Im a part time junker that dreams of going full time. I love to combine old with new and rusty stuff gives me an adrenaline rush that you would not believe!!!!! My favorite memories include my mom and her friends making floor rugs out of carpet scraps. All the kids were in charge of climbing in the dumpster behind the store to toss out carpet. My sister and I were avid dumpster divers as kids and created an entire play house out of stuff from the trash. It stuck with me and I still drool when I pass a dumpster with treasures hanging out. I would rather shop salvage yards and flea markets than regular stores and I love the Junk Market web site! Lucky me found a junk man to love this junk woman and Im raising two little junkettes. Life couldnt be junkier!

My motto: Grow where youre planted.

Gender: Female

Birthday: 09/14/1964

Member Since: 06/04/2009

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I took my inspiration from JMS Contributor Janis Gurney and her gorgeous sparkly projects.  She always adds just the right touch of glitter to the sweetest paintings and when this beauty was...

Office Christmas Spirit

I spend more time at work than I do at home so I want to feel comfortable there.  Many staff come by to just sit and decompress for awhile.  I usually have candles burning and music...

Tis the Season....

Every year the place I work for picks 3 extremely needy families and buys them Christmas.  We start fundraisers in October and raise money until the first of December.  Then the shopping...

Instant Fireplace

I absolutely love the old rusty metal and cast iron stoves.  I scored 3 of these babies awhile back for $5 a piece.  I have one in my entry way at home, one on my front porch and one left...

An Aha Moment!

I was cleaning out my desk at work and came across several magnetic calendars that my hair salon passes out every year.  As I was tossing them in the trash I thought what a waste of a...

Feeling Springy

I know I'm a little behind in welcoming Spring but I'm finally "in the mood".  You see I love winter and hold on for as long as I can to the cooler weather.  But Spring is here and...

Swap # 5

Here's project #5 from my wonderful junk swap partner, Kathy Stantz. (shabbychick)  I could have used these molds for some awesome snacks but decided to yum them up in another way insteadnbsp...

Introducing Junk Swap Project #1

I had the distinct pleasure of being paired with Kathy Stantz, aka shabbychick, for the JMS junk swap.  I was so pleased to find out she was picked just for me!  Kathy is just as sweet...

If JMS Jumped off a Bridge .....

My Sweetie ask me what I wanted for Valentines and of course my immediate response was Junk.  He laughed and said, "no really".  I said REALLY.  He said I was SUPPOSE to ask for...

Cloche...Rusty Style

Does a cloche HAVE to be glass???  I appreciated Jenny's tutorial on the difference between domes and cloches because I really didn't know but when I saw this rusty little beauty at the...

Rustic Glow

My sister suggested that we make our gifts for each other for Christmas 09.  Loved the idea because I had been staring at these fence post pieces ever since we cut them off the fence we built...

Nite Nite Nightstand

I have been in search of a larger nightstand but didn't want to pay the high price tag.  I found this little jewel at a thrift store for well in my price range but it just wasn't my stylenbsp...

Drawer Copy Cat

I just wanted to post 1 quick picture of my take on Sue's absolutely awesome gift idea of using an old drawer to deliver goodies at Christmas.  I used this drawer to be the gift box for a...

2009 Christmas Blessings

Just a quick wish for all my junkin friends to have a very Blessed Christmas day and wonderful New Year!  Hope everyone is full, warm and happy!!!  Merry Christmas all!

A Diva Christmas

Who says Christmas HAS to be green!  Who says a tree HAS to be a tree!  I decorate my office every year in a pink theme!  I've even won a few years of the decoration contest our County...

Sanctuary ~ Doors to Headboard

Over the last 2 years, I have slowly been creating an oasis out of my bedroom.  It started with Ballerina pink walls and Chocolate trim.  Then came various pieces of antique furniture Ive...

Keeper of the Bling

I must confess that I am not only a clothes hound but I also indulge in a little "bling" addiction.  My bling is out~growing my jewelry boxes so I thought I would make one for myself.  I...

Artful Rust

I was doing some training in another town when I passed an automotive shop that had this piece out front leaning against a fence.  After a quick U-turn, I pulled in and ask if it were for...

Welcome to The Dark Side.....Of Color

I love being able to peek into the lives of fellow junkers and get an idea of what kind of style they are drawn too.

Rock on Monday!

Yesterday was my birthday and as I was sitting around ~playing hookie from work~ I wondered what wonderful Simply Monday project Sue had created.  Since my goal for my B-day was to not strain...

Head on Over

Can you tell I had a little time off over Labor Day?  I live in the country and addresses are sometimes hard to see or not in sequential order so I wanted something that would be noticednbsp...

Wish I Had a Penny....

I love my wishing well!  Mostly because I built it myself ~ except for the box on the bottom.  My dad and I drug this off a trash heap at a gear plant and the minute I saw it I knew what it...

Junky Sconce

Finally ~ I had time to complete a project and I took my cues from some of the greats! (Janis?!)  I found this semi-tarnished silver plate candle sconce on a junking trip and "rubbed" the phrase...

Once Upon a Time in Texas.....

I tell a tale of treasured finds ~ Most of which are the rusty kind  A dusty old house, my parents bought ~ The owners walked away without a thought  Leaving rooms and rooms full of...

Boot Scoot ~N~ Birdie

I love old cowboy boots and am always lookin for ways to use them.  I saw the boot stool on the site and thought I would post an idea of my own.  I just cut a hole in the boot, inserted a...

Headed to Class

I was put in charge of decorating my class at church and needed a large piece for one of the tables.  Someone told me in a previous post that the plant stand would make a nice serving piece so...

Book Case to Entry Table

I hunted 4-ever for a table to fit my entry-way but everything was either too wide or too expensive.  I spied a little book case at my local junk store, looked at it sideways and decided it just...

Inspiration #2

You're right Sue, it's very addicting.  I want to post EVERYTHING now.  I promise my next one will be an actual project!!!!


Inspiration..........the divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind and soul.  Thank you to all that inspired me!


Ok - I learned how to use a digital camera and then I had to learn how to get it all on the computer......whew!  Here is my test post.  Hope it comes through well.  I'm soooooo excited...

Recent comments

Re: Small Kitchen Organization...

Love it all!

Re: First of the 2012 "Top Ten" Picks from JMS Editors and Contributors


Re: Andrea's Top 10 Pick: Rust

Need I say more than my name - Rustydiva?
I heart you rust!

Re: Recycled Art Project done and dusted

Love the name "rescued rubbish". Nice job.

Re: Light Vases

Tre cool!

Re: Misty

You got skills!

Re: Sophia

Great marraige!

Re: Georgio

VERY nice!!

Re: Vintage Matchbook Advertising Art Pendants

What a great way to keep them preserved even longer! Love it.

Re: Rusty Birdcage

Love it all shined up!

Re: Picket Fence Flowerbox

I get it.....I don't read very often because if I start a book, I nearly go blind from reading it straight through because I can't put it down. Same with projects. I'll bet most of us junkers are. :) The mums are gorgeous and the projects is perfect! Way to go Jim.

Kenda (I'm sooooooo ready for Fall)

Re: doors ,any ideas for me?

Oh my, gorgeous! They scream framed out something to me - pictures, mirrors, sconces, crosses etc etc. Love the finish on them!

Re: Resting up on an outdoor pallet sofa

Just another fabulous wonderful awesome project by you!!

Re: Bewitched

Happy belated birthday Sue! How could I forget - yours is the day after mine. Hope you had a wonderful day and ARE having a wonderful vacation! (Love the clock and your porch)


Re: Bird Bath

Sigh.....I want to learn to weld. This is beautiful!

Re: Junk Gazebo for JMUG

Totally awesome!!!

Re: Old Molds

I'm drooling all over the computer! Wish I was closer.

Re: Failed Barn Star attempt

I think it's cool both ways!

Re: A Question For You, Please.

I would take off the orange rust and then poly the heck out of them. Rust looks beautiful when it has a shine too it. I've even used vaseline but it doesn't last as long and is a bit greasy. Definitely protect your furniture unless you are using them outside. Great find. Can't wait to see the final product.

Re: Rusty Finds :)

I am in rusty love!!!

Re: Upcycled Red Metal Hard Hat Lighted Bird House

Love the colors on this! Great job.

Re: outside creations

You are VERY talented!!! Love your projects. Keep sharing.

Re: JUNKMARKET Style Wedding at Marburger Farm Antique Show...Part One

AWESOME!!! What a cutie you are too! I was drooling over all the beautiful stuff and I agree with Georgia - you need a show! I would totally watch. Welcome to Texas!


Re: shut the cork up

Nice job! Great conversation piece.

Re: tire flower

Welcome to JMS! You are very creative - beautiful flower and requires no watering.(just my kind) Great job!

Re: Junk on Parade


Re: Old window wells REPURPOSED!

THIS is AWESOME!!! It would be perfect to put patio cushions in for the winter. I LoVE it!!!!!!

Re: A Little Bit of History coming to JMUG "Fall Edition"

Industrial chic! Love it.

Re: Laurel Putman is Dripping with Charm and Will be at JMUG "Fall Edition

Love all the little details. Have a blast and good luck on your showing - I know you'll be a great success!


Re: Samco Heater Upcycled Bird House

I'll condense my comment on all your posts to this one. Amazing projects. I love that you think beyond the typical wood birdhouse. Your creativity and hard work really show in each one. Love them all but my favs are this one, the silver pots and the little space heater one. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Collage Pendant

Love these!

Re: Collage Pendant

Love these!

Re: Got LOVE

Amazing! Perfect on your mantle.

Re: Planted Vintage Containers

Love your plantings! The little truck is toooooooo cute! The running joke at my house is that if it can hold dirt then mom can plant it!

Re: Bread Minus The B...

Very nice idea!! Love it!

Re: Rose's Junk

Oh wow! Love the birdcages and other rusty tid bits of beautiful. Junk is universal and cool in ANY country. Would love to see your pictures! Welcome to the site.

Re: It may be junk, but it always "...yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither." Psalm 1:3

Nice! Love the bold type on the cushions. Great choice.

Re: Introducing Junktiques!

Congrats - looks great. Good luck!

Re: New junk growing in my garden

I can't get over all the beautiful bright colors! You have grass! I haven't seen grass all summer - we are way too dry here. Gorgeous vignettes! Good post.


Re: I Luv Ma Junky Projects

I likey!

Re: Dog Beds.

Too cute!!!

Re: Cheers!


Re: How to Make a Swinging Bed...

I would LOVE one of these!!! The colors are to die for Sue. We have so much blowing dirt here that it would have to be stripped down after use but it would be sooooooooo worth it! Gorgeous!!!

Re: A Piece From The "Something Old, Something New" Bridal Collection


Re: Teapot Teacup Chandelier


Re: How to create a Wall Flower

These are EXACTLY the kind of flowers we need in Texas right now. They don't need rain and the wind and fires wouldn't bother them. Love em!!!


Re: Resale Table Turned Garden Furniture

Love this chunky table!!! Nice job on the top redo.

Re: Old Door Folding Table


Re: What you can make with pallets.

Great carpenter skills! I love old pallet wood but it's so hard to take apart. So many possibilities.

Re: Richelle's Chimes

Nice project and free parts is always a plus.

Re: Old Table Top--- New Life

Great idea!

Re: Mirror Possiblites...


Re: Recycled Cast-off Flower Arrangments

I love the primitive style! These are awesome!!!! Great job on all of them.

Re: Oil lamps repurposed

Great idea! My MIL just gave me 4 of these and I think I'm gonna copy your light idea and hang them around my barn patio.

Re: Shabby Chic Buffet/Chest

Nice job!

Re: Happy 4th of July to All

WOW!! That bike is gorgeous. American Pickers would be so jealous that it's in such pristine condition. You done good lady! Love all the special little touches! A+++


Re: My Flowers 2011

Beautiful flowers! I guess you are in an area that's had rain ~ we are so dry in Texas. I love all your containers too! Thanks for making me smile.

Re: Farm Living is the Life for ME!

You very clever girl you! LOVE this and love the "Flo/Rosan" sign. I also love that you inspire me to plant.


Re: Silage Shooter

I'm not sure what a "silage shooter" is or even what "silage" is but I'm guessing it's gross?!? I love it anyway! The coolest planter I've seen so far.


Re: How to Make a Cupola Planter

I didn't know what the "quick links" were called but I have some on hand. Great project Sue! I just love rusty stuff all planted up and petunias are my new favorite flower, mainly because I can keep them alive all summer. :)

Re: Cardboard Magic

Nice project! Love the reuse of a cardboard box for furniture!!!! Every college kid should have one!

Re: Farm Fresh...A New Twist on the Chicken Feeder

Sue, I love the pop of the rusty grate against the lighter color of the galvanized steel. Your special touch with the faucet handle is perfect. Sublime project dahling!!!


Re: Iris

Pretty! Great job.


He looks like I feel most days! :) Uber cool!

Re: A Chair to go with My "NEW" Vanity!

MUCH better!

Re: A Vanity Just Like Grandma's - my 1st post!

Done like a pro! Gorgeous.

Re: Divalicious desk chair!

Didn't even notice the sideways fabric ~ it looks great. Nice job! I too work for the county and know exactly what you mean about decompressing! Welcome to the site ~ you are gonna feel right at home here!

Re: Checker Top Table

LOve this! I'm like Jim ~ hope the others were salvaged. Those boxes are way cool and could have sooooooo many other uses!

Re: 67 VW Bus End Table

Very cool!

Re: 54 Olds Buffet LIT UP and DONE!

Love this!!!!

Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

Very nice stroll down memory lane. You are definitely talented and I think it's time you took the plunge again! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Garden in a Box

Beautiful - love the colors and graphics on the box. It's so hot and dry here that I haven't planted anything. You've inspired me. Thanks.


Re: A Memorial Day and Beyond Centerpiece

Beautiful and touching tribute to your sweet sister Sue! I really enjoyed this post and the story behind it - thank you for sharing it with us.


Re: Crestliner Chest w/ Buick Grill Center and Working Tailights!

Very cool piece!

Re: Fireplace Screen

I am so in LOVE with this piece! The color gives me goose bumps and makes my heart go pitter-patter!


Re: Up-cycled Leather Jewelry & Accessories

LoVe that flower! Great upcycle for leather!

Re: Sundial Turned Mossy Planter

Love all the rustic appeal. I think concrete with moss and flowers flowing from the cracks is beautiful. Nice job!

Re: My version of "Dresser Turned into a Bench"!

WOW - great job. Total transformation!

Re: I've been framed!


Re: Rainy Day Lamp Makeover

In my "novice"....VERY novice opinion you may be stuck with something round just because of the glass piece in the middle. Maybe if you went with a round shade that's "squattier" then it would take the 70's feel away. I would just play with it - go for opposite and try a square one.

Re: This Project Is A Gas

This would make a great coat rack in a garage. I think it's time to thank my mechanic for taking such good care of me - thanks for the inspiration!


Re: Candle Holder 101

My favorite look ~ rust/metal industrial combined with warm candle glow! Yum!


Re: Another Simple Spring Wreath

You're so good! Love it.

Re: Bed Rail Signs

Nice! Glad to see you're not wasting good lumber.

Re: Tin tile in a frame

Shabby beautiful!

Re: Rusty Canning Cooker Planter

Some folks just need a little help in the "junky idea" dept. Great job - it'll sell fast.

Re: Spring Has Sprung!

Creative idea on the spring. Your journals look beautiful. Great job.

Re: Tea Cup Gardens with a "grow" Light

Perfect gift idea!

Re: Massey Ferguson Tractor Grill Side Table

This is an awesome table! Love it.

Re: A Reel Bird Feeder

"Reel" nice Sue. (haha couldn't resist) Glad you're looking out for the feathered friends. So many possibilities here!

Re: RE DO of coffee pot

Love all the bright colors! Gorgeous.

Re: "Wining Allowed!"

Very lovely! I'm not a wine drinker but I think bottles of Vodka would look just as good - or is that too hard core? :)

Re: Milk Can Centerpiece

Love these little rusty beauties!

Re: Michigan License Plate Flag

WOW! This is awesome!

Re: Turning up the heat on SPRING!

Totally love this Marie!!! Happy Spring.


Re: Drop Yer' Drawers

LOVE the paint technique! Perfect project - I likey.

Re: "Sweet" Spring Wreath...

That's one of those wreaths that you go "duh, why didn't I think of that". Perfect in every way and the rosette embellishments just add that oh so special touch. Great job chica.


Re: $1,200.00 French Farm Kitchen Renovation


Re: What's missing?.....The REST of the story

You are GOOD!

Re: Stylish Wine Cart

Beautiful redo!

Re: Wine glass holder


Re: Seamstress Bracelet

Awesome bracelet. I don't sew but I would "sew" wear this!

Re: Rusty Drain Pipe Planter

Love me some rusty! I adore mixing old with new!


Awesome plate border for the garden! Buffet is very pretty.

Re: Vintage JEWELRY Sign

AWESOME! Love the Indian decal - what a purchase!!!

Re: Junk furniture for outside

LOVE these pieces! Great job.

Re: It's a Dilly of a Sign!

Perfect addition to your wall and great creative thinking on adding the wheel!

Re: Cheese Mold Plant Hanger

Oh I love the grand scale of this. What a great idea. Looks beautiful.

Re: Vintage Pattern Art

Love these! What great artwork and they would look fabulous in a sewing room or office or anywhere really! Great job.

Re: total claimed material

Nice job! Keep us updated.

Re: Vintage Screen becomes Office Organizer

You really took this from ugly duckling to gorgeous! Beautiful choice of paint and fabric. Love it!

Re: Ghost Town Junk

Very creative!

Re: Belted Tray

You scored big on the belts. Like this project and I agree - it would make a great fathers day gift.

Re: Monochromatic Teapot Lamp

Shabby beautiful!

Re: Junk that's 'Fit for a Queen'!

Oh my gosh I LOVE THESE!!! Did you use the roof bits for anything?? haha Awesome crowns - I love the idea of pretty dishes piled high inside and placed on a buffet. Great job!

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

Just stunning Jim!


Re: Chicken Coop

I think you guys did an awesome job!!! Looks like a lovely home for the little darlings.

Re: "Flea Market Under Glass" Setup is Under Way!

Industrial heaven!!!!! Wish I could be there.


Re: Garden Memo-Board

Beautiful choice of fabric or paper (whatever it is) I love the colors. The little fence just adds more character. Very pretty now!!!

Re: Simple Little Desk Makeover

Wonderful job on the desk. I have one I found at the thrift store for .99 but haven't tackled it yet. You've motivated me with this post.

Re: A Rusty Wall Pocket that's a Total Gas!

LOVE the very creative vase! It goes perfect on your chalk wall. Great job on the little flower too.


Re: Piano stool makeover

Why would anyone paint that pink? The wood color and the feet are gorgeous! I just can't imagine getting that paint out of every little nook and cranny. You did a great job! Congrats.

Re: Hold the phone - An estate sale find!!

Great elbow work chica! She shined up really nice.

Re: Spring Fling

Considerably better!

Re: Measuring up

I like it!

Re: Bathroom Junk Re-do!

Luv your bathroom! Everything looks perfectly perfect together!


Again - speechless!!! Kudos for you.


I'm just speechless! I can't wait to see the upcycle. You lucky lucky girl!!!!!

Re: Spring Ahead !!!!

Love the pelican - he's so cute! Awesome job on his perch and now you have a great space to put even more!

Re: Large Birdhouse

Ooooooo I love it!!!

Re: Sheep Pen Bathroom Cabinet

Looks awesome and what a great story to tell your guests.

Re: Rustic Ladder Bedroom Shelf

Wonderful addition to your bedroom! Nice job.

Re: Blue toy box gets a new look and a new purpose

Much better!

Re: one hundred dollar diningroom

Perfect! Love it when things work out.

Re: Another quick lamp

Awesome job Marie - love the blend of metal and wicker!

Re: Mirro and Shelf get a new look

Paint makes all the difference in the world!

Re: Recycled Piano

Very talented!

Re: Refrigerator Spice Cabinet

Cool idea! (no pun intended)

Re: Vintage Ice Box

LOVE the red - my favorite color! Great job on this!!!

Re: Recycled Pipe Desk

Very nice!!!

Re: Great Work Bench Island or Bar


Re: Happy May Day!

Of course I love the first cousin name to Rustydiva - Rusty Flea.

Here's a long one "Adren A Lynn Flea" (get it?)

Re: Wheel Well No Fuss Indoor Garden

Three green thumbs up for this project Sue!


Re: Fun Flea Market Finds

Great finds girlie!

Re: Wall Hooks

Gorgeous! Welcome and I look forward to more.


Great rusty bits!

Re: Junkin up your love....?

Very pretty! Love it.

Re: Frame the frame


Re: Hanging Flower Basket Light

Uber cool!

Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

Just beautiful Jim! Happy Valentines to you too cutie pie.


Re: Vintage grain elevator bins / wall pockets

Very cool!

Re: Giving junk a job

YOU ARE MY NEW FAVORITE!!!! Love it all but especially love the little ball of lights in the old lantern.

Re: My gazing ball

Very pretty.

Re: Tin Panel Cupboards

Always love your work with the cratewood! You do a beautiful job. Love the colors on these and the tin is gorgeous.

Re: My Lover is a Wolf, And I'm His Silver Bullet

Love the different elements in both your posts.

Re: Junky & Funky Chandelier Crystal Necklace

Love it!

Re: A "pretty" point-of-view

Very cool! You could sandwich so many things between those two windows. Love it!

Re: Tag Sale Finds

Score on those Tidley Winks - love the box! Is that a "Cupie Doll?" That name just sticks in my head but I don't know anything else about him. Love the little poodle too. It looks like it was worth the 30 min. drive.

Re: Shell Candles

Nice job.

Re: Ghost Catching Bottles

Cool! I like the back story.

Re: Gear Mirror 5 Different Ways

Yup, love the rusty crusty. Especially if it's all shined up with poly or vaseline! Beautiful project.


Re: Slightly Sophisticated Coop Lighting are truly the lamp guru! Brilliant job.


Re: Rustic Garden Planters

Love your containers! They're perfect for spring plantings.

Re: "Springy" Flowers...

My kind of flowers - the waterless kind!! Too cute.


Re: Horn Bird

Too too cute!

Re: Eat Your Carrots!

Love this! Great paint job.

Re: What's your number?

Gorgeous! Love her legs - very shapely.

Re: Bread Dough Attachments


Re: Valve Handle Bonanza

Oooo, rusty love!

Re: She dances all night!

Cool find! Lucky you and great job on the pendent.

Re: Record Wreath

Nice job. Welcome to JMS!

Re: baby blanket from sweaters

Congratulations! Very special gift for the new niece.

Re: Copper Tray - Saved

Cool tray - nice save mom!

Re: Vintage dresser-vanity re-do

I love this look! Fantastic job on the vanity and those drawers are to die for! Love both spaces.

Re: New life for this GREAT chair:)

Wonderful save!

Re: Fun Stuff Preparing for the Trunk Show

Everything looks awesome! Lovin the Texas size rust!!!
Good luck and have fun.

Re: A Union in Perfect Harmony!

Great creativity Lani! Everything goes wonderful together.

Re: From garage to grandeur!!

WOW - beautiful!


Great job!

Re: Floating Photography

Gorgeous frames and great pic.

Re: Need a tray? Use a door!

Love rusty, love the door, love black, love catzilla, love twiggy.......just love this project!

Re: Shelled Sconce

Very nice!

Re: Junky Bedroom makeover-Old door headboard

Oooooo, I wanna come live in your bedroom! Gorgeous colors.

Re: Lone Star

Oh my little Texas heart is going pitter patter over this idea! Seriously ~ I'm in love love love. Shopping for belts immediately! Thank you so much for making this.

Re: Bar Doors Revamp

Truly a mission of love! They turned out great.

Re: Garden Art for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Very cool piece! Lucky Lanette.

Re: Bird Bath made from reused/recycled glass.

Gorgeous birdbath!!! It wouldn't last long in our West Texas winds though - it would have to be an indoor birdbath. Love the little glass birdie.

Re: Nature Meets Rust

Great project. You crack me up "twigs in a basket". haha I get the same goose bumps from rusty stuff!


Re: Bi-Centinel Dresser

Paint is just a miracle worker - great job!

Re: "Graphics" design primitive cabinet

Nice job.

Re: Chalk-up Another Junk Reuse!

LOVE IT!! Would love to see your whole wall too.

Re: From a really LOW chair, to high chair again!

Sweet pink love Marie. Great job - even in a hazard suit.haha Love the rose pattern on the little hearts.

Re: Bathroom Junk

The colors are great! LOVE the toy truck! Too cute.

Re: Patriotic, red,white, and blue Bubble Tower

What an awesome idea all three of these are! Love the reuse of things and "kids" of all ages love bubbles.

Re: Mittens from recycled felted wool sweaters

These mittens are beautiful! The "old" soul in me would love to raise, spin and felt my own wool creations - someday...

Re: Christmas ornament - REPURPOSED

VERY cool! I would never guess that's an ornament.

Re: Love Cannot Be Measured

Wonderful colors and great idea!!! Love it too.

Re: old window

Awesome old window and love the western appeal! Great job.

Re: Wheel Serving Platter

VERY cool!!!

Re: Curb Alert! Antique Telephone Bench Found!

Score!!!! Don't ya just love other people's trash?!

Re: Rustic Romantic Valentines

Love the tin between the two brackets. Great job.

Re: Spelling with Treasured Junk

Creative - nice job!

Re: Architectural Salvage Angel

Cute! Great eye.

Re: Wood Door Headboard

Drooling over the rough chippy picture - I would have a hard time compromising - you're a good wife. It looks very nice in your room!

Re: Round Wooden Baby Bed

That's the coolest thing I've ever seen. Great job on the refinish. I think a canopy would just make it pop ~ know how to sew?

Re: The Saga of Thrift Store Barbie

LOL - cracked me up! Some days I feel like she looked stapled in a plastic bag. Great make-over! Stacy and Clinton would be proud. (TLC's What Not To Wear)

Re: assorted finds from today

Not the same as free but still, you got some pretty good stuff on the cheap girl. I know how it is to have a favorite hunting spot and then to have to let it go for whatever reason.....sad....but keep looking and maybe you'll find something to take it's place eventually. (LOVE Donald Dick) haha

Re: Pamper Yourself Trunk Show

Looks like a winner! Have fun.

Re: Out with the "New", In with the "Old"...

VERY nice!!! Those crates are awesome.

Re: Grain Scoop Vase

You realize, Jim, that now your wife will expect fresh flowers all the time since you've created such a great place to display them???? Great job and I too love the mercury glass job on the vase! Happy New Year!


Re: Hot Dish!

Like Lani, I see these all the time without the inner glass piece and always wonder what could possibly be done with them. Now I know!

Re: Santa can, can! Oh yes, he can, can!

Awwwww, he looks worried. Guess it turned out ok cause Christmas was successful. Cute!

Re: Cake Diet

Awesome way to look at a cake pan in a new light! Love it!

Re: Old door is for the birds!

Oh what beautiful birds. Love the red colors against the snow. Very nice of you to take care of them during winter. Great idea.

Re: Doll bed from castoffs

For someone new to junkin you sure are good at it! Great job. Any doll would be proud to lay her head in such a great bed. Next your daughter's gonna want a "human" size one to match. :)

Re: bird candle sconce

Love the bird! Great find girlie.

Re: little crystal windchime

Very pretty and I'll bet the sun catches it beautifully.

Re: Rusty metal cabinet reincarnation

Oh please don't forget to post when you get it all planted up in the spring! Love the door and the message is perfect! Very creative.

Re: Another file cabinet re-do

First let me say...... I LOVE your name!!!! Beautiful job on the cabinet. I have one I just haven't gotten around to making over so thanks for the inspiration! Welcome - you will love it here!

Re: A Message from Turks and Caicos

What a great bunch of folks! Pictures made me smile! Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Re: Holiday Greetings from the Lorsung Family!

Beautiful fam Lani! I think your wrapping is stunning - great job!!! Happy happy holidays.


Re: Holiday Greetings from the Lorsung Family!

Beautiful fam Lani! I think your wrapping is stunning - great job!!! Happy happy holidays.


Re: Warm Wishes from the Putman's

Beautiful family! Hope your holidays were/are wonderful! Love the snow - we had wind and dirt rain for Christmas. Ever heard of dirt rain? It's really ugly and brown!! could always be worse. :)


Re: Chalkboard Message Center from an old oval frame

Gorgeous frame! Makes a lovely chalkboard.

Re: Kitchen Junk-mas

Love the colors and your mix of fence finials! Beautiful job.

Re: Office Christmas Spirit

KMcG73 - Oh wouldn't that be cool to have wire! It's just wallpaper with a tiny fleur de lis pattern on it. I measured it the length of the door and then wrapped a little over and under the door and taped it to the backside. Our maintenance man gets a little antsy if I secure things with something other than tape or push pins. I mostly ignore him but I wanted to be able to change the paper out later if the mood struck me.

Kathy - I've kind of changed things up to a devilishly diva red and black theme but some of my "pink love" is still hanging around. haha Hugs and kisses to ya!

Re: Spindle Lamp

I won't make fun of you but I am concerned over your lamp fetish. Is there a support group for lamp fetishes? Oh I think I heard about a new show that highlights folks with obsessions ~ maybe you could get on there.haha Just kidding Jim, this is one cool lamp! You cracked me up with the shade stain comment ~ what WOULD one be doing to get a stain on a lamp shade???????? Great project!


Re: Thelma - A Norwegian Zebra Princess

Thelma is AWESOME!!!

Re: Holiday fast fixes!

Cool wreaths!

Re: It's coming, ready or not! (And I'm NOT!)

Merry Christmas Marie! Love your goodies ~ nice job! I think you're ready.


Re: Vintage Driveway Marker

Ha ~ love it.

Re: Junkified Christmas decor (part 2)

Love the warm rustic country feel of your decorations! Very nicely done!

Re: bait bucket Christmas tree


Re: Lampshade Christmas Tree

Love this!!!! The perfect tree.

Re: Let it Snow...let it snow...let it snow

Kathy, too cute! It's like playing doll dress up but with bottles! No snow here but I'm headed to Santa Fe NM where I hear it's snowing as we speak! Can't wait ~ hitting the road as soon as I post this comment. Have a great week-end!


Re: junk swap 2009

Very cool!

Re: Galvanized bucket filled with greens

Love the entire warm homey look and feel of this arrangement! The tag was genious.

Re: Snowman Junque

I love him!

Re: It's a Wrap - Part Five

Another one too beautiful to unwrap! Love the bling - even nature deserves to sparkle for Christmas. Happy vacation and Merry Christmas!

Re: It's a Wrap - Part Four

This would be a great teacher gift idea! Too bad mine have already been delivered but I'll keep this in mind for next year!

Re: It's a Wrap - Part Three

Gorgeous! Love the mushroom.

Re: It's a Wrap - Part Two

Too beautiful to unwrap!

Re: It's a Wrap - Part One

Awesomeness!!!! Love the natural theme - the packages are magazine worthy Sue!

Re: Christmas Junque on the Porch

Love all the red! Goes great with the snow.

Re: Oh where, Oh where, to hang my Christmas Cards

Awesome piece! Love the frame painted and the screen just makes it.

Re: Revamped Vanity Light

Great minds think alike.....I dismantled a few of those last year and made candle holders too. I took my tops and attached them to wood blocks for bulk. Great job on yours - love the Christmas touch!!!!

Re: Paper Sachet


Re: "Handy" Wreath Hooks

Oh're a woman after my own heart! I will be decorating right up until Dec. 23rd and will only quit because we will head out of town on the 24th and I'll have to pack. hahaha Wonderful idea for the handrail brackets! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


Re: Seasons Greetings!

Love the quote!! You are a kindred spirit cause I'll stick a bow or garland on anything not moving too!

Re: How to Wrap Gifts with Garden Material

Awesome bag and that tree wrap is the item of the year to have on hand. Very creative. Love!


Re: Dough Bowl Christmas Display

Love the versatility of dough bowls. That wire candle holder is pretty cool too.

Re: Vtg. Oil Cans Holding Christmas Ornaments

Love it.

Re: Vintage Wall Candle Holder

Cool ~ love the candle!

Re: Blizzard Boredom

Beautiful arrangement! I know you guys are getting hit hard but it sure looks beautiful from here in the land of still 70 and then 40 and then 70 and then 40 degree weather! I'm soooooooooooo ready for the ADHD weather to chill ~ LITERALLY ~ just chill and stay chilled!

Re: Do you hear what I hear??

Nice job!

Re: Industrial Junk Trophies

Hey there, I've missed ya - welcome back! Great work as always. You have such a talent!!!!

Re: Book 'Em For Christmas

Very cool! I love old books too - the shabbier the bettier! :)

Re: Sailors' Stockings

I love themes!!! Great project and I'm sure the guys will love em.

Re: Tis the Season....

Update......we had our raffle and the drawer went to a very good home! A wonderful lady that appreciates the history and loves the frou frou. :)

Re: Cow Girl Necklace

Love this necklace and the cowgirl in me is very sad that it's sold already! Beautiful job!


Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

Very cool lamp Jim. I get a sweedish vibe from it - don't know why - maybe it's the colors. How cool that you get to be creative all day long!!!! You're good at it and it shows in your work.


Re: How to Gift A Mason Jar

I just love the simplicity of this Sue! Of course mother nature makes it all that more beautiful. Wonderful hostess gift!


Re: Antique Typewriter Lamp

Hey ~ welcome home! We've missed ya. Love the lamp. I can just picture some writer hunkered over it turning out a great novel with plenty of light to type by.

Re: gotta love a wintery find

You just can't go wrong with red against a snowy backdrop!

Re: Halloween Image Collage

These are gorgeous! Love the burned effect - way to think on your feet! I love Halloween. Great job! I may have to try some for next year.

Re: Skate Date

Love your skates. I never thought about decorating with skates until I became a part of this site. Now I can't get enough of them.

Re: Ready for Parade! Vintage Toy Car

Yep ~ drooling over that car!!!! Love the contrast of the silver and rust.

