Mel Brandle has had a very colourful and illustrious history before settling down to become a family and business man. From a young age, Mel was heavily involved in the Dirt Track Racing scene in Adelaide and he enjoyed the thrill and excitement of being in a race and pitting his skill against others. Even in his spare time, his thoughts would be occupied with getting his bike tuned and maintained to its best condition so that he would be always in shape and ready for a race.


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Re: Junk in the Trunk Tree

That's a very nice mural for the holiday seasons! Thanks for sharing your creation with us!

Re: Christmas Vignette from Children's Toys

With a beautiful display setting as that, I bet your son wouldn't have mind sharing his toys during this festive period.

Re: A Bar Everyone Can Join in On!

Wow, I fully agree that hot chocolate can indeed be enjoyed by just about anyone, me included! Perhaps there could also be additional options like rum and ice on the side?

Re: Mrs. McGregor's Tool Shed

This is so creative! At times, creativity is perfect on its own without having to spend too much and make it all expensive. I have to wait for another festive season to convert my storage shed now that I have seen how lovely it is to add a few decorative and you are good to go!

Re: Reel Plant Holder

Such a lovely idea! Why didn't I come across your page any sooner? Now I have to wait for another Easter to comy by before making this. On the other hand, I think it does make a beautiful d

Re: Reclaim, Restore, Rejoice!


Re: Trunk Table Monster Makeover

Trunks make perfect furniture pieces which are not only sturdy as a table or a drawer, but they provide an ample amount of storage space as well which is highly essential on every corner of the house. Hence, I think a combination of these features is really necessary to create the perfect piece.