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After experiencing head trauma in 2002, Lauretta had to repurpose her life as a business woman, reassembling it into an artist. Choosing the puzzle of mixed media assemblage art has helped her brain heal and wake up her undiscovered passion.

She has chosen to substitute the conventional paint brush and canvas for the aesthetically interesting choice of vintage found objects; to create sculptures and wall art by combining each segment with another element of like or contrasting items. Lauretta hopes to offer you an interesting and fulfilling moment that captures your curiosity, makes you smile, and creates an experience for you that you have never experienced before.

Her creations are considered Eco Friendly Art, made with recycled materials. You can find her art in various fine art galleries and festivals throughout Southern California.

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BELL OF THE BALL - Assemblage Doll

BELL OF THE BALL is such a fun young lady, with poor eyesight, who loves to party all night long!  She is made of found objects such as an vintage upside down silver bread basket, oil can...


These two guitars were made with found objects and scrap.  On the first guitar "BLAZE" I have used a vintage wooden furniture pediment, license plate letters, hand drill parts and iron toys. On...

Rolling with Salvador Dali

Up in my attic was my old painting easel.


I found a wonderful old chair in a thrift store and decided to dedicate it to one of my favorite artists, Picasso.  This is how it turned out!

Smile and the World Smiles With You...But DON'T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH!

36"w X 24"h X 18"d ventriloquist dummy shrine tipping my hat to vaudeville comedy during the 1940s.

MUSE DES FLEURS with HAWK table lamp and music box

This 62H" x 20W" table lamp definitely makes me smile!  I found an old end table that needed a pick-me-up.  I had an fiberglass dress form I had cut into parts and created a metal...

FLYING ACE on the RED BARON toy truck lamp by Lauretta Lowell

23" H x 9"W x 11"L This toy truck lamp has shades that are made of hand painted vintage tin molds and the bottom shade is a vintage O-Cedar Mop tin. The toy truck is from the 40s. Snoopy is...


22"H X 17"W X 6"D


I had a vintage KIWI shoe shine box in my workshop for quite a while.


18"H x 17"w x 6"D assemblage made from wood pieces of dominoes, blocks, game pieces, scrabble tiles, etc., etc.  So much fun to look and and cheers up any room!!!


36"H X 16"W X 7"D This assemblage man hangs on the wall and is made from an early 1900s theatre mask, a vintage mop tin and vintage tape measures. Since he looks a bit like Will Rogers, when you look...

1930s Rancho California Girls

I've been having a lot of fun this summer with my new Jig Saw. Always intrigued with the 1930s-1940s early California Spanish/American glamour girls, I decided to cut out of wood the shapes of these...


28"W x 12"H I had found a yard sale frame with an old sepia photo of these little children in it. I used the frame on a piece of art I had but couldn't throw away the photo because the kids were too...

THE SUBTERFUGE - Steampunk underwater vehicle

33"W x 16"H x 9"D wall hanging. Very cool steampunk piece based on asking the question: "What would happen if you mixed evolution with the industrial revolution?" Made out of an old frame, vintage...

"THE BIG O" 7 foot Assemblage Ostrich

7 foot assemblage ostrich I had a lot of fun making!!!  I cut off the legs of the metal yard crane in my back yard and added them to the legs of a beautiful antique table I had (and destroyed...

1940s US City Unknown

17"H x 24"W x 7"D piece I created in my mother's old cutlery case.


24"h X 24"W X 15"d Wall assemblage of Red Max.  I fell in love with this antique carnival wheel and had to have it. I then turned an old wooden 20" art doll into this bike riding character Red...

Kaleidoscope Angel Totem, The world is NOT Black & White

24"H x 15"W x 5"D Colorful, serene wall angel totem. She is made out of an antique candle sconce. Quite an eye catcher!


30"w X 15"h X 4"d Box assemblage made with vintage/antique blocks, spools, soldiers, balls, photos, etc. etc. This can hang on a wall or sit on a table. I really love the way these turned out...


36"H X 8"W X 6"D Pin Up Girls made out of antique juggling pins, vintage composition doll heads and all kinds of other vintage goodies!!!!

