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To everything there truly is a season and a time for every purpose...we are humbled every day to awaken at Meadowview Farm in the rolling valleys of Wisconsin. We have kitty-boys to keep us warm & goats to make us smile. Our 150 year old home is filled with vintage finds -- and our barn receives the overflow. To quote my favorite artist, Tracy Porter, we dream with our eyes open.

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Sweet Little Potting Shed

Next to the barn and the goat pasture at Meadowview Farm you will find the former chicken coop - now the potting shed.

Up the stairs...

Getting ready to open the door to our second annual Meadowview Farm Barn Sale this weekend:  October 8 (9-5) & 9 (12-5) in Augusta, Wisconsin.  Added some fun to the door to our 100...

Meadowview Farm Autumn 2011 Barn Sale

Always my project of all to take a 100+ year old working barn (yes, there are goats & cats that live below) and recreate the hayloft into an enchanting sale event.  I try my...

stars & stripes...

Nothing says summer like the deep greens of gardens and a flag or two.  This flag on the side of our corn crib is a picket fence section - shifted sideways, with faded paint just right. Hope you...

Memory Jar

This is so so easy -- but so so sweet.  A Memory Jar.  Tucked inside are the wonderful joyful momentos of my boy's childhood:  legos, a ninja turtle, a tiger that used to knock down...

"Does on the Go" Barn Sale

There are two things you can count on in Wisconsin in November:  Cold Weather & Deer Hunting.  In a nod to both -- I am holding a "Does on the Go" Barn Sale on Saturday, November 20...

"artistry inherent in the everday"

It happened this morning -- at 7:26

Barn Sale Count Down

It is truly going to happen -- my first BARN SALE -- in just about 3 months.

Just waiting on a friend...

Summer heat. Shade Tree. 100 year old barn.  Vintage Chairs - Pair.  I'm just waiting on a friend... Kari

Sunday Project - Freshening up a 150 year old cupboard!

This built in cupboard is 150 years old - part of the original summer kitchen in our farm house.  On Sunday, we continued our work at freshening it up: We added the stained glass at...

Enamelware Ladles - Treasure Holders!

This laundryroom window is a sweet frame to a farm yard scene.  Why not "magic" up the frame??  I added sweet enamelware ladles - the kind meant to hang on their own.  You never know...

Much to do about Apple Crates! I look out at our apple orchard in the snow - I am beginning to think about apple blossoms.  I am also beginning my "Organization Marathon" - so combine the two --- APPLE CRATES it...

A Wish For The New Year...

A New Year's Wish: Endless TIME to pursue your passions. PEACE on earth & GOOD WILL to all. HOPE for patience, wisdom, understanding & reconciliation. Hope is the thing with feathers...

With Christmas Wishes...

Where ever I travel - I always bring home these vintage Christmas picks - usually found in a bunch of two or three.  I just love how they all come togther to look so whimsical amp...


Dave & I went to this auction on Saturday -- and there sitting on a table waiting to be sold was this sweet little lithograph from the 1890's called "Peace".  I sat down and calmly shared...

Baby it's cold outside!

We love our neighbors in Minnesota...but what did you send over to Wisconsin?!  15 below regular temperature this morning - yes, you read that right - I won't even begin to share the wind...

Snowy winter day...Shelves for display!

What do you get when you combine a winter day in Wisconsin, an approaching holiday, and a stir-crazy definitely type-A woman?  "Displays" of course!  Thank goodness for lots of shelves and...

Charming Little Chairs!

I must confess - almost 10 children's chairs live at my home -- another 3 are for sale at my antiques booth - I just love them.  They can be hung on walls for shelving, they are great for... my own garage!

I was once moving stuff around in my very own garage when I unburied this wonderful chippy, rusty wrought iron urn.  When I checked with my hubby - he replied that he had found it along the side...

The Story of the Christmas Camel

It was told that he had followed a that led from Germany to Wisconsin.  He had lived in a manger for many a Christmas, until so many years had also traveled by - and he had been...

Sweet Salt Shaker Holder

I truly love vintage salt shakers - they are just sweet & can be tucked into little spots on shelves or window sills.  This one is home to sparkly deer picks. Kari

"All for $5.00? Really? O.K.!!"

"All for $5.00?  Really?  O.K.!" was the conversation from my end at a Thrift Sale this summer when I opened a shoe box full of German Christmas Ornaments.  What I didn't note was the...

Deck the halls...and the cupboards...and the tables!

Every year I think, "less is more"...but it just doesn't work!!  So the decking the halls thing turns into hours of tinkering on every surface!  But it does make me smile! Kari

Inspiration Came Home For The Holidays!

As I brought out winter decorations on Saturday -- I added a this & that to an Ironstone bowl & clock cabinet - and found my decorating muse.  All cuddly & cozy with a fair amount of...

A Time To Say Thanks...

Aren't we lucky that we have a day set aside to give thanks!  A day to think about all we have...a day to count each blessing.  When we do, the cup is never half full - it always runneth...

Wheeling & Dealing With My Friends...The Big Day!

The day began with shivers in the dawn's first light & ended with shivers in the car's headlights (We are in Wisconsin after all).  We followed the road where it would lead amp...

Wheeling & Dealing with my Friends!

