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Solar light/Windchimes/Suncatcher

I thought I'd share this idea. My windchimes broke the other day. (The thick wooden disc to which the metal tubes were attached simply broke in half.) I hated to part with them...I loved the sound...

Garden/Deck Totems/Solar Lights

Garden/Deck Totems/Solar Lights using discarded glass lamp parts, with solar stake lights added.

Sea Glass Solar Light

Sea glass solar light, made from cleaned out candle jar, top of a stake solar light, sea glass glued to the jar in flower designs, and sea glass loose inside the jar for stability. The solar light...

Sea Glass Sun Garden Ornament and Windchimes

I found the metal suncatcher at a yard sale, and added the amber sea glass, so that it would glow nicely when backlit by the real sun.

Fluted Sea Glass Flower Pot

The pot is an inverted frosted glass chandelier shade. When I saw it at a yard sale, it reminded me of sea glass, so I decided to use it as a pot for three of my pastel sea glass flowers (made from...

Sea Glass Bird Bath

Sea Glass Bird Bath made with lidded rectangular glass canister, large glass candle chimney, large glass serving plate, glass cutting board, two strings of LED solar lights, and dozens of shards of...

Sea Glass Accent Lamp

Accent lamp made with fishbowl style vase, clear saucer, a set of LED lights, and sea glass.

Hearts, Flower and Crosses Framed Sea Glass Art

A metal frame, minus its glass, found at Goodwill. I wired sea glass (and a pearl as the flower's center) to the frame. It looks especially nice in a window, where sunlight will illuminate the brown...

Blue Plate Special

I love my jar candles, but hate  that safety precautions demand that they be discarded when the wax is still 1/2 inch from the bottom of the jar...enough wax to make a smaller candle from it. I...

Crockery Shard Pendant

I love antique crocks, so when  I found this shard on the beach, I decided it was time to wear what I loved!  I simply wrapped it in wire and hung it from a leather cord.

Sea Glass Lighthouse Sconce

I found the black metal sconce at Goodwill. Since I am a huge lighthouse fan as well as a sea glass addict, I had to have it!  What was miraculous about this project was that, the day after I...

Sea Glass Lamp

I found the lamp base at Goodwill for $2.99, and wired some of my larger and more colorful pieces of sea glass to it.

Sea Glass Christmas Wreath

Yesterday, while I was combing the beach, someone asked me what I was looking for. When I showed him, he remarked..."Oh, cleaning up the beach..." Little did he know that yesterday's seachanged...

Sea Glass Bird Bath

This was a simple project, made from a large terrarium bowl I found at Goodwill, and a 10 inch pie plate I found at the Salvation Army thrift store. I simply filled the bowl with my largest pieces of...

Bathroom "Chandelier"

I accidentally broke the shade over my bathroom dome light. I was on my way to Lowe's to buy a replacement when I decided to try making something to replace it out of some of the sea glass Ive...

Sea Glass Driftwood Centerpiece/Candle Holder

I found the piece of driftwood on the beach when I was hunting sea glass. I added some of my best sea glass pieces, a wine glass from Goodwill, and a couple of fake tealights from the dollar store...

Necktie Wall Art

This isn't my own project, but I thought it was a great idea. While brousing for junk at my local Salvation Army thrift store, I came across this clever wall decoration.

Pocket Full of Posies

I recently saw a professional photo of some red tulips sticking out of the pocket of someone's jeans. Since my living room and bedroom are decorated in red, white, and blue, I decided to turn the...

Butter Mold Shadow Box

I filled the little creamer bottle with tiny flowers that I dried from my garden.

School Desk Display "Table"

I placed two old school desks side by side under a window, and am using both the desk and the seat areas for displaying some of my sea glass creations. 

Shoe Form Pencil/Post-It Note Holder

I have a couple of these shoe forms, which were used for manufacturing chidren's shoes in New England shoe factories back in the 1950's.  These forms could also be used for holding thin...