Re: Giraffe Chair

Beautiful job!!! LOVE, love, love it.

Re: How to Greet Santa on Christmas Eve

Wonderful idea Sue! What a fun way to leave Santa a note and a great way to teach the kiddos to always give thanks!


Re: Junk for Joy

Great creativity!!!!

Re: Christmas Tablescape

Too cute!!!

Re: Heart of Gold Necklace

This IS a diamond!!!! Awesome necklace. I guess your talents know no bounds Jim. Love every inch of this!!!!


Re: Be Thankful at the Holidays

Beautiful pics Missy!! I am dying for the scale in the first one - great display idea. Thank you for the wonderful reminder to slow down and appreciate what's important!

Re: Pretty as a Pitcher

Awesome idea! I agree that hanging on the door would drive me nuts too. Hanging it from the mirror gives a great back drop. Very nice!!!!

Re: A Christmas Wreath with a Junky Welcome!

Wonderful wreath Lani! You jazzed it up just right - gorgeous greens.


Re: Christmas Mantel

Love this idea Andrea! It's so simple and elegant and yet has that rusty mix. Awesome idea!


Re: Old maple rocker

Retro cool!

Re: quart Jar Bug

I LOVE this buggie!!!! I'd want them all over my yard! Great idea.

Re: Meant For Me???

Now what a perfect fit that is....for everything....glasses and wine. Yep, it was meant to be Laurel and it looks fabulous in your kitchen. Good eye!


Re: Locker Basket Stocking Holder

Hey there - missed ya!! Great idea.

Re: Upcycled festive mirror, made from the left behinds

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I agree with the others about the beautiful color pallete. Great job.

Re: starship birdhouse

Too cool!

Re: More Charlie Brown Christmas Trees

Cute - love the pots!

Re: How to Make Corn Crib Roof Trees

You must of come across a stash of "corn" stuff lately!! Awesome ideas and these make awesome trees!

Re: How to Make a Wreath Stand

Wonderful idea Sue. Love all the greenery and feather!

Re: Money Does Not Grow On Trees...

Very creative way to give the gift of cash!! It's a gift within a gift - Love that!!!!


Re: Hello JMS!

All of my favorite things!

Re: I've got an "Old pair of roller skates you got a brand new...

What a bonus!!! Love decorated skates at Christmas. Nice job.

Re: Civil War Era Domino Pendant

Love the added bling!

Re: Wheely Sweet Coffee Table

Very cool!

Re: Funky Snowmen

Too cute! Can you tell us what they're made out of?

Re: United States License Plate Map of the Fifty States

Love this!!! Your hard work really shows.

Re: A Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Scape

Beautiful table setting Lani! Love the feel of nature. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


Re: The Entertainment Center

Planned out and concise - how boring! I drive my painter sweetie nuts because I will pull out projects and start painting at 10:00 at night in the middle of the kitchen. So you rock - you've been busy girlie. Very nice job on the fly!

Re: Big Chalkboard

Wonderful chalk board! Score on the moulding.

Re: 1st Anniversary Gift: Paper

YOU are the bomb because no way would I have the patience (or the eyes) to complete that project!!!! Great job and I love the tin frame!

Re: Otten Bros. Garden Center and Landscaping Open House and 2010 Holiday Season

Gorgeous displays and I see lots that I want from Santa!


Re: Old Machines

Cool ~ LOVE the chicken scale!!!!!

Re: Cars for Christmas

I love a good theme and this one is a dandy! Awesome Christmas display. Keep playin with those cars.

Re: Peace Sign Shelf

What is it with 12 year old girls and peace signs?? My daughter is 12 and we just redid her room with the same theme. She would LOVE this shelf. Great job!!!!!

Re: Giant Wrench Grasshopper

I just love the "bug" eyes!

Re: Sprayer Bug

Too cute!!!!! Love it!

Re: Junk for Entertaining...

Awesome and they look fabulous with your wine bottle springs!


Re: Let's EAT!

Very nice job on the letters! I think a jigsaw is the only saw I have left to buy myself. You've inspired me.

Re: Work Boots???

I have a pair of rubber boots planted up on my porch. Love yours!

Re: Garden Bugs :)

This post made me smile! Love the little critters. You did a great job on them!

Re: Our place on the creek - BEFORE!

Beautifully green! Nice deck.

Re: Found item, industrial, steam punk lights by Mark Bell

VERY cool!!! I've seen the words "steam punk" several times now - what does it mean? Whatever it means the items attached to the phrase are way cool.

Re: Kitchen islands and tables

Awesome job. LOVE the metal base.

Re: Industrial in the Kitchen!

Awesome industrial piece! Looks beautiful in your kitchen. Thank you so much for sharing your excitement with us - makes me excited for you!


Re: A Little Girl Approach to Christmas

Oh she is awesome! Love the natural color pallet and the necklace is beautiful against her black turtle neck sweater. Great job Sue.

Re: My new table!

Very cool! Congrats.

Re: Cabin Raising - AFTER THE FLOOD!

That is one tall house! You never realize how much damage water can do till you have to deal with a flood - so sorry you had to deal with two of them! Can't wait to see how you turn it all around.

Re: Wired---------[=

WOW - Love, love, love!!! I also love that flag in the background! Awesome project Jim.


Re: Harvest TIME

Beautiful colors! Love those clocks.

Re: I like angels -- in a BIG way!!

I'll be she's not scary at all. Love her tallness and the doors were perfect! Nice job Midge.

Re: Industrial Ambiance

Very cool!!! I have the perfect wall for a group of three.....

Re: JUNK Woodburner

Very clever masterpiece!

Re: Bread Bag Tabs Art

Ha - great idea!!!

Re: Fireflies

Great reuse for those old burned out bulbs - love!

Re: Play Like Dinner Party!

Love all the rustiness in the foreground AND background!

Re: How to liven up a dull laundry room.

Love the pretty shandy! Looks very nice in your laundry room.

Re: Getting ready for the holidays...

I just can't get there (thinking Christmas) until Dec. 1st. I'm still thinking pumpkins and fall leaves. Guess you need to think ahead when it comes to selling though so way to go Marie!

Re: Mimi-Toria's Version of SteamPunk

Awesome detail! Beautiful job.

Re: Film Box Planter

Wonderful display!

Re: From Furniture to Fashion

LOVE your skirt!!!! What an awesome gift. Love his stuff too. That furniture is to die for... well it's all to die for! Great highlight Sue. Hope he does well and I have NO doubt that he will!


Re: Holiday Caged Elf

Me too! Love the witch.

Re: Spring Loaded Table Scape

Love this little spring and the colors are perfect! Great display.

Re: Candlestick Finials

They DO look like chess pieces! Nice job. Love the contrast of the glass and wood.


Re: One more try with those recycled plastic pots!

They turned out great - love em!!!

Re: Otten Bros., JUNKMARKET Style

Looks yummy and can't imagine how much more beautiful it's all going to become after you help with the magic touch!

Re: How To Build a Pumpkin Person

I would say she's fit for a ball! A Halloween ball! Gorgeous eyes!!!


Re: Yes We Have No Bananas

Great projects! Love your creativity on all the pieces.

Re: A table with a story to tell

Love your table and the story it tells! How fun to live in a "village". Just the word involkes visions of cottages and rustic charm. Thanks for sharing.

Re: I love double duties! -- and Freebies!

Great save!!!!! So glad you had the "vision".

Re: Gorilla Glue/CL Fair Project #4

Sue, how do you manage to always look so cute and yet be so busy? I think Hazel's "real" job is stylist to the stars. Love the little case - of course you had me at metal! Great job.


Re: Yes! I still have a cat, you just have to find him : )

Awesome idea!!!! Love your kitty and he looks very pleased with his new bathroom.

Re: Gorgeous Finial from JUNK

Very pretty!!

Re: Industrial Trophies

Yup ~ way better than some ole typical award! Awesome job and I would have a hard time parting with some of those littles too.


Re: A Falloween Porch Redo with some New (Old) Junk Finds!

I'm soooooo ready for the Fall weather! Your pics put me in the mood even more. LOVE those stairs - too cool! Great job enhancing your already awesome junk Lani - keep em coming!


Re: Billy Jo's "Do Over Deco" Part 4

I love your mad woodworking skills! Great job on all these projects!!

Re: Rusty Junk Becomes Blinged Out Focal Piece

Great find!!!!! Love the added bling to the rust. You go girl!

Re: Fall Harvest Decor

Love the colors! Great job and wonderful display in that blood red suitcase.

Re: Burlap Halloween Junk Wreath

Too cute!

Re: Gettin' ready for Halloween

Love the pop of color against the fence! Glad you kept that rake head.

Re: Halloween Framed Art

Great idea and they look bootiful! ha couldn't resist.

Re: Black & White Pumpkins

Love these! They are beautiful!!!!

Re: A day (or three) at the Fair - the Country Living Fair

Awesome display in that galvanized mailbox. I've missed ya girlie! I know everyone is busy - and that's a good thing! Looks like a great time and I find myself wistfully wishing I were there once again. My creative spirit is dying to fly but is stuck behind this desk so keep the posts coming so I can live vacariously through you!!!




Re: 'Diamonds' on the Rust Necklace series.... JUNK SWAP ITEM

Love the mix of metals and of course - diamonds are a girls best friend! Beautiful job.

Re: Junk Gypsy Prom Cowboy Boots

Groovy boots!!!! Way to "country glam" em up.

Re: Day of the Dead figures made from Happy Meal Toys

Awesome creativity!!!! Love the idea.

Re: Ring Around the Napkin

Just RE-READ your narration and mabe you put the project on the carpet and not your self??????? Hahahahaha - I goofed! That's what I'll choose to believe anyway. :)

Re: Ring Around the Napkin I just shuddered at the thought of you laying on hotel carpet. All those "expose" (pronounced ex-po-say)shows have me scared to lay on the bed! Once I got past that.......LOVE the napkin rings. Absolutely b-e-a-u-tiful!!!!


Re: Fall Foliage Fun

Oh I love the little truck!!!! It looks great tucked into all the great flowers and gourds. Awesome window box and how fun to get to decorate it all the time!

Re: A Little Fall "Shopping"

Very pretty!! Love all the colors and your cart it awesome. I'd sure keep it right by the door.

Re: Has anyone seen the spices?

Love love love the crackle red and black paint finish!

Re: This is Halloween...

Love Halloween! You did a great job. Great decorations!

Re: Junk up those windows!

Great ideas!

Re: Everything's Coming Up Kale


Re: Autumn

Ahhhhhhh ~ I love Fall! Wonderful mix of nature's bounty and rusty vintage goodness!

Re: Tool tote for the table

LOVE the cool tote!!!!! Amazing find and beautiful vignette.

Re: Patio Bench

Love the colors! Really brightens up the space. Great job.

Re: A Simple Grate for some Great Vintage Photos

Awesome find! So many uses - enjoy repurposing it over and over again.


Re: Trash shutters to shabby chic window

Nice job.

Re: Bedside table with a new face!


Re: Little Chippy Foot Stool

Beautiful chippy white paint! Nice job.

Re: Footstool


Re: Jack O' Lanterns made from metal paint cans

Great recycle project!

Re: Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

Great job!!

Re: Rust is the Perfect Fall Color

Ooh rust is good any time of year but especially with Fall colors. Beautiful rusty pieces and love the box!

Re: The Good Ol' Days Front Door Sign

Too cute!! Would definitely catch my attention.


I'm joining the chorus ~ what a great idea!!! Those big ole clunky things make an awesome umbrella. Love love love!

Re: Gone Galvanized

Oh yeah, drooling over this one too! Love all the awesome metal! A++++ again Sue!


Re: Chair and Table

Very nice!

Re: A Table for Two

Great furniture! You are very talented. Love it all.

Re: Old Pulley Wreath

Simple and elegant! I always love your posts and ideas - keep em coming!

Re: Spooktacular Halloween

Yup, I like it!

Re: I'll grind your bones...

Very nice table and how lucky that it all fit together perfectly!

Re: Halloween Junque Shade

Oooooooo ~ LOVE love LOVE that lampshade! What a great idea. Everything is halloween perfect.

Re: Sometimes you need to have an extra vehicle just in case....

I love Halloween ~ great project!

Re: Birdfeeders and Garden Art

Great combinations. They look great ~ thanks for sharing them.

Re: Plumbing Parts with Ruffled Edges

You always mix the hard and rough with the soft and delicate so well Sue. I think you were a florist in a past life. :) Absolutely beautiful and a project anyone could tackle.


Re: Ahoy Mate! It's Junk Repurposed with a Coastal Theme.

Love the coastal theme and am drooling over that window! I can hear the waves lapping now! Wonderful pictures to put ua all in the mood too. Like Alice said ~ you got the eye girl.


Re: 100 YEAR OLD DOOR ~ Part Deux ~

Love the door as is! It's gorgeous!! Did you paint the insert or is it a bought painting? Either way you made the perfect choice ~ LOVE it!!!

Re: A wall border that is easy to change and cheap.

Tons to look at - nice job!

Re: "Treats" For My Windows...

Love your ideas Laurel but I think my fave (besides the garden fence) is the screen. Reminds me of a transom window above an old door. I love your thinking out of the box for window treatments! Can't wait for part deux.

Re: BirdHouses all types and new crazy styles

I have a new addiction to bird houses and these are great! You have great woodworking skills!

Re: CB2 Inspired mirror

Awesome mirror! Wonder how it would look as a clock too? Hmmmmm thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Fun with Shutters

These are cool. Great inspiration to hold onto some old shutters I have. Great job!!!

Re: Megaphone Pendant Lamp

Love that megaphone! What can you do with pom poms? haha


Re: I've Gone Textile!

Perfect for a Fall table! I would have guessed coffee sack too because of the "Columbia" ~ NEVER would have guessed a rug. Way to go Sue.


Re: Whatever SPARKS your interest ;)

Love Mod Podge! Cool idea.

Re: Fish Chair

Very nice for your first try!


Awesome find and great transformation. Makes a beautiful table!!

Re: Fall Picture Flash Cards

This is a great idea and very authentic looking!

Re: Pottery Barn Cubbies

Nice job! Looks like 1 piece - I likey.

Re: Cottage Industrial Soap Dish

I just love that you're so cool! This makes me want to smile and hug you. Who needs an ashram when we've got our junk guru Sue.


Re: The rest of the wall.........................

Nice job Alice. Love your stash of letters ~ very cool!!

Re: A Few Little Projects

Lovin the truckin!!!!

Re: pvc coupling napkin rings1

Great idea and sooooooo many possibilities. Too cute.

Re: Easy Peasy, for sure~

I love the graphics on those pea cans too! I love September too much to think about Thanksgiving right now.

Re: Coordinating pieces - pie safe, coffee table and end table

WOW ~ they look like brand new pieces! Wonderful job.

Re: Carney Bottles 1 2 3

I concur ~ no such thing as too grungy! Great job and great idea!

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

You have amazingly awesome mad skills Jim!!! I only dream of such creations. I think it is perfectly "ruined".


Re: Cool as Ice Junk

Love the repurpose from whatever it was to what it could be! Great ice bucket but I would have to chill a little vodka in mine!! :)


Re: Yard Art??

Cool stuff. Love the rusty metal!

Re: Trash find to daybed/Couch

Can't believe someone threw that away ~ lucky you!!! Awesome find. Congratulations.

Re: Still on the jewelry Reversible Remixed Jewels - updated photo


Re: The Goods

Drooling over your first pic!!! I'm not a jewelry designer but I've always been attracted to the smalls. I love little trinkets so your finds are right up my alley. I will dig through bins and boxes at thrift stores for hours and usually they give a pile of it away for .50 or 1.00. You found some awesome stuff. LOVE the little bottle stopper! Congrats!


Re: All "Dressed" up...

What a creative project Laurel! I love how you put all that together. Congrats on your win too.


Re: I Love Rusty Junk!

Yup, I love that necklace too! Great job.

Re: Upcycle Planters Into Patio Furniture

I would have NEVER thought about this. Love em silver too - great job.

Re: More Hess Truck Toy Earrings!

Loved em last year and love em still! I think they are pretty swanky trucker bling!

Re: My version of the PB clock.

LOVE your clock Alice! Looks very high end. Great teamwork.


Re: Inspired by JUNK MARKET

I'm a big fan of your photography - glad you found the perfect frame!

Re: Worm Sifter turned Spice Rack or Assorted Tea Bag Holder

How fun is a worm sifter! Love it.

Re: Trash to Treasure Charity Auction and Wine Tasting!

Looks like a great event and I'm so glad I know someone that got to be part of it. I see some awesome stuff in the first pic. Thanks for sharing Lani.


Re: Making the Best of Mistakes

I've missed you so much!!!! Awesome way to be resourceful Sue. I love a girl who can think on her feet, or head, or rear etc, etc. YOU are the bomb.


Re: Wheelbarrow Update

Very pretty. Love the drapy moss and splashes of red! Awesome score on the fence - panels are expensive!

Re: **Revised** Celing Fan Redo

See.....hubby was DIDN'T need a new fan. LOL
Great job!!!!!!! Now you've got me looking at MY fans!

Re: Old shop tools

Neat tools in both posts!

Re: JunkPotluck Project

Very cool way to serve up lemonade!

Re: First Oronoco Adventure

Awesome finds! Love the stencil wheel too.


What gorgeous pictures!! I thought the white fence arrangement was going to be my favorite but I love every picture I opened! I love container gardens and am slowly learning what plants I can handle and which one's I turn reaper on. Thanks for the great ideas!

Re: Corkboard makeover

Cute! Nice job.

Re: Oronoco Junking Finds!

My pulse is racing at every picture! I can only imagine how you are going to vamp up the style on each piece ~ can't wait! Thanks for letting us know "Clark" is in Texas (a little closer to home for me) cause I would LOVE one of those fans ~ looks like it would definitely keep hot flashes at bay! LOL


Re: I've Gone Crow Crazy

I think I'm crow crazy now thanks to your posts! Love your projects ~ they put me in the Fall mood! Great ideas.

Re: "Hinge-on" to another really simple idea...

New to me too Laurel! Very creative idea and I think it gives off a great funky industrial urban feel. I just finished watching this season of Design Star and I wish they had used more of this type of decorating.


Re: Ruthie turns 3

Awwwww, great idea! I miss my little girl being a little girl.

Re: garden work bench

Beautiful job!!! I so want to make one of these. I have all the parts just don't have all the time.

Re: Ugly Duckling Laundry Room

Nice job! I have a fear of gas and worry about the door so close to a pilot (even though it's all covered up) Guess I'm a little paranoid haha. Would love one of those tiny waterless electric jobbers but who can afford one!

Re: Fern Valley window in forest

Love your idea of hanging it right in the forrest ~ great job! Your menu sounds awesome too. I'm just ready for stew weather!

Re: Altered Mannequin w/ Handmade Jewelry

Love your fancy shmancy manny! The necklace is awesome ~ you are one talented chica.

Re: Pencil Holder

Wonderful pencil holder! Love the red.

Re: "Something To Crow About"

Love your rusty crow! I might try crowing ~ I broke out in song at the mall the other day while school clothes shopping with my 15 year old son. You should have seen the look of horror on his face when he was very quickly walking away from me. I just can't convince my kids that life would be much more interesting if it were a musical!

Re: Goodbye Summer!

Cute idea and very eye catching!

Re: Ugly duckling is now a looker!!

Oh my, I see these all the time in thrift stores and they ARE ugly. The make-over on this one is gorgeous ~ see what a little lipstick and mascara can do! Beautiful job!!!!

Re: Remixed Recycled Jewelry

Ooooooooo, lovin REMIXED!!!!!! Great pieces - I'm glad you're posting your jewelry again. I've missed it.

Re: hoosier redo

Love the re-do!

Re: How to make an ice box out of a cabinet

Ha cool. (no pun intended) :)

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

Jim, You have all the best junk!

Re: The Sunshine Chair

Great colors! Good job.

Re: Coat Hanger Topiary


Re: Tea for Two Wall/Door Hanging

Yup, Janis is very inspirational!!!! Nice tribute to her. Your inspired piece turned out great.

Re: Get Two Beers and Jump!

LOL ~ love it!! I would so wear that necklace. Great job picking up on a great line.

Re: Rusted Cable Box Cover

Rust is always the best way to go! Great eye.


Happy Birthday to you! I buy myself a present too, that way you get exactly what you want. Awesome sign!

Re: (Revised)Bird Feeder/Bath

Very cool candle holder and ever cooler garden trellis. The color will really show through the ivy.

Re: Garden Gnomes

Oh yeah, like em much better now!!! Great idea.

Re: It's time to play dominoes!

Wonderful project! So glad you found the perfect round piece to complete to complete the vision.

Re: Broken Chair Repurposed Into Garden Sign

Love love love the repurpose! You'll have folks stopping for fresh veggies and seeds.

Re: Ye Antique Gun Nut

Great story and wonderful gift.

Re: Color in the Corner of the Garden

Awesome blue color! Nice job.

Re: Bye, Bye Baby...

Hey, I have that Johnson and Johnson tin. It holds locks of hair and baby teeth. I remember transitioning the baby room to the toddler room and pink was always the theme. Now my pre-teen daughter hates pink and wants lime green everywhere! How fast they grow up. Thanks for sharing this Laurel ~ I can feel your nostalgia through the pictures and can't wait to see the next phase.


Re: Don't Mess With The Golden State!

Yay Texas! Love your work.

Re: More yard junk & our inside junk

Oh, I can't see the fireplace. Do you have a lighter picture cause it sounds great. I love old brick! I like all your planters too.

Re: My yard junk has grown all summer

Love planting with junk and looks like you've done a great job!!! I'm liking the splash of red with the welcome sign.

Re: We Went to the Salvage Yard!!!

Oh my goodness ~ what a great rusty score. Love love love the sign and the shelf! You have also made a great ali in junk. Congrats!

Re: Coming to a Magazine Near You!

Boy could I sure use some garden ideas! I have a blank slate with almost 3 acres ~ if only it wasn't so dang hot. Looks like a great time and can't wait to pour over the pages. Thanks for the heads-up Lani.


Re: Etch yourself some Polka Dots!

Very hip! Great job on the polka dots.

Re: Need ideas for this wood column I found in trash?

You could take the coat rack concept except use it for towels in the bathroom. It would make great table legs if you wanted to cut it down or use it as a curtain rod over a window. Just attach it with some sturdy brackets and drape shears or fabric around it and let it hang off the ends and puddle on the floor.


Our stretch of I-27 tried this but I think it died out. Maybe I should be pro-active and try to organize one in this area?! HA - like I don't have enough on my plate already - besides, I want to SHOP, not run things. Nice pics.

Re: "Farm Junk" Repurposed

Great job on all! I'm jealous too ~ welding is on my bucket list. :) Your pics put me in the mood for Fall. I would give anything for cooler weather right now. I'm a little over the 100 degree days!

Re: I'm finally rubbing off on my husband

That will make an awesome planter. Way to go hubby! It would be really cool if you could put some kind of fountain in the front part, like the boat sprung a leak. :)
Be sure and post when you're done.

Re: bench trellis

Love those old bus seat frames! Nice job.

Re: Pelican?

Great colors Marie! Well done.

Re: From Corbels to Curtain Rod!

VERY industrial chic!!! LOVE it!! Those corbels are to die for ~ awesome find for fifteen bucks!


Re: Try the wheelbarrow/wagon wheel combo. Tasty!

I'm thinkin they look pretty good as they are! Gorgeous flower arrangements. I can't get anything to grow in my wheelbarrow - it's not as deep as yours and I'm thinking the roots have no where to go. Love your vignette!

Re: Hubby's Extra Large Spice Cabinet

Lucky hubby - great job!

Re: Hanging Flower Baskets

Ooooooo, love that! Great idea.

Re: Little windchimes

Great chimes but I'm loving that table!!!!

Re: Big @$$ Windchimes

Great find on the gate - too cool. Love your chime also.

Re: found treasures

Great rusty yard stuff.


Love the quirky too. Great cat - love all the colors.

Re: Garden Potting Bench

Awesome piece - looks new! Great job combining all the different pieces of furniture and for the perfect price too.

Re: Funnel Rake

Great ideas for those rusty pieces of goodness!

Re: Giant Planter Box

Awesome container garden! Looks very well built - great job recycling.

Re: Secret Garden

Love the old brick. I once had my kids climb in a dumpster and hand out some old brick that someone threw away. You can always find great uses for it.

Re: Bookends

Very unique and creative idea. They look great!

Re: Radiant Fire

Aren't these things awesome. Yours is very ornate - beautiful!

Re: From Brassy to Sassy

Great idea hubby! Love it outside and I'll bet the weather does some great stuff to the patina.

Re: Vintage Camera

Love your photography! The pic of the door brings a lot of emotion - reminds me of my grandparents house.

Re: Vintage Market Day...and an unexpected trip...

Oh Kathy,
I'm so glad you are ok! Ripped heels can be dangerous. You have things like tendons and such back there. Your sale looks like tons of fun in spite of the accident. I'm sure you guys made a killin. Thanks for sharing it all with us.


Re: A Re-Design Ala-Junk Style!

Beautiful space Lani! I like it either way. Looks warm, friendly and inviting.


Re: An Old Shed Converted into Tiki Bar

You never fail to impress me! Awesome job. I want a tiki bar! I love the girl looking out at the water!

Re: What to do with all of your scrap fabric? Turn into a pair of fabulous Patchwork bloomers

C-a-u-u-t-e!!!!! Love em.

Re: from green to dream!

Ooooo look at all that gorgeous wood! Great job.

Re: Garden Fun

Love your garden inspirations! Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing your pics.

Re: My First Post.... Antlers

The color is perfect! Great job.

Re: Door Buffet

Very nice job!

Re: Whimsical Yard art continued made from old metal platters & odds & ends

Cute cute cute. Love em!

Re: Whimsical Yard Art from recycled plastic pots

Great project! I love the size and bright colors AND the fact that you found a use for those leftover plastic pots.

Re: From Bath Tub to Pond ( to be continued)

Great idea to use the waterbed liner. We have an old pool liner that I was going to throw away but will hold onto now. Can't wait to see the finish!

Re: "Fireside Chat" CoffeeTime Lamps

Welcome back! Missed your work. Nice job.

Re: Vintage towels turned into Fabulous Reversible Hobo Bags

Great bags! I viewed your etsy shop and me and my 11 yr old daughter love your stuff!

Re: Bringing a little bit of the Indoors Out...aka Deck-orating!

Gorgeous Lani! Love your space and your views. I think you would have A LOT of takers for those sinks. :)

Re: All Tied Up in a Bow

Great snips and big too!! I like em.

Re: Pull Up Your Pants!!!

THAT is hilarious!! We've had a lot of shovel projects on here but I don't remember any butt cracks ~ very nice creativity.

Re: Rustic Faux Fireplace

Love this! I've turned into a Fleur de lis nut ~ can't get enough of them! Great job on this. It will sell fast!

Re: Whisk-y Bugs

Love your little buggies!

Re: A masterpiece

Beautiful painting. It looks illuminated. Nice job.


I have one of these that I use as a candle holder too! Great minds think alike. :) I love the way the little holes in the strainer make a pattern on the ceiling and walls and there is just something beautiful about rust combined with a cream candle!!! Love yours.

Re: Beauty and the "sweater" Transform a boring sweater into a Fabulous fave.

Love your stuff girl! I've always embellished my daughter's jeans and things but never thought about doing mine! Your skirt post was awesome and I love the first 2 sweaters in this post. Great work!


Very cool!

Re: Coming attractions

Uh yeah, send one my way! ;)

Re: It Began by Planting a Tree Limb..continued

Wonderful that you have such a green thumb! Your hard work shows. Beautiful plants!

Re: 1740s Fireplace Found its Place in my Yard

Love love love! Couldn't be more perfect!

Re: Time Traveler !

Ooooooh, can't wait to see the transformation. PLEASE don't forget to post it!

Re: Roadside Treasure

AWESOME save!!! It's beautiful.

Re: Flowers That Never Fade...

This is so cute!! I love the bling added to the little rusty knobs. You are so creative chica. I will most definitely have to copy these little beauties! Thanks for the inspiration.


Re: Flowers for a Rainy Day

I have a pair of rubber work boots that were left at my rental property. They had a hole in them so I planted peonies in them this year. They look so cute on my porch. I never thought of froofin em up with a little rope and grommets ~ awesome idea! Love your idea and your little shoes look adorable all dressed up in springs fashion!


Re: To Market...our first annual "Vintage Market Day"

Ditto to what Alice said. Sending junk wishes your way! I know it will be a hit with all your great stuff. Lovin the pink stuff by the way! Have fun and can't wait to see the pictures.


Re: Bird Bowl Made From My Broken Pottery

Cool. Love the bird nested on top.

Re: Hanger Made From Salvaged Materials

Awesome job - love it!

Re: 10 minute hanger dropcloth curtains

I love using drop cloths. They have the feel and look of linen without the cost or wrinkles. Great idea!!! A+++

Re: Funky Junky Jewelry

Wonderful wonderful jewelry!! Alas, I must worship from afar due to a metal allergy, but would wear it in a second if I could.

Re: Bottle Crate Plant Stand

Love that final picture!!!! Awesome job and every component just came together beautifully.

Re: Garden outhouse

Too cool! Makes you wonder the story behind it. Great save!

Re: Freeze Frame

Because of your title, I was thinking it was a window from an old walk in freezer. I don't know how well wood would do in that environment though. Whatever it WAS, it is now a beautiful window to a beautiful girl. Lovely job Sue!


Re: Rusty Candleholder

Oh yeah, rusty style! Love, love, love and the clock faces just elevate it into coolness!

Re: Gourds of mystery???

Love it when planting turns out that way! Bed springs also make a great trellis. Nice job.

Re: Rusted birdcage to be made into a ......

My name says it all ~ I love rust too but if you just HAVE to get rid of it, maybe try a wire brush. Otherwise poly that baby up and let the rust shine through!! :)

Re: Trunk Find Make Over !!!!????

Congrats on the great find!

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

You are kind of the Elvis of the JMS world. I can just see (read)the women screaming and crying your name because of the projects you rock!!! This is no exception. LOVE!! It is stunning!! I actually thought the entire thing was metal. Your "aging" technique is brilliant and I love the custom fit to your space. Perfect job!!!


Re: birdfeeder

Wonderful idea and great execution!


Very nice inspriation. I love your pond ~ one of those is on my wish list! Great job on all of it.

Re: I'm Really Into Heavy Metal!

I am truly in love with this piece!!! I think I've told you before that items might come up missing off your front porch and I will have to add this to the list so if you hear a loud huffing and puffing noise, just ignore it. You lucky lucky duck ~ I want one!!

Re: Picket fence tablerunner idea

Great idea and great pics!

Re: Curtain Up!

I too have been on the hunt for the perfect picture to try my hand at this technique! Yours turned out great! Love the earring ~ looks like a little sparkly crown. The frame is awesome too!

Re: 5 drawer stand "Cherry Mash"

LOVE the color choice! Awesome transformation! Your hard work shows.

Re: Potting Bench

AWESOME!!! Love it and I'm with Marie ~ put it on wheels cause it would be a great party piece!!! Perfect for ice and drinks.


Hey, that's my mantra but I was no where near up north. Does give me some ideas for Texas though. ;) LOL
Great shot.


Love it!

Re: God Bless America!

Oh yeah, I like your style! Awesome red number 4 and what a lucky find at the thrift store. Hope you had a good one.

Re: PokerFace...I mean PokerFlag

Happy belated 4th! Wonderful tribute to our flag! Great job.

Re: Back to the Beach...

Hey Kathy, I just got back from vacation at a water park and this post puts me in the mood for more water! Great displays and collections. Lovin the seagull picture. Glad to see ya post again - I've missed ya.


Re: Fish or Cut Bait

Great lantern!!! Love the "Sue" touches.

Re: Happy 4th of July

Been on vacation and catching up on posts - love the colors on this!! Hope you had a good one!

Re: True "junk" jewelry

Fun idea!

Re: Junk Swap Part Deux - Beach Finds

Very cool display. That's the great thing about the junk swap ~ you get great stuff to work with in the future.

Re: 3741 Whipple Lane

Love this picture!

Re: Verdure

Very cool idea!

Re: Restocking for our Fall Sale

Already shopping again???? I want your life!!!! Problem is I would want to keep it all.

Re: Rusty metal thing

Looks like you are ready for the 4th!!! Love the "rusty metal thingy" and no idea what it is but it looks like it was meant to be a planter! Very creative Marie! Happy 4th of July.

Re: Vintage Gears turned candle holders

Love every crusty inch! Great find.

Re: Playing Outside...

Oh my goodness!!!! I'm in love with a porch!!! That bed/bench is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life! You might want to bolt that down so it doesn't disappear. ;)
I'm also drooling over the rusty plates - too cool!! It all looks absolutely gorgeous! Great job Laurel. I'm inspired to go home and do a little work on my own porch ~ even in the rain.


Re: Graduation Open House Done on the Cheap!

Congratulations! Looks like you threw a great party in her honor. They DO grow up fast! Sweet babies ~ now I'm getting all teary eyed just thinking about it.

Re: patio bench

Awesome blue color! Reminds me of the Carribean.

Re: AmmoBox Table

Great box and what a wonderful new life you gave it.

Re: A desk redo

You did a great job taking off that old finish. Turqoise is a brave color. Looks wonderful.

Re: My front porch

Very nice up-scaling of your treasures! Your porch looks pretty.

Re: Painted windows

Love your windows.

Re: vintage bike

Great bike!!

Re: 2 little fun finds

I love that you share your free finds. Very cool Barbie cards and the plates are gorgeous!

Re: Old palette TV stand

I'm so glad you're posting your projects. I've really enjoyed all your ideas! This is awesome.

Re: Birdie Builds a Nest

Awwww, she found the perfect house!

Re: Old crate stairs

Very creative!!! Looks authentic - great job. Love love love!

Re: All In A Day's Work

Successful trip!! Love all the chippy whites.