This Saturday, three friends are coming my way for a day of antiquing! Yea!  Each will be gifted with a wheel to mark our day of wheeling & dealing!  Wish there was time to be creative...

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

I am hard pressed to find a holiday or season that is not worthy of an all out to do!  So here is my collection of turkeys awaiting their big day.  Love them!! Kari

BIG Project - Getting the barn ready for an antique business!

In getting our hay loft ready for an antique business - we had a tin roof put on the barn this month.  The really neat part was that carpenters from our Amish community did the work.  You...

All is calm, all is bright...

The holidays have arrived at my booth at the Hixton Schoolhouse Antique Mall in Wisconsin.  Kari

This November 4th...

Doesn't matter if you are blue or red or red,white & blue.....Just VOTE!

Halloween Magic!

I love Halloween...and this year, I found this great three tier table to set the stage in my dining room for some black magic!  It is a 360 degree showcase of some new and vintage Halloween...

For the love of Clock Faces!

If you find them...grab them.  I recently stumbled on a batch of vintage clock faces.  Kari

Thrift Saling in Wisconsin

In western Wisconsin, we are beginning to feel the end of the thrift sale (that's our name for garage/yard sales) & flea market season - so very sad!  However, before we say "good...

Shutter Shelf

Five green shutters, 10 metal brackets...and shutter shelves are up!  Easy, easy, easy.  Also note the chippy white wooden grate cover that holds vintage fishing baits.   Kari

"Guess what's coming next?" Suitcase!

Last year I used a little wagon - this year a child's size announce the next season or holiday arriving.  Here this little black suitcase is packed with Halloween goodies, giving a...

Autumn Glory!

Found this "way too cool for words" Rit Dye Display tucked away in an antique store.  The orange told me it was just made for autumn.  Here it is fancied up with bits and pieces of the...

Misty Watercolor Memories

I am the proud guardian of an original Tracy Porter Memory collage (2nd photo) - which was my inspiration for the Memory Board I made (1st photo).  Simple as can be - pick a frame, cut foam core...

Vintage fabric to the rescue!

When you need to cover a window or door - who you gonna call?  Vintage Fabric!  With 3 clothespins, up goes a tablecloth!  Several of my windows have full size lace table cloths hung...

Shelves are Collages just waiting to be filled!

Love, love, love wall hung shelves - without a bit of guilt I admit to at least 15 in my house.  They give me a quick fix if I need to "rearrange" something!  Here they are beginning to...

Charming Vintage Comb Holders - Capture Seasons Here!

How much do I love vintage comb holders?  Lots!!  They are found in metal and wood and fit just perfectly anywhere.  Change them out for each season.  These three live in my...

Collage Table - Ready, Set, Start Creating!

A little corner of my guest room...with goodies gathered and awaiting the creative juices.  My collage table awaits that quiet Sunday afternoon!  You should see what is in the drawers!!!!

Spoonful of Sugar

O.K. - simple is good!  I love old spice containers - so here they are tucked away in a bowl ----- cute as can be on my kitchen counter.  Colors were picked for autumn!

Recent comments

Re: Spring 2012 Issue of Country Gardens on Newsstands Now!

Definitely will get my copy May Day baskets.
Actually came home to my farm tonight and found one yellow rose blossom in a sweet glass under my mailbox along our country road. I don't know who or why...but it made me cry.

Re: Organizing Photos...The Junk Market Style Way

Oh my... I am without words.
Let's just go with "fabulous".
Actuall, "Wow!" may be the most worthy word.

Re: stars & stripes...

Oops...this is made from a section of old wooden snow fence - not picket fence.

Re: JMS Membership Red Letter Day

Congratulations...if you could see me, I am holding a balloon in one hand and a party horn in the other. You don't want to even get me going about the cone shaped hat with the elastic strap on my head!
Congratulations to all -- job well well well done!!!

Re: "Flea Market Under Glass" Setup is Under Way!

Oh my my my....
I am without words!

Re: A Rusty Wall Pocket that's a Total Gas!

Fabulous...simply fabulous.

Re: Happy May Day!

How about:
1. Flea Fi Fo Fum
2. Sweet Flea (aka Sweet Pea)
3. Flea-osophy
4. Flea-de-lis (vs. fleur-de-lis)
5. Flourish

Love a game of words.

Re: Rustic Garden Planters

It is so nice to see flowers - spring, and think warm.
When I look outside of my farmhouse window -- snow is what I see. Thanks for the reminder of days to come.

Re: "Springy" Flowers...

Very very sweet. Love music sheets combined with anything...these are adorable.

Re: Slightly Sophisticated Coop Lighting

Well -- might I just say, brilliant use of a chicken feeder.
Just clucky!

Re: Vintage dresser-vanity re-do

You certainly saw the potential in this piece and brought it all out. Kudos on a great job -- really lovely.

Re: Copper Tray - Saved

What a great tray -- super wall art.
Could also see this as a table top --
or back to use as a tray holding your favorite finds.
Wonderful find!

Re: baby blanket from sweaters

Such a sweet & thoughtful gift...
and a great way to recycle those old sweaters.


Re: From the Curb to the...Kitchen??

What a great repurpose...and super attention to every detail.
Like the message center at the top with chalk board & cork board.
Well done!

Re: Valve Handle Bonanza

They look just fab in a box - as is!
Love the shapes, patina of use....
and of course, quantity.