Steampunk Table Light

14"H x 5"W x 8"D Steampunk desk light made out of a vintage wood alarm clock, a kitchen grinder, a lantern, a small swimming award and some costume jewelry. The light actually works too. I just love...


25"H x 18"W x 3"D wall assemblage all about what happened at the circus and carnival back in the 1930s and 1940s. I used a vintage type-set tray, tiny metal circus figurines, and prints of antique...

BLUE DECO GIRL House Charm Doll

24.5"H x 9"W x 3"D Made of vintage spools, blue glass deco head, jewelry, hardware, BBQ tongs, Edgeworth Tobacco tin, and lace. This mixed media wall hanging doll charms it's way into your home and...

DING House Charm Doll

18"H x 6"W x 3"D Made of vintage blocks, alarm, bingo chips, curling iron, and yard stick.  This mixed media wall hanging doll charms it's way into your home and is complete with a good luck...

Tools of the Trade: Handyman's Heaven

My take on what a handyman feels when he's in Heaven.  Used vintage/antique tools I had laying around and a face casting I found in a garage sale.

Out of Time Haunted Assemblage

28"H x 17"W x 10" Mixed Media Assemblage of a haunted young girl coming back to visit. Made from a vintage cross, vintage hardware, porcelain hand, cheese cloth, straw, antique kitchen tool and time...

Mr. Majestic

14"H x 6"W x 6"D Assemblage sculpture made out of an antique radio piece called "Majestic" who has been turned into a wonderful character with sad eyes and a big heart. Notice the vintage strainer...


24"H x 12"W x 6"D wall assemblage. On the face of the doll are the words "see me." On the arms are the words "feel me" and "touch me." On the heart in the center are the words "heal me." The words...


36"H x 17"W x 9"D Wall assemblage where I used a large red antique wood industrial mold as a base.  For the story/humor of the piece, I used a vintage tin game called KINGPIN as the body, a...

The Name of the Game: Come Out & Play

22"H x 32"W x 2"D Using an antique wooden print-type tray, I made a mixed media assemblage of my memories of old games over the past century.

The Goblins Will Get Ya If Ya Don't Watch Out

Made out of a 1930 typewriter, a rusty vent cover, wooden spools, porcelain feet and other fun finds!!Once there was a little girl who always laughed and grinned and made fun of everyone, of all...

Cirque d' Zebra

18"H x 15"L x 9"D whimsical sculpture. Part steampunk...part vintage circus. Watch this Zebra ballerina dance!!!

Electrolux Redux

This crazy assemblage is made from 2 vintage industrial wood molds, a vintage car dash board, and the end of a vintage Electrolux vacuum cleaner.  I think it is quite a space age hoot...

You can call me A Horse of a Different Color or a Phony Pony...Just don't CALL ME CRAZY!

Would you please help me name this crazy sculpture!!???  I just completed this 5 foot tall Pegasus-style assemblage sculpture with a telephone on his chest.   I had a headless articulated 8...

Stu D. Baker

24"H x 17"W x 7"D Industrial Mold Dummy with a vintage Studebaker gauge head.

Bird Bot

17"H x 9"W x 2.5"D Box assemblage made out of a cigar box, small drawer, yarn spools, and a Fedtro Jiffi Fuse Tester (say what?).

Mademoiselle Mystique

What did I do with my grandmother's hat and 1800's hooped petticoat?  Well I added wings, a head, knockers and a kissable beak......let me introduce you to Mademoiselle Mystique.

Industrial Dummys

Fun creatures I've made out of industrial molds. Both stand freely. Industrial molds have such wonderful patina I felt I had to find a way to make something amazing out of them!!!!! What do you...


"JOE CAMEL", 18"H x 8"D x 6"W is a hilarious assemblage sculpture made out of wood, leather, paper and vintage tobacco tin. Notice the holster he is wearing on his left side with a dowsing rod in...

The Game of Life

29"H x 19"W x 4"D antique game board mixed media assemblage.  You can choose your road in life...Live outside the box!!!!!  Used vintage doll, toy phone and paint brush to get the message...

Monkey Organ Grinder Steampunk Style

13"L x 8.5"H x 4.5"D steampunk vehicle with monkey driver. Crazy organ grinder made out of a vintage metal tape dispenser, vintage toy and old tools.

