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Fill 'er up!

You know sometimes inspiration just comes to you. A guy at work was getting rid of this gas tank for a hog, (Big Motorcycle) it was really dented on the top. So I cut a bigger hole in the top and a...

Texas Planters

I found these old cowboy boots just discarded So of course y'all know how my mind works... what to do with them. My first thought was make my dog Romeo dog size cowboy boy boots out of them but since...

Traveling to the Beat of a Different Drum

Well I owe this one to my dog, Romeo… I was walking him along the street and he discovered this kid’s drum set set out with the garbage. "Hmmmm…", wonders I… "what could I...

Light Vases

I made these from old industrial light bulbs found in the trash, I drill out the end and remove the filament. They are mounted on some old lamp parts I had lying around. 

Bicycle inspired office chair

Ever since our family doctor, who told a young Rob, you need to get your fat ass on a bicycle seat, I have pondered this dilemma for years, how to get on a bicycle seat without doing all the work...

Riding Lawnmower

I am featuring something made by my Uncle Art. A self propelled riding lawnmower! Really it is just for yard art, and something to threaten his grandkids with when they act up, which he claims...

Cars for Christmas

OK I admit it... I am 50 and I still play with cars. Actually this all started with the fake tree. The stand for it was missing a piece (probably why it was 50 cents at a dollar store) but I brought...

Music as Art

I have these two Ukeleles, one I have had for most of my life (the big Baritone) and a Soprano (the little one) that I have had for a little over a year.I wanted to hang them as pieces of art Not...

DIY Soap Dish

I needed a soap dish in the bathroom. All I had was an old shower head, some fittings, and an old wall mounted soap dish minus the wall mount. Just a matter of putting everything together. And yes...

Mothers Day Gift

I found this neat Garden Hod style basket at a garage sale, (The same garage sale where I found this basket) and put in some garden tools, seeds, gloves and tomato plants for her community garden...

Garage Sale Planter

I got this wire basket at a garage sale. I painted this pot sage green and put in the basket because I haven't had much luck with moss for annual flowers. Anyway I think it will look good on an...

Small Chairs for the Garden

Not everything old is ancient. Sometimes people throw out perfectly good things for me to play with! Another Dumpster Dive and more Junk to play with. I found these two kids chairs, and decided right...


I am often inspired by my Uncle who makes benches out of water skis and snowboards. I had this old Skateboard deck laying around, so I decided to honor family tradition and make a bench out of it. I...

STOP! Do Not Enter!

Remember last year I made a bar table for the porch out of a Stop sign and some plumbing parts? Well guess who is at it again. This is a Do Not Enter Sign that made a perfect table top for a hefty...

A TwoFer

I drilled a hole on the bottom of the planter for a lamp shade adapter, attached said adaptor, and decided it would look better if I drilled a series of holes around it. And I think it does! Makes a...

Framed Clocks

I have here a couple of clocks from some old IKEA mirrors. One had a broken mirror, so I took that out and replaced it with a tile I found at lowes. Drilled a hole through the center with a mason...

Coffee Lamp

I had an old thermal Coffee carafe that had seen it's last pot of coffee. Not wanting to throw it all away, I removed the glass thermos and made a lamp out of it. the Base is from some brass urn...

Lighting Up My World

What do you get when you combine a globe, a gin bottle, some beach glass and fringe? Well if you're me, you take the globe apart at the equator, add some fringe and use it as a lamp shade...

The three snowmen

Just a little decoration for mom's "stoop" made of some extra picket fencing I had lying around. I will admit that it wasn't totally home made- I bought the hats from the as is bin at Ikea. They were...


I had some scrap moulding laying around last year, during the remodel of my house, and thought I should be able to make something out of it. So I came up with these "Vases". I just nailed 4 pieces of...

Soap Stand for my Mom

I saw a soap dish on Ikea Hacker- made from a heavy candle stick and a pie plate- Not wanting to waste what could be a perfectly good Pie Tin (In hopes of pie for later) I started scavenging the...

Somebody STOP me!!!

