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Re: Grain Scoop Vase

Jim, you are something else - the most creative person I've ever known! xoxoxo

Re: Faux Antique Perfume Bottles (Made from thrift store salt shakers!)

Been waiting to do something with my s/p shakers - now I know! Thank you for sharing. xoxoxox

Re: Ox Yoke Coat Tree

Hope I can do this someday - love it! Xoxoxo

Re: A Little Sense of Humor Goes a Long Way

Great sense of humor! Love it - xoxoxo


Never thought of doing this! xoxoxo

Re: Restored Victorian Chair

Hard to believe it's the same piece of furniture! xoxoxo

Re: Upcycled Tennis Racquet Wall Trophy & Awards Display Shelf

Never fails; as soon as I finally get rid of something; I wish I hadn't! Great job. xoxoxo

Re: Bathroom Remodel - Floating Suitcase Shelf

Great re-purpose! xoxoxo

Re: Repurposed Vintage Card Display

I love this idea; will have to look for one this summer! xoxoxo

Re: Christmas Lantern

Santa loves this!

Re: Rusty Canning Cooker Planter

So, did it sell? LOL xoxoxo

Re: Wagon Wheel for Christmas Gathering

OML - I have the same wheel - my's unadorned as we speak but soon it will be "dressed" for the occasion! Thanks for sharing. xoxoxox

Re: Welcome to my office

I'd love to work in this office! xoxoxoxo

Re: Colored Mason Jars

How did you do this? Love the colors!

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 3

I freak out whenever there is even a possibility that a Utility person will have to come down the basement. My hub thinks I should throw it all out. I told him, when he throws his boat out - I'll throw my junk out! Problem solved. LOL

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 2

Awesome - love the re-use!

Re: January Wreath Change-up

Love it - is the jar glued on to the wheels?

Re: Tough Truck Gets a Makeover

Perfect planter!

Re: Distressed End Table


Re: Scrappy Clock

Love this!

Re: tv tray cart turned laundry cart / basket

Love this!

Re: Up the stairs...

I missed it AGAIN - going to try & hit the next one!

Do you still have a booth at Hixton? I love all your goodies!

Re: Clean Sweep???

Very original - love all your re-purposing!

Re: Laurel Putman is Dripping with Charm and Will be at JMUG "Fall Edition

Stamps purchased at Michael's? I was avoiding that Store - guess I'm busted now! Thanks - you are so amazing in all your projects. xoxoxo

Re: Mailbox turned table...

WOW - some mailbox - wish I found one like that!

Re: Chicken Crate Shelves

OMG - how did I miss this post? Love it - I only have one egg crate - guess I better keep it now!


Ditto to all the prior comments - just awesome plantars!

Re: Picture Holders

Great idea - I have several shakers I can repurpose!

Re: Farm Fresh...A New Twist on the Chicken Feeder

I got my chicken feeder back from the consignment shop - I was so sad because I thought it was sold. I'm never going to do that again; now I just have to find a rusty grate & vintage faucet handle.

Re: Milk Can

I have sprayed WD-40 around the edge (let it sit for awhile); then used a rubber-hammer to pop it off. Hope this works for you too!

Re: soldering irons

Great organizer for aprons too!

Re: claw foot curtain rod holders

Never in a million years would I have thought to use old bathtub legs as curtain holders - you definitely think outside the box - LOL.

Re: from green to dream!

Gorgeous - just awesome - I can only imagine the hard work you put into this. I have so many incompleted projects - you really have the love & passion for re-makes!

Re: Misc. finds from yard sales

Wow - that vaseline trick really DOES work - great job!

Re: Bi-Centinel Dresser

Great job camouflaging the bumps & bruises. I can see I spend too much time using wood filler - LOL. You should show these photos to the person giving away this dresser; he'd be shocked!


Be still my envious heart. . .this is utterly Spectacular! You really think my hubby could do this too?

