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Started out as a kid collecting tiny sample perfume bottles & hotel soap bars from from relatives' trips. Loved trash day but mother didn't approve my riffling the neighbors cans so riffled relative's drawers and garages instead. Studied weaving and ceramics in college & became a high school ceramics teacher then ceramics designer. I especially love rust and patina on anything. I spent a few years making junk collage from old game pieces. Currently I'm designing with succulents in found containers such as old trucks, vintage boxes, tins & other cool old stuff that holds dirt.

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Tough Truck Gets a Makeover

Friends visiting the old

Truck Transformation

I've been planting toy trucks lately. When this one arrived it was just too ugly to plant so I got out the spray can, masking tape and plastic wrap. The truck 's wheels and front bumper were...

Planted Vintage Containers

Succulents planted in a variety of containers from old trucks to doll buggy. I'd love to see what others are planting.....

Recent comments

Re: Shoe Form Window Treatment

Oh, I've been wondering what I could do with my shoe forms. This is perfect, thanks.

Re: Summer Garden Project!

Just Perfect! Wish I could find those calf feeders here.

Re: My New Wall decor

Nice eye. Wish I could combine like this.

Re: Barn trees for the "Holiday Walk"

This is great! Very refreshing. A welcome departure from the typical decorated tree. Love the scale of pieces you've chosen to use. Especially the barbed wire, thrilling to me since it's kind of how I feel about "Christmas mania". Thanks for the inspiring ideas.

Re: Upcycled Old Sewing Machine

I never would have thought of that. And I keep an old singer cabinet in my living room too. Great idea. Beautiful work.

Re: Glid-A-Tot Toy

Great job of restoration. Love this!

Re: Junk Redesigned Jewelry Display

Showcases your jewelry wonderfully!

Re: Truck Transformation

Moss used was sheet moss & sphagnum but any kind will work, just moisten it, press it in place and add dirt. In fact, it can be used as a topper as well, to keep soil from drying out in that sunny location you placed them in......happy planting. Hope this helped.

Re: "Tools" of the trade!

Excellent design & wonderful photo too. Did you paint the inside of the box or did it come that way?

Re: Bringing the inside out

Love the numbered drawers & the chest color. Especially taken with your name. Are you a lawyer?

Re: Planted Vintage Containers

Thanks for the encouraging comments. They help motivate me to do more.