I am a (mostly) retired magazine editor and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My favorite thing is making something new out of something old. I have a long-suffering husband who is always willing to share his power tools and advice on how I can do things better (make things so that they don't fall apart).

Gender: Female

Birthday: 12/02/1948

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Curly Twig Tray

Here is a tray I made using the clippings from my contorted filbert tree. The feet are cut from the bendiest (Is that a word?) parts. I made it big so I can put lots of stuff on it. Hope you like it.

Hobbit House and Toadstools

I don't know why I wanted to do this; I guess it just looked like fun. All materials were stuff I had lying around except the bowls. Materials used for door: scrap plywood, scrap MDF beadboard...

Little Red Wagon Ottoman

I love to prop my feet up, and the other day I noticed that a wagon was just the right height for a footstool to use with my deck furniture. I found a wagon on Craigslist and I already had all the...

Laundry Drying Rack

All I had to buy was hinges, chain, and dowels. Catalog item: $159. My cost: $10!

Keep Yer Mitts ... ON!

I bought one of those salon-style wax warmers that you dip your hands in for pain relief and softening, etc., but I had to wrap towels around my hands to keep the heat in -- not very convenient! I...

Keep Celebrating Winter

I was so inspired by Lanette Lorsung's winter mantel display ( that I thought I'd try my hand at it, too. I'm still looking for...

Holiday Mug Tree

Dang, almost forgot to take pictures again. Anyway, this is my new mug tree I just made from the top of last year's Christmas tree. Yep, it's been lying in the shop drying out all year (not the whole...


None of this is news, but I saw a similar feature in this month's HGTV magazine and thought it would be fun. Also was inspired by last winter's junkmarketstyle member challenge about what to do with...

Dress Your Lampshade

I had a nice silk lampshade that was too good to replace but I wanted to change the color. I had seen where others had used a sweater to make a cover and decided to try it. I looked at several thrift...

World's Simplest Funnel Lights

I would have preferred old crusty funnels if I could have found them, but these are the size I needed. They are 8-quart size and have a 1.25-inch spout opening — large enough for the plug to go...

Canteen Cowboy Lamp

Our next Throw Back feature comes from Makinit Happen!  She originally posted this back in November of 2009.  Perfect post to highlight while we're headed to Nashville, Tennesee, the home...

Otto the Nutcracker

This was not an easy project, but it was fun. Superhubby helped me figure out how to make him sturdy. The hardest part was attaching the vinyl for his jacket.

Mason Jar Challenge: Doorstop

I love a challenge! Sue said make something for Christmas, so, hey, how bout a Christmas doorstop? Saves my back from bending over, so it's practical and fun, too.

A Couple Little Projects

More recycling and reusing of old stuff I find lying around. FUN!

Blanket Ladder

I've tried all kinds of ways to store old camp blankets. Don't know why I didn't build this a long time ago! I also wish I could remember to take pictures DURING the work!

Faux Fireplace from Scraps - UPDATE!

Just redid the "fire" in the box. Looks and works much better now, and I have the lights on a timer so they come on for a few hours each night. Also repainted the gray brackets a copper/bronze color...


My potting shed is still evolving. In addition to the exterior stuff, I have paneled the inside with old paneling we found in our attic.  I'm not sure if there's anything else I can do to it...

More Uses for Old Dropcloth

Here are a few more things I made with the dropcloth I posted back in January. I also have used some of it in curtains. I made all the iron-on graphics using free designs from The Graphics...

Wire Basket for My Jars

I needed a way to corral my old jars and thought of a wire basket. I remembered seeing a piece of old used hardware cloth in the shed. It was almost the perfect size -- I just had to cut a little bit...

Potting Bench from Galvanized Drawers

I wanted to make a new potting bench and was thinking about what to use when I came across these drawers I posted here 2 years ago:

Box and Planter Redos

So much fun to remake stuff and not spend any money!

So Long, Dish, Hello Bird Bath!

We finally got this old dish off our roof, and I thought it would be fun to turn it into a bird bath. After all, I already had the pedestal from a previous one that got broken. Here is the result.

Old Dropcloth Gets New Job in Laundry Room

I have a huge canvas drop cloth that has performed various outdoor duties such as protecting the hot tub from the summer sun. It has some mildew spots, and the fabric is getting a bit weak, but...

I Luv Ma Junky Projects

Wow, it's been a while since i posted anything. Today I have two!

Paper Bag Vase

Yes, paper does hold water!

Country Gardens Spring Edition is Out

I mostly wanted to say that I just received my Country Gardens magazine, with the article about Sue and the awesome window box she demonstrates making.

Shed o' My Dreams

I've wanted a potting shed for years and now I finally have one. So much fun to put all my junky stuff to use there. Couldn't afford as many windows as I wanted, but can add some more later.

A Few Little Projects

So many things to make; so little time!

Whisk-y Bugs

I've been wanting to make some dragonflies for a long time, after seeing all the cool ones on this site. Here are a couple of bugs I just made out of old kitchen whisks, big glass beads, screenwire...

Aah, Summer: A Few Projects

Most of these projects were inspired by things I've seen others post (Thank you!!!) The fun never ends!

Birdie Builds a Nest

I just had to share this. A few years ago I put together a craft-store birdhouse, a piece of post, and a slate tile stand. It's been in my greenhouse/potting shed for a long time. This year I was...

Pretty and Weird -- or, Pretty Weird

See if you can tell which is pretty and which is weird.

Fun Game Table

This table should be fun for summer entertaining. It is made of a vintage game board, a wall hanging with a backgammon design, and an old record player stand. The stand was gold and had a record...

Two Cloches and a Piggy

I've had a large cloche for a few years, but a well-fitting base for it is hard to find — until now, that is.

Posey Purse and Birdie Scale

I recently bought a box of junk at a yard sale and am now putting different pieces together to make something new.

Roberta Gets an Upgrade

Roberta's powers are greatly enhanced since she got hands, eyes, a nice parabolic reflector, and some lovely red hair. She is looking for some larger wheels so she can get around more speedy-like.

Reborn Cabinet for Quilts

At first I thought it had been a gun cabinet. Now I realize it was some kind of entertainment center, because it had dividers in the bottom that must have been for record albums. I knocked them out...

Spring Projects

The sunshine gives me hope that winter is really gone! Here are a few of the things I've done recently.

Meet Roberta: My First Attempt at a Robot

I have been admiring all the cute robot people on this site and decided to try it. Roberta is made of an aluminum tumbler, horse shoe, metal plate, H-bracket,  circuit board and other parts of a...

Swap Projects 5&6: Light Jar and Candy Dish

I still have more stuff from Erin, and am thinking about what to do with it. ;^}

Swap Projects 3&4: Wall Decor and Tea Lite Holders

More fun projects with stuff from my junkin buddy, Shamrockerin.

Swap Projects 1&2: Book Cover and Basket

These are two of my junk swap projects; more to come.

Grandma Memory Collage

I loved debapaka's Boy and Girl Assemblage Collage and was inspired to make one with my Grandma's things.  In addition to pictures, I used her compact, wedding ring, crochet hooks, and other...

Clothespin Bag

I haven't made anything for a while, so I'll post something old. This is a clothespin bag I made from a little tot's outfit.  I sewed the leg holes closed and attached the whole thing to a...

Airstream Project

Here is the Airstream trailer I fixed up for a guest quarters/party house. I ended up selling it, but not before painting, laying floor tile, reworking windows, walls, and floors, building beds, and...

The Lighthouse Bed

I got a super deal on this oak daybed at Goodwill. It was in pieces and I wasn't even sure they were all there, but it was too good to pass up. Turns out it was all there except the ball finials on...

It's Good to Be Shelf-ish

Here are the reincarnated wooden drawers from our old workbench. Very useful and almost no work.

Old Galvanized Drawers Tray-ded Up

This is what I have done with two of my old workbench drawers, thanks to your fabulous ideas. I was thinking about some type of boot tray when greencolleen and Junk_Sophisticate offered wonderful...

Got Ideas?

My husband and I dismantled our old workbench, and among the parts left are these six heavy galvanized drawers. However, I'm drawing a blank trying to figure out what they want to be next. Id...

Straight from the Heart

The grapevine wreath, wooden hearts, black stand, and both glass containers were from thrift stores. I've never decorated for Valentine's day before. It's kinda fun.

Ahoy Night Light

I got this chrome-plated thingy with red and blue lenses at a garage sale. The guy said it came off his boat. I cut a piece of thin plywood to fit the bottom and attached it with screws through the...

Just Fakin' a Cake

Although I love to make things, I do not like to bake.  So, I thought I'd make some pretty, but inedible, cakes for the table. I took some old bundt pans and spray-painted them. Then I dribbled...

Spoony Hooks

This is an easy project if you have a vise for holding the piece and a big crescent wrench. Take some old silverware (I had these spoons left over from making wind chimes). Cover the bowl and handle...

Old Stereo Becomes Lighted Bar Cabinet

I bought an old art deco-style stereo cabinet from a friend, who had already removed the components and painted it black. The back was open, so I made a plywood back and added mirrors on the shelves...

Keep a Lid on It!

A few years ago when I rented space in a store, we had an open house and everyone was encouraged to wear a hat. I thought, OK, but it can't be just any hat. I found a great Liz Claiborne hat at a...

You're So Transparent!

I got the idea for this from a similar item I saw in a store, except it was in a picture frame. I wanted mine to be transparent, so I photocopied an old postcard onto a sheet of acetate, then I put...

Quikie Nite Lite

I found the tumbler and the wood night light base at a thrift store and I had the sea glass lying around for a while. I just poured the glass in the glass (haha) and placed it on the light base and...

Alice in Winter Wonderland

At first I had just the deer, and my daughter pointed out that they were much too large in proportion to the skater. So I decided to add the (giant)  rabbit and call the skater girl Alice in...

Fun Wood Pillars

A while back, in one of my cleaning/purging fits, I gave away a lot of my junk. Luckily, I hung onto these wooden post pieces. After discovering this wonderful site, I was inspired to finally do...

Magnetic Bulletin/Display Board

I found another piece (the last one, I hope) of galvanized sheeting in our shop and decided it would make a great display board for some of my old postcards. My hubby helped me cut a piece of plywood...

Cozy Cotton Sweater Throw

I think I got this idea from a woman who was making throws out of old wool sweaters. In searching all the thrift stores I didn't find many interesting wool sweaters, but I did find some great cotton...

Funky Sweater Purse

I took an old wool sweater and felted it by machine washing it in hot water. I cut off the sleeves and sewed up the sides and across the bottom. Then I attached two buttons and an old belt. The neck...

Four-Poster for Pooch

Take an old set of coffee table legs, add plywood and some block feet, flip it over and paint it, add a nice pillow, and voila — a bed for the princess pooch.

Red Birds and Holidays

As a former midwesterner, I miss the beautiful cardinals (we don't have 'em in Oregon).  My husband had this old parts bin in his shop for a long time. He kept saying he was going to use it, but...

Christmas and Old Stuff: Priceless

While trying to figure out what to do with my mantel this year, I was inspired by all you guys' and gals' Christmas projects, so I gathered up some of my collections and just put it all up there with...

Perforated Metal Lamp Shade

I bought this funny handmade twig floor lamp from a friend, but most conventional lamp shades don't fit it very well. So, I made my own with galvanized metal and beads. For the record, I dont...

Bling It with Big Beads

I bought this old lamp at a local thrift store, cleaned it up, and put a new shade on it. But I thought it needed more, so I jazzed it up with some giant glass beads I had been keeping for no...

Mosaic Tea Cart

I don't have any "before" pictures of this tea cart, but it was that 70s bronze color and the trays had a fake wood finish. It was perfect for a mosaic project because the trays already had a lip...

Fantasy Window

I got this old window at a yard sale. It was so dirty and decrepit that I had to scrub it with a brush and a hose. Also, one of the panes was cracked all the way across, but I left it that way. After...

Sewing Cabinet Potting Bench

Not my original idea, but I have made a couple of these potting benches out of those ubiquitous sewing machine cabinets from the 50s-60s. I just had to slightly modify the hole  to access the...

Glass Garden

I scored at the recycling center yesterday. Went looking for something to make a Christmas wreath out of. No luck there, but I did find a bundle of these galvanized wire things called fence...

"Stained" Glass Window

Another piece made with garage sale stuff. A couple had torn out a built-in wine rack they didn't like, so I got two of these wood pieces. My husband helped me add a frame around the outside with...

Garden Globe

I made this piece with found objects, cement, garage sale tiles, and a blue wine bottle that I broke into pieces. Before starting the mosaic, I put the glass pieces in my rock tumbler for a couple...

Consider Curtain Clothing

My mom is gone now, but when I was going through her things, I found a pair of beautiful old cotton curtains. They didn't fit any of my windows, so I thought of making something out of them. The two...

Stone Walkway Nearly Free

Not far from where I live, there is a stone and tile company that puts its scraps on a pallet where the public can help themselves. Well, I built an entire walkway through my garden with the pieces...

Tall Quilt Rack

At a garage sale I found two side supports from a floor mirror that someone had disassembled. I took them home and built this quilt stand by adding two horizontal braces and a couple of decorative...

Mailbox Hose Holder

I put this old mailbox on the wall inside my greenhouse for storing garden hoses. I can put extra nozzles, etc., inside.

Built-In Nightstands

When we got our new bed, it was so tall that I couldn't find any nightstands that worked with it. I decided to look for an old coffee table and split it in half and make built-in stands. It took only...

Repurposed Dresser for Craft Room

This sounds crazy, but I bought this dresser at a thrift store because I fell in love with that little carving on the middle drawer. Ha!  The bottom was gone out of the bottom drawer, so I...

Little Display Cabinet

This idea came from a similar, much larger, cabinet a friend made. Mine is 18" w X 31" h X 9.5" d and is built from an old window I got from a friend and some scrap boards and plywood pieces from our...

Recent comments

Re: One of My Best Finds Ever! The Original 1940s Building Permit for My Home

Nice! A great find and an elegant display solution!

Re: A New Year's Resolution

I love this. A nice thought and super presentation.

Re: Vintage Soda Sign

Fantastic enhancement! Excellent work, as usual.

Re: Mrs. McGregor's Tool Shed

This is great. So cute! I love Peter Rabbit, too.

Re: Pipe Wine Rack

This is clever and unique. Very nice. I like it a lot.

Re: Vintage Hamper Stand

Absolutely stun-NING!!!

Re: Balloon Inflator Lamp

That's hilarious! I would love to walk through your house when it's all lit up with crazy lamps! And your basement must be a trip through time. I love it!

Re: Alcohol ink on metal chair

Cool! That looks great. I love using alcohol inks.

Re: Painted Wood Bowls

These are really pretty. You are very talented.

Re: Free and Homemade Christmas Decorations

Ditto what Jim said! I love your signs, too!

Re: Santa likes his "Coffee Light" along with his cookies when delivering presents. :)

That is so cool! I love lamps and I love the smell of coffee!l


Very cute! It reminds me of my friend's llama.


This is adorable! I've been wanting to make another bird feeder. Didn't think to look in the kids' department at my local thrift stores. Now I will!


I love this! What a clever idea.

Re: ~Christmas Mantel

Gorgeous old mantel, so lovingly restored. I also love the beautiful, understated decorations. The spinning wheel is the perfect finishing touch!

Re: The Re-Wrecking of One of My Previously Wrecked Armoires

Wow! I wish I could figure out how you do this. I bought a 1960s maple dry sink and repainted it. It looks nice, but Id rather have it look old and primitive. Any secrets to share?


These look fabulous! I love to see people give new life to items that otherwise would be tossed out. Great ideas!

Re: Handmade Upcycled Mantle Clock

OK, that is clever. What a cool gift.

Re: Vintage School Map

Cool recycle of this map! And what attention to detail. I would not have thought of rusting the screws.

Re: Coffee Table

Very clever and original! I like it.


That is beautiful! Where I live, no one ever throws anything out, at least not that I've seen. A great find.

Re: my make up vanity

Your new vanity looks great. What a nice gift!

Re: Child's table & Chairs

That is cute as can be! I especially like the way you did the drawer.

Re: Vintage Suitcase Table

What a great job you did on that suitcase! I would not have thought to stencil it, but it looks fantastic, and those legs really are perfect with the case. Love it!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski Custom Fish on a Stringer

These are so great; I would love to have this string o'fish on my wall. Beautiful!

Re: Rustic Crate Makeover

I love this! Old and new together. Is that burlap or something else? And thanks for showing how you did it.

Re: Spring Textures

Very nice composition, and I love the materials. Great combo!

Re: Old Wooden Shoe Forms and Stretchers

Wow, what a collection! As others have said, the colors and patina are very warm. A very lucky find, indeed.

Re: Overhauled Long Drawer Dresser with Vintage Yardsticks and Original 1930s Coca-Cola Factory Blueprints

This is so clever and original. I love the blueprints and the inlaid yardsticks, too. Fabo!

Re: Pallet Bench!

Very, very cool. I have way too much outdoor furniture, but I'd make a place for that!

Re: Old house shutter becomes coffee table!

Great coffee table; love the color. Great price, too!

Re: Wagon world

That is so cute! I love it.

Re: Child's Upholstered Rocking Chair

Nice save!

I had a little chair just like that when I was small (back in the stone age). :)

Re: Overhauled Red Chest of Drawers with Comics and Skateboard Trucks

This is so creative and unusual. I love your out-of-the-box designing. I'll bet the new owner loves it, too.

Re: Tepee Lamp

I love everything about this lamp! It would look perfect in my cabin. The painting and distressing are so well executed, this lamp could be a relic from decades ago. Wonderful!!!

Re: Table Tennis Shoes

OMG, those are so darn cute! I didn't even know about that product. Now I must make something like that.

Re: Wisconsin Map - License Plate Art

It's also amazing! Looks like a ton of work, too.

Re: "My times are in Thy hand" Time Card Rack Repurpose Psalm 31:15

That is so clever!

Re: How to Re-use Thrift Store Denims

Ohmygosh, I love that pouf. I wonder what is inside it to give it its shape?

Re: How to Make a "Lawn" Chair

Wow, I love it. And, apparently, so does Lily!

Re: Ironing board = Garden trellis & "window"

Wow, I love these! I would never have thought to make such a creative piece using an ironing board. Beautiful.

Re: Reclaimed Wood Cabinet

Great job on the cabinet! I love using chicken wire on doors.

Re: Scrap Shelf

It does indeed work! Very cool.

Re: Shutter Shelves

Your shelves look great. Nice work!

Re: Memory Keeper

What a cute, clever idea!

Re: Slab Wood and Iron Table

Love the slab, love the legs. They were meant to be together.

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski Fish Key & Towel Wall Hangers

What a hoot! These are great! They look like happy fish.

Re: FLYING ACE on the RED BARON toy truck lamp by Lauretta Lowell

Another magnificent creation!

Re: Washstand Harp with a twist

WOW! I've seen those things used for a lot of projects, but this is the best!

Re: Recycled Toy Key Hooks

I love your very imaginative ways to use old toys. Very fun and clever.

Re: Floating Buffet

That's beautiful. Love that copper top. And nothing on the floor to clean around!

Re: Stacked Suitcase Nightstand

That is so beautiful. I love it!

Re: ceiling fan angel wings

That is a great look and would make a striking wall hanging in my house!

Re: Solar light/Windchimes/Suncatcher

This is so cool. I love your ideas with sea glass and solar lights. Nice to see you posting again.

Re: Pillow Revamp

I love all of these. My favorite colors and nautical designs. Wonderful!

Re: Fab '50s Mini Bar

This is great. Wish you had bigger pictures. I made a liquor cabinet along these lines some years ago. Yours is way cuter.
Also, I see you are from Fredericktown. I was born in Farmington! Small world.

Re: Puppet Theater

Wow, you really conjured up the carnival vibe on that, Jim! The colors are spot-on. Very precise and amazing work, too. I just hope it doesn't reside in some kid's bedroom at night! ;^}

Re: Spindle Ladder

That's way cute! I love that you used all kinds of spindles.


So clever, so beautiful, so yummy! Do you make those candles yourself?

Re: Repurposed Washboard to Toilet Paper Holder

This is so cute! I was wondering if magnets would stick to the metal part.

Re: A Winter Wonderland Mantel

I am so glad to see this. I always wondered why we are so quick to put away the decorations. This gorgeous display will help to celebrate winter for a while longer.

Re: Old Side Table Reinvented

Great idea and I love the look!

