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What you can make with pallets.

Husband decided on the dimensions, but I had an idea on how to make them.  He wanted two to sit beside the shed for the smaller pieces of firewood.  He has now ordered another one for in...

I could use some suggestions.

While Husband is away I have been trying to get several projects completed.  I am down to the last two.  One was to recover this stepladder/stool.  Once I started to remove the cover I...

Picked this up yesterday

I had some time to kill yesterday afternoon, what better way than at the antique mall and thrift shops.  I found this piece at the antique mall, paid too much for it. I knew immediatly where I...

Tool Tote!

This week I participated in my first SNS at Funky Junk Interior.

My first post. This is one of my junk finds

This is a part from a parlor stove.  I am not sure what I am going to do with it.  Do I hang it on the fence, or in the house? I'm also not sure if I want to paint it or what technique to...

Recent comments

Re: Porch decor

THis is so pretty!

Re: Window Mistreatments #1

Sure beats the same old same! I really like it!

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

The base looks perfect with the glass top and the antique chairs.

Re: Junk Tables for $1000 Please

You wouldn't get friends to help you move very often if you owned this. You would sure have to check the load restrictions of your floor, Jim. The table is so perfect!

Re: How to Make a Swinging Bed...

I love this. This would be a fabulous place to curl up and read, Donna. Surrounded by mosquito netting of course.

Re: Garden Mosaic

These are so pretty. Do you have a blog showing more of your work?

Re: Birdfeeders and Garden Art

What great birdfeeders! I found the most interesting piece of something (not sure what it is) and thought it would make a good bird feeder. Now I can see how it could be used. I didn't buy it, but I may have to see if it is still there tomorrow.

Re: Easy as pie

I love these, what a great use of your scraps!

Re: What you can make with pallets.

I took one apart and Husband took a second one apart. We are going to have to find an easier way to dismantle them.

Re: What to do with a pile of windows?????

I love these windows, they look like portals to a magical land.

Re: Old Door Folding Table

What a great idea!

Re: Old Toasters can become a "Wanna Be" Trailer Display

Those are adorable!!!

Re: Building a Kitchen Light

I really like this.

Re: old world bench

Beautiful bench.

Re: I could use some suggestions.

I never even thought of using industrial tile. I have some in the garage from another project. Great idea! They are very easy to cut with an utility knife. Thank you

Re: I could use some suggestions.

I have 2 bar stools I am going to use the circle fabric on.

Re: Old Window + Bed Posts + Wood = Plant Stand

Wow!! Looks fabulous!

Re: Picked this up yesterday

I assume it was used while building log cabins.


I think I am scared of him. Great job!

Re: Iris

Great job!!

Re: French Door Headboard

The scroll work really does finish it. Great headboard.

Re: Totally shabby chic junk table

Love the contrast between the 'queen ann' type legs and the roughness of the door are a perfect match.

Re: A Vanity Just Like Grandma's - my 1st post!

Wow! It looks great.

Re: Tool Tote!

Thank you all for your kind comments. It was so much fun to do. Who knew? Well I guess all of you knew. LOL @ FJ Donna, thank you for the challenge and the inspiration.

Re: New Whimsy for a Retro Groovy Metal Chair

I have one of those waiting to be recovered. I found some really bold fabric to use. When I was a girl I loved sitting on the one at my grandmothers.

Re: Tool Tote!

Thank you.

I posted two more pictures, I realized I hadn't taken any of the whole thing.

Re: Potting Bench

This is adorable!

Re: My first post. This is one of my junk finds

Yeesh let's not hit the enter button quite so quickly.
I found this piece when I was snooping out around the shed.

Re: My first post. This is one of my junk finds

I added a second photo of it. I was at an antique mall a few weekends ago, but instead of being IN the mall I was out at the shed where he keeps all the good stuff.

Re: My first post. This is one of my junk finds

That is a great idea JunkArchitect, this is a dome shape, so I am not sure how easy that would be. I think I will take a wire brush to it (gently) and see if I can't bring out the design a bit more.

Re: My first post. This is one of my junk finds

Thank you, I know I am going to enjoy being here.

The rust colour looks fabulous against my newly painted "lemonade" walls.