Mary Lloyd, Sears, MI, US

Living in mid-Michigan with my husband, Rick, on a small private fishing lake and loving the nature all around us. We are surrounded by farm fields, and often have deer and geese in our yard. We have many kinds of birds that visit year around, and have blue heron nesting each summer across the creek from us. We have 5 children combined in our family, and 15 grandchildren, along with one great grandson and another due in Feb 2016! We are very proud parents and grandparents! We are Christians, and have the love of Jesus, family, home and country. We support our USA troups, past, present and future 110%! We love to up-cycle America in style!

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This scarecrow lady was the result of a local city contest in October 2014 that I entered for the fun of it.  I had a great time making her out of odds and ends and wanted to share it with you...


I took a frame (purchased on an auction site) and added fresh greens, being blue spruce, cedar and white pine (long needles) for the mane for this horse head wreath.  I then wired on a small...


Taking a discarded small doll house, I applied it to a plastic platter with a wooden bottom for weight so it wouldn't flap in the wind so much. The chain was wrapped around the handle of the...


I created this wonderful glass birdbath with clear bowls, clear platters, a clear vase and a pink colored piece, topped it off with a clear heart-shaped shallow bowl with lightly colored in flowers...


I pulled many pieces together to make this brightly colored bird feeder.  The feeder itself is a child's toy playground with a tunnel, a highrise, etc.  Jelly can be put into the top of the...


I put this lovely small dish depicting a mother and a daughter together with glue to a short crystal candlestick to make a raised soap dish or jewelry catcher for the woman who loves to feel special.


Building glass structures is my new love. This past summer, I made this birdbath from cobalt glass, that my Mother loved, for her grave, plus a special piece for the shallow bath bowl on top...


Simply, I took a large shallow bowl, glued on a heavy sculpted flower to the center, glued a vase upside down on the back of the bowl to support a wooden dowel, and let dry overnight. I then took a...


Vintage table with lower shelf painted light blue, then I added a 13" x 13" cream colored tile to the top, along with small polished stones from a tumbler around the edge, which stayed in place...


A Thomasville brown dresser was painted a rust color, except the drawers were left brown.  I took 3 different fabrics to the drawers, and then to the top of the dresser, leaving a space in the...


I have made a number of snowy winter scenes, some with a Christmas theme, in jars this year.  This one is my favorite.  It includes a Jim Shore designed barn with barn quilts, a brush tree...


Our niece, Natalya, was getting married and had a bridal shower, so my gift to her was a set of adorable pint jars mounted on a wood shelf and backed with wood molding. I dressed them up with some...

Little Black Table with Tile Top

Something every girl needs - a little black table with a tile top. I found the table base at a resale store for $3, all scuffed up and thrown to the side like a piece of garbage with it's beautiful...


This potting bench took one 8x4 ft section of picket fence from a home improvement center, which was painted white. two end pieces were cut off 12" wide each. Therefore, the bench is 6 ft long by 1...


Our granddaughter, Taylor, graduated from HS, which prompted this project with three pint jars for organization any way she wanted to use them...for her toiletries, candles, as vases, etc., so we...


LOM and equipment: 7" white ceramic dove with raised floral design, 7" white plastic gebera daisy plate, white hollow vinyl stair spindle, wood piecew cut to fit inside both ends of hollow spindle...


PHOTO 1: Group photo of new junk found over a few weeks in June - Antique desk with cubbies and drawers, window planter box with attached hanging hardware, 8 matching green vinyl shutters, double...

Beer Garden Stake - Stroh's Beer Tap

Our friend and neighbor has always had a 4 o'clock beer break after gardening for the afternoon, a STROH's beer. I looked high and low for a Stroh's beer tab handle to make this for him, as his...

8" Victorian Gazebo Birdfeeder

This birdfeeder started with a stained glass lampshade, a bronze platter, a threaded rod, a couple of large washers, nuts, connectors, an eye bolt and a purchased dollar store 6-sided wooden...

Little Solar Lighthouse

This project started with a liquid hand soap dispenser. I simply removed the hand pump (will use on another project) and replaced it with the smallest solar path light I could find ($1 at the dollar...

Stately Garden Stake

These garden or pot stakes are fun to make and add so much to potted plants and to garden beds! This one was made with a 1" square wooden stake screwed to the inside of a white, hollow, vinyl...

Little Tonka Dump Truck planted with hens and chicks

Just a simple Tonka dump truck planted with hens and chicks. I found this smaller scaled truck at a sale in the area, and had to make it up for a neighbor who gardens in Michigan when he and his...


This is my second post, so, yes, I am comng out of lurksville now. This is my first finished project to photograph and post since joining as a member. I came across some vinyl records, and remember...

This is just my intro post!

Finally! A site where I can spread my wings! I have been a junkette as long as I can remember, and started with going garage saling with my mother as a child. Loving art, and being mechanical, plays...

Recent comments

Re: Repurposed / Upcycled Silverplate & Brass Mystery!

If only I could use a torch like you can, Brian! Wow, this is very top of the line :) Like it lots!

Re: Space Heater Nativity!

It's just wonderful. I'd be proud to display it! Great job!


Thanks, suziart. I just sold it at an arts and crafts expo Saturday 11-28 for $30. I wish now, I had kept it, as it truly was a OAK! I know the person that purchased it will keep it in their family, as the barn had barn quilts on it :)

Re: Adding Vertical Garden Interest with a Funnel

I'm going to try this with a shiny milking machine funnel to see how it comes out! Your idea is a favorite of mine, as it is more rustic, but we'll see how the garden looks when I take a photo next summer :)

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski Fish Key & Towel Wall Hangers

These are great - match the string of fish you did too! Love all of the stuff you're making with water skis!

Re: Sewing Machine Table

I've been looking for one of these with a substantial top. Your's is a winner!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski Custom Fish on a Stringer

Love these! Just a coincidence that the water skis go with water like fish do! Great idea, Brian!

Re: Pretty green Mirror

I love this shade of green - nice job! ~Mary~

Re: "The Twelve Best"~Vintage Clock

What an imagination you have to take you to such lengths and to bring you to such ends as this and so many of your projects. How great you are! Love this one too! ~Mary~

Re: Dirty Ol' Work Bench PURRRfect as an Island!

Beautifully up-cycled, Jasmin, and, yes, I'm jealous! ~Mary~


ALSO, I love mine more when I add a dollar store LED solar light if I can to one of the globes (you'd take the bottom part off that goes into the ground), and make sure the top gets plenty of sunshine so it can recharge. Just a little tip . . . ~Mary~


FYI - I use E6000 adhesive. All you need to do is take some sand paper to each piece where it will contact the next and will have the adhesive applied to it, and proceed, ONE LAYER AT A TIME. LET DRY FOR AN HOUR, then proceed to the next layer. Do not rush it. They didn't build Rome in a day, you know, lol :) It took me a lot of trial and error, and a few tears to come to these conclusions, so I wish you good luck with your future glass projects! ~Mary~

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Yardsticks Chalkboard

Great idea - I need one of these here at the lake to let people who drop over know if we're in the garden, out on the boat or at another neighbor's...lol. People get crazy if you're cars are in the driveway and they can't find you at home! ~Mary~

Re: Upcycled Birdfeeders

I totally love these, and make some very much like them. I also use cups and saucers for feeders, and alternate with candles for a nice "glow" in my garden now and then... ~Mary~

Re: Hollow Door Room Divider

These would work great in my guest room, as I have multi-family guests sometimes using the large room for weekends, and they all just bunk up. I'd love these to divide and conquer, if you know what I mean, the grandkids :) ~Mary~

Re: A "Little Man Cave"...

Funny...my grandson had the same request a few years ago. Great job on the room, and I, too, love the ladder affixed to the wall! ~Mary~

Re: Dresser to Window bench

You were absolutely right, it is perfect :) Love what you've done with the dresser. I love it! ~Mary~

Re: Corbel Wall Sconce Lamp

Always have adored old corbels, but never thought to make a wall lamp with one - great idea, Jim, and great job!


Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Flashlight Table Lamp with Storage

Let there be light! Love it for a cottage where skiing goes on :) Great up-cycling of more skis, Brian! ~Mary~

Re: Beachy Shadowbox Table

My daughter would love this in her home, as she's gone "beachy!" Great color and great idea :) ~Mary~

Re: Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

I love making miniature gardens in just about any container...and this one is very pretty! Love your wheelbarrow idea for the container! ~Mary~

Re: How To Turn an Old Coffee Table into Beautiful Signage

Just wonderful! I've used headboards in gardens as signs, but not table tops...great up-cycling idea, thanks Jasmin! ~Mary~

Re: Metal Table Frame + Metal Headboard = Bench

Perfect... ~Mary~

Re: New Use for Old Decking

WOW! Perfect piece of work for my "Lloyds Landing of Sears" design studio in our little cabin next to our new home...we lived in it and camped in it while we built our home. Now we are trying to set it up as a studio for me to use to up-cycle "trash to treasures."

Re: Industrial - Dorm Room Table

I have an old oil can similar to this one and planned to have my hubby make it into a table for his garage with a heavy top and bottom out of wood so it wouldn't tip. Did you put weight in the bottom of your can too? I have a piece of Amish cut slab wood to use... Now I can envision it better from your photos. Great job, Jim! ~Mary~

Re: Upcycled Vintage Cookie/Candy Tin Bird Feeders

Calling all birds! WOW - so fancy :) Like them lots! ~Mary~

Re: Turning Unwanted Ceiling Light Fixtures into Planters

Nice! Love the up-cycling for planting succulents this time and love the color :) ~Mary~

Re: Industrial Funnel Lamp

This lamp would be perfect for my hubby's garage work space! Great job! ~Mary~

Re: Louisiana Map & Vintage Yardstick Writing Desk

Another of your projects I could fall in love with! Brian, you're the best! ~Mary~

Re: Button Flowers

I love buttons and the ideas they inspire! This little bouquet seems to speak to me and I love that it's vase is a shaker :) It's a darling project... ~Mary~

Re: Hand-Painted Children's Chair

Your design is devine, and I love that it has a vintage look to it as well :) ~Mary~

Re: Vintage Tin Planter

Mighty fine! ~Mary~


Quite a quaint addition, I'd say! ~Mary~

Re: Table in shades of grey...

Great way to redo this step table - I would use it in my guest room, which is gray and lavender! ~Mary~

Re: Chalkboard from Crib

Very nice idea - could use for kids or adults! Love the idea! ~Mary~

Re: Chalkboard from Crib

Very nice idea - could use for kids or adults! Love the idea! ~Mary~

Re: A few recent projects

Very cheerful and bright - love them all, but especially the old popcorn machine repurposed into a planter! ~Mary~

Re: Looooooooove

This crate turned out great - glad you search for the treasures like a true junker! ~Mary~

Re: Creative Succulents

This is a creative container if I've ever seen one - great idea! ~Mary~

Re: Creative Succulents

Love planting in various containers too - miniature gardens, including succulent gardens! ~Mary~

Re: Vintage Candy Jar, Upcycled

Simple as it is, I love it; and I just so happened to pick one of these containers up in a garage sale this weekend. My plan was to label it for my homemade bath salts, and I like your "5 cents" idea, so I'll be labeling it: Bath Salts 5 Cents LOL! Great idea! ~Mary~

Re: recycled bucket on a stand

My idea would be to put a great miniature garden in it - a planter, yes...like it lots! ~Mary~

Re: Upcycled Custom Green Storage Trunk Hairpin Leg Table

I love this color, the trunk has taken on your glowing personality, Brian. Great job with the hairpin legs too - you just don't see these very often, but they're great for heavy items. ~Mary~

Re: Clawfoot tub to French Chaise!

Lovely end to a great uplifting story...whew, you're awesome, and so is this lounger! ~Mary~

Re: Repurposed Red Wagon & Singer Sewing Machine Base Storage Table

Oh me, Oh my, Brian! I love it! I have a singer base and an old western flyer red wagon with one rubber tire shot...this project looks VERY interesting to me, indeed! I always love your ideas, and hope you take it as a compliment when some uf us try to copy you :) You're the best in pulling these colorful, original projects together! ~Mary~

Re: Kitchen Ipad Stand

I'm inclined to use a garden spade to make one for myself ;) So cute abd functional! ~Mary~

Re: Screen door Garden Gate

Just darling, darling...love the color too! ~Mary~

Re: Vintage blueprint cabinet coffee table

This cabinet is just like the ones I used in our civil engineering office years ago and they were a delight when filing prints. I could sure use one now to keep drawings, etc. organized :) Love the job you did, finish and all! ~Mary~

Re: Tape Measure Bookmarks

Sooooo cute! ~Mary~

Re: Antique/Collectible Store Booth Overhaul - GadgetSponge

I'm always looking for booth ideas, and this one really kicks the others out of the park, Brian! Love all of it, especially the ideas with the columns. I've tried coming up with something lightweight for traveling/packing purposes to resemble a front porch setting, and you just may have solved my issue - thanks! You're just so creative 24/7. ~Mary~

Re: End Tables from old Bar Stools

Wonderful repurposing! It'd be great if they would have been swivel seats, as the tops would be able to act as lazy susans between two chairs to accommodate two guests, lol. I have to keep this in mind the next time I see a pair of bar stools in a yard sale for $5! ~Mary~

Re: "Plain Jane" gets a face lift

A fleur de lis is never out of style...love that you went with the worn paint look rather than redoing the whol piece too. Good idea! ~Mary~

Re: Only for the "brave at heart" Table Redo

Can't wait to see the finished project! ~Mary~

Re: Before-Tired Vanity After- Bench & Coatrack Shelf

Love periwinkle blue! Love the new piece too! ~Mary~

Re: updated old table

Cute as a "bug." ~Mary~


I split the two jar projects up, as they deserved their own posts. Both Taylor, our granddaughter, and Natalya, our niece, are happy with their gifts, but will be happier that they have their own spotlight with their gifts :)

Re: NeatTweets Historical Landmark Replica Hellman Ehrman Mansion 1903 The Pine Lodge

Fantastic ~ Mary

Re: functional sofa table

It took some ingenuity to come up with a look-a-like aspen side table...love that you took the photo by one :) the leaf mimics an aspen leaf, and the metal stem looks like it's painted like aspen bark. Very clever! ~Mary~

Re: Teacup planter

I've seen these, and have collected a few nice teacups and saucers to do just this project. I'm looking for small flowers or low growing plants to put into them, and my Amish friend told me, if she was to do one, she'd plant salad sprouts in them on a tiny plastic screen and keep them spritzed - no dirt...sounds like something worth trying to me :) Great little project, and very girly. Love it! ~Mary~

Re: Repurposed Upcycled Birdhouse - Blue Kettle & Alarm Clock

Brian! Your mind's eye has captured what looks to me as a royal entrance for one lucky bird family, WOW! Love the clock too - I've seen clock tables, and they have the same effect on me :) I don't exactly know what that is, but it's "homey." You know I'm an absolute fan of your's, and I love this birdhouse more...keep 'em coming. ~Mary~

Re: For the love of DOORS!

Very nice job - I like that you reused cabinet doors. Did you use them they way they came, without refinishing them in any way? Did you buy them from a repurpose store? I'm a very curious person, and am always looking for ways to turn trash to treasure...lol! ~Mary~


Very cute - made your statement, and brought your plain chairs up to grade-A! ~Mary~

Re: Can you dig this?

What is her name? For a piece in the garden this chic, I'd be so proud to own her...clever and cute! ~Mary~

Re: Pique Assiette coffee table

Love the table you chose, the cabriole legs and the various pieces you used for the mosiac...very lovely. It's certainly a one-of-a-kind piece! ~Mary~

Re: Bedroom Bar for that Morning Java Jolt!

This is perfect! I am in the process of creating a newly added guest room to our home, and am attempting to come up with a "motel" feel to include a coffee bar with a snack table to be used for puzzles, games,etc for rainy days. I have a pink Philco refrigerator for the room and will have it stocked with special soft drinks and juices, and yogurt for grandkids to enjoy - no caffeine, of course, lol. I love your project idea! ~Mary~

Re: Vintage Silver Tray turned Chalkboard

I'd love one of these as a menu board for a small gathering for a wine & cheese tasting in my home! Nice job! ~Mary~

Re: Before-After Wine Buffet Cabinet

Very attractive piece and versatile...it could find a place in nearly any room. ~Mary~

Re: A Little On The Wild Side

Wonderful! Great project for a great purpose :) ~Mary~

Re: Trash or Treasure WingBack Chair Before/After

The mix of fabric makes the chair look rich and welcoming. Love it! ~Mary~

Re: Little Black Table with Tile Top

Thanks, Jim. Coming from you, that means a lot! ~Mary~

Re: Re purpose Dresser - Console Table

Very nice greeting piece! ~Mary~

Re: Working Together...a couple old drawers and a sign...

