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eat your way around the globe lamps

Three lamps I recently made.

my grandma's old salt and pepper shakers

I remember I asked for these and I know I've had the idea for a very long time. It is an original idea but I don't know how I conceived it. I was so glad I got two sets. I gave one of these to each...

hope is a thing with feathers

The girls and I collected feathers on those endless bike rides we took that summer. One day, I found an entire duck's wing. It was very dry and apparently had been...

shoe box, pie box, candy box

Gift boxes...

Memo Boards

An old clipboard, Scrabble tray, Scrabble tiles, and chalkboard paint...I made these to hang by my girls' rooms. They are a big hit - I write little love notes to them on their own silhouettes.

Cutlery Crosses

Dinner knives converted to crosses

dance necklaces using tap shoe taps

I made the first necklace as a gift for my daughter's dance teacher. There are a lot of different ways you could go with this idea.

recycled superheros

I recently made four capes using two skirts and two old denim shirts. Two of the capes were given to my youngest daughter's preschool class for their dress-up materials (a few years ago I made them...

spring things

ah, spring...

bridge scorecard transformed to bookmark (s)

I probably made about two-doxen of these found these sweet bridge score cards at the thrift store for 49 cents or so for the lot.

orange pomander (made from buttons)

I shared button trees with you all a while back - here is a button pomander inspired by the trees.

old bread box - a project that went south

I have several of these solid wooden bread boxes. They are a great place for storing cds, small books (I am a bibliophile) or other junk. I painted this one black last spring and it hung around my...

doilies, silhouettes, and crocheted lace

Who doesn't find stained old doilies and lace, extremely romantic? This is a belated Christmas gift for my Mom. I had the basic idea several years back. Finally, decided to start it in October and...

school house chalk board map to blind

One year my parents gave us all gifts from a school auction.

connect four

I originally saw this idea two or three years ago at Crafster when they had a board game challenge. I thought it was so cute I had to make one immediately. The first one I made used old family photos...

to the virgins to make much of time

there is a time...

More Upcycled Boxes

Thanks to the MIL - I have lace and ribbon coming out of my ears.

Upcycled Boxes

I am obsessed with boxes right now

Woven Hearts Pockets for Valentine's Day

Woven hearts - fun, easy, and satisfying

tin can gifts

Tin can votives for my MIL for Mother's Day

wind spinners

From old jewlry, buttons, and keychains comes sparkly yard art

angels inspired by ya'll

Thanks to you all for all the inspiring angels and dolls. I had fun making these and find them quite addictive.

office humor, sisterly love, and valentine's day

I saw the motto I used on this collage on a plain wooden plaque at Festival (grocery store). I liked it so much I decided my husband needed it at work. :)

jewelry box with a history

This jewelry box has a funny story. I decided I wanted to modify a jewelry box for my oldest daughter to use as a dolly wardrobe - so I combed the junkstores for one but couldn't find one that fit...

use up your eggs...

Egg carton paper mache. I use the eggshells in the garden to prevent cutworms and blossom end rot in my tomatoes. I love the feeling of knowing that every bit of a purchase of eggs is used. In the...

handkerchief angels

Angels made from handkerchiefs...

junk box

little box I decorated for storing miscellaneous junk in.

self-hanging collages

I love old clipboards

tissue boxes

Tissue boxes are abundant at thrift stores and are usually very cheap. These are fun to do, easy to personalize, and very inexpensive. Great for theme gift-giving too.

grandma's compact

When my husband's paternal grandmother died. My MIL gave me her purse and the compact they found in it. I have plans for the purse but have never had the nerve to carry them out. Here is waht I did...

more button mania

I collect buttons obsessively.

button mania

I've been making these since '06. I have a blast making them.

Lacy Tissue Box

The lace comes from my MIL. Her parents used to keep a general store and the lace was some her Mom saved when they closed the store. I am going to give this to my MIL. I got 25 yds of Burlon burlap...

upcycled gift packages

The lace in these photos comes from my MIL. Her parents used to keep a general store and the lace was some her Mom saved when they closed the store.