King and Queen of Hearts Chairs

I found these two wonderful chairs in a consignment store.  I loved them because of the scrolly wrought iron details on each side of the chairs.  I decided to cover the chairs with a...

The Sentinel Mechanical Bird

  16"L x 12"H x 5"W steampunk bird called "The Sentinel". Made from wire and metal, watch parts and gears. VERY unusual.    

Pinocchio and His Time Machine

21"H x 18"W x 9"D Here is a vintage wooden Pinnochio, displayed on an antique game board. "Pinocchio, spurred on by the hope of finding his father, built his wooden body into a magic time machine...

Art Deco redesigned Mantel Clock

This Art Deco mantel piece is made out of a vintage mantel clock, a vintage art deco hand mirror and other vintage odds and ends. Notice the boar head in the center of the hand mirror.  I also...

Good Golly Miss Molly

This Armored Ms. Molly, with her initials on her chest plate (G & G), turned out great! She measures 14"H x 5"W x 3-1/2"D and has a BIG heart. I used an old seltzer bottle, rusty tongs, lamp...

GENIE bobble head

12"H x 8"W x 5-1/2"D bobble head assemblage sculpture made out of a vintage Edgeworth tobacco tin. As the saying goes on the back of "Genie": "If you are a hoper, a wisher, a liar, a dreamer, a...

THE PROPHET - World's Revelation

12"H x 5"W x 6"D Assemblage Sculpture. Mr. Prophecy's arms, hands, feet, legs and neck are moveable and flexible. He's is sitting on the chair ready to give you his prophecy and revelation about ...

Art Deco Bird Cage Floor Lamp

6 foot by 14 inch brass art deco floor lamp topped with a vintage bird cage with two porcelain birds: a yellow canary and a blue budgie. No longer do you need to clean the cage to have beautiful...


34”H x 14”W x 8”D assemblage, hangs on the wall, made out of a vintage Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist puppet. The body is an antique wooden architectural column mold I found in...

B-I-N-G-O...and BINGO was his name-o!

20"L x 38"H x 13"W I made this out of a fiberglass head I found in Santa Barbara, an old prop from a movie. The body is a child dress form. I've put a vintage bingo cage, with bingo balls, in the...

The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster's head is a vintage Charlie McCarthy puppet and his cheap suit is made out of crazy paper!

Rob Bot -- A robot with a heart!

17"W x 4"D x 21"H assemblage robot.  I found a Charlie McCarthy puppet from an old estate that I turned into this crazy robot.  Notice the heart I put inside his chest!  Plumbing parts...

Wood Panels Turned Into Wall Art

I found a wooden screen that had four doors.  I took the screen apart and sanded down the doors.  After designing the four sets of images on PhotoShop, I printed the images on canvas. I...

Miss Che Vious

This is a 6 foot articulated wood mannequin I found in pieces in a consignment store a month ago. I opened her chest and put in a heart. She really turned out to be a stunner!!!!

Time Machine Robot

Cigar Box Plumbing Parts Vintage Clock Small lantern  

I Come In Peace - Take Me To Your Leader!

"I come in Peace!" Robot cupboard that either stands or hangs on the wall. Made out of a 1950 O'keefe & Merritt stove top, wooden cupboard, plumbing parts and mannequin hands. Definitely one of...

Sir Walter Raleigh Monkey Tower

27"H x 5"W assemblage tower includes a vintage Sir Walter Raleigh tobacco tin, a scottie dog, and a monkey. Each piece is stacked between old lamp parts!!!

Baby DollBot

17"H x 12"W x 5"D Assemblage Baby Robot. Made out of a vintage dark room timer and a weird looking baby doll. I've topped him off with a hat made from a vintage lemon juicer.

Tower of Giraffes and Eyeful Tower

24" assemblage towers made out of parts of broken lamps, candlesticks, clock parts and dolls. Did you know that a collective of giraffes is called a "tower" of giraffes?

Final Destination - 1956 Plymouth Fury Hood Ornament

Ghost plane designed from a vintage 1956 Plymouth Fury hood ornament.  This assemblage titled "Final Destination" is piloted by Amelia Earhart and the passengers are: Carole Lombard, John...

