julie bailey, windham, ME, US

I live in the woods in Maine with my husband, 2 cats,9 raccoons(and counting),a family of woodchucks,a herd of deer,a flock of wild turkeys and assorted wild birds,squirrels and chipmunks.Pretty much all of them think they are house pets and get to live in the house with us.The key word there is think.
I have 2 shops on Etsy(love that Etsy!) where I sell-or try to-my creations.Actually I give away most of what I make.
I am a total scavenger.I am not above going through trash cans and dumpsters and friends,family and workmates have all learned to put stuff aside for me and hide their trash receptacles.I do make stuff with new materials;but there is such a greater sense of accomplishment in making something out of something reclaimed from the vast landfills!
I was born in Louisiana;hence my Etsy shops name-louisiana1966.I am also a first generation American-my parents are Jamaican.

Gender: Female

Birthday: 02/27/1966

Member Since: 01/04/2009

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Pringles canister make-over

After posting the other day that Pringles canisters were a good substitute for photo tube pencil cups,I found I had one.I also realised I needed another container for my taller knitting needlesSome...

Recycled sweater cup cozy

After making handbags from the body of a felted wool sweater I got at GoodWill,I was left with the arms. I couldn't throw them away! And I am allergic to wool,so I could not make leg or arm warmers...

Cardboard tubes recrafted!

I scavenged these from the trash bins at work originally.I could see such potential!Then people started saving them for me,once they saw what could be done with them.Other sources for those of you...

Recent comments

Re: Dominos

I love the coaster set especially! Very creative reuse of your material!

Re: shoe box, pie box, candy box

These are all so adorable! I especially love that you used Pooh images. I would consider the box itself a lovely gift!

Re: tissue boxes

These are fantastic! I love the vintage look you have given them.So much better than the tacky pastels and prints these usually come in!I've seen all kinds of plastic canvas patterns that have to be the tackiest things on the planet!Your designs are marvelous-and I love that you are using plastic boxes that are probably not recyclable.

Re: Repurposed Jewelry

These are just Gorgeous! I especially love that you are using recycled bits from things like newspapers and books!