Vanessa Johanning, Sussex, WI, US

First off:My husband gave me my nick-name "RhinestoneContessa"LOL

I am a professional Garden Designer for 25 years, But love to collect Junque to place as artwork in my gardens, (And sometimes my clients!)

Love and COLLECT obsessively:

PERENNIALS!... Art, chippy, fluer de lis, french paris ,Chairs, flowerfrogs, Aprons, Hankies, china with roses!, and a whole lot more! Oh crap, there is too much to list! Hee hee

Gender: Female

Birthday: 10/04/1959

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Re: Repurposed Silverplate Pitcher Birdhouse with Modified Forks & Spoons

This is absolutely Awesome!!!! I love your work!!


Brilliant! LOL

My hubby is going to kill me when I start grabbing stuff from his Garage garbage pile! Hee hee

Re: This little Diva's green with envy and dripping with bling!

This is so cool! I love the beads! It reminds me to add some necklaces and Sparkles to my chandelier! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Live from Charlotte, North Carolina

I saw this on artsyFarty just this morning! I Love the sayng!
can I put it on my inspiration board?
I am working on painting my truck today...
Plenty of glitter, silk flowers, and pink green and orange paint!

I keep adding stuff to it, hee hee Looking for more inspiration from Ya'll!


Re: Simple Monday's - Take Two

OOOO This is so cute! It reminds me to go out in my garden and pick a Bouquet before it is all three feet under That YUCKY white snow!

Just joined this site today, and am loving all the great people!