Re: Some items we sold at a craft fair that we made

I can see why they sold at the craft fair - I LOVE all of them!

Re: Ohhhhh Say Can You See.....

Lucky party people; sorry I wasn't invited - LOL.

Re: Old Toasters can become a "Wanna Be" Trailer Display

I can't believe this re-make!!! Very clever.

Re: A Minnesota 4th of July Tradition

Didn't know about this - will have to keep in mind for next year. Planning to go to Oronoco in August!

Re: Smokers pots or planters

Great re-purpose!

Re: Tre Verde

Clever, cute, & useful - could be used indoors too for a room divider, etc.

Re: Old Window + Bed Posts + Wood = Plant Stand

WOW - love this!

Re: Milk Can Centerpiece

What tool did you use to cut this milk can? Thanks!

Re: Milk Can Centerpiece

Love the "can" re-make.

Re: From Broom Holder to Flower Display!

Love the re-model - just perfect!

Re: $1,200.00 French Farm Kitchen Renovation


Re: Just LOVE old house fixtures.

I LOVE this too! So creative.

Re: Testing.......Testing

Someday I'll learn how to post pics too - I have one of those fireplace (old) inserts - it's frozen to the ground outside as I speak so will need to wait for a winter thaw b/4 I can bring it in the house.

Re: Book Case to Entry Table

Besides the bookcase, I love the jar tops in the 4th photo.

Re: Vintage cups served on a stylish new "tray"

"Cool" idea - great way to keep ice cream cold in addition to party dips/cheese balls, etc. I hit a lot of stores; never saw anything like the i.c. dishes. Love them as much as I love ice cream. The "25" serving tray is so appropriate too.

Re: It's coming, ready or not! (And I'm NOT!)

How creative & "bright" idea to use the flashlight as a vase! Just amazing ideas to discover every day.

Re: Chalkboard Message Center from an old oval frame

Love the details on the frame - I have a ton of frames - I'm going to do this (some day - LOL).

Re: My Pantry Goes Burlap!

I love the new "doors" - great inspiration to keep your pantry tidy!

Re: Clock themed New Year's party

BTW, how was your party?

Re: Clock themed New Year's party

Welcome & thank you for the great inspirations! I'm going out to my car to retrieve an old clock I was giving to G.W. LOL!

Re: No mantle-no problem!

I can make one of these - I have the perfect window!

Re: How To Resize Photos

Thank you; I'm going to try several of the sites mentioned.

Re: Bench made from Vintage Bed

Love your bench - fast workers too!

Re: Need help with lead paint project!

TX for info on Multi Strip!

Re: This coat rack / hat rack was made with two doors.

Love this reuse - I want to make one like this!

Re: Craft Show Displays Made From Recycled Materials

Great ideas - very clever!

Re: old barn door turned outside shower wall / hall tree

How did I miss this idea? Awesome

Re: Spoon Christmas Tree Topper

You're amazing! Santa loves your tree topper.

Re: "Does on the Go" Barn Sale

Do you still have your booth in Hixton?

Re: My Garden Gate

I have an antique gate - so many ideas to use it but this is my FAV!

Re: Rusted birdcage to be made into a ......

I love rust - I'd leave it on - LOL

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

You are so talented - it looks old - love it!

Re: Barn Sale Count Down

Planning to be there!

Re: Before pictures

The coasters look like sunflowers - just add stems! Fun projects to work on.

Re: Hall Tree On Steroids

Talk about creative - wowzie! How cool for a gas station!


I want to make some of these too - what glue did you use? TX

Re: old junk?? never

Love this - so cute!

Re: mosiac window????

Looks real to me - can you give us details on how you made this? TX

Re: Oak Table comes back to life

The wood is BEAUTIFUL - what did you use to get it this way??? Just amazing & thank you for the rescue!!!

Re: Trash to Treasure Clock Tutorial

Great re-purpose - love it!


May the "married" pieces live happily ever after!