Ice Tongs Paper Towel Holder

This is perhaps the most useful piece of junk I own...It's been hanging over my kitchen sink for nearly thirty years. My dad cut a piece of black polyvinyl pipe slightly longer than a roll of paper...

Suitcase Stack Plant Stand

I found these four suitcases at three different yard sales/flea markets. All except one came with neat travel stickers and tags.

Meat Slicer Book Rack

This old meat slicer was perfect for holding three of my antique books.  All I had to do was add a partially screwed-in screw to the left edge of the wooden base to hold the books in place.

Candle/Centerpiece with Sea Glass Accents

I saw the ring of flasks glued together at Goodwill, and decided that I had to have it, since I once used flasks such as these in my work.  I assume the piece was used for arranging...

Earring Tree

I am always looking for ways to use the sea glass I find.  I noticed a dead tree in the field behind my house with twigs that looked very attractive, so I placed them in a Goodwill vase with the...

Sea Glass Mirror

I live on the New England coast and collect sea glass...broken pieces of old trash polished by the sea. I created this mirror using a dollar store mirror, glue gun, and small pieces of sea glass.

Recent comments

Re: How Grate Owl Art

Not sure whether I love your creation or its title more! Both are very clever and very creative!

Re: Vintage Drum Table Updated with paint

It looks so beautiful with the vintage ceramics, books, and flower arrangement!

Re: My Newest Addiction

Wonderful...they add so much color and rustic charm to a garden or other space!

Re: Make your own coffee bean sack window shades

Fantastic! The kitchen looks so cheery and yet so earthy too.

Re: glass flowers

These are pretty for an outdoor space!

Re: Adding Vertical Garden Interest with a Funnel

Excellent idea...I love this repurposing project!

Re: Antique Brush Transformation

What a great's beautiful!

Re: Repurposed Folding Rulers

This is ingenious! I love it.

Re: Shutter Flag

Love it!

Re: Record Wreath

Fabulous idea! It reminds me of the clock my dad made when I was a kid, with a 45 RPM record as its face.

Re: Kitchen projects

Looks like your whole house is a feast for the eyes of anyone who loves charming remnants of the past!

Re: Tennis Racket Frames

What a great idea...They look fabulous!

Re: Vintage Watch Jewelry Necklace

That's really lovely, and unique!

Re: Bottles and a basket turned into a beaming lamp…

What a fantastic idea...Looks great in that beautiful room!

Re: Cobalt Bottle Tree

This is just marvelous! What a wonderful garden decoration.

Re: Sea Glass Christmas Wreath

It really isn't terribly heavy...Most of the glass is thin, and the backing is lightweight foam.

Re: Garden Totems with Surprises

Wonderful! These will really dress up a garden beautifully!

Re: Bathroom "Chandelier"

I followed directions I found in the book "A Passion for Sea Glass" for making a sea glass mobile. Each strand is made from fishing line. The sea glass pieces are tied to the fishing line, and the knots are secured with clear drying glue. I attached the 13 strands (each holding four rather large pieces of glass) to a 20 gauge wire of an appropriate length to fit around the dome light housing. Putting it up was tricky. I placed the wire with attached strands around the housing for the dome shade (on the outside) so that the three screws which formerly held the dome shade were supporting the wire. I then arranged the strands of sea glass evenly on the wire, and twisted the ends of the wire. I had to use a wrench at the end for the final twists, to make the wire sufficiently tight that it didn't droop between the screws from the weight of the glass.

Re: Upcycled Sweater Purses

These are all wonderful! What a great idea.

Re: Nest Key Holder

A sweet and functional accent for the home!

Re: Happy Easter & Welcome to our Booth!

A feast for the eyes and the imagination..Wish I could visit your booth in person! I love the shabby chick...what a great use for a single shaker whose mate has been broken or gone missing.

Re: Mirror Mirror on the wall

You're right...I does look like it was made to go there! Fantastic recycle.

Re: Datebook Wall Art

Such and elegant and beautiful display, with loads of antique appeal!

Re: Door bench

I love it...what a great project!