Audubon Carrion - Steampunk Bird

Steampunk Bird in his space vehicle.  Made out of an art deco sconce.  See my "Putting on the Ritz" image to see what I did with the second sconce!

Putting on the Ritz

26" tall x 16" wide x 7" deep  ~  Bird Assemblage made out of an art deco sconce.  I found a pair and turned one into a steampunk vehicle (Audubon Carrion) and this one...

Bird of Pair-A-Dice

Bird made from a faucet head, round metal basket, rusty metal tongs for arms, eggs and dice in the tummy!

A Murder of Crows

12" crows made out of wooden molds I found in an antique store in Seattle (1930s). I put them on stands, added feathers I was given, I painted up 6 crow heads I found in a taxidermy storenbsp...

Long Live the Queen

Made from a vintage porcelain doll head, costume jewelry and a wonderful old candle holder I found in a junk store!!!

The World's Gratest Fan

  Made out of an old cheese grater, vintage fan, claw foot feet, and a globe cut in half.  Yes...the fan does plug in and works!

Kilroy Was Here

24"H x 12"W x 7"D Assemblage character who is holding a laugh meter. Yes, Kilroy is Here! I took an old wooden mask and cut it under the nose...repainted it and added glass eyes, beads, tacks and an...

Fighting to Survive

I found this old tool chest in a thrift store.  I loved that it was red inside. I also had found a vintage mannequin arm and hand and loved the look of them put together.  The letters are...

Fairy Driver

An articulated wooden doll, vintage silver butterdish, costume jewelry and other found stuff. 7"H x 9"L x 4"W assemblage fairy driving herself to the: 1) Next tooth fairy appointment? 2) Next wish...


This is what I came up with when I found an old Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist dummy and an antique pair of ice skates.   22"H x 14"W x 8"D wall assemblage. Charlie McCarthy feeling "Under...

Shiney Knight on Armored Dragon

15"H x 19"L x 7"W Steampunk assemblage art sculpture. I found this beast shaped piece of wood in a junk store.  I have a large box of gears in my studio and all kinds of dolls and...

GLEE - don't worry, be happy

I found an antique wooden dresser mirror at a thrift store.  The mirror was broken. so I used vintage gears, cut tin cupcake cups, wire, paint and costume jewelry to make this kooky piecenbsp...

Princess Alberta, Patron Saint of Smoke & Mirrors

A golf ball basket, a Prince Albert tin, vintage gears and costume jewelry, bird heads for breasts, a wooden doll...voila!!!

The Aviator

What do you do with an old wooden shoe form and old rusty toys?

La Cage Aux Fabulous Fowl

6'2" freestanding sculpture made out of a 1910 dress form. Wired as a floor lamp.  Beak opens up where you put in the light bulb.

Hip Hop Bunny Tin

What do you do with a broken porcelain bunny and an old tin?

Carnival Cabaret

23"H x 15"W x 4"D, 25 lbs. My assemblage version of celebrating Carnival in a vintage Cabaret style.....spooky, colorful and very cool! Made with the insides of an old typewriter, mannequin hands...

My Lover is a Wolf, And I'm His Silver Bullet

Made with an old silver plate tray, vintage porcelain wolf, mannequin hand, souvenir guitar, and costume jewelry.  A birthday present for my boyfriend!

Follow Your Bliss

This sculpture is made out of a broken porcelain Madonna, vintage costume jewelry, skeleton key, handmade paper and imagination.  I love the way it turned out!

The Flamingo Chicks

9"H x 5"W two headed flamingo girl(s)?  Made from two broken salt/pepper shakers and a porcelain statue without a head.

Joan of Arc -- Jeanne d' Arc

12"H x 7"W x 4"D assemblage sculpture I made out of old silver bowls and cutlery.  Topping everything off with vintage costume jewelry and a porcelain head I broke off an angel. 

Thelma - A Norwegian Zebra Princess

60"H x 30"W x 30"D Assemblage sculpture I made with an old wicker dress form I covered in cloth strips, decoupaged with pages from an old book called "Thelma."  I found the Zebra head in a...

