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Is It A Door....or a Bench?

I found this set of doors on Craigslist!  How cool are they?  The benches are attached to the doors and fold down.  I love 'em, but just can't quite figure out how to effectively use...

Fall Picture Flash Cards

I love vintage picture flash cards, but I've not had any luck finding any whilst junkin'.  Sooo, I decided that I would just make me some.  I had purchased a couple of packs of manilla...

Carney Bottles 1 2 3

I made these with the inspiration of the old bottles used for carnival games...either the ring toss or where you throw a ball at the bottles.  I simply made a 'slipcover' in old muslin and added...

I've Gone Crow Crazy

I'm still crowing....

"Something To Crow About"

Just trying to get in the Fall mood!  I don't really do Halloween, but I love pumpkins and crows.  So today I called on my inner 'Peter Pan' and did a little crowing.  You know, I...

Broken Chair Repurposed Into Garden Sign

Another garden 'favorite' fell apart, so I repurposed it's parts into a garden sign!

Funnel Rake

Just a few reasons to hang on to old broken, rusty rakes!

High Tech Message Center

I often find vintage clipboards at the thrift store for under $1.00, and just can resist buying them.  Here's how I've been repurposing them lately. Very easy....Just tape off the clip parts and...

Time Frame and Faux Faces

I found this awesome old chippy white frame a few weeks back, but hadn't had an inspiration as to how to use it.......Until the other night.  I made a collage of assorted clock...

My Junkin' Finds For The Weekend

It definitely paid off to check Craigslist this weekend!  Check out these salvaged built-in kitchen cupboards from a 1920's bungalow......I DID GOOD!!

Flowers For The Tin Man

Old jello molds + assorted tin pieces and parts + lots of wire + magination + patience + time and hurting hands = A Tin Wreath I got my inspiration for these flowers at Sassy Trash...

Hanger Made From Salvaged Materials

What does vintage beadboard, old water valves, a tart tin and old hooks have in common?  My latest creation!

Bird Bowl Made From My Broken Pottery

I can't take full credit for this project .....Country Home Magazine featured a similar piece in 2005.  So 5 years later, I've finally created my own version from some...

It's About Time!

Anytime I see a 'round' piece of wood......"I see clock faces"

I Broke One Of My Favorite Vintage Flower Pots

I love vintage flower pots with old, original paint, so when I accidently broke one of my pots, I was sad.  But then I had an idea! I'll be able to enjoy it here and there in the garden!

All In A Day's Work

Well, I had fun today... Just went to a friend's house (a couple of town's away) and went junkin'...I'd say it was a successful day!

Tile Scraper? .....Not!

Tile Scraper? .........NOT!

My Mind Is In The Gutter Today

I found my first rusty old gutter guard in Tenessee many years ago.  I fell in love with the shape and form of these neat old pieces.  I haven't seen any now for a long, long time...

~Mini Cloches and a Great Find~

Junk stuff I made today.  It was so hot, and I didn't feel like working in the garden, but at least we got some good rain.

Have You Ever Had A Wood Bucket Fall Apart?

Who hasn't had a vintage wooden bucket fall apart?  Forget trying to put them back together.  Here I've repurposed the slats in several different ways.

Quick and Fun Oil Lamps

Here's a simple way to utilize all those jars we all have collected, and if you're anything like me, have a bunch of 'em!  By adding a few ingredients such as dried botanicals, 'Ultra Pure' Lamp...

Still Lovin' Industrial Light Cages!

Still loving the vintage light cages that I've been finding!  Here's a couplea' really easy and fun ways to use them!

Junk Swap ~ Project #7

I've loved and collected the old cheese boxes for years.  They made great storage for my tags, papers, name it.  So when this one came with my junk package, I'm thinkingOh...

Junk Swap Project #6

Architectural Wood Piece + Tart Pans + Bottle Tops = Whimsical Flowers!  I just had to add a few buttons and wire......

Junk Swap - #5

Another project complete...

Junk Swap - Projects 3 & 4

More projects completed...I'm having fun!

Junk Swap - Show and Tell

Well, I have to brag once again about the great box o' junk I received for the Junk Swap!  Here's a collage of my treasures~

Junk Swap - Project #2

This is my second project completed today from my "Box o' Junk" from OLDcrowAntiques.  I received 4 of these porcelain insulators...they are so cool.  I had the old another...

Junk Swap - Project #1

I was so excited when I received my  " Box O' Junk" from my exchange partners, OLDcrowAntiques!  The box was filled with wonderful things....I'm just beginning to create.