Lucky, lucky you!

Re: Pamper!

Oh my...what a breath of spring.
Beautiful, just beautiful.
Hope the day is wonderful!

Re: "Does on the Go" Barn Sale

Thanks Lani...I still hope to get to your sale in Anoka!

SantaClaus -- yes, I still have a booth & case at the Hixton Schoolhouse Antique Mall.


Re: Barn Sale Count Down

Thanks for all your good thoughts....I am looking forward to unloading two full barn stalls into the hay lofts and then bringing the next loads to the farm. We have been given access to several farm outbuildings - hint, owners in their 80's.

Do hop over to my blog and sign up for the Give Away --- no strings attached. Very sweet Ironstone Pitcher/Creamer awaiting a new home!!

Re: On the Hunt!

What fun...
We are also readying our 100 year old barn for our first ever Barn Sale on October 9 & 10. We are located near Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Updates will be posted at:


Re: Weight just a minute...there's junk in those paperweights!

Oh my -- wish I lived closer...I would be buying these up!

Re: A few of my favorite things - from Oronoco with LOVE!!

Fun to read comments & look at pictures from Oronoco at a more leisurely pace...
I went to Oronoco Friday, arrived at 8:00; 6 trips to my car by 10:00; met with the Publisher of the Old Times (a midwest publication) at 10:30; went to Goldrush II in Rochester until noonish; hit a citywide sale on the way home which included tieing a wing chair into the trunk; home to Wisconsn by 4:00!! When I move & shake, I move & shake.

Re: Clean-up that Yard With a Little Junk!

Not sure what to "love the mostest"...I am planting all these ideas in my mind. I truly like how you add the plants or pillows to keep a crisp edge on your vintage finds. Thinking, thinking, thinking....I believe I may have to absolutely adore the sinks used for windowboxes most of all. Garden Tour -- sell tickets!!

Re: Just waiting on a friend...

Thanks for all the kind words. Now, I must share...the item on the grass near the chairs is not a dead bird - but a robin feeding.
Anyway...come on over!

Re: part of dollhouse?

Very very unique find. Love the roof and shutters. When I first saw the mini-picture in the "Member Junk Menu" - thought it was a folk-art house (which I have sold for well over a $100+)...but this is different since it is just the one wall. What is the size of it?

Re: "Every Wall Is A Door"

Thank you for starting this day with these words.

I know that when we enter this site - we all leave our politics, our religion, our strife at the door.

However, today - January 20th, 2009 is a day of such magnitude - such significance.

We have seen obstacles overcome. We have seen bridges rebuilt. We have seen doors created in the thickest of walls. We have seen glass ceilings broken. And today, when the sun is at the highest point, on steps build by slaves --we shall see the key placed in that final lock.


Re: Guest Bedroom

Just a wonderful room -- and the desk is just charming with the baskets as drawers. Thanks so much for showing us other rooms in your house -- you had really wet our appetite with your first post....and they are even better than anticipated!

Re: White on White

This is just beautiful - so peaceful and serene!

Re: My Makeover is finished!

This is great! Now - must think about the chicken box in my barn -- chickens or organization?? Hmmm.


Re: Repurposed Jewelry

Way too cool for words -- but let me try: "fun", "artistic", "have to have one or two!"

Re: Salvage Hot Spot

Thanks so much for the info....I will just be passing thru New York this month (at JFK International) on my way home from Washington -- wish I was out antiquing too!!

Re: Industrial meets Romance

As always - lovely - simple & lovely. You have such a way of not overdoing - that careful hand at "just right". Well done!

Re: Tiny Pink Teacup Tulle Tree

Oh - now this is the absolute definition of "Sweet" - just poured every bit of charm into that tea cup!

Re: Shutter Closet Door Panel Divider

Such clean lines - very fresh and very inviting....You simply must post more close ups of the other parts of the fabulous space!

Re: A Junk Bonanza Find! Can you guess what it is?

I am awaiting your idea - I have one of these in the barn --still debating housing actual chickens....but, if the right idea came along - who knows! So, I will patiently wait!


Congratulations, Janis! Really neat idea here...will have to add this (along with rub-on letters) to my shopping list!!

Re: Ski Tip Table

What do the cool ski-dudes say? Oh yea, "awesome"!

Re: Sunday Project - Freshening up a 150 year old cupboard!

Thanks for all your kind comments!

I just realized a special bonus for me --- I commute to my office in Madison, Wisconsin (300 miles round trip) once a week and stay for several days --- I opened the site tonight to check on what has been going on -- and there was my home. Being a long way from home - here I was - both "among friends" and in my own kitchen.

Re: Enamelware Ladles - Treasure Holders!

I totally get the ups & downs of enamelware...I used to collect even more of it too. Now I just focus on unique ladles, pitchers in all shapes and sizes, unique pieces, and buckets that I use all the time for my everyday use. It is functional stuff, and I do like the clean look. I do tend to be smitten with the enamelware that has dings and knocks - just like true life ... I just found a pitcher that was repaired with a screw, nut & washer --love that!

Re: "THE UNCOLA Crate" Shadow Box Table

Congratulations always - great idea!

Re: Sunday Project - Freshening up a 150 year old cupboard!

