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Necklaces Reborn...Buttons, Too

I have been so inspired by the talent shared at JMS!  Especially that of contributor Gretchen S.... Thank you all for helping this junker take the next step & actually create. I couldnt...

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Re: "Plain Jane" gets a face lift


Re: Kitchenette

I just have to say, "WOW!" And I mean that in a GOOD way.

Re: Laurel Putman is Dripping with Charm and Will be at JMUG "Fall Edition

So dang cute!!!

Re: Vintage Composition Doll Tree Topper

I love her!

Re: Not your Mother's Bridge Set!

SOOOO cute!

Re: 10 minute hanger dropcloth curtains


Re: Flash Card Heaven

WOW! You've just lived one of my dreams! :-)

Re: Greenhouses from old wood windows and industrial scrap material.

I am officially in love with your small greenhouses! LOVE I tell ya! :-)

Re: vintage purses

What great ideas! Especially the stove. I heart the stove.

Re: What you can do with free 1892 house moulding!

One of my fondest hopes is to salvage an old house. Warms my heart to see beautiful things made from what could sadly have become ashes. So pretty!

Re: It's old, it's's wonderful!

Way cool! Love the board on the back, "Banner Oats". Unless of course it's Banner Rats. ;) Great find. Congrats!

Re: Simple Thrift Store Decorating 1

Uh Oh! Something else for me to add to the thrift shopping list. SOOOOO cute!

Re: my grandma's old salt and pepper shakers

Your idea touches my heart.

Re: Barn-style Doors are Not Just for the Farm!


Re: Junk Queen Necklace

What fun! Love the necklace & the friendships found here.

Re: Skullbot

Greeniebot is my fav. Scullbot does have his own dark charm though.

Re: Greeniebot

I love Greeniebot!

Re: Necklaces Reborn...Buttons, Too

Thanks so much for all of your kind comments!
MakinItHappen ~ I just used adjustable ring blanks. Pretty sure those came from Craft Warehouse.
Ringing off for now. :-)

Re: Star Attraction!

I am SO going to copy you! Love this star.

Re: Objects as Art


Re: Sewing Cabinet Potting Bench

Oh my goodness! I love this!