really cool, great job with old junk or treasures???


Re: does anyone collect old photos?

I agree, they are fun, but what to do with them. I do know that people actually hang them in their homes, but hmmmm, weird. I guess you could make up great stories about who they are, heehee!



You are right, is can be used as a whisk, egg strainer/egg separator. They are fun, I can just see a little bird nest tucked in it. I am soooo ready for spring.


Re: "Shift Key" Necklace

I just love your jewelry, Gretchen! I might have to invest into a piece.


Re: ~Be My Valentine~

Another great project, love the old valentines!



These are so beautiful. You are very creative, love them.


Re: Smacking good Valentine

Fun ideas, Alice, love the gum ball machine!


Re: Zero to Toasty in 30 Seconds or Less

Fun project, Amy. Love your lamp!


Re: Window makeover

Great idea to hide your room!


Re: It's "Wheely" a clock!

I love the wheel. Good job turning it into a clock.


Re: An Elephant Never Forgets...His Keys

Great ideas, I love old graters!


Re: Primitive cupboard

Your cupboard turned out great, love it!


Re: Lunch box memory style

Cute and fun to use!



Great job, love the feet too!


Re: My shagalicious headboard. Don't try this at home, kids!

WOW, what a project. I agree, a teen would be lovin' this headboard, but it could be really cool in a western theme bedroom too. Good for you for finishing it, I can see how much time it took, don't know if I would have finished it.


Re: Got Ideas?

I love these, and they are magnetic! You could hang one on the wall for a message board with magnets, super cool, lucky you!


Re: ~My Sweetheart~

This is AWESOME!!! I love your creative mind, your projects are always the best. I'm not a heart fan, but would totally hang these up. I sketch out projects too, just not as precise as yours.

Have a great day!

Re: "Springing" for the Wine...

Laurel, this is such a great idea, love the look! Good luck on selling your goods, I'm sure you will spring into action, and succeed. Yes, it is contagious.


Re: Vintage Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

These are awesome, love them!


Re: Shake Up Your Valentine!

Sue, these are just incredible. I have never seen these before, what a great stash you have. I love all of the "bling" you added to them, so fun!

Stay warm,

Re: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Lani, love the display, so fun! I agree with Brrrrr, you should be up here in International Falls, we are having cold, snow, and more cold!!! I'm ready for spring!

Take care,

Re: Dresser mirror becomes bathroom centerpiece

It looks awesome, great find.


Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

For sure, I'm in too!


Re: Stop the Draft!

Yeah! for being green. Awesome project, great color combo. I love the rusty bands.


Re: Practical-ly Pretty...

You have great "stuff". I hear ya, about organizing and keeping only what you love. I am on a purging kick too, and it's so hard to part with stuff, but it has to be done.

Keep warm,

Re: Trash to Treasure Clock Tutorial

Gretchen, it turned out really cute, just love it!


Re: A "Junky Little Valentine"

Hi there,
I love all of your junk, very creative. Everything looks so good together. Cute cloche idea, I might have to get me a cloche.

When do you gals have your next sale?

Keep warm,


Re: Ahoy Night Light

Great project, love metal junk!


Re: Cupboard From Crate Wood

WOW! is right, it turned out fabulous. I would say paint, that seems to be so popular right now. We loved your fall sale, we can hardly wait for the spring one.

Keep warm,

Re: Have Suitcases; Will Travel

Wow, now that's a suitcase collection. If you love them, then you don't have too many, that's my rule. I have several too, and use them.


Re: It's "Cloche" to Baby Time

Congratulations on the new baby! Being a "Nana" is the best thing in the whole world. I love the diaper cake and everything else is wonderful too.


Re: Testing my metal. aka Testing my mettle!

Your project turned out great. I have a frame sitting in the garage just like this, hmmm. Lani does have lots of great decorating pieces, I love her style too.


Re: Croquet anyone?

I love vintage croquet balls. I have had many of them, and always end up selling them in our booth. They look great in the wood bowl, it doesn't take away from the colors, so fun!


Re: Drawer-A-Holic

Great post, yes, my name is dana and I am a drawer-a-holic, LOL!

I think we have all slammed on brakes and been honked at for stopping at sales, too funny!