Re: Flash Card Heaven


Re: my new desk

Always nice to have a partner in crime, or junk in this case! Great job!

Re: finally finished my bird bath!

Great solution to your hardware problem! Love that base!! The white paint really makes the detail on it stand out.

I've had the same problem with some of my pictures and I thought it was my camera. I just retook them - fortunately they were "afters" and not "befores".

Re: my yard art

I wondered where your "Wednesday score at the auction" post was. Glad to see you got to go and found some treasures. Love em all but my fave is the bird feeder. So glad the inspiration hit you ~ sometimes I stare at something just knowing it has another purpose but just can't quite put my finger on it and then boom, it hits me, only usually much later and after it's too late.

Re: sweet and girly coffee table

Another great re-do! Not surprised it sold so quickly.

Re: prissy plant stand

Love that color! Beautiful napkins too. Don't ya just love mod podge!!! Great job. Very sweet.

Re: A ladder that does it all!

Ooooooo, love this too. It looks great between those two chairs. I think I'm on the fan wagon too for your style! Keep em coming.

Re: A junkin' character building

How how cute!!!!! I love this little shed. She screams character and junk love. Awesome awesome project!

Re: One more day till our June Country Junk Sale

Awwww, another great sale I'll be missing. I spy a table that looks yummy! Oh who am I kidding - I spy a lot of things that look yummy! Good luck.

Re: Billy Jo's Do Over Deco part 2

I agree - the open sign is the awesome!!!! Also love the patina on the chair. You've been busy. Nice job.

Re: Bench

LOVE the color. Great job! You did VERY well!!!!

Re: Grrrr-ates!!!

Love the grates but alas they are few and far between in these parts. My fave is the deep one you have outside with the candle jars in it. Very cool!


Re: PS Part 1 - The Pfarkel Sisters and the Vintage Treasures Market

MMMMM yummy rusty goodness! Are those vintage stadium chairs I spy or just chairs missing legs? Either way they are very cool. Looks like great stuff! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Re: PS Part 3 - Favorite Finds for Country Gardens Magazine

I wish I could find junk like you!!!!! Awesome pieces and I KNOW they will become awsome magnified pieces in your very talented hands. Like everyone else ~ can't wait to check it out.

Re: PS Part 2 - The People Behind the Party

Looks like an awesome group to be a part of. I love the Pfarkel sisters little trailers. I'm on the hunt for one because of their inspiration. Glad you had a good time!

Re: Instant Ancestor Recycled Tintype Photo Jewelry & Purses

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love what you do with the old photos and the purses are beautiful. Very nice job!

Re: Easy Garden Projects!

Love garden projects! Great job.

Re: Cabinet doors make great wall art!

I've used the spray kind of chalkboard paint and I get snags when I peel the tape off too. I don't know what the secret is. Love your doors!

Re: Silver plated tray turned beachy chic

Don't be discouraged that it didn't sell ~ its' gorgeous. It just hasn't found the right owner yet but it will. Great job.

Re: Old iron bed headboard garden fence

Love it.

Re: Junk/Bell Angel

Oh she is just adorable in all her rusty metal glory!

Re: Chalkboard Door

Very cool and I'm lovin that clock. Great look!

Re: A new life for an old crib...

Oh my gosh I love this!!! What beautiful scroll work. I don't think I've ever seen a metal scrolly baby crib before! Very cool and I love the transformation. Great job Marie and thank you so much for sharing it with us.


Re: Great buys last week!

Great scores, congrats! Can't wait to see what you do with everything.

Re: Chalkboard Coffee Table

Awesome first project!! Welcome to heaven and can't wait to see what else you create! Congrats on the sale.

Re: BBQ Bottle Bug/Bee

I love love love garden bugs ~ of the fake kind. Not so crazy about the real ones. :) Wonderful job and very creative!

Re: Game Piece Serving Tray

Great gift!!

Re: Summer Junkin' Fun

Great summer fun. I agree with Laurel ~ lovin the curly cues in the planter!

Re: glass gems for mosaics

Very cool, great job. I thought grout was suppose to be the easy part. :)

Re: LOVING summer break!!

I'm soooooooooo jealous!!! I want a summer break!!! stomp stomp. Two more years until I'm eligible to retire so maybe I can make a career change and get a summer break then. Can't afford to COMPLETELY retire. Love the table ~ gorgeous. Shovel is way cool and can't wait to see what the cabinet becomes ~ I see kitchen island..... Enjoy your time off.

Re: Gardening With Junk

I've wanted to do this with my yard since I bought my house 2 years ago. It's just sooooooo hot and I don't do well in heat ~ it wilts me! I seem to get a burst of energy in the Fall so maybe then I can tackle it. Your yard looks great! Love all the junk and I know you put a lot of work into it.


Love this! They look wonderful mixed with the white shutters. Great job.

Re: mosaic garden table

I've always wanted to try tiling but haven't jumped in just yet. You did a great job. You should have your friends over and throw a tile party. Fun fun fun.

Re: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . .

Oh my ~ so hard to choose! I love them all but the one that came from a ship seems to stand out to me. Also love the hand mirror missing it's handle. What a great fettish!!


Re: Need your help with this Adorable Vintage Parlor Table & Chairs

Whatever color you decide on will look great. The shape and form of these are wonderful. I would have a tendency to paint them black and then accent with bright red cushions. You know, like a ladybug or you could go black with yellow cushions like a bumble bee. So many possibilities!!!! Be sure and share once you're done.

Re: Recycled objects found at thrift stores

Oooooh love the table and the yellow/black/white bowl! Great reuses on all of them.

Re: Tile Scraper? .....Not!

Awesome idea!!!! I love it. I like your other yard treats too.

Re: AAJMS - A few of my favorite things

You can never have too many pictures of junk just like you can never have too much junk! Love all the pictures so keep the junk fires burnin.

Re: Decoupaged Hat Box

From plain-o to fabuloso!! Great project.

Re: Recyclying a metal vase with Mosaics

Very very nice. I can see where it would be theraputic, that's why I like to hand stitch things. I get the same feeling.

Re: Equipped

VERY cool!!!


Love all the rustic appeal this centerpiece has. I would have to touch it and oooooooh and awwwwwww.

Re: Birdbath from lamp

Nice job.

Re: Happy Daddy's Day...memories

Great graphics and colors. Nice tribute to your dad.

Re: What to do with an old Minnow Bucket

Great bucket and it looks wonderful in the garden. Nice job.

Re: My Mind Is In The Gutter Today

I love how the 3rd picture looks like a crown! Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Spoon Bugs in the Garden

I love little yard trinkets! These are awesome.


Love the signage! Congrats.


I'm hyperventilating for you! Awesome score!!!!!! Who needs sky diving for a rush when you have fabulous yard sale finds.

Re: Honey Rose & K Modage Baubles

Love the reuse of the old scarves! Very nice.

Re: A new kitchen light

Love the mix of sparkly and chippy! Great idea.

Re: On the Hunt!

Awww the fresh smell of a good barn pickin! Just can't beat it. Sounds like an awesome day and I see some yummy stuff. Looking forward to the end products.


Re: Coat Cubby/Garden center and Picket Fence Table

Love that you reused everything! Way to go and it looks great.

Re: Guarding the garden

Great job Marie! You are quite the artist girl! I would have to do mine in the abstract. haha

Re: mosiac window????

Sweet. Love the little flowers. Very creative of you!

Re: Burplap Coffee Bean Sack Tote Bags

These are great and will sell well! Love the crown one!

Re: free find favorites

yay for Wednesday!!!! I am just so bewildered and confused as to why these things are FREE! You must be in good with the auctioneer because the auction I used to attend would have tried to sell the dust of these pieces. I mean NOTHING was free ~ even if it was broken. I'm glad they are not stingy and that you see the value in them! LOVE the blue chippy box!

Re: more projects

I just love the country appeal of your yard decor. It speaks to me.

Re: Garden Party Necklace

Beautiful necklace Gretchen. Love the colors and the detail is to die for. I don't know how you do it ~ my eyes would be killing me.

Re: Globe Southern Hemisphere Floor Lamp

Great idea for a globe!

Re: old junk?? never

Another cutie!

Re: trash to my treasure

Love this ~ too cute!!!


My ex mother-in-law will call me from the thrift store if there is something she knows I'm looking for and then use her senior discount to buy it for me. I got a 4 place setting of Buffalo China (dinner plates, salad and desert plates, bowls and coffee cups) for about $20 bucks. It is good to be a senior!! Congrats on your finds.

Re: Hall Tree On Steroids

Let me be the first to say ~ this is an awesome project!!! Love how you combined everything and the color is my favorite. This would be great in an auto shop. My mechanic would flip over one. A+++++++ project!

Re: "Found Money Makeover Patio"

Hey I know you ~ I've read your blog and seen these pics. Love your redo and the red bathtub is awesome! I viewed your blog through Janis at Rust and Ruffles (aka Junkdreams) You're on her side bar. Welcome to JMS. This site started it all and will inspire creativity more than you know! Love all the goodies in your yard!!!

Re: Old door turned in to Bench

Great job! Love every chippy inch of it.

Re: Always Class-y and Creative at AAJMS

Lovin that bed with the darling gate headboard!!! Wonderful creative beautiful ideas. Thank you for sharing them with us, especially since some of us couldn't be there.

Re: pet bed

Great idea and re-purpose.

Re: Cleaning out the closet

I have some homemade Barbie clothes too! Great display idea for them.

Re: Some more of the Master Bath

Lovely vingette! Thanks for sharing.

Re: The Toad House

I absolutely adore this idea! Very creative and it turned out awesome!

Re: Go wild

Grrrrrrrrrrr! Nice animal print.

Re: Silverplate Tray Sign

This is my all time favorite word!!!! Love it on the tray. Great job ~ Bella, bella! (my second favorite word)

Re: more free finds!

Thank you for brightening my Wednesday! Love all your free treasures. The map is awesome and love the reds in the quilt. Pennies from heaven too! Great score this week.

Re: My salvage yard box

Love love love the blue chippy paint!

Re: More goodies from the Mother in law

Wow ~ great MIL! Love the cabinet in the first pic.

Re: SCORE!!!!

Drooling over that medicine cabinet!!!

Re: Forever in our Hearts

Beautiful tribute.

Re: Tick, tock ... I've got clocks!

I can't find clocks cause looks like you and Kathy cornered the market! Great find ~ congratulations!

Re: Primitive Flag

Perfect board for your project!!!

Re: ~Mini Cloches and a Great Find~

Great hot rainy day projects!

Re: My first...

Turned out beautiful!

Re: Old Screen Door Redo

Very nicely done!

Re: In the Mail

Awesome work!!! Love the legs and all the little cubbies. What a great find. Congrats.


Very nice job. I've decided I need a potting bench too ~ on the hunt for something I can "tweak". Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: My wheels were spinning on this one -- or should I say blades were!

Very cool!

Re: Tennessee Yard Sale Hwy. 70

Awesome angel! Love her hair.

Re: junky lamps

Great idea. Love the enamel strainer!

Re: I may be a bird in a cage, but at least it's your cage...

Cute. Great spring project.

Re: Nativity School Receives Funds from AAJMS Gala

Always love a good cause!

Re: The Junk Line Starts Here

Yup, love to see all the goodies. Keem em coming!

Re: Is there a Doctor in the House???

Love the RX stuff. Your pics are awesome as ususal and love the way you incorporate your medical finds into your decor.

Re: An extra window

Very nice. I need one of these in my office so I don't feel so confined.

Re: Coffee Table Solution

Great solution! One of kind furniture ~ gotta love it.

Re: Use for quilt tops

Wonderful ideas and what a great way to honor your mom. Love the shower curtain and I love that you saved the ring top. Way to be resourceful!!!

Re: bird house

Cute. I have a lamp base that I'm trying to figure out how to make a yard lamp out of with solar lights. So many uses -so little time! :)

Re: flower holder

Great spring project. Love the bug screen idea too.

Re: New Booth Photos

Very well done! Love all the shabbies.

Re: More from AAJMS...and an outing or two...

Great pics Kathy. It still makes me sad that I had to miss it. It just looks like an awesome time with some awesome folks. And I would have so climbed in those trash cans with you guys!!! Thank you for sharing with those of us who couldn't be there!


Re: free, chippy, old dresser=fabulous planter!

I love every chippy white, droopy inch of her! Awesome project and glad you didn't do anything to it. I don't think you were lazy, I think you were crazy creative!

Re: is it art?

Love the greens in "Jimmy". Very cool. Never seen a moose chair ~ awesome!

Re: Colander Planter Just add BEADS

I love these old colanders. The stars on them get me everytime ~ must be a Texas thing, or thang. Great job ~ love this idea.

Re: Yard Sale find of the year: 8 foot industrial table/workbench

Now see ~ if I wouldn't sleep till noon on Saturdays ~ I could find stuff like this! (workin on Fridays) Beautiful piece!!! Congrats.

Re: Have You Ever Had A Wood Bucket Fall Apart?

Wonderful use of a bucket that "kicked the bucket". LOL ~ couldn't resist. I like them all!

Re: Scissor Holder

Great idea!!!! Keeps them safely easy to find and protects the tips. Love it.

Re: Cupcake Server

Very pretty. Funny ~ I noticed the crazing on the plate before the bird. I like him too.

Re: Another Altered Dress Form

WOW ~ another one! You lucky girl. I can't even find ONE. Great job. Bet it will sell quickly.

Re: A Repurposed Dresser

LOve the shape of it too! Nice save.


Great job and great save from the landfill!

Re: An Upcycled TV Cabinet

Very nice re-purpose.

Re: A Unique Bird Bath

I really like this project!! Very pretty for the garden.

Re: Pretty and Weird -- or, Pretty Weird

Never thought about taking binoculars apart!!! I guess I should take more things apart. LOVE all the cool lenses!! The chair is great too ~ love that fabric for only a buck. How lucky was that!

Re: WEDDING GOES ON but Tygart's Creek Cabin FLOODED!

I'm so sorry about your flood! Water can wreak more havoc than anything I've ever seen. Like you said, the rusties can become rustier now ~ love that! Prayers and good vibes going your way from me. Now for the happy........Congratulations on your marraige. Beautiful couple and you are glowing!!! Very sweet of you to share your special day with us! Love your dress! Blessings on your marraige.

Re: Goodwill Rescue Flag Project

Love love love red white and blue!!! Great job on the flag!

Re: A Gift I Call Gadget Man

Love the G man!!! Awesome one of a kind piece of art. Did she sign it for you? Mostly love that you're back! I've missed your creative ideas.


Re: The Junkers at the AAJMS Spring 2010 Gala

What a beautiful group!!!!

Re: Prim Grubby Coffee Pot Light

It DOES inspire me. I've missed you posting ~ glad to see ya again! Awesome job!!!!

Re: ~Beary Cute Bow Holder~ala Build-A-Bear

Love it! They turned out precious and thank you for sharing instructions here. I have dial up AND an old computer so it knocks me off a million times and it's not worth trying to browse a bunch of other sites - someday......... Great job on these.

Re: Photo Love: AAJMS Spring 2010

Awesome pics! Now lets hear some stories. :)

Re: Quick and Fun Oil Lamps

Love love love this idea!!!!

Re: my work room is starting to fill up again

I can't convince myself either ~ I just keep shopping and shopping and shopping. (all thrift of course)but my house is full! Great finds ~ love the metal sign!

Re: I'm a junkie with a bad Thursday night habit

It absolutely astounds me the things people toss! Chair rail is EXPENSIVE!!!!!! Donate it ~ don't throw it away. That goes for the other stuff too!! Good thing you were there to save it all! We are such a wasteful nation ~ ok end of soapbox. Congrats on your super finds ~ you keep hunting!!

Re: Painted table

I don't see any flaws. Great job!!!

Re: Junque Goddess


Re: my junky little garage

LOVE your garage!!!! Beautiful.

Re: Wheel Lamp

Very industrial cool.

Re: Vintage China Birdfeeders

Cute cute! Great job.

Re: Salt and Pepper Shaker and Found Objects Garden Plant Stakes

These are awesome! Love the doggie ~ he made me smile.

Re: Billy Jo's Do Over Deco part 1

I personally love the corner shelf. I can see it in a kitchen with an idustrial feel. Maybe you could "dress" it up with some kitchen stuff so people could get the idea. Some people don't "picture" very well. They're all gorgeous! I love that you are saving all this great stuff from the landfill!

Re: Hall tree benches

You did an awesome job with these. I have some doors to make these out of but haven't got up the nerve yet. Thanks for the inspiration to get started.

Re: Still Lovin' Industrial Light Cages!

Love those light cages!!! You're on a roll. Great pics too ~ I like the vignettes!

Re: No. 1, 2, 3, & 4 Bookends from vintage molding

I truly love this idea. It takes care of those odd and end pieces of unused molding. Great recycling project!!!!!


Uh.....awesome!!!! Don't fold to the husband pressure ~ this is a great idea!

Re: Repurposed Stereo Console

What a fantastic job and great vision for the beauty it could become! Way to go girl ~ it looks great!

Re: from brassy to classy

Mission complete!!! It looks great. Good job

Re: My Mother's Day gift

What a wonderful Mother's Day gift! Your daughter did very well. I love the paint brush idea. Enjoy your gift.

Re: barrels of fun!

How cool is that! Love the way you jazzed them up too. Good hubby!

Re: I've been pickin'

Now is this stuff you bought and forgot about or is this a building that came with your house and you've never been in? Either way ~ Happy Birthday! LOL What great junk!!!! Now I'm drooling over being in your backyard. BTW, my teens do the same thing and then they bring me something they've found or they point out possible dumpster treasure. Guess they gotta be cool while still "liking" us.


Beautiful ~ just beautiful!

Re: the loner

I feel sorry for the little guy ~ glad you saved him!
I've disassembled 1 chandy and as long as you don't plug it in ~ rip away. You may have to loosen a few parts to get the wiring out and if you're not planning on using the cord on another project you can just cut it out (again don't have it plugged in:) My cord was beyond any reuse so I didn't have to be careful with it. Can't wait to see the transformation!

Re: Barnboard birdhouses

I see a gazillion projects in your future!! Awesome purchase and great bird houses. Congrats!

Re: junk heaven-orange park

Too funny ~ I don't think you needed any 411 ~ you've already posted five more things in the time it took me to make 1 comment ~ you go girl!!!!

Re: junk heaven-orange park

Awesome junk! Enjoyed all the pics. Did you know you can post up to 5 pictures on each entry? Might save you some time ~ I'm not very computer savy and it takes me FOREVER to do a post. You might be quicker than me :)

Love all the rusty crusty stuff - Florida looks like a junkers joy! Thanks for sharing it all.

Re: Vintage Cardboard Mannequin Torso

Awesome save Rachel! She looks great and will last many many more years.

Re: Mothers Day Gift

Nice gift. Wish my mother gardened - it would make buying for her so much easier.

Re: Mermaid dresser

Cute cute cute! Some little girl will be very lucky. (as yours was)

Re: Can You HEAR Me Now?

Perfect little nook! Love it and what a cool husband to save it for you. You guys did a great job.

Re: Mother's Day Gift

Beautful greenery! Wish I knew more about plants. I'm trying to learn but I'm afraid I'm not very good with them. Love the buckets!

Re: Abandoned Factory Lighting

Awesome contributor project! Thought all you guys left us for the "big event" in MN. Can you tell I have abandonment issues?? Always enjoy your creativity Jim. Can't believe that cord was still wrapped ~ great find.

Re: Oak Table comes back to life

Awesome job Marie!!! The previous owners would be kicking themselves now.

Re: Headboard Bench

I love this Lindsey! I'm sure your MIL was in tears because it turned out so great! Way better than being stuffed in a storage building. You've got skills girlie!!!!

Re: Window Trunk

Love all the combined elements!!! Awesome project.

Re: Alphabet Lantern (Junk Swap project!)

Looks like you got a lot of great stuff!!! Great lantern and can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Re: I love Rust

Mmmmmm rusty yumminess!!

Re: Apt for Rent

Ooooo ~ love the chippy red and you accessorized just right!

Re: Pink & Green Fabulous Luggage

Great job! I almost picked up a train case this week-end to paint. Wish I had now ~ these look great.

Re: Starting 'em off early

Great job Max! What great junk too ~ love the buggy look!

Re: Fore!....the coats

Great project! This turned out really nice ~ classic looking!

Re: Art & Architecture Junkmarketstyle - I just got home! Part 3

I just want to touch everything!

Re: Art & Architecture Junkmarketstyle - I just got home! Part 2

Awesome stuff!

Re: Art & Architecture Junkmarketstyle - I just got home! Part I

Thanks for sharing the pictures ~ those of us who could not attend have been waiting for tidbits of teasers!

Re: Boat book shelves

Wonderful job!!! Great that you used salvaged wood.

Re: Road side finds

Nobody ever sits things outside here and the only abandonment in the country always seems to be ant infested couches with the stuffing hanging out! You are sooooo lucky!! Awesome finds AND make-over!!

Re: Dragonflies & bugs - Garden art

Love this idea!!!!! I need to make some of these for my garden. Too cute.

Re: Vintage Doorknob Bracelet and Ring Holder

Love the look!

Re: Vintage Doorknob Twine Holder

Great idea!

Re: Did I mention I rescue broken chairs?

Awesome way to use the seat of a chair!! Love it. I too am curious about the swing thing.

Hey amorgan ~ I haven't used the wax myself but I think you can probably get it at any home improvement store. It's used to seal finishes on furniture or outdoor stuff. I use Polyurethane. Hope that helps.

Re: Jewelry Carousels


Re: Aully, Aully, Auction FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I officially hate you! In a kind, loving way! Not just find the best free stuff!!! Drooling over that lamp, and the pictures are AWESOME and CAN NOT BELIEVE someone left the cheese box behind. The world is just crazy!!! I look forward every Wednesday to see what treasures you've found. Keep em coming and I'll try hard not to be a hater. ;)

Re: Dictionary Place Cards

Very pretty. I like the aqua mixed with the black and white pages.

Re: Doll Chair Cookbook Rack

Cute idea. (I have that same old cookbook on the top left. Found it left behind in a rent house)

Re: Clock Wedding Photo Collage

Very cool. Love the heart in the middle and how it moves! Great job.

Re: 1930's movie theater sign

Great find! Congrats.

Re: Fun Game Table

Wow ~ you've been busy. Three posts in a row! Love this table. You did an awesome job combining everything.

Re: Two Cloches and a Piggy

Ha, cute piggy! Love your cloches too.

Re: Posey Purse and Birdie Scale

Lovin the scale to pieces!!!! I found one at a little shop and she wanted $65 for it ~ sure wish I could find one in a box at a yard sale. Your little purse looks much better painted white and the flowers are a lovely touch. Great job girlie.

Re: A New Desk for Captain America!

Love the new desk! Way to think mom. Great job.

Re: junk swap no 3

Cute cute!

Re: junk swap no2

Nice job ~ I love chalkboards!

Re: Television Table

Love the little hidden drawer!!!! Great save and redo. Perfect fit for your T.V.

Re: Dresser All Dressed UP

Wow ~ can't see where this thing was trash worthy. It looks like it's in perfect condition. Just don't understand folks that throw away good stuff. Great re-do job. I love the color combo!

Re: Greenhouses from old wood windows and industrial scrap material.

No wonder your wife thinks you're wonderful!!! I agree ~ these are gorgeous!!!! I try to have woodworking skills but usually end up with injury skills. :)

Re: junk Angel

Perfect spring project! Great job.

Re: My Swap Project 11 - Bluebucket

Great job and so many possibilites for that ring. I love the vanity tray.

Re: Test Tubing

Wicked cool rusty holder! Nice details you added there.

Re: The Junk is Flying at Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

You know that sick feeling in your stomach when you pass a yard sale and can't stop????? You think about it all day and you dream about it all night and you just know that there were all kinds of wonderful things you missed out on and will never ever be able to find again????? Well that's exactly how I'm feeling ~ may have to put myself to bed for the week knowing this is going on and I can't be there!

Loving the pics and the youtube. I watched em all! You guys have fun and don't work too hard although it looks like you already have.


Re: Industrial Romantic Junk Jewelry

Love the mix of industrial and bling!!! What a great idea for those little fuses and bulbs. I'll bet you sell these in no time!

Re: Mannequin Makeover

Love love love your mannequin! I have a metal one but am dying to find a cloth one and make it all frenchy. Your TLC looks great on this one.

Re: New life for a plant stand

Great combo ~ I love the metal top. You did very well!!!

Re: glass mosaic

Cool project...or should I say HOT project! Glad you didn't burn down the house.

Re: Great Finds at Garage Sales and Upcoming Projects

I'm drooling over all your finds!! Great haul.

Re: Recycled Vintage China Birdfeeders

These are awesome! I love the blue dish in the second picture and the pink porch post and the birdie salt shaker etc etc etc. I'm inspired to try my hand at some of these. Great job.

Re: 100 mile garage sale

Your faux stained glass looks like the real thing ~ great job! Is it already 100 mile time? One of these days, I'm gonna make that thing. I see shows on T.V. and it makes me drool!

Re: Friends are the windows to the soul.

I like it! Great combination and I'll bet it looks great in your bathroom.

Re: Kim's Coat Rack with Porcelin Door Knobs

Very well done. Your niece will love it! Awesome buy on the door!

Re: another free picture

Love that picture (and frame). I can just hear the beautiful silence of the snow. Love the feeling of stillness it invokes. Nice job!

Re: Jewelry for the AA/JMS Upcoming Event

Always amazed Gretchen. I know great patience, thought and good eye sight goes into each piece! You do wonders with all those tiny little pieces. Just gorgeous and I love elements of every single one! Good luck at the show ~ I know you'll do well.


Re: My new workbench "Pretty in Pink" (vintage pink!)

She is a bute or is it beaute ~ awwww she's a beauty! Great find for $20 bucks, I can feel the adrenaline rush now. Congratulations! I know you've been busy but know you have been missed here. (and Sue) Can't wait to see what you do with the butterflies!!!!


Re: Billy's Birdhouse

Love how you personalize each one. Very creative!


Hola Janis, I finally did this project with a little round silver tray that looks similar to yours in picture #1. It's in my kitchen and has "Bella" chalked on it for now. When I pulled the tape, my edges frayed a little so I sprayed it again and pulled the tape while it was still damp and it still frayed. Any suggestions? (I thought about getting a black permanent marker and just filling it in) Unless you have a more sophisticated solution. :)


P.S. YOURS was the inspiration so thank you!!!!!

Re: Beautifying a vintage spoon holder

Oh wow ~ this looks sooooooo much better! Beautiful job.

Re: From Clock Case to Jewelry Box

Awesome job on this! Great attention to detail. I really love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing.

Re: The Chimney Cupboard Family

Great job!!! Love the red and black one ~ my kind of colors.

Re: help me with my beautiful weathered wood!!!

I've never used the wax but I do use polyurethane. Many coats will keep the chips where they belong. You're right ~ that is a beautiful patina.

Re: from terra cotta to whole lotta red!

Great gift idea!! I too love red. Nice job curly.

Re: Primitive dry sink from salvaged materials

Love, love , love!

Re: Once upon a time.......

Love your plantings and all things planted in!!

Re: Plant Stand & Storage Cabinet

Love the rich warm color of the wood. Great job.

Re: Amanda's guitar coffee table

This is a very cool table! You guys did an awesome job! Love it.

Re: Proof It's In The Jeans

Yay you and yay him!!!! He did a great job on the strap ~ love it. One of a kind piece that he can really be proud of!!!


Great project(s)!!! Love the little greenhouse and it looks like it's taking a walk through your garden. I think it's really great that you used everything!

Re: true american junk;)

I think every rusty inch of her is just absolutely beautiful!! How cool that you have the same vision AND took pictures.

Re: 3rd Floor Stairs

I love license plates. Great idea!

Re: junk swap no1

Very creative - I would have never thought of this!

Re: Mannequin Gets New Life

Wow ~ now that's mannie love! Great outcome but whew......your hard work paid off. Great job!

Re: Glitter Where You're Planted!

Way to think on your feet!

Re: Junk Swap Project #6

Wonderful project! I really love this.

Re: Sampler totes

Great tote bags and what a bargain too!! Welcome and look forward to more of your posts.

Re: Custom Cigar Box Guitars

These are awesome!

Re: Arbor with old doors

Love anything made with old doors! Nice job.

Re: patio tables

They look great ~ would love details.

Re: my junky bird feeders

Cute - love it!

Re: The Perfect Ending to a Life Well Lived

Ditto what Marie said! haha Love it!

Re: Beach Glass Jewelry

Very pretty!

Re: depends on your definition of "junk"...

Thought this was a belt buckle at first ~ great job giving it character. Love the hat!

Re: Shipping Crate Coat Rack

Awesome character! Love the wording on the crate.

Re: Yet Another Croquet Set Project!

I just love everything you've done with the set Noreen! I thought your little rings were insulators at first. You're so creative! I would have just printed of directions on how to play croquet and then let it sit in the closet forever! ha Can't wait for the final product!!!


Re: More of my yard junk

I just love yard junk and how spring brings out the best of it. The door is way cool. I bought one with the MEN sign on it but needed it for a functional door so took the sign off and am saving it for just the right project. Love your creative planters too. Great job.

Re: cabinet door turned to shabby chic art

Great vision Erin!

Re: My Giant funnels have a new life!

I saw those at the Bittersweet Cabin too and loved them instantly. Yours look awesome in front of your little studio. Great job. The plants are perfect too! Way to go Alice!!!!


Re: Purse Planter

I like this idea! It looks great with your little table too. Nice job.

Re: Vanity Mirror

Great job! I love the mixed look.

Re: "Picture Perfect" Books...

Laurel, This is a classic idea! I love how you used everything you already had ~ smart girl ~ and I love how everything is interchangable. Great "first family photo". I love old books too and this is a great way to use them. Thank you for sharing this ultra inspiring idea.


Re: Vintage Redesign Jewelry - Heading to Cali for the Week-end

Beautiful as usual Gretchen!! Good luck at the show ~ I know you'll do well.


Re: Black and White Dresser

VERY well done!! Don't ya just love Mod Podge ~ I can't get enough of it. Love your color combo's.

Re: I have a few hang-ups...

I can see why these are selling well! Nice job chica.

Re: Not quite done yet!

I am sooooo impressed that you found an object on Craigslist, picked it up, completed not 1 but 2 projects out of said object AND posted them all in a matter of days!!!! I would still be on the picking it up part ~ having INTENTIONS of completing a project and then looking at it under my barn patio thinking ~ I really need to do something with that!

LOVE love love your little cart! Great job.

Re: Thresher finds new life as farm lamp

Awesome lamp! I love how you put everything together and the apple basket is the PERFECT shade!

Re: This post is for Gretchen...

Love the lady in the tiny frame and it would make an awesome piece of jewelry. If you don't get a response here from Gretchen then she has a blog Mimi Toria's Designs and I think there's a contact e-mail on it. Very sweet of you to share!

Re: Mother's Day project

Well you are on top of things girlie ~ you have Mother's and Father's day taken care of! My mom is IMPOSSIBLE to get gifts for and I struggle every year. This is a good idea. My dad is soooooo much easier - maybe I'll make HIM a candle. ha

Re: Coffee Tin Projects

Love the graphics on those old cans. Great job spreading them around your kitchen. I love the trellis idea. Good project!

Re: Father's Day project

Love this! Love every rustic inch of it! Your dad will love it too.

Re: Crumpton Stuffffffffff

I so envy your Wednesday auction trips!

Re: Post Hat Stand

Great idea and I love that picture!

Re: Triumph Door Knocker

Very creative door knocker! I thought it was an animal at first too - resembles a lizard. :) Great idea using the hinges too. Glad you're posting - we need some more "boy" thinking on here. It helps expand our horizons!

Re: Curch Pew Rebuild

Great job on the rebuild! If you paint it black and it stays outside it will weather faster. I have better luck with white pieces cause they don't sun fade or show dirt as much and we have a LOT OF DIRT here. Whatever you do it will look great!

Re: O Spring of Junk

Your garden is beautiful and I love that you're using "junk" finds to decorate. It looks awesome. I'm loving that fence in the last pic! Great job!!!


I absolutely LOVE this idea Janis! I want to try it but can't find the right picture. Believe me ~ you have me looking and the wheels turning whenever I'm in a thrift store. This one is gorgeous!!!!


Re: Picket Stool

Cute. Very nice job on the stool. I like it.

Re: Another Printer Tray Idea

Very good idea! I love scrapbook paper and wall paper - oh just paper! Nice use.

Re: Funky Junky Furniture

Me too! (wishin I could paint like that) Great job on the chairs and the lamp is very cool!

Re: Junk Swap - #5

Great job on this project. You combined everything wonderfully. I love the idea of using an old key as a hanger!

Re: No, Thank YOU Sir!

This is a really great table! You are so creative! Your projects are always one of my favorite on this site ~ you give us all great ideas!!!!!

Re: Bottle Rocket

Amazing. You truly have an awesome talent! I love your art.

Re: Broken Shutter Room Divider

You did a really great job on this project! Looks awesome and the green is wonderful.

Re: Cast Iron Stove Bottom Ottoman

I am sooooooo drooling over that base!!!! You did an awesome job turning it into a stool. I love it!

Re: Junk Swap - Projects 3 & 4

Nice job ~ loving that candle holder!!! You can never go wrong with numbered milk caps. Great projects!

Re: Junk Swap - Show and Tell

What great junk! I love the mix of everything. Ha, cool bullet casings. Can't wait to see what you do with those.

Re: An Aha Moment!

Thanks Janis! I thought they were cuties - used to chatter and smile all the time.

Laurel - good guess on ages! And yes they do grow up way too fast. Enjoy each moment. My oldest will be driving soon - yikes!!


Re: Junk Tables for $1000 Please

OMG ~ wonder what they charge to "carry" that on the plane??!!! I am in love with a table!! Wonder how my boyfriend will take it?????


Re: An Aha Moment!

WOW ewnurse - sounds like yours were "professionally" done. Way to reuse!! I knew the idea wasn't original but I could kick myself for not thinking of it sooner. I've wasted so many of those things. Junkers remorse!

