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Teapot Teacup Chandelier

I made this teapot teacup chandelier from an old brass garage sale crystal chandelier. It now hangs in my guest bedroom. The inside lights run off of regular light bulbs, the outside lights run with...

34 Birdhouses in total...I don't know if that's enough

The birds just love to nest in most of these birdhouses. We enjoy hearing and watching them.

And yet EVEN more Birdhouses!

Just more.

And MORE Birdhouses...

Yep, even more!

Just the START of my birdhouse collection...

Some might say that I have a love of birdhouses...more to come!

Happy Fall to All...

This is a huge foam pumpkin. Found it at a thrift store because it had a large damanaged area. Even though it's not the carvable kind, I carved a large enough 'M'...(my last name initial) to cover...

1888 Church Pew

A friend received a church pew from his hometown and asked me to paint the front back with the church and cemetery. In the middle he asked that I put some words he wanted. I then painted it with four...

See what $3 can buy?!

I went to some garage sales...again and picked up this demi lune table for only $3. I believe that it is solid walnut, but it has issues. The top is not completely flat and had threenbspsplits...

What do you do with an old window and $1 garage sale shutters?

Got this old farmhouse window, mix with $1 garage sale shutters, scrap molding and split chair legs and this is what I came up with. My hubby put it all together...I painted it out and now it's a...

Garage Sale Table Turned Out Neat!

I purchased this old, sad table for $5 at a garage sale last Saturday. I knew what it could be and the size, legs and primitiveness was interesting. After taking the top off and using the belt sander...

Rug for Safety!

Our porch was polished cement and became slippery when wet, so I decided to add a runner. I made up the design and added sand into the paint to add traction. It came out so pretty that people didnt...

Flatbed Trolley gets a new Life as a coffee table!

A neighbor brought over this heavy flatbed trolley and asked if I would paint it for him. He said I could do anything I wanted on it. Well, that is the best thing an artist can hear.  I had to...

My New Antique Shutter Headboard!!

I went to an auction and purchased these shutters. It was always a dream to have a headboard out of these, so I asked my handy, dandy handyman to place crown molding on the top and a board at the...

Look What I Saved From the Trash!

This is a really great story...We arrived back from vacation to find that our new neighbors had moved in. When we got up in the morning, it was trash pick-up day. I look out and saw a beautiful...

Stool Transformation

While some would love the shabby chic style of the originally purchased stool, I saw something completely different. After marrying needlepoint, fabric and fringe, I had a new top. Then I handpainted...

Antique Barrister saved from the Trash

This antique barrister bookcase was going to be put in the trash by the previous owners.  The glass doors were missing, so we found a guy on Ebay that reproduces any part of these...

Garage sale ScOnCeS become Showstoppers!

I found four sconces at a garage sale for only 50¢ each. I took them home and made two of the framed by attaching them to metal framed mirrors after drilling holes in the glass. One was put...

Tuffet for chair

After upholstering the chair, I decided that it needed a footstool or tuffet. So I purchased a wooden disc, a piece of foam and four legs. Put it together and came up with this.

Chair - Ugly Duckling to a Beautiful Swan

I traded a chair that I had painted for this ugly duckling of a chair. I have never upholstered anything this detailed but since I have sewn for the past 42 years, I figured that I could take a stab...

Shelves - special addition...the silver forks/spoons for hooks!

These are several shelves that I have made with the specialty of the hooks being old silver forks or spoon handles with the 'bowl' cut off.

Faux Fireplace

I found this fireplace surround at a garage sale. We purchased the vintage iron fireplace inner surround at an antique store. My hubby made the wood surround firebox hole smaller to accomodate the...

Fabulous Cat House

My husband took old junk wood and vintage ceiling tin to make this awesome cat house. I painted up the door and windows and our outside cat loves her home.

Did you ever wonder how to display those old hankies?

Did you ever wonder how to display those old hankies? How about converting an old spoon rack? I just painted it up pretty and hung the hankies for a nice display.

Everyone LOVES Tassels...Don't they?

I Love Tassels. I see any junk part and I see a tassel.  I also love to paint and sew, I combine all and come up with these.

Converted Chandelier

I found this dated foyer light fixture at a garage sale for $2. I took it apart and used just the inside bulb assembly. I spray painted the brass white. I then took an old teacup and drilled a hole...

Door Becomes Twin Headboard

A FREE garage sale door was the inspiration for a twin headboard. The upper part of the door had a square glass, that was removed and a 2 x 6 was added to each side for width. The joint caused by the...

Is it REALLY a Watermelon?

We had an unsightly looking propane tank. It was painted silver and very much rusted and chippy. I wish I would have taken a before picture of just how ugly it was.  I decided that a makeover...

Recent comments

Re: Mosaic Table

Oh my what an amazing project. This is so cool.

Re: Dog Beds.

So adorable.

Re: I Luv Ma Junky Projects

What a creative girl you are!

Re: Garden Work Bench

I want one of these! Awesome!

Re: Cup O' Garden Tea


Re: Fountain made with vintage teapot, basin and china cups.

Way cool!

Re: It may be junk, but it always "...yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither." Psalm 1:3

These chairs look great. Imagine if the chairs were painted red to play off the red in the coffee sack fabric.

Re: Teapot Teacup Chandelier

It's electric

Re: Monochromatic Teapot Lamp

I love the way you laid these pieces.

Re: saved!

Great save. Beautiful and unique desk. Great lines.

Re: Birdcages

I adore these birdcages. Especially the one with the dishes in it.

Re: Neighborhood Junk

I've been known to do that too. Love your stuff.

Re: A Little Garden Bling with Silver and Crystals

So very pretty! I really like this idea.

Re: Easy Fix for "Lost" Wall Quotations

This is a great idea, but go one an old board on the back of the frame and put the quote on the board and make it movable around the house that way.


I love buttons...especially old ones and this is a very interesting idea for my sewing room! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Nature's Junk

You didn't even have to cut it? Wow, this is truly awesome.

Re: wine & cheese cart

Good idea with using the corks. Love it.

Re: My Kind of Aquarium!


Re: Shabby Chic Bench

Neat job.

Re: May finds 1

Love what you did with your finds. Love your painting too.

Re: Frameous solutions

Boy, I must be tired from the paint fumes since I can't type by saying 'done covered' in my previous post. Sorry.

Re: Frameous solutions

Love the tray idea for the bath. I have done covered a hole below a tv wall for a subwoofer by using a frame with the inset of strechy fabric (so sound could come out), used velcro to attach the frame to the wall hole and it made an easy good looking solution to covering something unsightly, plus was easy to remove to get to the sub woofer.

Re: Faux Painted Walkway

Fabulous job on the walkway and so interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Rug for Safety!

The Paint is directly on the cement.

Re: Stools are not just for sitting

Great use of this stool. Another idea is to purchase a round piece of glass from your local craft store and place it on top of the stool for more surface space and it will keep the fabric clean.

Re: My New Antique Shutter Headboard!!

Go ahead and use any of my ideas, after all most ideas are just bits and pieces of things I have seen in the past, stored in my brain filing cabinet and just come out when the need arises.

Re: rescuing throwaway furniture

Thanks for posting...I enjoy others that have my passion of restoring or reusing things that others think of as trash. It not only gives us a creative outlet, but helps save the planet as well.

Re: Antique Barrister saved from the Trash

To dhmjr, you can purchase the metal hardware for barrister bookcases on eBay. Just do a search for barrister bookcase hardware.

Re: All dressed up with no where to go!

This is so cute and such a conversation piece. It would have made a wonderful lamp as well.

Re: Avocado Green ... NO MORE!

Too cute now! Love it!