Art Under The Umbrellas in La Quinta, CA

Here is a photo of me in my Whimsical Curiosities booth at the Art Under The Umbrellas show in La Quinta, CA 10/6/10.  La Quinta is a small quaint town in the desert by Palm Springs, CAnbsp...

Frida Kahlo Mosaic Sculpture Doll

20"H x 7.5"W  Frida Kahlo. I found this broken mosaic body form a few years ago.  I finally finished the form, painted a porcelain doll head to look like Frida, adorned her with costume...

Yes We Have No Bananas

Here's an assemblage I finished this morning.  I've had this vintage juicer hanging out in my studio (garage) for over a year and finally figured out what to do with it! 

Frida Kahlo Chair - Functional Art

I found an old teak chair in a thrift store I couldn't pass up.  I collect Frida Kahlo stuff so I decided to paint and cover the chair with odds and ends to honor her.  It was a fun project!


Phantom is made out of an old metal clock housing, vintage mask, and more wonderful found items!  Notice his is made out of typewriter keys!


Using an old articulated doll, a porcelain faucet knob and an old kitchen basket, I created this character of Sue!

Money to Burn

What do you do with an old wooden tray, a vintage toy cash register and a vintage iron bank????? This is what I came up with!


This 17"H x 6"W sculpture is about time and how we put off doing just about anything that is important. The rib cage is made of an antique hour glass. Everything else I used in this sculpture has...

Ha Cha Cha Cha

14"H x 9"W Sculpture made out of an antique metal clock base and old cutlery. This unique character is laughing at you!

Circus is Coming To Town!

I found a vintage iron toy circus wagon.  From there I added the bizarre cat, 'frozen charlotte' doll and bird (in the cage). I loved the way it turned out!  Everything is hand painted.

Twisted Sisters

Wouldn't it be fun to have a dinner party where each guest had one of these at every place setting!!!!??? Eleven vintage assemblage sisters, each with their own odd personalities. Made from...

Palace of Pearls

24"H x 11"W wall altar.  I found an old plaster niche in a thrift shop.  From there the ideas just flowed.  With the beautiful vintage pin of the regal lady being my center piece...

Special Edition

This wacky bird is made out of car parts and clamps.  He gets around on a vintage roller skate and his tail is a vintage tape measure!!!!

Bird King

17"H x 22"W Altar about a kingdom run by a bird king who must get rid of all felines in his kingdom.  This piece has been made with old found items: hardware, costume jewelry, cuckoo clock face...


16"H x 7"W x 5"D Chair Altar. Made with vintage porcelain doll with piercing blue eyes, red metal rose and beautiful costume jewelry. STUNNING!!!!

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Re: Repurposed Vintage Automobile Circa 1960's MGA Roadster Car Grill & (2) Car Headlights Up-cycled into an Industrial Light Fixture by Loftyideas4u

Absolutely fantastic!! I love everything about this piece!

Re: Rolling with Salvador Dali

I have made Gauguin, Frida Kahlo, Toulouse Lautrec,and Egon Schiele chairs too. I guess Van Gogh is next!


You do have the coolest stuff!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Simplex Timeclock & Flashlight Lamp

Okay....I want this one! Just the coolest!

Re: Repurposed Children's Book Toy Lamp

I just love this lamp! The colors and whimsy makes me wish I made it!


How wonderful to be chosen as Member Highlight for 2014! Thank you Kerry! JunkMarket Style is a great avenue for us "creative" types to show off! Lauretta

Re: Boise Hyde Park Curb A'Faire Trophy: chicken approved

Love it!


This is not a hanging piece! I'm sure you know this by looking at the photos.

Re: Industrial Cart Put Together with Love!

I love the way this is put together Lanette! I would have this in my home in a minute!!!! Wish I lived near you, we could be working together. Lauretta Lowell, Whimsical Curiosities

Re: Tart Tin Jewelry Pendants

Love this idea!

Re: Industrial Funnel Lamp

Hey Jim, I'm looking for a 2 tiered galvanized rotating bin to put my paint and brushes in on my art table. Do you have any idea where I can find something like this that won't cost me a fortune?

Re: Industrial Funnel Lamp

Love the patina on everything about this!

Re: Electrolux Redux

I see this more of a Deco piece.