Re: trash junking

I can feel the adrenaline rush now ~ congrats!

Re: Infant prague assemblage

Very cool! Great job.

Re: You Shall Live

I love this! I think it's the coolest piece ever!!! Awesome job! A+++


I think you did a great job with your jewelry. I love the little roles too and they look a lot bigger in the first picture. The thickness of them is really cool too. Great job! We should ALL dance on our jobs ~ every day!!!! How inspiring to your students and what a great memory of you they will grow up with ~ I would never forget you!!!

Re: Junk Swap # 1

Cute idea for the ice cream scoop. Looks like fun junk to play with.

Re: How to Build a Chest of Drawers?

Yup you scored big!!! I love the patina and just the entire look! It truly took my breath away when I opened the picture. Great find!

Re: Old Letters to Make a New Entry

I'm jealous too. I NEVER find letters here. These are great! I like them outside by your front door ~ great idea.

Re: Junk Swap - Project #2

Great coat/hat/whatever hanger!!!!!

Re: Junk Swap - Project #1

Love old faucet knobs! Great marraige with the chippy wood too! Nice job.

Re: TING...went the strings (I mean xylophone) of my Heart!

Great assemblage. Very creative.

Re: Junky Centerpiece Inspired by ND Junk Girl

Great job Bec4. Love all the rough rustiness of this project and the white candle really makes the metal "pop".


Good karma Vicki ~ congrats. Your little angels are precious.

Re: Vintage Silver Spoon Napkin Ring

Great job ~ they look gorgeous.

Re: Thank you very much, Mission Rubato.

I now love the word "rubato" and will proceed to smather it on everything! :) WOW ~ from a business standpoint, if you could cut those things and come up with a really cool product, you could sell MILLIONS! I would have to see the individual pieces up close to come up with any ideas so I'll have to find a piano to stalk. Will keep my thinking cap on and get back to ya! In the meantime ~ congrats!


Re: Minnesota or Bust...or so the sign says...

Arrrgggg ~ I'm so dying to be there! Next year, next year, next year. OK better now.......ya'll be safe!!!


Re: 1 of a Kind bathroom vanity

This is beautiful. Great job! I love vanities that look like (or ARE) pieces of furniture! I've always wanted to try my hand at it.

Re: Plant Holder Wall Art

I've never seen one of these either. Interesting. I love it as art! I can totally see it on a brick wall in a upscale city loft. Very cool!


Re: Pictures of my home: Living Room

Yup, love your living room too. That radio is to die for!!!!

Re: Building a Swap Project an Architect would sign off on

I think you did Jim proud ~ great job!!

CleverJunk ~ JMS organized the Junk Swap last month. But there will be another one I think next spring.

Re: Assorted do-dads that I found at the auction today

Ha ha ha ~ love the tag! I guess you just put it around your shirt button. Love the kitty too ~ you did well for a short visit! Sorry you have to work Wednesdays, bummer.

Re: Graphic Punch!

This is really a great project. I know some folks on this site that would all over this idustrial graphic look. Love it!!!!!!

Re: old windows

Great ideas but my fave is the pot rack! Good job.

Re: Trunk Bottom Book Case

Cool project.

Re: Vintage Chair

You are one busy crafter! Lot's of talent. I'll be your house is decorated so cute.

Re: Bed in the Flowers

Love the raised bed with it's red accessory. Also lovin that garden shed!!!

Re: Rusty Dust Pan Bird Feeder

Very cool feeder!

Re: Spruced Up Planter Box

Wow ~ nice garage sale find. Don't ever see those here. Love the outcome!

Re: Old sewing table makeover

Paint is awesome ~ it can transform anything. Nice vision.

Re: Clock Case Book Case

Awesome again! Very talented.

Re: Picket Potting Bench

Great potting bench. I love how you turned the pickets upside down to make decorative feet.

Re: Buggy Tea Cart

Great eye and wonderful combination of parts!

Re: Parts Box Planters

There's that industrial chic again!
Love these!


Re: A Pleasing Palette

I love that you used part of a palette. I hate to see those things in trash piles. The wood can be used for so many things ~ if you can just get them apart. haha Great job!

Re: My Swap Project 9 & 10 - Bluebucket

They fit perfectly ~ don't ya love it when that happens?! Love the addition to your garden angel. The little pots fit right in.

Re: Pictures of my home: the kitchen

I have 2 lilac bushes ~ one in the front and one in the back. Love their scent but I wished they bloomed longer. Your kitchen is VERY charming ~ I like it.

Re: Create a Fairy Garden with Me in Sunny California

If the picture is any indication ~ I'm on board ~ in spirit. Just "wish" I could be there in person. Maybe my little fairy will make it so! Have fun.


Re: Scrap yard beds made good again

Kuddo's to you for the save! These old beds are awesome and you did a wonderful job with the facelift.

Re: Looking for inspiration for a few items?

I too would go the flower/plant route. I also was thinking bathroom like Lezlee. If you have the room ~ mine are tiny. I would use the break thing as an umbrella stand for my patio umbrella ~ the wind keeps blowing it right out of the table. Good luck and let us know what you do.

Re: I flipped over a Christmas tree stand -- literally!

Looks like it was meant to be!

Re: World Map Table

I agree ~ looks fabulous in the photo's! I love the warm colors and aged look and even the bumps and wrinkles. It would be a shame to hide it. It really is gorgeous!

Re: A couple of quick wall hangings

Ok Marie, so I love everything about this. The colors are right up my alley and would look perfect in my kitchen! Beautiful job!!!

Re: Tick-Tock Table

I love that you used the top of an electrical spool. You modernized it with the clock face! The weather never gets to those things ~ talk about lasting. The perfect table top!

Re: Stylin' Centerpiece

Loving the meat grinders! They cast a very cool reflection. I like how you added the number to the candle too! Awesome job.

Re: A Magical Garden Party Charity Tablescape event

Love your magical table! The fairies under glass are precious. Love how the whole look just came together. Great job!!!

Re: Wreath of Rust

Welcome Spring! Nice job.

Re: Another Groovy Block Party!!!

Great project! Love the block of wood and love the wild flowers! I think even dandolions can look pretty all gathered in a bouquet ~ I used to love it when my kids would pick them and bring to me.

Re: Have a Coke and a "smile"!

Awesome job with the bottle caps. Would you believe I STILL have a box full!? Love all the projects you came up with!

Here's some history ~ my sister has a coke machine that still stocks the old glass bottles. These caps came off those bottles. She said they are getting harder to get and have to be ordered through Coca Cola.

Lovin it and can't wait to see what else you create!


Re: My Junk Swap Junk....Not really!

Oh Kathy, I was so excited to open the website and see the junk I sent you. You made everything look so pretty!!!!! I'm glad you like everything. I kept picking up decorative stuff and had to switch my mindset to some project stuff. I honestly could have sent more but tried to reign it in. You almost didn't get the biscut tin. :) I love it too!! The vaporizer was a garage sale find last summer and has been sitting in my hall closet for a year. I KNEW you would do something cool with it and it deserved to be out of the closet. I knew I probably wouldn't use it but I couldn't pass it up for a buck.

I'm just so excited all over again!!! We will definitely meet someday! You are a sweetheart!!


Re: Blue Plate Special

I love that you use every last drop! Looks very nice combined with your glass.

Re: Junk Swap project: my first attempt at a mosaic

Great job! I love the pops of red!!! I've always wanted to try it too but haven't found the time. Wouldn't have known this was your first try if you hadn't told us. Very nice!

Re: Bedspring Tablescape...and a little wine too!

I saw this on your blog and absolutely LOVE it! I just wish I could find a small bed spring. I will sooooooo copy this. okie dokie? :)

Re: Tennis Racket Frames

Oooooo, lovin these SO much!!! Another great idea I would have never thought of and I pass these up all the time in the thrift stores. Not any more!!!!

Re: Oak Harvest Table and Window Curio Cupboard

These are gorgeous! I would snatch them up in a second. Great job and I know they will sell fast.

Re: Small Chairs for the Garden

Thanks Rob. I'll be digging my jigsaw out this week-end.

Re: JUNK from my bf's TRUNK!

Great finds! Love the artist's book.

Re: A Witches Broom

Very cute. We are having a Halloween party next year and I'll have to make one of these. Thanks for the instructions.


Wow, very cool collection of stamps. Nice way to use them for your project. Have fun with the rest.

Re: Been Busy Lately...

You HAVE been busy! Wonderful works of art.

Re: Junk Swap

Oh my ~ I see soooooo much that I love too! That hand is AWESOME. Very cool packaging. I didn't know you could ship things in a suitcase. I thought they just accepted ugly brown or white boxes. Great score Judy ~ congrats and can't wait to see your projects start rolling in. :)


Re: You Deserve A Crown

VERY nice mother's day gift idea. Great job.

Re: junk swap project #1 & #2

Wow ~ you're fast! Nice creativity. Fun projects!

Re: "Fiesta Tree Hangers"

These are gorgeous! I bet they look wonderful blowing in the wind during Fiesta. Great idea.

Re: A Smooth Place To Hang Your Hat

Great project Georgia. My boyfriend is a painter AND has lots of hats. I may have to raid his man shed.


Re: Built-In Desk Nook

Love love love that shelf!!!! Your nook looks awesome and I love the chandy. Great job.


Beautiful! You're right, it would have been lost on the floor. Now you can admire it at a perfect height.

Re: Small Chairs for the Garden

What an awesome idea!!!! What did you cut the seats out with? I have nephews and I have chairs so I'm thinking a little "garden" gift is in store for their birthdays this year. I'll add some little garden tools and a watering can and an easy plant. Maybe paint their name on the back. Ooooo the ideas are flowing now ~ thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Seat Belt

Great use for those thrifted belts! I've always wanted to cover a frame in them. I saw one in a high end western store one time and they wanted a fortune. I've also seen the top half of boots wrapped around frames. Wonderful job on your camp stool ~ I like the idea of a luggage rack.

Re: junk swap box contents..... ready, set, go!!!

Great stuff! Who was your partner? Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Re: Junk Swap Project

Great idea! Love the little springs and what a perfect holder for the Welcome cards. I would have never thought of this.

Re: Cloche from 3 Vintage Glass Pieces

Very pretty and good luck on your Etsy store.

Re: Farm Fresh Fruit Bowl

You know I'm all about the rusty!!!!! Love it!


Re: Can o' lantern leads prosperous lineage

cool creation.

Re: My Round Top/ Warrenton Antique Weekend finds

Lucky you ~ don't ya just love the hunt!!!!

Re: It's a "Shoe-In"

Awesome display idea!

Re: junk swap from gretchen /mimi toria

WOW ~ you have projects for years!!!! Great stuff. Love the number 5!

Re: Check Out My Junk...from the "Junk Swap"

It would have been fun to see a little pole dancing... I mean climbing Jim. But I do love the repurpose! :)

Re: Great way to re-use old tea towels!

Nice job. Love the roman shade.

Re: Lil' Cowpoke Armoire

Great idea and excellent job on the color washing!

Re: Our Yard Junk!

Great container ideas. You've shown that just because the soils not right in the yard doesn't mean you can't have flowers and plants.

Re: Lamp Shade Cloche

I really like the shape too. Very nice.

Re: Driftwood magnetic votive variety

Love the driftwood ~ reminds me of an aligator! Great candle display.

Re: Happy Easter

Love your tree and beautiful eggs!!!


Tubular man! Wait, is that surfer or skater lingo??? I get confused ~ nice job!

Re: MORE OF SWAP PROJECT .. Just in time for Easter

Very pretty ~ nice job.

Re: JunkSwapGoodies

Great junk!

Re: From Springs to Sprigs . . . Easter Accents as Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Beautiful as usual Lani! I just love your color scheme with just the right touch of industrial chic! Happy Easter. (belated)

Re: Why keep them in a drawer?

Gorgeous jewelry and great idea!

Re: Roberta Gets an Upgrade

Ha ha ~ she looks awesome! Great hair!

Re: Glass Garden Totems/Centerpieces

Very pretty!!!!

Re: Reborn Cabinet for Quilts

Awesome quilts! I love anything with quilt pieces. I got really lucky one time at a garage sale and a lady sold me all her quilts for $2 each. I bought 5 of them and felt like I was robbing her blind.

Re: Spring Projects

Wonderful spring projects!

Re: In love with Jack...

Oh my ~ I think I love Jack too!! He is VERY handsome in his rusty red suit!! Better be careful cause some junky chick will try to snatch him away.

Really - drooling over the red!!!!!!

Re: My Swap Project 7 & 8 - bluebucket

You got some BIG stuff in your package! Love love love the clock and reuse of the glass. Really love the clock ~ awesome paint job!!!

Re: My Swap Project 6 - bluebucket

Wonderful idea!! I never thought of hat stands ~ very clever and they go perfect with your beautiful hats.

Re: Junk, Glorious JUNK!!!!!!!!!! Part 2

I'm just reeling from the fact that this was all free!! The auction I used to go to here would charge for the trash (and I mean TRASH) even if it was a couple of bucks, they made SOMETHING off of it. You lucky lucky girl! Way to go.

Re: Junk, glorious JUNK!!!!!

Once again ~ MY HERO!!

Re: AAJMS JUNKMARKET Members Get-Together?!

Boo hoo boo hoo! I went as far as checking flights and hotel but alas, it's too rich for my blood. I need to start saving for next year now! I'm so sad I won't be able to meet my Northern junk sisters this year. I know it will be a blast and the rest of us will be green with envy at the fun you will have! Hugs from Texas.



Hi Janis,

Tres chic!!! Love the way you glamed up an already glamorous purse and picture. I LOVE her necklace!


Re: One to grow on...

Too too cute!!! Way to think outside the box on this one. Great idea !

Re: My Swap Junk BEFORE project 1-Racers7

You DID get great junk! Love the little door and what you did with it. Good idea.

Re: Turquoise~Color of Spring~Embellished Medicine Bottles

Very pretty!!! Lovely detail.

Re: Swap Projects 5&6: Light Jar and Candy Dish

I haven't heard of that material either but cool way to use it! Great job on using your treasures.


Oh too too cute! What a great package to receive all your goodies in and you dolled it up perfect! Love the theme you used!

Re: small decoupaged box

Great job! I love love love decoupage.

Re: vintage magazine art: Part 2

Another great photo! Love her coat but heels in snow ~ yuck. I guess it goes with the whole era of housework in heels and pearls too. I would have been an odd duck in those days. ha

Re: vintage magazine advert

Love it! Good eye.

Re: Tea Cart and goodies

I too would love for Johnny to drop in but he would have to be dressed in "Jack Sparrow" theme ~ I have a thing for pirates! :O Love what you did with the tea cart and love all the whimsy in your backyard. Great saves!

Re: Finally Finished Junk Swap Project

This is great!!! I love how you combined all the pieces and made a truly unique and beautiful piece. Awesome job and wonderful creative eye!!!


Great job Alice!!!! I love the night light idea too. Congrats on being the first to complete ALL your projects!!!!

BTW ~ I haven't been to Canton in years (mid 90's)but if I ever get that direction again, I'll give ya a holler! :)


Re: dance necklaces using tap shoe taps

Awesome creative idea!

Re: Cutlery Crosses

I love this idea for old silver knives. Great new life for them.

Re: Memo Boards

My daughter did one of these in art class at school on paper and I treasure it! Great idea using chalkboard paint ~ makes it more personal. Love it.

Re: my grandma's old salt and pepper shakers

Very special project!! Beautiful.

Re: Another Party

I just love themes!!! I can see why you are the designated "party planner". Great job!!!

Re: junk swap!

Wonderful ideas for your swap treasures!

Re: Junk Swap Fun...Thanks Marie!

Awesome disk!!!! Bet that was one heavy package. I know what ya mean about not being able to dive into projects ~ I'm slowly working on mine. Love your junk and glad you and Marie made a great pair. Sue knew exactly what she was doing huh?


Re: Coffee Tray

Way to use all the pieces! I'm with the rest ~ VERY clever.

Re: Barn-style Doors are Not Just for the Farm!

I love this and I love your room. I thought about this type of door for my closet but the planets have not aligned for me yet. Beautiful pictures!!!

Re: A Lamp For The Birds

Beautiful! You did a great job with the swirly's!! Great idea for an old birdcage.

Re: old toaster kitchen night light

Very cool lamp! Nice job.

Re: A Fun Broken Chair Project...

Very cool combo! Great job girlie.

Re: Garden junk!

How does your yard look all green and pretty already? Ya know I love the rusty yard art!!!

Re: My Swap Project 2 &3 - bluebucket

Look at you go Bluebucket!!!! Another great project! I've had my awesome junk for a week now but not a chance to get creative with it. I think the family will have to eat leftovers tonight so I can get to work. Love the way your mind works and the button door hangers are beautiful!!!!!

Re: First Junk Swap project!!!

Awesome jewelry haul! Sooooooooo many possibilities! Love the sparkly chime.

Re: Junking Saturday

I would drive that far for junk ~ especially cheap junk! Congrats.

Re: Swap Projects 3&4: Wall Decor and Tea Lite Holders

Great projects!

Re: My 2nd completed junk partner project!

Perfect nameplate Marie! Love it.

Re: My first completed junk partner projects

Great "two-fer", as Sue would say! Love the red ~ looks like you shined it up a bit!

Re: Junk Swap Project

Very cool idea and love that hubby jumped in on the fun! Looks like you got some awesome stuff to work with.

Re: Showcasing "Schnibbles" on Town Names Cards

Very cool idea!

Re: Junk Swap

VERY cool! Looks just like it was meant to be.

Re: you can't always get what you want...

Nice score! Those mirrors are beautiful. Keep putting those positives into the universe and they will come to you.

Re: My Swap Project 1 - bluebucket

Absolutely best creative idea ever! I would have never thought about this for wallpaper. Great project.

Re: Getting Back to Basics

Ahhh spring.....when will it be here for real???? One thing about Texas is if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change! haha We have had beautiful spring mornings that turn to snow in the late afternoon. Crazy weather but I too have the fever and am looking for simple arrangement solutions ~ thanks for giving that here!


Re: Light Fixture Planter

Now THAT is too cool for school!!! Love the planter vibe. Wish I were a good enough cook to use my own herbs. haha


Re: First post from my swap partner.

You lucky junkin duck!!! Love all the rustiness and love the way you put your Texas size thinkin cap on and came up with some wonderful ideas.


Re: Transform a chest of drawers to a small dresser.

Very pretty! Love the creamy paint color.

Re: Drumroll Please...

It is definitely the year of the table. What awesome pieces I've seen here and this one is spectacular! Great job girlie!

Re: A Rustic Little Side Table...

Great spring display!

Re: eat your way around the globe lamps

Oh, we love Legend of the Seeker!! My kiddos used to lay in bed with me on Saturday night and watch Hercules and Xena. We have every season on DVD. Now we stay up to watch Legend ~ he's a cutie pie! Very nice to find another fan.


Re: eat your way around the globe lamps

Awesome lamps. I think those swords are pretty cool too.(anyone a Xena fan ~ she's my hero!!!!!!) Love anything medieval.

Re: Junk Swap Project--just the beginning

The FUN has BEGUN!!!! Great collage.

Re: "A Crown for the Queen"

Dang it ~ I wanted this one!!!! Love love love!!!!! This could be worn dressy or with a pair of jeans.


Re: Tag, You're It!

Love this idea and I recognize some of those graphics. I also love the basket with belts looped through it. Very creative ideas.

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

Absolutely perfect name! Love the cabinet and sending wishes for great success.


Re: How to Make the Stars Happy

Your flower displays are always absolutely gorgeous! Were you a florist in a previous life?? I can never get mine to look so natural. Great idea and standing ovation for this post! Bravo (clap clap) bravo!!!!

Re: Greeniebot

Right out of an old sci-fi movie ~ great bot!

Re: Skullbot

I think he's perfect! Awesome skull piece.

Re: Junkyard Dogs...the How and "Y"

I too saw this on your blog but the wall was bare ~ love the addition of the greyhound! The room is gorgeous! Awesome job.

Re: Unique "Black Dot" Foundry Mold Table

Coolest table yet! Love it. I don't see those foundry molds in my neck of the woods either. They are way cool though.

Re: Some see a 'custard cup' ...... I see a 'mini glass cloche'

I think I need to come up with some nests ~ seem to be all the rage. Very very very cute ~ love it!

Re: Candles ~ "kicked up a notch or two"

I would buy these in a second! Presentation is everything. Oh and I'm a candle nut too ~ I have an entire cabinet dedicated to just candles.

Re: ~Vintage Bundt Pan turned Birds Nest~

Love those vintage pans. The "eggs" and the paper were just the right dressing!

Re: A Couple of Fun Collages...

Awesome pieces! It takes great patience to create these and creativity. Well done!

Re: Vintage silverplate garden markers and a load of other ideas

Very cool.


Never heard of such a thing! They're awesome though ~ many many possibilities.

Re: A Good Place To Nest

Great idea for spring time decorating! I can't seem to find any birdies and if I do they are expensive ~ guess they are the new "in" item.

Re: Objects as Art

These are just soooooo cool! I love the groupings. Very artistic Jenny ~ awesome idea.


Re: Necklaces Reborn...Buttons, Too

Great job! Love those rings ~ I'll be looking at thrift store sweaters in a whole new light for the buttons. That is what this place (JMS) is all about ~ inspiration. We all hoard stuff but we don't hoard our ideas. Everyone is soooo giving and there's no me me me, mine mine mine. Keep having fun and glad you're part of the family!

Re: Star Attraction!

This star is right up my country alley! Love it.

Re: A little yard somethin

Creating even when your sick ~ now that's a true junker/artist. Great job Marie! Hope you're feeling better.


Re: Fuse-ion

Yup ~ I would have been drawn in too! Love the mix of light and dark. Great re-purpose job! Love it.

Re: Jewerly Organizer

Great idea and I love your rust technique! It looks very cool and I'm sure your daughter loved it.

Re: Literally, A SPRING Wreath

GREAT idea for those bed springs! I love this wreath and the birds nest is awesome.

Re: Bet you didn't know how sweet dripping wax could be!

I love candles!!!!!! I'm also lovin that birdcage! The white candles against all the dark metal speaks romance to me. Nice post.

Re: Reclaimed headboard Now coat/hat rack

Absolutely love the look of the light wood mixed with the dark rusty hooks. Great job!

Re: "Wander/Watch/Nest" Necklace

Another beautiful creation Gretchen.

Re: Repurposing a crate

This is awesome! Love it!

Re: Arachnibot

What a great project!!!! Love that she has that kind of imagination at her age ~ looks like she comes by it naturally. Bravo!!

Re: A Great Marriage

Very cool. Love the way it looks with the floral runner.

Re: "Olde Tyme" Collage

Hmmmmmmmmmm.......the wheels are turning! Expect the unexpected! Thanks for the ideas. Great post.(as always):)


Re: JMS Swap Pairings Complete

Still jumping up and down!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE my partner! You done good ~ thanks!


Re: Bench from a bedframe

Welcome to Junkmarket rustiCdiva! Great bench and great first post! You did an awesome job.

Re: Reproducing Old Documents

Awesome work! Very authentic looking.

Re: Cataloging a new adventure!

Awesome catch!!!!!! Very lucky you!

Re: Letterbots

These are soooooo cute!

Re: Robopup

Love the little personality that shows on his face!

Re: Laser Pistol

Fantastic fun piece!

Re: Piperbot

Too cool and great baby gift!

Re: Featherflite

Awesome!!! Love your imagination.

Re: Global Change

Yay you! Nice job.

Re: "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?....Well you better let him out"

Yup ~ made those calls too! Prince Albert and the refrigerator one ~ too funny! What else were you suppose to do at slumber parties, not slumber!!!! Great idea.

Re: Airstream Project

I have always wanted to re-do an old RV and have it as a guest house. I've been looking for a resonably priced little one from the 50's or 60's but they ain't so cheap! You did a great job!! Love this project!!!!!

Re: toille trunk

Love this! It's very bella!!!!

Re: Got Hoops?

Love the fabric and the colors! I'll bet you sold a lot as bibs and burp cloths.

Re: Slam Dunk...

Great job!

Re: A TwoFer

Great lamp. Is that a candlestick? I like the drilled holes also.

Re: Framed Clocks

Nice re-use of materials!

Re: Easy cutest pin cushion pin display in 3 minutes

Hate to sound repetitive but......Great idea!!! Looks very elegant.

Re: My First Post!

Wonderful first post Newbie! I love your homemade hutch. I turned a waterbed headboard into a buffet for my kitchen and thought about a hutch but haven't found the perfect bottom yet. My sweetie actually had a water bed when we met ~ they are soooooooo ugly sometimes. Now that you've posted this there will be a rush on them ~ great job!!!!!

Oh yeah and welcome! You're gonna love it!


Our problem is we get a really great junk store and then it closes down months later. I'm talking REALLY great store ~ the kind that has corners and nooks and crannies filled with rust and chippy furniture and boxes of stuff. They just don't make it and then I have to find a new "happy place". I do have my old standbyes though like American Council for the Blind and The Disabled Veterans Thrift.

Janis, love this! You were so very lucky to find it and who cares if it was for bath products. It's gorgeous in it's new life in your beautiful home! Awesome piece and you adorned it perfectly!


Re: My Scavenge Wednesday in Ann Arbor 2.24.2010

Don't ya just love thriftin? I start to get seriously depressed if I don't get to go every few weeks. Great finds!

Re: Heart of Toile

What an awesome gift! I love the picture! I also love the sentiment attached and the use of family treasures. Great job.

Re: this old drawer

Very cool drawer ~ I would have kept it too. Love your kitty ~ looks like he found either a bed or a fancy litter box. :) Great projects and reuse!

Re: Antiquing To Michigan and Back

Wow again! You scored big! I'm going through a "white dish" phase and am gobbling up every piece I find so I love the ironstone pitchers you found. Everything is awesome and I'll bet you were on such an adrenaline high. It's hard to come down after a haul like that. Congrats.

Re: Laundry room curtains.

Great idea! Sweet sweet little dresses.

Re: Disk Spacers Re purposed

Always lovely when others find rusty junk for you! Congrats ~ love em!!!


Re: Words on Vintage Maps

Wicked awesome bluejean! :) (heard that on TV last night and just had to use it) Really great idea!!!

Re: Late Bloomers...

Uber cool flower bouquet! Love it! Great idea for these old things. Turns them from a country feel to a modern feel. Great job Laurel!


Re: seeing the light

Beautiful job!

Re: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Awwwwwwww ~ love it!

Re: shabby chic picture frame

You must be christened the "auctiondiva". LOL You did very well once again. Love how you pulled everything together. The frame is gorgeous and the picture is perfect for it. (I've had that same glare problem and if you stand a little to the side and take your picture at an angle then it seems to take care of the glare and the flash.) I love your posts ~ keem em coming!

Re: My Funky Chairs

Love the table and chairs. I'm going to transform a set that was left in a rent house and I love your color choice. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: To DYE for!

Truly terrific lamp Alice!!!! Great job and every time you look at it you can think of gramps. Very cool. I like the idea of a rectangular shade to mimic the lines of the bottom like Sue suggested. Looks like it will have to be a BIG one.


Re: Scrapyard lamp

You better hang on to that or maybe not. Copper has been so sought after here that people have had refrigerators stolen for the copper tubing inside. They have also had some construction sites burglarized for copper. Appearantly it's selling for a pretty high price. Way to go girl!

Re: For the Love of White Junk

I want to junk with you!

Re: A Fun Day of Junkin'

Awesome haul!!! What a fancy name for drawer parts ~ ha.

Re: Sanity Restoring Junque

Awesome stuff!!! I know that withdrawal feeling all too well. Glad you got your fix and feel better now. I used to see those hoops all the time and now that I'm looking for them (project inspired by "fellowjunker") I can't find them anywhere! Be sure and let us see what you do with it all.

Re: Towel rods from antique gas lines

Beautiful idea!!!! Good for you.

Re: Junk Swap Set to Begin - Rules of Engagement

I'm jumping up and down now waving my hands in the air like a little girl ~ can't wait, can't wait.

Thank you Sue for organizing this on top of your millions of other things you do!!!!!!


Re: From Fireplace to Mantle!

These are right up my alley Lani ~ just send em on over!
Love the versatility and especially love to learn they are called andiers in French! Oooh la la! Awesome find you lucky duck! Enjoy them.


Re: My Rose Bowls (and plates and teacups)

WOW ~ wish our auctions worked that way. Maybe they do and I just haven't stuck around long enough. Very very cool! I love auctions but sometimes dealers run the prices up where us regular folks can't afford it. Good for you!!! Please keep sharing your finds.

Re: My Rose Bowls (and plates and teacups)

Ok so you've mentioned the auction several times. Do you work there or just hang out looking at the floor? I need to hang out and look down too cause you have found for free some awesome stuff!!!!! Who knew.

Re: The Mystifying Oracle

I had one too and me and my friends would scare ourselves silly with it at slumber parties! haha Blast from the past ~ thanks for that.


I see these and thought it was an egg separator also. It cradles the yolk while allowing the whites to drip through.

Re: does anyone collect old photos?

Wow ~ lucky you ~ free?! I always look at old photos at thrift stores and wonder about the people in them. I seem to be drawn to black and whites from the 40's and 50's or older but I have no idea what I would do with them. If you were a dealer, you could use them for display or if you made greeting cards they would be cool to use for the front. Beyond that I have no idea except look at them and smile! Good luck.


These are gorgeous Janis and a little embellishing never hurt anybody!!! I have such an aversion to brass that I have a hard time looking beyond it. Your projects have helped me try to see the shape and form instead of the substance it's made out of. You get the old brain juices to flowing in a different direction and thank you for that!

I love these and my fave is the last picture. Precious precious precious! Great job my friend.


Re: altered antique bottles and charms

Awesome use for those odd and end tiny pieces we all have laying around! I like it!

Re: The Lighthouse Bed

Very creative fix! You did a great job on painting the lighthouses and I love that you mixed it up. Awesome job!!!

Re: More Thrift Store Finds.

Very pretty prism colors coming through on the glass. You done good!!

Re: Sea Glass Lighthouse Sconce

Very well done and how lucky that you found that exact pieces you needed for the lighthouse light! The sea gods were smiling upon you!

Re: If JMS Jumped off a Bridge .....

Ladies I AM a lucky girl! He brings me junk all the time but I think he would rather stick a fork in his eye than go to a thrift store with me so it was VERY sweet for him to endure the torture for Valentines. LOL

greencolleen ~ I think boys are conditioned to think that all we gals think about is diamonds. They don't know how to act when we just want "junk". :)

JunqueMagnet ~ there would probably be A LOT of us jumping! How fun and of course it would have to be off a rusty, chippy, industrial, shabby old bridge. ha

Laurel ~ I couldn't see it so I went home and held my mirror up to the wall. Cool idea and I never would have thought about it. I'll keep my eye out for another one and maybe we'll be partners in the junk swap.

Hope you ALL had a special day for Valentines!!!!!!


Re: "Shift Key" Necklace

You are one talented lady Gretchen! My eyes wouldn't hold up. haha Love these and love the chunky chain! Great job.


Re: Little Traveler wins!

Congratulations!!!! Of course you won ~ I can tell a lot of work and creativity went into your art piece! Love it.

Re: Old Galvanized Drawers Tray-ded Up

Awesome girl! You actually followed through ~ takes me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to finish a project!!! These are great.

Re: The Cat's Meow

Cute cute cute!

Re: 100 yr old door is now an adorable sitting area

Very well done! Love repurposed doors.

Re: Old kitchen cabinet door has new life

Love it! Very shabby chic.

Re: "Key To My Heart" Resin Pendants from old keys.

I find a lot of used keys but not ever the really cool kind like I've seen on this site. (I truly think Kathy has them all ;)..... so this is a great solution to do something with the "plain janes". Love this idea ~ thank you for sharing it.

Re: Priceless Crown!

Very pretty! I love crowns.

Re: OXO ... Hugs n Kisses

Oh Judy, Lovin those records!!!!! Your displays are perfect ~ not too much! Awesome find and I know just how you feel having to squash those little sounds of excitement when you come across a great deal! It's tortureous. Happy late V-day!

Re: ~Be My Valentine~

Very cool Jim. Another great project.

Re: SCRAPS - Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts

Awesome lamp ~ great job! Needs a shoe box for a lamp shade or maybe something covered in buckles. Great job again.

Re: scrappy sun catchers...

Very cool project for a rainy day!!!

Re: Faux Ribbon Necklace

These are gorgeous and I love the bling attached! Awesome idea and creative unique piece of jewelry. Looks like something a "froofy rich lady" would wear! Very tres chic!!!

Re: Smacking good Valentine

Great gumballs!!! Can't believe someone just left them behind and then another someone was going to throw them away! I just don't get unjunky folks!!!!! Precious Valentine's Alice and I know you had a fantastic time with your grandson.

Re: Portable Light for Valentine's Day!

Love your rusty junk Lezlee! Big beautiful snowflakes here yesterday but only yucky mud today.
Great display! Cool honeymoon pic too.

Re: My shagalicious headboard. Don't try this at home, kids!

Oh my gosh do you know how much something like this would cost in one of those high end western stores??????? My living room is western decor and I LOVE this!! I can just imagine the smell of leather. I've seen the area rugs made with leather strips and they are WAY out of my price range...hmmmmm.....maybe I could make one and use an old rug I have as the base to attach to. Now how could I attach them? Sounds like stitching is the only way. Any ideas? Oh man, I'm about to wet my britches I'm so excited. Thank you thank you thank you ~ gotta go to the thrift store and look for old leather coats!

Re: Primitive cupboard

Love cupboards and the people that make them! Awesome job.


Great idea ~ love those legs!!!!

Re: Got Ideas?

Hmmmm let's could make shadow box tables out of them. Just add legs and a glass top or hang them on the wall like cobblecreek suggested and put mirror glass on the back to reflect whatever you display. They would also make a great soil holder for a potting bench. Just attach them from the underside somehow. They would make a great holder for firewood too. Keeps the mess down inside. Let us know what you do with them.