Re: Old window projects

I love windows too; great ideas - looking-glass paint is on my shopping list! Just bought chalk-board paint - tried NOT to but just too many ideas from all you JM'rs --- LOL

Re: Chamber pot

My friend has a dog & a cat; uses "clean" chamber pots for her dog/cat food!

Re: true american junk;)

TX for the pics - it does look like a Bonnie & Clyde car!

Re: Entertainment Center

Another great save - love everything about it!

Re: 3rd Floor Stairs

This is just too cool - what a way to re-cycle tin!

Re: Junk Swap Project #6

Guess I didn't have enough coffee yesterday when I questioned what the base was - well, it jumped out at me this a.m. --- good golly - it's architectural wood! LOL

Re: Arbor with old doors

I want this!!! Clever

Re: Junk Swap Project #6

Love the flowers; what is the base?

Re: A Smooth Place To Hang Your Hat

So happy I saw this project b/4 shopping this weekend - found 3 old trowels at $1 each! Yeah - tx for the inspirational idea.

Re: Tips and Tricks for Successful Flea Market Shopping

Sue, I miss your "Simple Monday's" projects! Will they return?

Re: Big Giant Pulley Wreath...For Candy

Fav of pulley ideas!!!

Re: A few "borrowed" ideas

Love the look, the idea, etc.

Re: Thrift Store Box

I save EVERYTHING - pretty soon you'll see me on the "Hoarder's" series on TLC & A & E!!!

HELP. Seriously, I do save weird things but they seem to work for me too.

Re: introduction and first time post!

Welcome to JM - for being a "newbie," you have tons to work on - it won't take long b/4 you're addicted to this site!

Re: Master Bathroom

How did I miss this bathroom - I can imagine a bubble bath would be soooo heavenly!

Re: Master Bedroom

When can I check in??? I could live in this room 24/7 --- now I wish I didn't sell my "old" bedroom set; but at the time, it sounded like too much work to re-do. Too bad I didn't see these photos to my selling!!!

Re: Canteen Cowboy Lamp

You can now be on the "hunt" to make one for yourself - that's what I tell myself after "seller's remorse." Then I try to vision the new happy owner!!

Re: "W"

WOW is right! Also for WISCONSIN - go Badgers! I hope it makes the trip too as I see many hours into this one-of-a kind window. Love it.

Re: Candles ~ "kicked up a notch or two"

I love candles too --- I paint them with craft paint & candle medium if I don't like the color.

Re: A Junky Holiday Coaster Ornament

Amazing that the star was already on the glass - I'm on the hunt for a set like this!

Re: West End Architectural Salvage

Love all the photos - I'm partial to the shoe forms!

Re: Glammin' up my girl

What a fun piece - you could dress her up for the four seasons! Where did you find her?

Re: Bird friendly coat/apron rack

Old floor lamps are excellent coat racks!

Re: Hall Tree

I missed seeing this great project - love it!


It's a good thing I don't work at GW - my house would be filled to the rooftop! I get so excited when I shop at GW; sometimes my cart is filled to the brim; other times, nothing (that's when I really have withdrawal).

Re: Slam Dunk...

It's a "slam-dunk" for sure!

Re: My Funky Chairs

Beautiful paint job - what brand did you use on the black dining room set? I love the butterfly chair too!

Re: A Fun Day of Junkin'

You scored big time!

Re: If JMS Jumped off a Bridge .....

When's the jump? LOL


You looks like you are VERY organized --- great idea!

Re: Must be L-O-V-E!

You could turn the blocks around & do the same project with the words "NOEL" & just flip them after Xmas for the words "LOVE" - that is seasonable all-year!

Re: New life for old objects

Have some frames - now I need to hunt for those cute baby shoes!

Re: another window / another idea

Your elbow grease was well worth it - awesome re-make of another window!

Re: It's "Wheely" a clock!

Your time spent cleaning the old wheel was well worth it. Most unique clock ever!