I was trying to think of an idea for some plumbing pipe... and I wasgoing to do a table with a tray and do mosaic tile... but then I waslooking around the garage and it came to me! A stop sign! So I...

Wheels on fire

Ever wonder what to do with those old truck wheels? You know the ones sitting in your yard? Well here is one thing I made- A bbq! Here are the steps: Find an old pick up wheel (I got mine on...

You knew it was coming...

A License Plate Birdhouse! Was a fairly easy build,,, just three old license plates and some bending with a sheet metal bender and some rivets. I think it adds class to my landscape! Just need to add...

A place to park my tired bones

I found this faux wicker setee in mom's dumpster- I always wanted a loveseat on my porch. I wish I had taken before pics- it looked like a cat was using it for a scratching post- I cleaned it up and...

More License Plate planters

I can'r stop at one- A couple of more planters made from license plates- I'm running out of plants- birdhouse next?

Licensed to plant

I have dozens of old license plates. I love to see how others have re-used them as roofs for bird houses. I made a planter out of these two. I like the look!

I saw the light- it was ugly!

I repurpose a pair of hideous lamps into 2 new patio tomato planters! I simply tok the urn style lamps apart (Of course I saved all the parts for use later) Attached a small part of the lamp (for a...


I needed another trellis in the garden for my Aunt Shirley Squash (syrian Summer Squash) to grow up on. I had these plastic border fence pieces I bought at a yard sale some time ago, so I stuck...

Taters no more

A neat old potato basket form North Dakota makes a wonderful planter for coral belles and a hosta. Just lined it with a coco-fibre mat and filled with potting soil and the plants! Yes this is another...

Coffee, tea or Ivy?

This planter is made out of a coffee Carafe, with a stainless steel bottom so I was able to drill some drain holes. As you see it creates "Ambiance" out on the deck with my morning coffee. I had to...

Topsy Turvey Planters on the Cheap!

My good friend Cheap Vegetable Gardener posted hoe to make these "topsy Turvey" upside down tomato planters. I had to do some too!- Made out of pop bottles and duct tape- just the right price for...

Yet Another mint tin project- Super Tin

I love this altoids Mint tin I bought years ago- Nice to finally have a use for it. I put a clock works in it that fit just right- now it is a clock for my bathroom! Thanks to Janis Gurney for her...


I had an old canopy (an "e-z up") whose top has seen better days - it was torn- so I did what any good re-user would do and made a new one from reed fencing. I am gonna put this where you see the...

Another Mint tin project, Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

Inspired by Catbishop and simul66's wonderful creations; I stepped into my laboratory and created my own robot- Mr Roboto, who is made from a mint tin, some unistrut hangers bolts and a toy airplane...

Hanging Oil Lamp

This oil lamp conversion was much more work than it appears. I wanted to hang it, so I ran the lamp kit  cord for a swag lamp, through the handle of the oil lamp and put the lamp socket up...

Mint Tin Frame

I love Mint Tins. I was in Trader Joe's the other day and found this tin of green tea mints, and of course thought it would make a great Photo Frame keepsake box-It already had a little plastic...

Tool Box Planter

Springtime is here and this young man's fancy is turning to lust... for rust My mom came across this old wooden toolbox years ago, gave it to me and I turned it in to a planter. A little later in the...

Solig Lanterns made from Trash

I was in Ikea yesterday- they had their summer stuff out- I walked by some neat little battery powered lanterns- The Solig Lantern , which looked like my mom's old tupperware tumblers with a light in...

"Faux" Fireplace mantle

My mom wanted a wooden mantle. Her apartment has a brick mantle. So I went out to my garage to look around- I found some pine boards- 10" and 8" and put them together as sort of a half box- The...

Industrial Style Lamp

I found some great "squirrel cage fans" and thought what can I do with them? A swag lamp! I think it looks industrial.

Birdbath and side table

I made a birdbath from an old brass lamp and a silver plated tray. And then I made a table- I found a 15" plant stand at the thrift shop, with the tags still on and added the glass nbspturntable...

Recent comments

Re: Texas Planters

@green colleen- I thought about a lamp, but I have made so many lamps already, i needed another planter!