Re: An Elephant Never Forgets...His Keys

Cute cute cute ~ love the industrial look.

Re: Vintage Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

Ooops ~ meant to say love THEM. Wonder where "love me" came from?

Re: Vintage Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

These are beautiful. I love the look of the doorplate on the wall and the glass knobs just sparkle. Great job! Love me.

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

Soooooooooooo, if you are short on a sweetheart ~ I'm available! You can send this right over. My BF might be inclined to out do ya if he thinks I'm being wooed by someone else! I could really come out smelling like a rose for Valentines. Seriously ~ this is my mostest favorite of all your ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely awesome piece.


Re: "Springing" for the Wine...

Love the new creative use for the bed springs! I would buy from your booth ~ good luck with it but I don't think you need any cause you definitely have talent!!!


Re: Shake Up Your Valentine!

Sue, if you're looking for volunteer ~ I'm here. I LOVE to organize! It gives me zen. You don't even have to feed me because I will be in "the zone" and not thinking about food. I'll bring my own water but like Jim, I would like a parting gift. LOL Darn it....wish I lived closer!!!!


Re: Shake Up Your Valentine!

Sue, if you're looking for volunteer ~ I'm here. I LOVE to organize! It gives me zen. You don't even have to feed me because I will be in "the zone" and not thinking about food. I'll bring my own water but like Jim, I would like a parting gift. LOL Darn it....wish I lived closer!!!!


Re: Patina or Dirt???

Awesome rustyness in all of the display! Love love love!!!

Re: My Treasures

Awwwwwww ~ the backs of your chairs look like hearts! Nice treasures.

Re: Junky Love

Sweet! Love all the red mixed with metal ~ very cool look.

Re: It's "Wheely" a clock!

Great work Marie. Love all that beautiful old wood. I almost missed the tiny little clock face drooling over the beautiful patina on the wood. I know it took a lot of elbow grease ~ the pay off is fantastic!

Re: Most say "a table", I'm thinking lamps !

Dare to be different ~ go with lamps!

Re: architectural hangings

These are fabulous! Love your additions too.

Re: Coasters made from ceramic tiles

Great job! It's so cool that you can make them to fit any situation or decor. Awesome gift idea ~ just tie them together with a pretty ribbon.

Re: Shake Up Your Valentine!

Oh my gosh Sue ~ I've NEVER seen such fancy salt and pepper shakers!!!! I love this idea. My wish would be to go through your stash cause I know you have some awesome stuff. I'm always amazed by the little treasures you have tucked away. These really are beautiful and the attention to detail is to die for perfect!


Re: "Bird of Nature" Necklace

Beautiful necklace Gretchen. I love that it carries the bird theme all the way through. Also love all the other trinkets attached. What part of Texas is it coming too...... maybe I can intercept the pony it's coming on. LOL


Re: Zero to Toasty in 30 Seconds or Less

Awesome! Love giving things new life ~ glad you posted it.

Re: The joy of JUNKING!

TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!! You are in heaven and I know that feeling. Congratulations!

Re: Pretty Things

Love the mix of the dark wood with all the creams and white. Very pretty!

Re: It's a Sun Kraft!

Great project! Love the video. Boy we have come a long way baby ~ sun lamps, gloves, anestheia, assembly lines etc etc. Cracked me up. Just goes to show that the AMA does NOT know everything! Awesome post Jenny!


Re: Valentine Fun

Love your Valentine's! The cards bring back a lot of memories. Great displays.

Re: Serving up Style for the Big Game!

Perfect timing for perfect ideas! Love all your creativity.

Re: Ina's Piano Trunk

Looks great but would love more details.

Re: Flea-ing in the Sunshine State!

Great pics Kathy! Glad you are enjoying a vacation and some sunshine. Love all the little trinkets in the first few pics. I could spend all week-end digging through all that. As for the alligator ~ the only one I want to touch is on a purse or a pair of shoes!


Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject!

Love this entire project Lani but I have to admit that those cup holders are the best! What a lucky find and at such a great price. I always try to look at a trashed piece and see if at least one part of it can be used and very cool that you did too. Looks great in your home!


Re: Valentines, buttons and keys

Love vintage Valentines and what a great way to display them! Great job.

Re: Rosette Bib Necklace

Gorgeous! Has anyone offered to buy one right off your neck?

Re: Go Fish, Go!

My kiddos were given fish a few years back by a relative that didn't ask permission so we were forced into ownership. She smiled sweetly and said, "they don't live very long anyway". FIVE years later those same goldfish are still a swimmin! That relative just had a baby and I think this project would be the perfect gift ~ after all, "they don't live that long anyway. wahahahahaha


Re: The Key to my heart!

Great project Marie! I love that you taught your son to be a collector at a young age and very cool that you still have his collection! Awesome heirloom to pass down.

Re: Stained Glass Bike wheel spinner!

Awesome job Marie and looks like lot's of work! I'll be the sun coming through the glass is beautiful! Way to re~"cycle" (pun intended :)


Re: Barbed Wire Never Looked So Good

VERY cool lamp and I think it needs to hang over Midge's barrel table!

Re: Entertainment Center

Cool piece of furniture and great distress job!

Re: A Trip down Memory Lane- S & H Green Stamps Style

Wow ~ memories! Green Stamps. We would lick those things until our mouths were like a desert! Funny how the KIDS were in charge of the licking ~ for my mother AND grandmother. I used to love lining them up inside the dotted lines. (the OCD in me)ha Don't remember what we bought with them but sure remember the hours and stacks of books.

Re: Whoa Junkie!

Very very cool! Would look great in my yard but alas, these things are e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e!!!!!

Re: ~Concrete, Cloches & Candles~

Love concrete and you've done a great job with it! I love all your dispays and color pallete.

Re: ~Junk In The Garden~

Love these pictures! Everything looks perfect mixed with all the greenery. Great ideas and cool "junk"!

Re: Still Testing My Metal!

I knew I would love this as soon as I saw the little picture! The rustiness of the barrel drew me in immediately!!! Great job and I guess I need to check out craigslist more often! Love it, love it, love it!!!

Re: "Where Junk Resides"

I spy with my little eye............ everything I want!!!!

Re: For The Birds

Good idea for the birdies! I like it.

Re: Bird in the Cage...

Too cute! Love those bingo balls! Very creative project ~ well done.

Re: Painted Recycled Wine Bottles

Awesome job!!!! I've missed seeing your artwork. Keep it coming.

Re: How to Make a Gear Mold Clock

Beautiful and like Jim ~ I never find any molds other than the mold in my fridge. :) Love everything about this project uncluding the play by play!


Re: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

We just got hit with a blast of icy rain and now snow today! Work is closing early and I'm headed home ~ to make some hot chocolate and a fire. Mine won't be as pretty as yours. Just plain old out of the box stuff. Love love love your set-up!!!!!! Stay warm!



Very impressed with all the football talk ladies! I had no idea who won what ~ but I can tell you David Bromsted rocks on HGTV Colorplash! haha Great "fan" for a big "fan". Your buds will like it ~ good job.

Re: Rusty Tin Covering

Wow ~ you must have HUGE ceilings! I'm all for the rust and if a little falls in your morning coffee then you've received your iron for the day. haha Love the tin ~ great job!

Re: Let Me Introduce Some Very Talented Junker's in Training

Yay for young Junkies ~ oh wait, maybe I should say young JunkERS!!! Love that someone is teaching this so yay Amy!!!!! Love the projects posted and I'm sure the rest of the class is ab fab too!!!!


Re: Vintage Door Vanity

Very pretty!!! Love the combination of things and all the dreamy cream colors! Great job.

Re: Piggy Bank

Cute! I love giving piggy banks as shower gifts. I usually include a few rolls of coins too. College fund ya know.

Re: Beat up coffee table turns shabby romantic

How funny! Great idea instead of seeing it as ruined after being a chew toy. I love the way it turned out! Great job.

Re: Windows...Windows and more Windows

Great windows!!! I love the shabby flower one. Hope your kitty doesn't get sick ~ maybe he was just "lovin the beach". :)

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Ooooo I'm nervous ~ I think it's junk performance anxiety but count me in.


Re: Thrift store trip

Love the little fleur de lis pot. Great color too. Nice finds!

Re: Mossball

Looks good ~ you did a great job and just think of all the pennies you saved!

Re: A Box of Lamp Parts

Way to find a purpose for the box of goodies! I love the table top ~ looks high end!

Re: Funky Side Table

Love this table. It would look great in a library. I also think it would bring some good money for your auction.


Very cool piece!!!!

Re: leaded glass cross bottle topper

Love the toppers ~ great job!!!

Re: Lampshade Bowls

Beautiful job Bluebucket! These turned out great.

Re: Yes, It Spins Too!

Wonderful table!! Love the pieces and their individual stories.

Re: Pink Sweater turned lampshade covering ..

I saw this on your blog and love it!! Pretty in pink.

Re: Mid Century Modern Shaw Walker Redo

Looks sooooooooo much better! Great job.

Re: Updated Office Organizers

Unique custom look.

Re: Funky Matchbook Sandwich

Love the colors! This is really unique ~ I like it.

Re: Handmade towel rack

Very pretty.

Re: Stop the Draft!

Great idea ~ love the colors!

Re: embroidered floral silk shade ..

Great job Troy. Love the fabric you chose!

Re: Sweet new beginnings for Mayo jars...

Love glass jars too! Great re-purpose.

Re: Thrift Store Finds

Congratulations! I see lots I likey.

Re: Practical-ly Pretty...

Must be in the water ~ I've got the oranizing bug too. Bet I've carried 2 car loads to the thrift store. (of course I've probably carried IN 2 car loads too):) Love all your pretty jars. Great storage solutions too.


Re: Tumbled tile coaster

Pretty tile ~ would like to know how you attached the picture.

Re: Noel License Plate Art

Nice job! I like it ~ even in January! :)

Re: One I for got in the "doll" series -- art junkie

Pretty darn cool!!!! I like him!!!

Re: Trash to Treasure Clock Tutorial

Great job!

Re: Rusty Chick Protector Still Works

Ooooooooo ~ love all it's rusty crusty-ness!

Re: A Redesigned Vintage Children's Play Stove

Hey, I DID have this and donated it. I had planned on revamping mine for my daughter but life got in the way and I never got around to it so I let it go. Maybe you found it and gave it new life ~ great job!

Re: A Shabby Chandelier Makeover

Another great job!

Re: A Very Shabby to Chic Rocking Chair

Awesome transformation ~ isn't it amazing what a little paint will do for ugly furniture? You made it beautiful.

Re: New wreath from old junk

Great wreath. Love your door color!

Re: Vintage Look Candle Hurricane Shades

Beautiful and elegant! Great idea for any event.

Re: Fern Valley Window...

This will look awesome hung between your trees! Great job.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

I'm also redoing my kitchen ~ what a coincidence! Check out the high definition laminate they have now. Some of it has the look of granite but not the price tag and it's easier to care for. You did a great job on the cabinets! Way to go.

Re: I've got some "Hang" ups!

Very unique collection and it's all displayed well in your laundry room.

Re: Suitcase pocket

Love the Victorian feel! Great job.

Re: A Simple Monday Floral Arrangement

I promised myself I would buy more fresh flowers this year and this helps remind me ~ thanks. Just goes to show you can make a flower vase out of anything!!(love the case)


Re: Photo Finish

Beautiful display for a beautiful picture Sue! Love how you "tweaked" it to fit. I tease my kiddos all the time about counting down the days until they leave home so I can travel ~ I'm hoping the reverse psychology will make them stay longer. haha I hear they always come back so hang on cause it sounds like you and your daughter have a great relationship and she will miss her mom.


Re: Nifty Thrifty

I KNEW cloches didn't have to be glass! Way to go bluebucket and I love all your finds! How exciting ~ I can just imagine the adrenaline rush you had when you found all this great stuff!!

Re: chippy white and wonderful hutch

I love this!! The chippy paint and the wood showing through ~ it's gorgeous. I'm so glad you are using it in your kitchen and I'll bet the bluewillow looks awesome in it. I like your other decorations too ~ would love to see the rest of the kitchen ~ looks very stylish!

Re: Well Worn, But Well Loved . . .

Love love love your collection! The creamy browns and stains are beautiful mixed with the whiter ones! Drooling as we speak! You have a very classy style Lani and a very classy collection.


Re: Cloche...Rusty Style

Hey girls, thank you for the comments! It was love at first sight!!
Sue ~ great idea for the napkin rings. I was just going to clip them to a potted plant or candle holder. Does anyone else remember passing the dish towel at the dinner table? Gross huh ~ but that's how my grandmother rolled. I'm sure napkins were invented then ~ I'm not THAT old. LOL


Re: Would Thomas Edison be Proud?

You did a really great job on this Marybeth. I love themes and my brother-in-law is a fireman ~ I know how hard those guys work! I also know that I have never seen such a brotherhood ~ gives me goose bumps! Awesome project!

Re: Go Blue - Michigan Football License Plate Art

Love this! The precision you use in lining up all the pieces is just amazing! Glad to see you post again. I enjoy your work.

Re: Sea Glass Lamp

Very cool ~ love the way you filled it in!

Re: Cupboard From Crate Wood

You definitely found some winner wood! Gorgeous. I'm a dark kind of girl and would vote for a mahogany stain. Those crates look pretty awesome in the second picture. I'm seeing a massive planter on legs or some kind of metal base. Love that you are salvaging wood!!!!

Re: Candle Holder to Display

Great idea and the paint job really revamps the piece!

Re: Nesting Bird Server

Very sweet! Puts me in the mood for Spring and tea parties.

Re: Ahoy Night Light

Very creative and one of a kind idea!

Re: Have Suitcases; Will Travel

I remember that set of blue ones from when I was a kid ~ my parents may still have a piece or two. Love the white ones!!! Also love the green and brown. Great collection!

Re: What's Under That Glass Dome?

Very cool Jenny ~ love your bases!

Re: Testing my metal. aka Testing my mettle!

You funny girl! I not only love your projects but also your sense of humor! AWESOME table by the way and how lucky that it came with its already made bolt holes! You have several projects that turn out that way don't you??? Hmmmmmm, I think you have a junking guardian angel on your shoulder! Can I rub your head for good junking jue jue? (or is it joo joo)


Re: Musical Revamp

After seeing all the sheet music being used on this site, I finally found some at the thrift store and when I excitedly tried to pay for it, I was told I had to buy the piano to go with it. Needless to say I left empty handed. :(

Love this redo and I think it's so much better than the original store version. What a great thoughtful gift!

Re: dresser makeovers

You guys do a really awesome job with furniture! Love these and your benches. It has inspired me to work with some pieces I have.


Mmmmmmmmm yummy post Janis! I got to see it on your blog first and it's still just as dreamy and etherial here! Love it and now a fish tank has been added to my list of wants! I am really gonna need a bigger house!! LOL


Re: Croquet anyone?

I was gonna say that looks like talent runs in the family but Kathy beat me to it! How proud you must be that he has an artistic side ~ great job. I would have saved them too! I spy some other stuff on your shelves that I'm drooling over too. Thanks for the peek.

Re: What To Do With A Thing-a-ma-jig

Interesting piece ~ I too wonder what it was in it's former life. Bet they couldn't believe you bought it. :) Great transformation and very creative ideas. You did good girl and like Marie, I love the crystals you added for each daughter. Cool post.

Re: It's "Cloche" to Baby Time

First ~ congratulations! Second ~ you look way too young to be a grandma! Love your party ideas! I see those vintage baby planters in the thrift shops all the time and always want to pick them up. How fun to be dubbed the shower Queen and get to set up for them. Great job!!!!

Re: Drawer-A-Holic

LOVE the chippy blue and it matches perfectly with your blue mason jars. I'm just a "stuff~a~holic". Gimme gimme gimme!

Re: Benchs from headboard

Beautiful job on these! Everyone needs a bench or two in their home. My fav is the little white one in the second picture.

Re: Hall tree from parts

Very ornate and grand ~ belongs in a castle! Exquisite.

Re: This shelf is "wired"!

LOVE love love old wire baskets! Just can't have too many of them as far as I'm concerned. Love the strength motto!


Re: everything's coming up angels...

This is my absolute favorite angel of all!!!!! I have that exact candle stick too so I see angels in my future! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


Re: canoe seat coffee table

I like to call this "looking upside down" at something to create something else ~ great vision for the canoe seats.

Re: Just Fakin' a Cake

Great idea!!!! They look yummy.

Re: junk love bingo board

Great find! Lucky you!

Re: Foiled and ready to shine.

Wonderful job Alice. I like the magical glow of the lights too and your little angel looks like she is announcing the whole magical place to the world! Great job.


Re: Shutter Hall Tree

Very cute! Nice salvage.

Re: Some more clock projects

Well there ya go ~ the peeps have spoken. Awesome clocks and great creative idea! I've seen these tops at thrift stores missing the legs or a leg and never thought about making them into a clock. You did a wonderful professional looking job! A+++

Re: FUNKY CHAIR could sooooooo sell these. This kind of eclectic funky artwork is "in" right now. Love this one!

Re: my fish chair

Heck yeah, put em in your driveway with a price tag on them! Make ya a little cash. Great artwork!

Re: Photo Tin

Cute idea. Great picture.

Re: Screen Savers

Love old screens and the chippy paint that goes with them. Good job.

Re: Still Life... @ 12 Degrees

Cool snow covered junk! We had snow for Christmas but nothing like that. It's mostly melted but still piled in some shady spots ~ been in the 20's which probably feels like spring to you guys. ha

Re: JUNK... the best medicine!

Alice ~ if you done the cape for a pic then it must be with arms out it flying mode!

Lezlee ~ love the knobs. I know how you feel about the cabinet though. When I think of some of the things we had as kids that I would drool over now.....makes me wish I had an appreciation when I was younger.

Re: Church Treasures

Beautiful post! I'm with the others when I say I think the attendance chart is way cool! I don't think I've seen one that posts who brought and read their Bibles ~ very cool.

Re: Beverage bar....junk style!

Awesome ~ absolutely awesome!!!!! I love this idea and now the brain cells are firing!!! I want one and will be on the hunt for some pieces I can combine!! WOW ~ just can't get over it!!! A+++


Re: Valentine Window

Love those trees and all the red and white! Good for you ~ keeping a little Christmas up! Stretch it out and make it last cause it all passes way to fast!

Re: Art Fun With Vintage Linoleum Cutters

I love old wooden handle tools and even better if they have chippy paint still on them! Very cool project!!!! I think they're just beautiful too.


Re: Photo "Opp"...

Wow ~ I thought you already were a contributor!!!! Congratulations! Your posts have always been contributor quality so I guess I just your stuff girlie (always have) and can't wait to see more for the new year!


Re: Life is Like Laundry.....Loads of Fun!

Love it just because it's 100! It really looks awesome in your laundry room! Great job.

Re: Top "10" for 2010...Ten Very Good Reasons to Buy Junk

Oh Sue ~ what a "grate" post. (sorry) Drooling over all the pics and can't wait to get out there and look for some of this beautiful junk! I wish more folks had "the vision" ~ then again that just means more junk for the rest of us! Glad you're back (I'm so jealous) from paradise and can't wait to see all the awesome stuff that appears for 2010!


Re: Rustic Glow

Thank you my peeps for the kind comments! I had so much fun making these and even more fun watching everyone's faces when they opened them. I knew those posts would come in handy for more than firewood. :)


Re: more burn rescue

Gorgeous old molding and love the red wall!! Looks beautimus!!!

Re: Garden Fencing Bedrail

Great job! Love the transformation.

Re: Storage Solutions

Ooooo love these. What cool graphics and how great the your hubby could tweak them into the perfect solution for your needs! Great pieces and I love it when it all works out like it is made for your purpose.

Re: Cherish Boxes

Nice job! Love the personal touch.

Re: 32" ceiling medallion becomes wall clock

Crazy to pay $89 dollars for that ~ great $3 price!!!!! Looks beautiful! I love those medallions but they are way too pricey!

Re: "Coffee And My Secret Ingredient" -CoffeeTime Lamp

Awesome again CT! I love themes!!!!!

Re: Sweet While Shabby Candle Holder

I like it!!!!!! No problem with pretty and architectural here.

Re: From Church Chair to Bedside Table

This is beautiful. What a lucky find for a great price and you embellished it perfectly! Love it!


Ooooooo, love that big old rusty frog! Great ideas too.

Re: CafeTable ala Vintage Galvanized Door

It is the year of the table!!! Wonder if that's in the Chinese calendar?? :0 Love this Jenny ~ what a great marraige!


Re: Antique Style Cupboards-Made from old house doors & reclaimed lumber.

Beautiful work and I love that you have given old wood a new purpose!

Re: briefcase organizer and a pie

The pie looks yummy but I'm still drooling over that shutter. The color just speaks to me!!!!! Love the organization idea ~ great way to repurpose.

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

I have copper plumbing that needs repair ~ do you hire out? :) Awesome job on the table! I love the industrial aspect of it and the chairs look like a perfect fit. As usual Jim ~ spectacular project!!


Re: Do YOU Have A STASH??? Let's have fun!

-37???? WOW and I thought we were having winter at 38! My stash is under every bed, in every trunk and cabinet space in the house ~ not to mention a barn and barn patio outside. You win! Great stash - love the sleigh.

Re: Painted Jute Rugs

Thank you so much! I'm pulling my rug out this week-end and seeing what I can do. It already has a pattern on it but maybe I can come up with something to coordinate or just paint the pattern a different color......sorry, I'm brainstorming outloud. Love all your stuff Susan ~ thanks again.


Re: Angels small and tall...

THAT is exactly why I leave my Christmas stuff up until February!!! I don't want to completely go back to reality just yet! :) Love your little angels! The best part is all the rusty crusty thingamajigy parts and knobs. They make me smile!!!!

Re: Vintage Valentine Tinsel Wreath

Valentine's already ~ I guess it's time to move on to the next holiday. (sigh) This is the perfect wreath though. Love the pop of pink and red against the silver! Good job.

Re: Toddler Toy

Nice job!


Cool party motif! Love it when a treasure is multi-functional.

Re: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Very pretty!!

Re: Pink Poodle Memo Board

A+++++ again!

Re: Confessions of a Suitcase-a-Holic

You are just the coolest! I am having so much fun opening your posts!!!

Re: The ATV from hell

Ha ~ secondhandrose must love it! Very cool yard art!!!!

Re: Panel Door Headboard

Great job with those doors! Bed looks great and of course the colors ~ WOW ~ awesome!!!!

Re: The Back Porch

Cool door piece and I love the colors in that rug!

Re: More from the front porch

Great front porch! Love napping too!

Re: old skateboard

What a great job! I love Americana too!

Re: picnic again!

Cute cute cute! Love it.

Re: rolling pin collection

Awesome display!


That is gorgeous! I would want it "UP" where it's noticed like a table or mantle. You lucky girl!!!! I vote for the cloche idea too. The combination of the glass and wood/metal would really catch someones eye! (Cool toothbrush holder for the bathroom)


Very nice table legs and cutie pie angel they became!

Re: Let the music move you!

You are so good girl! I just stand in awe of your creativity and talent. Great post!!!!!

Re: Pantry Door

Very pretty!

Re: Painted Jute Rugs

OMG ~ I have a rug right now that I'm considering getting rid of because it doesn't go with my decor. What kind of paint did you use and did you seal it........please do tell do tell! I see a project in my future!!

Re: Repurposed Bifold Closet Door to Screen Room Divider

This entire room is fabulous! Is it a bedroom or living area? I'll bet your whole house is inspiring and bright! Thank you so much for sharing it all with us.

Re: Wall Collage

Way to go papers!!! You can do so many things with them! Great colors and arrangement! I like your style!

Re: Pink and Black Chandelier

Awesome job!! I love the entire look and great thinking for the prisms. It goes great with your cornice, curtains and bed! Fun fun fun!

Re: Before and After Thrift Store Night Stand

Hey, that would make a great companion to my nightstand style wise. Love the re-do.

Re: Before and After Chair Makeover

Absolutely LOVE this! It's right up my alley and so is the paint color on your wall! Shouts "fun person on board" to me. Keep up the good work!!

Re: "Give" for Kelsey

Lovin every rusty inch of this piece!! Beautiful job.


Re: Porch Holiday Spiff'n

You have my dream job!!!!! Love to dig through other people's stuff and it's cool that they appreciate your "junkin style". Lot's of folks just don't get it. Of course those folks that don't get it will give it away! ha
Great job!

Re: Framed Wrapping Paper

Love this ~ reminds me of the scrapbook papers and mod podge projects of mine! Love the look. Great job!

Re: One of My Top Ten - Cloches!

I too love all that you do Lani. My fav is the soap stack with vintage hair tool! Great collection!!!


Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

Oh Georgia ~ I think this is my favorite of all the wonderful projects you've done! What a great lamp. I've seen that paper and love it but never had a project it would fit. Absolutely awesome job!!!!!!!!!


Re: Shimmer Me Timbers

Love love love this!!!!! Glad it was re-posted so I could drool over it. Perfect marriage of pieces.


Re: Silver pitcher

Love love love this pitcher ~ awesome find and the necklace is the perfect final touch!!!


Re: I had a bright idea for this grill...

Once again Marie, you rock with this project! Love the rust factor and you did a great job on mitering! I've done baseboards before never tackled a frame. Good work.


Re: "One Legged Flamingo" Mini Lamp

This is one of my favorites! Love the bright colors coordinated with the black. Great job.

Re: "Early Bird" CoffeeTime Lamp for a yard sale affectionado

Awesome ~ you are so good at what you do CT. Love your posts so keep em coming!

Re: First project of the New Year!!

Alice, I love the sign ~ is it a headboard? I can't believe you already have your cloches down! I'm still decorating for Christmas! :)


Re: Moma's Old Smidgen Shop Treasures

Very cool stuff girl! Love free!

Re: The Front Porch

Ooooooooo, drooling over the trunk!!!!! Great finds, especially since they came out of the lake.

Re: My daughter's room

Great ideas. Love love love the lamp!!!

Re: Edelbrock clock

Cool clock ~ looks very retro!

Re: Repurposed Casserole Server

Great idea and love the fabric you chose!!!

Re: last score 09

Great little kitchen! What a way to end the year!!!!!

Re: Cornice Makeover

Love your choice of fabric! Great job.

Re: "Coffee With Jackie"- a Tribute to Jackie Kennedy

Very chic! I think Jackie would be honored.

Re: Country Pump Lamp

That would be one loud shirt ~ I like it better on the shade. :) Another great job!


Very nice! Looks great.


WOW ~ that looks like it took a lot of time and patience! Great job and thank you for sharing.....the rest of the story.

Re: "Mambo Console" Bongo Drum Style Console Lamps

I love your work CleverThinker. I also like your sense of humor ~ you're a funny guy. I've read your other comments on other posts and your great sense of humor shows in your work too! Keep it up ~ we all need a giggle!

Re: My "JUNK" Tree

I have grown to be such a big fan of Janis and her beautiful junk! Thank you so much Gretchen for picking this one. I love it and I look forward to many more inspiring ideas from our Canadian creator of beautiful things!!!! Absolutely awesome Janis!


Re: Recycled Lunchbox into a New Year's Eve Centerpiece

Mr. Pickles is very dapper but I love the Happy New Year clock! Great centerpiece.

Re: lamp finial

Great idea for a Christmas finial! Hubby's sled is awesome too.

Re: Farm Rescue

So glad this popped up again because I missed it the first time. I'm drooling over this piece! It looks awesome in your space! Love the color and combination of pieces. Love love love!!!

Re: Colorful, Junky Backsplash

I'm looking for backsplash ideas for my kitchen redo. Would love to see "the big picture" of yours. Great idea.

Re: Sew worth watching TV!

Talented hubby. Love what you did! I like the fact that it's unique and not your usual video cabinet. Awesome job!

Re: Old Stereo Becomes Lighted Bar Cabinet

Groovy baybee! Very Austin Powers.

Re: Keep a Lid on It!

Cute ~ love the birdie!

Re: You're So Transparent!

Very pretty ~ love the aged look of it.

Re: "Poppy Coffee"- Wizard of Oz theme

I think this is my favorite so far. Love the quotes on the shade and love love love the crystal ball! Very creative and well done CleverThinker!

Re: Quikie Nite Lite

Way to think on your feet girl! I'll bet it has a beautiful glow.

Re: "Box O Flamingos"- (no birds were injured in the making of this lamp)

Great upgrade! Love the black boa along the edge and the flamingo's are way cool.

Re: Coffee With The Lovely Ladies-Raffle fundraiser donation for Cancer Clinics in Antelope Valley, CA

Very cool lamps! My sense of balance is not as good as yours. :)

Re: Cabinet from old window screen

Great use for a window screen. Looks like it was meant to be a door. Love your cabinet ~ great job!!

Re: Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

I'm a bit of a Santa freak so of course I love all yours. The handpainted ones are gorgeous and your block creation is just genious! Great post.

Re: old border

I love old bricks!!! They look great!

Re: Junky Snowmen

This is an awesome gift idea and they are too cute!! I would love to get this too.

Re: Recycled Spaceship

Awesome job! Way to pull so many different elements together.

Re: Holiday Boot

Love the boot! I used one for a stocking a long time ago for an old boyfriend who has remained a friend over the years. He still puts his out every Christmas. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Re: Glass Memory Totem

Beautiful gift! Good thing it was able to be pieced back together upon it's arrival.

Re: We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!

Love the conservatory and all your teasures inside!! How fun to have your own little world to decorate and change up Kathy. Great post and Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Re: "Just what the Junker ordered"

At the risk of repeating everyone ~ what a lucky find! I know you will do great things with those treasures!

Re: Paver snowmen

Love all the little snowmen! They would definitely stand sturdy in our West Texas wind!!

Re: Old Letters & Glitter

You lucky duck! I never find letter ~ they are too popular here. Looks great and I love the industrial feel.

Re: Piano Roll - Paper Roses!

Very pretty and creative! Love all the softness!

Re: The Halls are Decked...

Oh I love this post! Everything looks so peaceful and beautiful! What a wonderful tree and ornaments too! So glad to see you decorate for the "true" meaning of Christmas!


Re: It's "time" for spring...and cloches!

Great pictures but I can't think Spring just yet ~ we JUST got winter! LOL Love all the rustiness and displays.

Re: Blue Christmas

You've gotta have Elvis singing "Blue Christmas" in the background cause that song started in my head as soon as I saw your pictures! Love the colors!

Re: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas,,,Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night

Totally cool that you display them for Christmas! Great collection.

Re: And the Stockings Were Hung...

Oh Laurel ~ I have that exact winking Santa! Found mine at an estate sale and he's bedecked with jewels. I'll have to post a pic. Wonderful holiday spirit in your home! Love your post. Merry Christmas!


Re: Masher Christmas

These are great. I adore the snowman!!! You just can't beat the feel of country decor!

Re: Announcing "The Best of 2009". With Christmas Quickies...Instead of Cookies

Can't wait to see what the New Year holds for JMS! Another exciting year with exciting ideas from all over! Thank you again Sue for putting us all together and I hope you and yours have a very Blessed Season!


Re: I have a Bright Idea . . .

Great way to think on your feet! Your arrangements turned out beautiful!


Re: I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas....

Absolutely love all the pink and the girlie girlie!!!! I have a little shabby in me just like you! Beautiful post Kathy and stunning tree. Love that you keep it up all year and I know it makes you smile. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Re: Peace like a river

I love the simplicity of glass and lights ~ very serene!

Re: Christmas Vacation...tree

Awesome tree Jim! The pennants are perfect and the little car is fantabulous! I'd rather have it than a new one. You done good man.


Re: wood shutters

Very cool ~ I love pallet wood but it's a bear to get apart sometimes. Your shutters look great and look at all that snow!!! I'm jealous. :)

Re: The three snowmen

Cute! Merry Christmas.

Re: Merry Christmas Everyone! Sharing Our House With You

I really like all your displays. Love the red and just the cozy Christmas feel of it all! (adorable kiddos)

Re: Junk on the Horizon

WOW ~ this is too cool! Your dad is gonna love it! You did a great job bringing all the pieces together and I love the quote! A+++++++

Re: A Ho-Ho - Whole lotta Christmas Junk!

Hey you.....I've missed ya! I know you have been busy with work stuff but looks like you've been busy with decorating stuff too! Love how you put Christmas in every room and your collections are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them with us Kathy ~ can't pick a fav cause I love all things Christmas! Merry merry Christmas!!


Re: "I'm WORKING here!"

Oh I LOVE that chippy green shutter! Glad he works during the summer and doesn't just lay around. ha

I work with at risk youth and it always amazes me their sense of entitlement and the way they take basic things for granted. I think that your students are truly lucky to have a teacher like you. You are teaching them that "new" is not always the best way to go and to appreciate nature and creativity. I love it! Wish my kids had a teacher like you. Keep up the good work and keep posting your great ideas!

Re: You can thank Disneyland for this one!

How fun are you!!!!!! I love the way your mind works ~ of course you look at a cat food can and think big ornament top ~ duh........You clever girl! Great job.


Re: infant prague collection

I don't think I've ever seen these before ~ they are great. Love all the red! Awesome collection.


This "old" gal loves all the "old" stuff! Your house is very festive! Great job.

Re: Alter-na-tree

Great doll tree and I love all her little trinkets! What a find. So glad you had enough to share with a friend and I know she will be too!

Re: Old Tree Stand Candle Holder

Ooooooo, Love the rustiness of this timeless piece! Very cool display.

Re: Christmas Displays

Really like the country feel of this. Good job!

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

Absolutely gorgeous lids! I would have touched them, wanted them and then totally left them behind because I wouldn't have a clue what to do with them. This is a great idea and after Christmas ~ they would look beautiful gathered in a big glass bowl for everyday admiration. Love it Sue!


Re: Pop Can Stars

I love these! You did a really good job on all the creases ~ looks hard.

Re: Farm Junk Recycled

Oh my gosh, I'm drooling over that door!!!! Jim's right ~ it should be a Christmas card or the cover to a magazine. By the way ~ what's a stanchion? My heart is farm girl but I was raised city girl.