Re: Pretty Things

Great fireplace for "Santa" - just an awesome display!

Re: "Dumpster Diving Diva Window"

My dream too but at this stage of my life, it'll always by a dream - hopefully, in my next life? LOLLLLLLL

Re: Denim & Lace!

What a funky-looking purse -

Re: Victorian Christmas Wreath

I missed this post - awesome frame, etc. Love everything about it!

Re: Serving up Style for the Big Game!

I'd love to join your Super-Bowl party - how clever & fun re-use!

Re: "Where Junk Resides"

Great re-purpose - are you related to Sue??? Just kidding. Welcome to this awesome site with tons of ideas, etc. It's my morning "paper."

Re: canadian ranch/farmhouse items

Love all your projects! Keep them coming.

Re: Lampshade Bowls

I luv rusty - but these are classy - shiny - pretty!

Re: Dresser mirror becomes bathroom centerpiece

Luv it! Another great recycle.

Re: One I for got in the "doll" series -- art junkie

He IS scary!

Re: A "Junky Little Valentine"

Did you use gorilla glue on the vase & vintage door knob? Love it all!

Re: A Handmade Holiday - Chat With Me Live on the Gorilla Glue Facebook Page

I wonder if some old door springs would work??? Will have to ck this out as I'll need this for my first grandbaby!

Re: A Ho-Ho - Whole lotta Christmas Junk!

If I'd stop reading & drooling over all the JM notes - I'd probably have a clean house! My passion for "Junking" is so deep - LOL! Love all the creative vignette's you have & am hoping to find an old test-tube holder.

Re: Great Find

I found several of these chalkboards in the garbage but only had room for one! I put it out when I have a garage sale indicating the SALE; I could sell a ton if I had more - because I'm not giving up my one & only! LOL

Re: You're So Transparent!

This kind of picture frame is VERY pricey where I live - now I can make my own! Thanks for the details.

Re: wall art

I love this - how did I miss this?

Re: Valentine Window

I made an extra bedroom into my "Christmas Room" - just so I could enjoy my fav's year round! I love your display - looks like we're in a deep-freeze anyway so might as well enjoy the "glitter."

Re: My bed

Another great idea to file!

Re: Window Garden

So charming & unique!

Re: Vintage Window Coffee Table Shabby and Chic!!

I love this window idea!

Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

I normally have my first cup of coffee while I browse JMS & at first I thought that fringe "thingy" was a mop - good gravy, I NEED more coffee! Then, when I read in sequence what you did, OMG, I would have by-passed that fringy lamp in the first place. What a "brilliant" transformation!!! Kudos to you girl - you DO Rock.

Re: Let the music move you!

WOW - Let's roll to the music - fantastic re-use!

Re: How to Make a Valentine's Day Planter.

Unbelievable remake!

Re: Country Pump Lamp

Now I know what to do with my "extra" pump! Luv it.

Re: "Just what the Junker ordered"

I'm just amazed what people throw out --- they have NO imagination whatsoever --- but praise the Lord for us "JUNKERS" to come around & try to SAVE the world landfills!

Re: Masher Christmas

Very clever - like the idea of a "glove finger" for the snowman hat! Do I have time to make these yet??? Maybe next year.

Re: Winter Centerpiece

New "ice" idea - will I ever throw out anything??? No WAY!

Re: You belong here!

I luv the mirror shape; u r good at "Etch-A-Sketch"; WOWZEE


Now where did I stash that canning jar holder???

Re: Merry Christmas Everyone! Sharing Our House With You

I'm definitely stopping in for a closer look - LOL

Re: Picking up a Little Christmas Cheer...

I luv this too - amazing how some greens, a country tie, & a bell make this old picker looks just charming!

Re: A "Light Bulb" Moment...

I spray painted my vintage lamp like yours; added votive cups where the lightbulbs USED to go; inserted candles. I just love it! I'm going to embellish it with some greens for Xmas.