Re: Old Saw New Look

Two thumbs up!!! ;^}

Re: These Red Boots


Re: Snowkin

OK, now I'm really mad at myself. I just got rid of three plastic pumpkins. If I'd seen this before, I would have copied! Super cool! (no pun intended)

Re: More Repurposed Wall Hangers

Wow, you are one busy guy! I especially love the bottle opener one.

Re: Wire Basket Chandelier

Beautiful! And so is your table setting!

Re: Dog bed from old coffee table

Very nice! This is a great size for a lab or retriever.

Re: Gaming Chair from a Semi Seat, complete with a Peterbilt logo!

What a fabulous idea! You did a great job on this.

Re: An Elegant Junky Holiday

These are inspiring ideas. I think one of my New Year's resolutions will be to try to look at things in a more creative way, both objects and ideas.

I also love Sue's idea about member showcase Sundays!

Re: Merry Christmas!

I think, with your faux fireplace, you have captured the cozy, warm ambiance of a real one. I also love your idea for setting the time on the clocks. Brilliant!

Re: All Wrapped Up and Ready for Christmas!

... and classy and elegant!

Re: All Wrapped Up and Ready for Christmas!

Your displays are lovely. Very calm and serene.

Re: Christmas Industrial Gear Part Two

Careful, that salt may cause some rust to happen (ha ha). This is so cute. A hit of good ole spray paint makes a big difference.

Re: Industrial Christmas Wreath, JUNKMARKET Style

Ha, I'll bet Lily is not as fond of this piece as we are! I love your choice of colors on this.

Re: Two Repurposed Sewing Machine Drawer Holiday Card Holders

I love these! What a cute idea. They look great!

Re: DIY Christmas decorating projects from objects around the house.

Cute ideas! Much more fun than buying something new.


That is so cute! You have managed to capture the expression of an eager puppy out of random objects. Amazing!

Re: Space Heater Lamp/Clock!

Great job on your lamp. I love the fact that you put a clock on it!

Re: Graven Images

Is it my imagination, or is that Gonesh? At least, that's what I see every time I look at it. I haven't figured out what the other one reminds me of, but I like it.

Re: Shaker Hooks

Simple, beautiful, fun. I LOVE IT!

Re: Boise Hyde Park Curb A'Faire Trophy: chicken approved

I would love to win this fabulous trophy! Goldie is right; it's a winner.


I really like this sculpture. You're right: It IS fun to look at!

Re: Wood Shed from old doors and pallets.

Girl, you nailed it (no pun intended). Best woodshed ever!!!

Re: Dried Flowers and Tin Vases

This is a great way to make the garden last a little longer. Nice!

Re: Box Plant Stand

Beautiful! I like all the pieces and the finished product.

Re: Singer Sewing Base Wall Shelf with Yardsticks and Gym Wire Locker Baskets

Astounding! You really know how to let the creative juices flow! Also, you apparently have an unbelievable stash of good stuff.

Re: Dr. Seuss inspired driftwood tree

Ohmygosh, this is so creative and clever!

Re: Recycled wooden Christmas trees

I love your wooden forest o' Christmas trees!

Re: The Lady is a Vamp!

At last, someone has found a use for those old dolls. Creeeepy!

Re: Resurrecting the Past ~ Scaffolding Plank Table

I adore that Halloween sign. Gorgeous!

Re: Pyrex Trays - Take One

What a score!!! And what a great project, too! Can't wait to see what else you do with those.

Re: Whimsical Window Paintings

These are very sweet. How lucky for you to have a great source of windows, too.

Re: Simple (boy, do I mean simple) fall decorating

That pumpkin in urn is beautiful. It may be simple, but I didn't think of it. Now I'll have to copy you. Thanks!!!

Re: Dressers with Broken Drawers. No Problemo.

Those gorgeous maps look like they were always there. Love it!

Re: Vintage Halloween

I love antique Halloween decorations. And those tiny pumpkins made from nuts are fascinating! I would love to try making some.

Re: Custom made bench

There are a lot of bed-benches around, but this is one of the best I've seen. Nice work!!!

Re: Telephone shelf

This is beautiful! I would hang it near an electrical outlet and use it as a "telephone" charging station.

Re: Halloween Upcycled Bird House with License Plate Body

Very cool; love it! I'm wondering what kind of tool you use to cut those pieces of silverware -- those things are HARD!

Re: Junk Yard Step Chair Redo

I love it when someone saves a piece that looks hopeless. This one looks comfy and inviting now!

Re: Toy Horse Upcycled into Garden Sculpture

What a great project! Well done and so original.

Re: Chair Makeover

Wonderful! From eew to ooh!

Re: "Sparky"

Another great lamp! Love it -- Keep 'em coming!

Re: Old Washbins Have So Many Uses

Those look fabulous on that stand together. Great ideas for uses, too.

Re: A Windproof Patio Table

Super cool! I wish all my outdoor furniture was this durable!

Re: Random Garden Decor

Wow, thanks, Jasmin. I already see a couple things I'd like to copy here. You're so creative!

Re: Garden Fencing Chandelier

Cute! I assume you put tealights in the insulators, yes? You could also thread some big, glass beads onto the wires that you bent down.

Re: Tiffany Style Planter!

Cute; I would have done the same thing. Even it it lasts only one summer, it's worth making!

Re: Warm and cozy night light.

This lamp emanates a warm, cozy ambiance. I love that.

Re: More light and its environment.

I love this lamp!


It really does look like Will Rogers! How do you do that?

Re: Beware The Zamboni Brushes !!!

Wow, he truly is the king of the hooters! But maybe it's a lady (Owl Da-Queen-O?) Anyway, it's mahvelous!

Re: "If these thing could talk, what would it say?"

I love that! Very steampunky.

Re: Cooler Flower Bed

What could be cooler than an old cooler! Love it!

Re: Midcentury Burlap Beauties

WOW, that is stunning! Gorgeous. Do you wash those coffee bags, and if so, how?

Re: Burlap Throw Pillows

Someone gave me a big stack of coffee bags one time, but none of them were pretty like yours. Cool cushion!

Re: Drainage Culvert Container Garden

These look great, and I admire your tenacity in getting that thing cut up in useable pieces!


That is one great-looking guitar! Now why doncha put some strings on it and play The Star Spangled Banner a la Jimi Hendrix! :P

Re: Repurposed Children's Book Toy Lamp

Cool lamp! I love children's books, but I have a hard time thinking up uses for them. This one is great. What is that little plaque on the base next to the cord?

Re: Vintage Curio Cabinet

That is jaw-dropping gorgeous work. drool....drool

Re: Recycled Piano Art

Very clever! Interesting how inspiration comes when you least expect it.

Re: Chippy Tote to Fairy Garden Centerpiece...

Your subtle color combinations are always so lovely!

Re: Hubcap Sun Face and Grill Plant Stand!

Perfect!!! The way you did that sun decoration is truly awesome, especially the colors. I love it!

Re: Repurposed Crib Head & Foot Board Chalkboards

I'm so glad some of those old cribs are still around. I always loved the way they looked. Great repurpose!

Re: Protective Underwear Stand

What a great solution! Very creative and practical, too.


Fun, unusual, and creative!

Re: Mirror, Mirror in the Garden

Wow, that ornate mirror is a knockout! I have one (not that cool, but nice) that I could maybe use that way. Hmmm...

Re: Reclaimed Green House

Wonderful! You will have so much fun with this as you add things to it and grow your plants!

Re: Ain't No Cure For The Summertime Blues!

Wonderful! One talented dad and one lucky son!

Re: My Mermaid Chair

Erin, your specialty seems to be combining literaTURE with furniTURE. And it works so nicely!

Re: Yet another repurposed organ.

What a great idea! I think you nailed it!


That is just amazing! You are so creative. Wow.

Re: Wheelbarrow - A Traveling Potting Bench

Cool idea! This will save lugging heavy potted plants to their destination.

Re: Dress Your Lampshade

Thanks, Jim. That table is from the thrift store. It had a couple of bad repairs, but instead of trying to rebuild it, I decided a shot of fun-colored spray paint would be way easier, and look fine, too.


Re: THE SUBTERFUGE - Steampunk underwater vehicle

I love it!

Re: Turquoise - Who knew

That suitcase and those legs go PERFECTLY together, especially with that yummy paint color!

Re: Book Mobile

Adorable! I've never seen one of those before. I'd like to do one with Peter Rabbit.

Re: Rustic Garden Chandy

This looks great! I love rustic pieces with natural elements.

Re: Repurposed Sears Fence Charge Box Lamp

Lovely lamp! I agree with the previous poster about the proportions; very nice. Also, those fins are hilarious!

Re: Bee Hives!

Those are great, with that patina and old paint. And those galvanized tops are the icing on the cake!

Re: DIY Glowing Palette Bed

This is so cute and great advice!

Re: Barn Junkin' & Pickin' Trip

All those old pieces of junk and folk art are just amazing! No wonder you're excited. Fun, fun, fun!


This is just so appealing! It makes me want to try to make one.


Haha! Very creative and unique. Wish I had so much inspiration.

Re: Repurposed Chrome Shelf Supports - Into Trays!

These are great! Just goes to show, if you keep something around long enough, you will find a use for it.

Re: Layered Frames

I love it! Great color combo, too.

Re: Repurposed End Table

An amazing improvement. This is really cute, and the little valance across the top really makes it special.

Re: I've missed you, JUNKMARKET Style!

I love it! Yes, please add more pics.

Re: I've missed you, JUNKMARKET Style!

I love it! Yes, please add more pics.

Re: Repurposed Silverware Box

That is lovely work. I'll bet it's fun, too!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski "BEER 30" #2 Beer & Soda Bottling Opening Station

People want cool, OOAK things that are actually useful. This is all of those things. I especially like the removable cap catcher at the bottom.

Re: Valentine Photo Wreath

This is adorable!!!

Re: Chairs from the Roadside


Re: Pallet/Wine Cork Key Holders

This is a great idea -- practical and good-looking.

Re: Lovely Nail Polish Rack

Your shelf is beautiful, margaretsw. Very nice work. Here are two ways to clean it: you can use a small handheld vacuum, or take it outside and clean it with a soft paintbrush (I learned that from Martha, and it also works great on lampshades). Hope you don't become too intoxicated from the power saw!

Re: Yard Stick Table

Nice work! That table looks wonderful and the colors are perfect. It has such a graceful shape. I'm glad you saved it.

Re: My first retirement DIY project

These look wonderful! Great job!

Re: Recycled table top to hanging lighted rack

I agree, Very cool indeed!

Re: Computer Monitor Diorama

Ha, cute! I had an iMac like this. Unfortunately, when it became a ***dinosaur***, I gave it away. Some people are making kitty hideaways out of them now.

Re: Galvanized metal pub table

Ha, fabulous metal table from an old box. Great score!

Re: Samovar lamp


Re: Mason Jar Hot Cocoa Bar

I love this. It gives me so many great ideas. Sure wish I would find a tall stand like yours. Also, I always see that burlap in lovely displays; must go find some now!

Re: Winter Wonderland in a Jar

This is very sweet!

Re: Deck the Halls with Ball Jars of Holly

I agree with Suzi. Your display has such a beautiful, vintage holiday glow. That is an art.

Re: Awesome picks in my last junkin' rounds

Awesome finds! Everyone will be trying to get those scales away from you. I know I would!

Re: Is it really just an ironing board though?

This is fab-U-lus, both as a piece of art and a functional plant stand. Bonus: NOT using an ironing board for its intended purpose. ;)

Re: Shabby Chic Vintage Pedestal Vanity/Desk and Chair

Great job, and such pretty colors.

Re: Mason Jar Challenge

It's beautiful -- and holding up well.

Re: Another Ball Jar Idea...

Fun, fun, fun, fun! A whole jar family!

Re: Baseboard Flip

I agree. Cool idea!

Re: Mason Jar Challenge Project

Very nice! How did you do your merc glass? I really have to try that.

Re: JOY in a jar

This is a very pretty display. I love the natural colors.

Re: Mason Jar Challenge: Doorstop

Thanks for your question, bojana: Very simple. I just drilled a hole in the end of the dowel and a hole in the jar lid and screwed the two together. In other words, the screw head is now on the underneath side of the lid.

Re: Bench from childs twin bed

Yes, I agree. Very nice work and design.

Re: Retro Christmas Art Box

I love this! So nostalgic and beautiful too.

Re: A Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Scape

Love this! Especially the old jars and pine cones.

Re: Antique Italian Bowl

Beautiful centerpiece!

Re: Experimental

This is a great lamp. I love it!

Re: MASON JAR CHALLENGE - Peace on Earth "JUNKOLIDAY" Mantle Adornment

Wow-wee! Tres jolie!

Re: Barn Door and Gun Crates Turned into a Coffee Table

I so admire your process, cleaning everything up and making sure it's safe and not yucky. What a wonderful table for those lucky folks.

Re: Radiant Energy

That is waaaay cool! And I love your name, outofcontext.

Re: Building a Little Christmas Cheer

What a cute, original idea! I love Lincoln logs.

Re: Driftwood & Rust

That is a very pretty tree!

Re: Red Birds and Holidays

Well, since this post, hubby has stolen the bins back. Guess what he's using them for: nuts, bolts, screws ... b-o-r-i-n-g!

Re: Happy Halloween

Your place is SO beautiful and inspiring. I share Geneen's wish that we had that kind of architecture way out west!

Re: Rocking Horse rescue

hmmm... you could
* paint a vine along the sides of the rockers,
* glue on a mossy mane
* staple on a tail of yarn or ribbons
* make a daisy chain bridle with silk flowers

Re: Steampunk Table Light

I love it, too!

Re: Ugly Wood Laminate TV stand makeover

Beautiful! Reminds me of spring.

Re: Repurposed Upcycled Saltine Cracker Tin Metal Birdhouse Art Piece

Thank goodness someone realized that the birds need to know what time it is ;^)
That clock is gorgeous, and that awning -- perfect! The whole thing is wonderful.

Re: Rocking Horse rescue

Very nice save! And what a great idea for a plant stand. I can see it with a big, leafy Chinese evergreen on it.

Re: Industrial Style Lamp from a Vintage Drill Press

This is really cute. I'm glad you left the lever and turning knobs on there. It looks like you could use it to spotlight a prized find sitting on the base, too. Cool!

Re: Time for the Fall Country Junk Sale...

I am just floored by these photos of SO MUCH STUFF! If I didn't live so far away, I'd be there.

Re: October

Cute, cute, cute!!!

Re: 1950s Wire Cake Plate Transformed into a Chandelier

Very pretty! Love it.

Re: Console Table

What a great piece. I love those flat legs. To do a finish like that takes a lot of thought and patience. Great junk, too, especially that awesome canteen!

Re: Custom Bookcase with Vintage Lockers and Wire Baskets

Wow, that is fabulous! Beautiful, functional, and different. And I'm glad you put it on casters. In my ideal world, everything will have rollers, because they make life soooooo much easier.

Re: Free Roadside Table

Indeed it does look much better -- great, in fact. Nice to see you are still on the site, Erin.


Re: Entertainment Center Re-invented

I see beautiful entertainment centers all the time in thrift stores. People just don't think they can use them anymore. Luckily, you saw something new in something old and it's great!

Re: Patio plant stand

Great job on your plant stand. Isn't it fun to make stuff out of scraps. I love doing that.


Wow, another winner, Lauretta. Very well done, with a vintage vibe!

Re: Cash Wrap with Vintage Tin Ceiling Tiles

That is stunning! Wow, what beautiful work.

Re: Shell Back Chair Rescued

Gorgeous! Man, I need to go to some auctions!

Re: Licensed Junk Collector Badges

Ha, super cool!

Re: Hanging out in the Kitchen

Thanks, Jim! Your post brings to mind the good ole days of Midwestern comfort food and the three basic food groups (chocolate, sugar, butter). Dang, now I'm craving Watergate salad!

Re: Vintage Wicker Hamper Redo...and...Redo

You did an amazing job on that hamper. It is beautiful!

Re: Repurposed Twin Bird Silverplate Platters Bird Feeder

That is one lovely bird feeder. It has so many clever touches, like using the spoon handles for perches.

Re: Labor Day Bookcase

Your project turned out lovely!

Re: In Memory of Our Dear Friend Junker Midge

So sad to read about Midge. She seemed like a wonderful person. I loved reading her posts and will miss her a lot.

Re: Fall Rust

A beautiful decoration like this lessens the pain of summer being over for me. Love it!

Re: "Spinning" with Spool Ideas...

Neato! A great, new idea for a spool.

Re: Eiffel Tower Glass Panel Door

That is beautiful. I love it!

Re: One style two looks. Paris End Tables

I'm kinda confused about which ones you kept, but they all are fabulous. (p.s. Aren't hubbies great to have around when you need a rational opinion?)


What a transformation! You get an A+++++++ for seeing the potential in that piece.

Re: My beautiful horse, thought I'd share.

She's beautiful! But those pics make her look much smaller.

Re: Vintage Office Chair Redo

Wow, you really reworked that puppy! It looks fabulous, too.

Re: Beachy Shadowbox Table

Ohmygosh, I LOVE that table. You did a great job.

Re: Shabby Chic Table and not-so-matching chairs

What a fabulous find! And you worked wonders on it, I'm sure.

Re: Dirty Ol' Work Bench PURRRfect as an Island!

I want that!

Re: Decorative Milkcan

Very pretty! I agree: A great umbrella stand.

Re: My beautiful horse, thought I'd share.

What a sweetheart!

Re: Vintage watering can planter.

This is so cute! I have one of these cans; I'll be borrowing your idea for sure.

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Yardsticks Chalkboard

This is a great new way to use water skis!

Re: Recycled Sweater Pillows

I love these! I have a hard time finding wool sweaters in the thrift stores around here. This makes me want to keep trying, tho.

Re: Wedding Gift Idea from an old window

Wow, those are great!

Re: Upcycled Birdfeeders

These are very pretty!

Re: Upcycled Vintage Cookie/Candy Tin Bird Feeders

These are wonderful. I love 'em.

Re: Shabby Chandelier

Very nice job on this great chandelier.

Re: The Name of the Game: Come Out & Play

I absolutely love this!!!

Re: Industrial - Dorm Room Table

I knew this was yours when I saw the photo. Awesome, per your usual standards. If it were mine, I'd hide something in there!

Re: New Use for Old Decking

That is a gorgeous display. A place where anyone -- gardener or not -- would want to spend time.

Re: Junky Snowmen

I'm just now seeing this post. How cute these are. I love em.

Re: Puppy Love Vase

Wonderful! Sweet and nostalgic.

Re: The Goblins Will Get Ya If Ya Don't Watch Out

You hear the word used a lot these days, but this really is ... amazing! Can you tell us what the face is made of? Wow!

Re: Cat Beds on a Budget

Perfect for the kitty dorm!

Re: Broken china mosaic end table

That is one gorgeous table!

Re: Our New Hallway Mantle - from an Old Door

I am intrigued by that crazy, multi-pronged hook on the right end. Where do you get one of those?

Re: The Country Junk Sale...June 21 and 22nd, 2013

Ditto what Suzi said!

Re: Metal Table Frame + Metal Headboard = Bench

Wow, a perfect fit. Very nice!

Re: Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Cute, cute, cute!!!

Re: Series of 8: Repurposed / Upcycled Vintage Wooden Water Ski Beer & Soda Bottle Opening Stations

Very cool! You must have an enormous stash of supplies! How fun.

Re: Vanity in the Great Outdoors

This is wonderful! I love everything about it.

Re: Button Flowers

I LOVE the salt shaker bouquet. So cute!

Re: Outdated Octagon Table Gets a New Beachy Look

Wow, very nice!!!

Re: my favorite wreath

Cool! Very beachy. I like it a lot.

Re: My Turquoise Phase

Wonderful! I love it all, especially that fishy thing.

Re: Cirque d' Zebra

She's cute! That whisk tail(?) makes me laugh.

Re: Looooooooove

This looks great! And what a great idea to car wash it.

Re: A few recent projects

These are wonderful! I especially love the crab sign. I'd hang it in my kitchen.

Re: Memory Jar

These are so much fun. Now I want to make one.

Re: Hutch top transformation

This is great! I especially love your color combination.

Re: Chalkboard from Crib

Very clever idea!

Re: Picken my own Garage!

Ohmygosh, how lucky can you get! So much fun!!!

Re: Sizzling Mid Century Wall Art

This is brilliant! Very cool midcentury vibe.

Re: Repurposed Red Wagon & Singer Sewing Machine Base Storage Table

Very cool!

Re: Vintage Retro Blue Aluminum Space Age Bird Feeder

I LOVE that! And I bet the birdies will, too.

Re: Coffee Table

I agree! And I love your coffee table!

