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Re: How-To Make a High Voltage Electrical Glove Lamp

I Glove this project! I want to try it with some evening gown vintage gloves that I have. In my sketchbook, I see a circle of upturned gloves holding a lighted orb of some kind in the middle, like a circle of light.

Re: meet "Miss B"...

I love her! I can see her aas a centerpiece on a buffet table at a party, bewildered yet happy to be there like most of us feel at parties.

Re: Junk Art Doll - She had many faces, the reclaiming of self!

That is so neat! I am going to add some sketches like this to my book. Wonderfully inspiring. ~ Beth

Re: Dog Collar Contestant

He is a Gorgeous horse and I love the halter, too.

Re: Another Bird Feeder

OMG - that is amazing. Do you have a design background? This looks like an architectual drawing!!! I cannot be over the top enough to say how much I love your work!

Re: Industrial BirdFeeder

I love this. The twigs make the industrial feel softer while the industrial lines give the natural elements some contrast. It's like a marriage. I just love it. I wish you sold a bunch of these. What a great gift.

Re: "Spirit in the Sky"

I also remember when the song came out and I adore that birdhouse!

Justloveit - I noticed that you mentioned Good JuJu in KCMO. I'm in Lawrence, KS and would like to know where that market is located. I am bethmerryfield@yahoo.com. (or, QueenofGreen)

Re: Vintage Clock to Fresh Chic Chalkboard

Very pretty! I hope you kept the clock elements, too. Those will show up later in more things you do.

Re: Industrial Style Lamp

Hi! I looove this lamp.

I've always wanted to try squirrel cage fans as waterwheels in a fountain. Water comes off one, then onto the next etc. I wish I had a hillside for the cascade effect.

Keep on Creating on... Beth

Re: First piece... the $5.00 glass top patio table..

I XOXO this. Very chic nice patio table or industrial interior table too. Either, if you feel like re-arranging - take the indoors out and vice versa. The versatility is great. I can picture a cool planter of greenery on the lower rack, too - sunlight would get thru the glass. Add little figures in with the pantings - marbles, toy soldiers, earth moving Matchbox Cars - have fun.

Re: Spoon Flower Closeups AND Spoon Angels

What a great transition for the yard between brown and dry winter and abundant, blooming spring!! I will put "spoons" on my thrift store shopping list.

Re: Mp3 / Cell phone Cozy

Oh cute. (Don't do the D& G at all) it should be Penny Heaven - totally yours. This makes me want to try some pockets like this. Thanks for inspiring.

Re: I feel like felting...

Oh these are way cute! I appreciate how you use everything you can, rather than throwing things away.

Re: Beater Tulips!!

Beautiful harbingers of spring and I love the green fur grass, too. So mod!

Re: Back to school Bird Bath Fountain

I love this lots! By the way, I have an old oil/kerosene heater like yours to the right of the fountain. I want to take the insides out and place a pillar candle inside so light comes from the top and the little front grate. But everything is welded together!

Re: Kitchen Remodel

Todd - I love this. I was considering adhering some pieces of art to my cabinet fronts and you totally rock with this idea. Welcome!

Re: Fabric over painted dresser

You have got it going on! I love this piece. I've got some drab pieces in my shed and this give me such inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

Re: Upcycled Window Frame

The entire photo of the project is awesome. I love what you did with the old window piece. You live in such beauty!

Re: Junk Doll

Oh how Sweet! I love this!


I love the copper tubing as holder and the wood piece is so soft-looking. Nice job!

Re: Family Tree

That is lovely. What a beautiful piece for your family and friends to enjoy.

Re: "B"ounty

Wow! I love type styles and BIG sizes and this is my initial!

Re: An antique store deal

Welcome, Sherri!That is a cute shelf and a nice find. Beth

Re: Sea Glass Mirror

Beautiful piece! I live in landlocked Kansas so I bought a rock tumbler and tumble glass in it. A scoop of playground sand, some water and a few days of running time. I use the pieces for jewelry and also glue it to jars for votive candle holders. I LOVE your mirror idea! Thanks! Beth

Re: Studio Junk

WOW! I want my entire house to look like that! Thank you so much for sharing. What a cheerful mix of ideas and designs.

Re: Pringles canister make-over

Oooh! Love this idea! I have some Crystal Lite plastic tubes I've kept and now I know what to do with them. Thank you for the inspiration. Beth

Re: Woven Hearts Pockets for Valentine's Day

What a cute play on words with such beauty and meaning. Happy creating, Beth.