Re: Knock Knock Who's There...Santa

Knock Knock - who's there? Some more goodies to grab - why, oh why do us junkers love old door knobs & their accessories so much???

Re: Deck the tree with junky stuff. . .

Remember to leave me milk & cookies when I stop by on Xmas eve - you better watch ME as I might have to snatch up some of your goodies, or better yet, leave me "JUNK" instead of the cookies, OK?

Re: Simple Idea for Old Windows

I have a hard time NOT picking up any more windows - I really don't have any walls to hang them on - but I still luv them & try to sneak them in my "stashes" of things I like!

Re: Pennant Christmas Tree Skirt

Maybe a table cloth on a circular table - with some kind of candle, globe lamp, map of something, etc.

Re: Chocolate tin

Yes, a clock with a hang tag or something that it's always "time for chocolate."

Re: Trellis trellis everywhere

Unique headboard!

Re: Vintage School Map Occasional Tables

I want the tables, your organized, clean workspace, your mind, etc., etc. Great details with the whole project!

Re: "The True Measure of Life..."

What else can I say? Measures up to our "standards."


New shopping idea - TX - so unique -

Re: A Fan of Photos

I LUV rust AND red - my favs. So cute with the scrabble words, photos, etc. Yep, you were a happy camper back then!

Re: Hand lettered signs from rescued wood

I LUVVVVVVVVV the lettering, etc. WOW - I hope your son joins "Junk Market"!

Re: Sewing Room Wall Peg

Another great re-use --- our ancestors would be proud!

Re: A Primitive Christmas

Love all the ornies; however, my fingers "hurt" when I look at the clothespins (which I love) but all the work!!! Oh my.

Re: Christmas 2008

Luv the displays!

Re: Meat grinder turned Soap Dish!

Cool - how did I miss this one?

Re: A "washed up" mop bucket? Nope!

I have an old bucket like this waiting for the day to use it for "something" - I have plans NOW! TX for the "clean" idea - lol

Re: Solar Chandalier...

Super idea

Re: File It!

Did you paint the baskets too?

Re: Old Dresser Re-mix (appliance garage)

Yahoo - another great save!

Re: De-Light-ful Serving Pieces...Inspired by Shabby Chick...

luv this

Re: Birdbath and side table

Wouldn't you know - I just donated my microwave glass turntable - I'll have to buy them back. LOL

Re: Coffee, tea or Ivy?

I paint everything I can but never thought of painting the "inside" of a coffee carafe. How cool is that? Love the AMBIANCE it creates. TX for sharing.

Re: Hatchery pipe plant stand

Wow - a great save!

Re: Milk strainer "vase"

I just LOVE this site --- it's like going to school! I didn't know I could use Bri-wax to seal rusty prims. Yeah.

Re: 1950's Schooldesk

Thanks for the "STRIPPING" info - now, I'll have to find it. I've used QRV but it's out-of-business - it was wonderful!

Re: Mod Oval Ottoman from Goodwill Pleated Plaid Skirt

I think that's MY skirt - no kidding - I used to have one like that & gave it to Goodwill - too funny.

Re: Snowshoe wall hanging with old mitten

We have an antique sale going on in Rice Lake, WI, this weekend - I am going back to buy the single snowshoe I saw yesterday!!!

Re: Recycled Window Turned Art Display

Another great display - luv this one too!

Re: Lantern Lamp and American Flag

It must be too early for me - where do you get a "clip-on" lamp kit? LUV the flag too!

Re: Fall Decorations

I'll take it for $5 - LOL - what a deal - lucky duck!

Re: 1950's Schooldesk

What paint stripper did you use?

Re: Sewing Cabinet Shelf

Wonderful re-purpose! Love the jar photo accessory too. I want it.

Re: i'll never do this again:)!

It is cute & I also started projects & as I got into it, it turned out to be mountain rather than a molehill! Congrats on finishing; so where will it go now?