Very pretty display. Now I think I need to find one of these, I loved Lani's too.


Re: What To Do With A Thing-a-ma-jig

Great idea, love old wire and metal thing-a-ma-jigs. It's sweet that you put it all together for your girls.


Re: Photo "Opp"...

Congrats Laurel, your projects are always wonderful!


Re: Foiled and ready to shine.

This is beautiful Alice, love your angel.


Re: valentine art

These are so fun, I love stuff like this. Great job!


Re: Benchs from headboard

Great job, they are really fun!


Re: more burn rescue

I love the molding, and the picture is just adorable.


Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

Great idea! I knew you would not disappoint us in 2010, and here you are with an AWESOME table, love it!


Re: briefcase organizer and a pie

Great repurpose, love old suitcases. Your shutter is the best, I wish I could find one like that.

Take care,

Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

This is such a great project, Jim definitely deserves to have this be a "BEST OF 2009". All of his projects are show stoppers!

Pressure is on for 2010, Jim, I can hardly wait!


Re: Architectural pieces and cloches two of my favorite things.

The shelf is so awesome, great find. You have so many cloches, I love them.


Re: Let the music move you!

I love this project, it is awesome!


Re: Dining Room

Great job, it looks warm and inviting.


Re: More from the front porch

I just want to come over, put my feet up and read a magazine, we had -38 this morning.


Re: rolling pin collection

I agree, WOW!, great collection and display.


Re: The Back Porch

Great door, I love to work with doors, the possibilities are endless.



It's a great base for a table. I would add a pipe and a top, and it would be so cool.


Re: First project of the New Year!!

Love it all, the sign and of course the cloches, it all looks great together. I need to get busy, still have the tree up.


Re: I had a bright idea for this grill...

Great grill, I love anything "old farm". Good job on the frame and displaying it.


Re: Silver pitcher

Great find, love your display on the wall.


Re: "Give" for Kelsey

I love old grates, and your display is simple and wonderful.
Nice job!


Re: Junkin' is the "SPICE" of life!

Well, I don't even know what to say, besides THANK YOU! so much for choosing my project. I started making projects from junk when I was in high school, and here I am 35 years later still loving it. This is my favorite site, it's the first one I open every morning with my cup of coffee. I get inspired every day from all of you.

Happy New Year!


Re: Keep a Lid on It!

Your hat is so fun! Now you can just put it on your table as a centerpiece for spring.


Re: From nut sweeper (!?) to wreath!

It makes a wonderful wreath, great idea, love the color.


Re: A Greenery Christmas

I love it all, it is my kind of decorating!

Merry Christmas!

Re: I have a Bright Idea . . .

Great idea Lani, I did this too, except I used the old big colored bulbs, as hubby bought LED lights this year. Love the marshmallows, so fun!

Merry Christmas!

Re: You belong here!

I love what you did with your wire jar holder, aren't they fun? I have 3 of them and can't part with any of them. Everything looks great.

Merry Christmas!

Re: I Love Christmas

Your displays are wonderful, love the old toys.

Merry Christmas!

Re: Shabby Bouquet Makeovers

I love displays in purses, very fun.


Re: Peace like a river

Love the old bottles, great display, the colors look great together on the fireplace, awesome fireplace.

Re: Our New/Old Garden Fountain 2

Great ideas, I love fountains, might have to have one this summer.


Re: Alice in Winter Wonderland

This is so cute, and Alice can stay out and skate all winter.

Merry Christmas!

Re: wood shutters

Great job, way to recycle, love it!

Re: Christmas Vacation...tree

Great idea for the tree, but I really like the green cabinet that I can see, and the room looks amazing. I'm sure your whole house is incredible, you might have to share some more photos.


Re: Merry Christmas Everyone! Sharing Our House With You

I love your displays, esp. the santa and snowman bulbs, they are awesome. Merry Christmas!

Re: A Ho-Ho - Whole lotta Christmas Junk!

Your house looks so warm and inviting, just love all of your vintage Christmas decorations, and the hay unloader is great!

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

These are wonderful, another thing to add to my junking list. Thanks for the idea, I love it!

Re: I love GLITTER!!!!