Pollyana's Lemons

This doll idea came about because I wanted to utilize some of my lemon juicers and I happen to love Pollyana. Unfortunately, the adhesive I used said it works for glass and didn't (notice her arm...

birds of a feather doll

This is a doll based on a music box and feathers figure I created awhile back (will post when I find the photos). This is a birthday gift for my closest face-to-face friend. She turned out exactly...

Scrabble Collage/Easel

I love this place. I made my first one of these four years ago. The first one pictured is my most recent which I made in October. The second one is one of two I made for Christmas last year. It...

Recent comments

Re: Elephabot

She is absolutely adorable!!!

Re: My Swap Project 4 & 5 - bluebucket

Oooooooooooooooh the fire hose nozzle has me seriously jealous!!

Re: It's old, it's's wonderful!

I am glad it found a good home too - I am glad she teared up - makes it more special...

Re: Meet Roberta: My First Attempt at a Robot

Roberta has a sweet demeanor

Re: Junk Swap Fun...Thanks Marie!

Love the disc thingy...

Re: A Fun Broken Chair Project...

Yeah! Cool stuff....

Re: Simple Thrift Store Decorating 1

Love the vase - and I thought ashtray as soon as I read the dilemma!! :)

Re: Simple Thrift Store Decorating 2

A nice collection of 'found' cloches!!

Re: Garden Globe Pedestal

It is beautiful - simple and to the point - always good.

Re: Need a Pencil?

I always love the simplicity of these

Re: More TRASH to treasure

Those are cool lamps...I love words decoupaged on things...

Re: Old Galvanized Drawers Tray-ded Up

Truly brilliant ideas - love the drink tray especially...

Re: A little yard somethin

Love the modern feel...

Re: Star Attraction!

Very sweet...I like this one tremendously - simple is so often the best...

Re: "Poppy Coffee"- Wizard of Oz theme

Those are cool...I especially like the poppy detail....

Re: eat your way around the globe lamps

Rusty Diva - we watched Xena in the day - now we watch The Legend of the Seeker - how about Kahlan or Cara?

Re: eat your way around the globe lamps

Wow! Yeah for me. Thanks Sue!!

Re: Some see a 'custard cup' ...... I see a 'mini glass cloche'

Cloche's are so the thing. This is sweet - love the tag that says nest...

Re: Unique "Black Dot" Foundry Mold Table

Yum - very, very, very cool

Re: Junkyard Dogs...the How and "Y"

Looooooooooooooooooooooove the greyhound...we had one - she died two years ago at Christmas at the ripe old age of 13

Re: Skullbot

He's pretty creepy but cool too...

Re: Vintage Iron Gate

Love wrought iron - lucky you...

Re: spring things

Sorry, Let me try that again.

Re: spring things


Yep, here is my etsy url…


Re: spring things


Nope - they are gifts for my MIL's Christmas table and we won't get to see them - she is SoCal and we are in MN...

Re: Turbin Lamp

Brilliant -

Love the turtle shells too reminds me of this

Jo on the next lid, scratched and worn,
And within a motley store
Of headless dolls, of school=books torn,
Birds and beasts that speak no more;
Spoils brought home from the fairy ground
Only trod by youthful feet.

Re: old window coffee table

This is very, very awesome. You are fortunate to have such a handy husband...

Re: Upcycled Pillows etc.

Wow - I love the last one - my maternal grandmother made afghans like it.

Re: Upcycled Purses Redux

I think I like the second one best although the third one is lovely too...

Re: Faucet Knob Art Pieces

fabulous - this is up in the category my husband has for things he doesn't understand and I love - so cool....

Re: spoon lite cosie

Nice work - it looks great. Sounds like the kind of project I would enjoy.

Re: Cotage Chic Bud Vase Enamelware Tray

very pretty

Re: The Prison Door-- Chapter 1


Re: the Craft Wall Experiment


Re: ViNtaGe BoTTleS TuRneD InTo a BeAuTiFul DiSpLay

very elegant

Re: Shabby Chic Muffin Tin Trinket Holder

the colors are lovely...

Re: Coffeebot

He definitely looks ready to serve...

Re: What to do with iron table base and Chinese checker board?

