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Been a hard worker in the mortgage business for 20+ years. Getting tired of the poor life balance offered by my career. Sadly, I know mortgage lending better than I know my kids...and that's not an exaggeration. I really want to start a few small businesses to replace my current earnings as an underwriter. I work 60+ hours a week in a cubicle and I believe that if I worked that hard for myself, i could make at least as much, if not more. Either way, I don't NEED to make that much if I learn the art of repurposing. I hope to learn it well enough to develop into one income stream, as i know it's not a "get rich quick" scheme. I don't need to be rich, I just want to make a move that is good for my family finances, as well as allowing me to be home when my kids get off the bus. Perhaps once I can find a decent niche, my husband can quit his job and join me - and I'm hoping to convince our children to become part of the family business that I'm currently developing in my mind's eye. I have the will, and Junkmarketers can show me the way!

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Re: "BEWARE" of Tarnished Silver!!!

Tarnish hides purity marks and hallmarks, too! I have bought at least 4 items that were being sold as plated silver that turned out to be solid sterling. Each item cost me less than $5 and was worth over $200 in the scrap value, alone, never mind the premium for their age!

Re: The PAINTED chair and JD Cabinet ala GypsyBarn style!

It's taken me a little longer to get the swing of it; my 1st piece was a chest of drawers for my 12 yr old daughter. It already had great character & hardware so I just chalk painted it. About 30 times. Lol...maybe not 30 but it's probably a few millimeters bigger all the way around. I surprised myself w/ how well it finally came out. After a rough few months @ the end of last year, I lost my Dad in January unexpectedly. I stagnated in greif for months until I finally started working on it in May...and this project did wonders for my psyche. What a surprising form of therapy!
I will definitely look you up on FB & say hi. Thank you again for all of the inspiration you give freely. I hope the wonderful energy you put out brings you dividends in joy.
Cheers - to fabulous you!

Re: The PAINTED chair and JD Cabinet ala GypsyBarn style!

And after posting my previous comment, I went on to your bio and read what you have written there. It felt like you wrote that just for me to read! Through well-lubricated eyes, I was able to read through the whole post - you are indeed a kindred spirit and I look forward to more of your ideas and inspiration. I hope someday that I can reciprocate, but I doubt I can ever repay you for what you have done for me and my family - just by being you!

Re: The PAINTED chair and JD Cabinet ala GypsyBarn style!

This is my first post as a brandy-new JS member. Jasmin, I just want you to know that your projects have become my inspiration to "repurpose" my whole life. Last week, I was looking for something else when I stumbled upon one of them in a search engine that piqued my curiosity. It was the one about caulking for "oooh laa laaaa", and it made my creative & entrepreneurial heart beat furiously in my chest. In the days since, I have decided to give up my well-paying but poor life-balance job in finance up to be a better mom. Since the money thing would be a major issue, you have made me aware that I can use my creativity to produce a modest income and have fun in the process. My plan is to create income streams from a few endeavors; repurposing unwanted furniture being one that I can start earning from right away. I LOVE your work and thank you for sharing it. You have saved me from a miserable existence and I can't thank you enough.