They look awesome, this is such a great idea. This is the best site in the world, everyone is so creative.


Great project, they are beautiful, love the bling!

Re: Holiday Junque Wreath

Your wreath turned out beautiful, a gal brought one of these into the shop last year and it sold the first day for $85.

Re: vintage pearls

Simple and fun, great pitchers, and the pearls add elegance to your display.


Re: Christmas Displays

Great idea, love to spend only $1 on a display.

Re: Old Tree Stand Candle Holder

This is a so cute, I need to find one of these stands. Great job displaying it, love your old grater.

Re: Farm Junk Recycled

Thanks for the great comments, I love sharing this door. What's a stanchion??? It's what a cow puts her head in, and then it's closed, so you can milk her, and she can kick you, now those were the days.

Re: Pop Can Stars

These are super fun, great way to recycle!

Re: More Junky Displays

I love your displays, very fun for Christmas and winter.

Re: Tis' the Season to be "JUNKY" Fa La La La La.......

I mean the elf Mom not you!!!! You're not 55 for a long time! ;)

Re: Tis' the Season to be "JUNKY" Fa La La La La.......

Looks awesome Mom!!! I love your old stuff! I really like how good your looking at 55, still sexy as ever, does that mean I will look that good at 55 too???
Love you bunches- Krista

Re: It's Getting Frosty Outside

I agree- OMG - those are the best skates I have ever seen! You can put anything together and make it look fabulous. I just love your work, you inspire me. Thanks for sharing this wonderful project.

Have a great day!

Re: Bringing a Little Bit of the Farm to your Outdoors!

Lani, everything looks fabulous!!! I love it! I can't do any outside decorating until next week, boohoo! We have to get done with our sale Thursday nite, and then I'm spending the week-end with a dear old friend and then back home to decorate. Have a wonderful holiday season.


Re: Holiday Trimmings ala Army Surplus

I love this idea!! How cool is that, and the best part is that I have a few in my attic!!! Can't wait to play with them. Thanks for the inspiration Sue!

Re: A little Christmas in "The Barn"

Hi Diane,
I hope you have a good sale. If I wasn't going down to the cabin, I would come down. It looks like you have lots of great stuff.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Re: Another Crazy Lamp

Great lamp, love everything about it!

Re: Industrial Fan Grate Wreath

Great job, love bittersweet! Anything old metal is my downfall,
I have quite the stash of metal, wire, and old tin junk.
Happy fall!

Re: Trick or Treat...Mwah ah ah!!

Sue - Great display, I just love all of it! It makes me want to jump on my broom and fly down for some "treats". Thanks for sharing. Happy Halloween!

Re: 8 Pew Country Church Birdhouse "For Birds of Pray"

Great job, love the tin roof!

Re: Garage Sale Yard Fun

I love your display, fun stuff!

Re: Trick or Treat

Awesome display, as usual! Halloween is my favorite holiday, love everything about it. I would have pushed you out of the way to get into the crawl space after the Halloween goodies, I never find any Halloween treasures. Happy belated birthday!

Re: magazine pictures and flour scoops

Well, it's no wonder we can't find any old flour scoops, you have them all! You need to take a photo of all of them, I'm sure it would make a great picture.

Re: Retro baby shower

Welcome, I love your ideas. My daughter loves anything old too, I'm so lucky.

Re: Wooden Number Tags

Great job at recycling, I might have to make some of these.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Fall Is In The Air

Great displays, love the little wheelbarrow!
Keep warm, it's cold up here too.

Re: Edible Centerpiece

Great idea! It is a great day when you find something you collect. The jump rope is a fun element to add, nice work!
The snow wasn't fun, glad it's gone for now.
Take care!

Re: Happy Autumn

I love the old cart, and the pictures are awesome! Happy fall!

Re: Vintage Notion Box Turned Funky Jewelry Box

Super job, it's adorable. Don't you hate it when it turns out soooo cute, and then you want to keep it.

Re: Picket Fence Shelves

Super cute, we made these too, love them!

Re: Ladders aren't just for climbing anymore!

You can never have enough ladders, I have them in and out, love them!!!

Re: Barn Burner Wall Sconce

Of course I love this, being an 'ole farmgirl. I would hang this in my house in a minute, great job!