The tea-light idea is brilliant - and if you placed glass marbles in on the table - then you would have a really cool stained glass look.

Re: Mint Tin Frame

Now you can story mini-dog biscuits in it for your baby. ;)

Re: A little medicine chest first aid

I love the door storage - especially with specific little pockets...very cool find...

Re: I'm the new kid...and I brought my toys

I've got a whole cultivator - I remember using them in the garden when I was a child - and lo and behold - as an adult I find they still work... ;)

You have some wonderful 'junk'

Re: Utensil Holder - Old Heavy Lard Press

One of those things that start conversations when people walk into your living room.

Re: Bad Dog

He doesn't act as if he feels terribly guilty.

Re: Repurpose Vintage Shakers to hold your Glitter!

I keep seed beads in mine - I like that - distracted by something sparkly. - Very cute.

Re: Pocket Full of Posies

Great idea - and even in the photo it has three dimensional punch...

Re: Flower Power Garden Stakes

Love, love, love the beater tulips.

Makes me think I need to learn how to weld.

Re: Butter Mold Shadow Box

I second all who applaud the cream theme...I love the patina of the box too.

Re: License plates are the key

Simple, sweet, whimsical

Re: Junk to Pretty - $7.00 table

This is fabulous - I love that you used the texture of the table to create the tree...

I can't believe the patience it took to cut out the tree (I find those type of detaily things difficult).

Kudos to you.

Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject

This is the coolest, the finish is as JA said - wild...(and I will add beautiful).

Re: Homemade Cloche

It is all in the eyes...and you are right Cloches are just too spendy (I love them too and I too have several makedo cloches...


I've always wanted to do is one more good reason to do it - lovely copy of Alice by the way (I love that book).

Re: "Purse"analities!

I've toyed with the fusing of bags and love how your project came together - but tell me, is the stench terrible?

Re: Upcycled Wool Cuffs

These are brilliant...

Re: Found Object Artist Paul Kant exhibit

Thanks for the links. I really like Kant's stuff...

Re: JennyK's Office Re-Junking Part #3

I like all the wonderful pieces on the gurney but I have to say what brings it all together and gives it the 'just right' homey flair that I love is the 'head' vase with the red berry stems.

I think my favorite art piece is the 'hand' one although the pencils do run a close second...

Re: My Latest Salvage Yard Haul

The impeller is awesome and I am so glad Sophie modeled for you as it gives a wonderful way for us to gain perspective on the size of the letters (which I am extremely envious of). Is Sophie a miniature Dachsy or a full=size? (I think Dachshunds are adorable).

Re: A Place to Call Home

I have to say that all your rework effort was definitely worth it, it has ended up wonderfully distressed and the Scrabble tiles are the perfect addition.

Re: A place to hang your hat!

I should say - my favorite is the third hat! It is so lovely seems like it is waiting for a Jane Austen character....

I also use lots of garden stuff in the house - mostly in the bathroom - I use wrought iron pot holders above the toilet and sinks to hold all the misc stuff one needs in the bathroom...a pseudo lion's head fountain is great for my daughter's hair clips and small bands and a coffee mug holder is great for those scuncie style hair bans...

Re: A place to hang your hat!

I love hats too - but I mostly wear mine and they are mostly 'old' men's hats....I also wear old men's coats....I've tried converting to a normal woman's coat but for some reason I feel more comfortable wearing coats that I find at Goodwill...but then in HS I wore my Dad's Air Force coat, so...

Re: From salt shaker to tassel

Clever redo - I have a growing collection of salt and pepper shakers that need some projects...

Re: Farm Rescue

How about that being the coolest thing I've seen...lucky you!!

Re: Shoeshine anyone?

I think my favorite part is the earring 'drawer' pulls...

Re: A grate idea?

awesome deal and a clever way to use them without committing them to a permanent role in life...I have a friend that uses light weight two-sided tape for her cloth and paper creations so she doesn't have to commit. :)

BTW It was fun to read your comment on my bread box - I would love, love, love to keep bees but am not sure my husband is ready for me to do so...we have a garden and I do worm composting and I have some Orchard Mason Bees hibernating in the fridge waiting for spring because last year the bees didn't find my garden until July (I had lots of blooming flowers including: yarrow, poppies, sunflowers, phlox, cornflowers, iris addition I never have had that problem before).

