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Junk Lamp

This forum is so inspiring.  So many beautiful creations.  I wanted to share my latest adventure. I've always love old ceiling tins and embossed metal, so when I came across tools to do it...

My birdfeeders

I'm ashamed to say I've been lurking for awhile, looking at all the amazing projects everyone has posted.   I thought I'd post the birdfeeders I've been making.  I make them out of...

Recent comments

Re: Old Window Medicine Cabinet

You've created a beautiful cabinet. Great job!

Re: East meets Midwest

Wow! It is amazing. Love the painting. You have a great eye for details

Re: Old Gas Stove Grates

Those are so neat. I love Canton too. We go every November.

Re: Potting Bench

I bet you get lots of use out of it come spring. It's so pretty and handy at the same time. Wish I had one.

Re: Just coasting along...

Those are really pretty. I think the red ones are my fav.

Re: use up your eggs...

Love the texture of it.

Re: Antique drapery rod key holder

That's so clever. Love the colors.

Re: Out to pasture

That's a really pretty chair. Great job!

Re: Rust Brothers No More

All I can say is WOW!!! What great timing. Some things are just meant to be.

Re: Witch Potato Mashers

Super cute! Love that face.

Re: My birdfeeders

Thanks everyone! What a welcoming! To answer some questions. The metal stand is a display piece we made out of junk to use at shows. It actually comes apart in three pieces. The top is an old implement wheel, it sits ontop of an old axle, and that sits on top of a disc from an old plow. The building in the background is the courthouse in Bandera, Texas. Its a beautiful building.