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Re: Stained Glass Lantern Upcycled Light Fixture Birdhouse

I love this!

Re: Cool old "Typewriter" desk

I love it! I never even knew typewriter desks existed until one day I walked into this nice thrift shop. This is a Hospice shop so most of the items are not real old or antiques. But this desk caught my eye. It seemed so out of place there. It was opened and I thought it was a "secretary" desk only the middle opened up,not down. I thought,"Why would they need 2 desks in one?" not knowing the middle was were a typewriter would sit.
I came back the next day and someone had closed it. Then I realized it was really special and bought it. I've had five people who came back in later ask the shop to call me if I was inteested in selling it. Npe! I LOVE it! I'm keeping it the way it is and it's a real conversation piece. I keep my art supplies in it.
I really love your desk!