Thanks for the request for more pictures - I am most pleased to have added them!!
I am not sure about the colors of the cupboard doors next to the blue wallpaper I put up at the back of the cupboards -- but in the kitchen as a whole unit -- it works.

Re: Sunday Project - Freshening up a 150 year old cupboard!

Sue - next weekend we shall "rest"...

To note:
On the other side of the kitchen is a large 150 year old dark wood jelly cupboard (which works as our pantry) - kind of balances all the light colors on the photographed side. We have a round table in the center of the kitchen that a special friend found along the edge of the road - now it is painted yellow - and offers additional work space. Next to the stove is an old hamper that I use for waste and recycling.

Re: Just What the Doctor Ordered

What a special gift for your friend -- and it is very Valentine-y too! Great colors - so fresh!

Re: How to make Your Bathroom Tolerable on a Budget

What a change...great work! It is just so classy now!

Re: Garden Gate Pot & Pan Hanger

Really fun idea - thank so much for sharing. I will put this in my "rolodex" of ideas:0)

Re: Garden Gate

I absolutely adore old garden gates -- I have several in my gardens -- and one we incorporated as the entry to our goat pasture -- even hung goat bells across the top of it.
Grab them when you can!!

Re: Believe Santa Door Panel

Oh so fun, sweet, charming -- beautifully done! What a talent you have!!

Re: Much to do about Apple Crates!

Just to point out...on the red shelf on the left of the picture is a canning jar filled with those little wooden chef salt & pepper sets. I love jars of things!
Yes, "OCG" -- Obsessive Compulsive Gatherer!!

Re: Enamelware Ladles - Treasure Holders!

I just love the idea of a bird's nest nesteled in a ladle - how sweet would that be --- and soap, herbs --- just anything!

Enamelware is truly a fun addition to any room. I especially love enamelware pitchers - I have 10 above the jelly cupboard in the kitchen (all shapes and sizes) --- and at least 4 for sale in my antiques booth at any given moment. They are simple and elegant and practical! Some time I will post a picture of that line up!

Re: Valentine cards.......using old postcards.

Very sweet! I just pulled out all my old Valentines. I still have a batch that I received as a kid - fun to see the old signatures...some even from friends I still connect with --so many years later - that the Valentines are now considered vintage!
Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays!! Thanks for the inspiration to send a card to a friend!

Re: How to of Gretchen's Button Jewelry

Just beautiful - such care in every detail. So - where can we purchase these?

Re: A Trio of Fresh Ideas!

Truly charming - It really is in ALL the details!

Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

Lovely, lovely, lovely. "Paris-Chic" it is!

Re: LOVE on the line

What an extra special idea - thanks for sharing. Also- I put in a "check it out" also to Whiteflowers Website and Blog -- definitely worth seeing!

Re: New Year...New Challenge Project

O.K. - so Antique Malls & Flea Markets are my passion - so I will commit to not attending a flea market for 60 days. Let's see, in snowy Wisconsin that should take me out to March 1 - hmmm, I can do that (tongue is inserted solidly in cheek here since our flea markets are down & out until spring). You, my dear, have WAY more will power than I!! And, a new Michaels is coming to Eau Claire - I will go in your honor!
Happy New Year - you know I am teasing here terribly!

Re: Vintage Ceramic Squirrel Pin Cushion

I just love how you "auditioned" this cutie in three different places/jobs. The pin cushion is so charming - the added leaf - sweet!

Now - do you felt your own wool - if so, how?
And, what do you put inside the pin cushion?
Questions, questions --- want to add this to my "to do" list for 2009.


What a sentimental idea...and you also get a "freed" clock face to boot.. I am a firm believer in freeing up time & capturing a memory - you did both!

Re: Canning is for the birds!

Krista (and Dana): How clever is this - and also very aesthetic! How nice to have feeder & seed in one place! Lucky, lucky birds!

Re: A Visit to "Purple Cow", St. Louis, MO

Looks like a really fun place - thanks for sharing the pictures. So, was this storage, a gathering area, or just a private collection -- do they ever rotate this stuff into the store? Also, like the name "Purple Cow"!

Re: Studio Junk

Very cool space...cozy, warm, inviting & intriguing! I bet you have lots of stories to tell from your many travels! Do share...

Re: blueprint wallpaper

Great idea! I have seen this done with music sheets, pages from old journals, botanicals....but blueprints - a first!
Thanks so much for sharing!!

Re: 60 Days of No Craft Stores Challenge: 1st Project

Thanks for all the careful directions to this project --- and good luck on your mission to stay out of craft stores for 60 days!

I especially enjoy the polka dots...I am very partial to them. When we restored our 150 year old farm, we added stripes, polka dots or checkerboard to every room - it really freshened up the vintage character of the house.

Anyway - I will have to make a forest of trees - I am thinking about going small and using scrapbook paper - will have to run to the craft store for some....sorry, couldn't resist.

Re: My bull skull...transformed

This is cool & funky & way creative...really caught my eye!
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Toboggan Winter Photo Display

What a wonderful picture display - love how the blue edge of the toboggan, the blue scrapbook paper choices and the worn wood all enhance the sweet photographs.
Great job on this!

Re: How to Make a Quiche Pan Frame

Well - how sweet is this?! May just have to find a picture of my 21 year old Ian when he was but a lad....hmmm?...where do I have a sweet little tin? Wonder if his girlfriend, Ashley, might enjoy this for Valentine's Day!!