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

Amazing...The paint job on the table top looks so authentically vintage, I wondered what it had been used for, until I read yoru comments.

Re: Beater Tulips!!

Really cute porch decorations, great recycle!

Re: Easy project for a fun planter

I love it! The wiffle ball racket (I guess that's what it's called) goes beautifully with the weathered cupboard door.

Re: Flower Power Garden Stakes

These are positively ingenious! Wonderful garden accents!

Re: Square Wine Cork Wreath

Neat! I have seen corks used to make trivets, but never a wreath. It makes a great kitchen accent!

Re: Shabby Chic Floral Lamp

I love this lamp, especially when lit. It makes a wonderful shabby chic accent!

Re: License plates are the key

This is great! Not only is it attractive, with rustic appeal, but it has personal meaning for you as well. I especially like the red, white and blue colors of the letter cutouts.

Re: Hanging Planter made from an old Thermos

That is really neat...I love the old thermos!

Re: Door Casing Picture Frame

It makes for a wonderful, sophisticated frame that goes especially well with the black and white photo.

Re: Croquet Table

It is the PERFECT addition to any sports-related decor. Wonderful!

Re: old bread box - a project that went south

It looks wonderful...I love the ingenious addition of the old book pages.

Re: Idustrial/ Architectural Room Divider

Being a huge fan of both birches and aged architectural artifacts, I just love this!

Re: Bottle Cap Wreath with Openers

Colorful and creative...I love it!

Re: It's all about the wine...

An ingenious repurpose...I love it!

Re: Can you tell what these are?

A fantastic repurpose...These fan holders make perfect towel holders, and their age makes them even more appealing as treasured antiques.

Re: Rockin Pot Holders

A perfect repurpose for these old rockers...They look great as pot holders!

Re: More Repurposed Jewelry

A great idea for seaglass....Unique!

Re: Shutter collage frame

I love the shabby chic appeal of this collage!

Re: A place to hang your hat!

Such wonderful adornments for a feminine bedroom! Very clever creations.

Re: living room chandelier made from junk

What a fascinating home you've created from junk! SOOO much more appealing than filling one's house with brand new matched furniture!!

Re: Decorative Vintage Bottles

What a wonderful way to revive these beautiful old bottles! I love the combination of the vintage ornaments with the utilitarian bottles.

Re: Bird Girl or Shabby House

A beautiful adornment for any junk lover's kitchen!

Re: Shutter Mail Holder

What a great re-purpose for this attractive shutter!

Re: Repurposed Brass Dangle Necklace

This is a beautiful piece of jewelry, with vintage appeal!

Re: junk sconce display

The sconce and frame look perfect together. Great job!

Re: Spice Rack

This is just marvelous! I love the aged look of the artsy rack, and the bottles fit perfectly.

Re: Angel in the Outfield!

This is just adorable! I have some old bats, balls, and gloves as well. What a great idea!

Re: Easter Piano Project

A very attractive seasonal display!

Re: A project you can really hook your wagon to!

This is a great idea, and it looks wonderful too!

Re: Bathroom with a past...

I love your bathroom, and especially your TP holder!

Re: My Painted Furniture

Wow! You are truly a talented artist. Your designs are beautiful...and clever! I particularly like the use of the handles as airplane wings.

Re: Rusted light by Singer

That is an ingenious use of the peddle!

Re: Another Penny Project

This is great...It's not only colorful, but it conveys excellent wisdom!!

Re: My First Attempt

A wonderful use of the windows, with the artistic appeal of the old sheet music!

Re: "Tools"

This really is a beautiful creation!

Re: "Maritime Memories" Child's Table and Chairs Set

Fantastic artwork...a wonderful restoration for this sturdy children's table and chair set.

Re: "THE UNCOLA Crate" Shadow Box Table

What a great use for this fantastic piece of nostalgia...and what a wonderful way to display your matchbook collection!

Re: Waiting for spring!!

Fantastic! As an avid feeder of birds, I love both the feeder bin and the nest!