Re: I love GLITTER!!!!

Very glitzy glam! Isn't Janis great? She inspires me too and so do many others on this site. Ultimate compliment ~ to copy someone! They look awesome.


I love this post Janis and I love the idea of bleaching the bottle trees. Flocking is sooooooooo messy and smelly. I never see the kind of trophy cups you come across. They are gorgeous!!!! Of course I love the extra added bling!!!! This is such a beautiful display ~ thank you for sharing it and Merry Christmas my friend!


Re: Deck the tree with junky stuff. . .

Awesome tree! I think I'll start collecting junk parts for a tree next year.

Re: Knock Knock Who's There...Santa

Beautiful wreath! I really love what you did with all the old door parts!

Re: (sing with me) Junkin around the Christmas tree...

I spy what I want for Christmas...........old mailbox, old keys, old letters and mmmmmmmmm gingerbread! Now ~ gotta check that list twice.

Re: A Diva Christmas

Gailmarie you're crackin my up! As a matter of fact ~ everyone from the janitor to the Director come sit in my office for a little "pink therapy". I used to have a pink couch in there so that's where the name "pink therapy" came from. Unfortunately I had to move it out for more filing cabinet space ~ silly old work interfered with my decorating! LOL

Janis, Can't wait to see YOUR pink trees! Merry Christmas to you too and it's easy being supportive of someone so inspiring to others! Look forward to next years posts and the next and the next.............. :)


Re: Merry Christmas!

Nice displays! Yes it's insane folks that set those prices in catalogs and insane folks that buy them!!! I just can't go retail anymore ~ junkin has saved me!

Re: Simple Christmas Basket

Mmmmmm makes me want to be in front of a fire in the mountains. Bet ya never dreamed your little arrangement could envoke such feeling. :) Very woodsy and love the colors. Great job!

Re: A "Light Bulb" Moment...

Very nice welcome Laurel! Love the colors and the creativity.


Re: Let's Dish Some More

TLC ~ a wonderful thing ~ especially for this little chest!

Re: My Chest is a Basket Case!

Nice! Great re-do and I love the paint choice.

Re: Tis the Season!

I love your rule of thumb about no rules! My kind of gal! I love the mix of new and old, shiny and new, chippy and get the idea! Your treasures are great and that cabinet is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Re: My very first project post....An elegant, funky, bird feeder!

Great project to auction off and I'm not surprised it went 2nd highest! You did a really good job! Welcome to Junkmarket.

Re: Organizing for Christmas ....AND BEYOND!

Great project Midge! Awesome multi-use too.

Re: THE FINALE!!!!!!!!!!! maybe

Happy belated B-day Alice! Hope your party was a blow out!!! Love all your cloches and the nice little surprises each one crowns!


Re: Deck the doors!

I'm salivating over that door. I haven't felt this woozy over an item since Kathy's clock post!!!!!!!! You lucky lucky girl to own such a beautiful piece. Perfect addition of the frosted glass/letters and lights. LOVE IT!!!!

Re: A Handmade Holiday - Chat With Me Live on the Gorilla Glue Facebook Page

I BELIEVE this is another great gift idea!


Re: Vintage Holiday Vignette

I'm glad I'm not the only one still decorating right up until Christmas! I got a late start this year and pulled out 12 tubs of stuff over the week-end. I have a funny tradition of leaving mine up until February so I can enjoy all the softness of it after the rush rush slows down. I love the glow!!!! Very nice vignettes ~ thanks for sharing them and the guest book is awesome!!! Any celebrities signatures?


Re: Art with Architecture

Of course I love the bling! Great project, simple and exquisite outcome. Love it Lani.


Re: Kissing Bulb...The How To

Excellent play by play!!!! Now I just have to get my hands on one of those big old bulbs. Love the red, glitter and glow of this project ~ perfect in every way!


Re: A Kissing Bulb...JUNKMARKET Style

Let me be the first to say that I love this sooo much that I could just kiss you! Absolutely awesome project!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Very Simple

I would have held on to this bottle too ~ love the graphics! The junkin powers that be knew you would someday use that bottle opener and that's why you kept it! Love when it all works out!!!!!!!!! Great display!!!

Re: Hope Inside...

Oh I love this idea. Nice variation on the spring candle holder ~ awesome teacher gifts. (can you tell what's on my mind ~ teacher gifts) I love that you used your hand as the template for the wings ~ kind of ties in with the "handmade" gift idea. Awesome job as usual Laurel!


Re: Picking up a Little Christmas Cheer...

Where do you guys find these things????? The estate sales I've been to just have smelly old tupperware!! Love the pickers bucket and those skates make me sick that I didn't keep mine as a kid. Love the red with the galvanized metal and it looks great with the colors in your hearth. Very festive!!!!!

Re: Ta Da!

Awesome ~ everything looks great!!!! You did good girl and of course I love the BIG TEXAS post card. :)

Re: Magnetic Bulletin/Display Board

Great job! Love it when you can use stuff that's just lying around.

Re: More Junky Displays

Oh too cute!!! I can see why your friends feel comfy in your home. Love the last picture!!!!!!!!! Great displays!

Re: Upside Down Junk Tree

This is an awesome idea. Love the letters and I'm jealous over all the beautiful snow!!!!! Send some to Texas!

Re: Christmas is REELY coming!

Nice job ~ I love those red spools! The picture is awesome and great creative use of the reel.

Re: Santa Delivers with Boyish Charm

I want to have Christmas at your house! Great creative idea from the Queen herself ~ obviously love the sled and love even more your use of it!!!! Lucky lucky son!


Re: Sanctuary ~ Doors to Headboard

Thank you everyone! Glad you like it ~ the only problem is that I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. This could cause problems since I need my job to support my junking habit! :)


Re: Bottle Tree

Oooooo ~ love this idea! Would definitely catch my eye. Great job. A++++

Re: It's Getting Frosty Outside

I'm with the others ~ awesome skates! I can't imagine how tightly one would have to pull the straps to keep them on. Great pics ~ love the candlelight glow!

Re: "BR549, please"

Spectacular phone and what an awesome bonus that it works! Awwww ~ simpler times! I would love one of these just to torment my kids! LOL

Re: Christmas Chair cover

Awesome creative use for a sweater!!!

Re: Four-Poster for Pooch

This is an awesome idea!!! I love it ~ heck ~ I want to curl up in it. Love the extra added bling on the feet ~ very nice detail!!!!!!!!!


Looks like you are decorated girl!!! Love your displays and I agree that you can never have too many cloches ~ I'm still gathering them.

Re: Tis' the Season to be "JUNKY" Fa La La La La.......

Great job ~ love the silver Santa and deer.

Re: Red Birds and Holidays

If you can't go to the birds then bring the birds to you ~ love it. Love the red!

Re: Winter Garden

Beautiful Bluebucket! I love all the snowy hats and beards your garden junk has acquired. The metal headboards are to die for! Great photos ~ now I'm wishing for snow!

Re: Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Hahaha ~ that'll teach him to be scroogy! Great idea!

Re: Add a little Jingle to your Christmas!

Great junky Christmas display! Love it all.

Re: Framing up a Favorite Item

LOVE all the chippy red!!!!!!! Great project!!!!

Re: Extreme Tree Trimming

Great eye~catching tree!

Re: Elmer's Glue

Oh yeah ~ love this post!! Great vintage conversation piece for the kitchen.

Re: Another barrel of fun!

There's those rusty stars again ~ love.

Re: Ice Cream Freezer Makeover...

Oooooo I love this one too. The bucket is perfect and I love the ribbon you chose. Great job!!!!

Re: This project is a crock!

I think this one is my favorite. I love the crock base, love the rust and love the stars. Great job!

Re: Welcome Screen Door

Perfect door! I love the color and the all it's finery! Great job. Do you have it on a bedroom? Looks like it and I think that would be an awesome idea ~ some sort of panels or curtains could be hung on the inside for privacy.

Re: Junky front porch Christmas

Awwwwww the awesome colors!!!! Love every rustic rusty inch of it. Great job!!

Re: Horse Collar Wreath

Simply beautiful!!!!

Re: Barbwire Christmas Tree

I love this project Grasshopper!!! The mix of the elegant crystals and the crusty barb wire AND the rusty hammer head ~ awesome imagination!!!!!!!!

Re: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Wow~ you have your shopping done?????

Obviously love love love the cart!!! It's perfect for putting gifts in. Your attention to all the little details just makes the whole project stunning! Guess I better get busy!


Re: What Can I Do With A Table Top Greenhouse

Oh my gosh the possibilities are endless. You could change it out for every holiday (red/white stuff, bunnies, 4th of July etc) You could do a candle scape for a table. Rolled Towels in it for a bathroom, magazine rack, obviously plants, and if you wanted to get rid of it ~ make it the gift box for an awesome present. (spa package, gardeners package, cooks package) Whatever you do, post it so we can see and good luck.

Re: Sled turned advent calendar

Love the original but glad you could make it your own. Nice project and much better that it's getting used instead of hidden in a closet.

Re: Potty Talk...

I don't own a scale and have never seen much use for them except to cause depression, panic attacks, anxiety, eating disorders etc, etc etc. (I think a doctor told me that or maybe I just made it up :=) any hoo I just might buy one after this idea! It would make great wall art for a bathroom too if you just mounted the face of it. Great idea Laurel! Nice bathroom too ~ I like the candle holder on the mirror.


Re: 'Tis the Season

I knew it! I knew the minute I saw the picture and read that you didn't know what it was used for that it was probably related to some kind of waste. In fact the words "oh no" came right out of my mouth. Waste/hazard things seem to be attracted to you Sue ~ wonder if you were a waste/hazard collector in a previous life. hahahahahaha But who cares cause the colors on this thing are awesome!!!!! Love the graphics and love what you did with it!!!


Re: what will it become?

Awwwwww ~ home sweet home! Good job.

Re: Charlie Brown ain't got nothin on me...

Cute cute cute! Love the kitty.

Re: Winter Centerpiece

Very pretty!!!!! Love the layers of winter trinkets! My teenager would want to play with the glass though. haha

Re: Xmas tree from a thrift store planter

Great tree! I love the red base ~ just my kind of chippy red and very creative of you to stack it with the silver tray. Wonderful job!

Re: Hostess Gifts with a Junk Twist

Gorgeous!!! Just gorgeous!!! You gave me some great ideas for that little special something for someone you maybe didn't plan on shopping for. Thanks for sharing it ~ oh and I would pick both. :)

Re: I am TRIPLELY inspired!

Cool project and we all need a little "JOY to the World".....

Re: Perforated Metal Lamp Shade

I see a lodge/cabin theme going in the background! The lamp looks right at home ~ great job.

Re: Dad's Table

Nice mosaic ~ I like the color scheme. He'll love it.

Re: My first posted project - cookie cutter tree

Great tree and I vote for the strainer too!

Re: Christmas with Georgia

I have a pink office and your pink trees would feel right at home there for the holidays! Love the creamy furniture too. Very nice displays!

Re: Outdoor Christmas Sled

I am gonna have to get me a pair of those skates!!!! Seems everybody in the world has a pair but me and I love the way they are used for winter decorating. Sled looks great with all it's finery ~ ready for the winter snow.

Re: Bud vases turned into little lamps...

I have a ton of these vases ~ great idea! Love em.

Re: Wash Tub Coffee Table

That worked out so perfect it's almost spooky!!! Karma man ~ that coffee table was meant to be!! A++ on the cool factor, you did good girl!

Re: playing with JUNK!!!

Ha ha ha ~ I play with my junk too!!!! he he he. Cool tub and love the skates. I never find those!

Re: Silver Memories Tree

Gorgeous silver! Nice display.

Re: dressed up chairs

Very nice!!!! Love how multi-functional they are.

Re: Sunflower Deco

Simply beautiful!

Re: Blooming junk

I too am lovin the sunflower looking piece!!! We get those big gusty winds too ~ the sky is the color of dirt! (that's what you get when you combine wind with cotton fields) I feel for ya. Glad your junk garden survived!!!!!!!!


Re: From trash to treasure.

Great job ~ looks like new!

Re: another outdoor decoration

Very junkilicious!!!!!!!

Re: Junk Beautiful - out door

Gorgeous ivy paired with the perfect plant holder!

Re: "PARIS" chairs, what was once old is new again!

Oh my goodness ~ another thing to mod podge!!!!!! I have a ton of folding metal chairs to play with. Thank you thank you thank you for this idea. Yours are awesome ~ love the pink and paris theme and the little bows add that special touch!

Re: somethings to decorate my garden

I'll be it's noticed now ~ love it!

Re: Use A Scarf Instead Of Wrapping Paper

Very green idea ~ cool!

Re: Sweet Reindeer

Too cute!! Good job.

Re: Sewing Cabinet Potting Bench

Looks too pretty to be outside! Nice job.


Really like the blue water effect. Great job!!!!


Great job Marie. These look great!

Re: Table top re-finish

Great job. Love re-dos that make ya smile.

Re: potting table changes seasons

Oh I love this ~ especially the rake and wine glasses. I love that you put a crystal drop in the middle! I have one that hasn't made it on the wall yet but I think you've motivated me to get it done! Looks beautful ~ great job.

Re: Garage shelves made from old doors!

This is the best looking garage I've ever seen! Love that you used all the scrap in there ~ way to be green!!!! Looks awesome!

Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All...The DRT Centerpiece

Your attention to all the little details make everything you do sooooooo special Sue! I love how everything ties in to make a complete story! You're the bomb!!!!!!!!! Happy belated Thanksgiving Sue!


Re: Bringing a Little Bit of the Farm to your Outdoors!

Loving everything about this post! The rusty crusty pieces are to DIE FOR!!!!!! Maybe Alice can pick me up on her way ~ I'll bring the black leotards and surveilance equipment! :)


Re: Galvanized Worktop Table with Hammered Nail Detail

OOOOOOOOO, love this!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Be thankful...

Awesome display Kathy! I join the fan club of the hay loader too. Hope your holiday was wonderful!


Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

My sister/bro-in-law and brother/sis-in-law actually decided to make family gifts this year. I already have my project in mind and it totally includes junk!!!!! Can't wait to show and thanks for inspiring Jim. I'm with Sue ~ I would get up at 3 a.m. for a Black Friday Junk sale!!!!!!!!


Re: There's No Place Like Home - For Thanksgiving!

Hope your holiday was wonderful Lani! There IS no place like home and we helped my parents paint thiers after stuffing ourselves.



Perfect post! Happy belated Thanksgiving Jim ~ hope it was fabulous!!!!!


Re: Drawer # 4 Does Thanksgiving

Well I'm playing catch up after being out of town Thanksgiving so I hope your daughter loved her box of treats!! I'm sure she did. Great idea ~ keep em coming!


Re: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Love your porch girlie!!!!! The green and the rust go great together ~ very welcoming! Thanks for sharing it.


Re: A Thanksgiving JUNKMARKET Style

I meant it in the nicest way Sue. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants gal too so I guess it takes one to know one.....we're good in a crisis! haha I come up with some of my best ideas right before everyone walks through the door and looks like so do you. Beautiful arrangement and love love love the "stolen" containers!!!!!!! You crack me up with the toilet thing ~ I may have to try that one. Great post!!!!!!

Re: Thirteen Colonies License Plate Map

Wow ~ your attention to detail is awesome. I think it would make a great teacher gift also. Great job.


Great crate. (say that 3 times fast)ha The legs make a perfect match ~ good job!

Re: Setting the Thanksgiving Table

Great idea on the fly Sue. Anybody could whip these up in a New York minute!

I once heard a story about pennies being dropped by angels from heaven in order to remind us to stop and notice the small things in life ~ now I pick them up too and smile, sometimes even whispering a thank you to the angel that dropped it for me! Happy happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Re: A bow you can easily zip together!

Love your very creative bows! Thanks for the play by play on how to make one too. They could also multi task as gift tags by writing the receivers name on them with a paint pen! Good job girlie!

Re: Junky Christmas Greetings

Oh there's that door that I love! Great little displays ~ makes me want to decorate but I have a strict rule of no Christmas until after Thanksgiving and then I leave everything up until February. Love the skates too. They give an awesome feeling of winter!

Re: Glass Garden

Great color for the winter garden ~ although I still see some green where you're at. Very cool fence stays.

Re: Canteen Cowboy Lamp

GREAT lamp. Love the graphics you used on it! That's why I don't have a shop ~ I wouldn't want to sell anything. That's also why my house is so full!!!!

Re: Nite Nite Nightstand

Thank you my junkin friends! Now that I've tried it (mod podge) I'm hooked!!! I walk around the house just looking for stuff to mod podge and there are sooooooo many great papers out there too. I might even mod podge my kids if they would stand still long enough! LOL


Re: Uncle Pete's Snow Shoes...

Great project and creative way to preserve a memory. I'm sure your mom will love hers and your uncle would be proud.

Re: Copycat Sconce

Nice work and can't wait to see more!

Re: A Cup of Christmas Cheer

Another great one!

Re: Sugar and Spice....Make a Nice Christmas Tree

Cute cute cute! Love your tree. I try to do a tree in every room of my house and each with it's own theme. This would be great in a kitchen.

Re: Something to sing about

Darn it ~ I always forget to check out the music section of my thrift stores until I see such great ideas as this! Thanks for reminding me Midge. Looks beautiful!


Re: It's a wrap....Station!

Great idea and very creative gift!

Re: "Stained" Glass Window

I see a blue and green theme to your style. :) Very nice job and I'll be it sparkles beautifully.

Re: Garden Globe

Very nice!!! Love all the elements that you pulled together to make one.

Re: When you least expect it...

Love that metal tray!!!!! Great scores for a great price! Used to LOVE Goodwill but ours started "decorating" their stores and got a little too proud of their stuff ~ very pricey!!! Austin Tx. has a great one and very reasonable!

Re: Consider Curtain Clothing

Wonderful tribute to your mother and a very special way to remember her.

Re: So what do I do with a lot of "tiny" junk?? Maybe a collage or two!

Very sweet Kathy. Love those forks and the little ironstones are precious! Love all the boxes too!


Re: An OLD Vanity makes a come-back!

Love love love the second transformation. The color is perfect and putting them together was fate. Love em!!!!

Re: What's Behind Junk Drawer # 1

I have some drawers that I have been beating my head against because I had no idea what to do with them. You made the light bulb go on! I can't wait to get them filled with nature ~ thanks Sue. Awesome project!


Re: Stone Walkway Nearly Free

I'm trying to do this with broken concrete pieces but don't have near enough collected. Lucky you living so close to a factory that shares for free!!! I think your path looks awesome ~ great job and thank you for inspiring me to keep on truckin!

Re: Tall Quilt Rack

I love that you are not afraid of putting odd and end pieces together! Looks very pretty and like it was all meant to be.

Re: A Junky Wedding Reception

I also send my congratulations!! Hold on to the junk supporter husband because they are few and far between. Everything looks great! Love, love, love the idea of cowboy boots with your wedding dress!!!!!!!!!

Re: Mailbox Hose Holder

Another awesome idea! You keep thinkin outside the box girl!

Re: Built-In Nightstands

Nightstands are expensive!!! I've been looking for a pair for a year now but I just can't stand to pay the $500 price tag. You came up with a great solution!!!!! I think they look very modern. Nice job!!!

Re: Repurposed Dresser for Craft Room

Cute dresser and great re-do!

Re: Little Display Cabinet

Great project and love the "aligator" paint too. Very nice cabinet. Thanks for sharing it!

Re: Reclaimed box clocks

These are way cool! Excellent job liberating them. I love the corners and the grapics are awesome. Kudos to you!!!!!

Re: Patriotic Uncle Sam Snowman Candy Container - made from old bedspring

Awesome attention to detail! How fun to paper mache the old fashioned way ~ I remember making musical shakers out of big old light bulbs and paper mache. Great project.

Re: A Fan of Photos

Very very very cool! Great idea and love that it is versatile. You can't go wrong with rust and red! :)


Love this look. I've never seen one before but they ARE great as candle covers!

Re: "The True Measure of Life..."

Awesome piece Jenny ~ I can see why it sold immediately! Love all the numbers and colors in the rulers and measuring sticks! Great quote too.


Re: Hall Tree

Love this project ~ the pieces look like they were made for each other. Nice job!

Re: It's so "cloche'" to Cristmas time!!!!

Thanks to all the wonderful ideas on this site, I am now collecting cloches. Mine are still empty but I love your ideas. They look really pretty and I too love the special meaning behind them. Good job!

Re: There's No Place Like a Midwest Home Show!

Love it all Lani ~ great job!


Re: Candle Light

Once again.....these would look fab in my house!!! Love zebra. Great job and very creative!

Re: World's Largest Pincushion

You have no idea how fabulous this would look in my house!!!!! Great chaise ~ love it!

Re: Weight just a minute...there's junk in those paperweights!

Oh Kathy ~ just when I recovered from fainting over all your great clocks ~ you make me all woozy again over these!!!!!!!
I don't EVER see these in my junkin expeditions. Why why oh why???????? I love them!!!!! I think I would buy every single one at your sale. Impossible to pick a favorite because they are all awesome....Feeling woozy again.....must go breathe in a paper weight, I mean paper bag!


Re: Simple Monday Evening

JunqueChick ~ awesome, thanks ~ now I can be on the hunt!!!!!!

Re: Birds and Flowers License Plate Art

Oh too cute!!!!! I love this!!! You do awesome work! Lucky sister.

Re: In other words...

This is just a great idea! I just got rid of a keyboard and now I'm kickin myself!!! This would be a great gift for a typing teacher too. Love the time card holder too and the idea of the cards. Very creative stuff Lezlee! I can't wait to see what you post next.

Re: To sleep or To read, that is the question?

AWESOME job on this! I love it!

Re: Fire Truck?

Wow ~ great vision chica!!!!! You did an awesome job! My attention span would have faded after the angle iron stuff. Rest my friend ~ you deserve it.

Re: Vintage Christmas Countdown

Very nice! Great 25 projects in 1.

Re: Feeling A Little Starry-Eyed

Well, I have a thing for rust and red and stars so you scored big in my book! Great find.


Re: Roller Skates-Whoohooo!!!

Cute cute cute! I just love pink!!!!

Re: Over the Top Pens -Vintage Flair Never Goes Out of Style

Love these!!!!!! Just my style!

Re: junk art fan pulls

Great idea for the fan pulls! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Re: Hand lettered signs from rescued wood

Your son is VERY talented. Love the signs and sayings. His hand lettering is to die for!!!!!

Re: A Window and a Rug

Gorgeous rug ~ I love the deep red colors! Glad you found another way to display it!

Re: Winter Green Fresh

Oh my ~ LOVE that spring! I was baffled at first thinking what a tiny bed that came off of but of course it would come from a chair or couch duh! The flowers are going to be beautiful. Great project Sue.


Re: Framing Up Vintage Bus Scrolls

I can so picture these in a kitchen or a mudroom! They are awesome!!!!! Glad you sold out but I too would have to keep at least one for myself. Great job Jenny and glad to see your smilin face back.


Re: Hey, Hey, Hey . . . It's a Holiday Hay Rack!

This is awesome Lani! Love the basket along with the hay rack. Great rust! I think your bow is just fine. Wonderful display!!!!!!!!


Re: Holiday Trimmings ala Army Surplus

I salute your fantastic project Sue! These little guys are so cute and adaptable to every occasion. I love them all but my fave is the New Years. Guess I have to find an army surplus now ~ I think there's one about an hour and a half from me.


Re: Welcome to The Dark Side.....Of Color

Hi JanieBV. Hope you get this since it's been so long (sorry)The thing about brick is that it sucks up about any paint. I just used some leftover wall paint. The area around the stove doesn't get very hot so I didn't worry about it being fire retardent. I know what you mean by being scary to do because if you don't like it then it would be a nightmare to get off! I lived with that ugly black grout for 2 years before I took the leap and I figured if I didn't like it then I could always paint it brick red again.

Thank you so much for your compliment and let me know if you paint yours. Good luck!

Re: Where did I put the cabinet door this time?

VERY pretty!!!! I just love those doors.

Re: Glass Terrarium

Wow ~ I would LOVE to win something like this. Your mom did a great job!

Re: Winning with Winter White

VERY pretty Lani. Love the chippy paint ~ reminds me of snow! Glad it sold quickly for you but I would have had a hard time letting go of it. That's why I don't have a store ~ I have that disease where it must be mine all mine!!!!!!!!


Re: Door turned desk

Great legs!!!!!! You did an awesome job on this ~ I love it!

Re: One chair found a home

Love your version of air freshener.:) Doesn't it feel great when you find the perfect spot for a treasure? I really like this idea but it wouldn't work in my bathroom ~ boys ~ nuff said! The bucket compliments the original finish on the chair. Kudos!

Re: Love of old silver

I love silver with patina! Mostly because I hate to polish. ha Yours are very pretty and I too like the basket! Great displays.

Re: A "washed up" mop bucket? Nope!

Cool ~ I have one of these in my barn just waiting for a facelift. Good job.

Re: A teensy little shopping trip for my booth

Love that rose print watercolor and I think my grandparents had that same picture of Jesus in their house when I was growing up. It looks warmly familiar. Great haul chica!

Re: Chalkboard for Mom

Very cool chalkboard! I know your mom will love it.

Re: rusty easel

Oooooo, that shape just screams easle! Nice ~ love the rust!

Re: wood rack

My first thought was, "how in the world did they attach those banches to the metal base" Great paint job ~ you fooled everybody! Awesome project.

Re: A new addition to the front yard

Love your art! I wish I had your talents ~ I've always secretly wanted to work with metal. You are an inspiration!

Re: Shakers on a stick

Good idea!

Re: It's a's a shell's a cigar box...No... it a vase!

I'm the same way with "anything can become a candle holder". It always amazes me that people are in awe of using "unconventional" items to display flowers or candles. Cracks me up!

Re: What to do with sap buckets...take a look

Oh I love this idea. I'm headed out to get some mod podge and napkins!

Re: Sit and Stay

Your Habitat store is awesome. Ours just has a lot of left over plumbing and molding. Amazing what a little paint will do!

Re: A Gift for the Music Teacher

Awesome gift Sue and probably the most unique the teacher has ever received. Sooooooo much better than an apple!!!


Re: My Holiday Projects

Nice displays Gretchen ~ love all the silver.


Re: Simple Monday Evening

Thanks for the tip joeyone but maybe I just don't know what I'm looking for. Sue, how about a lesson on what restaurant dishes are? Are they stamped "restaurant" on the bottom or do they just have a certain feel or look to them? I could be passing them by unknowingly!


Re: Garden Totem

Great art project. It looks awesome against your wall and way too pretty to put outside. I can tell a lot of work went into it ~ very nice!!!!

Re: Fall-ing for Junk...

Very cool displays. I love the mix of bright colors with all the rusty stuff ~ my favorite thing!!!!


Re: Sweet Junk at The BitterSweet Cabin

Oh Kathy, I LOVE this store!!!!! It brought a tear to my eye to see all the beautiful displays, vignettes and wonderful junk. Silly how junk can make me cry ~ or maybe it's hormones ~ naw, it's junk!!!! If I lived anywhere in the vicinity, I would be at that place all the time!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


Re: Fall Back Decor

I love the "fall back" ~ it's all about the extra hour of sleep for me!!!!!! Wonderful displays and Fall colors.

Re: Junkes: A Sisterhood of Traveling Junk @ The Funky Junk Sisters Show!

I spy lots of likes!!!!

Re: Stirrup Photo Frame

Very cool idea. I'm another fan of the rust and the sparkle combo!!

Re: ~JUNKIES~ Booth from sketch to finish.

Oooooo great ideas girls! Love the booth. Very junkilicious!

Re: How to Spruce Up Your Porch

Love, love , love! It has all the elements we junkers go for ~ rustic, multi-functional and florals you don't have to water! ha I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Simple Monday Evening

I want restaurant dishes waaaaaaaaa. I guess the restaurants here are holding on to theirs!
Lovely post Sue!


Re: Second Hand Rose Occasional Sale

Oh my ~ loving the glass battery jars, and the ball bearings, and the drawers, and the wheels, and the ..........


Re: Art Axes

Very talented painter bluebucket! Love your work. The axes are beautiful.

Re: Dick and Jane Vintage Reader Gift Tags

Great idea ~ I too would have to photocopy. These look awesome.

Re: Old Spindle Repurpose Project "Whimsical Feather Christmas Trees"

These are awesome!!!!!! I have some spindles that will just fit the bill.

Re: From frumpy to fabulous!

This is a great idea and like 1DesignChick, I would have never seen the possibilities in that crock! I would have totally dismissed it! I hate those big bulky plastic containers in my laundry room and this would certainly "class" it up.

Re: 3 Old Chairs = 1 ReNEWed Bench

This looks wonderful on your cute little porch! Looks like a picture from a magazine. I love this idea because I have some chairs that are about to be retired because of purchasing new dinning room chairs. Thank you for the idea!

Re: Leafy Sail Sculpture

This is gorgeous! You are very very talented!

Re: Pumpkin Carving Stencil Uses

Great extra use for those stencils!

Re: wine barrel sunflower

Love it! I will never look at wine barrels the same again! I also love that you added nature to it with the sunflower head and wheat! VERY COOL project!!!

Re: Ironing board daisy

That is just awesome!!!! I agree with Junkermidge........I would so use that as a landmark to give directions. You girls deserve A++++++++++++++++++ kudos for risking your life for junky art!! Great job.

Re: Sea Glass Christmas Wreath

Very pretty! Is it very heavy? You always do such a wonderful job.

Re: Solar Chandalier...

Great idea! I love solar lighting but would have never thought about using it indoors.

Re: Birds of a Feather Grandfather Clock Birdhouse

Very GRAND birdhouse!!! Nice job.

Re: Birdhouse beauties

Likin your bird houses but lovin the old gate and cool red chairs!!!! Very nice arrangement ~ thanks for sharing it!

Re: Paris Themed Necklace

Beautiful! I've tried making jewelry before and man it's hard ~ I'm a buyer (as you saw in my Keeper of Bling post):)I know a lot of hard work went into this and I know Lani is loving it like it should be loved!!!!


Re: Keeper of the Bling

Thank you ladies for the kind remarks. I wonder why no "boys" responded??? They are probably thinking ~ man, I'm glad she's not my chick. LOL

Re: RE Boutique Sign

Awesome signs ~ great job!!! These would make me want to come in and check it out.

Re: Milk strainer "vase"

Very cool and I love the touch of nature.

Re: Vases

Love the staggered look also. Great job!

Re: Book stand of brass on wood

Been there vision until after it's transformed and then they wish they had thought of it. ha Beautiful piece.

Re: RING aROUND the Rosie!

Love your stuff girl!!! The big rusty flower frog and the last picture of clocks really speak to me though. Great collection and thanks for sharing it with us!


Re: "Emerging from the JunkYard" and Designing for a Cause

Great job for a very worthy cause girl! Also love the color pallette but my fave has to be the use of the mat to paint a design on the cabinet ~ now that's thinkin on your feet!!!!

Re: Oh Grate, another thing to hang on my wall!

Very cool wall hanging ~ love that cupboard door. It's very pretty. Great job girl!

Re: I used to be an onion box

Another cool project! Lucky soaps.

Re: Tea Box Projects

These are way cool. I love what you've done with them!!!!

Re: Ta Da!

I told ya I saw some marrying goin on!!! Looks great and frames your grams treasures beautifully!.

Re: In love with old metal

Cool finds from one rusty junker to another!

Re: Junkin' Punkin" at the Library

Awesome "mother of the bride"! I expect we may see a few BG attmepts soon.

Re: Junkin' Punkin' 2

I think he looks more like "father of the bride". Him and the library witch would make a perfect couple. These are sooooo cute!

Re: West End Architectural Salvage

Looks like my kind of joint!!!!!


Re: October Floral of the Month

This is Halloween awesomeness!!!!!! She looks "spooktacular" (someone had to say it) So glad you're in the spirit Sue. Great job!


Re: A Rusty Repurpose

You know I'm lovin the rust!!!!! Great job! I also love power tools! Reciprocating saw is awesome but I also love my table saw and the miter saw and the .......oh I just love power tools. I have more than my boyfriend!

Re: Halloween tree

Oh how cute! I do a Halloween tree every year by my door with orange blinker lights. I like it so much that I leave it up for Thanksgiving too. The kids always get a kick out of hunting for the perfect fallen branch! Love the way you surrounded yours with pumpkins and crows!

Re: A Chippy Welcome...

Oh my gosh ~ LUSTING after this creation!!!! If I can find a chippy look alike then this idea is sooooooooo getting copied. Awesome, awesome.......did I say awesome??!!!!


Re: GoodWill Finds - Kitchen Wall Grouping

Very nice display!!!

Re: Junk Pumpkins

I am lovin the whole junk pumpkin idea!!!!! Love the faucets as eyes and the rusty red jug is my fave! Great Fall display!!!!!!

Re: Steel Spring Table

Wow ~ how does one come across a train spring and who knew trains had springs. :) Awesome table and awesome combination of components!!

Re: back porch halloween

Oh how I love your chippy door! It's gorgeous!!!!!
Your display is wonderful too ~ cute, cute, cute.

Re: Soap Stand for my Mom

Awesome paint job! Looks like it's all one piece. Your mom will love it!

Re: Junk Style Centerpiece

Love this lantern and what a bargain!! You made a great centerpiece combo. I love feathers and yours adds just the right touch!

Re: A Junker's Collection - Part Two

Looks like you have challenged us all to look deeper into our junking passions! How cool that we can connect our love of junk to deeper meaning and purpose ~ not just some silly nilly action we conduct on a whim. For that ~ we all thank you Sue!


Re: A Junker's Collection - Part One

Love your collection of round! Lovin the chippy white ball in the first picture. I'll have to think deeper about this question because I'm so eclectic. Obvious response is lover of all things rusty!


Re: Princess Ready

Awesome transformation ~ very pretty!

Re: Hatchery pipe plant stand

Still lovin your style!!