Re: Bottle Cap Wreath with Openers

I think how you worked the cord/twine into the project and how used the bottle openers is brilliant...

Re: Decorative Vintage Bottles

I should say, I really, really, really love these...will have to do something similar...

Re: Decorative Vintage Bottles

The old lace makes it for me.....

Re: Bird Girl or Shabby House

the bird's nest makes it perfect...

Re: DVD Part Necklace

This is wonderful - my kind of junk leftovers from today's life.

Re: Beachy Bath Bucket Storage

I love the pulley... - the aqua is great too...

Re: Shutter Mail Holder

I really like the extra touches - they make all the difference...

Re: From boring to - well, NOT!!

I love the highchair. The style of it is similar to one my Mom has from when she was a child.

Re: plant table

You are right - the table has great lines and I am a sucker for maps so I think you nailed this project...

Re: pincushion

These are wonderful - I will have to make a few - I've never seen them done this way - a wonderfully simple technique loaded with frothy fun.

Re: Waiting for spring!!

I love birds nests in spring... :)

Re: Need a helping hand?

Those porcelain hands are lovely - I like them very, very much...

Re: Meat Slicer Book Rack

What a totally cool thing to have for holding old books - I think my most creative thing is an old chair with arms that make great side supports -

Re: Meme...Altered Doll

I like this very, very, very much - now I will have to try something like this myself

Re: Spring spring wreath!

Very clever - and the springs are very effective in their own right...

Re: My Painted Furniture

I'm all over the fairy just because it is so pretty...

Re: Another Penny Project

whimsical and funny

Re: Ice Tongs Paper Towel Holder

I wouldn't dream of replacing it either if it were mine.

Re: What time is it?

Beautifully handled...and well conceived...


Simplicity itself - often one of the hallmarks of great design...

Re: shadow box from an old drawer

I really like how this turned out. The unusual shape of the face of the box makes a wonderful 'top' to the frame...I am a sucker for anything with old sheet music on it. ;)

Re: "Tools"

Wow!! This is completely amazing!! I love it.

Re: Vintage Leather Suitcase

I notice you said "vintage looking book" :)

Re: My First Attempt

Amazingly simple - yet it has that extra punch!! Nice work!

Re: Suitcase Stack Plant Stand

Beautiful pieces...

Re: curbside find..

You definitely have to wonder about people sometimes...I've picked up stuff from the curb and delivered it to the thrift store just because I can't stand the idea of it going into the trash...

Re: school house chalk board map to blind

SeaGlassLady!! I love the educational aspect of it as well - I will have to share my school desk come summer. As to globes, as I've mentioned before my collection is rather large.

Geo - I am blessed in having wonderful parents - they do very good most of the time and when they don't it is usually my Mom's way of joking us. I think it is a blessing to grow up very poor.

CreepinJen - It isn't a current picture but it still hangs in the same place. I would never get rid of it unless (if we ever move) someone offered a significant sum of money for me to part with it. My parent's are certainly to blame too...I got a steamer trunk for eighth grade graduation, my two sisters did as well... :) I know mine has a prominent place in the home as does my next sister. My youngest sister lives in Michigan and I don't see her often so I am not sure about her home.

Re: Waterski seating projects

I love this!! This is so cool...I think the hall tree would be neat at the back of a cabin with a pipe circle extended out from it so you could add a shower curtain and using it for a changing area.

Re: Just great grates!

Love all the grates but I think my favorite may be the third...

Re: Old Doors

Love the changing cubby with the mirrors - perfect for someone like my MIL but how would I ship it to CA?

The headboard is fabulous too -

Re: Recycled Sweater and Coats Now live as Brooches!

These are absolutely adorable.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I am going to have to imitate...I collect junk jewelry to use in all my projects too!! It is sooooo much fun.

Re: Vintage Insulator Repurposed

ooooooooooooooooh - I saw the link you posted for blackdog - I want to do this for my Mom or MIL...

Re: Will You Be My Valentine

The muffin tin is a gem and I love how you re-used the bed skirt ruffle.