Re: Bathroom medicine cabinet to beautiful feminine cabinet

I just dumpster-dived a bathroom cabinet - yeah, now I'm going to try this idea!

Re: Simple Treasures

You are SO creative - is that a mirror in the third pic behind your decor?

Re: The "Barn Chics"

Do you know how far Rice Lake, WI, is from your sale?

Re: A Junker's Nuts and Bolts Bin

This is so practical & cute at the same time!

Re: Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire . . .

Definitely one-of-kind - just awesome!

Re: Window

Is the middle glass painted with chalk-board paint?

Re: Not your ordinary gun cabinet

I hung country-plaid material in my husband's gun cabinet - now I feel like painting it!

Re: A little Elbow Grease

I LOVE Briwax - it's one of my favorites for spiffing up vintage wood items.

Re: "Inspire" for Jen

I want this!

Re: "give"

Love, love, love it!

Re: cherish the journey

Where do you get the glass-topped typewriter keys you use in your cool projects?

Re: Old door key holder

LOVE, LOVE, this idea!!! So creative - esp. with the curtain rod holders.

Re: Wish I Had a Penny....

"Wish" it were mine! Could you hang a "barn" pulley from your hook & change the bucket of flowers to fall leaves, winter evergreens, spring tuplips??? I love the tin roof & the Texas star add-on's.

Re: There's safety in numbers

I have a collection of old alarm clocks; I'm trying to re-use them by opening the clock up & taking out the "guts" & replace with a modern clock battery. Has anyone tried this yet?


Do you have a maid?

Re: simple monday fix to unfinished project ;)

Looks original - like it belongs there! Yahoo

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

I couldn't figure out what to do with my chick feeder either; I can't wait to rig this up for a new night light in my kitchen! Oh I LOVE your idea.

Re: One Happy Junker...

You've won the "Junker's Lottery" - I'm so jealous!

Re: Screen Door Dresser Mirror

I want to do the same with my screen door; however, how did you hang the mirror?

Re: Fun & Unique Jewelry Displays by Gretchen

You "GOT IT" - too bad for the ones that don't! That leaves more junk for us who got it---have it, want it!

Re: My first potting bench

Upside down rake as a shelf? Why didn't I think of that b/4?

Re: I Don't Know Why This Caged Bird Would Sing....

Amen to all the posts already written - what more can I say? Now I want to do the same---just to show my friends what fun "junking" can be!!!

Re: Through a glass lightly

Was the glass "frosted" b/4 you painted on it?

Re: New item for upcoming "Barn Chic" Sale August 21 & 22

I hang my small, old garden tools from a similar rake

Re: Typing Tables, Office Chairs and Metal File Bins

I have an old typewriter (came over on the "Mayflower") - wish I had that stand to display my antique! I have a metal file cabinet & my "antique" cassette tapes fit perfectly in it.

Re: Shoemaker's Garden Art

Make great door stops; bookends; love this new idea! I have quite a few as my Mom worked in a shoe factory!

Re: How to Harvest Bed Springs

My husband would have had me "committed" if I did a project like that so you are lucky your hubby helped - looks like a lot of work but I love the re-cycling idea & the future use of the springs!

Re: Breadbox Beautifies Bath By Banishing Beauty Bottles!

I use my "bread box" to hold bills to be paid!

Re: May finds 2

I love ALL of your stuff!!!

Re: Old Kerosene Cans

Now I want my Kerosene cans BACK! Are you selling these? If so, how much?

Re: Avocado Green ... NO MORE!

Awesome - one of a kind - almost too cute to use!

Re: More junk pile saves...

I'm so jealous!

Re: Successful Vintage Treasures Market

I live 50 miles north of Eau Claire - do you sell your treasures out of your home?

Re: All is calm, all is bright...

I live up north & love to shop at Hixton - I'm going to check out your booth!!! Probably bought treasures from you. LOL

Re: Vintage Headboard "Fence"

What did you use to tie them together?

Re: Junk Market Dolls!