Re: Gypsy Revival Bird Feeder

Simple, elegant use of an old wire thingy. I like it!

Re: Wine Rack/Bar

This thing is the bomb! I love it.

Re: Oil Can Ring Holder

Simple,elegant solution! Cute, too.

Re: Rusty old shell of lawnmower up-cycled to Mosaic Garden Planter

It's the world's most beautiful lawn mower! Very creative and fun.

Re: What to do with a Mammoth bookcase!

Way to go, plumberdaughter1. Those look great, and so functional.

Re: Headboard To Vintage Motel Sign

I really like that a lot. The colors are perfect!

Re: Repurposed Vent/Exhaust Hood Bird Feeder

Genius! I love this so much.

Re: Back to the Drawing Board

You are so creative and so much fun! I think it's hilarious that you know where you were when you made all those drawings (with beer in hand). Grout seminar? Hey, better drawing than snoozing. The speaker probably thought you were taking copious notes!


That's the coolest rain chain ever!!!

Re: Sea Glass Solar Light

This is great. You have so many good ideas about using seaglass.

Re: Desk

Nice job on that great, green desk!

Re: Brass and Burlap

Super cool! You did a great job.

Re: Potato Pot-ah-to Dogfoodo !

Aaaw, she loves her new food box. Love the dish tub, too.

Re: Industrial, Vintage Playing Cards Wall Art

This project looks great! Super nice.

Re: Repurposed cigar box

Ohmygosh, I love this almost as much as I love your name! What a hoot!

Re: Pique Assiette coffee table

This is stunning! I've done a bit of mosaic work, but was not familiar with pique assiette. Fabulous!

Re: Vintage Silver Tray turned Chalkboard

Love this!

Re: Ink Stained Coffee Filter Heart

What a great idea! Very cool!

Re: Stain Art Table


Re: First Kiss Dresser

That chest is stunning! Who would have known it could be so gorgeous. WOW!

Re: The Tale Of Two Short Tables

Unbelievable! It looks like it's always been that way. And that lamp base is perfect with it!

Re: Lace Lamp Shades

Lady, you nailed it! What a fabulous project!

Re: Re purpose Dresser - Console Table

What a great job! I would not have known those pieces weren't always together.

Re: Little Black Table with Tile Top

How nice that the tile fit so perfectly! It was meant to be.

Re: From Drab to Fab!

Wow, you really had your thinkin' cap on! So cute.

Re: Vintage Wicker Hamper's Revived

These are so pretty!

Re: Girly Flair for my Thrifty Chair

Very creative! Now the chair wears the pants in your family.

Re: Trash or Treasure WingBack Chair Before/After

Wonderful! Great job on this.

Re: Re Purpose Child's Toy Cradle

Nice work! And I love how your pictures show the progression of the project.

Re: New Life for an Old Kilt

What a great idea! This is a creative and useful project, and very cool!

Re: Vintage Doll Dresser Jewelry Box

Another great idea!

Re: Vintage Cutter Tablecloth Lamp Shades

Wonderful! I knew those old linens had to be good for something, but I couldn't ever figure out what to do with them.

Re: 1950's Magazine Rack and Side Table

Wow, those are Plum Rad!!

Re: Coffee Stations from No Hope Dressers!

Wow you have been busy! And what a great idea. I'm glad you are able to sell these.

Re: Hooked on Books


Re: re purposed bench

Very nice work!


Looks like you have many wonderful things. Wish I could come to your sale.

Re: Layered Tin Hearts "Gardens and Graphics"

These are great. I love them!

Re: Bygone Quits Reclaimed

I would try to find a section that is mostly intact and frame it for a wall hanging.

Re: Recent recycled projects

I LOVE that crab! It's great.

Re: "Eye Candy"...

I love ribbon and that's a great way to display it.

Re: The Grinch Was At My Window!

OK, I messed that up. Meant to say, wish I could paint like that.

Re: The Grinch Was At My Window!

Great! Wish I can paint walls and furniture, but not pictures. I'm envious.

Re: Upcycled Victorian Chairs

Wowee! What an improvement. Love 'em.

Re: Unidentified Find

That's a great bed warmer. I've never seen one with such a cool cutout design.

Re: Repurposed Bird Feeders

More great projects. You must have an unlimited supply of junk and an unlimited imagination!


Nice work, lady. And the fabric on those chairs is perfect. I love it.

Re: blue bucket bag

I like this bag, too. AND, a great way to recycle!

Re: purple shell coasters

These are very cute. I may be inspired to learn to crochet and make these.

Re: Vintage Wallpaper Display Repurposed into a Mirror

Wow, where do you find this stuff? Looks like the precursor to Contact paper. Anyway, I love your mirror. Fun, fun, fun!

Re: Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Great tree!!! Looks so neat with the vintage ornaments. Love it!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet for Storage

Simply beautiful!

Re: Bed Rail Turned Stocking Holder

So cute!!! I love it.

Re: Good Golly Miss Molly

Love this! Also, it has my initials on it. :^)

Re: Thread Holder

Very cool!!!

Re: From a bed to a Nutcracker...

What a great idea! Hope you don't mind if I steal this.

Re: Architectural Wreckage Lamp

Two thumbs up!!! Love the lamp, love it all, and -- WOW -- that bread door push. I actually remember those.

Re: Beautiful Antique Rocker

That chair is absolutely stunning!

Re: Art Deco Bird Cage Floor Lamp

What a beautiful piece you made. It's great!

Re: Before and After: Shangri-la Dresser


Re: Pumpkins with Attitude

Ohmygosh! So cute and clever! I love your pumpkins.

Re: Reclaimed Gym Floorboards

Nice work, ReMadeIt! Very professional-looking.

Re: Old Blue Prints framed in Rustic Charm

Coolest thing ever!!!

Re: Just Caulk it for a little OoOo La Laaaaa

This is FAB-U-LOUS! And you are a fearless designer. Thank you for trying these wonderfully cool ideas to see if they work and sharing them with use them they do!

Re: Blackboard Credenza

That is wonderful! I love it. If I had that, I would dust more often ;^}

Re: Ladder Shelf

So clever and original. Love it!

Re: Revamp Old Chair

Two fantastic new pieces! They both look wonderful.

Re: Printer's drawer coffee table

A great table, AND you can display your tiny treasures.

Re: Junk Trunk turned Vintage Beauty

Wow, you are good! I like the way you use different techniques to achieve a unique effect.

Re: Radiator Water Bag Tote

Very nice work, and so clever. But tell me, what is a radiator bag?

Re: Old Plastic Gold is RENEWED

Looks great!

Re: Dryer Drum Bottle Tree

Cute, cute, cute!!!

Re: $148 Scrap Junk Makeover! WOW!

Wow, a "lot of work" is an understatement! But such a beautiful result. Very nicely done!

Re: Vintage Burlap and Lace Wedding

Never cared much for weddings, but these decorations may change my mind. Beautiful!

Re: Hoosier

Wow, nice work on the restore!

Re: Flexible Flyer Fun

I love your wagon-table. I think I'll steal this idea for holding my house plants. p.s. I thought all Flexible Flyers were sleds.

Re: Vintage Fashion Portfolio

Fascinating! I have a bunch of old ephemera that was my mother's, but never figured out how to put it all together. This is a perfect way to preserve these items from the past.

Re: Antique Iron Gate Pot Rack

Great job on this super cool pot rack.

Re: Glass Insulators Get a Different Look

Very original, and I LOVE your paint technique!

Re: 8th Annual Autumn JunkFest & Flea Market

Oh man, I wish I could go to that! What beautiful displays.

Re: Fill 'er up!

A unique piece; bet you have the only one in town. No fuelin'!

Re: Antique Western Bar "circ 1940 - 2012"

That. Is. Amazing.

Re: Quirky Decor

Very cute and so clever. It really is an art piece.

Re: Altered Watercolor Paint Tin

This is brilliant! I've seen altered books, but never anything like this. I love it.

Re: Thrifted Vintage Ruler Lamp

Another great use for rulers. It's a measure of your talent!

Re: Flock Party Bird Feeder

Very nice composition and looks great! Thanks for the details on how you put it together.

Re: Repurposed Victorian Ridge Caps

What a great idea! I had some of those once, but I sold them before I got a clue about what to do with them. You had the right idea!

Re: Roadside Find

Hey Erin, where ya been? I hope you can use those adorable wheels for something else. The crib can be used for lots of things after you put your magic on it.

Re: Heavy Duty Desk Vice Grip

I love it! What a great repurpose.

Re: Photo Album for Baby

That is beautiful, Jim. Such a nostalgic look yet somehow so fresh.

Re: Welded Birdhouse

This is very cute. Nice work!

Re: Wine Rack

A simple, elegant solution.

Re: Coffee Sack Curtain

I had a whole stack of these once; used them for weed barrier in the garden. Wish I had saved some for things like this! Looks great.

Re: Getting Scrappy

This is so cute and clever.

Re: Art Canvas turned into Rectangular Wreath

Definitely going to steal this fabulous idea. Thank you!

Re: YOU-Nique Sleigh Bed


Re: Junky Goldtone Necklace Creations

Very nice!!!

Re: "Playing" with a Mailbox...

That is awesome! I love putting old mail boxes to work for different uses. Like your Slip'n'Slide, too!

Re: Necklace from an antique bronze lion's foot

I wouldn't have thought of using that for a necklace, but it is a really interesting look. How did you do the verdigris finish on it?

Re: Junk for Storage

Wow, you have been busy! Love all your things, and I love that paint job on the lunchbox, too!

Re: Shed-Evolution

Thanks, Silvertips! It is a stick-built shed I purchased from a local home-improvement store. They have their own contract builders. It is 6' X 10' -- small, but holds most of my garden essentials. They have a warranty as long as you don't alter it in any way. HA HA, right!!!

No new pics of the interior, but there are some old ones here:

Good luck with yours!

Re: Today is Her Birthday! So Here's Her Pallet pleasing project.

Wow, you go girl! What a great idea for a business. And a great pallet bar, too.

Re: "Brit Beach" Union Jack Coffee Table

I'd bet that table never looked better. But where did you get so many sticks?

Re: Surf Tumbled Marble Pendant Wrapped in Sterling

That is great! I love your wire work.

Re: Sun Yellow!

It is so bright and lively now. Very nice!

Re: Broken China Mosaic Table

Fabulous! You did a wonderful job! Also, you must have better thrift stores than where I live. ;)

Re: Vintage Chevy Dealership Poster

Aaah, the good ole days! A couple years ago I made a display of my hubby's car emblem collection. Maybe I'll post it. Yours are older, though. Those old ones had a lot more style. Now they are mostly block letters (ho-hum).

Re: Front Porch - Mailbox - Suncatcher Projects

Wowee! You have a great way of putting things together. Looks fabulous.

Re: Directions? where?

I love handmade signs, and yours are the coolest! Wonderful!!!

Re: B-I-N-G-O...and BINGO was his name-o!

He's ready for the Shriners' parade! HaHa. Cute!

Re: Umbrella Stand

Great idea! Love it.

Re: Up-cycled Crosses made from picture frames

So clever and so simple at the same time. I don't think I would have thought of making those, but it looks great!

Re: New Birdhouse and up-cycled Char-Broil Grill!

Cute and clever design on the birdhouse. Love your potting center, too!

Re: Little Solar Lighthouse

Very clever idea!

Re: frame projects

Please tell us more about that photo frame book cover. That looks really cool!

Re: Help? Can anyone tell me anything about this cabinet???

That is so interesting. I've never seen anything like it.

Re: Crosses, birdhouses, flags, and hearts .... all from leftover, re-do, re-joice!!!

Very creative and neat stuff!

Re: A pioneer in the junking field!

Wonderful! If it were mine, I'd leave it just like Dad made it.

Re: Bread Tray to Shell Display

That shelf is dreamy! I absolutely love it.

Re: Trashy Moneybag

That is awesome! Love it.

Re: Adding Vertical Garden Interest with a Funnel

Ohmygosh! I'm going to go and look for a big ole funnel right now. I love that.

Re: Sea Glass Bird Bath

This is cool. I would not have thought to add the solar lights, but I love things that light up at night.

Re: Sea Glass Sun Garden Ornament and Windchimes

What a great idea! Adding the sea glass just makes the thing.

Re: The PAINTED chair and JD Cabinet ala GypsyBarn style!

Wow, these deserve two separate posts. I love them both. I painted a chair once; yours looks waaaay better than mine ;^}

Re: Reclaimed Table

I LOVE this table!

Re: A visit to a junk themed campsite

Wow! What a fun place!!!

Re: Chair planters

Beautiful. I love the fact that you painted the pots to match the chairs.

Re: Thrift store side table

Great look and a place to put your zines, too.

Re: Use for an old crate

What a cool idea. Looks great and I love those letters.

Re: The lighter side of Junk!

I really love this look. It is simply beautiful.

Re: Bird feeder

How cute! Looks like a birdie carousel.

Re: Antique Crate Island Rack


Re: Pack Up Your Troubles

I love it, I love it, I love it!!!

Re: Flowerbeds

Or sweet peas in that picket fence one. Beautiful.

Re: Flowerbeds

These are gorgeous! I can imagine a big crop of colorful petunias bursting out the top.

Re: Toboggan Wall Piece

I love it!

Re: Medieval Wheelbarrow Made of Junk

That is so clever! I especially like the rockers used as handles. And the wheel is awesome. COOOL!

Re: score! 1920's gas station light

Wow, those are so cool! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Re: pocket watch necklaces

Those are great!!

Re: Before and After sideboard

Gorgeous! Very nice work.

Re: Lamp Shade

Nice! Very light and ethereal.

Re: Farmhouse Table

That table is beautiful. What a great job you did.

Re: an affordable knockoff ;)

I have a drink dispenser just like that. I never thought to make my own stand for it. Duh!!! Thanks for the great idea.

Re: Potting Bench

A treasure it is!!! I love it.

Re: Chess Anyone?

What a clever and unique idea!!! I love it! BTW, you should learn how to play chess; it's very fun.

Re: Cheese Crate Repurposed for a Ring Display

Great job! Very nice way to display your jewelry.

Re: Gypsy Soule Messenger bag

Beautiful! Very nice.

Re: Family Tree

That is very clever and looks great. I love it!

Re: Paper Bag Vase

weatheredtreasure: I took the bottle out before I put the glue on, so the bag was still soft and pliable at that time. Thanks for asking!!!

Re: Jewelry Display from a Salvaged Lamp


Re: Turquoise Patina Necklace and Earrings

These are a great design. Reminds me of fuschia blooms.

Re: My New Apartment!

How fun -- a new place to decorate. Looks like you've mentally placed everything already!

Re: Simply candle holder

I LOVE that! So clever.

Re: Simple Spindle Dragonflys

Fabulous! I may have to steal this idea.

Re: Salvaged Cabinet

What a gorgeous cabinet. It started out with a lot of potential and you made it wonderful.

Re: Fish tank pallet table

That is waaaay cool!

Re: Upcycled Desk Made From Dismantled Piano Parts

Very, very nice! What kind of paste was do yo use?

Re: Country Apron curtains

Very pretty window treatment. Looks airy and light.

Re: Fence post headboard

Yup, I agree with Jim. Reminds me of those little fences they have on East Coast beaches. Would look so good with my nautical stuff.

Re: A Life More Palletable

Your sign is wonderful!

Re: Jewelry stand

That's really cute. I love expanded metal; it's good for so many things.

Re: Vintage Mirror

That mirror is gorgeous!

Re: Reclaimed shutter shelf

That is one awesome shelving unit. Great!!!

Re: Repurposed Tennis Rackets

Very cute table/rack. Nice job and very creative.

Re: Junk storage even a non junker would love

OK, super great solution. BUT, how do you get any work done?

Re: Curbside find: tiger oak chest!

Well, you've done it again! What a great job you did; hard to believe it took less than 4 hours. Bravo!!!

Re: Anatomy of a "Junk" Room

What a gorgeous craft room! If I were you, I'd spend all my time in there.

Re: Chalkboard Dresser

A great idea and a very clever mom!

Re: Projects for my first Flea Market Booth this weekend

I'll bet you will do great. I love that flag; have been wanting to make one for a long time. If I were anywhere near OK, I'd buy yours.

Re: Upcycled Tennis Racquet Wall Trophy & Awards Display Shelf

Very clever and cool idea. Love it!

Re: Silver or Silver Plated, Don't know, but love the look.

Those are beautiful!

Re: Rustic Easter

Oooh, love the look! I have a chicken feeder that would be perfect for this project. Thank you!!!

Re: Hardware, Rust, and Rhinestones

How very clever!

Re: Colorful Pallet

Nice job, Bec4! I'll bet that was really fun to make.

Re: Desert Wood Votive Candle Holder

Those things are great, aren't they? Your candle holder is a great way to use them.

Re: Continuation of JMS "Top Ten" Brian's Favorite Junk Parts

What a fantastic stash o' junk!!! I'm so jealous.

Re: Industrial Lamps

Great lamps! Very cool.

Re: Wildlife Assemblages Formed From Re-Interpreted Refuse

How talented you are! Those are marvelous.

Re: Corner Shelf

What a clever idea! That is great!

Re: Thrifted Desk Organizer

Sweet! I'm all about organizing, and this is really a cute organizer.

Re: A Stepladder in the Border

That is very, very pretty. Inspires me to plant more flowers this year.

Re: Using Vintage Textiles In Home Decor

Wow, you are one clever and talented lady. That slipcover is FABULOUS!


It's hard to tell from the picture. Is it lined with metal? Could it be a soap mold?

Re: Park Bench

Great job! Your bench is beautiful.

Re: Faux {Vintage} Metal Stencils

That's awesome. I like how you think!


Looks pretty neat in the daytime, too!

Re: Ladders, ladders everywhere!

Very clever use of ladders! Wish I had room for something like that in my bathroom.

Re: Tower of Giraffes and Eyeful Tower

Those are really an "eyeful." Nice!

Re: The Vintage Wedding

This is a beautiful, artful assemblage. AND a functional work of art.

Re: Old Porcelain Knob Towel Hangers

That is beautiful. I wish I could get my hands on some of those porcelain knobs.

Re: New Recycled yard Art

Your things are so beautiful and original.

Re: More to Recycle, Projects never end!

Great ideas. I especially like your fern post.

Re: Kitchen Pot and Untensil Rack

That looks awesome! Great idea.

Re: Metal Ruler "Pin Board"

I love this idea. I want to try it.


Love that!

Re: best job interview ever

Lucky you! Hope you got the job, too.

Re: Wood Scrap Heart

That turned out great. I'll bet it was really fun to make.

Re: DIY Tip - Pain in the rump, lumpy / separated paints

I love this idea. Thanks!

Re: Bathroom Remodel - Ball Jar Soap Dispenser

I love this soap dispenser!

Re: Recycled Style for Valentine's Day

Thanks for the super idea. I want to make one now.


That looks super!!!


Creative use of those old wheels. Looks great!

Re: Repurposed Wooden Spoon Rack

What an interesting piece! I'd love to get my hands on one of those. And your country cabinet is wonderful!

Re: Industrial Junk Decor

I bet you have one of those homes that people love to visit because it's so interesting. You have a great sense of style!

Re: Upcycled Bird Feeders with Found Objects

Wow, those take the cake ... er, seed. Your head must be spinning with ideas. Love em all!

Re: Dressed Up Vintage Bottles

Those are great. People keep finding more uses for that webbing and it has such interesting texture. I really must get some.

Re: Baubles and Bling

Those are beautiful; you really have the touch! Also, I love your name. :)

Re: Feeling & Filling Time

Those clocks are so pretty individually, and when you put them all together they look even better!

Re: recent use of old wood and fence boards

Those are beautiful! Great work.

Re: Sad Little End Table

Your sad little table is happy now! I have used that color paint and love it; it's so delicate and pretty!

Re: From upside down in an alley to this...

What a cute little table. Your paint job really brings out the designs. FUN!

Re: A Pantry Created From Old Doors

I love pantries and yours looks superb!!! Great work indeed.

Re: Making a flea market cart liner with leftover materials

I agree completely -- things should be functional AND cute. I hope you don't mind if I steal your idea for my own cart. Yours looks great!

Re: Vintage Ball canning jar chandelier

Me, too! And how fun is that chandelier!

Re: Antique Armoir Door Coffee Table

A perfect solution and great match up. Love that old wood!

Re: Vintage Photo Frame

Very clever -- A new way to "frame" your photos!

Re: The onion footstool

OK, where do you live? I'm coming to get that thing. It's sooooo cool. And how neat that all that covering protected the top all those years.