Re: Urban Industrial Candleholders

I agree. They are totally cool - did the crystals come as magnets or did you convert them to magnets?

Re: "B"ounty

Talk about the jackpot!! Good for you!! If I am correct, that is your dishwasher behind it - great way of giving us scale!!

Re: Family Tree

Very pretty - I particularly like how you used the pinking shearers to edge the photos - like those old-time photos.


Beautiful...very unique

Re: Initial Project!

I like the aqua color of the J with the faucet handles (?) and the contrasting red and pink (buttons?)

Re: Picture Holder

Very sweet - I love it - I have a thing for binder clips...What is the metal piece with holes that provides the background, do you know?

Re: Vintage Glass Insulators Make Great Candles Holders!

Awesome! What a wonderful haul of insulators....

I saw a similar idea recently where beaded wires was used to make hangers for insulators and then tea candles were inserted...

I personally love the candelabra.

Re: connect four


I bought this awesome spray paint by Krylon...they have spray paints that mimic hammered metal and are made for spraying on plastic (Krylon Fusion for Plastic).


Re: Shovel with attitude!

Cute I see a kitty for some reason when I look at her.

Re: Rusty Sprocket End Table

Stunning and I absolutely love it with the globe on it (I have a significant collection of junkstore globes.

Re: Box Spring Re-Do

It is almost like a shrine - should call it a box=spring shrine...

Re: "Record" setting transformation...

Absolutely brilliant find and and a wonderful re-use for it...

Re: Presto Change-o

I love those old percolators - what a fabulous idea!!

Re: Old Lock Paperweight or Fun Home Decor

This is very pretty - the green is fabulous...

Re: "Grow"

This is gorgeous - the colors and the tools and the message all work terribly well together...

Re: "Give" for Kelsey

I love the contrast between the porcelain and the rust...

Re: Obsessed with Penny Rugs!

I love penny rugs but have never gotten around to trying them - I really love how you used the frames for them...

Re: Machine Shop Posey

Totally clever - I love the simplicity of it and how when you see it the idea seems so incredibly obvious...but nobody seems to think of it but junkers. ;)

Re: Old Trim Hang Ups

I like them - simple and straightforward. Nice stair step arrangement for hanging them too...

Re: A few projects that are truly For The Birds!

I am not entirely sure which is my favorite - either the canteen or the globe - (I have an over sized globe collection (as in lots of globes but some are small and some are large - I just border on having to many altogether))

Re: Sewing Cabinet Shelf

Beautiful and I love the green of your hallway - makes for an elegant and warm feel (at least from the photo). I like the photo-jar too.

Re: Through the garden gate

Five!! That is an incredible price!! Lucky you!!

Re: Cuckoo clock birdhouse

Very creative!! I love it!

Re: A doggone fun and cute project!

This is brilliant - what a wonderful idea!! And you are a master of details and details really make a difference.

Re: Glass Topiaries

So do you glue them with a silicone adhesive?

I think these would be fabulous tucked in among blooming plants...

Re: Crib planter

The moss is what draws me in - nothing is more magical than moss - makes this a crib for fairies...

Re: Colorful glass insulator hose guard

I have a small collection of insulators and try to avoid buying more but...

the blue and green ones are perfect for what you show us and you are right they compliment the flowers and the copper foil tape is the perfect touch.

Re: Tricycle planter

The gym basket elevates this little creation - I like this...please tell me this is an old photo and those tulips aren't blooming already - we've got another three months or so... :(

Re: wind spinners

The beads and etc were strung on - the mirrors are glued one on each side - so it is important to have your layout planned in advance. Then you string and glue - it helps to tape it on a piece of cardboard...

Re: tin can gifts

Actually the roosters are sort of decoupaged on from napkins (think tissue paper and baby jar candle holders from from grade scool).

Re: Weathered Wood Shelf

Wonderful - I like how this adds - windows often have that awkward space above them and this solves that problem...


I like them stacked - makes them a nice height and creates that wonderful necessity - storage...


Very pretty gift basket - is nice when you find something to do with them, isn't it?

This site is awesome, you will love it here.

