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My hubby and I have lived here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC for 35 years in a place that I call Faeryhollow, a magical place in a wooded hollow back in a mountain cove. Im a retired RN who spent 30 years in public health nursing, and loved every minute of it, but Im enjoying my retirement which allows me time for my other passions. Im an avid gardener and beekeeper, and love flea market and thrift store shopping, decorating, refinishing/repurposing antiques, traveling, and reading. Our home is a Victorian-style farm house that weve been working on for 20 years, and has many repurposed elements such as oak wainscoting from old classroom doors, slate hearth and floor from old blackboards, and a huge soapstone kitchen sink from a school lab. The picture in my profile is my potting shed, Crickhollow Cottage, where I have used many found treaures as well.

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Mrs. McGregor's Tool Shed

This tool shed is a playhouse that we customized. The pink trim on the top and door is Eastlake wood furniture trim from a yard sale, and the door handles are garden tools from a Dollar Store.

It's a frame-up!

I frequently come home from my thrift store jaunts with forlorn old frames. I enjoy restoring or re-imagining them and finding just the right pictures to put in them. These are just a couple of...

A place to hang your hat!

I have many addictions, including collecting romantic old hats. I've found some unique ways to display some of them that I thought my junker friends might enjoy seeing.

Need a helping hand?

I must have a fondness for the graceful female hand, as I have realized that I have many of them in different forms around the house. They come in quite "hand-y" by providing a way to hold items that...

A romantic pair lights up our life!

My JH spotted these charming 40's lamps at a thrift store in Charleston, and knew I'd love them. We quickly snatched them up for $25 for the pair. I made the lampshades out of heavy rosethemed...

From salt shaker to tassel

I made this sweet rose-sprigged porcelain salt shaker into a beautiful tassel. I pulled the loop of a premade tassel (bought on sale in a discount fabric outlet) up through the filler hole on...

Another suitcase project

I've had a luggage addiction problem for years, long before vintage suitcases became a popular decorating item. I have a large supply of them, and have used a few for fun projects. The rest are used...

Shoeshine anyone?

I found this wicker shoeshine box at a junque store. It was in rather rough condition, missing the bottom edge wicker trim and faded white paint. I painted it and some small wicker baskets for...

A grate idea?

My JH and I found these cast iron heating grates for less than $5.00 for all 4 at a Salvation Army thrift store in the Charleston, SC area several years ago. That is a wonderful area for finding...

Victorian door header and Christmas wreath

The front door on our neo-Victorian home is framed using reproduction butter-mold carved corner blocks and a salvaged Victorian furniture header that I painted and mounted on the top.

Mood lighting on the porch

When the wiring went bad, I converted this old 4 light floor lamp into a non-electric low light lamp for my porch. The glass shade rests on an oil lamp chimney screwed into the center fixture...

Signs of Spring?!

Old garden tools make great signposts for my bunny-themed tool shed.

Through the garden gate

This HEAVY wrought iron gate was a $5.00 thrift store find several years ago, and I finally got around to painting and installing it last summer. The arbor is trimmed with thrift store treasures...

Cuckoo clock birdhouse

This cuckoo clock was non-functional, but so cute! I took out the works, cut the center out with a Dremel tool, and painted it ivory. This pic shows it dressed up for Christmas, hanging on my potting...

Tricycle planter

My hubby was maintenence supervisor for our local school system, and was able to save many discarded treasures from the junk heap. This planter is made from an aluminum tricycle with a wire gym...

Colorful glass insulator hose guard

This colorful hose guard is made of an old glass insulator attached to an inexpensive hose guard with silicone. I finished the edge with copper foil tape. I think that the blue really complements the...

Crib planter

This planter is an old hospital crib that I found at a thrift store. I painted it pale pink and planted it with a moss blanket and ferns in my shady potting shed garden.

Water feature from a discarded salad bar

This water garden is made from an old salad bar container discarded from a school cafeteria. I lined it with landscape fabric, filled the bottom with pea gravel, and stacked field rocks around the...

A doggone fun and cute project!

I used one of the many vintage suitcases that I've acquired at thrift stores to make this doggie bed for my aunt's doxie last Fall. The feet are drapery finials, the cushion is removable, reversible...

Recent comments

Re: Chick feeder

I have one of these and have tried to think of a clever use for it. You've done it! I also love the idea of it holding eggs, and you could also fill the jar with jelly beans for an especially colorful display. I really like the idea of using it for something that ties into the chicken theme. Barbara

Re: Vintage Tags

These are great! Where do you find the tags? I've looked all over for these particular types of tags to use on a project and couldn't find them at office supply stores, discount stores, or anywhere else. Barbara

Re: Datebook Wall Art

I love your style, and want to welcome you to one of the most fun sites that I've found around. I really look forward to seeing more of your romantic junkin' projects! Pink is perfect :o)

Re: A grate idea?