Re: Upcycled Student Room Accessories


Love, LOVE this light fixture!!!! Right up my alley!!! Lauretta

Re: Industrial, Vintage Playing Cards Wall Art

I so LOVE everything about this piece! Lauretta

Re: You can call me A Horse of a Different Color or a Phony Pony...Just don't CALL ME CRAZY!

Here are some names I'm getting as choices:

1) Is That a Swan on Your Shoulder?
2) Horse Feathers
3) Phony Horace
4) Straight from the Horse

Re: Lace & Metal Dress From

The hoop skirt is to die for!

Re: Mannequin

You found a treasure there!

Re: Wired---------[=

I just LOVE this lamp! Very indusdtrial and cool!

Re: Pallet Patina

I LOVE the patina! Isn't it fun when things turn out so well when they are so unplanned!!!!!

Re: Roller Warrior Woman

Absolutely awesome! I love her!!!

Re: Forest Glam DIY

This is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

Re: JMS Editors & Contributors in Review 2011

Love this idea!

Re: The World's Gratest Fan

The fan works!!

Re: Got LOVE

I LOVE this! A very clever way to do lettering. If my house was bigger, I'd be trying to copy this idea for sure.......

Re: Backyard Wooden Windchimes

Love this idea!

Re: Another Saturday and a New Project...

I just visited your site and have fallen in love with your mosaic dogs!!!! I have two here at home and they won't stay still long enough for me to grout them!!!!!!!


Re: Fairy Driver

I'm quite a bit crazy you know.

Re: Radiant Fire

I'd certainly love to get my hands on a piece like this!!!!

Re: "The Twelve Best"~Vintage Clock

Great job with this! You think like I do!!!


This cabinet is to die for! What a wonderful find!!!!!

Re: Charlottes Web Spider Baby Display

Now THIS is my kind of art!!!! Great job!

Re: Easter Junking

I'd hang the bed with springs on the ceiling and put interesting objects and lights in each spring. What a FUN find!!!!

Re: Door Bench

Love this door project! Doors have always been fascinating to me. I've seen them as headboards but not as a bench. Great job!

Re: A Beautiful Combination of Created and Found Objects

I have a thing for old dress forms too!!! I have a couple dress forms I've revamped on my Junk page. One is called "Thelma-The Norwegian Princess" and the other is "La Cage Aux Fabulous Fowl."

Re: A Beautiful Combination of Created and Found Objects

Love it!

Re: Giving junk a job

Isn't rusty the best! Your ideas are so wonderful and they add that great head-turning interest to a house that anyone can afford! Love it all! Lauretta

Re: Civil War Era Domino Pendant

Love this domino! Great pendant...I'd wear it!

Re: Mannequin Gets New Life

There is such a thing as Gorilla duct tape???? Where would I find such a thing? I'm just redoing a wicker mannequin and I want to cover the wicker with something. I like your finished look!

Re: Found item, industrial, steam punk lights by Mark Bell

How cool are these!!!!!!???!!!

Re: Garden Party Necklace

Love this necklace!

Re: Texas Crafter Old Door Shelf

I LOVE old doors! This is a great idea1

Re: Sewing Machine Robot


Re: Junk Holiday Part 2

I SOOOOOO wish I was with you through your treasure hunt! I love everything in the photo!

Re: Day of the Dead figures made from Happy Meal Toys

VERY cool!

Re: Holiday Caged Elf

I have a thing for making weird birds and putting them in rusty birdcages. You have a good eye!

Re: Fun on the bayou....

I love the colors you use and the rusty look of the piece. It's something I'd have in my home!

Re: Miss Galaxy Girl Found Object Sculpture I Made Last Night

GREAT ASSEMBLAGE! My life is assemblage it!

Re: Manhole Cover Table

Awesome table!!!!!!!

Re: Everything's Coming Up Kale

I just love this! You are so clever....wish you were my neighbor!

Re: Chair Slat & Vintage Buttons Cross

Love your cross!

Re: Yard Art??

I love this piece....I'm jealous! A great rusty piece like this is hard to find!

Re: Meet Roberta: My First Attempt at a Robot

Roberta is darling! Great job, very clever!