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Halloween revisited

A few years ago I scored some bits and pieces of old Halloween crepe paper.  My husband wasn't too sure about my find, but he is sure now.  He loves these and I'm pleased myself.  A...

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Re: Bird Perch 2 Tiered Server

I love this! I've never see a bird perched like that--how clever! Mind if I steal your idea?

Re: Victorian Christmas Wreath

Note to self: Steal this idea! Very creative and attractive--and double thanks for sharing!

Re: Whisk Broom Arrangement

Warmth, life, comfort... I'm struggling to describe the flood of feelings you displayed. I have such an affinity to things that were valued, served well, and were too much a part of someone’s being to discard. Many times I have become the caretaker of the past for someone who finally had to let it go. When your whisk booms need a final resting place--I'm there for you. Nicely done!

Re: Old door bench seat

Absolutely too cute! What an imagination--it flows. I love it!!

Re: A few of my Upcycled Creations...from Furniture to Sculpture

You've got true talent--I'm impressed! I love the "canned music"!

Re: Tag... You're It!

Cool--I love this kind of stuff! My brain will never be quite the same since I found JUNKMARKETSTYLE!

Re: Tag Maker Tote

WOW, I love it! Too clever! I'm not always blessed with the ability to think these ideas up, but I have been blessed with the ability to recognize a great idea and do it! I guess that is all that matters. Keep it up you guys!

Re: It's a Spinner

That is so handsome. I love these kinds of ideas. Nothing more boring than going to the local chain store and buying what everyone else has. I love the look--very dramatic!

Re: I've Pulled Another Wheelie

I'm about to get myself in trouble--I'm heading to the old garden wagon with a wrench in hand. It will take my husband a while to catch on that there are bricks where the wheel used to be! That is so handsome. I want it on my front door--stay tuned. You've done it again!

Re: New Bathroom Shelf

If this is how you are starting out--I can't wait to see the finished bathroom! It's absolutely clever. I admire those who come up with such imaginative ideas. I can copy, create, and embellish, but I'm a little slow at originating the ideas. Nicely done!

Re: Finch Handmade Cage

Those are real birds in there? I suspect they don't know how lucky they are because they're on the inside looking out and can't see how fancy their house is! Very, very creative!

Re: Vintage typewriter turned photo display

No Way! I love this. I have an old typewriter that I keep on one of my desks and last year I displayed a letter to Santa, but this year I'm doing family. I've got 14 grandkids and lets see if I can get them all included! Very nicely done, very creative!

Re: My "Top 10" in Junk

That jar of string warmed my heart. I have string squirreled away in every room of my house(and garage too). It can be found in jars, boxes, cans and bags! Occasionally I find another hidden ball or two. At first I thought it was a sign of insanity but now I know that it's a sign of my love of simple things, great old junk, and creativity! And I remember to honor myself occasionally with a big smile and “You go girl!”

Re: Just "be"

I love the gentle and calming message here. I'm often hopping, running, and jumping. Even after taking meditation classes, I still need to learn to just "Be".... thank you!

Re: industrial lamp turned display

Wow,this is great! I must have a million scrabble pieces, okay maybe a few hundred, and this is pure inspiration!
This really makes me purrr...

Re: Halloween revisited

Yes, it’s crepe paper. It appears to be from a skirt that wrapped around a party table to decorate it--just a guess. The paper is fragile and some areas were torn, and some folded beyond straightening. I had to cut around some of the characters and arrange them like a collage. The colors are very vivid and they are even more attractive in person. My husband loves the one where I put a pumpkin in the sky looking down. Lots of bats were cut out and replaced. I still have a bit of paper left and I'm going to have to get much more creative to use it all up (the pieces are getting smaller and smaller!