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Platinum Removals was founded by a young man named Marcio Wilges who turns 32 this year. And even at such a young age, he is the proud owner of the business which is being sought out as the go-to company for moving and removals in Sydney!

Coming from Brazil, Marcio knew that he would have to work hard to make his company stand out in an industry that was already long established and armed with a Business Management Degree from the UNISC Business School of Santa Cruz do Sul, he came up with this amazing business plan to make sure that customer service was exactly what the business offered on top of impeccably reliable and efficient moving and removals service.

Not only will you be attended to by a very well-versed and experienced consultant who know about all the different things that are involved with making a move, you

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Re: Old house shutter becomes coffee table!

DIY projects never fail to amaze me especially those that involve extraordinary transformations such as this house shutter. Who knew that changing the angle of this item could produce a completely unexpected masterpiece like a good old coffee table.

Re: Copper Steampunk Flour Canister Box Upcycled Bird House

What a great idea that I have personally not thought of before. Flour or biscuits canisters at my house are usually just recycled into storage boxes for other things but to transform them into a bird house is completely ingenious.

Re: Halloween Upcycled Bird House with License Plate Body

I have seen many DIY projects of bird houses made of recyclable materials but this has got to be one of the winners. This masterpiece looks like a collectible fit for the museum with the various details that are very vintage and timeless.

Re: Wine cork bird house

This has brought the concept of recycling to another level. I guess all you need are just some creative juices and the right tools to accomplish anything. Who knew the corks that I personally regard as useless could provide a shelter to birds in a form of a house.

Re: Steampunk Forks & Copper Canister Bird House

Wow this is simply stunning! It looks more like a vintage collectible as opposed to a bird house to me. However, does it get really hot during the sunny days or is there a layer of conduction set in place inside the metal gears?

Re: Hobbit House and Toadstools

I saw a post on fairy doors in the city a while back and thought to myself it would be amazing to see fair house removals services! Haha!

Re: Hobbit House and Toadstools

I saw a post on fairy doors in the city a while back and thought to myself it would be amazing to see fair house removals services! Haha!

Re: Jewel candy for your house plants

While undoubtedly very pretty on display, all that glass would give house removals teams a field day with packing!

Re: Stained Glass House numbers

This is truly unique! I've not seen anything like this before in all my years in house removals and going up and down different streets!

Re: Copper Bundt Cake Mold Upcycled Birdfeeder

I really admire people who can do crafty stuff like this? Me, I'm good at house removals and anything with brute strength, but fiddly crafty things

Re: Mailbox Coat Hook!

I would really not have imagined that that used to be a mail box! But it certainly looks vintage and unique though. Something that you'll definitely want to take along with you if ever you have to do house removals. I'd imagine that piece would be something you'd want to show off to friends!

Re: Table seating/ favor Idea

This is something that I can see my friends doing at their wedding. I got some of my removalists Sydney to go over and help them get some wedding setup done and they had all these fairy lights and props going up. I think little lights like these would make a fantastic touch to that reception!

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

Anything vintage always looks good and this storage cabinet just proved this point. It really gives the kitchen a cozy and homely feel while providing an ample amount of space to store the kitchen necessities and other equipment. Moving the items around in an orderly fashion is also necessary to ensure that there will not be a clutter and be an unsightly scene to see when guests come over.

Re: Ugly Entry Closet to Mini "Mud Room"

Sometimes what we need is just some re-organizing and moving of our furniture around the area in order to free up some space. After doing so, then only will we be able to see what and how we can create an entirely new place with reduced clutter and a neater outlook.

Re: More pics of the Copper Top Table

Wow the end result is really pretty with the grains acting as amazing details for the plain wooden hue. I bet you would definitely need extra caution when moving the furniture in the future in order not to damage the neatly done up work. Shrink wrapping around the furniture piece is necessary to keep the work intact.

Re: Christmas Vignette from Children's Toys

Seems like a lot of work for a Christmas display. Moving the Christmas tree around and getting the lights and decorations seem to be enough work in itself! But I suppose having a little display corner might be kind of nice to have sometimes

Re: Christmas Decorations in the Bathroom

While moving items with lots of glitter and festive cheer around the house is the thing to do this Christmas, can I just say honestly that all those hands

Re: the Craft Wall Experiment

Thanks for sharing with us these useful tips. I have to admit I am indeed very afraid of moving to a much smaller house. You are absolutely correct when you say we do acquire many things when we stay in a much more spacious place. Over the years, as long as there is still space left, we will buy more and more things. However, when the need to downsize arrives, we are just thrown into a predicament and the most obvious solution out is to get rid of as much as you possibly could.

Re: My New Apartment!

I have to agree that the kitchen does indeed look so bright and cheery. Definitely creates a peaceful ambience for the family to dine and interact (and wash dishes?). The fireplaces look nice with the marble layering which most certainly screams

Re: Small Kitchen Organization...

Looks like moving a bunch of vintage stuff into your kitchen has really spruced the area up a lot and brightened up the d

Re: Let the music move you!

I would not have been able to think up what you did with this old piano. Moving pieces and removal of an intact instrument seems like a super sensitive job to me!

Re: Gardening With Junk

I have seen quite a few projects turning a junkyard into a beautiful garden. I really wonder how people can achieve such amazing transformations. If it was me, I would have already called in the moving and removal services to have everything disposed of before I either fill up the hole or simply leave the area bare and open like that. I guess with passion and dedication, you can achieve anything.

Re: salvaged architecture pieces

Sometimes precious gems can be amidst the junk that we all see as redundant and should be disposed of immediately to prevent an eyesore. That is why it is important to spot such treasures when moving houses because you can actually save lot of money from buying new things when the old ones are just as beautiful if properly refurbished and decorated.

Re: Decorating with Vintage Globes

I've seen a lot of ideas when we do moving and removals jobs for people but this is definitely something else! What a unique way to tie the d

Re: Cottage Style Mirror

You definitely have a good eye for design.

Re: wooden architectural thing

It really would look great as a lamp! But if you're really intending to do something special with it, I'm thinking moving some figurines into place at either sides and chopping it directly down the centre to make bookends! It's got a beautiful shape like a column and having 2 characters - maybe a boy and a girl - would give the piece a bit of character!

Re: Resurrecting the Past ~ Scaffolding Plank Table

Great job! The rustic touch gives the ladder an instant glam. Who knew what we usually throw out or abandon in the storage could actually look so vintage and classy? I guess it is time to ransack through the heaps of moving boxes in the garage and look for something that looks so worthless and turn it into something so priceless such as this. Beautiful things do not need to be expensive, but just creative!

Re: Mod Podge Makeover

That is indeed the perfect solution for that tiny little awkward spot. I think this locker does not only provide extra storage space but it also adds a touch of class to that cozy little staircase corner. Anything vintage is always classy and in this case, it is very visible there. Instead of dumping your shoes in containers like moving boxes and make a clutter in the entryway, it is much nicer to have them all concealed neatly inside.

Re: Moving things around in our Junk Store and bringing in new Old Junk!!

What an interesting collection you have got there. I suppose it must get pretty hard having to move them around regularly in order to prevent clutters around the area because I experience it almost everyday at home. Moving things around to make room for more things is a repetitive cycle that can never end I guess. You need to keep organizing them so that they can remain neat and tidy and out of your way.