I need help with this one!

I picked up this roll of "army green' twill at a sale.  Looks like the kind of material used for 'draw-string' pants.  I couldn't just leave it there, but I've racked my little brain and...

Vintage Iron Gate

Look what my husband brought home today!   I'm soooo excited...I love it....And the best part is: FREE!! Oh Happy Day!

Some see a 'custard cup' ...... I see a 'mini glass cloche'

I found these little glass 'custard cups' at the Men's Club Rummage Sale (5/$1.00).  Well, they sure look like 'mini cloche's' to me!

Candles ~ "kicked up a notch or two"

Am I the only one with dozens of candles laying around?  I buy 'em and hoard 'em.  I just like having them around!  So, in an effort today to take a few items to my shelf at the...

~Vintage Bundt Pan turned Birds Nest~

I was pricing a few items to put on my "Small Shelf" at our local Antique Mall, and just couldn't leave the bundt pan needed something else.  I looked around my Studio (junk room...


How fun are these 'letter tacs' that I've recently come across.  They are from the 1950's and were advertised as "NAME-IES" - Initials for Footwear Identification.  I haven't actually...

"Do you have Prince Albert in a can?....Well you better let him out"

Did anyone other than me ever call a store and make this prank call (back in the day)?  Well, I was tickled when I found these old Prince Albert tobacco cans years ago at a flea...

For the Love of White Junk

My 'white radar' was going crazy today!

A Fun Day of Junkin'

A successful day of junkin'.  Don't you just love it when you find boxes full of fun junk.  The more, the merrier!  Now the fun begins....

Junky Love


~Concrete, Cloches & Candles~

Broken concrete?  Here's a few ideas!

~Junk In The Garden~

I love to incorporate 'the unexpected' in my garden.

"Where Junk Resides"

I love to display some of my 'junk' in this great old cupboard.  Unfortunately, it doesn't always look this organized!

Repurposed Containers For Florals

I love to plant in unique containers!

Organizer Made From Vintage Fence

What a great place to organize pictures, photo ideas, tools, etc!

Root Starter

Root starter made from vintage trim and bottle

For The Birds

Food for our feathered friends

Recent comments

Re: Shopping Tips from City Farmhouse

It would be wonderful if they taped the presentation! I would love the opportunity to see them 'in action'....

Re: Another shed emptied for The Fall "Country Junk Sale"

A Junker's Paradise!

Re: Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

Great job....looks like fun in the swamp!

Re: Industrial Cart Face Lift

Looks it!

Re: Tool tote for the table

Great look. What is it about those old tool totes? I just love 'em! I also just dumped out a bunch of nails and screws out of an old tote with chippy white fav!

Re: Carney Bottles 1 2 3

Thanks for the nice comments on my bottles. I 'grunged' them with some antiquing medium that I've had for years. It's made by Tupip..not sure if it's still available. It's brown and has a paste wax texture. I just applied it here and there and rubbed it in with an old rag.

Re: Easy Peasy, for sure~

How cute....and I love Lesueur Peas too!

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

"You trashed it"!

Re: Rusted Cable Box Cover

I like it...rust, chippy paint, free...what more could you ask for?

Re: not a project, a FIND

I'd sure like to 'find' a few of those too! Cool Beans....

Re: Etch yourself some Polka Dots!

What a great change! The craft stores will probably have a run on etching stuff tomorrow! I'm going to hit the thrift store for glasses, go to Michaels (with my 40% coupon), get out my Cricut and etch away...Thanks for the inspiration...

Re: Garden Potting Bench

How perfect for a potting table...very creative and functional. Love it!

Re: What is it ?

Cool, I like it!

Re: Morris...Rocker

What a handsome guy! He has good taste too!

Re: Trash to Treasure

I like it! I've got a lamp stand in my garage right now...Hummmmm!

Re: Bird Bowl Made From My Broken Pottery

The 'pedistal' is actually the bottom of a McCoy planter that had broken (the drain part). Luckily, it did not break! I've incorporated pieces of the pottery that broke.

Re: Aah, Summer: A Few Projects

I imagine she thought you were nuts that you wanted that piece of wood. I'da wanted it too! Love what you made with it.

Re: Bird Bowl Made From My Broken Pottery

I used tile adhesive to attach the pieces and parts randomly onto a bowl that I had. After 24 hours, I applied sanded grout...pretty easy. This was my first attempt at mosiacs. I went to You Tube and watched a basic mosiac demonstration before I began which was helpful!

Okay, now I'll be waiting to see everyone's translation of the project!