Re: Got Mums?

Like you my milk was delivered all my life to an aluminum box (still is)I have an extra box laying around here somewhere, but I have never seen a wooden box... very cool and the mum's set it off!

Re: Light Vases

no, mytimetooshop, I used a 3/8 drill bit and a step bit, never thought about the dremel LOL

Re: Slightly Sophisticated Coop Lighting

Once again Obe Wan You have made a great lamp


Best use for an old sat dish I have ever seen!

Re: Abandoned Factory Lighting

Very cool finds to make this lamp- I really like the cord. I have "cord envy"

Re: Garage Sale Planter

LOL Midge Yeah I guess it well... looks good on the tailgate of my truck anyway!

Re: my english bully

Who let the dogs out???

Re: The Junk is Flying at Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

Wow that would be worth visiting my dad's relatives in Minneapolis!!! The oppurtunity to meet up with Sue and the guys from A&A would supercede any relative humidity!

Re: Small Chairs for the Garden

@ Rusty Diva- I cut them out with a jigsaw. I just drilled a pilot hole and followed the printed contour of the seat. Then I drilled some drainage holes in the legs

Re: Garden junk!

The Murillo is a burner from a Turkey Fryer, or some other kind of gas appliance (They also use them for big soup cookers and deep fatfryers I believe). I recognized it immediateley from my turkey fryers! Very cool find

Re: My First Post!

love the look! Aren't those waterbed head boards just the coolest? My aunt and uncle used one form a twin water bed for a bar shelf in their rec room!

Re: Slam Dunk...

Too cool for school That's for sure!

Re: A TwoFer

The Base really is a candlestick! LOL I was in the thrift store and looked at the candle holder and started disassembling it in the store(of course they are use to me doing this)Anyway, with a few alterations it became a lamp base!

Re: Surveyor's tripod lamp

ANother cool tripod! Save some for the rest of us!

Re: Tripod lamp (small)

Love those old tripods! Great lamp!

Re: Somebody STOP me!!!

Lani- they are available at junk sales, but also craigs list and ebay to nsme a few

Re: husband

I have never seen one of those for sale at a junk sale.

Re: dumpster find

Wow I paid over $70 for a bench like that! Good dive!

Re: old coke signs

I am still jealous of the barn. Wanna trade for it???

Re: old coke signs

Humana I am more of an RC guy so I wasn't looking for coke. LOL I have seen it now though!

Re: old coke signs

I dont know what I like better- The Royal Crown sign or the Barn Wall- Guess I will just look at both with envy!

Re: Tennis anyone?

I like this!

Re: What a Racket!

What a great idea to use those old rackets!

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

A lot of those bottle bring back memories for me. Great collection Jim

Re: Pyrex Trays - Take One

I don't think I have ever seen a pyrex tray before. Very Cool

Re: Reece's Tin Man Lamp - A Father's Day Gift

Way to go Reese- YOUR DADS ARE SO LUCKY!Cool fathers day present!

Re: old road map wallpaper

Love this- being a car/old scooter guy I think this is a fantastic look. Where on earth did you find that shower curtain?

Re: Taters no more

NDJunkgirl- I am originally from Fairdale N.D., have lived out here (Seattle) since I was 2- we visited every other year. I can attest to the fact that ND does have great junk and great people

Re: Galvanized Flower Garden

Very cool this jim. I wouldn't even know where to find old turkey feeders (around old turkeys I guess) Nice flower picks too

Re: "Generating" a new lamp

That is one cool lamp- you have a great scrap yard!

Re: Button Tray

It looks like a giant button! How cool!

Re: Topsy Turvey Planters on the Cheap!

OK Try here-

Re: Topsy Turvey Planters on the Cheap!

HEre is CVG's post post. You can also paint the bottles rather than tape them

Re: Topsy Turvey Planters on the Cheap!