Re: Organizing Photos...The Junk Market Style Way

This is wonderful! I especially love that old hardware (hinge?) You find the coolest stuff and do the coolest things with it. drool...

Re: Broken China Bracelet ~ Vintage teacups and saucers ~ Handcrafted

That is gorgeous!!!

Re: Refinished table and chairs.


Re: Putting on the Ritz

Wow, your birds are amazing! Really cool.

Re: Bag pillows

Great idea! Simple and fun.

Re: Repurposed Vintage Card Display

How very cute. Those valentines are perfect on there!

Re: Repurposed Metal Shelf and Display Board

That is so great! Just goes to show, we should look at things upside-down!

Re: Bearing Bookends

These are great; I love em. Wish I could get my hands on some of these bearings. I like your blog, too.



Re: Old Laundry Basket Used For Towel Storage

Very pretty and functional, too!

Re: Trunk Table

Those legs look great on that trunk. Perfect!

Re: Use What You Have

These look great! I just love changing things around in my craft room. It's the one place where I can do anything I want. I hope you have as much fun as I do.

Re: Low maintenance pet

That is SO CUTE. I'm getting that kind of dog next time!

Re: Dress Form from old mail bag

Great job! What a cool idea! It never occurred to me that one could make a dress form.

Re: Going Authentic

So true, so true. Just had to comment on your tennis racket. I have two that I bought at a yard sale for a buck or two apiece. I use one of them as a rug beater!

Re: Old lantern gets new lease on light

Wow, that is so much fun! I love it.

Re: Gotta LOVE Vintage Hardware

Gorgeous! Very nice work. I love your door.

Re: Can you feel the islands?

Me too!

Re: Up with the sun....gone with the wind.

These are fabulous! That paper bag finish is amazing.

Re: Altered Ironstone

I love this idea. What kind of ink or paint do you use? Do you seal it so it won't rub off? I would love to try this.

Re: Wedding Decorations Thus Far

What great ideas, Erin. Those are really fun and cute. The lodge location sounds wonderful.

Re: Free to Fabulous!

Wow, that was a lot of work, but the beautiful result made it worth it.

Re: Garden Gate Valance

That gate valance is a GREAT valance! Very clever.

Re: DIY Drapery Hooks/Rings

That's cuter than store-bought anyway. :)

Re: JMS Member Review 2011

This is a wonderful reminder of all the beautiful things we get to look at all year round!

Re: Steel for a Steal

You did a great job. I'm so envious of your alley finds!
I have one like this only it has only one drawer on top. I didn't do the total makeover; just painted it with bright red latex paint. They make great storage.

Re: Writing Desk Rescue

Ohmygosh! There is one just like that in the back of the February Country Living magazine (p. 127). But it sure isn't FREE. Nice going! I've fixed up a couple of those writing desks, but I never see them available around here any more.


Very pretty arrangement. I love pieces that can serve more than one purpose.

Re: Scrap Scarf....made from the ornaments off my Bedspring Christmas Tree

Neato! Pretty and warm.

Re: Jewelry Organizer

I agree -- it's beautiful!

Re: Welcome to my office

I see tons of great ideas here. Thanks!

Re: Gifts made by my 10 yr old

What a great thing your son did. I'm sure you and Grammy and everyone else are very proud, as I would be.

Re: Canadian Maple Leaf Dresser

That's one awesome dresser! Beauty!

Re: Keep Calm Cupboard Doors

These are great. Isn't it so much more fun to make our own? I love doing that.

Re: Repurposed Antiques at the Christmas Bazaar

Beautiful items and amazing displays!

Re: Glammed up lamp shade...

It's beautiful!

Re: "Gettin' twiggy with it"

Very nice job! Love the painted branches.

Re: High School Varsity Letter Pillows

These look great; agree with annebell about the welting, too.

Re: Christmas Eve Lamp

Well, you've done it again. This is a very cool, imaginative lamp. And that tree stand is to die for!

Re: Re-purposed Vintage Brooch Bracelet

What a fantastic use of the brooch. I want to make one!

Re: A little Joy

Ohmygosh, I LOVE this!!!

Re: Our Kitchen Island Transformation

You did a beautiful job! That is an awesome island.

Re: Christmas Bells

Beautiful. Festive, too!

Re: Caribou Paper Art Silhouette by Colleen Rausch

Love this. That would look great in my cabin.

Re: Restyled Vintage Christmas Ornaments

I like these. They remind me of winter blooming hellebores.

Re: Budget Cabinet Makeover!!!

I love your new and improved cabinets. They are gorgeous!!!

Re: Old rake into a wreath

Very pretty indeed!

Re: Redesigned Christmas Ornaments

You really removed the paint? I would never have thought of that. You have so many great ideas and the skill to actually see them through.

Re: Shell to Full Fugure

How clever you are! Great job on the lady!

Re: A Murder of Crows

I love crows, and these are very cute.

Re: Nothing A Little Stripper Can't Fix

Wow, you have a lot more patience than I do! Anyway, looks like it paid off. Great!!!

Re: Vintage Christmas Collection

Cute! I used to see those around a lot, but now they are getting hard to find.

Re: Recent Junked up FUN!

Wow, you have been busy! Love all your projects!

Re: Vintage Terrarium

Wow, that is the coolest thing ever!

Re: Bench

Very cool bench. You certainly have a talent for metal work.

Re: Trumeau Mirror

That is fantastic! What a great idea.

Re: Wine Bottle Mosaic - Slumped Wine Bottle & Glass

What a fantastic piece of art!!! It's wonderful.

Re: Pallet shelf experiment

I learned not too long ago that some pallets are made of nice wood -- hardwood even! Rough, but worth taking the time to work with. Now I have a new appreciation for pallets.

Re: Silverplate Spoon Trophy Birdhouse

This may be your most beautiful one yet!

Re: salvage windmill base floor lamp

Wow, very cool lamp! Love it.

Re: My New Wall decor

A beautiful display!

Re: Coordinating Benches with Storage Footstool

Those are beautiful!


Oh wow, that sounds like heaven to me. Vermont, woods, cabin, romance...aah. I'm so happy for you guys!

Re: simple barn shelf

Great look! Awesome!

Re: Reclaimed Truss Headboard

What I think is, I wish I had your imagination! Very cool one-of-a-kind headboard!

Re: Refinished dresser and chest of drawers

Very nice work. I love your rustic decor. I just made some homespun curtains that look a lot like yours.

Re: The Chippy Chirpy Reverse Paint Dresser

I agree with everyone else; this is a bee-oo-tee-ful piece!!!
What a great idea! So, did you using gouging tools, or what?

Re: Cider Jug Lamp

Wow, nice work! This lamp looks great.

Re: Round wood table

Nice job. I NEVER get tired of coastal; I love it.


Super cute and nautical. I love it.

Re: Christmas in a Can-ister...

Cute, cute, cute!!!

Re: Collector of collections

Why not? Go ahead and repurpose it into a more useable item. The wagon is a great idea.

Re: Pile of Michigan License Plates = Flag of USA

What an excellent piece! And so much work!


It looks FABULOUS!!! Love it!

Re: Upcycled Industrial Iron Sewing Machine Side Table

That looks great! Wish I still had my old treadle machine now.

Re: Window wall & vanity

OMG, that wall is gorgeous!

Re: A Hot Transformation

I love that! And what luck that the two pieces fit together.

Re: Back Entrance Project

A very pretty piece (and so much work)!

Re: Up-Cycled Leather Bracelets

Those are very cute!

Re: Speedboat Percolator & Brass Thermometer Birdhouses

Your stuff is just amazing -- and kinda steampunk.

Re: New "aged" cabinet

Nice job!!!

Re: Old Birdcages

So cute and creative!

Re: Glass on Glass mosaic candle holders

Ohmygosh, those are beautiful!!!

Re: Gross Old End Table

Care to divulge how you did that? I'd love to know. :)

Re: How to Display Pumpkins

Everything about that arrangement is beautiful!

Re: Picker's Paradise Tag Sale

I am so jealous I can't stand it! There is nothing like that where I live. I may run away from home and end up there. Oh, and I think those round grille-y things could be fan blade guards.

Re: Further "Organ Harvest": more music-based art :^)

You are so clever! Great ideas.

Re: my mermaids made with odds and ends

Adorable! Especially the one with the seaweed hair!

Re: Record players as art :)

What a fantastic idea! I love it.

Re: Featherstone- garden rock or paperweight

Don't know how you did that, but it looks great.

Re: My Steampunk Hat

That is one cool hat!

Re: Primitive Barn Wood Island

I really, really like that table!

Re: First Project Completed......

Very nice work, and that fabric is beautiful.

Re: HELP!!!!

You could also just hang the empty frame on the wall. It's pretty enough to stand alone.

Re: Unique Sofa Table

That looks fantastic!

Re: Billy Jo's "DO OVER DECO" Part 7

I love these pieces! A few years ago when I was furnishing my cabin I looked all over for a set of those twin beds from the 50s-60s that had the wagon wheel design.

Re: Flamingo junk......

Someone was really clever to make that. And I love your paint job, too!

Re: Jewelry from an old Brownie Camera

I LOVE those!!!

Re: Metal Trim

That IS a great find!

Re: Yellow Porcelain Enamel Pitcher Birdhouse

Beautiful! It's amazing that you can drill through that porcelain without it cracking and falling off.

Re: Altared (sic) Idenity!

Ooh-la-la! Your home is beautiful!

Re: Recycled Art Project done and dusted

Tee-hee, that bull is the best! (no bull)

Re: Vintage Matchbook Advertising Art Pendants

Yes, yes! What everyone said!

Re: Upcycled Roller Skate Keepsake Box Delivery Truck

I LOVE it -- especially the brake :)

Re: 'Rescued Rubbish' Lamps

Double ditto!!!

Re: Rescued from the Rubbish Pile! Makeover SUCCESS!

Very nice, Erin. I have one similar to yours -- even the color!

Re: World Globe Turned Pumpkin

That's cute as can be! Wish I'd kept the globes I gave away.

Re: Cornflower Blue License Plate Birdhouse

Wow, another knock-out piece! Beauty!

Re: Printing on tissue paper

Yay, thanks for the tutorial and the extra pics. I'm going to try it!

Re: Work Table Conference Table

Ooh, I love that table!

Re: Another chalkboard project

A really nice message board you have created!

Re: Printing on tissue paper

A sad story, but a beautiful image. When you get your technique perfected, would you mind sharing it? Thank you.

Re: Failed Barn Star attempt

What a great poinsettia it is! (Won't be long till Christmas)

Re: Sunflower unfinished

I like it both ways. It's very cute.

Re: My Weekend Project

It looks great just the way it is!

Re: JMUG "Fall Edition" Vendor Feature... It's All About Junk Friends...

So many beautiful things in one place. Wish I could be there!

Re: Wings

Nice work! The wings are great.

Re: Drawer front repurpose

I think so, too! Great.

Re: Another drawer front repurpose

The spigot handles look like flower petals. Very nice!

Re: outside creations

That hose flower is a hoot! I love it.

Re: Rescued Rubbish

Your drummer makes me smile :)

Re: Madam Butterfly- Altered Sea Glass Necklace

Gorgeous! Boy, do I love sea glass, and this is a perfect way to use it.

Re: Summer Wine Storage

Wow, my favorite color AND my favorite drink! Great idea!

Re: Upcycled Roller Skates Robot Keepsake Box Truck

Your things are so clever and unique! Wonderful.

Re: ,A Farmall Grille, Rusty Gate, Cracked Father Timepiece and you have a Great Recipe for Rustic Gold !

I am lovin' that tractor grille! Great finds.

Re: How To Resize Photos

If you have a Mac and don't have Microsoft Office, you can resize your photos using iPhoto. Just crop your photos if you wish (or not); then select the ones you want. Under the File drop-down menu, choose Export. About half-way down in the dialog box you will see "Size". There you can choose Full Size, Large, Medium, Small, or Custom. For this web site, I just always use Medium. I export them to my desktop where they are super easy to grab and upload.

Re: Old window wells REPURPOSED!

Ditto what Jim said!

Re: Wise, Old Poker Chip Necklace

It's lovely! Is the owl pic decoupaged on?

Re: tire flower

Ahaha! That's awesome!

Re: "Emerald Icon" Necklace

Striking assemblage of all the right parts!

Re: Copper Bundt Cake Mold Upcycled Birdfeeder

It's very elegant looking. Two thumbs up!

Re: Planted Vintage Containers

Every single one is beautiful!

Re: Got LOVE

That is very cool!

Re: Postage Jewelry

Love it, love it, love it!

Re: cottage mail

Wish I could do that, but our mailbox is on a post with the neighbor's. Still, I could put one in my garden!

Re: Vintage Children's Book Birdhouse

Wow, that is so cool!

Re: Funky Metal Chicken

Wish I could get my hands on stuff like that -- especially those rusty fleurs de lis!

Re: Baccy Tins & Shipwreck Nails


Re: Light Up My Life

I love your car lamps. Bet you could sell those on Etsy.

Re: Doll High Chair

A very sweet gift for your niece!

Re: Steampunk Forks & Copper Canister Bird House

It's gorgeous!

Re: 70's Lamp Paper Towel Holder

Wow, so much good stuff from one lamp! Nice job.

Re: Copper Bowl Used As A Sink

Gorgeous! I love it!

Re: Behind Door Number One Is....

A great little display, and so clever.

Re: Play the Music...Then Wear It!


Re: Free Things From The Dump

Wow, looks like you rescued some great stuff!

Re: Bread Minus The B...

Ha, that's cute

Re: Kitchen junk lamp

Wow, great job! I love one-of-a-kind lamps.

Re: Introducing Junktiques!

That's great! You will have so much fun with your booth and you'll have an outlet for your creativity. I love Dave Barry, too.

Re: Porch decor

You have some wonderful things on your porch!

Re: "Tools" of the trade!

Well, duh. What else would you use it for. :P

Re: Memory Jar

OK, this one almost made me cry. I may try to figure out how to do one with the few things I have left from mine when they were small.

Re: Dog Beds.

How SWEET is that!

Re: Junk"Y" Situation

Oh man, this looks like so much fun!

Re: Tipsy Pots

Very cute and clever!

Re: Mary Contrary's Garden

Well, even if hubby doesn't get it, we do! Haha.

Re: Never be afraid to hang a container on anything!

I see the cutest stuff on here made from old farm pieces. I simply MUST find a source for this stuff so I can copy you!

Re: Bird Bath

It looks fabulous!

Re: It's a Dutch wall of Junk!

Looks great, and I love those boards!

Re: Farm Fresh...A New Twist on the Chicken Feeder

That is SO PRETTY!

Re: Thank you Grandpa!

I don't which is cooler: your grandpa or the thank-you project. I'm envious!

Re: Grandpa's Chairs!

I love those chairs, too. They evoke so much nostalgia.

Re: Funnel flower pot

What a cool idea! Love it.

Re: I could use some suggestions.

Or even just a latex paint would do.

Re: I could use some suggestions.

I adore that fabric with the circles! Can you just paint the steps one of the colors in the fabric? Maybe use a plastic paint.

Re: Decoupaged Map Buffet

That is beautiful! I love it!

Re: Fairy Driver

Another cute piece. Where do you get so many ideas?

Re: Tre Verde

What a great idea. That is really pretty!

Re: End Table Repurposed

Very cute!

Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

Ohmygosh, all that gorgeous stuff! I would love to go back in time and be there. I live in the west, but it's unbelievably hard to find a lot of that Adirondack kind of stuff here. Oh that hutch, that canoe, that.... ahhhh

Re: old sugar mold becomes useful container

Beautiful! I'd like to get my hands on an old sugar mold.

Re: Another old window revived

This is really cute. I may copy this for my deck!

Re: Shiney Knight on Armored Dragon

Perfect! A great piece of art!

Re: "Good Wishes"

Oooh, this is great! Thanks for sharing this fun idea.

Re: Rusty Sifter Planter

What a great idea! I can just see a group of those lined up together. Wonderful!

Re: Riding Lawnmower

Cute! Great idea. I'd use it!

Re: Thursday's Junque...

Oh man, I just love those old wire baskets. And pink peonies, too.

Re: Old Family Farm Drop Leaf Table Turned Into Wall Art


Re: 54 Olds Buffet LIT UP and DONE!

That's incredible! How did you DO that?

Re: Repurposed Wooden Cigar Boxes as Art Purses

Those are awesome! I've tried to make those, but it's harder than it looks to make them really cool.

Re: Ocean Surf Buffet

Fabulous. I love it!

Re: Catch all to Coat Room

Cute! Not scary at all now.

Re: Old Mailbox turned Vase

Love it, love it!

Re: Bird Feeder & Bird bath

If I were a bird, I'd love that copper bathtub!

Re: Thrift Store Container for Herb Garden

I love this; a very cool idea (and practical, too).

Re: Playing with vintage hardware

Way cool! I love those old hooks.

Re: Freecycle find

Isn't it the funnest thing to take something awful and make something beautiful with it. I LOVE it!

Re: Kitchen Chalk Board

That looks great!!!

Re: Kitchen Cloche

This is cute. I'd like to make one to use as a bug screen for dishes outdoors.

Re: Neighborhood Junk

Wow, lady, you scored BIG TIME! Great finds.

Re: Junque Jewelry

I love your junque!

Re: Mizzou vs Michigan!


Re: Princess Alberta, Patron Saint of Smoke & Mirrors

Wow, you've done it again! I wish I had your imagination.

Re: My first Project

Wow, great work! And what a luck find for you! Welcome!

Re: Crystal suncatcher mini-chandelier

Very cute! This makes me want to go buy an old lamp shade and make something.

Re: Repurposed Old Farm Windmill - Strictly for the Birds

Love it, love it, love it!

Re: Rusty Canning Cooker Planter

Very cool. I grew up on a farm and everyone canned, but I have never seen anything like that. Were those commonly used? How did it work?

Re: Ski hat rack

This would look SWEET in my cabin!

Re: One last try for those junky roses...

I love dried roses, especially the way the color evolves into that gorgeous aged look.

Re: Green Hummingbird Feeders

Very nice, Sarah. I have purchased large glass beads from Fire Mountain for projects like this. You can get an assortment in a bag which are rough and you don't know what you will get, but they are great for outdoor projects. Here's an example:

Re: Nature's junk is the best-- for crying out loud

Love your sense of humor. So clever!

Re: Mini hummingbird feeders

This is a great idea! I like small hummer feeders because it forces me to change the water often and keep them clean so the birdies don't get sick. (They can die from the mold that gets in feeders.) Tell me please, where did you buy the stems/corks?

Re: Office supply jars

I love this!

Re: Vintage Hat Easter Basket

Great idea, and so pretty!

Re: $1,200.00 French Farm Kitchen Renovation

That is one beautiful kitchen!

Re: Birdcages

What a cute idea!!!

Re: It's twiggie time!

That's cute. I love anything made from twigs or branches.

Re: Time to JUNK build

Oh man, I really love that plant stand. So much fun!!!

Re: Chicken wire Cloche

I've seen wire ones, and I've seen glass ones, but I never thought to incorporate both together! Very cool.

Re: Turn me up and down.. let's dance..

Very cute dancing glasses! I may try that idea myself.

Re: The 1905 Victorian Monster Builtinn in my old kitchen

So pretty! I love white beadboard.

Re: saved!

Beautiful work!

Re: salvaged desk

Super cool! Looks great.

Re: I'm just ducky....

Those are so cute!

Re: Seeing Angels...

Love the bowling pin!

Re: Seamstress Bracelet

Very cute!

Re: Isn't it wonderful?

Ha, Erin, you crack me up. I can just see you lugging that thing up three flights! When you do put a seat on it, I think it would look great holding a stack of old quilts.

Re: Poster Tube

Wow, that looks great!

Re: Desk Before

If it were mine, I would refinish only the top and do a pretty crackle finish on the bottom. However, if your heart is set on redoing the whole thing, I would wait until warm weather and to it outside using an eco-friendly stripper and collecting all the stuff you scrape off and disposing of it in the trash. If you do any paint sanding (and I'm sure you'll have to), wear a mask, because it may have lead in it. Either way, it will be beautiful.

Re: Our New Sign

That is beautiful! You really do nice work, and what a great use of a headboard.

Re: Wine a little bit .......

Very, very cool. I love it.

Re: Sewing Seeds in My Rustic Garden


Re: Junk art door with drawer bins

Ooh, ooh, I'm thinking I could steal your idea for the drawers to make something similar with mine (
I'm lovin that door, too.

Re: Lace & Metal Dress From

What a great idea you had! It looks terrific.

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

I don't remember seeing this before. Very cool. I have a thing for nightlights, and also chicken feeders. Love it.

