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imagination, collage, trinkets, childlike wonder, lace, art, love, ocean, bluebirds, buttons, stories from older people, vintage childrens books, flowers, crafting, learning, bluegrass and family. Thats me. :)

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Lace Lampshade

Thrift stores are great for finding lampshades that you can strip down to the bones.  I used a double black netting as my base and stitched pieces of lace, buttons, beads, yo-yo's and velvet...

Under Sink Cover Up

Hiding the under sink plumbing was easy with Roberts Max Grip from Home Depot.  Careful, it will stick until the next millineum!  *tip, to remove glue goo now stuck to your sissors, use Goo...

Lace Lamp Shades

Stitched both machine and by hand.  Make a paper pattern, get a base fabric (eyelet in this case) and start loading on all the lace you've collected over the years!  Not clearly seen are...

Bread Tray to Shell Display

Once a bread tray, this is gorgeous in the little bathroom.

Shabby Deck Canopy

This 10X10 deck was useless after noon.  Too hot.  Too bright.  Umbrella was cumbersome, sooooo, with sheets and a few trips to the thrisft store, and much straight stitching, we are...

Scissor Holder


Cupcake Server

Flea Market finds and some fantastic 'glue tape' and ... ta da!!!  My cupcake (or anything) server just makes me smile.

Recent comments

Re: Chippy Tote to Fairy Garden Centerpiece...

OOOooo i think this is just perfect! Thanks for posting!

Re: Mr. Majestic

My favorite.


Love! Great colors. Fun Funs!

Re: Vintage Marketplace Opens February 14, 2013

LOVED the show. Everyone is so friendly. (I buy when sellers smile.) Big funs!!! I love everything you do.

Re: My "Big Girl" Ladder Bed Canopy...

Ooo this is simply wonderful. I have a high ceiling in the living room and this might just work in there. Lovely! Thanks for posting.

Re: Industrial Dummys

Good good stuff! These are guaranteed to make your guests smile.

Re: slipcovers bring it all together ..

I love slipcovers and the color of these. Pop! Very cool.

Re: Hooked on Books


Re: Vintage Water Ski Pair Lighted Organizer

The light is genius since "it" is always at the bottom of the organizer. Ha! Love it!

Re: Can anyone figure out what this butter dish was originally?

Is that a faucet w/out the handles? I adore that! Love my peeps. You're so creative!

Re: Repurposed Silverplate Ice Bucket Pedestal Birdhouse

Wow, you created a lovely! Is it soldered? Glued? Welded? Perfectly balanced!

Re: Repurposed Silverplate Ice Bucket Pedestal Birdhouse

Wow, you created a lovely! Is it soldered? Glued? Welded? Perfectly balanced!

Re: Crosses, birdhouses, flags, and hearts .... all from leftover, re-do, re-joice!!!

Love that flag. I've been hanging on to an old door for a project. You have a great way with the paint. Any tips on how you painted/finished it?

Re: Repurposed Water Fountain with Old Galvanized & Silverplate Parts

Oh I've wanted to make a fountain. I'm inspired now. Adore!!

Re: Cupcake Server

UPDATE ON THE Uglu: PROS & CONS Here's the deal on the UGLU. It stays rubbery,.... so .... the fruit I placed on the plates caused the plate to slllooooooowly tip the plate off the base. :( The PRO part, is that it still works for the cupcakes (an event i'm hosting) and the glue can be removed so you don't ruin the plates.

Re: Cupcake Server

The glue tape is UGlu and I found it at Hobby Lobby for about $5 They have a website also