Re: make-do pincushions

I think my favorite is the heart on the red candle stick...

Re: Little Book Table

Wow!! I love, love, love, love this...I suppose if you were to sell it I couldn't afford it. Oh well - I will have to do my own thing sometime...

Re: kitty kat found object sculpture made by my friend Ron

I love the viewmaster face - I have a red one - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Re: 1920's warehouse factory metal and glass windows from the scrap yard

Absolutely awesome!!

Re: Recycled Shelf

This is wonderful - it all fits together beautifully

Re: Satellite Dish Gazebo

I agree with Candy - the finial on top makes this - what a creative and lovely piece...

Re: Transformed Bathroom Cabinet

I like the smallness of this - it is a versatile little piece that would come in hand in many different places.

Re: My Potting Shed

This is beautiful - very cunning and decorated so nice too - now if I could keep my garden stuff so pretty and organized, life would be good.

Re: Corner shelf from old door

This is a stunning piece - you did lovely work with it.

Re: globe lamp

Isn't it fun when things fit as if they were meant to be - I like the softness of this piece.

Re: hope is a thing with feathers


It isn't a big secret, I used Sophisticated Images "Rust Antiquing Set"....I screwed the music box (from one of my girls' defunct jewelry boxes) to the lid and then used the kit to create the effect.

Re: Artist's Bouquet

I use salt and pepper shakers for beads and vases for buttons

I love the floral frog - I would give a lot for that one in my collection (if I had a lot to give. ;)


Wonderful work - and better than the stereotypical flowers!!

Re: benches I have made

You do beautiful, beautiful work....

Re: 2 Painted chest of drawers

I wish I could paint...this is customized in such a personal and delightful way...

Re: Transitional Treatments

Brilliant - this is the sort of memento/memorable project, I love.

Re: Water Ski Bench/Table

I like this - especially when converted to a table - I want to sit at it with a drink and read and watch the water...

Re: Cash Drawer

Isn't it wonderful when it actually calls out your name? Then you know the mistake would be not to buy it because it will haunt you forever!! This is a fun and whimsical piece...


Wow!! I love that you chose the artwork - it is perfect!!


She definitely does have attitude!!

Re: Table

I love the coordinating lamp - this looks like beach living...

Re: Old window art created from recycled glass

This is beautiful.

Do you know where this should go? Hang in in front of the window in your bathroom as a privacy screen and to let all sorts of pretty light in!!

Re: Chandelier

I like the heavy look of this chandelier

Re: Old Window Medicine Cabinet

Wow - it looks great and I am super impressed by how handy you are...

Re: Miss Galaxy Girl Found Object Sculpture I Made Last Night

She seems to feel alienated by the big chef robot...She is fabulous - totally ready for the sock hop...


Very edgy looking - seems like it would be a trick to work out unless you found the groove and knack...

Re: Not just for sleeping anymore!

I like the angularity of this (if that makes any sense at all).

Re: Whisk Broom Arrangement

I do love broom trees - ;)

Re: File Drawer Hanger

Awesome! You did a great job with the faux patina - did you create it yourself or use a kit?

Re: East meets Midwest

Amazing - isn't it nice, that little aha, moment?

Re: Junk Lamp

I'm very impressed - I like the scale of the base - it keeps the hurricane lamp from looking so tippy...

Re: Potting Bench

I haven't quite evolved to your level - this is great - I like the sunny cheerful yellow and the slightly ornate shelf brackets too.

Re: white mirror

I like the shape of this mirror - I can see why it appealed to you. I try not to look at mirrors anymore. I have way, way, way too many in my house - most of them in places where they can't reflect me... ;)

Re: Cigar box reinvented

I really like how you added the three-dimensional figures...

Re: Fun photo/card display

Cool - more ideas that need my investigation - Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....I like your style - it suits me...

Re: Vintage pincushions

I've made teacup pincushions (not sure I posted it here) but I've never branched out - I've thought about it but haven't done it - I love the cupids and their carriage...

Do you make your own cushions to fit?

Re: Love this bottle!

I like this idea - many possibilities and of course, I love the bouquets..