I love it when a plan comes together! ~Mary~

Re: Silverware art

B E A U T I F U L ! I love the shadowbox idea. ~Mary~

Re: Repurposed Bird Feeders

Simply masculine and always shining above all - I can tell by looking at a birdfeeder or birdhouse who the maker is when you've had your hand at it, Brian. You sure do yourself proud, and I love all of your works...always have, and always will, I'm sure. ~Mary~

Re: A Christmas Home Tour!

I've got 2 favorites here, and they are the Church Hymns Sign and the grouping on the back of the toilet...lol. Love that sign! All are wonderful, of course. ~Mary~

Re: Wrap it up for Chritmas

Paper roses tug at my heart...love the saying too! Happy new year! God Bless! ~Mary~

Re: Old Window Frame to Message Board

This project is great in that it came from a your childhood home and now encourages new memories. ~Mary~

Re: ~Christmas Jewelry~

Perfect idea. Now, the package could have had more pieces on cards for various other holidays or seasons, and in a way you've figured that out. I'd like to see the whole set, if you come up with one some day, Jim. You're so great at these things! ~Mary~

Re: Teenage Rockstar Wardrobe

If I were a teenager, I would love this warerobe! She can have her friends sign it when they're over, make herself notes, and write imaginary names if she feels like it...lol! So fun! ~Mary~

Re: More Christmas at my House

I love that you incorporated YOUR letter from Santa from the 60's in your typewriter for this vinyette... Such a wealth of memories from just that one piece, I bet. Very nice setup. ~Mary~

Re: More License Plate Animals!

These animals are fabulous - so cute! Would love to see more! ~Mary~

Re: 60's ViewMaster Lamp

Very inventive - I always loved looking at slides, and this vintage viewmaster would've been so relaxing and enjoyable...made into a lamp would make it such a nice reminder of those days gone by. I really like it a lot! ~Mary~

Re: Music themed wall hanging from castoffs

Darling! Music is still a huge part of nearly every household - very popular. ~Mary~

Re: Mirrored Window Rustic Hanging Vanity

I like this very much, and it gives me a couple of ideas to use on an antique buffet mirror top I picked up at a garage sale last summer. It has it's original dark oak finish from sometime in the 20's or 30's I would guess, and it had side shelves, along with a bottom shelf, so your mirror reminds me a lot of the one I have. I need to add some wood trim to the bottom to make it appear bulkier, as it looks a bit top heavy now with just the shelf at the bottom, so I may add storage in that space while I'm at it, as I'm planning to use it in my guest room as a mini-vanity in the room, not in the bathroom. I also adore the chicken wire in the top to add items of interest/seasonal items to the piece as time goes by. Great work! ~Mary~

Re: More License Plate Art City Skylines!

Would love to see one done for a city in Michigan...these are great! ~Mary~

Re: White with Cherries

So cute and bright - great job! ~Mary~

Re: Restored Chair

I could curl up in this chair and get lost in thought easily. Love it! ~Mary~


I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too, Jim, and will continue having great holidays through the end of this year! I love this sign, BTW, and it's graphics - and everything you come up with, as I'm a great fan of your's :) ~Mary~


Whenever you're not sure of whether to paint or not, I say go au naturel...leave it to mother nature for a year. I'm sure the viscious yorkies won't mind. LOL! ~Msry~

Re: Junk Tree

Between the Coke cooler, the sled and the coocoo clock, you've got a winner! ~Mary~

Re: Christmas Eye Candy

The truck hauling trees has won me over. Love the whole setting! ~Mary~

Re: Repurposed Parts Whimsical Lamp

The tin pulls all the colors together, and I love the shade - the tulip shape of it is so darling. I don't think it belongs in a kids' room necessarily, but in a colorful tea room perhaps - where talk and laughter abounds. Love it! ~Mary~

Re: A Bar Everyone Can Join in On!

Too awesome for words! The air must carry the most wonderful scents throughout the house too... Love it! ~Mary~

Re: Vintage Wallpaper Display Repurposed into a Mirror

I'm a sucker for wallpaper and border, and love your display of it in your project along with incorporating the mirror. I guess you know by now that you are highly admired by your abilities to pull these projects together, and especially with how unique they are. WOW is all I can say! ~Mary~

Re: Antique Silverware Facelift

Love it, especially your little quote: "save your fork...the best is yet to come." I'd like to encorporate that in a placecard sometime :) Great work! ~Mary~

Re: Billy Jo's "Do Over Deco" Part 8

The finish sure brings out the pattern on the wood beautifully, and love the knobs - all naturally calling for some great hats. ~Mary~

Re: flower rug

I love your recycling effort and would love to see a room-sized area rug if you ever do one! ~Mary~

Re: Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Very cute! ~Mary~

Re: Radiant Fire

I would really love to have one of these hooked up in my new covered porch addition to warm by on cool evenings, as our porch won't accommodate an open fire.

Re: orange pomander (made from buttons)

I like the orange ball, as I've been searching for an orange decor for Thanksgiving time for something different from the normal things I usually use, which are oranges, carved and with whole cloves poked into them in patterns of my choosing. The smell wonderful as pomanders, and with a couple of your orange button ball pomanders, they'll look superb! Thanks for the delightful new idea! ~Mary~

Re: Chest of Drawers Overhaul

Definitely the color cue is tops on this one Brian - for this is your color, no doubt, on several of your top projects! I love that it pulls the blue-greens out of the maps and I do like the bottom drawer being the "title" of the map for a change - you just are a natural for these things. ~Mary~

Re: {Birches & Bird} Citrasolv Art Journal Pages

If I did art journaling, this would be my style...very nice job. ~Mary~

Re: Rust to Mosaic Whimsy!

Love the patterns and colors you've chosen - are you going to add bazkets or bins? Looks like it could be a bike I'd find a use for and find a happy place to go find! ~Mary~

Re: Pears, Pinecones and Pomegranates

Very nice vinette...love that you included pinecones! ~Mary~

Re: Industrial Foundry Pattern Mirror

Jim, You come up with some of the most unique pieces to work with! I love the mirror - who wouldn't? I love the chunkiness of it, and the patina. It's golden! ~Mary~

Re: A Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Scape

These ideas are right up my alley - love anything using natural materials from the outdoors, the yard. I love going out to gather and bringing back things to see what I can put together, and you've done a beautiful job of it. I especially like the jar with the birdseed in it - so sweet and simple, ttimmed with evergreens and tied with twine. Just so earthy and "green." ~Mary~

Re: Kansas City Skyline Waterfall Buffet

Perfect for Manhattan - love the colors! ~Mary~

Re: Bed Rail Turned Stocking Holder

Cute idea! I like the hooks, as they are always versatile. I also love that the piece is neutral in that it's all black and white and can go anywhere. Very nice! ~Mary~

Re: Repurposed Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet for Storage

Oh yea, this is a hit with me - especially with the little old cabinet drawer you tucked inside. You are a genium with finishes, and this piece is no exception in that regard! It's so ornate in style in the first place that it's as if you've taken a piece of tarnished jewelry and pokished it to perfection, giving it life again. Great job Brian! ~Mary~

Re: King and Queen of Hearts Chairs

Completely extraordinary! ~Mary~

Re: Some people call weeds & throwaway frames "junk".

These look totally vintage - love the "growing things" you incorporated into the project, as I love a bit of nature! ~Mary~

Re: Vintage croquet vases

The combination of the aged wood of the mallets and the glass of the tubes is nice - like this lots! ~Mary~


Yes, very functional, and I hang additional things on some of the pickets . . .

Re: World Map Table

This is a great piece, and I wouldn't hide it. It's rustic looking to me, and would be great with something showcased in the top drawer to show through the glass top! ~Mary~

Re: My first posted project - cookie cutter tree

Definitely needs the strainer - to be a great little junk tree. It's homey and cute just the way it is, and I love that! ~Mary~

Re: Antique Typewriter Lamp

Love it! ~Mary~

Re: Fire Truck?