Re: A Wish For The New Year...

'Tis a challenging time we live in - a time when we indeed need to turn to one another for inspiration, joy & laughter. Not only do we find ideas & projects here at JunkMarket Style - but we also find kindness. Thanks for that and more. And here here to a wonderful New Year!

Re: Priceless

Sweet, sweet, sweet! Needlepoint is just so charming - and the lines on that chair are adorable indeed.

Re: trophies, trophies, trophies!

What a fun find! Thought I would enter the mix with my thoughts - I am kind of following Candy's line of thinking here:
1. I am in Management - and we have a "traveling trophy" ---The idea is that people recognize the work of others - so whoever has the trophy, receives a note why they recieved it (e.g. "Thanks for your smile every day")....and there is another attached note asking the recipient to keep the trophy for a week & then pass it on with a note of recognition to someone else.
2. I am also a Teacher - before I entered Administration ---I would imagine that there are lots of teachers out there that would take enough trophies for their entire class - so they could "redo" the words and hand out to each child through the year. You may want to call an elementary school or even child care center with this offer!
Happy New Year!

Re: Vintage Sled Nightstand

Hi Jim:
I love how you create a "story" to inspire your work....that "this was designed to look like a sled display in an old toy shop". I always appreciate good finds and putting items together --- but give me a wonderful story to go with it (whether fact or fiction) -- and my sentimental needs are satisfied!

Re: Oar Lamp

Great job...what I especially appreciate is the combination of aesthetics, whimsy, and respect for the individual pieces. (Note to self...add cone buckets to search list!)

Re: New Life For Old Buttons

You are one busy lady...look at all these fun creations! The rows of button bouquets is just too sweet!
Thanks for sharing,


Fun - very fun!!
I also enjoy tucking auger bits in with my outdoor plant pots. Also...when we closed up my mom's home for the last time - I walked out to the front and pulled the house numbers off - they now rest with great pride in my living room.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Merry Christmas to All

"When what to your wondering eyes should appear...but a miniature sleigh & eight tiny reindeer!" Wishing you wonder in this happiest of holiday seasons! Happy Happy New Year!

Re: Merry Christmas

Hoping your Christmas was devine...with many blessings! May this New Year always find "the better angels" in all of us! There are truly wings - we need just look, like you always do!!

Re: Warmest Wishes from my House to Yours!

Hoping your Christmas was full of great memories - in your lovely, lovely home! My very best to you in the New Year!!

Re: Mary's Swap Meet

Oh, the pictures make me dream of warm days at a midwest flea market...87 days until spring - but who's counting!!

Re: Photos of Our Home...

Hi Kelly:
Thanks for sharing such fun photos of your wonderful home. I really like the look of white chippy wood & ironstone...I also like the bottles on top of the cabinet you bought in Buffalo. Oh - like everything in your pictures!!

Re: Mix It Up

Candy...May I please stop over to your house for a milk shake or something --- the pictures just invite me right in! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Seasonal Tool Box Centerpiece

Tool boxes are just the best - multi-uses! And, as for this red - charming!

Re: How to Make an Indoor Window Box

Beautiful - simply beautiful. Makes me almost want to have picture windows:0)

Re: My Version of The Politics of Hope

I just love this...and, I applaud you for creating thought provoking work. I never back away from a good political debate or discussion - that is always how we move forward in this country we all care deeply about. I think Old Abe would be pleased to be honored in your work, and I suspect he will be watching with pleasure on January 20th.

Re: Just "GLITTER" it!!

How sparkly & delightful! You have worked absolute magic here! Happy Happy Holidays to you!

Re: Froggy for Bryn

What a cool Aunt you are!! Lucky niece she is!
Now I must confess -- we are snowed in without much food in the cupboards - and my first thought when I saw froggy dear was - hmmm, looks like a cinnamon roll (I also have a terrible head cold and must be seeing things). Jump frog jump!
Kari (that last line comes from the teacher in me)

Re: Christmas Lamp

OH my goodness - the design drawing and then the real thing -how great is this?! And using a light string for a power cord - genius! And the colors - bravo! Oh, just stand up a take a bow!! -- I mean it...I love your style!!

Re: 1st Pump Organ Project

Hey Sharon...
Great project - and kudos to you on saving this pump organ! I am going to move into my new room at the antique mall today - and low & behold, one of the items they need to move out (and even mentioned "to a burn pile") is a pump organ. Perhaps I will just need to follow your inspiration and "Save the pump organs"!

Re: How to Make a Cranberry Bog Scoop Wreath Holder

I am just so impressed with the aesthetic step by step directions - that I almost forgot to look at the finished product!! Just lovely - thanks for sharing.

Re: dog tags o plenty

So...when I was a teen ager in the 70's - I always wished for a beaded door entry...picture strings of large plastic beads hung in the door frame that you entered "really cool" through. That was my first thought when I saw your box of dog tags...hook them together with rings, end to end and hang them in a window or....a door. This would be loads of work, but just think how cool you would be!

Re: The littlest Christmas tree

Very fun...and I do so enjoy the circles of connections that happen between junk members too. I also have discovered these wonderful occasional sales and have brought home some gems.