Re: Upcycled glass collage

I wish I could come and see this in person. It looks wonderful.

Re: On Cue

I am so incredibly jealous. How cool that you have a game room and the talent to make it great. I can just imagine how much fun you are having with this.

Re: Miss Scarlett, in the Hall with the Rope!

Wow, I had no clue (groan) that you could buy coaster frames. What a fun idea!

Re: Grammy's Quilt Rack

Very nice finish. This makes me want to get out and redo some stuff. If only it would quit raining.

Re: Now I see the Light!!!

I didn't think I liked a naked lampshade, but this one has such a beautiful form. I never saw one like it.

Re: Rescued Vintage Table Top

This table is so pretty. I love the legs, and the top is my favorite color.

Re: Junk Hang-Up: Vintage Door Coat Rack

Wow, wow, wow!!!

Re: Tightening the Belt(s)

That looks fantastic, Erin.

Re: Vintage JEWELRY Sign

Gorgeous! I LOVE IT!!!

Re: Junk furniture for outside

Oh man, I want that garden table!

Re: more pickets!

That rain gauge is awesome!

Re: Bells ring,Birds sing

That is so cute! (Why didn't I think of that?)

Re: Vintage Screen becomes Office Organizer

What a great job! And that toile picture board makes it perfect!

Re: Solar Light Terrarum..

OK, how did you do that? Please share. ;-)

Re: upcycled footstool ;)

Love your slipcover, and the wood is so pretty in white!

Re: In need of inspiration! lots of lamp junk to use!

I should have said, you can get a lamp kit just for bottles. I used one in this:

Re: Belted Tray

This looks great!

Re: In need of inspiration! lots of lamp junk to use!

Hi Erin -- You can get a lamp kit for your bottle, so you don't need to drill it. However, I would put some sand or something in it to make it more stable.
When you get the hardware out of the white lamp, you can epoxy a cute saucer onto the top, fill it with birdseed, and set it outside.
And that wire frame would be good for a lot of things, like a waste basket or cachepot. Just wrap something all around it, like fabric, ribbon, leather, paper, wire, an old sweater...

Re: Monochromatic Teapot Lamp

I agree with Jim. This is gorgeous -- so lacy. I admire people who can do this. I bought a porcelain bit once and tried to drill a saucer. It was so hard, I gave up after a while and never tried it again.

Re: Junk that's 'Fit for a Queen'!

Have you been pilfering street signs at night? (just kidding) These are so cute. Kate Middleton, eat your heart out!

Re: Ghost Town Junk

I never would have seen the potential in those items, but you put them together in a a beautiful, evocative way. Very nice!

Re: Mad For Plaid

I love old blankets, too, and this is a really cool use for one.

Re: Chalkboard Workstation

This is excellent! Two of my favorite things: oddball pieces of furniture and workspace structures. Love it!

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

How exciting to be able to create such great things and have clients to purchase them. That's the best!

Re: Garden Memo-Board

Yup, very cute. Love it.

Re: Sheep Pen Bathroom Cabinet

It's beautiful. You did a great job on it.

Re: baby doll high chair turned book holder...



Cool,cool, cool!

Re: Spring Fling

How fun is that! Love that fabric, too.

Re: Blue toy box gets a new look and a new purpose

Cool! A huge improvement!

Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey, I remember that cooler! Still some romance left in it, I see. :)

Re: Vintage Ice Box

er, I mean gorgeous!

Re: one hundred dollar diningroom

WOW, that is totally awesome! It looks great.

Re: A Little Shining Bedspring Star

It looks like spring has sprung at your house! Cute!

Re: Altered Junky & Funky Necklaces & Earrings!

Wow, thanks for the tip! I'm gonna try it.

Re: Fun Flea Market Finds

Cute stuff!

Re: recycled cabinet

Very pretty. Almost gothic. I like it.

Re: "Cush" Job...

Or, they could do both at the same time! Cool idea.

Re: Lightning Bugs

This is so cute. Makes me miss lightning bugs (we don't have them where I live now).

Re: Recycled Pipe Desk

Wow, you have been busy. This is very clever.

Re: Vintage Ice Box

That is grogeous; I love it! Great job, too.

Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

Lovely display!

Re: Roller Derby inspired skate key necklaces

Oh wow! I'll have to show this to my daughter-in-law, who also is in roller derby.

Re: Giving junk a job

I ADORE that lantern! And, by the way, your blog is awesome!!!

Re: Vintage Glass Glitter

What a cool display idea! And my glitter is hidden away in a box! Ditto MossLady on the jadeite, but that cool aqua dish is just my color!

Re: Tin Panel Cupboards

You've done it again! These are fabulous.

Re: Rustic Garden Planters

Beautiful displays!

Re: Vtg. Shopping Basket Find!

What a great find! I had forgotten about those shopping baskets.

Re: Eat Your Carrots!

I've never seen a high chair that converts to a play table. You did a marvelous job. It looks fantastic!

Re: Shutter Flag

That is sooooo cool.

Re: Bread Dough Attachments

Smart! I like it.

Re: What's your number?

Oh man, I love that look!

Re: Vintage dresser-vanity re-do

I've always wanted to do this. Yours turned out great!

Re: From the Curb to the...Kitchen??

Ohmygosh, that is really cool!

Re: Valve Handle Bonanza

Wow, I am soooo envious!

Re: Just a little PEACE...

You aren't too late. Peace is good any time of year!

Re: Just Some Favs of Mine

Love your things. Very fun.

Re: "LADIES" Door Revival

Looks great! You must have a lot of good stuff in your stash. And those shelf brackets are beautiful.

Re: Disk Bull

Love this guy! What a cutie.

Re: From garage to grandeur!!

W0W, nice!!!

Re: Junky Bedroom makeover-Old door headboard

Beautiful room. And I am SO diggin' that chair!

Re: Bird Bath made from reused/recycled glass.

This is really nice,and shallow enough for the little birdies.

Re: Bathroom Junk

Yes, yes, and yes! Great color, great ideas.

Re: Old Window, New Year

What a great idea! I love this.

Re: From a really LOW chair, to high chair again!

Those hearts on the back are soooooo cute. And I love the new white tray. Isn't it satisfying to make something so wonderful from something so gross!

Re: Mittens from recycled felted wool sweaters

SO cool

Re: Love Cannot Be Measured

I agree with everyone. Great!

Re: Christmas ornament - REPURPOSED


Re: Adding some fun "junky" decor

I love this chippy, cottagey look; it's very soothing.

Re: WruffledWren Vinatge Ornament Wreaths

Spectacular! I love it!

Re: Round Wooden Baby Bed

That is gorgeous and you did beautiful work on it. I think a canopy would be pretty, but would get in the way of taking baby in and out.

Re: Ancient Chinese secret?

Yes, I also think it's a three-tiered snack server, missing the center dowel. You could use the parts as picture frames for some favorite photos. I would use them as bases for cloches. I'm sure there are many other uses.

Re: Grain Scoop Vase


Re: Mosaic: First timer!

Well, it's pretty now; the colors are very soothing.

Re: Country Gardens Spring Edition is Out

Ha, I know what you mean. Half the time I can't remember which magazines I've subscribed to or not. I'm pretty sure I once had two subs to the same mag!

Re: Mystery to me...

It does kinda look like the world's oldest Thermos jug, but it could be something else.

Re: GAME ON...10 min. project

Gee, I just made a table out of mine. Your idea is so much cooler. I LOVE these shelves!

Re: The Saga of Thrift Store Barbie

Wow, she looks a thousand times better! I guess you never know when you're going to need a Barbie dress. :)


How lucky for you to have those great doors. I can see you are putting them to good use, too! Beautiful.

Re: Moms Mudroom

Great ideas for your mudroom. I just love those old dressers!


I almost bought one of those coolers last summer but couldn't think of anything to do with it. Duh, I should've asked you!

Re: Santa can, can! Oh yes, he can, can!

Santa looks a little sad that Christmas is over! (Or maybe he's just tired.)

Re: suet feeder

Very, very cool!

Re: If you just can't throw anything away...

Someone GAVE you those? Those pennants are great. I can see why you chose to display them. Wonderful!

Re: My Pantry Goes Burlap!

Looks GREAT!

Re: Cupcake Stand

Looks great, and best of all: One of a kind!

Re: Christmas Junque on the Porch

Love that red sled, baby!

Re: Sailors' Stockings

These are great stockings, especially for lovers of all things nautical ... like me!

Re: Little Black Vintage Chair with Vintage Barkcloth Seat

Very nice; I love barkcloth, and this is a great use for it.

Re: found object sculptures

Helix looks like he could just fly away any time.

Re: Antique Typewriter Lamp

I agree with Kliff; to take something so cool visually and make something functional out of it gives you the best of both worlds.

Re: Ready for Parade! Vintage Toy Car


Re: Giraffe Chair

Your animal instincts were spot-on!

Re: Wreath Holders

Great ideas!

Re: Halloween Image Collage

This is very creative and super cool. I would never have thought of inkjet printing on canvas.

Re: Christmas Tablescape

So sweet!

Re: Heart of Gold Necklace

I just had a birthday, but it's not too late to send it ;^P

Re: "Modern Art Inspired" Revamped Dresser

Ain't it great when that exact thing you need comes along? Looks mahvelous!

Re: Upcycled festive mirror, made from the left behinds

Love the colors, love the shine, love it all!

Re: Locker Basket Stocking Holder

Awesome idea!!!

Re: Hello JMS!

That looks great! I especially love that jar o'punkins.

Re: Kitchen islands and tables

Wow, that's impressive. Don't know where you're finding those great boards, but you're so lucky. And so are your customers!

Re: Found item, industrial, steam punk lights by Mark Bell

Very interesting and creative. Love that one on the tripod.

Re: Garden Bugs :)

Too cute for words!

Re: Bohemian Chic Lampshade

Wow, that is great! And it sure improved that shade!

Re: What is this?

I think it's a wreath hanger. I have one with a star at the top, but yours is nicer.

Re: Bread Bag Tabs Art

Very clever reuse of throw-aways. Love your name, too!

Re: I like angels -- in a BIG way!!


Re: Potting Table

Me, too! This one is great.

Re: Texas Crafter Old Door Shelf

It's perfect! So beautiful.

Re: How to liven up a dull laundry room.

Well, what laundry room doesn't need a little bling. What could be the most boring room in the house is now way cool!

Re: Art Under The Umbrellas in La Quinta, CA

I hope you sold a lot and made some $$$. Your things are so cool.

Re: Cavity Cap Mirror

Beauty! Love those colors.

Re: Shutter Planter

Yes, I agree with Marie. Love it.

Re: My Garden Gate

I love that. Lanterns are one of my favorite things, and that's such a good way to use one.

Re: Frida Kahlo Mosaic Sculpture Doll

Amazing! Really.

Re: Sewing Machine Robot

Ha! He's very cute!

Re: Country Charm

Jackpot! I know how hard it is to find the one you want at a price you can pay, so it's so rewarding when you do find one.

Re: Pipe Wrench Grasshopper

Awesome! I love your grasshopper.

Re: Money to Burn

I'll say it again; your creations are just amazing. Oh, and the colors are perfect!

Re: Phantom

I love it when someone figures out what to do with things like old typewriter parts. Ingenious!

Re: Milk Glass Birdbath

I love milkglass, and there's so much of it around, but I never know what to do with it. This is great!

Re: A table with a story to tell

This is a great table. I love it!

Re: Frida Kahlo Chair - Functional Art

Wow, so cool and creative!!!

Re: Candlestick Finials

I love finials, too, and this is a great idea! Think I'll try to do some.

Re: Gift Wrap, JMS Style!

Those are beautiful, Erin. Love em!

Re: Gorgeous Finial from JUNK

That is extremely cool. I'd love to know what it's made of.

Re: A new life for this old table and an old "new Junker"

Excellent! Everyone should alter their workspace to fit them. Life's too short to put up with furniture that hurts your back! Yours is a great solution.

Re: Bird King

Love it! I need this in my bird-haven yard!

Re: Special Edition

I love this bird!

Re: Palace of Pearls

A very impressive piece. Details, please?

Re: Twisted Sisters

Very cool and original pieces!

Re: Billy Jo's "Do Over Deco" Part 4

Yeah, send em to me! Haha. Everything is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Re: A Falloween Porch Redo with some New (Old) Junk Finds!

Everything is so beautiful. You have the best junk, and your porch must be huge!

Re: Steak Knife Case Reborn

Very nicely done! Are those stick-on decorations on the top? I have lost touch with what's in the craft stores.

Re: Even more angels...

So clever, you are! Cute, cute, cute.


You're right; that wood is perfect just like it is. Beauty!

Re: 'Diamonds' on the Rust Necklace series.... JUNK SWAP ITEM

Very cool, girl. I would not have thought of using that metal like that.

Re: Junk Gypsy Prom Cowboy Boots

Ahaha, love 'em! Also love the hippie-cowboy connection!

Re: Day of the Dead figures made from Happy Meal Toys

These are SO COOL! What a great repurpose of plastic junk. Love em.

Re: Has anyone seen the spices?

Very nice!

Re: A Little Fall "Shopping"

That shopping cart is awesome! Your display has given me an idea for my cradle. Thank you!

Re: Fall Foliage Fun


Re: 8th annual Fall Country Junk Sale

I am so jealous I can't stand it!

Re: Trash shutters to shabby chic window

Yes, they certainly did turn out cute!

Re: Patio Bench

Wowee, that's beautiful!

Re: Fancy Headboard


Re: Jack O' Lanterns made from metal paint cans


Re: Spooktacular Halloween

I think so, too!

Re: Old Pulley Wreath

Looks mahvelous! Now I shall have to redo my lame wreath!

Re: A Table for Two

Beautiful job!

Re: Chair and Table


Re: Bit & Brace Coat Rack

Very nice!

Re: Junk Holiday Part 2

Ha, that's a great story!


I LOVE that!

Re: DIY Soap Dish

Cool! You could create a whole line of bathroom accessories from old parts and sell em!

Re: Rust is the Perfect Fall Color

OK, you've inspired me to get in the fall mood. Love the box.

Re: Chess bookends

Fabulous idea! Looks great and very sell-able.

Re: Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

Those cupboards are gorgeous! Wish I had a source of old wood like that.

Re: Ahoy Mate! It's Junk Repurposed with a Coastal Theme.

I am SO jealous. I adore nautical things, and this is such a lucky, unusual find! Your table is great.

Re: Sometimes you need to have an extra vehicle just in case....

What a clever idea!

Re: Pottery Barn knockoff -- Junk Style

You are one talented lady! Love this.

Re: VIsual Desktop Diary: Entry #3

Ohmygosh, I had forgotten about garter belt clips! I do have an ever-changing display on my tabletop in my work room. I could take pictures as a log, as you suggest.

Re: New style Pier Mirror made from old doors

It sure is nice to see people making and using great new things from old castaways. Can you imagine all those doors and beds going in the landfills?

Re: A wall border that is easy to change and cheap.

Those are all so beautiful!


That green color is great! Looks kinda haunting or something.

Re: Frames outside the Box

Your wall looks great, and I LOVE that beautiful paint color.

Re: Tuesday Trash Finds

I love all your things, especially the oars. I have one in my cabin with some Pendleton fabric on it as a room divider.

Re: Shed o' My Dreams

SarahMc, I know what you mean. I had to hire someone else to build this because I wore my husband out building me a cabin. But it's all good!

Re: my 1st flea market showing

Wow, I'd stop and shop your booth if I could.

Re: I'll be set up at ROUND TOP TEXAS

Wish I was deep in the heart of Texas for this!

Re: Fun with Shutters

Very creative and cute, cute, cute!

Re: Megaphone Pendant Lamp

Rah, rah! This light is definitely a winner!

Re: My $4 Urn Redo

Cool! This makes me want to paint my urn, too!

Re: Fall Picture Flash Cards

I ADORE THESE! That's the coolest thing ever.


I love that bench!!!

Re: Fish Chair

Nice work!

Re: Whatever SPARKS your interest ;)

Love it!

Re: Airstream Project

THANK YOU! I just saw your post with questions. I think I used craft paint on the sink, but I put several coats of exterior Varathane over it. I painted my kitchen counters several years ago and used Varathane over the paint. They have been great, very durable except for some yellowing under the coffee pot where it gets hot. I don't think you can make any money fixing up RVs, but it's great fun to the the decorating. Can't say the same for fixing the systems, tho.

Re: Trash rack to pretty shelving unit

Wow, you surely do find some great things.

Re: Yard Art??

So cool; love it all, especially the heart stove door.

Re: Bedroom update - update to old........

I love all your things!

Re: I Love Rusty Junk!

That is beautiful! Care to share more details about how you made it? For example, what is the green color from and what is the frame? Thank you.

Re: Wheelbarrow Update

I LOVE the look of the plants spilling over the sides. Beautiful!!!

Re: I've Gone Crow Crazy

Cool, cool, cool!


Everything looks great!

Re: First Oronoco Adventure

I love that chair!!!

Re: Bird Feeder Finished

It came out very nice; I like it.

Re: **Revised** Celing Fan Redo

That looks great!! Also looks like a lot of work.

Re: Ruthie turns 3

Great ideas. Wish I could come to the party.

Re: Ugly Duckling Laundry Room

Ingenious, fantastic! I love it!!!

Re: "Something To Crow About"

These are cool. I love crows, too, and this gives me inspiration.

Re: more lamp from old wooden tripod and a bookshelf made from a old door

Beautiful lamps, and love the skis!

Re: Dough Trencher Display

Beautiful display!

Re: It's a trashy day in the neighborhood.

What great junk, and I'm glad you saved that poor plant!

Re: Ugly duckling is now a looker!!

That is gorgeous; great work!!!

Re: Tag Maker Tote

Dang! I almost bought one of those recently at Sally Army, but couldn't think of a use for it. I guess that's why Sue is an anagram for USE!

Re: (Revised)Bird Feeder/Bath

Can't wait to see it with plants growing in it.


Perfect! Who wouldn't want that sign! HBD!

Re: Get Two Beers and Jump!

Ah haha! So funny! Think I'll go tell someone that right now.

Re: Tea for Two Wall/Door Hanging

Very nice!

Re: The Sunshine Chair

Very nice!

Re: How to make an ice box out of a cabinet

I LOVE this idea!!!

Re: hoosier redo

What a cool cabinet!

Re: "artistry inherent in the everday"

This will be gorgeous covered in pumpkins next to some corn stalks! Although I grew up on a farm in the midwest, I did not know what a haymow was; this is the second time I've seen that word this week, so had to look it up. (I think we just called it a loft.) LOVE your stove.

Re: Enamelware Ladles - Treasure Holders!

Wow, I just saw this post after all this time. I, too, have enamel ladles in my red and white laundry room! Mine had bird's nests in them. I started with one that was my mother's, then found a few more.

Re: Ye Antique Gun Nut

Wow, what a wonderful thing you did. Looks great.

Re: Broken Chair Repurposed Into Garden Sign

I Love this. So neat.

Re: Shabby chic counter bar using old shutters

Yep, looks great!

Re: It's time to play dominoes!

Ohmygosh, that's the coolest thing ever. Wish I'd thought of it.

Re: one man's trash...

Nice save! Those look great.

Re: Etch yourself some Polka Dots!

I, too, have always wanted to try this. These look wonderful; reminds me of bubbles rising to the top.

Re: Time for a broom closet- New use for a grandfather clock case.

That's no doubt the best looking broom closet I've seen!

Re: Coming to a Magazine Near You!

Oh cool. I just mailed in my subscription card to Country Gardens today.

Re: Don't cry over spilled (or rusted) old milk

You could glue a round tray to the top for a cool side table, or set a plant on it.

Re: Need ideas for this wood column I found in trash?

It looks great right there!

Re: recycled rocking horse

This is so cute, I really like it.

Re: drought resistant flowers

Ahaha, very cute. I, too, had trouble drilling porcelain, even though I bought the special bit and everything. Finally gave up and used epoxy for my projects.

Re: bench trellis

What a great idea. I hope you post a pic again when the jasmine grows up.

Re: Try the wheelbarrow/wagon wheel combo. Tasty!

Wow, you're right. They really go great together.

Re: Old WoodenBookshlef

Great story and beautiful job, too!

Re: found treasures

I adore the iron fence. It's so hard to find around here.

Re: Big @$$ Windchimes

You have a great collection of junk and the skills to make lots of cool stuff!

Re: Little windchimes

Ditto, Rusty!

Re: Hubby's Extra Large Spice Cabinet

I love this. This gives me an idea for those CD cabinets I keep seeing discarded. Thanks!