Re: Barnyard tealight display

This is adorable!!! Love it.

Re: Primitive Brick Barn Cats

Love these cute little kittys! They have the perfect non-chalant look on their faces.

Re: Harness ring "valance"

I am now fainting over all the great rusty pieces and awesome ideas! I like your style man.

Re: Scale napkin holder

You are speakin my rusty language!!! Very cool.

Re: Doctor's bag "bookcase"

Great Dr. bag! I have one too that I also use as a magazine holder beside my couch.

Re: The Art of Entropy

OMG ~ those are gorgeous above your sofa!!!! Absolutely love them!

Re: Toilet paper storage "cabinet"

Ha ha ha~ love this! Very creative and functional!

Re: Another Crazy Lamp

Great colors! My sweetie is a painter so I can't wait to show him this post! Great job Jim.

Re: Another great grate!

Love the grate! Ya'll cracked me up....Love the picture too ~ but is the hair currently shoulder length or like the other shorter do? They both make you look young and sassy!

Re: Scarecrow Welcomes Trick or Treaters!

So cute! I feel very welcomed on your porch.

Re: What do a rusty wheelbarrow, gas can, and hand saw have in common?


Re: Dart Board Twice Rejuvenated

Cool cabinet ~ love the paint job. I've picked one of these up before but put it back because I didn't think we would use it very much. Wish I had thought about the shelf idea.

Re: since everyone does a bedframe bench..... here's mine!

The wood is gorgeous! I would have a hard time painting it too. You did a great job on the build!

Re: Industrial Fan Grate Wreath

I even love the chippy paint on the barn! Very cool wreath!!!! I'll be on the look for fans now. I love this site because it's taught me to look at everyday items with a new eye.

Re: Glass Flower

Match made in heaven! Great paint on the wood piece and love the glass comination. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Recycled Garden -- fence and all

Oh my..... love love love the fence and wreath!!!!!! It looks perfectly rustic. Ya'll did a great job!

Re: Trick or Treat...Mwah ah ah!!

From someone who LOVES Halloween ~ you did an awesome job! Not too spooky but just spooky enough. Even though I love all the make-believe and dress up ~ I don't like the scary movies either.(except for classic Frankestein, Vampires, Mummies and Werewolves etc) Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Re: Rustic Virgin Mary Shrine

Now I'm gonna have to check out my dead plants to see if I can weave the leaves! Never never would have thought of that. You are very creative ~ nice job on the shrine.

Re: Our Lady of Guadalupe Virgin Mary Shrine

Very cool!

Re: Garage Sale Yard Fun

Great display ~ love the rusty white chair!!!!!!

Re: 8 Pew Country Church Birdhouse "For Birds of Pray"

Gorgeous church for your birds! Love that it came from salvaged pieces and I know a lot of hard work went into it ~ it shows.

Re: Junky Tablescape

Great way to come through in a pinch!!!!! We junkers could survive any situation. Looks lovely!

Re: Vintage Rotary Phone Clock

Ahhhhhh memories of laying on the floor and twirling that cord while I talked for hours! Now my daughter wonders all over the house! Great project!

Re: Take a Stand

I think that's one of those country trash cans where you slip the handles of the trash bag over the high handles on the trash can......I like it a lot better now! Looks great and functional too.

Re: Wallpaper side-table...

Love this table! It looks very high~end. I don't care if it is out of style ~ I love wallpaper!!!!!!!


Awesome idea! These turned out great and my kids would love working on them. So much easier than messy carving.

Re: Bench from old headboard

Oooooooo ~ love the color! Great job.

Re: This one will be a BIG surprise

Wow ~ there is sooooooo much you can do with that! Can't wait to see. Stop teasing us. :)

Re: It pays to have friends in Junk places.

I see some marrying going on! Some of these would look great put together. Can't wait to see what you have in store for them.

Re: teddy bears

Love this idea ~ they are all beautiful! How cool would that be to have a real fur coat bear! My conscious would go with that idea way better than wearing one. Great job!!

Re: To Read or Not to Read?

This would look awesome in a classroom! Hmmmmmm ~ I'm thinking teacher gift. Would love to know how you did it.

Re: lace roses

Very elegant project. Looks great ~ well done!

Re: Lantern Lamp and American Flag

Great project ~ both of them!!!

Re: Recycled Window Turned Art Display

Love your display. The window looks wonderful.

Re: Simple Idea for Old Windows

These look great in your house! I love your decor.

Re: My Scrapbook Area

Saaaaaaaweet!!!!! Nice hubby!

Re: Potting Table

Love love love this! The lights add just the right touch.

Re: "Yes" another window project!!

This window is great! I love the pink and black. Very funky!!!!

Re: Dress form

This is awesome!!!!!! Beautiful job.

Re: Garden Arbor Creation

Great project ~ they did a great job!

Re: I Had a "LIGHT BULB" Moment

Love this rusty cool piece!!! Great find.

Re: Trick or Treat

This is cool. Awesome graphics and what a fun piece to make. I'm sooooooooooo jealous over the letters/numbers. You scored big on those!

Re: Ready for 3rd Gear?

Super cool lamps. Very talented hubby! These look awesome.

Re: Wooden Number Tags

Great save on the drawer bottoms. I love stuff that is re-used. They look great!

Re: Retro baby shower

Great first post. Some of those toys bring back good memories! Cool party and like the others ~ I'm sure your daughter loved it.

Re: Thrift frame to sophisicated art...

Love your fireplace. The picture is perfect too~I really like the animal print. Great job!

Re: Treasures Found

Love your treasures. Really likin the tall white metal thing.

Re: Junkin' in Maryland

Too too cool! Free junk is ALWAYS the best way to go.

Re: I gave my Dad "JUNK" for Father's Day!

You guys did an awesome job on this. What a fun way to spend time with your dad. Sounds like you gave him the perfect gift!!!

Re: Xray lamp...

X-treme shade! Very cool idea and look.

Re: Candy find me?

Love the redo! You chose a great color and new knob. Fab center also. I don't know how these were used as bread boxes ~ my bread always molds faster in one.

Re: A pair of buttoned up lamps

Beautiful lamp and I love the button idea. Nice variation on the crystals. Looks very elegant ~ great job!

Re: Old Bedding into Christmas Stockings

Way to recycle fabric!!!! They look great.


I've always wanted to try this. Great job and awesome idea for a kitchen!

Re: 1950's Schooldesk

Great find and wonderful save!

Re: First one door...then two!

Great idea ~ you can still be part of what's going on outside your room and if you want complete solitude ~ you can close it off anytime! Excellent execution!

Re: FINALLY!! Organized - sort of...

Love your space!!!! The lockers are awesome!!! I would kill for a room all to myself ~ you did a great job on your space. Love the new picture and sassy hairdo.

Re: Darling Dresser Cracks Me Up!!!

Great crackle!!

Re: Fall Decorations

Wow ~ you got an awesome buy! Looks great.

Re: i'll never do this again:)!

This is awesome and hopefully worth every painful moment! Does it hurt to wear? I would sooooooo wear it! Great job.

Re: Junk fall decor

Oooooooooooo ~ my 2 favorite things ~ rust and red! I was immediately drawn to your pictures. Great job putting everything together. Looks great!!!!

Re: Family Jewles

Wonderful job Alice!!! You've been busy ~ and what beautiful creations. I love the pendent necklaces and the bigger the better. There's a saying, "Big girls need big diamonds" and I expand that to Big girls need big jewelry!


Re: Garden Junk Ensemble for Fall

Love the rustic appeal!!


From another Texan ~ love the Texas top!!!!!


Oh how I wish I had a workshop much less a respite corner! Love love the doors! Great job ~ use that space!


Very cute! I like the originality ~ keep em comin girl!!!!

Re: Shutter doors

I absolutely love this idea!!!! I have some shutters that have been waiting for a purpose and I think I've found it! Awesome job!!!!!!

Re: Happy Autumn

The cart is way too cool and I'm drooling over all the color. Just beautiful! I LOVE Fall and your pictures evoke such a smile on my heart ~ thanks!


Re: button necklace

Awesome necklace!!!! Love the display also. Great job and congrats on the spotlight.


Now that I follow your blog ~ I get special sneak peeks. Love this project! Very classy. I'm still on the look for letters/rub~ons as perfect as yours. I think you need to be renamed ~ Silverdiva!!:) Have a great day.


Re: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without...

Love these! Bet they will last another several life times with the great durable fabric. Great job.

Re: This aint your daddy's grill anymore...

You little junking minx!!!! Awesome way to think "upside down" on a grill! Great, great great idea!!!!!!!I bow to you (as Candy said)POTTINGMASTER.

Re: Potting Table

Awesome! I love old fence wood and the one in your last picture is to die for! What a lucky school to have such talented parents. You could sooooooooo sell these!

Re: Festive Fall "JUNK" Scarecrows

Cute, cute, cute! Thanks for sharing them.

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 3

OMG ~ you have me beat girl (but I don't have a basement). You definitely need to own your own shop!!!!! Your pictures are awesome ~ I spy a lot of cool stuff in there. Love all the scrolley chairs and the "etc" letters. Your display rack is very creative and I see lot's more I couldn't live without! I think we are ALL a little nuts ~ wouldn't life be boring if we weren't? Keep on junkin momma!!!!! :)


Re: NFL Team Old Country Window

Great idea and great purpose!

Re: bench

Great job on the bench! I've always wanted to do one of these but never seem to get around to it. Like the color too!

Re: new use for vintage pokerchips

Oh I love these. What a great idea. I would like to see your soldered pieces too. :)

Re: Mosaic Table

Great job ~ I like this.


I too would like to see more ~ sounds heavenly! I can't find the feathers but I'm intrigued. I love canopy's!


Love this gate and the spur is a stroke of genious.!!! I noticed you're from Burleson ~ my brother and his wife lived there for awhile. Ya'll have an awesome Goodwill!!!! He was right down the street from it and I would sneak away as much as possible. They moved to Amarillo so I'm sad I won't get to shop it. Your yard looks beautiful ~ do you weld?

Re: I'm all out of tissues...

Right up my alley Marie! You did a great job and I love the color pallete in the flowers. This would go great in my house ~ hint hint. :)

Re: Painted Side Table

You really are an awesome urban artist! If you don't have your own business ~ you SHOULD! This stuff should sell like wildfire!! Can't wait to see more.

Re: RC Cola Cooler Turns Over a New Leaf

I love everything about this! The additions are all too cool and the rusty yellow patina is awesome. Like Marie ~ I love the piece next to it too. I would so buy this in a heartbeat but since you're so far away ~ I may just have to make one of my own. What a copycat I am!!!!

Oh and I could pot and party also! Something about that just doesn't sound right. LOL

Re: Magnets from a vintage dictionary

Thank you so much for the instructions. I'm getting GREAT Christmas ideas! I just love these. I can make them to fit any friends/family's decor. (Maybe some for me too)
Thanks again.


Re: Pumpkin Jewelry Collage

Spooktacular! Love all the glitter.

Re: Recycled Lemonade Bottles

These could be the "next big thing". The graphics are awesome and any teen or tween would just die over one. Any adult too ~ you may have something here chica!

Re: Climbing my Chippy Ladder to Success!

Love, love love this Lani! Most of all (besides ummm everything about it) I love that you kept the end pieces on. I'm afraid I would have chopped them off without thinking first. This piece is awesome ~ I love chippy. How many times have I used the word love? I guess that means I kind of ~ sort of like this piece. :)

Re: Door privacy screen

Great job Grasshopper! Isn't it ridiculous how expensive these are in the stores?! This looks awesome and love the paper you chose.

Re: Magnets from a vintage dictionary

What a great idea ~ can you tell us how you made them?

Re: my booth in warrenton, tx

I'm in Texas and still far far away! ha Feel like I stepped back in time Troy ~ great booth! Hope is was a sell out.


I remember the days when I used to just lay on my bed lost in a book or listening to music and dreaming. Need those days back!!!! This is a great reminder ~ good job and great creativity combining all the elements.

Re: found object assemblage

Very cool ~ love the raven!!


Love, love, love this! Concrete, metal, rust, garden ~ perfect harmony!!!!!

Re: A great grate

Thank you Marie for looking at it in a positive light! We would have a GREAT time and I don't mind a little laughter from others either! (I actually had a friend stop shopping with me because we were attracted to the same stuff ~ it became a competition for her to see if she could beat me to something ~ took all the fun out of the whole like mind thing) Wish we lived closer too!!!!!!

Re: Dramatic Red Side Table

What a great idea to freshen up a piece of furniture. Love it!!!! Great job. She is very Tres Chic!

Re: Organ Pipe Photo Holders

Wow ~ awesome idea! Love this!


Re: A great grate

Another great idea my rusty friend!!! I love this and the dark rich sealed rust against the delicate lace is wonderful. Awesome job! We couldn't shop together though cause we would be vying for the same rusty metal. LOL Alas, I must worship your work from afar. :)


Re: earring Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments can be pricey ~ even at Wal-mart so you got a great deal. I love how you saw a different use for them! Your tree is beautiful!

Re: Escutcheon plates

Love this idea! Very creative and I love the ones in the first picture.

Re: salvaging old barn more photos

Looks like it's in really great shape. I would want a guest house out of it. I'll bet your just drooling over all that awesome lumber! Congrats.


Sharon ~ great job chica. Very pretty!!!!! I love the glass knob feet!!!! Did you immediatley think upside down when you saw it? Can't wait to see what you do with the lamps in the second picture.

Re: My first antique mall booth!

I spy some awesome stuff girlie! You will have no problem selling. You better still be shoppping cause I'm guessing you will have to refill soon! Congrats.

Re: Autumn Junk

Great colors and great collections! You put things together really well.

Re: Welcome to The Dark Side.....Of Color

Thank you so much my friends. I don't love my new house just yet but it's getting there slowly. At least I love pieces of it now ~ it was a real wreck when I bought it.

Sharon ~ glad there are other "cheap o's" out there!

Janis ~ any time you want to stop by for a cup of tea, I would love to meet you!

Greencolleen ~ sounds like you and I could do some damage in the thrift store department!

Candy ~ I haven't posted the hutch before and I can't wait to paint it black. You're right, sometimes I just want to curl up with a good book and never leave my house (especially on rainy days) I'm very much a home~body.

Thank you all for your sweet comments. My friends always say my house feels cozy and inviting. I read a comment from Sue about a home needing to feel like a big hug when you walk in and that's what I want my home to be. And you guys have a hand in it by submitting all your great ideas on this site so thanks for the many many gifts!!


Re: Gas Lamp to Candlestick: Quick, Easy and Pretty Too!

Beautiful ~ I want one!

Re: New life for old objects

Love this ~ these pictures belong in a magazine!

Re: "While visions of giraffes and zebras danced in her head"

Very funky! Great way to redo yucky brass.

Re: Funkalious, Junkalious Lamps

WOW......WOW......WOW.... these are GREAT!

Re: Almost Ready For Our 7th Fall Country Junk Sale Friday 10/2 and Saturday 10/3 from 9-5

Ok Marie, laughed so hard I think I tinkled a little (not really) May have to move with you ~ I spy I spy!!!!!!!

Re: Hemming-Way

I never knew such a thing existed ~ I've been enlightened ~ thanks. Great project and as always you are too funny! Your comments always make me laugh.


Re: Springfield Extravaganza - Part II - so much to see and so little time!

I'm with the others ~ love the way you take us along on your adventures! I also agree that BINGO looks a little like a character in that silly movie my sweetie likes called Killer Clowns from Outerspace (or something to that effect) And I usually love clowns ~ haha Thanks again for sharing and will be anxiously waiting for more. (Very nice new picture of your sweet smiling face)


Re: Warrenton, bay-bee!

East Texas has some great junkin festivities. We need some in the Panhandle! Looks like you found some treasures and I can only imagine how excited you are about your new venture! My problem is that I truly love all that I buy and would have a hard time parting with it. I would want everything to go to a good home ~ like a kitten. LOL Sending good karma your way for opening day!!!!!

Re: "Olive" She's one trashy lady!

She's very sweet! Great job and I love the hidden jewels too.

Re: Window

I know what you mean about space ~ I shop like I have a store to fill and I don't so my house and barn is overflowing. Yesterday I found a table and hutch piece that I talked myself out of because of space and when I changed my mind and went back (3 hrs. later) it was gone. Anyway...... great job on your project and I love the use of the prints. Looks very Tuscan. Keep feedin that addiction :)

Re: Silver and Walnut; My favs

The wood is gorgeous ~ great save! I love the deep rich color against the shiny silver of the spoon. Awesome job.

Re: CandyLand 50th Anniversary Tin turned Tin Wall Clock

This clock is just great and the ribbon is perfect!! You go girl ~ love it.

Re: De-Light-ful Serving Pieces...Inspired by Shabby Chick...

You did a great job putting your own spin on Kathy's idea. I love the silver based one with the star shade! They really look pretty on your serving table and I'm sure they were the hit of the get~together! Once again, I'll never look at lamp shades the same again!


Re: Fall Apple Fest Centerpiece

I love Fall colors ~ these are beautiful.

Re: From the book JUNK BEAUTIFUL.....

I'm singing with the others~great job! Also love the copper! It really stands out with that wood color.

Re: "FALL"ing for the Springfield Extravaganza - Part I...

Love the silver platters and glad it was a good selling week-end for you. Looks like lots of awesome stuff. Can't wait to see more pics!



Beautimus, fantabulous, supercalifragilistic exspialidocious! Can't believe I even attempted those words. LOL ~ You know I love all that you do my friend! These are beautiful and of couse inspiring. Thank you!


Re: You Can't Take the Fancy Out of Fancy...

Awesome transformation Sue!

Re: Feedsack Handbags

I don't think you will have any trouble selling these. They are very well done! Love the one with hens on it.

Re: Ford Logo License Plate Art by Design Turnpike

(I wondered what happened) Love your use of license plates to create unique works of art. Great job!

Re: You don't need coasters for this table

Love the stool ~ it will last 4~ever!! I'm thinking of trying my hand at growing gourds next year. Any advice? Yours look awesome! I love Fall too!!!

Re: My Simple Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday Project!

WOW!!!!! Can't decide on my fav either. I think maybe the chandelier but I wouldn't turn any of them away if they showed up on my doorstep!!!!! Love love love the simplicity!


Re: what to do with cute old purses, flowers, and ribbon

Great idea with the purses! Never painted a couch before ~ sorry but good luck. I'm sure you will get lot's of ideas from others soon.

Re: Night-night Sugar...

Marie I think we are kindred spirits ~ I love the rusty look of this. Once again you hit it just right!! Such a great idea to use it in a nursery. It's gorgeous!

Re: Infant's Chiffarobe turned Primitive Pie Safe

Love the colors and rustic appeal! You did an awesome job ~ would look great in my house.:-)

Re: Serving up a "light" snack - vintage junk-style!

Kathy ~ I absolutely love this!!!!! This piece is very classy and elegant. I'll be on the hunt for lamps now ~ you guys keep giving me ideas and I'll have to buy another house to keep all my stuff in. LOL (Like I'd really hate that ha) I'm getting awesome Christmas ideas ~ keep em coming!!!

Re: Reel-ly Fun New Plant Stand...

I just love your space! Really ~ every time you post pictures, it just makes me smile. Fabulous find and very creative use. I want a welding hubby ~ life would be so much easier :)

Re: fun with words

I'm thinking gift tags ~ use the initial of the person the gift belongs to. I like to attach these at Christmas because it makes handing out gifts so much easier for our large family and then the receiver can keep it as a momento. You could sparkle them up or just attach to a pretty card. You could write the year on the back too.

Re: 34 Birdhouses in total...I don't know if that's enough

Well, I would say you are obsessed with bird houses ~ awesome obsession!!!!!! Love the last one of this post. Thank you so much for sharing ~ now I want to go to the birds :)

Re: And yet EVEN more Birdhouses!

So the talent runs in the ENTIRE family!

Re: And MORE Birdhouses...

More great stuff girl! Love love love the one in the first picture. Your hubby is just as talented as you are!

Re: Just the START of my birdhouse collection...

What a great collection!!! I love the potting bench.

Re: Michigan License Plate Map by Design Turnpike

Cool piece! Great colors and design ~ no doubt it will sell quickly.

Re: Primitive Hutch and Cabinet Made From Shutters, an Old Screen Window and a TV Cabinet!

Awesome piece. I'm not at all surprised that it sold so quickly.

Re: Juliette

Another great combination of goodies!

Re: Happy Boy

Too cute for words! Makes me smile.

Re: Junk Angel

Oh how sweet with a little bit of a dangerous edge to her. Love her!!!

Re: Introducing Ruby Rose & Amy Bakes Cupcakes

Looks like I'll be missing another great event. I really need to start saving my junkin cash for plane tickets and hotel reservations :) Ya'll have fun.

I'm sooooo lovin the pink trailer........I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!

Re: A Simple Monday "Ah Ha!" Moment

You HAVE to reveal when you find out what those are ~ too cool!! And even cooler now that you have worked your magic on them. Killer!!!!!!!!!


Re: Bed Spring Candle Holder

Very classy my classy friend!! I would say that so far you have met the challenges with flying colors ~ that is why you are the QUEEN!!!!!!

Re: Recycled Fire Place Pumpkin

What a great idea for an old fireplace hood!!!!! You did an awesome job and let me be the first to say ~ spooktacular. I love it!!!!!!

Re: Gypsy Clock

Love your gypsy!!! Just in time for Halloween too!

Re: Old tool chest becomes a piece of furniture for my work room!

Just re~read my comment and what I meant to say is I have a hard time painting rusty stuff! I'm drawn to the darker colors but I love the whole shabby chic, cottage thing. I just don't have any of it in my house ~ make sense?? that you chose to go with rust colors for this piece! Whew.....I feel better now :)

Re: In the HOT seat...

I've always wanted to try this with leather belts. You did a great job! The colors go very well with the wall and the little side stool. I think it's a keeper too!

Re: Old tool chest becomes a piece of furniture for my work room!

Oh Marie ~ this is right up my alley!!!! Love it. The colors and just the right amount of rust are awesome! (so glad you didn't paint it white, I'm just not a white paint kind of girl) It looks fab in your workroom! Great job girl.

Re: From suitcase to storage / table

I'm also drawn to roses ~ love the tray. Good job.

Re: Happy Fall to All...

Love this pumpkin! The best part is it never goes bad ~ you can use it year after year. Great job!

Re: Thank You One and All

Sending celebratory wishes your way Sue. (as you said ~ to a fellow virgo)Sounds like you had a great birthday and I'm sooo glad. Every girl deserves to celebrate her birth in style and we all should celebrate YOU for bringing all of us together!

All my best

Re: Barn Burner Wall Sconce

Love this Jim. My kind of stuff ~ rustic AND rusty!!!

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 2

Love the glass knobs and the spice rack idea. Very warm and inviting home ~ thanks for sharing it.

Re: Not too early for these Christmas trees ..

Very sweet and simple. Love it. Perhaps the idea came from your brother all along. Thank you for sharing.

Re: Window of Roses

Good idea ~ very nice!

Re: Drawer Caddy

Very pretty!

Re: Vintage Notion Box Turned Funky Jewelry Box

Love this ~ it looks beautiful. I saw Janis' Thriftday post also ~ isn't she an awesome inspiration?!!!! My favorite part is the big silver 5 with the black ribbon. Very classy!! Good job chica.

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 1

But what lovely junk it is! Love your great room and all your awesome decorations.

Re: Jelly Cupboard from Junk

Love the cupboard!!!!! In fact ~ I want the entire corner.

Re: Oh Junk Angel of Wind Chimes

Great trade girl! It turned out very pretty.

Re: Just Plain Horse Sense

Oh JennyK, I love EVERYTHING about this piece. If I were going to be at your show, I would certainly look into purchasing it. The color is awesome and the rusty accessories are beautiful ~ love the quote too. Just awesome!!!!!!


Re: Old grain elevator rack....

Very cool! Love the story behind it.

Re: Rock on Monday!

Thank you so much girls......I love birthdays and happy birthday to all the fellow September babies! I had a great day but I also believe in celebrating the entire birthday month (I know....a little over the top)So far it's been a great month and the year of 45 looks awesome!!! (I'm also not shy about my age LOL)


Re: Primitive Cupboards from Junk

Love love love the cupboards. They would immediately get my attention!

Re: An old window gets a new job...message central!

Great project Kathy. It covers ALL the bases! Best of luck at your sale ~ wish I could be there.


Re: Keeping it Simple

Awesome post Sue! The colors in those flowers are to die for ~ I love Fall the most of all the seasons! Everything works together wonderfully.


As always Janis ~ love your creation! It will look fabulous in your home. Your posts just ooooze elegance (the word ooooze is not very elegant huh?) You have a very calming effect on a person and all your pictures make me feel like I'm peeking into a spa! Love it!

Re: Stocking up for my booth...

I know you'll do well. Good luck and love the sign!!!!!!!

Re: Chippy Cottage Charm Flea market booth

Looks great!! I recognize the lamp ~ hope it all sold well.


Good for you ~ new venture and all!!!!! Love the jewelry. Great job Alice!

Re: Garden Cloche

OOOO LA LA ~ love this idea!!!!! Looks awesome and the finial was just made for the piece. Thanks for sharing it.

Re: There might be something FISHY about this FUN(nel) lamp!

Great job Marie!!!!! I love the way you put everything together.

Re: 3 dollar glass dome!

Love that you made it your own! Great job.

Re: Darling Desk

Great free find and congratulations for same day completion! I'm horrible about stock piling stuff. :)

Re: I LOVE some good garage sales!

I love garage sales this time of year when it's crispy in the mornings! Too bad they will start slowing down cause an avid junker will trek miles in the snow for a good deal! Congrats on your score.

Re: Friends what would we do with out them

Great job Alice and I love the saying. I'm sure she loves it too and smiles everytime she reads it.

Re: Head on Over

Thanks everyone ~ you don't know how many times I drive round and round by my house just to look at the headboard ~ ha.

lakelover69 ~ I used a crackle medium that has lasted me through many many pieces of furniture. I've never heard about using the glue. hmmmmmmm I may have to try it when I finally run out.

Lani - don't mind at all if ya call me Rusty. I feel a little rusty most mornings. LOL.

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewelry - From Raw Elements to Fun

Your eye for detail is wonderful. Love the sparkly ones! Great job and good luck on your sale.

Re: Another 9-11 Tribute

Great job Midge! I love the boot and the meaning behind it!


I love your tree ~ mostly because you used what was already there. It's beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing it.

Re: Vintage Girl Jewelry Displays

Very creative ~ I like it.

Re: Garden Fairy

I love her and the little glass ball is perfect. What an awesome fanciful silhouette! Great job!

Re: License Plate Art....

Ooooooooooo.......I love the collage of colors! Great wall art.

Re: Pick up the pieces.. but Never Forget.... 9-11 Tribute

Wonderful tribute! It's sooo important to remember and I'm glad you found a way to process.

Re: End of the Summer Retro Picnic!

Beautiful display Lani. The pictures are great and oh the lighting...........just gorgeous! I love all the punches of red (including the steaks ~ yummy) Looks like a great meal. Thank you for letting us be a part of it!

Re: Any ideas?

WOW, awesome piece! I would just be tempted to use it as great yard art and sounds like you have plenty of yard to fit it's size. I'm sure you will get some great ideas here and congratulations of such a great purchase!

Re: There's safety in numbers

They are cute!! Reminds me of the talking clock in Beauty and the Beast ~ I wouldn't be able to smash them either!

Re: Wish I Had a Penny....

Thank you to all for the encouraging feedback. My sweetie thought I was crazy for not wanting a shiny new cedar roof ~ I made him read all your comments :)LOL

DreaminBoutJunk ~ I ran out of wall space in my house so the Texas star found a home outside. Thanks for noticing it.

Gailmarie ~ u r a kindred rusty spirit / love the song.

Alice ~ I've missed ya girl, where ya been?

SantaClause ~ great idea and I actually have a pulley that would fit perfect. Now I don't have to wait till spring, thanks.

Janis ~ I know you're busy (read your blog)so thank you for taking time to respond. May need to add some bling on it eh?

Ya'll take care and thanks again!!!!!!

Re: Projects-In-Waiting...

Love the metal pieces. If you want to attach them ~ try the Gorilla glue cause I hear it will attach anything and then maybe reinforce with some type of small clamp. (Learning to weld is on my bucket list ~ ha) I have some shutters too and not any idea on what to do with them so I will be watching your post for ideas :)

Re: A night at the doll cemetary...

They are spooky! You displayed them very well and what a great idea for Halloween! I have that exact chandelier in pic #3 and have been wondering what to do with it ~ now I have an idea ~ thanks.

Re: Bird Cage Chandelier

Beautiful bird cage all on it's own. You "dressed" it up nicely. Love the after~glow!!!!! :)

Re: "Kind Words Will Unlock An Iron Door"

I love this Jenny ~ everything about it! The locks are cool, the box is cool, the's all cool and the saying is perfect!!!! Great job!

Re: Let Me Entertain You

Congrats MB and love the arrangement! It all looks so yummy.
The flowers are beautiful too!

Re: Don't Be Chicken! Guess What this used to be...

The table looks great Midge. I agree with Kathy ~ show off your work to the guy that sold it ~ he will be amazed and then "peckin" himself that he didn't think of it first!

Re: No Labor Day Monday

Love love love simple Mondays! Great idea, great execution and great pics!

Re: The Ugly Ducklings Become Swans - Editor's Challenge #4

I just don't know how you do it!!!!!!! It would have taken me years to come up with those ideas, if at all. Looks beautiful and just goes to show that absolutely ANYTHING can become something else with enough imagination.


Re: From garden chandelier!

Been gone and looks like I missed a lot! Great finish to an already awesome project Kathy. I love that this has a variety of uses (candles, plants, cloche) Great job but you probably need a rest from twisting all that wire. ha

Re: glass candle holder

VERY pretty! I'm hooked on "marrying" pieces now ~ it's very addicting. Have fun on the site!

Re: kitchen windchime

Cute, cute, cute.

Re: Can you believe these things were FREE?

Perfect score! I with the rest ~ love the piece with bins.

Re: Seashell adorned Victorian Mirror

Beautiful! Love the chippy paint and the cottage feel of the piece. Great job!!!!!

Re: Backdoor Cross

You did an awesome job! Love the design and colors.

Re: Door Headboard for the Guest Room

Love this room ~ careful cause your guests may never leave! ha

Re: Vintage glass flower frog turned wind chime

Great idea and love all the bling!

Re: A Look at the Bright Side...

Love your porch and all the beautiful calming colors Laurel. My fave has to be the valance! That is a great simple idea and allows the sun to shine in! Awesome pillows too ~ I love that you added that punch of dark to all the lighter hues. Just beautiful girlie!


Re: Trophy Coat Rack

Great idea ~ you hate to throw those away because of the memories and yet there is usually no place for them as we get older.

Re: ICE COLD Canada Dry Ginger Ale Wall Art

Awesome piece! Almost has a 3-D quality.

Re: Brassy Broad Lights up my life!

Love the new color! Cool crackle and bling.

Re: Light base repurposed into candle holder

Love the white patina. Nice re-do.

Re: Teacup chandelier/candelier

Collecting tea cups for one of these I have under my barn patio. Like the crytals ~ good job!

Re: New sign at Junk Store

I love little road side stores! The bling sign would definitely catch my eye ~ great job!

Re: Junkin' Family Style

Great memories ~ be sure and show us your centerpiece.


My classy classy friend!!! I told you, you are one of the greats! Absolutely LOVE this. The pictures are breath taking. I too had one of these as a child and it brings back a lot of memories. What a great way to have it grow up with you. Beautiful ~ and I'm green with envy over your green scenery! ;)


Re: Halloween Frame Makeover

Oh I forgot to say that the combination of the frame shape and the paint makes it look kinda like a little pumpkin. Ghoul how that worked out huh? :)

Re: Halloween Frame Makeover

Great idea!!! I love the vintage pictures! Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday (Christmas first) I think it adds a grown~up feel to Halloween decorations! Fantastic job.

Re: Junky Sconce

Thanks guys! The picture really doesn't do it justice (I'm still learning the finer techniques of photography) I just sat and smiled at the thing 4-ever before I took a picture :)

Janis ~ huge compliment coming from you. I love what you do with all your creations. Funny how I think of each one of you whenever I see items of a certain style. (Jim industrial, Gretchen jewelry, Kathy shabbychic, Laurel chippy paint, Sue all junk etc etc)

Laurel ~ Crap! Didn't realize my reflection was posted. I look very....round. ha Glad it's not too clear ~ I had been working in the yard. yuck!

Well wishes to everyone!

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

Fantastic imagination Jim! I love this light and I agree that your pictures are perfect! I am really gonna have to keep my eye out for these chicken feeder things ~ lot's of cows here but not a lot of chickens.

Re: Look what I found

I LOVE to dumpster dive!!!!!!!! Great score!

Re: Old chicken feeders repurposed for this and that...

I love these feeders and have never found any. Maybe I saw them and just didn't know what they the mix of old chippy painted wood, creamy dishes and rusty metal! Great job girlie!

Re: simple monday fix to unfinished project ;)

Love the addition. Makes an awesome piece look even more awesome!

Re: Simple Monday's - Take Two

Simply love it!

Re: what it is, what it is ..

Hey Marie ~ I understand what your saying. We all speak "junkerese". I agree that it looks like an angel. Can't wait to see what it becomes!

Re: what do you do with wine glasses, silver platters, grapes, and gorilla superglue?

Since viewing this site ~ I just can't look at glasses and platters the same again. These are beautiful and functional. Great job!

Re: old suitcase and spindle legs make home decore

Very cool! Love old suitcases and love extra storage.

Re: handle solution

Love things that are unique and you hit the mark! Way to be green too. Great job!

Re: Live from Charlotte, North Carolina

Talk about no rest for the weary!!!! The way you go go go is amazing. It shows that you love what you do and fortunate for all of us that follow you. Glad you made it home safe!

Re: Thrift Store Candle Holders

Very very pretty!!!

Re: license plate star ..

These would sell big in Texas!