Wanda, I've been to the Habitat Restore and Page's many times, and agree with you that they're treasure troves! I have an old wringer washer that I got at Page's, and could have loaded up with much more if we'd have had room in the truck. They do have good sales. We also hit the thrift stores in Mt. Pleasant, James Island, Johns Island, and Summerville, as well as Charleston. The area is a junker's paradise. I'll have to look up your shop in Greer the next time we go down the mountain.

Re: old bread box - a project that went south

From a fellow bibliophile as well as an ardent Louisa May Alcott fan....this is a wonderful project! The patina is great. I've been wanting to try to use beeswax to age items and give them a soft luster, and this lovely example just inspires me to go for it. I'm a beekeeper and so have easy access to plenty of wax. By the way, I also love the scene with the umbrella - a sweet romantic scene with Jo and Fritz :o)

Re: A place to hang your hat!

Thanks, ya'll for the kind remarks. I really love the community here, as well as the members' wonderful ideas and skills that are so inspiring to me. Sharon, I'm afraid that I don't have an helpful information about that bulb clip. I believe that I found it at a thrift store (where else!) and have never seen another one like it. I imagine that lamp supply shops may have them, though, or perhaps you could find one on-line. Barbara

Re: Bathroom with a past...

I'd LOVE to find one of these commodes with the oak tank. We have oak wainscoting made from old doors similar to the beautiful paneling in your bathroom, and I've always wanted one of the high oak tanks for our master bath. The TP holder is too cute, as is the towel rack!

Re: Wall Piece

What a great project, and there are so many ways that you could customize it and places you could use it. Great job!

Re: Spring spring wreath!

This is so clever! I love the whimsy :o)

Re: Silverplated Broken Teapot Chimes

Another great idea for my old silverplate! Keep the projects coming! I love your style :o)

Re: Silver Plated Pink Compote

You have SUCH great ideas! I have many pieces of old, worn silverplate, and I'd love to try the paint effect on some pieces. The bead and ribbon trim is another lovely addition. I've also seen silverplate pieces with broken china mosaic, and I've always wanted to try that. It would be beautiful combined with the paint.

Re: Curbside Pink Stove

Sorry, but my cat stepped on the keyboard! As I was saying...I would LOVE to have a pink stove, but I'd have to redecorate the kitchen. If I'd found that stove, my blue willow dishes and blue ceramic tile would have to give way to shabby chic pink! What a great find!

Re: Curbside Pink Stove

I would LOVE

Re: Meat Slicer Book Rack

What a great idea! I also love old books, and this sturdy bookshelf will certainly hold those hefty volumes in style.

Re: A doggone fun and cute project!

Thanks for cheering me on! Check out my new suitcase project using a vintage train case.

Re: Vintage Glass Insulators Make Great Candles Holders!

The candelabra is a wonderful way to use these. I just wish I had one to put some of my insulators in! I posted a hose reel a week or so ago that I made out of one of my more colorful insulators. You may want to look at that for some of your stash.

Re: Back to life with a little TLC

This is a wonderful make-over. I love the chicken and chicken wire. This would be a great addition to any country kitchen (including mine)!

Re: Colorful glass insulator hose guard

Thanks, everyone, for all of your encouraging words. To answer a couple of questions....I used clear silicone caulk in a gun, but can't remember what brand. Think I got it at Lowes. As for the solar light kit, I would think that you might be able to buy inexpensive path lights and replace the covers with the insulators. That's great idea! If you have a Harbor Freight store in your area, I know that I've seen them there. The problem that I have here with solar lights is that we have too much shade back in our "hollow" for them to work very well.
Happy treasure hunting,

Re: Snowpeeps

Very sweet!

Re: Signs of Spring?!

Thanks! I love garden art, as you can see. I call this Mrs. McGregor's Tool Shed, since it's far too girly to be Mr. McGregor's. :o)

Re: Victorian Christmas Wreath

I love, love, love this idea! I have bunches of similar old frames and Victorian cards. I just need to figure out which door I'd put it on.

Re: Thanks for the Inspiration

Great job, and I love the black! I'm partial to toile, and think that would make a fabulous cushion.

Re: Tricycle planter

Thanks for the kind remarks, everyone. You've made me feel very welcome, and I can tell that I will get addicted to this site in a hurry! The pic is from last Spring. I'll have tulips in April or May, and the rhododendrons bloom beautifully in the summer. Back here in the woods we have lots of rhodos, mountain laurel, wild flowers, ferns, and much more.

Re: Through the garden gate

Thanks so much for the warm welcome to this great site. I love looking around as well as sharing the fun projects that I've done. This pic is from last summer. Although we're in the South, it's not THAT warm! I won't have flowers for a month or two, except for the hellebores.

Re: A doggone fun and cute project!

Thanks for the kind comments! I just found this site, and have loved looking at all the wonderful projects. I am so happy to find other kindred spirits who enjoy turning trash into treasure and know that I'll be inspired by all of you creative junkers here.