Re: An old window gets a new job...message central!

This is a great project. I just love everything about it. AWESOME!!!

Re: End of the Summer Retro Picnic!

This is just absolutely fantastic!!! I love all of your great finds, and you put them together perfect, super job.

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

This is truly awesome! I have many chicken feeders, but none turned into lights, yet. I make lights out of all sorts of things, but this is the best. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

Re: Old chicken feeders repurposed for this and that...

Cute ideas, I love chicken feeders and never part with them, I could have a whole chicken room!

Re: Simple Monday's - Take Two

I love simple Monday, and milk carriers. Great color combo too.

Re: Repurposed Door into hall tree (my first post)

Great job, you put it all together so nice, I love it!

Re: New item for upcoming "Barn Chic" Sale August 21 & 22

Hi there,
This turned out great. I have built these too, so fun! I wish I could come to your sale, but will be down at the cabin. Hope you have a super sale.

Take care,

Re: "The Twelve Best"~Vintage Clock

This is awesome, I love old tins. You did a great job, as usual!

Re: makayla room

This is so cute, she will love it!

Re: Old Mother Hubbard

Great idea, functional and soooo fun! I love the wording on it.

Re: A Junker's Nuts and Bolts Bin

This is such a great project......I love storage units of any shape or size. You do great work!

Re: Junkin' is the "SPICE" of life!

Thank you so much for all of the great comments. I started repurposing junk 35 years ago,(yes, I'm old)and I still LOVE IT! I always ask for tools for my birthday & Christmas, I have a great woodworking shop.

Have a super Junkin' day!


Re: Chalkboard Drawer

Super fun, we do lots with old drawers, great idea.

Re: Ladder-Planter

I love this!!! I have ladders all over. I can never pass up one, this is super fun, great job!

Re: The Rusty Gardener

I love all of it, I am sooo addicted to garden junk. Your gardens look amazing, beautiful flowers. My hubby thinks I'm nuts too, I think lots of hubbies think that of their "junking" wives.


Re: Vintage Pitch Pipe Flower Vase

I just love this, I want one too!

Re: card catalog drawers

This is a super idea, I love to use old drawers.

Re: Disgarded Fireplace Stand turned Necklace holder!

I love this too! I see these all the time, and thought they would make a cute stand in the bath for a pretty vintage towel display, but this is a great idea.

Re: Strange Cargo Returns.

This is so fun. I have lots of old tools. Thanks for sharing, you are very creative. :-)


It makes a beautiful vase. I see these at thrift shops, but they are pretty spendy. I will have to keep looking. Great pics too.

Re: Business Card Holder

This is so cute, I love the color of the base. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Galvanized Flower Garden

I love this project. I love anything to do with tin and am really fond of feeders, I have many in my stash. I guess I need to get creative. Great job!!!

Re: old barn door turned outside shower wall / hall tree

This is a great idea. I just love old doors, I have made lots of things with them. I have one in my living room, just leaned up against the wall with a wreath on it. DH isn't really fond of it, but I love it.

Re: Repurpose Vintage Shakers to hold your Glitter!

I did this too, it is so fun!

Re: Maxine :)

She is great, I love her too!

Re: Need a new candle holder? trouble!

Thank you, it ended up in my garden bathroom, I love it!

Re: Madeover Table found at Scott's Antique Market

I love it! I never pass up old metal stands, tables, whatever metal. I am addicted to old metal and tin.


This is a great find, I would have grabbed it too. I just love old suitcases. I always have one sitting open in a display with junk in it.

Re: Just What the Doctor Ordered

This is soooo cute! I used to work at a flower shop, but didn't have fun junk to work with. I have some of those reels too, laying in my junk piles. I haven't gotten around to using them either.

Re: make-do pincushions

These are really cute, good job!


I love your junk ladies, what do you use for the heads? I'm going to visit my Dad, and am going to show him your pictures, and I know that will be his first question, thanks.


She is awesome, and boy can I relate to her, LOL. My Dad welds fun stuff, he said he would teach me how to weld, I might have to learn.