Re: Giant Planter Box

Very cool! Your beans can climb as high as they want!

Re: A Re-Design Ala-Junk Style!

You have so many things, and yet your home doesn't look cluttered. How do you do that?

Re: Radiant Fire

I love them, too, and this one is a beauty.

Re: Soon to Be....Just a Swingin'

That is so awesome. I'd love to get that, too.

Re: A Great Grate

Great project! Also, I like your green stone.

Re: From Brassy to Sassy

Who could turn that down for a buck!

Re: Vintage Camera

Very nice!

Re: Bookends

I wish things were made a nicely now as they were then.

Re: An Old Shed Converted into Tiki Bar

Oh, yeah! That's my kinda project. Please post pics of the finished tiki hut. I used to collect the tiki figurines from Hawaii. There's so much cool stuff out there to use.

Re: ~~~Summer Breeze Planter


Re: from green to dream!

You do very nice work!

Re: Strainer into Utensils Holder

Looks great! Love your photography also.

Re: My First Post.... Antlers

That's a very original take on the antler display. Very creative!

Re: Hunt for Treasure Among the Plants

Wow, you are so talented, with your way with paint and your ideas about saving things.

Re: Hunt for Treasure Among the Plants (continued)

I love your ladybug, too!

Re: Pull Up Your Pants!!!

That's funny!

Re: All Tied Up in a Bow

Another winner — charming!!!

Re: Wisteria Trellis

This is a great idea. And your place looks wonderful!

Re: Time Frame and Faux Faces

That's a great look. Where do you get clock faces? I see a lot of them on this site.


Great job, Art Teacher. Looks wonderful. So does that wicker chair behind it. Looks like you are finding lots of great stuff, even though you missed the daybed.

Re: Trash to Treasure

Cute! You could plant a flower in the top, too!

Re: High Tech Message Center

This is way cool!

Re: "Fireside Chat" CoffeeTime Lamps

Hey CleverThinker, haven't seen you for a while. Love your great lamp.

Re: Whisk-y Bugs

I would love for you to use my ideas. Go-fer-it!

Re: A masterpiece

Very Klimt-like painting. Great job on the frame!


You don't have to make anything with it. Just stand it up in your dining room and admire it. Sooner or later you'll get a great idea for something else.

Re: Old enamel pots

Really sweet.

Re: It's Illuminating

I think you've found a balance between junky and minimalist. I'm thinking that would be right at home in a loft.

Re: cory rod christmas ornament

I love glass and that would look great in the garden.

Re: Santa,seen today at MillionHeir Store.

I hope he's shopping for my present there!

Re: RUSTY Bird Feeder

Looks great. I would not have thought of a wire bow, but I love it.

Re: The Grinder

That's a cool one!

Re: Zebra Chair...from dirty to flirty!

I'd say, from eeew to WOW! Great job indeed!

Re: Cart

Looks wonderful!

Re: Tea Time!


Re: Husband Bell

I LOVE that!

Re: My old rusty tractor

Yessirree, that is COOL!

Re: chicken?

If you sand it lightly with a fine-grain paper, it won't mess it up. Just start out rubbing gently until you find the right pressure. Or you could try using a coarse Scotchbrite pad.

Re: New church bird house

Very cute. Reminds me of a little chapel my uncle built on his property.

Re: It Began by Planting a Tree Limb..continued

Well, whatever you're doing, you're doing it right! Love your garden.

Re: Junker's Jackpot

Ohmygosh, those are so great!!!

Re: My Junkin' Finds For The Weekend

Wow, those are really cool. And that old lamp stand looks like a flamingo!

Re: The Door to Nowhere!

Very cool!

Re: award winning

Very nice. Those kinds of things make me wonder what happened to the person who won the ribbons. Where are they now?

Re: You never know where you will find good junk!

I love those kids' wheelbarrows, and they're hard to find, at least around here.

Re: A Beach Chic Bistro Set

Wonderful transformation. Makes me want to be at the beach.

Re: Fleamarket Dresser Redesign

Beautiful! I love it, too.

Re: Hangin' Around

Another cute idea! How many spider plants do you have, anyway?

Re: Shake Your Tail Feathers

That is very cute!

Re: My China Man

He looks right at home there!

Re: Garden Gate

Cool! This gives me an idea for an arbor I want to repurpose.

Re: Rustic gate = happy towels

Gorgeous! Love it!

Re: Have a seat?

These are fantastic! You are so lucky and talented.

Re: I supply the idea and Hubby makes it! LOVE my Hubby!!!!!!

Looks great!

Re: Microscope Lamp

OK, that's gotta be a first. How cute!

Re: Cool old "Typewriter" desk

Well, now that you've made it new again, what will you use it for? You have so much energy; you can come to my house and help me!

Re: Toad Night Light cover

"Won't you be my neighbor?"

Re: Toad House

Your painting is just amazing! I would not have seen the potential in that piece.

Re: Sawhorse table

Don't ya just love it when things come together like that!

Re: Funnels

Thank you for sharing this great idea. I think I'll do this, too!

Re: Fred

Fred is much more lovable now!

Re: My Bumble Bee

Wow-wee, I love your bee, too!

Re: Floor lamp 'planter'

Great idea and great save!

Re: New finds

Who would have thought to use a ruler that way! So clever.
Also, I love that little fan; I had a few of them, but sold 'em. Now I miss them.

Re: A Thank you To my MIL

Wow, girl. You do nice work! Welcome to the junkin' family.

Re: Sea Goddess Nymph

She's aqualicious! Love her!

Re: Drink Up!

Looks great! Where is everyone getting those letters?

Re: Crosses from "Junk"

Those crosses look great. How did you make them?

Re: Art Show

Wow, you are extremely talented!!! I love your work.

Re: Garden outhouse

This makes me smile; very cute. Hope you plugged the hole! Ha!

Re: Another bird bath...must be something in the water...

Oh man, I wish I hadn't tossed that old bowl I had. Waaa... Well, next time I'll know what to do with it.

Re: Hanger Made From Salvaged Materials

You are so creative!

Re: Bird Bowl Made From My Broken Pottery

Beautiful! Something about that combination of off-whites just gets me every time.

Re: Curb Find

Wow, nicely done!

Re: Rusty Candleholder

Those clock faces are perfect for this. The icing on the cake!

Re: Gourds of mystery???

As a gardener, I can appreciate how neat this is for you. Looks great, too!

Re: birdfeeder

Awesome! What a cool idea.


Nice going, Arty! Love your koi, too. I lost one of my biggest and oldest koi this week. Don't know why he died; I'll miss him.

Re: Rusted birdcage to be made into a ......

There's a product I've used a few times called rust converter, which turns rust into primer. There are different brands of it and you shouldn't have any trouble finding it in your town. You don't have to sand it off first, but I would probably scrape away the loose stuff with a wire brush before applying this product. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it really works. When it dries it turns black and you're ready to repaint!

Re: I'm Really Into Heavy Metal!

You have some lovely things!


Beautiful! Love the labyrinth in the middle.

Re: 5 drawer stand "Cherry Mash"

Wow, very nice! What did you reinforce the sides with? Love that color!

Re: Potting Bench

I love that!!!

Re: Framing the Ancestors

Great idea; beautifully done; and my favorite color!

Re: Fish or Cut Bait

Love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it, love it!

Re: Microphone Stand

Marvelous! And so creative.

Re: dollhouse with found materials

So very cute!

Re: This little light of mine...

Wow, what marvelous ideas I get from you. I'm gonna steal this one for sure!

Re: Vintage Chic End Tables

Very, very cool!

Re: LeT ThErE Be A LiGhT!

Looks fab! Good ole JB Weld!

Re: Happy Independence Day!

Your porch is the "gratest"!

Re: Flea Market-"Flea Bag"

Love this bag!

Re: Verdure

Marvelous! I love it.

Re: Weekly "Piles of Hope" Vol 2

Woo-hoo, what fun!!!

Re: Playing Outside...

I'm gonna come and live on your porch!

Re: Another Fiber Barrel Redo

This is beautiful. How did you attach the liner?

Re: Painted windows

Wonderful! Where can I get that machine?

Re: My front porch

You found some great things and made them even better!

Re: A desk redo

Ditto what the other said. Hope you got paid!

Re: AmmoBox Table

Neato! Can't believe hubby was going to 86 that box!

Re: Marble ous!


Re: patio bench

Great! I've always wanted to do this. And that blue makes me want to go for a swim!

Re: 50's gaming table

I love your game board/message board. Fabulous idea.

Re: Graduation Open House Done on the Cheap!

Wonderful! What a great mom you are.

Re: Old palette TV stand

Your work is just astounding! Beautiful!

Re: 2 little fun finds

Those plates are gorgeous. The thrift stores here would be charging at least five bucks each for them.

Re: Old crate stairs

They sure look real to me! What impressive work.

Re: Bench

You did a fabulous job!!! Are you sure this is your first time?

Re: Billy Jo's Do Over Deco part 2

This is SO CLEVER!!!

Re: Stone Walkway Nearly Free

Cool, I can't wait to see your path!

Re: Sewing Cabinet Potting Bench

Yea! So fun to share ideas!

Re: finally finished my bird bath!

Fantastic solution! Looks great in the garden, too.

Re: my new desk

So cute!

Re: Flash Card Heaven

Wow, what a great, lucky find!

Re: Modernist plywood sculpture-"The Integration of Summer"

Nice!!! It reminds me of crop fields in various stages of growth.

Re: A new life for an old crib...

Yeah, I wonder how our kids survived, since we were doing everything wrong ;^P
This is beautiful; I love it!

Re: Chalkboard Coffee Table

Wow-wee! You have a knack for this; can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Re: Game Piece Serving Tray

You did a wonderful job on this! Will you be my MIL?

Re: BBQ Bottle Bug/Bee

Very cute and imaginative!

Re: Need your help with this Adorable Vintage Parlor Table & Chairs

Also, you could suspend something in the center of the table, under the glass to add color. Like, I dunno, greenery or a gazing ball, or beads, or colorful scarves, or 4th of July bunting, or....

Re: Recycled objects found at thrift stores

These are soooo pretty!

Re: mosaic garden table

Great job!


Fun, fun, fun!

Re: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . .

I'm diggin that ruffly white pitcher! Nice mirrors, too.

Re: Gardening With Junk

What a beautiful place you have!

Re: Need your help with this Adorable Vintage Parlor Table & Chairs

You could dry brush on just enough rust-colored or black paint to give it a weathered look; then it wouldn't be too white and would look awesome. It would also be really cute painted any color you love.

Re: Tile Scraper? .....Not!

Very cute!

Re: Decoupaged Hat Box


Re: Birdbath from lamp

Isn't it fun?!?!?!

Re: Dudleys Bed

So sweet!

Re: What to do with an old Minnow Bucket

LOVE it!!!


I am so envious!!!


Wow, did you ever score!!!

Re: Spoon Bugs in the Garden

Some people are SO CLEVER!!! What a great find.

Note to grasshopper 22: I can't weld, either, but sometimes I use JB Weld, which works great, but is a bit tricky to keep in place until it dries.

Re: My Mind Is In The Gutter Today


Re: Happy Daddy's Day...memories

Very nice! Lucky gal to have a wonderful father, and I'm sure he knew he was lucky, too!

Re: Any Ideas??

The chairs would be cute attached together with a long seat to form a bench. Great for a porch!

Re: Burplap Coffee Bean Sack Tote Bags

Those are beautiful. Great work!

Re: Guarding the garden

Cool idea! I like your painting.

Re: free find favorites

OMG, I love that dog plate!

Re: TV Console needs help!

My first thought was liquor cabinet. But then I saw junk_grandma's pie safe idea and I really LOVE that. Now I want to make one!

Re: pet bed


Re: "Book" shelves

Neato! Great idea for display.

Re: The Toad House

I love this! It is so cute, and if I were a toad, I'd move in!

Re: Cleaning out the closet

Fabulous! What could be better than doll clothes made by your mom!

Re: Silverplate Tray Sign

Beautiful! Nicely done.

Re: Go wild

That really pepped it up! Quite an improvement. Nice job.

Re: SCORE!!!!

You are so lucky!!!

Re: Primitive Flag


Re: Tick, tock ... I've got clocks!

I agree with Alice!

Re: ~Mini Cloches and a Great Find~

Cute stuff!

Re: My first...

Very nice work! Beautiful result.

Re: junky lamps

I love the polka dot pattern made by the holes.

Re: Is there a Doctor in the House???

Great collection!

Re: My wheels were spinning on this one -- or should I say blades were!

That makes quite a statement!

Re: Old Screen Door Redo

Great!!! Where will you use it?

Re: Coffee Table Solution

Wonderful idea! That's really using your noodle!

Re: Use for quilt tops

These are great ideas. I, too, finished a couple of quilt tops my mom left, but I made quilts. Didn't think about doing something else with them.

Re: flower holder

Would be great for the outside dining table. Maybe you could also use it as a bug screen over your food.

Re: Pretty and Weird -- or, Pretty Weird

Ha, nop-a-lators -- I love that!

Re: Have You Ever Had A Wood Bucket Fall Apart?

Love the root starter! They're all cute.

Re: Yard Sale find of the year: 8 foot industrial table/workbench


Re: Colander Planter Just add BEADS

I used to see those colanders all over the place, but they're getting scarce here. Great planter!

Re: free, chippy, old dresser=fabulous planter!

This is just ... charming!

Re: Cupcake Server

Those old plates are gorgeous!

Re: Scissor Holder

Great idea; love it!

Re: An Upcycled TV Cabinet

Beautiful job. I just love fabric on the back of shelving.

Re: Vintage Window Flower Box

That's really cute. Sure wish I could find a window like that!

Re: A Fab Flamingo Chair

Well you sure improved that chair! Who knew it could look so good.

Re: A Repurposed Dresser

So fun and cute!

Re: Goodwill Rescue Flag Project

I love this! And your display is awesome.

Re: my work room is starting to fill up again

Dang! That's the board I need for my hot tub towel hanger. That little shelf is really cute. And, for the sign, you could make a wood one and screw it on over the names. Or maybe a plaque, or...

Re: Faking Blue Ball Jars

Coolio!!! I love jars and I love flower pots, but I never thought of putting them together.

Re: Prim Grubby Coffee Pot Light

Very nice! Love the arrangement.

Re: I'm a junkie with a bad Thursday night habit

Lucky!!! No one throws anything like this out where I live. Waaa!

Re: Painted table

Very nice work!

Re: more pics of my new space. I am so excited !

Wow, I'd be excited, too! Makes me wish I had a space again.

Re: Quick and Fun Oil Lamps

Hey, thanks for the great idea! Very nice.

Re: VIsual Desktop Diary: Entry #1

Forgot to say, your little icon picture reminds me of my favorite painting, "Flaming June."

Re: Repurposed Stereo Console


Re: Still Lovin' Industrial Light Cages!

So cute!!!

Re: Vintage China Birdfeeders

I never see any awesome dishes like that around here. And that sunflower one is perfect for a bird feeder!

Re: VIsual Desktop Diary: Entry #1

What a marvelous idea! I recently discovered a blog called "A Collection a Day []"; you may want to check it out. Wish I had thought of these ideas.

Re: my junky little garage

Looks like a project to me, and an awesome one, at that!

Re: I heart instant art

I love the last one. Very cool.

Re: My Mother's Day gift

Fabulous! What a great daughter.

Re: barrels of fun!

Unbelievable what gets thrown in the landfill. These are very cool. So many uses...

Re: I've been pickin'

Oh man, those wooden boxes are SO COOL!!!

Re: Mother's Day Gift

You have inspired me to redo my umbrella stand made from an old dairy can. I now realize it could look so much better than it does. Thanks!!!

Re: Abandoned Factory Lighting

What wonderful finds, and so cool put together like that.

Re: Mothers Day Gift

Your mom's a lucky gal!

Re: Can You HEAR Me Now?

What a fantastic thing to do with your old piece and a way to preserve your memories!

Re: Mermaid dresser

These are SO CUTE. Your daughter paints better than I could.

Re: Vintage Cardboard Mannequin Torso

You did an awesome job on this, and your display is yummy!!!

Re: Oak Table comes back to life

I've never seen one like that. It's very pretty, now that you saved it.

Re: Garage Sale Planter

I think so, too!

Re: Pink & Green Fabulous Luggage

So, I'm not the only one who paints luggage. These look FAB!

Re: Window Trunk

Great idea I would not have thought of. Nice!

Re: Alphabet Lantern (Junk Swap project!)

This is a great looking lantern.

Re: my frenchie lola

Awwwwwwwwww! Almost as cute as lola, but not.

Re: vintage feed sacks

I think pillows made with these would be darling on the porch.

Re: I love Rust

I see more than rust. I see a beautiful picture in the second one. It's a sea with boats and a lighthouse.

Re: Twigs Turned Jewelry Display (pt. 2)

Nice work! Can't beat nature for almost any solution.

Re: my workspace

Looks like you have all the right stuff! Go for it!

Re: my painted pillows

This is so creative and Stunningly beautiful!

Re: vintage hardware

This is marvelous and so creative!

Re: mosaic fun

I'm always on the lookout for new mosaic ideas. This is great!

Re: A New Desk for Captain America!

That's using the old bean! Looks great. Also, that chair is beautiful, and I really love that little shelf in the corner.

Re: 1930's movie theater sign

Great job! Just think of the possibilities: "Tonight's menu..." Whee!

Re: Doll Chair Cookbook Rack

SO cute and clever!!!

Re: Road side finds

Wow, how lucky you are — and talented, too!!!

Re: Dragonflies & bugs - Garden art

Very nice bugs! Now I want to make some.

Re: Mannequin Makeover


Re: BIG glass mosaic

Looks great, Erin. Very pretty.

Re: My Swap Project 11 - Bluebucket

Very, very nice.

Re: Greenhouses from old wood windows and industrial scrap material.

I absolutely LOVE these. Little backyard garden sheds and greenhouses are some of my favorite things.

Re: Dresser All Dressed UP

Very cute. I love wicker.

Re: Television Table

How fun. Great job on this!!!

Re: Dahlia photo frame

So pretty!

Re: Dictionary Place Cards

These are really pretty. Did you cut them with a Cricut?


Too cool!

Re: 100 mile garage sale

Wow, great job! It doesn't look faux to me!

Re: Recycled Vintage China Birdfeeders

Of course I adore the turquoise one! But how do you get them to stand up?

Re: Great Finds at Garage Sales and Upcoming Projects

Seriously, you found all that in one day??? Mind if I follow you around?

Re: Flea Bags

Marge, you are a genius. These are great!

Re: another free picture


Re: Billy's Birdhouse

These are awesome! Wouldn't mind having that fishing one myself.

Re: Beautifying a vintage spoon holder

How much fun is that!!! I'll bet you could hang necklaces on it, too.

Re: The Chimney Cupboard Family

What a fun way to recycle wood parts. I LOVE IT.

Re: From Clock Case to Jewelry Box

Beautiful! Also, this makes me want to go make some of those little boxes right now.

Re: Primitive dry sink from salvaged materials

You've done it again; another primitive beauty!

Re: help me with my beautiful weathered wood!!!

You can take a scraper like one you'd use for a wall and scrape away what's loose. Be sure not to breathe the dust; wear a mask, in case there's lead in the paint. I use a type of Briwax that is very dark. There are other brands, too. If you still have more red than you want, you could try to wax over it with one of these dark waxes or even shoe polish.

Re: Need help with lead paint project!

You should not sand or chip away at them. There are products that you can buy to "encapsulate" the lead, but I doubt that any of them are clear, so it probably would be like adding an opaque paint. You can look online for more info on sealing lead paint.

Re: What do you do with 60 lbs of alfalfa seed?

Very nice!!!

Re: Any suggestions for these?

You could add heads, arms, and legs and stand them in your yard to wave at passers-by!

Re: Custom Cigar Box Guitars

Wow, very impressive!

Re: Sampler totes

Cutest thing ever!

Re: Junk Swap Project #6

Ha, that's cute!

Re: Proof It's In The Jeans

Cool! Don't you love it when kids appreciate the same things you do?

Re: Amanda's guitar coffee table

Wonderful! My husband made an electric guitar in high school; maybe I can get him to do something like this with it.

Re: Plant Stand & Storage Cabinet

Great idea!

Re: my junky bird feeders

How darling!!!

Re: "Picture Perfect" Books...

Amazingly clever and creative!

Re: The Perfect Ending to a Life Well Lived

You are so talented!

Re: depends on your definition of "junk"...

This is most impressive. Your painting technique is amazing. I must try that one something. LOVE it.