Re: Fish or Cut Bait

Too cool...I haven't seen one of these in a long time! Of course, now I want one too!

Re: Back to the Beach...

Great collecion of items that just say beach, summer, relax! I love the little cupboard...I was going to tell you that "I need that cupboard" and then I took a second look! How cute...I love dimunitive furniture..!

Re: Freeze Frame

It's the small window on the big door where Dorothy went to see the wizard!

Re: Potting Bench

Love it! I know how heavy those sinks are...unbelievable.

Re: Verdure

Great it. Just not sure what 'verdure' means....guess I'm going to now! Happy Fourth!

Re: Rusty metal thing

Everything is great...especially that 'rusty thing' with the flowers! I'm feeling guilty now as i haven't decorated for the Fouth. I guess there's still time today, so you've motivated me!

Re: PS Part 3 - Favorite Finds for Country Gardens Magazine

I'm so glad Country Gardens is still being published...I have been a fan from the start! Can't wait to see your contributions with your new great junk.
Until then,

Re: Flash Card Heaven

Oh, my! I'd be thrilled as well. Have fun....Now if you find you have too many.........
Have a wonderful weekend!

Re: LOVING summer break!!

What a fun 'junkin' day! I haven't been out in a couple of've inspired me now. The table is great..lots of possibilities there.

That's so funny about the gutter guards also...we do have great minds, don't we? I love to skim the aisles at Home Depot and let my imagination take over!

Have a great day,

Re: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . .

Hey Lanette, what an inspiring collection of mirrors! My favorite is the tin floor's amazing. I've just recently begun a quest for mirrors, as I realized one day that I didn't have any around my home. They add so much charm and interest, but it's also not so easy to find ones I like. Of course, now I want to go out and find some more TODAY!


How it! The 'tray' has two of my favorite components....rust and white!

Re: Spoon Bugs in the Garden

Too cool...and creative. I'd certainly rather have these ants in my garden than the 'fireants' that I'm constantly battling!

Thanks for put a smile on my face!


Great signs...girl you hit the sale of sales. I like the lamp shades are like me, I always think of how stuff can be repurposed for the garden!
Sure wish I could go back there with ya!
Have a great day,


Wow...too cool, what a find! How perfect to organize your goodies. I know you are going to have a blast putting it all definitely post pics when you are done.

Re: free, chippy, old dresser=fabulous planter!

Just thought of a good one. This gives new meaning to the term 'droopy drawers'....Sorry, couldn't resist.

Re: free, chippy, old dresser=fabulous planter!

Now, that's thinking outside the drawer....I mean box! This is a've probably just started a whole new 'gardening trend'

Re: Yard Sale find of the year: 8 foot industrial table/workbench

NO WAY!!! Unbelieveable...I bet your heart was just a pitterin' and patterin'! You gonna keep it or sell it?

Re: Prim Grubby Coffee Pot Light

I like it!

Re: Goodwill Rescue Flag Project

Very creative...I like the square shape. Yep,it's about time to get out the flags for Memorial Day and 4th of July!

Re: WEDDING GOES ON but Tygart's Creek Cabin FLOODED!

Well congratulations on your marriage. May 7 is a very special parents were married on the same day. So sorry to hear about the scarry! I'm sure you'll end up with a wonderful place in the long run.

Re: Pretty and Weird -- or, Pretty Weird

Well, I'm with junkiqueboutique....I'll be looking for me some cheap binoculars. I love 'em. My son called them "nop-a-lators" when he was little...just thought I'd throw that memory in!

Re: A Unique Bird Bath

Very cool....the birds will love it!


How fun and colorful! Okay, so we expect to see lots of projects posted this summer!~

Re: Vintage Window Flower Box

Great find! You've been busy girl....good job. You are very creative and resourceful..I like that!

Re: A Repurposed Dresser

How cute is that? And...great storage too!

Re: Cupcake Server

Looks great and love the blue bird plate...Ok, so what is glue tape? Never heard of it!

Re: Scissor Holder

Too cute. I love it. Now to remember to put your scissors up!

Re: VIsual Desktop Diary: Entry #1

Looks great...mine changes from day to just gets messier and messier!

Re: junk heaven-orange park

Hello...looks like a 'fun' place to junk! I read your profile, and see that you are in Ocala. I live in the Orlando area, and I'm really curious where this place is. I know that there's an Orange Park, FL up near Jacksonville.
Good luck with all your new treasures! Keep us posted on your projects.