Re: More treasure hunting

I'm diggin the metal tray! Great hunt ~ it's like riding a bike ~ you never forget how to junk!

Re: Jewelry treasure hunting

WOW ~ bling bling! Awesome score. Give that friend a big ole hug!!!!

Re: One Happy Junker...

You got to have your fairy tale too ~ awesome!!!! Congrats on the big score Laurel. I know just how you feel (see Once Upon a Time in Texas.. post) Love it all and I can just imagine the adrenaline rush as you looked over all your treasures!!!! I'm really happy for you.


Re: File and Magazine Holder

Love this patina!

Re: Junk for the Den/Office

Great decorations. I love brown and green together! Looks really nice!

Re: Time to water? Nope, time to relax!

Love the can clock! Great idea. Of course my time to relax would have to be set at midnight! No rest for the weary.

Re: What a Hoe!

Love the color and the idea. The magnets are great too!

Re: Old metal serving tray = Cute magnet memo board

Love the shape of this ~ great job.

Re: Fall Floral Arrangement

Not me Gretchen...... Fall can't get here fast enough. LOL I'm tired of sweating and my energy soars as the temperature drops. I love the colors, football, fireplaces and I'm ready, ready, ready........sorry, I got side tracked. My energy is up just THINKING about Fall. (I really do get obnoxiously frisky in the Fall/Winter)

Love this arrangement! Beautiful job! I really love the horse muzzle and key. Happy Fall Ya'll!! :O

Re: corner shelf

Awww they just don't make doors like they used to. Great project and I'm sure it makes you smile every time you look at it! I love the chippy paint and original hardware. Good save!

Re: A little on the wild side!

Totally thought it was tiled! Great job.

Re: More great finds

Wow ~ I wanna shop YOUR habitat store!

Re: And she is done! well for the painting she is

Great color!

Re: A shabby chic lamp makeover

Great lamp shade ~ I love chenile!

Re: From garden fence to cloche - an unexpected project!

Kathy you've done it again!!! I love this and especially the way you curled the ends. You've inspired me to start a "girls junk night" of my own beginning in October and now you've given me an idea on a first project. Keep em coming cause I like your style! I've said it before and I'll say it again ~ I think we would be great friends if we lived closer! Ya'll all feed my creative muse every time I open this site. Thanks!

Re: Old windows and doors

Ummmmmmmm ~ before you do anything ~ how bout cloning that DBF and sending him our way! :) I have a great one but a handy spare never hurts. LOL

Re: Freeby :-)

I would paint white then distress it AND marry!

Re: On the Streets of London Town . . .

Absolutely awesome piece! I love it with or without candles ~ in fact ~ I love the candles by themselves too!

Your table is to die for!!!!!!!!


Re: I Don't Know Why This Caged Bird Would Sing....

OK, first of all, I had to pick myself up off the floor after seeing the chicken served in a bird cage!!!!!!!! It cracked me up!!!! Love it!! The red cooler is to die for ~ I love all things red and all things rusty!!! Sounds like ya'll had a great time and your ideas were awesome. They all will remember that gathering 4-ever! GREAT job!

Oh and love the chocolate sign!


Re: My awsome find

I have one with the back on and have used the heck out of it. Painted mine black because it goes with everything! You got a better deal ~ I think mine was around $9.
Great purchase.

Re: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Great eye for what it could be!

Re: Loving dinner with family!

Awesome thrifty re-do! You did a great job. Welcome and looking forward to more posts.

Re: chair

I really like them better painted white ~ good call.

Re: My Junk Jewelry "Heart Art"

Cool Jewels!!!!
Great job.

Re: Tybee Island, Georgia

I'm diggin the funky looking orange sculpture thing on the left of the picture. That would certainly make people notice your house!

Re: Tybee Island, Georgia

Love the colors and the saying. What a great thing to put in a garden!!

Re: Sewing table repurposed as desk....

Kudos chica!! Love the old post office door too and your kitty looks kissable. I have two myself ~ one is shy and the other one will practically put her nose in your mouth just to get a kiss!

Re: Hess Truck Toy Tire Earrings!

Cute, cute, cute! I can just see the ladies with them on at a monster truck rally ~ of course the crystals make them wearable anywhere! Great job.

Re: Bird Totem

Very clever centerpiece ~ would look awesome on an Easter table!

Re: Hey! Look what I found...

Lucky lucky duck! I just can't believe people would just throw it out ~ I would at least donate it. My kids are used to my rubber necking also and will even point stuff out if they see it first. I've also been known to lower them into dumpsters to retrieve stuff I can't reach (only if it's clean) The things we put our kiddos through ~ LOL Congrats on the score.

Re: Fairy House

This is darling and great attention to detail! I love that you used mostly nature.

Re: Ridiculously simple centerpiece....

Simply perfect!!!

Re: Old windows and doors

I was in a restaurant recently and they had a wall built of old windows. They connected them and then framed them out with old crown. Some of the panes were missing and as I stuck my hand through one just to make sure, a couple on the other side thought I was waving and waved back. I think I want to make one for my back patio. Congrats on the big score!

Re: Moving into 2nd Gear!!

Great lamp. I love themes!

Re: hanging up pictures

Very cute gift idea! Thanks for sharing it.

Re: should I paint it pink?

I love the look of rust so much that I have a hard time painting it but I'm also fond of pink so I say go for it! Easy to say when it's not mine huh? Awesome crafting desk.

Re: The Key to Success

Awesome idea!! Looks great on your door and I would definitely remember looking at your house. Good luck.

Re: New roadtrip finds.

Love the use of twigs. All your finds are great!

Re: mid century chair re-do

Cute! Good job.

Re: jewelry treasures

Love your jewelry! I like the appeal of having vintage pieces but alas I have a metal allergy and can't wear a lot of it ~ I must worship from afar!

Re: So much junk, so much to say, SO LITTLE TIME!

How exciting for you Midge! I'm a trainer and have to speak a lot in front of crowds. Take a deep breath, figure out the main objective you want to convey and just "tell your story". Your humor is great! Your projects are great! and You are great! Your excitement and energy will wow the crowd. Let us know how it all goes!


Re: garden seat

Love the rustic appeal! You did a great job and I too want to see what you do with the rest.

Re: Always kiss me goodnight sign

These signs can be pricey so you got a great deal! Good paint job.

Re: Decoupaged table and lamp

Hmmmmmm I see a flower theme ~ I love all the roses and I think your little table is my fav. Great creativity on all your posts.

Re: Tin ceiling crown molding shelf

Love this also but I have to ask what DBF stands for because I want one with the talent of yours ~ (I'm not a texter). ha

Dear best friend?
Designated boyfriend?
Distant brother Fred?

Re: Headboard bench

Very clean and crisp, I like it!

Re: Repurposed chest of drawers/TV cabinet

Love this idea. Looks awesome in your home.

Re: Tin ceiling tile coffee table

Another great table. Great job!

Re: Old window coffee table

Beautiful job ~ thanks for sharing!

Re: my version of $100. shower curtain :)

Wow ~ no shower curtain should cost $100! Great job. Don't you just get a rush when you get a really great bargain and especially if you create it all on your own?!

Re: Simple Mondays

I love repurposeing, I love simple, I love decorating ~ wish I loved Mondays! Hey, maybe now I will. Looking VERY forward to this new idea. (The antlers are great ~ we see a lot of them here)


Re: A TP Holder

Love this project ~ great job. It looks great up against the white wall! This is fun ~ keep em coming!!!!!!

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewlery Designer Scours Oronoco Flea Market for Treasures

Congrats on the jackpot ~ love all that sparkles!

Re: Chippy Sconce Redo...

Love these ~ just the right amount of rust!!!!!!!

Re: Touchdown!

This is an awesome idea! I may have to copy for my son. Love this ~ thanks.

Re: Views from the 127 Corridor Sale

I would sooooooo be interested in that van. Can you imagine junkin in that? FUN FUN FUN!

Re: JMS Post from the Past - "I'm Going All the Way to the Top!"

See what happens when you sleep in........11 people saw it before me! Love it! Love it! Want it! Want it! The best find so far. You did a great job with the tools too ~ pretty nails and all.

Re: Tiered Server

Great job!!!! I love the creamy little yellow plate. They all work really well together.

Re: Shoemaker's Garden Art

Can't believe no one has snagged these from you ~ I would. They would make cute little feet for a table.


I think it looks great! Character is what makes it your own. Thanks for the encouragement!

Re: garden angels

I love yard art too. Just put in a fence that I can't wait to "decorate". Good job on both! Look forward to more. :)

Re: My First Post

Welcome from me too! Love the rusty old piece of the iron bed. Great pictures.

Re: Newest Glass Garden Totem

Very pretty! My eye was immediately drawn to the rusty wagon ~ love it!

Re: Repurposed Door into hall tree (my first post)

Love love love old doors! You did a great job with this one. Welcome and looking forward to more.

Re: shell shelf

Again, great save!!! I love the chippy paint.

Re: A few of my favorite things - from Oronoco with LOVE!!

Love all your pics. My fave is the gas sign ~ I actually remember .75 cents a gallon when I first started driving. Awwww those were the days! Love the picture of Sue ~ she's a tiny little thing. We grow em a wee bit bigger here in Texas. :) Everything looks awesome and I'm so glad ya'll had a grand time.


Cool bar and perfect for your very nice patio! Love the stained concrete ~ did you do it yourself? (Thinking of trying my hand at it)

Re: Trash or Treasure?

I totally see it (maybe minus the asphalt shingle) but yeah ~ art!!!

Re: New item for upcoming "Barn Chic" Sale August 21 & 22

Oh I love this idea! I'm working on a similar project for my parents new entry way and you have given me great ideas. I love the mix of the light and dark colors. Thanks for the inspiration!


Love your scrap building and the pumpkin makes me long for Fall. I can smell the cinnamon and vanilla now! Very talented.

Re: Pick Another Daisy

I'm a sucker for anything that can hold a candle! (Everything looks better in candle light.) Love the repurpose ~ and the repurpose ~ and the repurpose....

Re: Sisterhood of Traveling Junk Sale - Seattle

Love the junk flowers!

Re: Oronoco Stories...what happened in Oronoco stays...

HOW FUN!!!!!!! Sure wish I could have made the trip. You guys look like a blast to be around. Love the "rear view". haha


Re: Tea House of the August Moon

Wow ~ very impressed. Great project!

Re: My herb garden.

Awesome color on the wagon!

Re: ive had this glass jug for 30 yrs

Great jug and love the green color. Good repurpose!

Re: my washer in full bloom


Re: My Picks from Oronoco

Love all things rusty and red Sue! You certainly hit the jackpot. I do agree that blonde junkers have more fun! :) Can't wait to see what you create with all those awesome finds ~ especially the gas pump front. I'm drooling over it!

Re: Through a glass lightly

Love these ideas. I have about 40 old farmhouse windows and am running out of ideas on how to use them. Keep em coming.

Re: Beautiful glass lids and bowls...

Love this idea. I never thought about lids as knobs. I think it makes a very elegant statement. Great job!

Re: Southern Comfort Table

Couldn't we all use a little southern comfort?? Love the table ~ the crate is awesome. Great job girlie! I too wish I had 10 hours all to myself just to create.

Re: Breadbox Beautifies Bath By Banishing Beauty Bottles!

Excellent idea and great commentary! By the way ~ loved your return poem on my Once Upon a Time post. Looking forward to more!

Re: Garden Adornment

Love garden stuff! Thanks for sharing with us.

Re: Cabin Put-ZEN

Love the window/flag project! Great fish too.

Re: Michigan Yard Sale Trail

Looking forward to the toaster surprise! I like the colors on it. Great garden stuff ~ thanks for sharing.

Re: "The Twelve Best"~Vintage Clock

Love it! How much????

Re: Once Upon a Time in Texas.....

Thank ya ladies, I just about fainted when I saw all that was left behind. I don't understand people sometimes! A lot of the 40's dresses and shoes fell apart when we tried to clean them up and most of the "soft" stuff was ruined by large pets that were allowed to relieve themselves in the house. It was a very stinky place for awhile and the back part of the house had to be demolished. We are still finding stuff and probably will for awhile. I really do feel like a "junk princess" :)

Alice ~ you are welcome anytime! Just let me know when you're in the area and we'll go junkin!


Re: Junky Chicken Coop

A house any hen would be proud to live in! Love your name too. Great job saving those shingles.


This would instantly make me feel better if I were sick. I love the originality Janis! What a great way to make someone feel special! You rock.

Re: Interactive Kids' Art Project

Always love getting the kiddos involved. Awesome idea!

Re: � My 2nd TWIST to my Garden-Art �

Love the black and white and the little pots. Great idea.

Re: Spindle Vase - Editor's Challenge Project # 3

Love the vibrant colors! Another great idea from the master!

Re: Vintage Caster Easel with Bon Ami sign

Very cool! The graphics on the sign are awesome ~ great work.

Re: Corkboard Facelift

Ditto Candy. I love that with a little creativity, one can decorate a space for very little money and make it look like a million bucks! Good job.

Re: Indoor Outhouse

Looks like a lot of time and love went into the room. Great toilet ~ looks just like an outhouse without having to check for snakes! Great job Robert.

Re: Old Timer Checkerboard Table

I've always loved the idea of a game table! This one is great and the stars are a nice touch.

Re: Bird Cage Lighting

Makes the room look like a little cathedral! Gorgeous.

Re: old junk

I'm drooling over the little red file cabinet!

Re: Rusty Re-Purpose!!!

Love the rust!!!!!!!

Re: Have a "Belt"!!!

Love this idea ~ the belts are great!!!


I can feel the adrenaline rush ~ congrats on your metal jack pot!

Re: Old Door Corner Shelves

Cute, cute, cute! I love crackle!

Re: Journals

Cool ceramic letters and the journals are just precious. My daughter would eat these up.

Re: wagon wheel fence and gate

Great western look ~ these wheels are expensive and hard to come by in Texas.

Re: coat rack and scale bench

OOOOOOH, AWWWWWWWWW, love the entire look!

Re: canadian ranch/farmhouse items

Absolutely love the water feature! I want one!!!!!!! Great stuff all the way around. Thank you fo much for sharing them.

Re: Architectural pieces and cloches two of my favorite things.

Awesome save Alice! Makes me woozie to think such treasures were going to be burned. Love it all.

Re: ...with a Junk Junk here & a Junk Junk there

Love your pig!!!!! Great saves ~ junk on chica!

Re: Ol' Blue Door

I love old doors too and the paint on this one is awesome! I would leave it and just poly the heck out of it. I have one hanging vertical over my couch with all my crosses on it. (posted under testing, testing) You could scatter small pictures or just hang it in all it's own glory like a picture. Whatever you do - share the result with us.

Re: A Touch of Class

Gorgeous - I love the elegance of it! Another great job Sue!

Re: A Junker's Nuts and Bolts Bin

Love this piece and it looks great all "prettied" up! I want a creative room too! Hmmmmmm - may have to convert something.

Re: The Five Feet Table

GREAT table ~ love the shoe cutters!

Re: Somebody STOP me!!!

Great table! Glad you came by your sign legally ~ good junker.

Re: Old liquor cabinet is my best guess

Great retro look ~ good job.

Re: Old Kerosene Cans

I love these colors and themes ~ true comfort art.

Re: Additional architectual pieces from my house

Lucky lucky you!

Re: Dad's Junk

Love this ~ especially the rusty base! Raid dad's more often if you can.

Re: Architectural pieces from my house

I can just imagine the box filled with fall things and Miss Witch watching over all! Good call ~ love it!

Re: Junkin' Jewels

Ditto tisdesign ~ I dream a lot of my ideas. Great stuff! I too am jealous! Congrats.

Re: "Jazzy" Radio Light...

Great project Laurel. I love the glow! I'll be on the look for these now ~ my junk list just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

Re: A Shakespearean moment

Great job! I love the wire cloche too. You honored the space well.

Re: Wheels on fire

Awesome project idea for the dudes in the group!!!!! (I know ya'll get bored with our fru fru) I think I'll impress my man with this idea. Love it!

Re: Girls' night at the's nothing but fun!!!

Oh Kathy, this is a project after my own rust lovin heart!!!! Can you believe I don't already have one? Desire is great but my time is short......soon, soon. Thanks for sharing and kudos to a girls junk celebration!


Re: Heir-Loom

I've never seen a bead loom either. At first I thought you got really creative with an old mouse trap. ha. Love the crusty rusty parts too! Great job.

Re: Witch Hazel Barrel Top Table

Love it! Looks like a quaint little bistro table. I too have the perfect spot for it ~ wanna arm wrestle Laurel?;)

Re: Chalk Liner Wreath

Gorgeous Sue! I was out of town and missed the big guess but my mind was leaning toward some kind of popper until I read Jim's hint. I'm so excited about all this ~ great ideas from the master ~ awesome!

Re: Junkin' is the "SPICE" of life!

Oh my gosh ~ how cute is that!!! Love it!! I love those spice tins and would have never thought about this idea. Can't wait to see what else you do. The colors of these little guys are great and you honored them well!

Re: Desk with Chalkboard Top

You have been busy! You've got some really great stuff!

Re: Chalkboard Drawer

Ditto! Cute cute!

Re: Dresser Rescued and Restyled

How lucky that all that yummy red was underneath. This is just precious!!!!!!! Would look awesome in a little kids western room! Great job.

Re: Chair Planters

Love these!!! I think they will sell in a heartbeat!

Re: Ladder-Planter

I have the ladder ~ just need the time (Jenny's magic clock) and the green thumb. Great job on this. I love all the colors and the rustic appeal of the ladder. I think you've motivated me!!!!!

Re: Circuit Breaker Box Clock

Awesome creation Jenny! I too love the green patina. I wonder if when you closed the door ~ time would stand still????? I could always use more. :)

Re: Shutter cabinet

Perfect storage solution! Great job.

Re: Old Window

Love your sitting area and all the green. Looks very relaxing. The window turned out great!

Re: Old Chair

I gave one of these for mother's day and mom loved it! They are so much fun to make - thanks for sharing yours.

Re: Old Chandelier

Love the idea of outdoor chandeliers! Good job.


I hate those standard white covers too and the decorated ones are kind of expensive. Great idea!

Re: Suitcases

These are awesome! Love it.

Re: May finds 2

Love love love the child's ironing board! It's all great ~ just my style.

Re: May finds 1

I love the rich colors in your country primitive paintings. Great job and thanks for sharing them!

Re: 1888 Church Pew

Gorgeous bench girlie!!!!!! You do fantastic work and I love the background view in the first picture.

Re: Any Ideas ?? I'm stumped!

I almost had a panic attack when I was reading and thought you were going to say "throw it out" ~ glad you're not cause I'm drooling over it!

It would be great in a mudroom for gloves, umbrellas, dog leash etc. or in a closet for shoes. My daughter leaves her shoes everywhere and what a great way to keep them together. I love clutter so I would fill it with nick nack stuff. I have a friend that says her dust is part of the antique process ~ ha.

Whatever you decide congrats on owning such a great piece of history. Pharmacy's use so much plastic now and it's a shame. Be sure and share with us the end result!

Re: Good old coca-cola

Yep - would look great in my gameroom!!!!! I love coke stuff and it mixes great with Americana. You have a true treasure with the carrier, congrats and thank you for sharing it with us.

Re: A good junk find

Oh Alice, what a junkpot you hit! Love love love the red cans!!!!!!!!!!!!! It all looks mouth watering ~ thanks for sharing it. And by the way ~ beautiful grass!!!!!

Re: More Nature

We just don't have trees like that around here. Great sunsets but no trees ~ I love these! Can't wait to see the pool pics.

Re: See what $3 can buy?!

Love the colors in your room and the table fits perfect! I think I have that exact table in the back of my barn but it sure isn't as pretty. Great job.

Re: Phosphorus centerpiece

This is a GREAT conversation piece!!! Laurel is right ~ it was meant to be! Very cool. I want one.

Re: wine & cheese cart

Love this project!!!! You did a great job. I just bought a container full of corks and this gives me a great idea on how to use some of them ~ thanks.

Re: What to get for the junker who has (almost) everything??? It's a "challenge" that's for sure!

Great stuff Kathy! Good to know that I'm not the only one with boxes and boxes of stuff ~ and I don't own a store or have a booth!

I've been trying to find out how one becomes a contributor but can't get an answer. Being the "newest", maybe you can educate me. What's the requirements?

Love your narrative ~ great sense of humor. Keep em coming cause you're one of my faves! :)


Re: Shabby Chic Bench

Precious and looks comfortable! Great job.

Re: My Kind of Aquarium!

I have the real kind and would much rather have this one ~ no cleaning fish poo involved! Gorgeous work!!!!!

Re: Nature's Junk

Love this! It's beautiful with all it's natural "wrinkles". Great job and can't wait to see the entire ensemble.

Re: Kiss Me Frog.... or Else!

Too funny! Great creativity and whimsy.

Re: Camp Lamp

You are proof positive that anything can be made into a lamp! Love the colors of the old thermos ~ if I had a cabin ~ I would definitely want that as part of the decor. Great job Jim.

Re: aquarium stand

Great piece! I have a place on my deck that it would fit perfectly. :) Good job!

Re: wild and wacky custom desk / table

Love the old wood and the table turned out great. Another hearty welcome from the Texas panhandle. You're really gonna love this site!

Re: old coke signs

Another great sign!!!!!! Awesome barn too.

Re: old coke signs

Drooling over this! It would sure look great in my red/white/blue gameroom.

Re: Sentimental Junk...

Great stuff with great stories. Love you post. Your home is beautiful.

Re: Clean up finds


Re: What do you do with an old window and $1 garage sale shutters?

Very pretty and classy! Once again ~ great job.

Re: Country store beaded board bird house

I never get tired of bird houses. These look like bird mansions! Plenty of room for an entire family!! Great job.


Great chairs and great redo.


Very creative! Welcome and thanks for sharing.


Great old iron pots. I love the hanging one!

Re: This is my chalkboard painted cupboards with yardsticks and chalkboard paint

Great country pieces! I have the same cracker tin. Love the colors and the vintage feel. Thanks for sharing your treasures.

Re: old tools

Awsome rusty finds!!! Old tools are cool.

Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

Ditto from Texas ~ wish I had unlimited funds, could hop a jet and spend the day shopping with Sue, ship all my treasures home and hop a jet back! Maybe when I find that Picasso hidden in the back of one of my junk store finds ~ I can realize my full potential as a junker. I'm absolutely drooling over the pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Break a leg with your sale!


Re: "Shake AND Bake!!??!!"

Simply beautiful!!!!!

Re: ~Mother's Day Present From Hubby~

Love love love the barrels!!!! And the metal pieces just add to the greatness. Great pics and very pretty yard!

Re: Crib Conversion

What an absolutely awesome idea!!!! I never thought about fencing or gates with baby beds. I see them all the time in thrift stores. I may have to copy this one too! Thanks.

Re: Garage Sale Table Turned Out Neat!

Great table. It looks wonderful in the after but I kinda like the before too. I seem to be drawn to the rough and dirty!

Re: Faux Painted Walkway

Awesome job!!!!!! You guys are soooooo talented! Love it and definitely plan on copying.

Re: earring holder

Great idea! I think I have one of those ~ guess I'll have to dig it out. Never thought about hanging jewelry on it and boy do I have a lot to hang. I love my bling!! Thanks for the idea.

Re: Rug for Safety!

I should have proof read before I submitted. I meant to say "Patience" ~ to work without complaint and not "patients" ~ workin a bunch of sick folks. hahaha Either way - don't know how you did it!!!!!!!

Re: Recycled Window

This is beautiful! Great colors for the light to shine through. Can't wait to see more!

Re: Doesn't Matter if it's Black or White . . . .

Love your home Lani! I suffer from decoration ADHD ~ I love black and white, shabby chic, country, Tuscan, industrial, some modern, etc. etc....... I think it's called eclectic style, anyway, love your stuff! Thanks for sharing it with us. My fave is the big kitty! (I have 2 black ones)


Re: Old farm to new home!

I love all the pieces and the stories behind them. Gives great character to any space. Awesome big ole chunk of wood ~ my fave. Great save. Keep up the good work1

Re: Frameous solutions

I love to find uses for items other than what they were intended for. Great creative thinking!

Re: Garden Glass Topiary

Very elegant! It's easy to get hooked huh? Welcome to the site. Look forward to more.

Re: Rug for Safety!

Beautiful rug!! How did you ever find the patients to paint all the little fringey parts?! I've used corn meal in paint before to texture a wall and I hear sand has the same effect. Wonderful thinking! I love it.

Re: Calling all folks in Arkansas !

Since it takes days to get across Texas, can't make the trip this year but I'm drooling over the thought of 160 miles of unclaimed treasure! Keep on keeping us posted!

Re: Candle Wall Sconces

Very nice Grasshopper! Thank you for sharing.

Re: Ribbon, ribbon, everywhere...

Very crafty of you!! I like how it stays nice and neat. Good job!

Re: I live behind a white picket fence!

Very charming save!

Re: A new garage from Salvaged Wood

I love that you re-used almost everything and are tapping into our natural rain source!!! You go "green" girl. Very impressive.

Re: Raised Garden Beds made from Salvaged Wood

They turned out great!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Old Washing Machine now a Planter

What a great bargain!!!!! It looks beautiful.

Re: Well.......Trying to figure site out...but....

Welcome SalvagingAngel ~ like the others, can't wait to see your "junk" creations!!!!!

Re: Old electric panels?

Love your user name too! Can't wait to see the finished product ~ great find ~ congrats.

Re: Gotcha covered

Great idea! No tripping here. Looks real to me too.

Re: Flatbed Trolley gets a new Life as a coffee table!

You should have your own store ~ if you don't already. Really, you should be makin some money off this stuff. You're very talented chica! Love your posts ~ keep em comin.

Re: My New Antique Shutter Headboard!!

This is gorgeous! I love the height of it and the paint technique! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Wiry Joe Clock

Love the colors and graphics ~ great job!

Re: Look What I Saved From the Trash!

Congrats on a great save! It's beautiful.

Re: Georgia Moon's First Occasional Sale

Wish I could be there cause I would sure drop some cash! Cool stuff ~ good luck!

Re: ~More Glass Garden-Art~

Love your name DumpsterDivingDiva and love your flowers! Can't wait for the twist.

Re: Gone Crazy!

The junk bug hits all of us at first. I carry my camera in my purse just in case I come across a great piece of junk I want to share or a project I forgot I completed. So don't apologize and post away my friend!!!!! We love it! We all thrive on the adrenaline rush that junk gives us and we all get excited over the projects that we can't believe we didn't think of first. Share, share, share because we all know how it feels to finally "find someone just like us".

Oh yeah, cool knob!!! :)

Re: Stool Transformation

I love the whimsy!!!!!

Re: Antique Barrister saved from the Trash

You did a great restoration job! It looks beautiful!!!!!!

Re: My First Entry...Shabby Roses and Pedestal Plates

Beautiful roses. I too can see them in a wedding ~ very elegant.

Re: Old blue bottle bug

Love it again! I would have these all over my yard.

Re: Antique oil can bee

Smiling again - cute "as a bug". ha

Re: Bug from old key

These are GREAT! Makin me smile, smile, smile.

Re: Projects from the Pages of a Book

As usual Sue ~ awesome! I'll never look at books the same way again. Thanks for broadening my horizons.

Re: Gardens at Cabin Update

Gorgeous garden! I think it's wonderful that it feeds your soul ~ we all need that in life.

Re: Sometimes it's ok to break a dish (or two)...

I've been out of town for a week and wow have the projects filled in. I'm still trying to catch up. These are beautiful Kathy - my fave is the Hutch. I like your style girlie! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Editor's Challenge

Sounds like ya'll are gonna have some fun! I've figured out there is a hierarchy here: Editor, Contributor, Member and lots of folks in between. Can anyone tell me how you become a contributor? Just curious. Thanks.


Re: Flower ladder

Welcome Grasshopper! Love the ladder and the colors you chose. Beautiful yard too. (I loved Kung Fu) Your name makes me smile ~ thanks.

Re: Bling for Sue! A must have for her upcoming sale.

Great job Alice! Very down home Texas sweet of ya!

Re: Ski bench #1

Great bench! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Furnace Blower Table

Awesome. I love unique table bases. Never seen this ideaa ~ good save!!!!

Re: Vintage Cash Register Art Piece

Great project!!! I too love the old numbers.

Re: audballs

Love audball3 ~ it looks rusty! Great job.

Re: Vanity Makeover


Re: Garden sign from old plates/platters

How cute it that!!!! Love it.

Re: Little-bit Junky Wedding Table Decorations

Absolutely gorgeous! I'm always amazed at people who don't dabble in "junk" and how they are amazed when you can create such simply beautiful things with it. Lani is right ~ you don't have to spend a lot of $$$ to have a beautful wedding or home. Job well done and I'll have to keep these in mind if I ever tie the knott again!

Re: fencing in the platters

Great collection. I love old garden fence. Thanks for sharing.

Re: More Garden Junk!

I love garden junk! Looks beautiful. Good job.

Re: Givin' the stool the BOOT!

Great job. I love old boots! Made me smile too.

Re: wooden shoes

Cute! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Get your Lighting in Gear!

Nice creativity! Love the industrial look.

Re: Cheap Bottle Tree

Lucky you ~ love the blue bottles.

Re: Scrabble Tile Transformation

Awesome! What a fun piece.

Re: More of my free junk pile saves...

Love the rust girlie! You hit the mother load - I'm envious.
Keep em comin.

Re: Time to use some of these buttons...

This is great ~ especially for someone who doesn't have a green thumb or bad dirt. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Love it!

Re: Cooper's buddy!

Cute, cute, cute. Love the critter on the tree!

Re: Trunk/Chest Planter

Love the trunk Tabitha. You did a great job! I'm not too good with flowers either so good luck.

Re: Shelves - special addition...the silver forks/spoons for hooks!

Very sweet. I love your colors ~ light and airy. My house typically runs dark and deep but I love this look.

Re: Chair - Ugly Duckling to a Beautiful Swan

You did great for it being your first upholstry job. Beautiful!

Re: Tuffet for chair

Love your choice of fabrics! Beautiful.

Re: Garage sale ScOnCeS become Showstoppers!

It is wonderful what a coat of paint and a creative eye can do. Very pretty!

Re: Headed to Class

How cool is that ~ let me know what you do with yours. :)


Re: How To Resize Photos

I guess I have it easy because my camera has a resize option. It also tells me which size is best for photos, e-mails and posting online. Ain't technology nifty?

Re: Faux Fireplace

Woman, you are on fire! (no pun intended) I wish I had your talent ~ guess that's why I love rusty stuff ~ just clear coat it and go, no artistic ability required. Love looking at your work! Thanks.

Re: Fabulous Cat House

THAT is a purrrrrrrrrfect project! My cats always want to get on/in the stuff they're not suppose. Too cute.

Re: Did you ever wonder how to display those old hankies?

Very pretty! I think I have a hanky just like the blue one in the bottom left corner. Again ~ awesome painting.

Re: Everyone LOVES Tassels...Don't they?

Very pretty and creative! You are an excellent artist.

Re: Converted Chandelier

Great transformation! Thanks for sharing.

Re: A Cool Coat Hanger

WOW ~ I love this piece! Everyone will think you are the "hottest" junk designer around! (they already do)What a great conversation piece as soon as you come in the door. Great job Sue, again, I love it!

Re: Once a Crate Now a Shelf

Love the Japanese writing. Do you know what it says? Cool shelf!

Re: New Potting Bench from Salvaged Wood

Great bench/table. Great hubby. Great project. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Photo Clipboard

Cute and easy idea ~ I like those. Good job.

Re: Firewood becomes trellis project

Nice work. It makes it really special when you attach such a sweet story.

Re: Avocado Green ... NO MORE!

You really did create a beauty. Welcome to the site and welcome to the addiction of junk! You'll love it! Look forward to your other projects.

Re: Ladder Arbor

What a great idea for old ladders! Love it.


Once again Janis you've displayed the classic beauty in mixing metal and glass. Love the chandeliers and love your posts.

Re: More junk pile saves...

I'm drooling and I feel faint! The rusty yellow metal piece is beautiful!!!!!!!! Congratulations on such great treasures and all for free too! You lucky lucky girl.

Re: Cool rusty thing

Oh Marie, right up my alley ~ rusty! Absolutely love it and how cool that tea lights are a perfect fit. Also love the idea of a glass plate on top. Cool find. Can't wait to see what else you scored!

Re: Can you see me now?

I love the can Marie. Red is my favorite color! Hopefully the fire dept. will never HAVE to see it except passing by on another call ~ but they will love it too.

Re: Faux Rabbit Hutch

I think it is very elegant for the "wascally wabbits" Love the chandelier inside!

Re: Door Becomes Twin Headboard

Great re-do! I just love old doors. There are so many uses for them. I have a king size headboard project waiting in the wings. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Pyrex Trays - Takes 2, 3, 4.....

You clever clever girl! Great ideas ~ my fave is the shelves. More "pyrex" to ya!

Re: Garden Totem

Cute, cute, cute. I'm gonna have to get some of these made ~ they seem to be all the rage.

Re: July Floral of the Month

I always love your floral arrangements Sue! Great bag too and so many possibilities. Hope everyone had a great week-end. I was out of town scoring some incredible rusty stuff!

Re: My first official FINISHED project!!

Congratulations, like Alice said, you're hooked now! Good job.

Re: Licensed to plant

Ok - so it looked like a lake behind your planter until I realized a trash can would not be sitting there. Duh.....It's hot here and I think I'm wishing I were around water. hahaha

Re: Licensed to plant

Love those old plates and the view behind your beautiful flowers ain't too bad either!

Re: old road map wallpaper

I love the idea. Very creative and you could spend HOURS just reading the walls!

Re: Is it REALLY a Watermelon?

Great job! Those tanks are so big and bulky. You came up with a great solution to turn em into yard art. Love it!

Re: Pretty in Pink

Great re-do! They went from beast to beauty.

Re: Got Gas!

Love the old gas can and your project is awesome!