Unbelievable - so creative - I'll never be able to get rid of ANYTHING!!! LOL

Re: Button, button...who's got the button?

What gauge wire did you use? Would old clothes hangers work?

Re: First attempt at making rust...

What ever made you think of using cinnamon?

Re: Guest Bedroom

Did you paint the suitcases yellow?


How lucky the washboards fit the window - I have a window in my laundry room - will see how I can make this work! Love the idea!

Re: New Purpose for Garage Sale Find

Did you hang this on a wall or is free-standing?

Re: Greetings from Project Land

I'm just curious on how you got about pricing all these treasures that are posted on JunkMarket.


Did you make the picture frame that is next to the goblet? If so, what is it made of?

Re: Picket Fence mirror/shelf

I'm so hooked on this website; first thing I check in the a.m. & just can NOT believe all these outstanding projects --- I love all the creative ideas but most of all, the "re-cycling" - so dear to my heart!!!

Re: Autumn Luminary

I use my husband's old minnow bucket (the strainer part) for a luminary. Simple!

Re: Hanging Planter made from an old Thermos

Is it attached to the wood? Or is that just a background thing?

Re: an old drawer found on the side of the road.

Is the handle an old barret?

Re: "JUMP THROUGH THIS!!??!!" (project #2)

I'm sure the local Thrift shop wonders what I'm doing with all the "junk" I buy - LOL. Now I'll be looking for a large hoop. Actually donated one in the past; should have kept it!

Re: Old Ashtray Stand/ New Flower Stand

WOW - love the look PLUS the idea - better use than an ash tray!

Re: 1940's cook stove

I have a very small, old white porcelain cook stove; I keep my cookbooks inside the door. I like the wood burning idea too!

Re: Spools, spools, spools

Are these "bobbin" spools? If so, I'd put one in my laundry room with my old clothespins and/or next to my sewing machine and insert with material, thread, etc. Cool idea!

Re: Trash 2 treasure

Makes me wonder what my body will be re-cycled into in my "next life." LOL --- great project!

Re: Glue Caddy to Go!

I live in WI so I know about the "spray painting" problem. Our garage is insulated so I do "mini-spray" jobs by inserting my to-be-painted item in a large cardboard box; then spray!

Re: Refinished Furniture

Could use chalk-board paint and design an original chalkboard! Also, could paint a checkers and/or chinese board, etc. Tie the eraser and chalk with a ribbon attached to the underside of the chair.

Re: My little red wagon - repurposed and happy to hold some fun goodies.

So what did you do with the wheels or are they still attached to the wagon?


I would attach to a vintage board---a circular mold as a "flower" and glue a vintage button in the middle; appropriate cookie cutters, etc. as leaves; and cut an old, black wire-coat hanger for a stem.

Could also use the molds as candle holders and add vintage marbles, sea shells, river-rock, etc. around the candle.

Re: Vintage Bulb and Reflector Wreath

I knew I should have kept Grandma's old lights - love the creative wreath!!!

Re: Toboggan Winter Photo Display

Just had another thought - if I do find a toboggan, I can use it by my desk; hang it "upside" down & use that end to hold my mail, magazines, seasonal flowers, etc. Would also hang family photos.

Re: Toboggan Winter Photo Display

If I find an old toboggan, I'd like to use it with the photos as a small-room divider, and/or in my year-round Christmas room and add Christmas photos from the past.


Is the card on "paper" or "material"? Where do I get this iron-on adhesive? Am I having a brain-freeze moment here or what? LOL

Re: A Simply Grate Idea for Keys!

I have a "Fels-Naptha Soap" grater in my laundry room; attached an old, original-wrapped Fels-Naptha bar of soap with country-tied ribbon. Sometimes I actually "use" the grater!

Re: An "ugly duckling" project!

I absolutely am a firm believer in "recycling" - it's amazing how creative we are with "JUNK" - I've always been a dumpster diver and am proud of it!