Re: salvaged wood architectural piece

We love the auction and go often- great find! Krista

Re: wooden posts

Posts are great- these are in really nice shape-Krista

Re: Ladder Message Center

I have ladders all over my house, however none look like this. I love this idea- Krista

Re: East meets Midwest

WOW! How amazing! You are a fabulous artist! Krista

Re: Old Gas Stove Grates

I love these metal grates, my mom and I are drawn to metal pieces. I would have snatched these up in a heartbeat! Krista

Re: Antique doorknobs for drapery rod and tiebacks

Looks great, don't you love old doorknobs? Great way to use them-Krista

Re: Wooden architectural pieces

Very cool, I just found a darling piece last weekend and I'm using it for a candle holder on my table! Thanks-Krista

Re: Fire Place Dress Up

Great job with the posts, I love that you didn't do anything to them. I really like the green on the fireplace, a beautiful shade. Thanks for sharing-Krista

Re: Everybody has shutters, don't they?

Boy, I think everyone has old shutters hanging around. I could do this over the weekend! Thanks for the great idea-Krista

Re: From silverware to art supplies

Just darling!!! I look forward to more of your posts! Krista

Re: From silverware to art supplies

Just darling!!! I look forward to more of your posts! Krista

Re: File Drawer Hanger

Welcome! I love your project, what a great way to use a drawer front, this could be done with a wood front too.
Thanks for sharing- Krista

Re: Whisk Broom Arrangement

How fun is that? I like "hunting" for things when I go junking, now I'll be looking for brooms! I always love your ideas!!!! Krista

Re: Valentine cards.......using old postcards.

Thank you for all of the great comments. I'm so glad I can give you gals ideas. I lose lots of sleep, laying awake thinking about what I can do with all of my junk, or should I say vintage treasures.

Re: Making cards with..........junk of course!

Thank you so much for all of the nice comments. I just love to make cards, and have been for a long time. You can add so many different elements to cards now, not just paper anymore. I make some woodsy cards with birch bark, I might have to post one of those too.

Re: Ski Tip Table

I love, love, love skis! I have several pairs all over. This table would look great in my living room ;) Thanks for sharing- Krista

Re: "LIGHT IT UP!!!"

Sooo very elegant! Who would think a few items could be so gorgeous together. Krista

Re: Organizing Junk

I need one of these to hang above my kids coloring/painting/play-doh table. It would be perfect for coloring books, sticker books and painting paper! Love it- Krista

Re: Repete in Repose with his ball Wilson -- A Garden Mosaic Vignette

This is beautiful, I tried doing a table once and I gave up! It's hard work, you did a fabulous job! Krista

Re: "Soilax Bucket" Tool Box Lamp

This is so cool! Seriously, I love everything you've posted. I bet your house is amazing! Keep the posts coming, you are very creative!! Krista

Re: My Makeover is finished!

Thank you all so much for the wonderful feedback!!! It's fun to share a project that involves using old junk. Krista ;)

Re: Making cards with..........junk of course!

Thank you for the great comments. I would love to have a card making nite at my house and let ladies come out and play. I might have to get serious about that.

Re: SNOWMAN HILL.......junking forty two many years?

Thank you all very much for the nice comments. I just love decorating with old treasures, one can never have too many!

Re: A Trio of Fresh Ideas!

These are great ideas, love the junk jewelry embellishment. This is such a great site!

Re: Upcycle your cabinet doors: Part 1

What a great way to use doors! I think a few hanging around my house as well! Thanks for sharing- Krista

Re: wall art

Just darling, I like old windows as well. Welcome and keep the posts coming! Krista

Re: Spool Table

Cool idea! I love the basket, and how fun to change it out every now and then. Love it!!! Krista

Re: headboard bench

Nice job adding the curtain, it looks so cozy! Thanks- Krista

Re: Revive your treasures with paint

Painting does wonders doesn't it?! I love painted furniture, and have lots of it throughout my house! Thanks for sharing! Krista

Re: How to of Gretchen's Button Jewelry

Awesome! I love making jewelry, I've made a few button pendants, thanks for sharing your ideas! Krista

Re: Repurpose old jeans into a fun, funky purse!