Re: "Soilax Bucket" Tool Box Lamp

Everything about this is cool but I do believe my favorite part is the whisk broom - for some reason that little detail tickles me...

Re: use up your eggs...

I can't think, I need this tooth pulled.

The Styrofoam is encased in paper mache and you have to apply it in multiple layers.

Re: use up your eggs...

I forgot to mention that when I do hand prints, I use a form to hold it until it is semi dry. When I do something like this cross, I cut the shape out of styrofoam and use it as a base. My husband brings sheets of it home from work when they get a product packed in it.

Re: victorian style scientist lamp

You make the coolest things!!


This is brilliant - I've had ideas to do things with chests of drawers but haven't done it - this is inspirational - thanks for sharing!!

Re: school days, scool days, dear old golden rule days. . .

Lovely desk and what a find - I must confess, I am a bit envious...

Re: Wisdom Gal For A Special Friend

Such lovely ladies you make...and this is a special remembrance. Your friend will be blessed, I am sure.

Re: Cutting Board Sconces

Very nice - I like the appropriateness of all the pieces.

Re: My Version Of RoadTripLouise's Bracelets

I think it is a lovely little piece....elegant and romantic - sweet...

Re: My Newest Angels

Both are fabulous!! You are amazing...

Re: My Version - Vintage Piano Music

You know, next time I do something similar to this I cam going to try something on a larger scale -

I've used a paste of instant coffee for a similar effect and I've steeped the papers in tea

I don't know if you would be interested in those alternatives or not - just thought I would share...

Re: White on White

I bet it does decorate up easily - be fun to see a few different holidays...

Re: White on White

My MIL collects milk glass too - I dig it up for her as I like the hunt and she doesn't so much...

Re: Vintage Potato Mashers find new life as ~ TaDa ~ Bud Vases!

those are very, creative and unusual - I like them!!

Re: Vintage Piano Music - Decoupage, of course!?

Just my style - beautiful...

Re: Our Scrap wood floor

I wish I was able to do this sort of thing and my husband was willing to help - this is great!!

Re: tissue boxes

MimiToria - I've mostly used plastic ones although occasionally I have found wooden ones cheap (they are usually more expensive - I don't like to pay more than a dollar for them - 49 cents is ideal).

On many of these I paint the base (I am fond of sponge painting for these as you can probably tell) then I use Modge Podge to adhere the images.

I usually finish with a few coats of acrylic clear coat to prevent water damage etc (you never know when one of these will be used in a bathroom).

Re: self-hanging collages

Yep - I buy them at thrift stores and then I work collages on them. These are actually some of my earliest ones. I have made dozens since then...I've got a series of motto collages hanging around the house.

And yes - it is a LGB it is We Like Kindergarten and it was illustrated by Eloise Wilkins (who I love).

Re: Old metal mailbox turned Recipe Box Rolling Pin Holder

Very clever - I like the dual purpose - you could use it for incoming mail and coats, or reading material in the bathroom and toilet paper and so on - good work...

Re: My Makeover is finished!

Brilliant - I would, love, love, love getting my hands on one of those.

I remember putting my hands in one when I was a child. ;)

Re: Silverplated Broken Teapot Chimes

I like this a lot what is particularly pleasing to me is how the pot almost looks like Aladdin's lamp.

Re: Trash 2 treasure

Beautiful recreation - I tend to agree with bridiemurphy those tables are shudder worthy - and you've saved one from its own miserable existence. Yeah for you!

Re: How to of Gretchen's Button Jewelry

These are brilliant. I love them...I will have to do some myself = totally inspirational.

Re: Wisdom Gal

She is wonderful - I love the feel I get from her body - what a wonderful piece...

Re: Scary salvage

I love gargoyles and oddities - this has me drooling - I think I could even convince my husband on this one!!

Re: My bull skull...transformed

This is brilliant!! I love it. I wish I could convince my husband that stuff like this is totally cool!!

Re: A New Year's Resolution

Well, this is definitely a great way to set the tone for a year. Time for me to start creating!!


This is beautiful...I've done pocket watches and I've made clocks but this - lovely.

Re: Still playing with lamps

I love them all. They are so cute. I like the bowling pin and Jenga lamps the best.

