Im a decorative painter -- have been painting on cast offs and repurposing for many years. I love painting on old wood pieces, especially old furniture.

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Les Fleurs Table

I painted a discarded demi-lune table like the one Shamerockin posted.  It was featured "Painting" magazine  a couple years ago has a how to project .I crackled the top and painted gerbera...

Screen Door Dresser Mirror

I needed a dresser for my guest bedroom. Found the dresser for $20, gave it a good cleaning and coat of paint...then stumbled upon this great old screen door. I just hung another junk mirror on the...

Believe Santa Door Panel

This is a panel cut from a 100 year old wooden door. The Santa is one of my own designs that I teach in my seminars.  He's painted in acrylics.  I've got an unusually narrow spot over my...

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Re: Junky Bedroom makeover-Old door headboard

Absolutely love this. One of the very best repurposing posts I've seen in a long time. Can you tell us about the window and how you accomplished it? TIA

Re: Saucers Anyone?

Fun, colorful idea, Becky. Great bargain!

Re: Finishing my Shutter Headboard

This is nice...my first thought for the openings was to add old tin ceiling tiles. A mosaic made of broken china tiles would be interesting, too.

Re: Presto Change-o

Georgia, your mind certainly is percolating -- this is such fun. As a kid, my mom taught me how to make coffee as workmen would be at our farm when she was gone and I would be in charge of making coffee. Well, I forgot to put the coffee in the basket and threw it in the water instead. Needless to say, it's been a joke to my family ever since -- and I don't drink coffee to this day, I only collect tins and pots. I must find the inner workings of an old pot and make one for myself. Thanks for the great idea!

Re: Repurposed Silver Service Tray

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Love it -- I knew it was yours the minute I saw the post....you did a great job on Rosemary's design.

Re: A true "junky" to "funky" transformation

I can almost see the light bulb moment "aha" moment -- absolutely fantastic use of junk. Give yourself an A+!

Re: Believe Santa Door Panel

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia -- Hey! I recognize that painting in your icon! LOL Good to see you here -- yes, I love junk -- wish I could have been at the estate sale you just helped at! Marcia's a heck of a painter as well!

Miz Sue -- glad you enjoyed Santa. I'm certainly enjoying Junk Beautiful and the new DVD!

Re: Water Ski Bench/Table

Great bench -- such a conversation piece. I checked out Gretchen ski shelf -- just loved it!

Re: How to Make a shelf out of a Infants bed

Great idea, Georgia. I really love it filled with all the white ware -- so fresh!

Re: old side table

Hey, I've also got a very similar table -- maybe we're all up to triplets now...I'll post a picture of mine.

Re: Wisdom Gal For A Special Friend

Jenny, this is so special...is the wood base a wooden pestle?

Re: "Every Wall Is A Door"

Such fine words by Meadowview -- your quote is so appropo!

Re: Wine Rack

This is such a great idea!

Re: Holidays & Simple Abundance

This is a great project -- love your color choices.

Re: Enamelware Ladles - Treasure Holders!

So sweet...wouldn't a birds nest be cute in one, too?

Re: Believe Santa Door Panel

Ooooh...thanks so much everyone! I really do have an affinity for old guys dressed in red with long white beards -- painted 750 one season alone to pay college tuition for one of my kiddos. I write how-to craft books and have a series of Christmas books. Hey, Junk painter, I do sell my books and packets but this one is for seminars only. Are you a member of the Society of Decorative Painters by any chance? I have a friend in NH who's an awesome painter and you may know her as Deanne Fortem. BTW - Love your website!

Re: Snow What?!?

Hey, the lights really do work but they are tough to see if you use a styrofoam ball bigger than a tennis ball. I've even put them scattered on icicle lights. However, the South Dakota winds we get raise havoc with them.

Re: 3 Chair Bench

This is such fun...however after all the Christmas goodies I've been inhaling since the holidays...I might need the whole bench to fit me! LOL


OH NO! Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's junk...but I do covet the bejeezus outta this!

Re: Art with Heart Show concluded...Upcycling in Georgetown, Texas

These are such whimsical fun -- that guy in the red check bowtie could come live with me any day...

Re: Snow What?!?

Love this -- so festive yet says winter so simply. Hey, here's a hint -- it works and isn't dangerous. Did you know that if you push those little white Christmas lights into a styrofoam ball, the balls will glow??!! I did it this on my outdoor trees on my steps and my wreath. Really is a neat effect.