Love it! My mom used to make me these purses out of my dad's old jeans when I was a little girl! I loved them!!! Thanks for bringing back sweet memories- Krista

Re: headboard shlef

Great shelf! I really love the chandelier (sp?) It's beautiful! Krista

Re: Shelf, What Is That Made From?

I love the shelf! What a great way to use an old window! I'll have to keep my eye open for them this summer- thanks for sharing- Krista

Re: My Bench projects

I love the quote and what a darling way to display it. The bench is so cute, add a couple pillows and I might want to stop by for a cup of coffee! Krista

Re: Free

I love letters as well. I collect N's. I have a few in my house and I'm always hunting for more! Thanks for sharing- Krista

Re: Work bench becomes Scrap Table

I love the table, I could be busy in that room for hours! Have fun! Krista

Re: The Garden Room - (Part 2)...details, details, details...

I love it! I like the old star. Nice Job! Krista

Re: SNOWMAN HILL......Hi, I'm the Mom

Thank you so much for all the great comments. It's so fun to decorate with old treasures. It's also a great way to preserve the past and enjoy a simple life.

Re: Scary salvage

That is adorable, and not scary. I love architectural wood pieces. I used old spindles, chunk of old door, and scrap wood to make a fun shelf too. Now I am taking orders for them. Have fun scrapbuilding.

Re: What can I do with all these?

I love all the ideas, I would take a few apart for scrapbuilding. The ends would be so fun to use for holiday decor. You could paint one big round end to look like a snowman head and stick in on your porch or in a snowbank, we have lots of those today. I would paint one to look like a primitive jaok-o-lantern face and use it in my Halloween display outside, they would be so fun. I love your site.
Happy winter!

Re: A Visit to "Purple Cow", St. Louis, MO

I want to go there!! I would have a hayday! Thanks for sharing- love the metal signs- Krista

Re: Vintage Bulb and Reflector Wreath

Cool wreath- I like the little birdy too! Krista

Re: Toboggan Winter Photo Display

This is just darling! Thanks for sharing, I think I need one! Krista

Re: Old Door Porch Swing

This is beautiful- Thanks for sharing, I look forward to seeing more from you- Krista

Re: An ugly old vanity light seen in a whole new light

Very creative of you! How simple and pretty- Krista

Re: Out of this World Chandelier

This is just beautiful! I love it, I think I might have an old saucer in the attic? Hmmm... Thanks for sharing- Krista

Re: My bull skull...transformed

This looks beautiful! I love your creativity! thanks for sharing- Krista

Re: 60 Days of No Craft Stores Challenge: 1st Project

I hear ya, use what you have before you buy more! Great project- love the jewels as well- Krista

Re: blueprint wallpaper

Darling idea!! I love it! Thanks for sharing- Krista

Re: Photos of Our Home...

Darling displays- thanks for sharing- Krista

Re: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Georgia! Krista

Re: Warmest Wishes from my House to Yours!

Merry Christmas to you too! Have a safe and Happy New Year as well! Krista

Re: my next project..a floor scrubber spaceship..just a quick mockup.


Re: Here is a 6 foot tall robot project made from the best of junk

WOW! He's amazing!

Re: found this vintage coke light up sign at the scrap yard tuesday

Great piece, why do people throw away what they do?? Good find for you!

Re: My very first "junker" project!

I love you used several pieces. Welcome to the site, I can't wait to see more of your goodies!! Thanks for sharing! Krista

Re: Angels Are Among Us

These are so great!!! I want a couple for myself!

Re: Thinking Big!

I love this couch! What a cute spare bed in a guest room as well. You did a wonderful job, thanks for sharing!

Re: Towering blast from the past

Great headboard, thanks for sharing! I wonder if I could make one using hockey sticks for my son??


Welcome! I love your stuff!

Re: Oar Lamp

I love this lamp! What a great bucket. I think I have these supplies in my garage, I better go get busy! Thanks for sharing!

Re: This little table's got game!

Cool idea! Fun for my game room!

Re: Memory tree

This is great, I really like the tree and tin. Great display.

Re: North Pole anyone

I love it..hilarious!

Re: Let it Snow

I love your work and the baby shovels too!

Re: Putting a little "Mush" into Christmas!

I love snowshoes!! What a great display!