Yes the duct tape is to cover the plastic so the roots wont burn- if you look T cvg'S post- he used regular duct tape and had his daughters decorate. I used colored tape for the decoration and the protection

Re: Fish Box Cat Bed

Sammy Cat loves this idea and looks at me and meows- "Why don't you make a bed like that?" Oh sammy- I can't find a fish box!!!

Re: retro space ship propeller table i made last night

Ultra groovy. Luvs it.

Re: Funky Funnel Lamp

Snazzy looking lamp there Jim! I especially like the effect the light has on the marbles

Re: What to do with iron table base and Chinese checker board?

I gotta quit coming to this site I get more ideas! LOL I love this table. I have an old wooden checker board.... hmmmm


Looks like I have been inspired again- I have an altoids tin that would make a great clock for the bathroom!Thanks for the idea Janis!

Re: ViNtaGe GLoBe LiGhT FiXtuRe VaSe

My mom would love this!

Re: the Craft Wall Experiment

Who knew that a crib bed frame would make such an efficient storage holder?


I am, as a matter of fact, selling the car! a 1966 Plymouth Valiant with fuzzy interior. Don't know if it is worth sending to Kentucky though!

Re: Bad Dog

I need to borrow that dign for Romeo- bot Swipe wasn't
bveing bad- he was helping you garden

Re: Utensil Holder - Old Heavy Lard Press

My grandma had a lard press almost like this one. Great use for it!

Re: Coffeebot

This would look so cool in my coffee bar... might have to copy it!

Re: Altered Altar

One word- BEd Headbord ! Ok thats two words But I think it would make a great head board, or wall decor with a bar in front

Re: RAD-ical Lamp

ANOTHER MASTERPIECE FROM THE KING OF LAMPS!- I get on my knees and bow "I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!"

Re: The Owen's Live Here!


Re: Vintage Barrel Table

VERY COOL-reminds of the old movies were guys would play checkers on the pickle barrel in the general store!

Re: Old Rusty Plumbing Knob Shelf!

Being ans old plumber, I love this idea! You have inspired me!

Re: Push Lawnmower Lamp

I like this lamp! Would look cool on my memorie table!


What a cool wreath, but what a really cool planter! Heading on out to the wood shed now to copy it!

Re: Doll Leg Vase

Reminds me of the leg lamp from "a Christmas Story" Great whimsy!

Re: Machine Shop Posey

Very Nice- I never know what to do with thhose light shades!

Re: Screened Porch ..#2 & #3

That furniture is dabomb! You must be really proud!

Re: Can you tell what these are?

Those are WAY COOL!You really have an eye for good junk

Re: pub window rescue

Cool window! Any thought of using it as a window? The whole collection looks just great- love it!

Re: "Fan" cy Jewelry Organizer

LOL Looks like it would also make a great note center- for those of us who don't have too much bling!

Re: Organize Your Desk with Dominoes

Very cool! I need some dominoes to make things~!

Re: Art with Heart Show concluded...Upcycling in Georgetown, Texas

I am kinda partial to the coffee man- but I love that game table!

Re: Industrial Can Lamp

Very cool lamp Georgia- I like the combined industrial look with the softness of the shade!

Re: "THE UNCOLA Crate" Shadow Box Table

Cool Idea! I have and old coca cola crate a bit deeper, That my mom got years agoa when I was a boy, Guess it is an antique now. I may have to copy this idea!

Re: Birdbath and side table

That's Sammy Cat he and my dog Romeo think Quality Assurance is their number one job. They inspect all my work!

Re: How-To Make a High Voltage Electrical Glove Lamp

I must ask- wouldn't be easier to pot a lamp rod through the glove first, sealing with duct tape, then pour the plaster?

Re: Back to school Bird Bath Fountain

I repair those damn water fountains at work, this makes me smile!

Re: Rockin Pot Holders

Cool pot holders

Re: Vintage Glass Insulators Make Great Candles Holders!

PSI have used them in the past as aquariaum decorations- they work great for that

Re: Vintage Glass Insulators Make Great Candles Holders!

I love insulators- I display different ones in my bathroom- Their shapes, lines are unique and good looking... what a find!

Re: Primitive Powder Room

Love the light fixture. Nice bathroom!