Stamina saw you through...this is a great project and I love how you came up with it! ~Mary~ 2012

Re: Bejeweled Bouquets

The idea is wonderful, and what you created is beautiful! Great job! ~Mary~

Re: Yellow Porcelain Enamel Pitcher Birdhouse

Love it being so yellow...and you always add just enough, not too much to make it look messy. I love it! ~Mary~

Re: Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp

This I like. The shade tops it off great and is a refreshing change from a cloth shade. Always love surveyor's tripods made into things, and you did a great job on this lamp! ~Mary~

Re: "Retro-Moto" Custom Nightstand Furniture

This one looks like a cut-down version of a vintage radio...so classic in red - I love it! You will never cease to amaze me, Brian :) ~Mary~

Re: Collecter's Edition of Country Home with Two JUNKMARKET Features!

You sometimes don't know how much you enjoy something until it's no longer available. Country Home magazine is one of those things, and I miss it along with a lot of others. I have already purchased my copy of the of the holiday collector's issue and loved seeing your stunning home dressed to the 9's for the holidays! ~Mary~

Re: Burn Pile Rescue

Just right, and a red top - love it with the hooks too! ~Mary~

Re: Repurposed Upcycled Philco AM Radio & Turntable Clothes Hamper

I needed something semi-original for my new bath in my guest room, and this fills the ticket perfectly! My colors are lavender, gray, with touches of green and pink, so it won't be identical. A guy on a farm has the radio in his barn and said I could have it for $20. Guess it my move now - great idea - love your ideaa and work Brian! I'll post the finished project when I get it completed. ~Mary~

Re: Tootsie Roll Tin

Adorable, to say the least, and at the perfect time of year for candy, candy, and more candy. Tootsie rolls are my favorite ca~ndies too! So tempting ;) ~Mary~

Re: License Plate Side Table

Love what you did to continue to use this piece! Your vision is wonderful with using the old license plates, and it just looks homey to me. It could fit into a bedroom, family room, or even a bath. Great job! ~Mary~

Re: Trash find: retro wrought iron shelf

Lordy lordy, you sure sure found a goody trash item in this shelf! It's heavy duty enough to hold lot's of junky treasures :) ~Mary~

Re: Painted Old Wood Windows

Very cute! ~Mary~

Re: Beautiful Antique Rocker

Just Lovely - Love it! ~Mary ~

Re: Shoe Form Window Treatment

I have a friend who makes shoes - and fits and sells diabetic shoes. He has a shop in his garage partitioned off with all his old time equipment and sewing machines, forms, etc...this would be perfect for him, and his wife would love to make something like this for the only little window in there! Thanks for the great idea! ~Mary~

Re: Announcing...Vintage Marketplace at Tailgate-Music Valley Antiques Show!

Sure wish I could attend...I know I'd love it! ~Mary~

Re: Knock Knee Trunk Table

This trunk blends seamlessly with the legs - love it! ~Mary~

Re: Repurposed WWII Military First Aid Storage Suitcase Table w/ Sewing Machine Base & Yardsticks

Love anything WWII! I'm always watching for your new projects Brian! ~Mary~

Re: Architectural Wreckage Lamp

Love the color you've surrounded the lamp with - it makes the room!
Love your stuff!


Re: Little Tonka Dump Truck planted with hens and chicks

Thanks everyone - I adore the Tonka dump trucks planted too, but especially with succulents. Hens and chicks are favorites, as they are so winter hardy in Michigan. ~Mary~

Re: Apothecary Fall Mantel

Love the new theme - something old and something new for Halloween is refreshing. And there's no orange in it! WOW, it'a great! ~Mary~

Re: Simple Glass Bottle Projects

These are my kinds of projects :) Simple, but fresh and easy to go anywhere for nearly anyone. Nice job! ~Mary~

Re: Halloween Junking Style

Cute idea! ~Mary~

Re: *Holster Hanger*

I like it - the interest is in the western appeal with the rustic, the vintage/antique, and the pink...gotta have the well rounded project! Great job! ~Mary~

Re: Can Lamps with Pull Tab Shades

Such patience you have - lots of work into this project! Very nice! ~Mary~

Re: Old Blue Prints framed in Rustic Charm

I love that the blueprints are for building a boat and the window frame is from a boathouse :) Oh, I just love the project! ~Mary~

Re: Deer-Proof Texas Garden

I believe you're bringing your garden back to life and then some . . . wonderful and colorful! ~Mary~

Re: Air Plant Sculpture

I have some of these plants, and they fit into juat about anything, as they are air plants, and only require a soak in waater for minutes a week to stay alive. The driftwood is cool... ~Mary~

Re: Art Deco Bird Cage Floor Lamp

Nice! I have a birdcage to decorate with fall folliage treated with glycerine ao the colored leaves stay soft and in full color - the aDDED light would be very soft on them too, and to add a couple of bird figurines would be a great finish! You did a great job on your project, and thank you for the ideas to use on mine! ~Mary~

Re: Vintage Vanity

So glad you left the top in natural wood for a different look. This little piece is very cute! ~Mary~

Re: Repurposed License Plate Clipboards

Theae would be cool in my hubby's garage to keep track of my little work orders to help me finish my projects! haha! ~Mary~

Re: Old Metal Ladder Turned Into a Storage Rack

Great for a boys' room! ~Mary~

Re: Pumpkins with Attitude

These pumpkins are adorable. Love the idea they have their hands on their hips, LOL! ~Mary~

Re: Reclaimed Gym Floorboards

Repurposing the floor boards is great - love that the cabinet can also be used as a sturdy bench. ~Mary~

Re: Halloween Upcycled Bird House with License Plate Body

This birdhouse is great - love the contraat you came up with using silver colored top and leaves made with apooons! Love your stuff! ~Mary~

Re: Beer Garden Stake - Stroh's Beer Tap

Sue, Is Country Garden Magazine available in Michigan? I'd love to get a copy so I can read about what you said about on this beer garden stake in the Fall Issue.

Re: Snazzy Totem yard art

Reminds me of a garden stake with a fancy top like that, lol! Love it! ~Mary~

Re: Vintage Scoreboard with Pepsi Advertising

Cool headboard - would lights work if you wired it? LOL! I love it! Nothing like a rainy Saturday or Sunday afternoon watching a ballgame in bed, snacking and falling asleep! Could make a great kids' room headboard too! ~Mary~

Re: Glass Garden Totems

I love the blue and clear glass for the birdbath - I need to make one! I also love the colored bottle totem :) ~Mary~

Re: Glass Insulators Get a Different Look

Great new finish! ~Mary~

Re: A Couple of Repurposed Bird Feeders

Super! The birds gotta love ya! ~Mary~

Re: Antique Iron Gate Pot Rack

Great Idea! ~Mary~

Re: Double Deco Duplex Repurposed Kitchen Canisters Birdhouse Storage Box

You sure can make 'em look mean and green! Love this project in that it can be used for storage with the removable tops :) ~Mary~

Re: Printer's drawer coffee table

I just acquired a printer's drawer and am planning to place some collected rocks my granddaughter and I found in it with a glass or plexiglass top on it - love your idea for the table! ~Mary~

Re: Great Hanging Light from a Chicken Brooder.

I absolutely love this light! I have copper in my kitchen and would love one like this over my island. If it is a chicken brooder, it was an expensive one, being copper...and beautiful. Great job! ~Mary~

Re: Roadside Find

It's adoreable - I would fill it with quilts as a display, if you're a collector. The spindles look like they are in a pattern to me too. I love it - wow, what a great find! ~Mary~

Re: Heavy Duty Desk Vice Grip

Sure do love this repurposed vice grip idea - I wonder what a small grouping of various sizes would look like - bet it'd have quite an "impact." LOL! ~Mary~

Re: Photo Album for Baby

Darling, and a bit nostalgic. I love it! ~Mary~

Re: Decoupage caulk gun

I love pink and have gone wild with it in my garden(s) this year...love the caulking gun pink too. Perhaps I should start on my tools this fall, LOL! ~Mary~

Re: Farm Grain Scoop Votive Holders

This is so cute! I've been looking for some of these scoups, but can only find larger ones...I'll keep looking! ~Mary~

Re: Oar Lamp

Very northern Michigan looking - would sell in a heartbeat here! Love it! ~Mary~

Re: 1920's warehouse factory metal and glass windows from the scrap yard

You are one lucky junky girl! Hope you come up with a great idea to use these incredible windows for, as they were saved for some special project, no doubt about it. ~Mary~

Re: Shabby Cottage Plant Stand

Love these old metal stools - have one, looking for more. They are wonderful in any condition! ~Mary~

Re: From the book JUNK BEAUTIFUL.....