Re: more button mania

I really really like each of these items. I am so drawn to what I think of as "fresh vintage"...your work exactly fits this style. Thanks so much for sharing - you will be keeping me busy finding and using buttons!!

Re: button mania

Very sweet - love them all! I will have to put this on my 2009 "to do" list.
Thanks for the inspiration...

Re: What Do You Do With A Free Electrical Wire Spool?

Oh cynthia...
You funny girl you! Thanks for the chuckle! Took me a moment longer than I would like to admit - but I get it!

Re: Giving in an unusual way...

How kind and generous of you -- my, my, my, junkers are good people - not to mention creative!

Re: Evergreen, Tinsel & Snow

I just love greens and also adore pieces of silver. Great job of combining the two.

Re: Baby it's cold outside!

You guys come on over - bring your book!
Candy - yes, McCoy is named after the pottery - his brother is Shawnee (another favorite pottery).

Re: Peace

Sue - yes, that look of "what is happening here?" is a universal look! Poor Dave - he knew this was beyond his control.
Candy - the frame is sweet - a few worn spots, but that just leads to the authenticity.
Snowmanhill - I know, isn't it wonderful. It has found a special & protected place in a step back cupboard in my living room.

Re: How to Make a Christmas Candelabra

What a wonderful sparkly holiday setting! Way to go Georgia! Now, don't even begin to tease us with the holiday temperature in California!

Re: Baby it's cold outside!

Thanks Sue! I also should point out some of my collections: bird cages, jars filled with lace & buttons & other fun finds, Audubon bird prints, anything that is chippy white & green .....oh, the list is long indeed.

Re: Peace

Just a note - when bidding against other dealers at auction - they usually set a mark to at least double their bid price in a resale. Usually I set my high end price based on keeping the item or selling the item. And then the bidding fun begins.

Re: Christy Noel's Vintage Collar

What a sweetie - all glammed up for the holidays! Truly a princess or a pooch! Sweet collar!

Re: North Pole anyone

Thanks for the smile - yes, Virginia, there is a Santa...and I guess he gets home via Minnesota!

Re: Memory tree

This is to me what it is all about -- remembering! Your father is part of all you do...and his memory will always be for a blessing.
Happy Holidays,

Re: vintage children's playing cards

This was my favorite deck of cards when I was a kid...yes, I am indeed vintage too! I am using this same set in a collage for my sisters -- picked out one for each and then I am adding other sentimental finds (mom's earings, the monopoly game piece we always had dibs on, a hankie from grandma, little snipped out words of love, lockets, etc).

Re: Felted Sweater Heart Collar

What fun - great job, Mailey!! Now, perhaps you & mom can share your "how to" for felting (I think that is what the process is called).

Re: Bits n Pieces Cat Collar

Oh - I just know what your cat is thinking...I do believe they are too good for this trim stuff-but secretly love it!!

Re: Fabric scrap collar

What a sweet little pooch in such an adorable little collar -Cute, Cute, Cute!!

Re: Let it Snow

I really loved how you wanted it "to look like it had been touched by all the kids that passed through the park"....that provided such a wonderful visual picture for me - and you got it, right on the mark. This is truly just picture perfect! Thanks for sharing.

Re: T2T Noodle Board

Really like the stenciled stars! Very clever idea. Thanks for sharing...

Re: This little table's got game!

Really fun - great way to use the graphic appeal of the game board.

Re: 6 panel window display

Simply sweet...

Re: How To Make A Santa Snow Globe

It is so wonderful that you provided a project that includes children. As we mentor this next generation of recyclers and reusers - we all know it starts from the very beginning.

Re: On Newsstands Now!

Looking forward to this New Year present...a home tour and a flea market excursion sound grand. What a nice way to hunker down this winter & dream about spring & decorating & spring & flea markets & spring...
Thanks for all your hard work,

Re: Junkyard Dog Collar Contest

McCoy - the esteemed cat-king at the Farm would find a collar simply below his needs or wants. His brother, Shawnee, would wear one...but would never live it down with McCoy. The goats have sharp little horns - so collaring them would be mighty painful. Guess I will just watch with fascination from the side-lines on this one!

Re: my own garage!

I am lucky indeed...Dave finds just the best items along the side of the road to bring home to me. He once opened a box to find it FULL of glass door nobs - and don't get him started on the day he found the chippy white garden gate!

Re: Charming Little Chairs!

I guess we just can never have too many little chairs or _________ (you fill in that blank)!

Re: Snowy winter day...Shelves for display!

We were very fortunate to have found our farm in 2006...vacant, waiting for a very large upcycling project. It took us about a year before it was habitable...a year of commuting 300 miles every weekend to work on it, and leaving with tears every Sunday night. I am now thrilled to be able to work on such details as where to place a bottle brush tree on a shelf in this 151 year old home. We count ourselves lucky indeed!

Re: Inexpensive & Simple Junk Tree Ideas

So many ideas...and congratulations on becoming a Contributor - I was at my office in Madison allllll last week and didn't catch this wonderful news until just today!

Re: Button Bouquet - 101

Thanks for the "how to" I've "got to"!!

Re: A Junky Holiday Coaster Ornament

Simple - pure grace & honesty. Just lovely.

Re: Oh There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

Thanks so much for sharing - just beautiful. Have to also share -- I believe we were "one step behind you" on Saturday...or better put "you were one step ahead of us". I saw your name at a shop in Minnesota when I was signing the tax-exempt form.

