Edward Thirlwall, Surry Hills, AU

At the helm of the Supercheap Storage empire is Edward Carl Thirlwall, a man in his early 30s who has set out on an amazing venture with self storage in Australia. Edward started out in an entirely different line. Coming from a background in the hospitality industry, he first moved here from Papua New Guinea to study and graduate from the University of Sydney, he actually had a restaurant for a period of time and actually started the first small bar in Sydney.

Then Edward decided to do something BIGGER to seek his fortune - he decided that he wanted to strike out into a brand new industry of Self Storage. At that time, the Self Storage industry was in its fledgling stage out of America at that point in time, and Edward decided to do something revolutionary that would bring that much more value-added customer service to Australians by combining the relocation model with it too!

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Re: Repurposed bed cot.... to a junk-art deck table

A bed cot is a good frame to work with that is versatile and practical in terms of its size. I have previously transformed mine into a mobile serving counter that I use to serve guests when they come over. I can easily prep foods in the kitchen and bring them out directly into the living room without having to transfer to any other additional plates or trays.

Re: How to Build a Chest of Drawers?

Wow, this is amazing! Now it looks so unique in terms of its vintage outlook and its design which was carefully assembled together to produce a single majestic furniture piece. For me, I would personally put together more drawers to make it higher and increase storage solutions in my living room.

Re: Salvaged Cabinet

Now it looks more refreshing and clean as opposed to its old and dull self. I have also repainted my old storage cabinets to give it a fresh outlook just to welcome the summer. I added a few minor detailings like carvings by the door and a new pair of knobs for that personal touch.

Re: Girly Flair for my Thrifty Chair

I love it when furnishings receive a personal glamour touch. It does not necessarily need to be something extravagant but just a small piece of fabric and some buttons would definitely do the trick. The key is to keep things minimal but visible and you will have your own personal unique furniture.

Re: Beachy Bath Bucket Storage

This storage idea looks really cool and hip that reminds me of a holiday at the beach house. However, I think it is not easy getting hold of the old barn pulley in stores so this would only work if you already own one. Nevertheless, it is still a new idea which I seldom see around in the homes of friends or relatives.

Re: A New Twist on an Old Idea

What plants would you suggest before I go to grab my garden stuff out from storage?

Re: A New Twist on an Old Idea

I'd love to see how this turns out in a few years! I've never had very much luck with all sorts of plants and I'm resigned to permanently keeping my garden tools in storage lest the plants cry out for mercy! Haha! But if this works as a nice indoor solution with minimum upkeep, I think I could manage to keep these alive for a while!

Re: Pet Food Storage Solution

Very rustic, and an absolutely versatile piece of furniture! I really would use this almost in any other room of my hosue as a foot stool or just a somewhere to rest my bum and not just for pet food storage. There's really too much potential for a beautiful piece of furniture like this - hard to imagine it was handmade too. It's really well done!

Re: Bringing the inside out

I would have loved to see what this storage unit looked like before painting! I find that I prefer the more rustic look to brand new nowadays..

Re: Footlocker Facelift

There's really nothing like a good coat of new paint over something old to breathe new life into a storage unit.

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

How much time did you spend beating this thing up! I would NOT have been able to tell that this was a brand new piece of furniture if you haven't said! But what a classic piece o f storage.

Re: Vintage Curio Cabinet

The green finishing on your storage cabinet looks great. I have also done some carpentry at home and one thing I learned from colleagues at the storage facility who are better wood workers than me is that you have to pay attention to details. I the 'old and unpolished look' of the storage cabinet just make it look like it jumped out of an antique magazine. I just hoped too that the items you'll put in storage will also have an antique feel since it doesn't coincide or match if these are high technology.

Re: Repurposed Children's Book Toy Lamp

Vintage books also work for nightstands, or drill them onto the wall as an ornamental storage display or even into a bookshelf.

Re: Center Island, buffet with storage

Nice creation.