Re: Coffee Tin Upcycled to A Bird House

Very clever! I love birdhouses, maybe I'll try this....hmmm

Re: Tea Cup Birdfeeders

These are darling and the birds are eating in style!

Re: America's First Nostalgic Guest House --- going 'green'

Love the fridge! Welcome, I look forward to seeing more!

Re: Evergreen, Tinsel & Snow

Nice mixture of greens, my son would love it, his favorite color is green, green, green!!

Re: Baby it's cold outside!

I hear ya, I live in Duluth, Minnesota and we had school cancelled today due to soooo much snow and 30 below with windchill temps! I'd like to curl up in your living room with a hot cup of coffee!

Re: Peace

Incredible photo, what a great find. Where are you going to display it?? Let us know!

Re: Giving in an unusual way...

I love it!!! Wish I had one!

Re: How to Make a Christmas Candelabra

Super pretty!!! I love it and I really like the silver candles. Merry Christmas!

Re: A Junky Holiday Coaster Ornament

I checked these out on your blog as well. I LOVE them!!!

Re: Christmas wash tub

Welcome Diane! I'm so happy I could talk you into joining. It's so fun to make new junking friends and see what everyone else is doing. I love your wash tub. Sooo cute! I really like the huge snowflake as well. It was so nice to meet you at my sale. I hope to get up to your house and see all the wonderful things you've done too. P.S. The snowshoe looks darling in your display. Take care-Krista

Re: Architecture in the House!

WOW! I love your house! You have done some amazing things with such unique pieces. Thank you for sharing, I am one that loves to see how others appreciate using "old things".

Re: Latest Projects

I love the gear! I need to hunt for some of those!

Re: "Dumpster Diving Diva Window"

Love it!!! What is hanging from the top? I like how you did the tree.. so cute!

Re: I'VE BEEN FRAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it! We made one similar with a chunky old frame and painted it all cream. A young woman bought it for her bathroom. I love how you left your frame original.

Re: French shabby linen armoire

WOW! It's amazing! Enjoy filling it up!

Re: Help!!! Ideas Needed

Great scale! I would put seasonal items in it and large candle. I'm sure with all the great suggestions you already have it all ready and displayed in your house. :)
Let us know what you do with it- Krista

Re: It's a Spinner

That is soooo cool! What a perfect place to put it. Fits awesome in your open space. I would LOVE a tour of your home! Thanks for sharing! Krista

Re: Stool Idea

What a cute idea, I would love to make one for my daughter's room! Thanks for sharing-Krista

Re: Vintage typewriter turned photo display

Don't you just love free stuff? This is a very cool idea, I'll be on the hunt for an old typewriter now. Thanks so for sharing and I look forward to your posts. Krista

Re: Winter Wonderland & Old Book Display

I love the old book! Super cute idea with an old jar. I have a similar one at home, I should get creative, thanks for sharing. Krista

Re: Another Door Project

She used glue and screws to attach it! I swear you could stand on it! I love your idea with the pink ribbon on pinecones- so romantic! Thanks for your comments!

Re: Flowers and Silver

I love the vintage tree top! What a clever idea!-Krista

Re: I've Pulled Another Wheelie

I love the wheel project! I have been hunting for them and I haven't found any yet, bummer. It's just charming. By the way- when I hung my sled I used a chain and just screwed hooks into the ceiling beams. I just decorated it for winter- you should do it! I look forward to your posts- Krista

Re: Holiday Home Tour

I would love to attend! I live in Duluth, how far would that be for me?? I woke to snow as well on Saturday and started to tear apart my house and prepare for the holidays! I have my final sale coming up at the end of the month and I'm decorating when I should be building. Oh well, it felt good to ditch the fall leaves and put out the greens and berries!Check out my new blog-
I hope I can be there and meet you- Krista

Re: Terrarium

I think you did this cupcake stand justice! I love the idea of a terrarium. What a great idea, and a fabulous find! Krista

Re: All is calm, all is bright...

Your booth looks adorable! I'd love to see it in person. I would buy the white chair and all the wheels! I also have a thing for cake stands. Great displays!!- Krista
check out my new blog-

Re: New Bathroom Shelf

I love it! I'm always attracted to the industrial feel of things. Thanks for sharing! Krista