Re: My sunrrom at Christmas

What an inviting room...and love your wall of windows. Looks like you have far more snow then we have - that makes the room even cozier. Really nice to see, thanks for sharing.

Re: Vintage Pennant Ornaments

What a warm & welcoming room -- I imagine you will have all your new Junk Market friends over?! Great ideas!

Re: Finally Got Those Skis Done!

Oh what a wonderful way to add a sentimental touch to your home!!

Re: The Story of the Christmas Camel

I is indeed the stories and the memories that make this season so magical. It is also what draws me time & again to vintage items - knowing that some how they have been around to see years & years go by. That they have been used and have offered both purpose and prose to past lives. Call me a sentimental fool - and I will always gladly accept that distinction.

Re: Mantle Turned Headboard

Just lovely just as it is....but I do know how those creative wheels spin. It will be fun to see what you do with it the next go round.

Re: "SILVER BELLS" for Georgia

Charming - simply charming!!

Re: How to Harvest Bed Springs

Thanks for sharing. I have several old metal box springs - and need to just get the gloves on and do it!

Re: Our Day-after-Thanksgiving show!

Such a fun booth - great job - and, of course you were successful....look at all the time & energy & joy you put into this!!

Re: old antique heat grate i picked up this weekend

Really wonderful scrollwork - what a find! With the right base - what a fun side table too!

Re: Recycled Junk Christmas Tree Decorated

Lovely, lovely, lovely! I am now feeling that I need a white tree too! Add me to the "just like Gretchen & Lani list"! The stand is wonderful -- very near the shape of the base of a coat rack/stand I have on my porch.
Excellent as always!


What a wonderful find! Everything about this makes it a winner!

Re: more finds from Damon's house of junk...found a 5 gallon bucket of water valves handles

What a find! I have yet to check out our community junk/scrap yard --- hmmm, seems I may be missing the mother-load! However, I would suspect that you know when to be there and just how to hunt & gather!

Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Hi LuAnn:
It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope you dress ever so warm today (that coming from your neighbor in Wisconsin) - and that you do well at all the sales!!
Your post certainly reminds us all of the wonder of this time of year - a time of family, friends, faith & hope.

Re: Wheeling and Dealing Christmas Elf!

Oh, how sweet is this? It makes me think of those candy wreaths that used to be around in the "old days" - remember the ones with the scissors attached to cut off a treat! Anyway - thanks for the sentimental journey!
Sweet, Sweet, Sweet! Thanks Jani (and Nan)!

Re: Candle Stick Holder

Really really wonderful find! The detail is charming! Fits beautifully in your home...

Re: urban stool

O.K. - As you see below, I got highly excited with my comments - hitting the submit button twice -- just shows my age. But - might I add, "Awesome". There - now I will go back to being my mature self.

Re: urban stool

As my son would say, "Way Cool!"

Re: urban stool

As my son would say, "Way Cool!"

Re: A "Crowning" Achievement

Beautiful - twinkly & sparkly & wonderful!

Re: Wheeling and Dealing Treasures!

I love this! Perhaps you may want to share with all our fellow Junk Market friends the website where you found the free typewriter font! add to the story - the other items are also junking giftees from our circle of friends: Japanese lanterns fron Jani - likely the Queen of Nature grew these in her gardens! Turkey planter from Sarah - who the story goes - opened her box of thanksgiving decor to find that somehow the turkeys had multiplied since last November.

And the poem in altered art/collage form from Nan just needs to be shared with all - will you??

Re: Wheeling & Dealing With My Friends...The Big Day!

What fun posted comments...however, I still appreciate most the comment from Saturday that I will now share with all our Junk Market friends (names have been removed to protect the innocent). Was heard, "that grater just doesn't speak to me". Friend responding = with grater pressed to her lips and lips talking behind grater holes, "take me home." Still makes me smile!
Now, Jani - to post your sweet gnome & wheel project - you first have to save your picture on your computer in a web friendly mode (generally about 45 jpg)...then post on the Share tab at the top of this site. Hope that helps - can't wait to see!

Re: Wheeling & Dealing with my Friends!

Fifteen hours and counting! Fire up the engines, grab the checkbook, debit card & cash, and we are most definitely ready to hit the heavenly antique highway! Love the day ahead!! Yea!!

Re: Trinkets for Trimming!

The pictures are as delightful as your chosen items - they could even be calendar pages! What fun!

Re: Make A Wish

I so agree that cut or etched glass salt & pepper shakers are heavenly! And - your background of music is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing this idea!


What a sweet space...I see you have plenty of books, all you need do now is rent it out by the day as a reading & inspiration nook! And, where shall I book my reservation?

Re: faucet knob wind chimes

How fun is this! Charming shapes, charming re-use, charming colors.

Re: Something other than angels!

Just beautiful! So, is the mirror for sale in the shop??

Re: OOPS, More angels!

Oh charming ---- Love them!! I just picture them flying over a meadow!
And, did I say "charming" yet?

Re: "8"

Really wonderful the poverb too. Are you planning to do the same with the other numbers?

Re: A "renewed" chalkboard

What a charming way to identify your booth - I know I would head right in if I saw that beckoning!!

