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Re: Industrial Can Lamp

Nothing junky about this! Nice work Georgia. Can't wait to meet you in Texas. We're going to have some fun!


Re: March Floral Arrangement of the Month

I when industrial pieces take on a more feminine look! I have lots of junk like this for you to take a look at when you get to Texas!


Re: Solig Lanterns made from Trash

Too cool!


Re: Upcycled Sweater Purses

Love these!

Queen of Quanity

Re: Necktie Wall Art

Well I am fit to be tied! This is fabulous.


Re: Kick-Off for Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition in Texas


I'll be there with bells on my cowgirl boots.

Shell Bell

Re: Organize Your Desk with Dominoes

Hey Sue,

Great idea! I have about 10,000 of these in my back shed. Better get busy,

The Queen of Quanity

Re: All work and no play

Now this is one amazing dog! Really, I LOVE him!


Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

Awesome, awesome, awesome.

The Queen of Junk and lots of it!

Re: Very Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover

OOOhhh, this is cool.


Re: "THE UNCOLA Crate" Shadow Box Table

Love this table and your collection of match books. Great color!

Queen of Quantity

Re: Just What the Doctor Ordered

I think I'm gonna get sick so I can get one of these. It might just be worth it! Thanks for the inspiration Sue.

Over and out,
Queen of Quanity

Re: Garden Gate

I absolutely love this old garden gate. When cleaning out one of my sheds I came across several of these. I now know how to put them to good use. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Cheers to you!
Queen of Quantity