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I’m a guy who has somehow fallen into the shabby world. A shabby chic world of shabotaged furniture and foo foo accessories. My stuff tends to be outside of the cottage without much chic, shabby or otherwise. My things are the hogs in this world of roses.

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Slab Wood and Iron Table

This console table was assembled from pieces bought at a couple of different auctions.

A Windproof Patio Table

A cast iron patio table that will not blow away even in a big wind.

A Pair of Industrial Style Lamps

These two industrial style lights have a shorter base than earlier efforts.  I think that the proportions are better with these lamps.

Another Industrial Pieces Lamp

This is another Industrial style lamp that I assembled from parts that I've scavenged for such a purpose.  The shade is a strainer  from an old milk can.  The shaft is made up of pipe...

Cream Separator Lamp

Homemade lamp with a DeLaval Cream Separator base, recycled pipe and socket and a milk strainer shade.

Industrial Tripod Spotlight

This is a nice industrial style light that I assembled from picked pieces.  The wood leg tripod is for a surveyor's transit that was long departed.  It was found at a local garage sale...

Fancy Cast Iron Base Bar

I combined the counter top from the 100 y.o. hardware store in Browerville MN with the revamped cast iron balcony railing from an old apartment building to create a huge (and heavy) bar. nbspThe...

Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp

Another industrial style floor lamp.  It has a vintage stainless steel shade and a yellow chippy paint surveyor's metal tripod.

Great Hanging Light from a Chicken Brooder.

I made this great hanging lamp using a well patina'd  copper pyramid that I believe was part of a chicken brooder, some old rusted chain and the guts from a hanging porch light.

Industrial Lamps

These lamps are made with conduit parts from my electric junk box, sockets and harps from old lamps, vintage milk strainers and the bases from old jack stands.  It only took a...

Old Crate Table Top

I laminated the well lettered side of a shipping crate to the top of a small pine table. I used a router to round over and even out the edges. It was finished with a washed out stain and a coat of...

Another Pallet Top Table

This is another version of the vintage pallet top table.  The legs were salvaged from a completely destroyed oak dining table.  This table sits at normal table height.  I especially...

Vintage Pallet Top Center Island

Before pallets were made from stapled together scrap lumber, they were made from beech or other hardwood held in place by steel edges.  I removed the steel U shaped feet.  The steel edges...

Rocket Automatic Fish Scaler Lamps

These industrial style hanging pendants were made from 1950's era Rocket Automatic Fish Scalers and pendant light kits.

Recent comments

Re: "Sparky"

Very nice. I especially like the clamps at the base of the socket. This piece clearly has a "mad scientist" sort of vibe that I appreciate.

Re: A Pair of Industrial Style Lamps

Thanks Ken.

Re: Cream Separator Lamp

@CottageElements - The silver thing in the background is a rotating calculator used for mixing butter.

Re: Upcycled Lamp No. 6

Great lamp. I especially like the bike seat spring.

Re: Park Bench

Looks great and very study.

Re: Light it Up

What was the shade piece in a previous life?