Re: Abandoned Factory Lighting

Bravo! Great combination of items to make a super lamp. The cord; however, is the finale'.

I have several cages, and haven't made them into a light've inspired me....Thanks,

Re: Art & Architecture Junkmarketstyle - I just got home! Part I

Wow, sounds like you had a really great time. I'm sure it was cool to meet Sue.

Whew...I'm glad someone else finally said it...the doll heads and body parts really creep me out too. I just don't get it. I want my dolls in one piece!

Thanks for sharing the neat pics and have a wonderful weekend.

Re: Test Tubing

Test tubes are so fun, aren't they. That 'rusty wire holder' is wonderful....I'm lusting after it!
Good job,
P.S. If you ever want to part with that rusty old thing, just let me know!

Re: Industrial Romantic Junk Jewelry

Terrific designs, love 'em all. Where will you be selling them? If you decided to sell on Etsy, definitely leave a link!

Re: Come See Sue Whitney at The Funky Junk Sisters Show in Seattle!!!

Gee...sure wish I could be there. I think that I would choose Seattle aa a place to visit if I had my choice of anywhere in the States. I'm sure it will be wonderful, and look forward to lots of pics from the show!

Re: another free picture

Love that frame...Isn't it cool when you are able to 'match' things up to make the perfect item.....Good job.

Re: Recycled Vintage China Birdfeeders

How cute and colorful....The birds will certainly love your garden!

Re: Great Finds at Garage Sales and Upcoming Projects

Oh, my...I've about given up on garage sales, but I may have to go out this Friday! You've inspired me..You did good!

Re: Primitive dry sink from salvaged materials

Wow, great job...looks very authentic. I love dry sinks...especially white ones!

Re: my junky bird feeders

What a great idea to just put in in your bush...Love it..

Re: Not quite done yet!

You are too cool! Love what you've done. There's just something about old croquet pieces and parts that is so appealing! The hat is the icing on the cake...

Re: I have a few hang-ups...

Very, very clever..I like 'em alot! Looks like you are having lots of fun too...
Have a wonderful weekend,

Re: Father's Day project

Great job...I'm sure your Dad will be thrilled!

Re: Crumpton Stuffffffffff

Wow, great it all. Sounds like you have a weekly auction to attend...I'm jealous...nothing like that herej in Orlando! You did good. Be sure to how us how you've used your goodies!

Re: Post Hat Stand

Now I know why I've been holding on to this one lone spindle! Thanks for the inspiration. Love the picture and the whole vignette...looks great!

Re: Junk Swap - Show and Tell

The bullet things definitely have me baffled! Any suggestions?

Re: trash junking

Good thing no one was directly behind you when you slammed on brakes! How fun that you found the trellis and turned it into an easel...great it!

Re: My Swap Project 9 & 10 - Bluebucket

Oh my, do I love those feeders! I am crazy over galvanized metals! They make great candleholders...

Re: Old Letters to Make a New Entry

How much fun are you having with the letters! Great idea for your entry.

Re: How to Build a Chest of Drawers?

Lanette, how cool is this? I am crazy over can never have enough! I would love to have found this too...Ya Hoo

Re: Junk Swap Fun...Thanks Marie!

How lucky are you?....Wow, very much so! The 'hoe shield' is really cool..makes a great statement.

Re: West End Salvage

Well I'm loving all the brick pieces and the last pic of a "table?". Really great junk.

Re: First post from my swap partner.

Great job it. I think my first thought when I see 'cool junk' is "how can I use this in the garden?" You definitely 'think outa the box' girl! Love your display with the cloche. I'm sure Sue will be well pleased with your creation!


Well Alice, this is just wonderful! I love it, and it looks so good on the wall with your cool lamp! Awesome job. By the way, I am looking for a white letter "T" if you happen across one~

Re: A Rustic Little Side Table...

What a perfect "potting table" it! Good luck with your sale. Of course, you know everyone is going to want to purchase your display!

Re: Junkyard Dogs...the How and "Y"

I think you've designed the 'perfect' wall! Simple and clean with an amazing impact! Love it all, especially Tanner...he's too cute!

Re: A Couple of Fun Collages...

I love your collages...'specially the dog one! Too clever with the B I N G O cards! I've never really done a collage, but you've truly inspired me to try my hand at one soon. I actually just found a cool shadow box.....humm..another project...another day!

Re: Vintage silverplate garden markers and a load of other ideas

I really love this idea. I've tried it myself, but it's easier said than done.....good job! Good luck with Etsy also.