Re: Beach Glass Jewelry

Ohmygosh, you are a woman after my own heart. I LOVE THESE!!!

Re: Thresher finds new life as farm lamp

So cute. Love it!

Re: Not quite done yet!

Awesome! Cutest thing ever.

Re: Black and White Dresser

It makes me happy, too, and I'm not even there! Excellent vision.

Re: Crumpton Stuffffffffff

Erin, you're making us all sooooo envious!

Re: Curch Pew Rebuild

Wonderful work!

Re: Old printers drawer

Very nice display. Those cans look sorta like bee smokers.

Re: Picket Stool

So sweet and inspiring.

Re: Tie Chair

What a great idea! Looks fantastic.

Re: O Spring of Junk

Oh, your things are just gorgeous. Love those trees!

Re: Post Hat Stand


Re: Wooden Toboggan Planter

I love this. Glad you didn't paint it.

Re: salvage yard sink

Great job! Looks wonderful.

Re: Triumph Door Knocker

Love your one-of-a-kind door knocker!!!

Re: Bicycle Parts Steerhead

Mooo! Love this!

Re: Funky Junky Furniture

I just love your designs. Wish I could paint like that.

Re: Cast Iron Stove Bottom Ottoman

Wow-eee! Love it.

Re: Broken Shutter Room Divider

Great idea; lovely work.

Re: Bottle Rocket

This is the coolest!!!

Re: No, Thank YOU Sir!


Re: Thank you very much, Mission Rubato.

Maybe you could make a toy out of one by putting little faces on the parts that pop up when you press the bottom thingy.

Re: Old Letters to Make a New Entry

I would love to find some great letters like that. Love your way of using them, too.

Re: How to Build a Chest of Drawers?

Awesome, I must say!


Amen to that! I want to be reincarnated and be in you gals' classes!

Re: 1 of a Kind bathroom vanity

Absolutely beautiful. I've been wanting to do this forever. (My husband just doesn't get it.)

Re: Feeling Springy

Wow, did you ever score!!! I'm so envious. Your display is so sweet, too.

Re: chestdrawer becomes a shelf unit

Turned out great! I love to see fabrics displayed.

Re: blue and white from all over

Very nice work!

Re: sweet little table

Great idea and lovely top.

Re: Clock Case Book Case

Oh, this is Fab! Beautiful.

Re: Old sewing table makeover

Very cute. Love your walls, too!

Re: Spruced Up Planter Box

This is fabulous! Is that Briwax on there?

Re: Rusty Dust Pan Bird Feeder

Cute idea. I have one of those dust pans to make something with, too.

Re: Bed in the Flowers

Double-ditto what everyone said!

Re: Trunk Bottom Book Case

What a good-looking and practical idea!!!

Re: Junky Chair with Promise

Dyn-O-mite!!! Looks great.

Re: old windows

I love them all, but especially the little boy at the beach pics!

Re: I flipped over a Christmas tree stand -- literally!

That's cool. I've never seen one like that.

Re: Looking for inspiration for a few items?

You can use the brake rotors as pedestals to elevate a statue or other decorative object in the garden. You can clear coat the galvanized tubs. Use the large one to hold magazines. Hang the small ones on a rod to hold items in the kitchen or in the foyer for keys, etc.

Re: Scrap yard beds made good again


Re: My Swap Project 9 & 10 - Bluebucket

Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute!

Re: A Pleasing Palette

Ooh, I hope you don't mind if I copy this. It sure beats my plastic store-bought hooks.

Re: Blue Plate Special

This looks fabulous! I love it.

Re: Tennis Racket Frames

These are gorgeous! I love em.

Re: Oak Harvest Table and Window Curio Cupboard

I just can't get over how cool your stuff is. The design, the colors, the workmanship ... it's wonderful!

Re: Been Busy Lately...

Your work is amazing!

Re: A Witches Broom

Very clever!

Re: Junk Swap

Now that's a great, over-the-top package o' junk!!! How lucky you are.

Re: embellished widow treatment for $3.00

Wonderful! Love it.

Re: 3 window treatment from $4.00 shower curtain and left over fabric piece

Some shower curtains are so beautiful, they deserve to be something else!

Re: lamp stand become coat rack

This is a really neat project. Kudos!

Re: Pictures of my home: the kitchen

Oh, Erin, these pictures are charming! I love your kitchen and the lilacs. I hope you are moving to a place that you love. I had a collection of those Bailey's mugs. Sold all but two on eBay.

Re: Stylin' Centerpiece

I LOVE the way the light shines through all those differently shaped holes. Very cool!

Re: World Map Table

I would enjoy it anyway. It looks really cool, so maybe you're being too hard on yourself. As a former perfectionist, I know where you're coming from, though.

Re: Junk Swap project: my first attempt at a mosaic

Love it!!!

Re: Another Groovy Block Party!!!

Those flowers are beautiful the way your display them.

Re: JUNK from my bf's TRUNK!

As usual, great stuff, Erin.

Re: junk swap from gretchen /mimi toria

Oooh, bet you can't wait to dive into that pile!

Re: Check Out My Junk...from the "Junk Swap"

Very cool use for those. (Way better than getting fried!)

Re: Our Yard Junk!

Looks like a lot of fun. I can't wait to get out there and start growing things!

Re: Lamp Shade Cloche

Looks like you arrived just in time to save that beauty.

Re: MORE OF SWAP PROJECT .. Just in time for Easter

Very sweet. Also, your junk makes a stunning vignette just laid out like that.

Re: Happy Easter

Wow, your eggs are wonderful!

Re: JunkSwapGoodies

Very cool stuff! Those illustrations are wonderful.

Re: A Few Results From My Junk Swap Adventure!

Great stuff and great ideas. Those little birdies look really neat, too.

Re: Why keep them in a drawer?

These are beautiful!


Great bench!

Re: Spring Projects

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. Christina, your weather is my weather. I'm in Eugene!!!

Re: Glass Garden Totems/Centerpieces

Lovely and imaginative! Great stuff.

Re: Thrifting Thursday and I got...WHAT???

Beautiful pieces. They are so sculptural, I would hang them on the wall.

Re: My Swap Project 4 & 5 - bluebucket

I love how you put those buttons in the candlesticks. That fire nozzle is art!

Re: SWAP Projects from my Amazing box 'O Junk from JunkinLindsey PART 1 of Many

I never would have thought to wrap the base like that. What a clever idea!

Re: Spring Projects

Thanks! They sound pretty good, too. Sorta like dragging tin cans down the road. HAHA!

Re: Turquoise~Color of Spring~Embellished Medicine Bottles

Beautiful work, AND, my fave color glass!

Re: Junk, Glorious JUNK!!!!!!!!!! Part 2

I'm so envious of your auction; that's rare to find so much free stuff.

Re: My Swap Project 6 - bluebucket

Very clever and pretty!

Re: My Swap Project 7 & 8 - bluebucket

Byoo-tee-ful; very classy projects!

Re: In love with Jack...

What a neat jack and great ideas, too!

Re: old shelf turned upside down, tiny gas pump, tricycle, cherub and doilie

I love your freeform style and your knack for finding so much good junk cheap. Keep it up.

Re: Tea Cart and goodies

You are so lucky to find this stuff. And I love your way of making it your own. If Johnny drops by, you'll be even luckier!

Re: vintage magazine advert

Awesome, Erin.

Re: It's old, it's's wonderful!

OMG! Super-cool!

Re: Elephabot

This is so cute. I love it!

Re: small decoupaged box

That is so, so, very cute!

Re: Guess what? We're on Facebook!


Re: Junk Swap Fun...Thanks Marie!

Is there no end to the cleverness on this site? I love that cat art and, of course, the disk thingy.

Re: Need a Pencil?

Now I know what to do with all those pencils. Wow!

Re: Cutlery Crosses

Looks great! Love the jeweled center.

Re: Memo Boards

What a neat thing to do.

Re: junk swap!

Very cool. That apron is the bomb! I'm gonna make one.

Re: My Swap Project 2 &3 - bluebucket

Very pretty creation. I love looking at what everyone is making.

Re: old toaster kitchen night light

I love night lites, and I love this!

Re: Simple Thrift Store Decorating 1

So pretty!

Re: Simple Thrift Store Decorating 2

Awesome job, Christina. I think I'll copy you.

Re: A Lamp For The Birds

This is very pretty. I love velum, and this light is very creative.

Re: Junking Saturday

To say you hit the jackpot would be an understatement. Nice going!

Re: My 2nd completed junk partner project!

So, so cute! I want one.

Re: My first completed junk partner projects

Extremely cute as a clock!

Re: Pine Pantry

Another stunning piece! I am just amazed by your creations.

Re: Happy Spring!

Very nice!!! That looks like freesia; is it?

Re: Junk Swap Project

What? Your husband helps you? Very cool! LOVE IT.

Re: Showcasing "Schnibbles" on Town Names Cards

Ohmygosh! This is the coolest thing. Good thing you held onto those cards.

Re: First Junk Swap project!!!

What a great idea to use old beaded necklaces in your suncatcher. I love it!!!

Re: Grandma Memory Collage

Wow, that's amazing. My grandma's middle name was Hazel, too. Her first name was Bessie, but no one called her that.

Re: Coffee Tray

This looks great! Mah-velous idea!

Re: you can't always get what you want...

Sounds like a fantabulous thrift store to me! Wow, I just adore your idea about the mirrors. Can't wait to see the "after" pics.

Re: First post from my swap partner.

You are so clever. I never would have thought of that. What makes this site so exciting is the members' unbounded imaginations!

Re: To DYE for!

I just saw one of these boxes today in an antique shop. It was priced at $250!!!

Re: Old warehouse cart turned coffee table

Beautiful work!

Re: Junk Linens turned Aprons

Gorgeous! Love em, love em, love em.

Re: Getting Ready for Easter

Yaay, another great save!

Re: Junk Queen Necklace

Great necklace, and how fun that you finally got to meet up.

Re: from old door to new headboard

Great job, cowgirl! I'm sure your daughter loves it.

Re: Chimney Cabinet

Ha, great story! Oh, and great shelf, too!

Re: Thrift Store Box

Very nice! I, too, save every little piece of ribbon that comes on things I buy. And yes, they always get used for something.

Re: Fringy Night Stands

Yee-Ha! These are great!

Re: Vintage Hobnail Lamps Get a Modern Makeover

Ooh, I love that aqua and brown one. C-U-T-E!

Re: Cheyenne Lockers Memories

Great display! I think it's hilarious that you found a plastic chuck roast at a garage sale!

Re: Chicken Crate Shelves

Very cool! I love your enamelware collection.

Re: I need help with this one!

You can use it as ribbon for tying tags on things or wrapping presents. You can tie up your delphiniums or sweet peas. You could wrap it around a frame holding a photo of your favorite soldier.

Re: Step Ladder Wine Rack

This is a very clever idea. You could also put letters on the steps, with RED, WHITE, or the name or region of the wine.

Re: painted western belt

Great idea!

Re: Cobalt Bottle Tree

This adds a lot of interest to the garden. Don't you love the way colored glass looks outside!

Re: Vintage Watch Jewelry Necklace

Very nice. Great combo of chains and watches.

Re: Crockery Shard Pendant

Ooh, another cool beach treasure. Looks great wrapped with that silver wire.

Re: Vintage Iron Gate

Lucky, lucky you!

Re: A Rustic Little Side Table...

Beautiful; love this!

Re: More TRASH to treasure

Wow, those lamps are impressive. Nice work!

Re: chalk board door

How fun is that!

Re: Please help us....we would like to be a bench someday....

You could also have the chairs facing each other, with the seat bridging the span. That lyre-back design seems to call for a musical design on the upholstered seat.

Re: Junkyard Dogs...the How and "Y"

Very nice! Oh, what I wouldn't give to have a greyhound like that. Tanner is pretty cute, too.

Re: A Good Place To Nest

Looks like birdie came along and built that nest there!

Re: A Couple of Fun Collages...

These are beautiful. I love how you get that aged look on all the pieces. And that sweet dog...

Re: Junk Gyspy meets Cowgirl Chic

Great stuff! Oh man, now I want a cowboy room.

Re: old chairs - refreshed!!

Great job! I'll have to remember that outline painting technique; it really adds to the look.

Re: Objects as Art

These are really neat!

Re: A little yard somethin

Ohmygosh! I've been passing up those boxes of glass at yard sales because I never knew what to do with them. Now I know. Thank you!!!

Re: Star Attraction!

Your students are very lucky. Bet your classroom is fun!

Re: Necklaces Reborn...Buttons, Too

These are SO cute; now I wanna make some. What kind of rings did you use?

Re: Bet you didn't know how sweet dripping wax could be!

Beautiful, Melissa.

Re: Literally, A SPRING Wreath


Re: Reclaimed headboard Now coat/hat rack

This is very cute. GOOD JOB!

Re: Repurposing a crate

Ditto, what they all said!

Re: Bench from a bedframe

Very nice work. Welcome!

Re: Reproducing Old Documents

Wow, this is really impressive work. Your attention to detail is awesome. Wonderful project!

Re: Cataloging a new adventure!

Yup, very nice!

Re: Laser Pistol


Re: Featherflite

Heehee. He is so cute; I love him.

Re: Global Change

Excellent! Great solution and looks good, too.

Re: toille trunk

This is beautiful. Can you share some details about how you did it?

Re: gorgeous teddy


Re: My First Post!

Very cool; great job. LOVE it!!!

Re: Laundry room curtains.

Very cool and awesome idea. Love it!

Re: Antiquing To Michigan and Back

Oooooh, this makes me drool. Apparently all the good stuff is in the upper Midwest. Lucky you!

Re: Words on Vintage Maps

Coolio! I have been saving some old maps to do something with. Hopefully this will inspire a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Re: seeing the light

I'll send you my delivery address!

Re: Towel rods from antique gas lines

Unique and cool!

Re: My Funky Chairs

I can't believe someone discarded that beautiful set! At least it's beautiful NOW. That butterfly chair reminds me of a dress I made when I was very, very young. Nostalgia-inducing, for sure.

Re: Junk on Parade Part 2

Wow, you do great work!

Re: shabby chic picture frame

I love this. Very pretty.

Re: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Great job; supersweet birdie!


Beautiful creation, Janis.

Re: A Fun Day of Junkin'

I'm SO envious!

Re: My Rose Bowls (and plates and teacups)

I love your display. And that aqua one of the top shelf is my cup of tea!

Re: From Fireplace to Mantle!

Love all your ideas. It's really cool how that piece of stone fits on top of those log rests. Looks like it was meant to be.

Re: Sanity Restoring Junque

Woohoo! New junk = great possibilities!

Re: ~Be My Valentine~

I already made a comment, but I forgot to say, that verdigris finish on the copper is just astounding! HOW do you DO that?

Re: Sea Glass Lighthouse Sconce

This is so cool. I have an entire room dedicated to sea stuff, especially lighthouses. I love your creations.

Re: The Cat's Meow

That is really cute and imaginative. What did you stick it together with?


Oooh, Jamaica me thirsty! Those colors all look really pretty, like a flower in the snow.

Re: ~Be My Valentine~

Gorgeous, as your creations always are. And how lucky for you to get those fabulous valentines!

Re: Got Ideas?

Wow, you guys rock! Thank you, thank you, for so many great ideas. One thing I neglected to mention is that these babies are big and HEAVY! They are about 17" X 24" and we haven't seen galvanized this thick before. Just for fun, I put on of the larger ones on my bathroom scale and it weighed 13.6 lbs! So, I won't be hanging any of them on the wall (I don't have much wall space anyway), but I did put a couple of them to use already. I'll post some pics of what I did with them.

I also had three wooden drawers from the same workbench, which I will show on a separate post. Thanks again, everyone!

Re: 100 yr old door is now an adorable sitting area


Re: Old kitchen cabinet door has new life

Nice! And useful, too!

Re: "Key To My Heart" Resin Pendants from old keys.

These are very cool. Makes me want to try my hand at resin.

Re: Can't believe this one sat in the attic for so long

All your displays are way cute! Looking forward to more. :)

Re: Boy and Girl Assemblage Collage

Very nice and well put together. This gives me a great idea to make one with my grandma's things.

Re: Life Collection


Re: In a word.

I've never seen those dark ones; those are great. I also love junkers' sense of humor. Does that say "NO DRAMA"? Ha!

Re: Faux Ribbon Necklace

You are very talented. I would not have thought of that, but it's beautiful.

Re: Smacking good Valentine

How lucky for you to get those great gum machines. I love all your pics.

Re: Portable Light for Valentine's Day!

What a great vignette! It's all perfect.

Re: My shagalicious headboard. Don't try this at home, kids!

Ha, you are a hoot! Your post made me LOL. I'd bet it wasn't easy either, putting those strips on there in a way that hides all those staples. Great job!

Re: Primitive cupboard

Beautiful! I love it.

Re: Lunch box memory style

This is a perfect place to store your old love letters. Very cute!

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

This is stunning; like, WOW!

Re: Vintage Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

Those are really cool. I just can't find stuff like that around here. :(

Re: It's "Wheely" a clock!

Very nice work! Wish I could have seen it before the cleanup.

Re: Junky Love

Love your displays. My anniv is this month also.

Re: "Bird of Nature" Necklace

This is beautiful. I really love that little wire nest with the pearl eggs.

Re: Vintage Valentine Fun

These are SO clever! I love them.

Re: Coasters made from ceramic tiles

These are great! Love your ideas.

Re: Valentine Fun

Neat and sweet!

Re: Ina's Piano Trunk

That is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

Re: Serving up Style for the Big Game!

I love your display ideas. So clever!

Re: Rosette Bib Necklace

Wow, nice job!

Re: Chippy Cottage Charm will be at Benson Flea Market (Sioux Falls, SD)

Sounds like so much fun. Great looking stuff, too.

Re: Whoa Junkie!

Very cool! I wish I could get my husband interested in doing something like this. He has a welder, so...

Re: A Trip down Memory Lane- S & H Green Stamps Style

Oh yeah, I collected those stamps. You could maybe line the back of a cupboard or display shelf with them, then place family heirlooms or collectibles in front of them.

Re: Entertainment Center

Fantastic! I love what you did with this.

Re: For The Birds

Beautiful; love it!

Re: Plant Markers

Great idea. I've been starting to think about plant markers, too. Ah, spring must be on the way?

Re: Repurposed Containers For Florals

Very nice! And I LOVE that white ironstone.

Re: "Where Junk Resides"

Wow, that is one impressive statement! Love it.

Re: Still Testing My Metal!

Wow, a woman who can cut metal; you've got my respect! Very impressive. Hey, I think those bar stool frames would make awesome table bases, too.

Re: ~Junk In The Garden~

Oh man, this makes me wish even harder for spring! I love your garden.

Re: ~Concrete, Cloches & Candles~

Nice! I like the contrast of hard/soft, smooth/rough textures.

Re: Bird in the Cage...

Very nicely done. Love the bingo-ball eggs!

Re: Painted Recycled Wine Bottles

So artistic and creative. I wish I could do that!


Very clever; a great way to "air" your love for the Saints.

Re: Large ( 21x47 ) picture frame

Your frame is wonderful! Awesome job.

Re: 50's Metal Flower Chandelier Reborn!

Very nice!!!

Re: Beat up coffee table turns shabby romantic

This is gorgeous! Great save!

Re: Windows...Windows and more Windows

Those flowers are beautiful, and the beach one would look perfect in my office. Love em!

Re: Trash to Treasure Clock Tutorial

Wow, that's really cool!

Re: Throwback to my Youth - Take a little trip with me

How lucky you are!

Re: Valentines Day Candy Dish

There's just something about red glass. I love it.


I did a similar one (, but I like yours better. Looks great!


Very nice!

Re: Pink Sweater turned lampshade covering ..

Quite an improvement! I'll remember this before I toss any old lampshades.

Re: Mid Century Modern Shaw Walker Redo

The color is great. The workmanship is fantastic. It's perfect.

Re: Stop the Draft!

Fabulous! When I first saw this, I assumed it was an old game board. Very fine work.

Re: Tea cup Pincushion

Very nice!

Re: embroidered floral silk shade ..

Your shades are the best! I love em. I always look for the perfect shade, too, but haven't had the courage to do this.

Re: Tumbled tile coaster

Can't wait to see more of your stuff. I can tell you are going to be fun!

Re: "Falling" for vintage chest of drawers

Fabulous! I love it.

Re: Vintage Look Candle Hurricane Shades

What a great idea! I can't wait to try it.

Re: A Very Shabby to Chic Rocking Chair

You saw the potential that the previous owner didn't see. Not everyone has the shabby-vision!

