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Vintage silverplate garden markers and a load of other ideas

I'm not sure whose design this is!  Maybe some of the other ideas I have for them will be!  Already have tried cheese markers and place cards as a freind suggested then made...

Easy cutest pin cushion pin display in 3 minutes

This is the easiest no sew pin cushion, pin display, hide a mini sewing kit on your dresser. These shoulder pads were removed from a suede dress I was cutting up.  The newest little...

Faux Ribbon Necklace

Hand dyed and hand stamped vintage seam binding becomes a quick faux ribbon necklace.  Simply stamp some ribbon or seam binding and secure with a vintage pin or brooch.  I used pins...

Recent comments

Re: Money Bag Tutorial for Vendors

Great idea.

Re: Roadside Treasure

A wonderful find. Enjoy.

Re: Parts Box Planters

In a word fabulous.

Re: Trunk Bottom Book Case

Hmmm maybe one of our old trunks may get a new look.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Vintage Silver Spoon Napkin Ring

As a fellow flatware reformer I appreciate the work that goes into making these. I haven't had a chance to any photos of yet.

Re: Rusty iron rolling cart

That would be perfect for some of my heavy flower pots.
I really like it.

Re: Another Printer Tray Idea

Great idea that looks like it required an awful lot of patience.

Re: Vanity Mirror

I would never think of using so many different pieces to come up with this little pretty.

Re: My Giant funnels have a new life!

These look great. I need to find some of those big funnels.

Re: dance necklaces using tap shoe taps

Very cool. I stamp a lot of metal but never would have thought of this.

Re: Cutlery Crosses

Looks great.

Re: It's old, it's grungy.....it's wonderful!

A truly fab find

Re: Dentist chair

Whatever kind of chair it sure is neat looking.

Re: Best Man

We recently purchased half torso mannequins never thought of covering them with cement.

Re: from old door to new headboard

Now that is a unique headboard. Fab idea and gift.

Re: Junk Queen Necklace

So fun! Enjoy it.

Re: tractor smoke stack turned willow vase

Wow that is tall at 8 ft. It's a great item. I would love that.

Re: Antique Book Page Projects

Charming. Old paper is so appealing isn't it.

Re: Springtime & Easter stuff

Interesting piece. Great as a flower box.

Re: West End Salvage

Goodness, it looks like I could stay there for days.
Great finds.

Re: Chicken Crate Shelves

Great idea to display your collections

Re: Getting Back to Basics

Great holder..and Spring display

Re: Bottles and a basket turned into a beaming lamp…

Great industrial look. Thanks for the how to.

Re: A Rustic Little Side Table...

Such a sweet display and I agree everyone is going to want it. Best wishes at the sale.

Re: My newly designed booth pictures

Nicely done display. I like the mirror collection

Re: wire gate chandelier

Adorable reuse.

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

The blue prints are the crowning touch. My father used to have drawers and tubes of them now I'm wishing he saved them.

Re: chalk board door

Useful and decorative!

Re: Tag, You're It!

Fab idea now an entire old book can be used instead of sticking the covers in a frame.

Re: Vintage silverplate garden markers and a load of other ideas

Thank you Cajm:

It takes work hammering and for the chimes bending. Bending as you know is more work then it looks. Hammering is tiring too! I thought about hooks maybe that is just the ticket for some old wood we got recently.

Re: Junk Gyspy meets Cowgirl Chic

As an owner and wearer of numerous pairs of cowboy boots. I've never thought of pairing with a vintage slip! It is due to my older age I'm sure

Re: Necklaces Reborn...Buttons, Too

Great pieces.

Re: Cataloging a new adventure!

Nice little free find.

Re: Reproducing Old Documents

Well done!

Re: Bet you didn't know how sweet dripping wax could be!

Romantic for sure.

Re: Reclaimed headboard Now coat/hat rack

The shape and detail of the headboard give it great style.

Re: "Wander/Watch/Nest" Necklace

I really like the combination of elements and the asymetrical style. A happy buyer for certain.

Re: Got Hoops?

Instant art! Nice toile.

Re: Heart of Toile

A very heartfelt gift. Your mother is certain to adore it.

Re: this old drawer

Two for one projects are the best is Winston missing his bed?


Good junk is hard to find in our area. I would have scooped your find up in a minute!

Re: Framed Clocks

Thanks for the idea! Now maybe those empty frames and single pieces of tile might get used.

Re: Laundry room curtains.

Both adorable and clever.

Re: Antiquing To Michigan and Back

Great door knob finds!

Re: Late Bloomers...

Neat idea and the display is great.

Re: For the Love of White Junk

Wonderful especially the bin.

Re: Old Galvanized Drawers Tray-ded Up

Now that's a beverage tray to remember. Love it.

Re: If JMS Jumped off a Bridge .....

Too funny. The part about things being the junk rage, sought after and a good buy sounds really familiar...

Re: Towel rods from antique gas lines

Fab idea.

Re: Barbed Wire Never Looked So Good

Cool and clever.

Re: My Treasures

Card table as a wall hanging is so fun.

Re: "Key To My Heart" Resin Pendants from old keys.

A wonderful idea to turn "plain" keys into something special.

Re: Priceless Crown!

Great vision to see the squashed turned regal.

Re: 100 yr old door is now an adorable sitting area

Great re-use. The wallpaper makes it special.

Re: ~Be My Valentine~

In a word; Fabulous!

Re: Coasters made from ceramic tiles

Really like the idea of stamping images over old papers.

Re: Vintage Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

Very clever. We have a collection of knobs but aren't in need of another hook rack. This may just be the ticket. Thanks for sharing.

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

Wow! Perfect for those old coolers that are beyond restoration. Love it.

Re: Got Ideas?

I like the planter and memo board ideas. Of course, you could use one to display neat little finds.


Great and creative re-use.

Re: Primitive cupboard

Looks great!

Re: Smacking good Valentine

Yes, thank goodness you were on hand to rescue the fab gumball machines. Truly wonderful pieces.

Re: Faux Ribbon Necklace

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. The post has been updated with directions and the lengths of binding I used.


The little trees look darling in your trophy cups...I love the old ones with the vintage engraving...a small slice of history. Trophy cups are hard to come by in our area too.

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

For all the lids adorned with crystals which is still a fave...never thought of putting two of them together. They look lovely.