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Time has been rather precarious to me. And by the Grace of God, I am standing here today still full of life, joy and thanksgiving.
I have 2 beautiful grown daughters, 4 gorgeous little grand daughters, and my sweet little Miniature Schnauzer at my side always.
I am in my early 50s already and hard to believe it.
Still trying to make it along this shabby life of treasures and reclaimed stuff. Its in my blood and I cant quit!!
I love anything tattered, chippy, in semi good shape or totally a hot mess. If it's got old lace or linen, I can use it in a sewing project. If it's wood, I can fix it and paint it!

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Vintage Door Desk

I make a lot of things out of old doors. But this is one of my favorites. This desk I used some super vintage table legs. Big and chunky and missing a little wood here and there. But I think they...

Window Garden

6 windows, an old end table and some architectural pieces. I still have to put a crystal knob on the door and some crystal prisms hanging in the corners. I love it!!!! Thanks for the idea!!!!

Vintage Window Coffee Table Shabby and Chic!!

Vintage window, old porch posts, rich thick paint create this charming and unique coffee table.

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Re: A Thanksgiving Table

Oh my gosh what a gorgeous table setting! Any guest would love to be sitting at your table!! Enjoy!!

Re: Garden Gate Valance

Love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Vintage dresser-vanity re-do


Re: One of My Top Ten - Cloches!

I love all of your cloches and displays. But my favorite of your shown pictures is the Christmas one. I love how you displayed your cloches in that picture and I think the cloche with the Christmas Balls in it is super cute! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Everything's Coming Up Kale

I think that is the cutest thing! Love love love it! Brilliant and useful piece! Keep up the great work Sue!
Sincerely, Jen

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

I'm in here at That's So Shabby. I have tons of doors and windows. Located in East TN if anyone needs doors and windows. I need ornate trims (moldings, medallions, colums). Count me in!!!

Re: Window Garden

Thanks so much for all the wonderful compliments. I haven't been on here in ages and have missed it. So I am back and will post some new things tomorrow.

Re: Window Garden

I don't know about the make it pink part. Maybe I posted in the wrong section? Please help me correct this if you can!
This was not hard to make, just a little akward being a woman with only 2 arms and it was a little challenging. But with determination I managed to get it.
I used "L" brackets, predrilled lots of holes, and my best friend the nail gun. Without my nail gun I wouldn't have been able to hold things in place until I screwed it all together.
What I did first was stand 3 windows up to make a "U" shape. I used my nail gun and 2" nails and quickly nailed it together. Then I predrilled holes and screwed it together. Then I set it up on the end table and used the "L" brackets and secured it to the end table. Then I put the "door" on with hinges.
The roof I secured together alone using a 1" x 1" the length of the windows for the roof and put it on an edge of the window with long screws, then secured the other roof window to that same 1" x 1" on the other side making a 45 degree angle "the roof".
I sat the roof ontop of the conservatory and then used my drill bits and predrilled holes again at an angle to go down through the top of the roof into the sides of the conservatory.
I used some other boards for the front of the edge of the roof and thus created an extra place for security to hold the roof on.
Believe me, this thing is so sturdy, we actually carried it by holding it by the roof!!!!
Like I said, it was fairly simple, just a little akward and challenging. Good luck!!!

Re: Sweet Little Potting Shed

Gorgeous Dahling!!! Gorgeous! I love it.
Have fun in there!!!!

Re: Vintage Window Coffee Table Shabby and Chic!!

I would love to see more pictures of it! I would love to make one for my show next weekend!!!! Will you email me a couple pictures??

Re: My bed

You girls are giving me much inspiration!!! Keep up the beautiful work!! I love your headboard idea!!!!

Re: Vintage Window Coffee Table Shabby and Chic!!

Thanks so much!!! If anyone ever looks at my site and wants to order anything, please please ask me for a discount! I would love to get any orders from you ladies.
LuAnn, I love your window planter house. It is just darling!!!!

Re: Corbel Shelf

Gives me much inspiration! That is gorgeous! Where do you have it hanging in your home and what do you have displayed on it? Very beautiful!!!