These look like some top end head/foot boards, and are fantastic as coat racks too...love the blackboard idea! ~Mary~

Re: A Lamp For The Birds

Very feminine, girly - I'm sure your daughter loves it now! My granddaughter would love one too! ~Mary~

Re: A Good Place To Nest

This nest is adorable - I love it! ~Mary~

Re: Literally, A SPRING Wreath

Sure like the style and grace of this "natural" looking wreath, especially since you were able to kick in a bit of an industrial feel with the springs! ~Mary~

Re: Camping Stools Turned Table

Love that you left the tray unattached, so you can carry refreshments to this adorable table... Great idea! ~Mary~

Re: Shutter Planter

Very cute - and I love the green! ~Mary~

Re: Cutting Board Sconces

Fabulous - love the look for the kitchen, plain and simple, yet elegant! ~Mary~

Re: Getting Scrappy

LOVE THESE! They are so versatile. I can see where my bath vanity would be clear of more clutter using one of these, and I love them used as vases! ~Mary~

Re: Coffee Sack Curtain

I, too, like the frayed edges on this curtain. Burlap never needs to be finished perfectly! ~Mary~

Re: Wine Rack

Simple and chic! Great idea, great job! ~Mary~

Re: "Stained Glass" Window

The patterns you chose are great and the placement in the panes is balanced - I love it! ~Mary~

Re: My first completed junk partner projects

A cute junky clock, and I love that you can still use jars on the screw-on covers attached to it. ~Mary~

Re: Hall Tree On Steroids

Red is a favorite of mine. You came up with a real winner here! Thanks for sharing and for the ideas! ~Mary~

Re: Texas Planters

I love that you used them as planters. I see a lot of one boot planters, and it feels like there's always something missing....the other boot! I don't know why people tend to separate them other than to make more money if they are selling them one boot at a time rather than by the pair. I would only want a pair if I were buying. I have made pairs of boots - WORK BOOTS. This is factory country, and we wear work boots more around here than cowboy boots, but if I see some junky cowboy boots, I'll grab a PAIR to plant, you can be sure of it. Thanks for the inspiration! ~Mary~

Re: Traveling to the Beat of a Different Drum

So Cool! Love that you used all three pieces to make one item too! ~Mary~

Re: Light Vases

Love that these are not a common thing around here in Michigan. I've never seen any made here anyway. Sweet, simple and small enough to go just about anywhere and into any themed environment. Would make great gifts for fresh flower lovers. ~Mary~

Re: Cars for Christmas

This is a wonderful tree display! It's nice that it also has some meaning to you. ~Mary~

Re: Garage Sale Planter

Love sage green on lots of things, and with this wire basket it shows it off with the flowers you chose. I love it! ~Mary~

Re: Small Chairs for the Garden

Adorable - and kids would love to plant them too. Love that you planted yellow flowers in yellow chairs :) ~Mary~


My grandsons would love a couple of these in their back yard! Great idea, great job :) ~Mary~

Re: A TwoFer

Love the holes in the lampshade! The lamp as a whole is perfect. ~Mary~

Re: Framed Clocks

Love the wide framework with the small clocks! It catches the eye. ~Mary~

Re: Coffee Lamp

Lots of coffee shops use stripes in their decor...so I think the shade is a "go." Very cute lamp. Good work! ~Mary~

Re: Vases

Love them - look like fluted clay with the cream paint. ~Mary~

Re: Coffee, tea or Ivy?

How cool would it be to plant coffee in it? Like the idea and that you expressed that you could drill it since it had a metal bottom on it! ~Mary~

Re: Topsy Turvey Planters on the Cheap!

I have my own duct tape - it's the pink zebra at the moment until I run out; then I'll pick something else. I've had to patch my garden boots with it and they are blue and green plaid. I suppose a soda bottle isn't going to mind if I use it on one of them to make a planter, LOL! Love the idea! Thanks! ~Mary~


I too lost a canopy in the recent Michigan wind/rain storms this month and I need one or more in the yard as I cannot be in direct sunlight. I bought one on sale 10x12, but I liked the one I had...it was 11.5 x 11.5 and I used landscape timbers as the 4 corner posts instead of the flimbsy poles it came with after the wind took one of those out on a previous rain where the thing buckled. The new one has screen walls too, with zippered doors. I guess that'll help with shade. I love your idea with replacing the roof part, but mine had a center pole holding it up and the materials you used wouldn't work on it. You certainly saved $$$!!! ~Mary~

Re: Mint Tin Frame

I love it! The frame and the photo of your pooch Romeo. We have a pooch too, Charlie, who is a brittany spaniel, red and white, who we dearly love and who deserves a mint tin magnet on the refrigerator. In fact, so does our tiger cat, Teke, who's going to be 19 years old this month! ~Mary~

Re: Tool Box Planter

Is your toolbox divided? Do you place the plants in it in pots? I love that it carries flowers, and that you change them out during the season. ~Mary~

Re: Tool Box Planter

Is your toolbox divided? Do you place the plants in it in pots? I love that it carries flowers, and that you change them out during the season. ~Mary~

Re: Solig Lanterns made from Trash

The earth and I thank you! ~Mary~

Re: Industrial Style Lamp

Love the look and feel of the lamp! ~Mary~

Re: Welded Birdhouse

You did a fine job! Love that you didn't paint it and left it natural. Are you planning to seal it with poly or anything to protect it? Also is there a cleaning access? I am so curious all the time! LOl! ~Mary~

Re: Chess Birdhouse

Great theme! Love the idea. ~Mary~

Re: Wood, a little rusty metal and an old clock

Id this all one piece? I love the drawer front with the clock and the old coat hooks, but not so sure about the frame with the other items if attached. It makes it too much I think. Separate it makes 2 nice projects. ~Mary~

Re: Kitchen Chalk Board

Really love this idea. It's decorative, but useful too. ~Mary~

Re: Galvanized Bucket with Keys and License Plate & Copper Baking Mold Upcycled Hanging Baskets.

Mighty fine couple of examples of your work! Love them, especially the bucket. ~Mary~

Re: Chalkboard from the side of an old dresser.

You dismantled the dresser to make this? WOW - what an idea. Now when I see a freebie dresser that's messed up on one side, I'll keep this in mind - great idea for a chalkboard. Kids love 'em! ~Mary~

Re: Projects for my first Flea Market Booth this weekend

Love your stuff! ~Mary~

Re: I'm not distressed now that my sunflower is!

Is there a faster process to rust it? It's going to be lookin' great! ~Mary~

Re: Sunflower unfinished

This is my favorite of the two sunflower photos. Once you add a couple of leaves, it will be perfect, and distressed as best as you can. I love the original! ~Mary~

Re: Sunflower... how much would you charge/pay for this.

As is, in my area, it would go for about $50-60. If it was more rustified, it'd go for more like $75. I take it the hose isn't part of the project, that it was just part of the photo...lol. Like what you put together a lot! ~Mary~

Re: Is my work a throwback to the 80's? Overprocessed.

I love them just as they are. Consignments aren't always what they're cracked up to being. You could try other routes and be surprised. Have you checked the pricing? ~Mary~

Re: Iron Lamp

VERY attractive lamps! They are bold and beautiful. Love your work... ~Mary~

Re: Copper lamp

Love this lamp! Looks like you did a lot of work on it too. I love copper everything. Great look! ~Mary~

Re: My New Wall decor

Your display is wonderful! Love your finds and I too love a good bargain :) ~Mary~

Re: Retro Clock--Let It Be

Love it and love that you used vinyl! ~Mary~

Re: Old Sewing Cabinet

Love vignettes in homes - displays of things a person loves is something to ponder, and your's is wonderful! ~Mary~

Re: Junk Store Table

Great little table - could be used anywhere. Love it! ~Mary~

Re: Pulley Clock Hanger

Very nice! Lovely look and antiquey. ~Mary~

Re: Upcycled Industrial Iron Sewing Machine Side Table

I love how you mix the metal and wood top together and especially the red base! I could fill my house and gardens with your stuff in a heartbeat, Brian! ~Mary~

Re: Scrappy Clock

Where do you find the numbers from telephone poles? I haven't seen any in all my junking days . . . Love them and your clock! ~Mary~

Re: Pile of Michigan License Plates = Flag of USA

God bless America! Love the scale of this flag project and that it's made with Michigan license plates since I live here. ~Mary~

Re: old dog tags fan pulls

GREAT idea! Military items within families are always difficult to display, but this is simple, and I love that! Thanks for the idea! ~Mary~