Re: bus scrolls, vintage hand-made toy race track and big old industrial wheels!

What great finds! You will have to post pictures of what you end up doing with all these items!

Re: Holiday Home Tour

Waking up to snow in Wisconsin on Saturday...and now your beautiful home --- I must finally admit, I am in the holiday spirit.

Re: Old Door Shelf

Really fun shelf...also love the jars filled with stuff below. Charming!

Re: Keeping it simple - Happy Halloween!

I really like this look - it is just so country clean!
Great job!!

Re: "Inspire" for Jen

Oh how clever - love the typewriter arms (would be great for a turkey too)!!
Way cool,

Re: Just "be"

Placing something under a cloche on a raised stand just elevates & honors that item. Certainly the word "be" is worthy of that honor!!! "Let it be."
Just beautiful...

Re: Happy Hallowe'en Junkers

Love, love, love it!

Re: A Junkin Pumpkin

Really fun - Happy Halloween!!

Re: Make it Pink for My Sis

May her memory be for a blessing.

Re: A Grate Idea for Holiday Entertaining

Congratulations! You have such an aesthetic quality to your work!!

Re: Junk Built It

Congratulations --- your energy & excitement are contagious!

Re: Bicycle Lamp Revisited

Congratulations are way worthy!!
Love this idea!

Re: Witch Potato Mashers

Yea are here!!!
As the proud owner of one of these witch mashers - have to say "Boo-tiful!!" - just wish the artist would have autographed it:0)

Re: My Rendition of the Falloween Clock

Sweet as sweet can be -- great job!!

Re: A squirrely little fall display

Just too sweet...I too, must admit to squirrels living in pottery and under cloches at my house in autumn. German mohair Steiff Squirrels to be exact!!

Re: Sweet Little Potting Shed

I must say my little potting shed is just filled with pride that it has received so much kind praise. To add to Lani's mention of the patina...the other three sides are actually a faded barn red. One side has grapevine and a pumpkin vine, another side has a row of old rakes nailed to the side, the other side has bird houses that offered shelter to two bluebird families this spring/summer.

The inside is pretty charming too --- I found this great old post office sorting station with cubbies and a table to use as a potting table...chippy white and all. I pulled grape vine down from everywhere when we were "civilizing" part of the farmyard --- now all that vine is hung inside the potting shed. And we found old whicker along the road to even add a sitting area. I work in my farmyard with the help of this little friend every day when I am home.



Just too cool! Really really fun!

Re: Sweet Little Potting Shed

Thanks for all the kind words - we do know we are very fortunate to have this little charmer in our backyard. Regarding the soundness of the structure...all it took was some TLC - and I do mean at one point I emerged from knocking plaster off the beams inside with a dust cloud behind me (like Pigpen from Snoopy). When we first began work, the outside was also a thicket really had to see the "potential". This is the second summer since we tended to the little structure's needs (we bought and began restoring the farm in 2006, it became habitable in 2007)...and I actually had morning glories find their way inside the windows to bloom on the inside's that for a "thank you"!!

Re: Thrift Saling in Wisconsin

Update: I got everything priced on Sunday - some items already delivered to my Antiques Booth in Hixton, Wisconsin. I am getting ready for a winter display -- I know, I said the "w" word.....but I am excited with what I have: chippy white porch swing, white whicker plant stand, white pottery urns, string balls, a white bottle brush wreath, white with a tad of red wooden toy barn...add to it some brown like the bingo spinner, and a tad of red from the items found --- fun!

Re: My Fall Junk Exchange gift

What fun gifts from Jessica!
I also got so many great fall giftees from my Fall Junk Swap partner - Sharon! So much fun!!

Re: Georgia Moon at the Fair

Thanks for "clearing that up" - just kidding! I figured that - you creative woman you- had found your own way around how to "shelter" your booth. Love it all!!

Re: Lani's Porch - My Take on Falloween . . . .

Love your porch - I am definitely inspired!!

Re: Georgia Moon at the Fair

Besides the fact that I want to live in your market booth, I do have a Question...was the tent/cover found with the great striped scallops - or did you fancy it up?

Re: Georgia Moon at the Fair

I have been away from the site - working my other job....peaked in today, and there was your wonderful pictures of your beautiful booth. Thank you for the uplift!!

Re: Cow Staunchion

I sure wish my cow staunchions looked like yours!! Great idea!

Re: Family window

Having memories around is truly what it is all about! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Picnic bench flower stand

Love the look in front of the picket fence...and your plants are sooooo healthy! You definitely have a green thumb too!

Re: Update on Junk Bonanza

Next year I am absolutely attending - sounded like a great show!! Glad you did so well!

Re: White Cupboard Updated

What a fun rainy day project --I finally got outside to pick apples, rained out the past two days. And my little goats finally came out of their barn to see sun again! Thanks for your inspiration!!

Re: Vintage fabric to the rescue!

Hi Georgia & LuAnn...Thanks for your kind words, and Georgia, I will keep on the look out for a comb holder (I am sure you have run across them - I just happened to adopt the chippy or rusty ones). I have finally moved over from the old Junk Club - thanks in great part to your lead.

Re: Spools, spools, spools

Love these spools!!! Hmmm, are you taking orders?

Re: Junk Finds used in Displays

Very sweet the blue paint and the use of the cloche on the cake stand. Fun!!