Re: Very Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover

Nice, nice job and the round window turned storage cubby - ingenious! Happy creating and re-purposing. Beth


That is beautiful! I love how you put it all together. What luck that the pie safe doors fit that window area. And I love the faux stone-look. Nice work! Beth

Re: "Cherry" guest bedroom

I LOVE your theme! So totally cute. Are the furnishing (ahem) cherry wood?? I am glad you had friends with a trailer so you could bring these neat pieces back. Happy creating! Beth

Re: Mobile Boutique

What a beautiful thing you are doing. All good blessings to you and your generous spirit. What a fun "walk - on" closet!


Those are very cool. I wonder what the shelf looks like up against the sun? I love your idea and the work that you put into it. Beth

Re: shoe box, pie box, candy box

These are co pretty! Like permanent gift-wrap. I would display these anywhere I could.

Re: Upcycled Boxes

Oh my GOSH - that is so cute!

Re: "If I try to be like her, who will be like me?"

Jenny, I love that saying so much that I copied it and sent it to my Mom this morning. I will share with my other gal-pals, too. We all can use more self-esteem.

Re: candle stand

What a beautiful statement piece! For seasonal decor you could even add charms, ribbon or flowers to the post - green/red, pink with hearts, orange & black, etc. It's so nice and neutral.

Re: old metal candy box

I had the same situation with a vintage Hostess Fruit cake box. I left the rust alone and shiny-ied up the tin by spraying clear poly over the entire piece. I relly love the shiny/dark contrast, now.

Re: the ugly little bookshelf that could. . .

Goodness, that is pretty. I love its feminine presence.

Re: A few projects that are truly For The Birds!

How cute, Midge! Just in time to begin thinking yard decor and bird-invitations. I'll scrounge in my garage for items for birdhouses, now.

Re: junky valentine shrine

That is beautiful!While I like to decorate for each holiday, I'm trying to minimize. Your idea would look beautiful as a single focal piece on a hutch or mantel. Thank you for sharing!

Re: vintage dollhouse

Can you put it in the kitchen for a spice cubby?

Re: vintage scarves

I collect these, too. I love them. I took a plain white shower curtin, a stapler and randomly covered the shower curtain with scarves. I use it as a drape between my laundry area of the basement and my craft room. It looks like a huge square-dance skirt! So, I used more of the scarves to make.... a huge square dance skirt. I stapled them all around the waist of a petticoat. Wear it for parades, art events, and Halloween.

Re: Find the Junk in this photo!

A fun, warm room - I love it! I'm the same - I have a new sofa in my house and everything else came from someplace else.

Re: Transformed Bathroom Cabinet

What a wonderful use for an old soapbox. Cute and clever!

Re: hope is a thing with feathers

Wow. This takes me back to art class. Very very cool and out of the box. I love the fragments of paper, the softness of the enclosed wings and the strength and form of the glass.

Re: Artist's Bouquet

That is so inviting. I want to reach out and pull a brush out and begin painting. Nice job!

Re: Indoor Window Box

That is beautiful! It looks like the hook would simply drape over the upper sill of the window? I hope you can display it year-round.

Re: my next project..a floor scrubber spaceship..just a quick mockup.

I can't help but remark on your cool things! The body of the ship looks like the USS Enterprise. I am in awe! Keep on keeping on. (I just found a robot myself in Eureka Springs).

Re: cool bunch of scroll work pieces..i think for a railing maybe.

A gorgeous, large-multi-scrolled crucifix comes to mind, then set against a solid piece of some kind. Please do share what you do with these.

Re: found this the other day.. anyone know what it is?

If you have a pool table, it would be a great cue holder. I love it regardless. I'm into jewelry, scarves and accessories so it would be my weekly wardrobe butler, too! I don't think I'd do a thing to change the surface, just some spray polyurethane to pull out its warm, amber color.

Re: Vintage Jewelry Redesigned

Gretchen, I am drooling! These are beautiful. I love jewelry and buttons and am always looking to re-tool, take apart, put back, etc. thanks for the inspiration.


Oh honey, I laughed aloud! I want a dial just like that so my wonderful co-workers can see how I'm feeling hour to hour. Your metal meno-woman is way cool! Thanks for sharing.

Re: retro space ship propeller table i made last night

Damon, this is way cool. I love stainless, as well as everything else useful and purposeful. That chair is to die-for, too. Have you thought of themeing the room with either 40's or travel-stuff?

Re: Our Scrap wood floor

Gorgeous! I am blown away. That is a lot of hard work, time and cutting. The random colors in the wood are just beautiful. You and your husband did a great job.

Re: Glass Cigar Tubes - Totally Tubular Project

Gorgeous! Wonderful photo. At first I thought the base was an automotive manifold. I read farther to see what it was.

Re: Thinking Big!

The heat-grate magazine holder is Genius. The whole piece looks like a very comfy daybed. Nice use of rare solid-wood doors, too. Thank you for sharing your project.

Re: My Patio

I LOVE this! Outdoor spaces rock and yours is so inviting and arty. Congratulations on a lot of good work.