Re: Clawfoot tub feet bookends

Tub feet aren't used enough. On a recent visit to a favorite place in Cullman, AL, we saw dozens of them and didn't see this idea until now - wish I would have picked up a pair or two when I had seen them. I have a set, but I have the tub they go to for sale, so I'd better keep them together...hmmmmmmmmm red paint - love it! ~Mary~

Re: chain table

Definitely a great project - good job! Love your stuff, as you can tell. Will be looking for more :) ~Mary~

Re: red oak has new life

The finish of this oak is not what one would expect, and the thickness of the wood is fantastic...love the look! ~Mary~

Re: Reclaimed Door Hall Tree

This hall tree is space-saving and I love the green! Love the shelf too. ~Mary~

Re: JMS I need help

How about a coffee sack? a peanut sack? a flour sack? How about something different than burlap - softer, not scratchy, maybe canvas, textured and with no particular pattern. Happy creating! ~Mary~

Re: soda crate light

Love this lamp! I'm shocked you took the time to take the crate apart to place the bottle in the crate to display it and run the rod up with the electricals for the lamp, but it turned out fantastic. ~Mary~

Re: desk light

Love the electrical box base! Good looks too. ~Mary~

Re: doors ,any ideas for me?

WHAT DID YOU COME UP WITH IN THE END? I'm so curious... ~Mary~

Re: outside creations

I can think of a couple of whacky friends who would love one of these hosey plants! Thanks for the idea! ~Mary~

Re: shut the cork up

Very nice - love cork works! ~Mary~

Re: tire flower

Love the flower that came from the tire! I watched a guy make one of these here in Michigan at a flea market, and you are right - it takes muscle!!! Cutting through the tire and steel belts is tough and turning it inside out to form the base and the flower is hard! I love the one I purchased from that guy - he painted a couple of sunflowers on it for me, but I love that you painted the whole thing into one big flower :) Great work! ~Mary~

Re: Upcycled Vintage Canvas Bin Side Table

This table is a great project and I love that you can use it for storage! Love the wood finish too. ~Mary~

Re: Upcycled Lamp No. 6

WOW! I love this - I've got to collect these items and try making one, with your blessing, for our fishing cabin. Thanks for sharing your tremendous talents! ~Mary~

Re: Industrial Lighting

Car ramps - who would have guessed!?! Love that it's geared in a masculine/industrial manner. Black is always perfect too. Love it! ~Mary~

Re: What do do with a 1902 broken window?

Pretty blue - I can see gerbera daisies planted in the pots and some seed packets clothes pinned to the wires. Very cute! ~Mary~

Re: File and Magazine Holder

The sewing cabinet drawers are versatile and your idea is a good one! Love the color you chose too. ~Mary~

Re: Whimsical candleholders (Whimsies) made from discarded ceramics. Can double as candleholders and serving pieces

These are great for indoors or outdoors - so colorful. I love that so many pieces of 'junk' are reused in one piece! I love the garden totems, and these remind me of them...whimsies, great name for them! ~Mary~

Re: Snowman frying pan

Very cute face! Love snowmen anyway, but this is a great idea...doesn't have to be for Christmastime. ~Mary~

Re: Junk for Storage

Fantastic junk! The projects all turned out great and useful! Love the idea of lining the wire baskets, as I have a lot of smaller items that seem to fall through and get lost in the shuffle - THANKS! ~Mary~

Re: Propeller & License Plate Bird Feeder

You know I love every single thing you make, but I do love this square license plate bird feeder. The propeller is the eye-catcher for me, and I love the dog tags! ~Mary~

Re: Shed-Evolution

Love the color pallet you used! Also, the window shutters and planter box are adorable. I'd take 2 of these please... ~Mary~

Re: Globe Lamp and Recycled Sconce Bookend

I've got to say this is the best upper atmosphere lamp I've seen yet. Love that you rusted the lamp base out to go with it. The bookend is great! ~Mary~

Re: Table Top Turned into Rustic Signage

Great work! Love the sign, and love the pink mask too :) ~Mary~

Re: Creating A One Of A Kind Chandelier Out Of Decanters

Beautiful lighting! Are the bottom all cut out of the decanters? I'm curious . . . ~Mary~

Re: Vintage tricycle dressed for fall

Cute idea - the banner, is it made of wood? ~Mary~

Re: Reclaimed wood easle chalk board

Wonderful use of pallet wood and blackboard paint. Who wouldn't want one of these? ~Mary~

Re: Small farm style bench from pallet wood

These benches are so versatile in use, I love them. Isn't pallet wood wonderful? ~Mary~

Re: Small shutter from pallet wood

Love it! Rough enough to look rustic, but with the white wash it's cute too. Clean and simple. ~Mary~

Re: Photo/note holder from garden fence

That little pink dress is adorable on the fence - both so vintage. I love the clothes pins to hold things on the fence too...great display and use! ~Mary~

Re: Vintage Chevy Dealership Poster

Fine vintage poster! Do you ever feel you were born in the wrong time frame? You fit in great now, but your ideas are vintage-sparked! Love this one... ~Mary~

Re: Broken China Mosaic Table

WOWEE~ Big undertaking! Did you get blue and white dishes quickly by buying them all at one place? I love how cheerful the table looks. ~Mary~

Re: Directions? where?

These signs are great! I love that some are squiggly and some are jaggety and some are straight - showing action! ~Mary~

Re: Milk Can Top Find

How did you convert a milk can top into a terra cotta pot? It's cute and all country, but I wonder how you put it together. ~Mary~

Re: Farm Implement Repurpose

One of my finds last month was something similar - I know it's a part of something for farming, and it's silver with holes running across in a row, but mine only has one row of holes. I thought I'd turn it into some kind of base for a stand to hold my garden stakes in a display at some point, but that's not final...I like what you've done! ~Mary~

Re: Beer Garden Stake - Stroh's Beer Tap

Sue, Is there a place on this site that you post the Sunday "member feature?" I'm curious . . . ~Mary~

Re: Happy 4th of July to All

Love that bike and what you've done with it. It'd be great to take it on a ride in the neighborhood and deliver some lovely beverages to share along the way, and maybe even some refreshments too. I love my neighbors! ~Mary~

Re: Red, White & Blue Garden Whimsy

Love the red-white-blue in the "flower." These are so fun! ~Mary~

Re: Americana Yard Art

I agree with using the white picket fence as a blank canvas for the backdrop for any theme, holiday, etc...even announcements. Great idea, and cute too! ~Mary~

Re: Up-cycled Crosses made from picture frames

Very beautiful. ~Mary~

Re: Foundry Pattern Mirror

To me, it seems like you could peer into it and you could see through a looking glass - lol. The mirror is a great idea in the mold. I like that you kept it simple and left the tags on it too! So smart! ~Mary~

Re: Beer Garden Stake - Stroh's Beer Tap

Thanks everyone for the kind words of encouragement, and Sue, I am honored to have the member feature this Sunday! I can't wait to see the Fall issue of Country Garden's Magazine to find out what your othe reason my post made you smile. When does it go on the stands? I love this place!!! ~Mary~

Re: Repurposed Vintage Philco AM Console Radio

This project exites me, and I can tell it exited you from the get-go! WOWEE! It's a work of art, and useful too. I love that you incorporated drawers and boxes and retrofited them into the cabinet. To me, the old music player still sings . . . ~Mary~

Re: Cheyenne Lockers Memories

Such a quaint memorial to your profession, and I can tell that you still take pride in the things you do - love the display, and thanks for sharing your story. ~Mary~

Re: Summer Garden Project!

