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Front Door Bench

When we moved into our early 1900s farm house, there was a new weatherproof door  for the front door.  I was lucky the former owners kept the original front door and I found it in the...

Wedding Window

I created this wedding window from a garage sale find. I found two windows like this. I bought them last year and was just waiting to be inspired. I tracked down all the wedding photos from my...

Cookie Sheet Calendar

A couple of months ago somebody posted a calendar made from an old cookie sheet and I was inspired! Here is my version.  I used everything under the sun- numbers off of REA poles, cattle tags...

Screen Door Quilt Shelf

This is my first post to junkmarket style!  I love getting ideas for new projects from this site.  I made this door quilt shelf out of 4 old four panel doors and 1 old screen door. It is a...

Recent comments

Re: Kitchen Cloche

What a fun idea. It is super cute. I just might have to try this.

Re: Evel Knievel water ski hat rack

I love it. I am stashing water skis and hope to make an adirondack chair out of them. One has already been repurposed as a family name sign for my brothers' lake cabin, though. Water skis just have such neat designs. I live by a lake, so a lot of them come up at garage sales.

Re: A Handmade Gift

This is such a cute idea! I was inspired to make one of my own. I went a little crazy in picking out my numbers! Here are some of my ideas:

I used a penny for 1, a dime for 10 and a quarter for 25. I used pieces of an old wooden ruler for 7 and 28. I found an old metal cattle ear tag for 26. Thanks to my husband, I used a bottle top from a bottle of Mexican Dos Equs beer for the 20 (It has XX on the lid, like Roman Numerals). I robbed some metal numbers off old electrical poles for 17, 23 and 30. I used dominoes and old stamps, too. I used old colorful buttons for many of the remaining numbers and printed off the numbers on clear address labels.

If I find my digital camera cord, I will post photos of my calendar. I certainly got some crazy looks from my husband. Usually he likes my creative ideas, but this was a little over the top for him.

What fun and a quick project!