Re: A Shabby Chandelier Makeover

Super-cool. Love it, love it.

Re: dreamsicle linen & silk lampshade tied w/ a bow

I just now saw this for the first time. Wow, your stuff knocks me out. To say you have a flair for fabric is an understatement. I love it all!

Re: slipcovers bring it all together ..

Wowee! Very nice.

Re: chippy white and wonderful hutch

Doncha love it when things come together like that? Perfection!

Re: Artwork: Too much junk...too little time

Artistic, clever, creative, and cute, cute cute.

Re: More Teacups

Very cute!

Re: Well Worn, But Well Loved . . .

When I was a child, we actually used plates that had that crazing and brown stains. I couldn't understand why my mom didn't toss them out and get new ones; now I wish I had them.

Re: Would Thomas Edison be Proud?

This is a fantastic lamp!

Re: Go Blue - Michigan Football License Plate Art

Outstanding! So clever and creative.

Re: Cloche...Rusty Style

Great score! I think that Christmas candle looks stunning in there.

Re: Sea Glass Lamp

Oooh, sea glass, one of my favorite things. What a great and unique project. Very nice!

Re: Cupboard From Crate Wood

Seriously? This is crate wood? It's just beautiful. You have some real woodworking talent. I think it's too pretty to stain OR paint.

Re: Candle Holder to Display

Great idea! I see a lot of those in-the-fireplace candle holders at the thrift stores. Bet those would work great for this too.

Re: Nesting Bird Server

This is really pretty. I have some little birds that would be great on one of those. Hope you don't mind if I copy. The only glue I've ever used that holds like crazy and dries really hard is two-part epoxy, but it's kind of a pain. I'd sure be willing to use something else. I'll be glad to see if anyone uses that kind.

Re: Testing my metal. aka Testing my mettle!


Re: Have Suitcases; Will Travel

What a stunning collection! I just gave away a beautiful blue train case from the 70s and a tan one from the 50s. Wish I could have given them to you!

Re: dresser makeovers

Wow, these are beautiful!

Re: Croquet anyone?

Your whole wall looks beautiful. Love all the wood things.

Re: Bird Perch 2 Tiered Server

This is very clever and beautifully executed.

Re: Benchs from headboard

You do a great job with these. Very professional!

Re: Hall tree from parts


Re: Sweet Clipboard!

Oooh, neat idea.

Re: This shelf is "wired"!

Very cool. And I love that wooden post thingy.

Re: everything's coming up angels...

Beautiful and inspiring!

Re: canoe seat coffee table

Very clever!

Re: junk love bingo board

I love seeing how all you clever people make words with all kinds of things. This is really cute.

Re: Some more clock projects

Nice work!!!

Re: Photo Tin


Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

This is a beautiful, practical, elegant solution. My husband made a similar chandelier out of acrylic, but this looks a lot easier and funner. I must find this styrene of which you speak. But I probably can't find the fringey lamp to recycle. ;)

Re: Our fireplace

Beautiful work. And those sweet doggies...

Re: Screen Savers


Re: Bottle Christmas Tree

Looks neat. Great idea!

Re: The Kitchen floor

Very interesting designs and beautiful workmanship.

Re: Church Treasures

Your chart reminds me of the tiny church my Grandma attended when I was very young. It could be from anywhere in the country. Memories...

Re: Beverage bar....junk style!

Most ingenious!

Re: Life is Like Laundry.....Loads of Fun!

This looks great! I had to look up what a furdown was; never heard of it before. Like pjjunker, I also painted my laundry room cabinets red and decorated it for fun.

Re: Piano bench-turned child creative center

Great job!!!

Re: 'Coffee With Dick and Jane" CoffeeTime Lamp

Ha! Wonderfully charming and delightful.

Re: Storage Solutions

They're both wonderful solutions for storage. So nice.

Re: heated bird bath

So nice to take care of the birdies. Details, please. How is it heated, etc?

Re: birdhouse from old pallet


Re: cast iron vase

Wow! What a lucky find. I have one of these; think I paid $80 for it many years ago.

Re: High Fashion Junk

This is really fun and cool.

Re: Cherish Boxes

Those are stunning! Very impressive.

Re: "Coffee And My Secret Ingredient" -CoffeeTime Lamp

I think your secret ingredient is your vivid imagination. :^} And those theme fabrics really pull it all together.

Re: 32" ceiling medallion becomes wall clock

A big WOW on your beautiful job!!!

Re: Rustic Glow

Beautiful!!! I've been wanting to make something like this for a long time. You have inspired me to get busy!

Re: Sweet While Shabby Candle Holder

Yet another cool use of old post parts! Nice!

Re: From Church Chair to Bedside Table

Very clever and unique idea. What a great deal on the chair, too!

Re: briefcase organizer and a pie

Oh, you're too much! Very clever ideas; I just love repurposing stuff.

Re: Sack the Soy Sack and Stick it on Your Wall


Re: Antique Style Cupboards-Made from old house doors & reclaimed lumber.

These are marvelous!

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

Beautiful! Love the verdigris finish.

Re: New use for a Hooked Rug

Good idea! I should have done that with the one I have.

Re: The Back Porch

It's a great look!

Re: The locker room

What a great idea, perfect reuse for a boy's room. Lockers are so versatile.

Re: More from the front porch

I'm so envious of you having this great porch and great stuff on it. Very nice.

Re: Picnic Time!

Love it, love it!

Re: Toddler Toy

This is awesome. I just love seeing handmade toys instead of those plastic things.

Re: Waterproof Mp3 Case

Very clever and useful.

Re: Vintage Valentine Tinsel Wreath

Oh man, I LOVE this! I must make one of these.

Re: Watch the Birdie...."6th Hole" Golfbag Lamp

Another wonderfully clever lamp!

Re: Do YOU Have A STASH??? Let's have fun!

Wow, you have some really cool stuff!

Re: Panel Door Headboard

Stunning! Wonderful color scheme.

Re: Before and After Chair Makeover

This is great! Really adds pizzazz!!!

Re: Painted Jute Rugs

Wow, that's a work of art!

Re: Pantry Door

Very nice!!!


I love table legs, too. And those are better than most!


It's an awesome find! Just look through this Junkmarket site and an idea will come to you.

Re: Vintage Fishing Stuff

How cool is that! Great display.

Re: rolling pin collection

Outstanding!!! I love it.

Re: Game Table

Very cool! (I love your knotty pine wall, too.)

Re: picnic again!

What a great idea! Hope you don't mind if I copy.

Re: How To Make A Santa Snow Globe

This is fantastic! Thanks for the great, detailed instructions.

Re: Display for vintage fishing lures

Lucky dad and lucky you. Very nice!

Re: "Early Bird" CoffeeTime Lamp for a yard sale affectionado

Wow, that's just about perfect, and I'm sure the recipient is overjoyed.

Re: First project of the New Year!!

This is gorgeous!!!

Re: My daughter's room

Wow, your lucky daughter is "in the pink" now.

Re: last score 09

What a great deal! And such a nice thing to do.

Re: Repurposed Casserole Server

Lovely and very clever!!!

Re: old faucet

Very cute!!!


Wow, that was a LOT of work, and your countertops are so great, too. You're the woman!!!


Sweet! That book is awesome!!!

Re: Cornice Makeover

This is fabulous. I LOVE it!!!

Re: "Mambo Console" Bongo Drum Style Console Lamps

Very, very cool. I fixed up an old Airstream trailer last year and these would have been perfect in there!

Re: Country Pump Lamp

This is too cool. OK, I'm inspired to try my hand at making a lamp shade.

Re: My "JUNK" Tree


Re: Recycled Lunchbox into a New Year's Eve Centerpiece

Extremely cool! And I've never seen a lunchbox like that.

Re: "Poppy Coffee"- Wizard of Oz theme

These are really cool. Are those cups melamine? How do you drill the holes without shattering them?

Re: Colorful, Junky Backsplash

Very nice. Isn't mosaic-ing the most fun? How bout a picture of the backsplash and the wall.

Re: lamp finial

That finial is so cool. Love it!

Re: Coffee With The Lovely Ladies-Raffle fundraiser donation for Cancer Clinics in Antelope Valley, CA

Very clever! I love that it looks all wonky. Quite a conversation starter.

Re: "Box O Flamingos"- (no birds were injured in the making of this lamp)

Very nice!

Re: Holiday Window

Very cool. Nice save!!!

Re: Cabinet from old window screen

This is wonderful! Love it.

Re: old window

You have an awesome garden.

Re: old border

It looks great!

Re: Glass Memory Totem

How great to be able to put her mother's things to good use!

Re: old door

Makes a very nice winter display, too!

Re: Have Yourself a Junky Little Christmas!

Very nice!! I especially love the little bird.

Re: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas,,,Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night

Thank you for letting us see these. They are wonderful! Just this year I remembered to dig out the one that my Grandma received when she was 8 years old, in 1908. I had it partially restored a few years ago, and I'm so glad I did.

Re: "Just what the Junker ordered"

Wow, what luck! Going through a box of old jewelry is one of the funnest things I can think of.

Re: Paver snowmen

These are super-cute. And they won't blow away!

Re: Santa's shopping cart just arrived!

I LOVE these! So cool.

Re: Old Letters & Glitter

Wow, you hit the jackpot! You'll have so many cool displays with these. Love this one.

Re: Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Wow, you do great work! I can see you really have the spirit.

Re: Candleboard

That looks wonderful. Love it.

Re: The Holly and the...

You have some neat things, and they look great put together like this.

Re: A Shutter of Excitement....Christmas Day is Almost Here!

What a clever idea! Looks great.

Re: The BEST Reason to Celebrate!

That's wonderful news, and I love your wine cooler!

Re: Masher Christmas

These are very cute!

Re: A Traveler's Bag from Christmases Past

Very nice! So creative and fun.

Re: I Love Christmas

Isn't it neat how old toys just seem to say Christmas Past! These displays are all so beautiful.

Re: You belong here!

Super, super-dooper!!! Love it.

Re: I have a Bright Idea . . .

Ooooh, nice!!! Makes my creative wheels start turning...

Re: Beads & Buttons

These are great! I make beaded jewelry, too, and I love to see what other beaders are doing. Your designs are really cool.

Re: Easy Fix for "Lost" Wall Quotations

This is great! Love the idea.

Re: Chaining up the Ornaments!

Beautiful! Where did you get that chain?

Re: Not exactly "choirs'' of angels, but I do have a few

These are great. I've wanted to make some of these for a long time. Maybe now I will!

Re: "I'm WORKING here!"

I want to do school over and be in your class!

Re: Peace like a river

Wow, a stunning display! Mahvelous!

Re: The three snowmen

Cute and clever!

Re: wood shutters

These are wonderful! I love em.

Re: Christmas Vacation...tree

This is so much fun! I love the pennants and the pedal car, too!

Re: Junk on the Horizon

A very impressive project and a wonderful gift!

Re: Merry Christmas Everyone! Sharing Our House With You

Lovely displays of your really great things!
Merry Christmas!

Re: You can thank Disneyland for this one!

So cute and festive, in a BIG way!

Re: infant prague collection

I wasn't familiar with these, either, but they are quite stunning in a group like that.

Re: Christmas Displays

Yes, it DOES look great! (And thanks for reminding me that I have some of those old cards stashed away.)

Re: vintage pearls

I love old pitchers and I love white on white. Great combo!!!

Re: Pop Can Stars

Nice work! Looks great and fun to do.

Re: Farm Junk Recycled

Wow, that door is a knockout! And that old milk bucket takes me back to my old days on the dairy farm.

Re: Simple Christmas Basket

This is very pretty and I love the pine.

Re: Merry Christmas!

Yes, I've started thinking that way, too. Your pretty displays prove that you can get the same look as the high-end stuff and recycle, too!

Re: Yard Sale Leftovers

That's funny. I've been looking for vintage deer like that. You can't find 'em anymore. Although my husband would probably not like them either. Ha!

Re: My very first project post....An elegant, funky, bird feeder!

Nice work, and what a fun gift!

Re: A "Light Bulb" Moment...

That looks great, and it works and looks better than my store-bought wreath hanger. Just goes to show you, hand-made is better! ;^}

Re: Tis the Season!

Great stuff!

Re: Let's Dish Some More

This is so beautiful; great job! I wish I could find stuff by the curb, but it just doesn't happen here. Well, I'm glad other people are finding pieces to turn into something wonderful. :)

Re: Deck the doors!

How great is that door! And your lettering is wonderful. I wish I could find something like this, but it's slim pickins around here.

Re: THE FINALE!!!!!!!!!!! maybe

Happy birthday, Alice! Your mantel is very pretty and dreamy.

Re: Your Frames have been Framed!

Indeed it does make the wall pop, with that pretty colored background. Very nice!!!

Re: Oh, My High Arches!

Ingenious! And perfect with that clock!!! Love it.

Re: Come To My Quilt Window

This is a work of art. Something about putting the quilt behind the glass makes both pieces even better. Beautiful!!!

Re: Organizing for Christmas ....AND BEYOND!

This is extremely cute, Midge. I love it!

Re: Art with Architecture

Oh my gosh, this is gorgeous! I've done embossing on paper, but never on something like this. And those clear stamps are the coolest. I can't wait to try it. Wonder if hubby would miss some parts of his motorcycle...

Re: The lady's in a hurry ...

C'est tres magnifique!

Re: The lady's in a hurry ...

Your arrangement is very beautiful, and that art nouveau tray is, is, is.. well words don't even describe it!!!

Re: Picking up a Little Christmas Cheer...

This looks wonderful!

Re: Very Simple

This is very cute!

Re: Upside Down Junk Tree

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Re: More Junky Displays

Oh my gosh! All these neat displays! The STAY WARM one is great. And the gift tags -- so clever.

Re: Knobs, Levers & Bones

I like this a lot. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Christmas Chair cover

Very clever and festive!!!


Never too many, Alice. I love these and you have them displayed sooooo cute.

Re: It's Getting Frosty Outside

A fantastic way to use something old and keep them on display. Great!!!

Re: "BR549, please"

Very cool! I'd use it, too.

Re: Tis' the Season to be "JUNKY" Fa La La La La.......

This looks wonderful. And I LOVE those sheep!

Re: Add a little Jingle to your Christmas!

The ivory and gold look fantastic together!

Re: Framing up a Favorite Item

Oh Jenny, this is wonderful. It really made me smile.

Re: Extreme Tree Trimming

Wow, that's great! I especially love the word cards.

Re: My "Out of the box" wreath

Yes, as Candy says, the whites are beautiful!

Re: Warm Welcome

Love it!

Re: Horse Collar Wreath

Beautiful! And yes, jingle bells would make it even more wonderful.

Re: This project is a crock!

Very nice. I hope the madness never ends!

Re: This one was 'sew' simple...

Very cute and creative!

Re: Nifty and Thrifty!

That looks really cool. Great idea!

Re: Bling It with Big Beads

Hi XOjanis.
I didn't see your comment for a while. I bought the shade, but I'm going to try my hand at making one next time. They just cost too much and most are kinda blah. At least this one was on sale! Thanks for asking.

Re: Faux fireplace to warm your holiday.

This is really great! And so much fun!

Re: Jewel Chest

Wow, beautiful work!

Re: Birthday Bird Bath for my Mom

What a wonderful project!

Re: a rescued tinsel tree with a new hair cut

Sweet! It reminds me of those antique feather trees I keep seeing pictures of.

Re: Spiced up for the holidays

That's beautiful and inspired. (I'd like to find a nice piece like the one you found for $5)

Re: What Can I Do With A Table Top Greenhouse

One more idea, then I'll stop. How bout a memory box where you display mementos from an event, a trip, or a person. For example, I would put a 1940s picture postcard of my dad in France, the silk scarf he sent my mother, her gloves, and jewelry. I'd attach self-adhesive hooks to the underside of the lid and hang some of her lockets and some rings on a ribbon. And a couple pictures of mom, of course.

Re: What Can I Do With A Table Top Greenhouse

You could turn them into gifts for gardeners by filling with an arrangement of beautiful seed packets, old chippy trowel, small mossy clay pots, planting guide, garden journal, etc. Place the items on a bed of dried moss or other plant material.

Re: Sanctuary ~ Doors to Headboard

Great idea and beautiful the way it's all coming together! Nice job!

Re: what will it become?

Very cool! Gotta take care of those babies. BTW, I'll take that stinky shorthair off your hands! Where can I pick her up? ;)

Re: Book Wall Decor

This is very interesting. How did you do those different folds? Did you have to cut the pages to do that last one?

Re: Slipcovered Lampshade

I love this look!

Re: Dad's Table

Very nice! Your dad will love it!

Re: Scrabble Board..Family collage

Super cool!

Re: Serving collage

Two of my favorite things: trays and collages. Nice!

Re: Rescued China Cabinet

I love that white beadboard in the back — and the doorless look!

Re: My first posted project - cookie cutter tree

This is a very cute tree, Janie. Can't wait to see more of your projects!

Re: Golf Cardholder,Clock

Great theme arrangement!

Re: Wall Hang Sunflower

Very nice! I love to see natural plants of all kinds displayed.

Re: From trash to treasure.

Ooh, I'm loving this. Makes me want to go look for some stuff to paint right now!

Re: Use A Scarf Instead Of Wrapping Paper

This is a great idea — assuming you can part with the scarf!

Re: Sweet Reindeer


Re: Galvanized Worktop Table with Hammered Nail Detail

Very cool! I love this look :)

Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

A great collection of neat vintage stuff and put together so well. Fun, fun, fun!


Awesome! Pine cones are one of my most favorite things. Hmmm...

Re: Garage shelves made from old doors!

All I can say is, WOW! This looks fabulous.

Re: potting table changes seasons

Beautiful display; makes me happy to look at it!


How very cool is that! Happy Thanksgiving!

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Oh man, I wish my porch was bigger. I just have room for one or two things. This is great!

Re: A bow you can easily zip together!

I would never have thought of that. Just shows there's no end to you junkers' creativity! Very cute.

Re: An OLD Vanity makes a come-back!

OMG, you are my kind of junker. This is really cool. There's nothing more fun than taking a piece that has potential and transforming it into your own useful creation. Wonderful!

Re: So what do I do with a lot of "tiny" junk?? Maybe a collage or two!

These are gorgeous! I have about 40 miniature tea sets, and a couple of them look just like that. I also have a whole lotta bobbins and wooden spools of thread. Now I am inspired to do something with them. Thank you!

Re: Glass Garden

Thanks, fellow junkers. Those things on top of the stays are glass candleholders, a bottle, a lid, and another glass thing I've had for a long time but never knew what it was (the large clear one).

Re: Something to sing about

Cute, cute. Love it!

Re: Uncle Pete's Snow Shoes...

I LOVE old snowshoes. And your theme is perfect. What did you use for the lettering?

Re: Copycat Sconce

Cute! I'm kinda new also, and now you've given me an idea! Thank you!

Re: Nite Nite Nightstand

A very creative transformation and a great piece. Nice work!

Re: When you least expect it...

Cool! I have a weakness for trays too. FUN!

Re: Fire Truck?

A lot of work, but what a transformation!

Re: found old french doors

I'm a new member, so a little late with feedback, but you could make a screen for a dressing room or other area. Put them together with hinges so they'll stand up and hang some gorgeous fabric on one side to show through the glass.

Re: Consider Curtain Clothing

Ha! Alice, I hadn't even thought of that. Reminds me of what Carol Burnett said in her Scarlett O'Hara curtain-dress scene, "This old thing? I saw it in the window and just couldn't resist getting it!" ;^}

Re: What's Behind Junk Drawer # 1

Those drawers are really cool, all right. But the way you have them arranged is even cooler. I'm going to have to figure out how you do that!


OMG, this is the most fun thing ever!

Re: Fall Back Decor

What a pretty combo — Wow!

Re: Hey, Hey, Hey . . . It's a Holiday Hay Rack!

Very beautiful and inspiring. Who cares if the berries are fake. :)

Re: Pennant Christmas Tree Skirt

You do really nice work! Love it.

Re: File and Magazine Holder


Re: Repurposed Dresser for Craft Room

Hi Kally: To answer your question, I paint over anything. If it looks like paint won't stick to it, just clean off any wax or oil with TSP or one of the paint prep products. If it's too slick, just sand it. I even painted my kitchen countertops years ago and they're still holding up. I used several coats of water-based Varathane over the paint.

Re: Ski Lodge Headboard

I'm a new member, so I just saw this and absolutely LOVE it. So cozy cabin-y.


I've never seen these before, but I'd sure like to find some. I love the fact that they aren't exactly alike.

Re: "The True Measure of Life..."

Very, very nice!