Re: Literally, A SPRING Wreath

Toooo cute. I love it...very creative. I've never run across any old bed springs, but I'll be searching a little harder now!


Re: toille trunk

How perfect is that for a girl's room! Love it...

Re: Airstream Project

Way cool...looks like you had a blast fixin' it up. Must have been hard to let it go! Looks like "old" Florida!

Re: Global Change

Looks much better...good job. I love globes and you've made this one to last a long, long time!

Re: Featherflite

Totally cool! What do you do in the 'real world'? LOL

Re: Piperbot

How creative! Love it...

Re: Laser Pistol

Expecting an alien attack? Great combo...what an imagination!

Re: Robopup

Yea, but does he do any tricks? Too it~


Janis, this looks wonderful! I love it. If you hadn't told us that this a 'new' piece, no one would have ever known. I love the addition of the base, moss and cross...well done!

Re: Slam Dunk...

Three points...for sure! My hubby would love this...he's a basketball nut.

Re: From Fireplace to Mantle!

Hey Lani, love the rusty log holder. Looks great with the candles and as a server (love the cheese spread as well...yum). I'm sure it will be utilized in many other ways too...what fun!

Hope your weekend is going well.
Blessings, Susie

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

OOphs...sorry for the double comments. I could say I did it on purpose to make sure you know how much I love it!!!

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

Looks like "The Real Thing" to me! I am in love with your fab creation. I love hearts and I love Coca-Cola!

It looks especially wonderful displayed on that lovely green wood!

Happy Valentines Day 2 U!


Re: ~My Sweetheart~

Looks like "The Real Thing" to me! Love this heart (and Coca-Cola too)!

Re: Patina or Dirt???

Ohhhhh, I love your box o' garden delights! Aren't we just a little crazy how we love old galvanized metal!

Hopefully, I won't be in contact with mouse droppings....but I'll surely be careful if I see any.

Enjoy your treasures!


Re: Most say "a table", I'm thinking lamps !

Definitely thinking 'out of the box' the idea of lamps. Looking forward to your completed project!

Re: "Bird of Nature" Necklace

Oh, I love this necklace...someone in Texas is surely special!


Re: architectural hangings

I love those architectural pieces! Check out my post to see how I also used one...

The spoon as a hook is really cool!

Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject!

Thanks for shopping by and your kind comments on 'my junk'! How clever to make this into a candle of a kind..just the way I like things! So now I'm sure I'll be on the lookout for some cupholders!


Re: Valentines, buttons and keys

Wow, what a great collection of vintage Valentines....great by themselves...even better all together! Great collage..and Happy Valenties Day 2 u!

Re: Croquet anyone?

Well, I think the bowl and goblet look great...and to think that he taught himself....very talented young man! Also love your collection of croquet balls...great colors and patina.


Re: The Key to my heart!

Okay, so looks like there will be a run on paperweights all around the country. You could single-handedly be responsible for raising the value! LOL Love what you've done...really great idea!


Re: slipcovers bring it all together ..

Love the slipcovers...I think all furniture should have slipcovers! Love the pleats on the must have a good machine that pleats?! My machine is over 35 yeas old, and does good just to sew and zig-zag!

I'm in the process of undertaking a slipcover for my cozy chair for the first time...send me a little sewing mo-jo!

Thanks for sharing,

Re: Chippy Cottage Charm will be at Benson Flea Market (Sioux Falls, SD)

Your booth looks terrific...good luck with the sale. Too bad you are so far away...sounds like a fun weekend!

Re: Barbed Wire Never Looked So Good

Great look! Did you just use a light kit from the hardware store? I'm wanting to make something similar, but using a basket instead.


Re: Piggy Bank

What a cute idea...My grandson would love one. I think, though, I'll incorporate a slit in the top and glue the lid on until it's full (otherwise, there'll be no saving!)

Re: A Trip down Memory Lane- S & H Green Stamps Style

Judi, well I'm also amongst the generation that well remembers these stamps. Times were hard 'back in the day', and this was my Mom's only way to get new 'stuff' for our home. I remember pasting the stamps and looking so forward to the trip to the redemption store. Thanks for bring back precious memories!

As for what to do with them? Not so sure how you might incorporate them into a project, but I've enjoyed talking about 'em!


Re: Architectural pieces and cloches two of my favorite things.

Alice....oh, I just love this shelf. Nothing better for me than white chippy paint. If you ever get tired of surely would look great in my home! I also love your collection of cloches....great post.


Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Count me in.....

Re: For The Birds

We have a lot of cardinals currently, but actually, I think the squirrels had a feast!