I love repurposing old farm utility items, such as these calf buckets. Very nice project. I'd love to see photos of your gardens! ~Mary~

Re: JUNKMARKET Style....25,000 Members strong

Sue, I am more than happy to 'share' JMS' site on my facebook page. It makes me proud to be a part of something so creative and successful. I feel I'm part of the magazine in a way, as a follower right now mostly, but I've taken other's ideas and made treasures that conform to friends' and family's style or personalities, and it makes it more fun! Thanks! ~Mary~

Re: Please Seat Yourself

Love this! ~Mary~

Re: Studio Space

I dream of having a space such as this! I have totes and a work table with a few smaller bins to use for current projects right now, and they get me by, but other than that, things are out of sight, and out of mind. A lot of my stuff is in bags or just loose, but I try to categorize it into wood, glass, metal, etc. I have a ton of collected junk items that will go together to make projects in my head, but would love to have the set up to just go pick them out and get going on them :) ~Mary~

Re: Edgemont Tin & Film Storage Box Metal Birdhouse

I totally love this birdhouse! I have one of these vintage Edgemont Cracker tins, given to me by a neighbor several years ago. It was her mother's. Her mother lived to be 100. Wonderful family. Your talent blows me away, Brian! I hope one day I can create as well as you can :) ~Mary~

Re: Flowers That Bloom Year Round

This plate flower whimsies in particular is gorgeous. I love the others you have at your site too, and your totems. You pick the most wonderful colors to put together. I especially love the blue and whites with yellow. ~Mary~

Re: *Berry* Easy, No Bugs, No Spill Party Glasses

Not only is this a great idea, it looks wonderful to pick up a take a long cold sip of the drink! I'm hosting a yard sale on the 7th and think I'll make up a few with drinks ready to go to sell . . . how could a person turn that down? Love them! ~Mary~

Re: Paint Stir-er Flower...

Sure like this idea - will be looking for some at yard sales now. I love that you left it rusty! ~Mary~

Re: God Bless America!

Love the display and love your spirit!

Re: Junk Gardening

All the planting ideas are great, but my fav's are the ones on display on the trees! ~Mary~

Re: Sorry Folks...My Mind's Been in the Gutter

I love it on the tree the most, but you are right - it looks great on the front door too! I hawe some plastic gutter gard mesh material I may try this on :) ~Mary~

Re: Headboard, Footboard=Chalkboards

These are great! I can see using them in a dining room or a kitchen for menus or in a porch as "welcome" signs, etc. NICE! ~Mary~


Thanks! It was perfect for this friend of our's. I have others that have asked about it for the 50's theme...how fun, huh! ~Mary~

Re: This is just my intro post!

Thanks Cottage ELements! Also, CajunQueen, I find the pumps in old soap dispensers - free or at goodwill or other resale shops for $1 or less...haven't found any cheaper. I let people I know that buy the disposable liquid soap dispensers know I'm interested in just the pumps when they're done with them, and they save them for me. In fact, I'm posting a new small project today that was a swap out...take a look CajunQueen! ~Mary~

Re: Old Trouser Press

This trouser press has some interesting hardware...perhaps you could take it all apart and reconfigure it into something different using the same hardware and wood. Taking away, adding to it - it's all in the creativity process...you know that! LOL! Good luck. I hope to see what you come up with :) ~Mary~

Re: Desk Before

Did you ever get your project redone? I'd love to see what you came up with! ~Mary~

Re: Doll High Chair

Adorable! ~Mary~

Re: Crosses, birdhouses, flags, and hearts .... all from leftover wood....re-claim, re-do, re-joice!!!

I especially love the turquoise cross and the flag projects, but all of them are sweet! Great job! ~Mary~

Re: Western Decor Room Divider

WOW!!! This divider is something I'd expect to see in a decorating place trying to sell the furniture! Love it! Great idea, and it could apply to any theme... ~Mary~

Re: A Rusty Repurpose

This could stay inside or go outside for me. I love it! ~Mary~


This chair has a strong personality, and a strong will to live on - looks so determined to be in the garden or on the patio! Love it! ~Mary~

Re: A true "junky" to "funky" transformation

LOL, I have one of these and still use it! It's an old croquet caddie, and we still have the game parts and play when the kids come to visit. I love what you did with the caddie! Who would have ever guessed it'd have such a delightful new "caddie" life? ~Mary~

Re: From SCHOOL to "COOL"

Just gorgeous - great transformation! We have school auctions here in Michigan, but the good old pieces are long gone. You're so lucky! ~Mary~

Re: I love a collage

These are beauts! I've gone looking for matching bi-folds - need 4 of them - to make an outdoor privacy divider for my sister. Her neighbor's deck and her patio are only a few feet from each other and she'd like more privacy. Your idea of the collage is wonderful, and I know I have enough material, even the the sheet music, to mimic what you did in your project, if you don't mind...but it will be keeping my sister's interests in mind also. The sheet music will be coming from her, since she plays piano. She'll love the idea! ~Mary~

Re: Wheel Serving Platter

Love how the spokes show through the glass. Think I'll try a couple with clear and colored glass! These are great! ~Mary~

Re: Summer Wine Storage

Funky, and I love the color! I'm on the lookout for something that will accommodate 2 liter bottles! ~Mary~

Re: Help? Can anyone tell me anything about this cabinet???

No, I can't tell you anything about the cabinet as far as history, but I do love the character it holds. Can't wait to see what you do with it! ~Mary~

Re: Wall Cubbies

The look sucks me in to want to organize the smaller things I've collected, which is just what I need to do. I love it! ~Mary~

Re: A pioneer in the junking field!

Gee, I don't know that I would change a thing, since your dad made it and it's been in the family cabin for so long, but if that's what you're going to do>>>changing out the lampshades to update it or make it into something different would refresh the wagon wheel and give it yet another life! ~Mary~

Re: Repurposed Water Fountain with Old Galvanized & Silverplate Parts

I went to your site to watch the video to see this glorious fountain in action (www.gadgetsponge.com), and turned up my volume to make sure I could hear the water running...it was wonderful! I love it! Another one of your brilliant creations is a success. This small projects I've posted so far are little nothings, but I hope to build up as I go! ~Mary~

Re: Ladder Arbor

Simply pretty! ~Mary~

Re: How To Resize Photos

After a long couple of hours, I finally got my photo to resize to 400x670 pxls in my MS program to edit photos. It's now 4:55 am in Michigan and I'm cross-eyed, but so glad I finally figured it out. The 30% thing didn't work...I had to use the custom change on the pixels... Seems simple now.
Good night.

Re: How To Resize Photos

OK, I went to my MS program to work with my pictures, and "saved as" one of junkmarket's photos at 30%...I'm trying to include it in my intro post now so I can see if it works...keeping my fingers crossed.

Re: Bathroom Remodel - Ball Jar Soap Dispenser

Made one - love it! I use it outdoors for quick cleanup before coming inside :) ~Mary~

Re: Latest find -- Old Cast Iron Seeder / Bird Perch

Just darling, junky darling! ~Mary~

Re: Vintage Children's Book Birdhouse

Looks like a wonderful, inviting bluebird house to me! My grandkids would love seeing somehing like this in our yard. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas and talents. I love them all! ~Mary~

Re: Bathroom Junk Re-do!

All of your ideas are great and I'm stealing some of them! Thanks for sharing! ~Mary~

Re: Junkin up your love....?

So sweet! ~Mary~

Re: school days, scool days, dear old golden rule days. . .

Great freeby! Can't wait to see what you do with it! ~Mary~


Love the tree root planted in the sand. Is the sand from the beach too? Together, they are soothing and textural. The shelf is great too! ~Mary~

Re: An A-Door-Able Desk & More!

So cozy, it makes me want to sit down and start writing in my junk journal - ideas, more ideas... I love it! ~Mary~

Re: very old child's school desk

I would've done the same thing - rescue and rebirth! Great find...thanks for sharing your g'ma's afghans with us too. I love to see them in homes - makes them homey :) We have one from my hubby's grandmother, and feel very fortunate to have it. ~Mary~

Re: Built-In Desk Nook

Love that it's next to a window, with a wall phone and the chandalier! You both did a wonderful job, and I love the colors! ~Mary~

Re: Divalicious desk chair!

I love the fabric colors and pattern - great choice, and great recovery job! I wish I had the talent to recover furniture with fabrics. ~Mary~

Re: Cute Lil Green Desk

The hardware you chose is beautiful on this green desk..costs more than the desk did - haha. I find myself doing the same thing, just to get the end result just right. Love it!!! Great job! ~Mary~

Re: unfinished back on secretary desk

Love the tea items, especially the Mary Englebreit papers... I have a huge collection of ME tea items and no place (yet) to display them. I'm hoping to put a project together soon, and with your idea of the background, I'll be a "breit" and cheerful one when it's finished! I love your idea! ~Mary~

Re: vintage student desk

I love red, so I love the red desk - great job! ~Mary~

Re: Cabin in the snow

Looks like you could drive up and go inside for a nice hot chocolate...love it! ~Mary~

Re: Rustic table from scraps

I love "chunky" tables, and this one sure fits the bill! Great job using scrap too! ~Mary~

Re: Wine Bottle Fountain

This is a great fountain! I love that it is portable, and patio friendly. Very fun item! ~Mary~

Re: Beautiful glass lids and bowls...