Re: Just "GLITTER" it!!

I like the idea for using the old frame.

Re: Christmas Lamp

Very creative. I like how you put it all together.

Re: 1st Pump Organ Project

Very graphic and vintage sentimental at the same time - nice work!!

Re: Seasonal Tool Box Centerpiece

The battered red is wonderful - what a great find and a wonderful way to use it.

Re: Vintage Garden Hose Wreath

Absolutely brilliant and creative. I love the natural colors and feel - light but not too bright.

Re: Little Rusty Wagon

What a sweet little wagon. I like the size-ratio between the ornaments and the wagon.

Re: little red drawer

I agree - it is adorable - very bright and cheery.

Re: Home, again!

I think the martini-glass-floor=grate combo is my favorite.

Re: biker's virtual reality

Very nicely done. Well-crafted in the best since of the term. (in other words, it looks as if you did an extremely professional job).

Re: stocking holders

What an exceedingly clever thing to do!! I love it.

Re: The City Floor Lamp and the Country Floor Lamp

Both are very nifty. I think I lean more towards the country lamp myself.

I think we should all post learning experience projects sometime. I would love to see what other people wish they hadn't made. I have a few.

Re: Bits n Pieces - The Heart has a Pattern

A lovely collage. I like simplicity in collages and this is sweet. I think that I want to suggest that our recycling center do that.

Re: Memory garden

You obviously understand the value of memory. Another wonderful piece of memorabilia.

Re: Memory tree

I love good memory projects and this one is a wonderful one. Very meaningful and full of character.

Re: Trellis trellis everywhere

Those windows are awesome...gotta love a good find.

Re: button mania

I use florists wire because it is cheap - and without going to look, I am not sure what the gauge is - it is pretty coarse. I use a double of wire in double-holed buttons and single wire in each pair for four-hole buttons and then I twist it all together. A good tight twist from top to bottom. I cut the bottom to make it even. As a result, they have pretty sturdy stems.

Re: Giant Whisk Light Fixture

I preferred the shade - I loved the cobalt and how it popped against all the industrialness of everything.

Re: Necklaces crafted from Silver Antique & Vintage Fork & Spoon Handles

I think it is so cool that people find "Grandma's silverware" to wear as a necklace.

Re: Easy holiday coat rack !

Hmmm. I like it with the hat on it and I always need a place for my hats... Hmmmmmmmm..

Re: Giant Whisk Light Fixture

The whisklight turned out great - and I like the wreath too.

Re: Antique Mahogany Chair

What a work of love - beautiful.

Re: plaster dog

He is so sweet - I love how shabby he is...

Re: I'm done with holiday decorating...

I love the old clocks - what a fun, fun display.

Old colanders are awesome, arent they?


Okay!! This is easily my favorite dog collar so has a jingly feel to it even without the jingles and is definitely festive enough for Christmas.

Re: Vintage Surveyor's Ruler Art Piece

The quote, makes it incredibly meaningful.

Re: Holiday Junk Angels by Georgia Moon & JennyK

I love them!! They are very neat. I love the door hinge idea for wings...going to have to keep my eye out for door hinges...

Re: Believe and you shall recieve

Wow!1 I wish I could paint, he is gorgeous. If my Mom ever gets a new ironing board, I will have to do something cool with hers - it is one that her Uncle made....

Re: Casual Vintage

These are lovely...they have my mind whirling and I have no lamp shades... :)

Re: Scrabble Mania!

That is an awesome looking old game board...

Re: Ice Skates Get a New Life

those are adorable - I just picked up a black pair of skates recently - I will need to come up with something this clever!!

I really like the pearl star 'ornament'

Re: Headboard Christmas bench

It is the best feeling to use all found objects, isn't it.

Re: Giving in an unusual way...

Too bad some people have no taste....awesome idea...

Re: Coffee Tin Upcycled to A Bird House

I think my favorite part is the domino - how very clever.

Re: Going Green? I'm GONE!

I really like the colander with the bottle.

Re: Scrabble Collage/Easel

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!!

Kmayflowers - I am glad you like the frogs - it was fun. :)