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Fabric stamp/spool collection

I love to collect fabric stamps. These are just a few that I have collected. I found the spools of thread @ an estate sale!

Special find!!

I found this trunk @ an antique store for $15.00. I just cleaned it up & added the fun  stuff. One of my favorite pieces!!

Recent comments

Re: Record players as art :)

Very cool ...I will use your idea for my displays at work!!

Re: Finished Pallet shelf

I'm all about "dumpster diving" can find the best junk!!

Re: Harvest Market Junk Sale Coming October 7-8

Would like to make it to your sale..Where is Pine Island from Fargo?

Re: Madam Butterfly- Altered Sea Glass Necklace

Is this peice for sale? It is so pretty. My neice would love it as butterflies remind here of her dad that passed away. i would be interested in buying it for her for graduation.

Re: Happy 4th of July to All

Love that bike & everything that you did to it. My sister did a simular thing with her bike that was in the garae from previous owners. She was'nt sure how to plant flowers in the side baskets. I told her to use brown paper bags. Turned out very cute!!!

Re: Oh! the Possiblities!

So cute! It's exciting when yo can do something with nothing!

Re: Monochromatic Teapot Lamp

So pretty!!! I collect vintage cream dishes, vases bowls etc. Great use of them.Love it!!

Re: Large Birdhouse

Very pretty is my favorite color. I love that you can already see green grass in the background!!! We will still have the white stuff for awhile.....

Re: Floating Photography

Beautiful!!! Love using old frames like this. I use them in my displays at work all the time!!

Re: Bobbin Bugs

So cute...I could use these in my gardens!!!

Re: The Flea Market Under Glass is Just Around the Corner...March 3 - 5, 2011

I am planning on being there! So excited!!So tiered of snow...need to see some spring!!

Re: Pamper!

So many beautiful things!! Would love to be there, maybe next time...