Re: Found in As Is section in Ikea, seaglass

What a great idea for sea glass! I made a similar mobile, but it's only one-dimensional, since I used a stick of driftwood for attaching the strings of sea glass.

Re: Add a little spice!

A wonderful is so functional, yet adds color and interest to the kitchen.

Re: One of a kind...

This is a great use of the old tie!

Re: Push Lawnmower Lamp

This makes a beautiful lamp...what a wonderful use of the old lawnmower part!

Re: My Funny Valentine

Wow! This is really neat!

Re: My treasure chest

It's so pretty and feminine...and useful too!

Re: A romantic pair lights up our life!

Lovely, and romantic...and the temporary fix looks perfect!

Re: Window cabinet

This looks wonderful, particularly with the vines growing around it and the nostalgic garden finds on display!

Re: Old faucet peg shelf

What a wonderful idea! It would look great in a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, and could be functional as well.

Re: Another suitcase project

A beautiful and romantic accent piece...when it's not being used as luggage!

Re: Shoeshine anyone?

A clever,colorful, attractive, and useful piece!

Re: Have a Great Valentine's Day!

A simply beautiful arrangement, full of nostalgic charm!

Re: wonderful scales

I love all three of your items, but particularly the scales for weighing letters. It resembles a lovely metal sculpture.

Re: Junk Vacation - Part III (final chapter, I promise) finds!!

Having once been a medical researcher, I love the old test tube holder! Now I am wishing I had spent more time browsing the dumpster at work...People were always discarding old wood and metal equipment and replacing it with...UGH...plastic!

Re: Just great grates!

What a beautiful use for this lovely grate! Years ago, I was brousing a junk shop, and I overhead a lady tell her husband "I love rusty things." I considered it comical at the time, but now I understand completely! Yesterday, while searching for sea glass at the beach, I came across a very old and primitive rusty spike...Of course, I picked it up. I haven't come up with a use for it yet, but I am sure I will, in time.

Re: Vintage miniature poodle

The perfect gift for any poodle lover!

Re: My Flea Market Booth

Looks like a fun place to visit...too bad I'm 2000 miles away!

Re: My store "What a great excuse to collect JUNK"

Looks like you have lots of great stuff for creative junk enthusiasts!

Re: Recycled Sweater and Coats Now live as Brooches!

What beautiful brooches...So many different colors and styles to choose from, and they are perfectly displayed on the wool coat!

Re: school house chalk board map to blind

Fantastic...not only does it serve as a blind, but it's educational too! I love old school items...globes, ink wells, school desks, coat racks, etc. I can imagine your parents' glee at being able to find such useful gifts for their children at a school auction!

Re: Waterski seating projects

This would be a great and useful accent for a lakeside cabin! Very nice!

Re: 1 Deli Dispenser, How Many Ways?

You've beautifully demonstrated the wonderful versatility of junk! How much more satisfying it is to repurpose an item most people would trash than to purchase a new object designed for a specific purpose!

Re: Family Tree

Fantastic! I love your use of nature's trash (the twigs) to make such an elegant and meaningful work of art. Your addition of the lights is a brilliant touch! I have put twigs to a different use, and will post my project soon.

Re: Old Doors

What a beautiful room, and an elegant junkstyle headboard. Great find, and great use of the find!

Re: Machine Shop Posey

I love it! The combination of gray shiny metal and soft pastel blooms is so appealing.

Re: to the virgins to make much of time

A very creative and meaningful piece of junky art. Lovely!

Re: Vintage Medicine Cabinet turned into a Jewelry Cabinet

I wonderful example of repurposing...and it allows you to display your most treasured jewels instead of hiding them in a box.

Re: A grate idea?

What a wonderful find! I love the look of those grates, and each has a different design.

Re: Shovel with attitude!

A very clever and attractive garden accent!

Re: Tin Ceiling Mirror

This is wonderful...and it demonstrates nicely that sometimes mistakes can lead to even better designs. I love this mirror...It would add sophisticated style to any room!