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Dunham Design Company is a unique design company made up of myself and my wonderful husband Matt, Our designs are all inspired by items we find that others have either thrown out , castaways or just plain junk. We salvage repurpose, reuse and reinvent to fit in any style decor.

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My New Favorite Remake

On the way home the other day as I drove by I noticed some men were removing an old picket fence. So of course I flipped my truck around and asked if I could possibly buy a few hunks from them. They...

More pics of the Copper Top Table

After the adhesive had dried. We top coated it with an automotive clearcoat called HPC15 made by Sherwin Williams

Floating Buffet

While I was gone this week my husband designed and completed this awesome floating buffet. It's hard to see in the picture, but the top is copper. It is truly amazing. The copper top is so beautiful...

Not So Vintage Grocery Sign

I started by beating up a 8" x4' pine board with a hammer and heavy chain, painted it with 2 coats of a dark green then printed my letters and transfered them to the board, I painted the letters in...

Old Washboard Remake

Old Washboard, Rusty Bake King Pan, Clips & an Old Drawer Pull and you now have a leaning shelf for your nightstand trinkets,  laundry finds

Boot Junk

Vintage fabric and Lace. Never knew what to do with it but here's what I came up with

Old Side Table Reinvented

Cast away beat up little side table was stripped, built some floating wine bottle shelfs and a slightly tilted up edge at the bottom for cookbooks with an industrial metal screen for the back

Vintage Feed Sack

A few pallet boards for the frame and the feed sack was purchased for $5.00 at a vintage outdoor market this summer. My husband took my idea a step further and created this awesome frame, added some...

Old Saw New Look

For some reason I am drawn towards old rusty tools. In the summer I accquired 4 vintage rusty broken teeth hand saws.. It was a fabulous day. I decided to make a home decor project out of one. I...

1950's Kitchen Cart

We bought this cart at a local shop. It was a horrible biege color. My husband chose this beautiful blue and painted it in an automotive paint. 

Industrial Electrical Wire Spool

I found this tossed broken industrial electrical wire spools by the dumpster at work one day. My husband was out of town on business and I had his truck... PERFECT opportunity to go junkin. and why...

Recent comments

Re: ~Merry Christmas

Beautiful as always Jim. You are truly a talented individual. Keep on creating
& Junkin.
Merry Christmas

Re: More pics of the Copper Top Table

Thank You for the kind words. This piece is actually staying at my house. I can't bear to sell it.

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

Jim, this is so amazing. You do beautiful work.

Re: Reclaim, Restore, Rejoice!

So Pretty

Re: Prepping for a show

Great idea..

Re: Coming to Uncorked JUNKMARKET Style

Super Cute. All the textures are so sweet.

Re: Industrial Storage Locker

Super sweet. Love the wine storage. Great idea

Re: What to do with Surplus Vintage Doors: Make a Bench/Pew & Coat Rack

Wow Brian, very inventive and I love the added detail of the bottle opener
Take care

Re: Old silverware box

This is beautiful, you have a wonderful talent. Keep it up

Re: Washstand Harp with a twist

Super cute idea..

Re: junk love sign

Great mix.. I love this

Re: ceiling fan angel wings

Gotta love those supportive hubbies

Re: Vintage Leather Suitcase

Jim.. So awesome. Thats all I'm blown away

Re: Stacked Suitcase Nightstand

Super cute girl..

Re: Pillow Revamp

Love the fabric choices. Very pretty

Re: Entry table

Love the repurpose..

Re: Washboard Organizer


Re: Cottage Style Mirror

Jim, Beautiful work as always..

Re: Fab '50s Mini Bar

This is so amazing and inventive. Beautiful job


WOW!!! Super Cute. Your booth wouldn't happen to be in my area? Would love those for my girls for Valentines.

Re: Boot Junk

Send me your address and I'll send you a pair.
My email is mamhs@comcast.net

Re: Boot Junk

Send me your address and I'll send you a pair.
My email is mamhs@comcast.net

Re: Vintage Feed Sack

Thanks for the kind words Ken

Re: No room for a side table? Use a ladder instead!

It's been awhile since I've been on, so I'm going through the year and OH MYLANTA.... what should appear but this beautiful design. I Lovvve this
Great job lady :-)

Re: Toy Horse Upcycled into Garden Sculpture

I love this.

Re: Driftwood Buttons

Those are super cool. And a great idea. Love the color too

Re: More Repurposed Wall Hangers

you always come up with the most creative and beautiful projects.. I Love these
Great Job

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

Oh My goodness.. What an awesome idea. You always have very creative projects. Keep it up

Re: Dog or Cat Bed from 70's Table

Very Sweet and creative. Love it

Re: Repurposed Chrome Shelf Supports - Into Trays!

Alway creative Brian , another wonderful project

Re: My Unique Leather Handbag

Meg, nice work, very unique and pretty darn cool.

Re: Barn Junkin' & Pickin' Trip

Brian.. You always find the coolest junk!! I'm so jealous. Can't wait to see what you do with all your new treasures :-)

Re: Industrial steel cart


Re: 3 Shades of Christmas Tree.

OOOOh so so adorable! very creative, as for your husband tell him a little girly is good...

Re: Awesome picks in my last junkin' rounds

What a SCORE! I'm looking forward to see how u recreate your finds.

Re: Spindle Christmas Tree

I love love love spindles. I buy them and find them all the time and cannot for the life of me figure out why people get rid of them. Your tree is beautiful use of spindles.

Re: Roadside Dining Chair Makeover

Who doesn't LOVE free.... They make the best projects and your find is truly a treasure. Great job!

Re: Junk in the Trunk Tree

Very creative use Becky.. Your junk in the trunk tree is beautiful. I LOVE LOVE this project