Great use! Darling! ~Mary~

Re: my yard art

Loving all your tree ideas! ~Mary~

Re: How To Resize Photos

I am having a hard time trying to post for the first time with a photo ~ guess I just don't get it. I don't see the post explaining how to resize my photos so they can load into my posts, so I'm stuck. HELP!

Re: Antique Crate Island Rack

To dry flowers and herbs has always been a struggle - I've even tried saving dragon flies, big bumble bees etc to use in projects and most have met further demise as I didn't have a proper drying rack - this one fits the bill, and I love that it looks old and junky! Thanks for sharing your great ideas! ~Mary~

Re: Scrap yard beds made good again

I love the saves, and only quilts would does the beds justice! Beautiful an homey. I'm sure your girls love them, and your son is jealous :) ~Mary~

Re: A visit to a junk themed campsite

I love it - can I visit?
~ Mary ~

Re: Bowling ball ladybugs

These ladybugs are adorable! They look smaller than a regular bowling ball...please tell me...are they the bowling nalls used outside on the grass in new england states rather than the balls used inside at the bowling lanes?

Re: Bird in the Cage...

Charming! I love it!

Re: Fishing Bobber Bowling Ball

I'm going to try making one of these today. We live on a small fishing lake, and use these types of bobbers! The neighbors will be wanting one too! Very good idea for old bowling balls. I went to get the paint, and found that the best would be a spray on application for painting on PLASTIC surfaces so that it would adhere, but I also got the PLASTIC primer (important). I'll just tape it off and cover 1/2 at a time with newspaper, and then use silicone to apply the cap of the red spray paint can to it, as suggested. Thanks for the idea!

Re: Bird feeder

I love this one! It does look like a little carouse :) ~Mary~

Re: Another album challenge entry ...sort of

OOOOOOOOOOOOH - looks art deco! Love it! ~Mary~

Re: ~More Glass Garden-Art~

I love these more than other garden glass flowers that I've seen done, as you are using natural wood "stems." Great idea! ~Mary~

Re: Mini hummingbird feeders

These are darling! I'm going to make a couple to see how it goes :) ~Mary~

Re: Patio Bench

NICE! I love the colors and that decoupage was used. I haven't seen much of that medium lately. Can't wait to see what else you may come up with to share with us! ~Mary~

Re: My Family Pic Gallery

Looks so victorian era with the corbels steadying them to stand alone. I love them! ~Mary~

Re: Trash to treasure

Very sweet...would love to see more of your finished projects! ~Mary~

Re: Ol' Blue Door

This is a beaut of an 'ol door with it's 5 panels. I like the ideas of putting hooks/hangers/nails/shelves on it and changing out the itens throughout the year for whims or seasons. You could move it from room to room too! Love the blue! ~Mary~

Re: Ye Antique Gun Nut

Very touching story, and great sign! I'm thinking I have an antique gun nut in the house that might appreciate one of these too :) ~Mary~

Re: Fish Chair

Wonderful fish chair. You did yourself proud! ~Mary~

Re: Rocket Automatic Fish Scaler Lamps

I love these lights and the shaddows they cast! We live on a fishing lake in Michigan, so they'd fit right in here. Great idea. Hope to see more from you. ~Mary~

Re: windows in a pergola

Got tea or lemonade? Boy, you've done a great job on this pergola. It is very inviting. I'm wondering if you left the glass in the windows or not. With our grandkids, I'd be leary of keeping the glass in from about 6 ft down, LOL! It is beautiful. I love it! ~Mary~

Re: Reclaimed Materials Potting Bench

Multi-use is always a great idea. Indoor/Outdoor Use too! Most of the potting benches don't included a "sink." I love that you've included this feature. ~Mary~

Re: Baubles and Bling

These look perfect for a wedding setting, but I live in mid-Michigan and would even wear them with jeans and a t-shirt. They are gorgeous! I'd love to see more of your ideas! ~Mary~

Re: In the "Pink" Garden Sign

LOVE the size of this sign! Most "Garden" signs are pretty small in comparison...I love the scale. It makes me want to upscale other things to go with one if I make one for one of my garden spaces. Anyone got some ideas to go with it? ~Mary~

Re: Auction Bargain!

This bench looks like the seats may raise up, like in the old theater seats. I have a pair that are attached to each other and have the old iron embellished frameworks. My husband took them up to the loft in our little lake cabin, facing out the window view, overlooking the lake, and we can sit there sipping on some lovely coffee or whatever drink we may be in the mood for. I left them in the original condition - finished wood, unpainted. We love them, and the seats fold up to get by each other when we want to move around. The cabin is only 12 x 16 feet! Cozy! ~Mary~

Re: Any ideas?

A small structure like a dog house or chicken coop would be dwarfed by it, and allow it to remain the star of any project. The structure would get it up off the ground and keep it out of the snow. I hope you will be sharing your completed cupola project very soon! WOW, it's a beauty! ~Mary~


Love that this one is all blue and white - gotta make one for my mom, as she loves the blue and white china :) ~Mary~

Re: Salt and Pepper Shaker and Found Objects Garden Plant Stakes

I love these - easy to tuck in as gifts with flowers. My favorite is the bird figurine. I see them everywhere a yard-garage-tag sales for around $1 - and have several, but now I can sprinkle some around my flowers. I think they'll like it there :) ~Mary~

Re: Flowers For The Tin Man

It would take someone with strong and patient hands to do this. Congrats! You did a beautiful job! ~Mary~

Re: Fun Wood Pillars

These gave me ideas to use them for hats - miniatures or doll hats. So cute! Thanks for the idea! ~Mary~

Re: Avocado Green ... NO MORE!

Very chic - grand! Looks european in style to me :) ~Mary~

Re: Roadside Treasure

What will you do with it? I'm anxious to see what it will be! What a great find! ~Mary~

Re: My lil wagon

Great project to show off! I haven't shared any of mine yet, as I'm just new here, but I'm going to. I love that you've added more props to the setting too with the horse collar and the tool box. Can't wait to see more from you! ~Mary~

Re: This week's alley finds

Looks like you found something great with the desk. The pull is unique - looks brass. Will be gorgeous! ~Mary~

Re: 6' Black Buffet with 54 Oldsmobile Painting and Parts

I would think any guy in his 60's would love to have one of these for his dining room. You must be a lucky guy!!! My husband would drool. I'd love to have the talent to make him one, but I'm not the painter needed for a project like this one. It's absolutely stunning, and I must also say you've done a fine job of wiring it up to the parts so that the lights work. Blows me away! I want one! ~Mary~

Re: Indoor Window Box

Love it! Love that you made it with heavy duty hinges too. We have a nature/outdoor theme indoors, so the plants, the antlers, etc would fit right into our scheme of things here! Thanks for sharing! ~Mary~

Re: cottage mail

Best idea yet with a sewing machine base. Tables have been overdone. This is darling, and adds charm to the little cottage home. ~Mary~

Re: Budget Cabinet Makeover!!!

The white cabinets with glass doors look antique and I love that you can show off so much with them by changing items with the seasons. Much better than black! ~Mary~

Re: Create a pallet board wardrobe wall!

Your iea is genius for my husband's workshop area. He's always needing different work clothes to work on different projects and this would fit right in with his garage theme! Thanks!!! I love it!

Re: Salvaged Cabinet

I'd love to have all my upper cabinets like these. It's beautiful and can show off some serious collectibles! Good for you and good for your dad!

Re: My new workbench "Pretty in Pink" (vintage pink!)

I love the workbench and your space in your basement. I'm working on getting some space available in our guest cabin, which was our camping cabin before we built our retirment home here on the lake. I love that you've added divided trays to keep organized and that it's pink! ~Mary~

Re: Faux Clock

I love that you made the clock at 5 o'clock! The scale is great and so is the color...don't see much of anything blue these days.

Re: Riding Lawnmower

I love this one! Hahaha! My hubby and I have 10 grands, and they play outside most of the time while visiting. We keep the usual bats, balls, a scooter, fishing poles, bait (live on a lake), but this idea would be something they'd all get a kick out of trying! Who knows, maybe we could get them to do some relays and get some of the lawn taken care of, which would be a hoot. If it happens, I'll be sure to take a few photos!


I'm thinking it's a candle keeper for hand-dipped candles. Any thoughts on this idea?