I have always loved to make things from junk or things that other people seem to think are worthless. I have an endless supply of all kinds of junk and am finding fun ways to use it thanks to this site. My husband enjoys seeing what I come up with. I also enjoy quilting.

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Tea Time!

Here is the handle, here is the spout, just tip me over and pour me out! Old coffee containers make a good vase and the little tea set is resting on a cork trivet which comes in handy on your table...

It's a "Shoe-In"

There was an old woman with an old worn out shoe, she had so many rings she didn't know what to do... So she created a ring holder, by using a piece of scrap fabric, and stuffing. Added lace, bows...

"old School"

I have these old school lockers and am wondering if anyone has any ideas of what to do with them. I am thinking of giving them back to the "junk". What do you think? Other then holding more junk does...


These purses have their very own "purse"anility! I iron grocery bags together between tissue paper on low heat and this melts the bags. The fun part is using your sewing machine and crazy stitch all...


I had one hoe that still had its handle and then two that just had the hoe part so I attached them to the wood part of the hoe and added greenery and ribbon and also some fake snow. I just need to...

Meat grinder turned Soap Dish!

I was inspired by Sue to make a relaxing basket for guests so I turned an old meat grinder upside down and made it into a soap dish. The screw works perfectly to hold the soap with just the right...

Latest Projects

Just a few things I have been working on.


I need any help I can get. I love junk but I am beginning to think I nuts. I have an endless supply of any kind of junk you can think of, and I don't have anyone around here who thinks like I do and...

old window frames

I love old windows and here are some things I have done with mine. I also love to quilt so I hand quilted some blocks and then framed them in an old window frame. The one with three panes hangs above...

1940's cook stove

We were given this old cook stove from my husbands uncle. He had sold his house and did not have any want or need for it anymore. He was given it as a wedding gift in the 1940's. It was in such...

Recent comments

Re: "old School"

Ok, so I guess they are "keepers". I went out and bought a textured spray paint to give them a fresh new look. My husband built shelves inside them and I am going to put them in my sewing room to hold my material and sewing supplies. I do like the idea of drilling a hole in one and adding a little lamp inside one of the doors. If I don't like them when I am finished they can always go back in the garage. Thanks for the ideas, I will post a pic of what the finished project looks like.

Re: "Purse"analities!

No, there is no stench or smell when ironing these together.

Re: Keeping Time With the "Rhythm" of Life

Georgia, this is totally awesome, I love your creative idea!

Re: 1940's cook stove

The stove is made by Eureka.

Re: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I love the boots too! What a cute idea!

Re: Singer Sewing Machine

I love old sewing machines, thanks for sharing!

Re: A Time To Say Thanks...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Thanks for reminding us and taking a moment to think what we are truly thankful for. Love the old clock as well. Take care and to everyone Happy Thanksgiving!

Re: Whisk Up a Little Ambiance!

This ia awesome! I want one! Thanks for sharing the directions of how you did it.

Re: bus scrolls, vintage hand-made toy race track and big old industrial wheels!

I think the race car track is great! That would make a great wall hanging! What a conversation piece! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Latest Projects

Yes, the gear has a wooden handle which I think I will hang an old lantern from when I hang it up. The gear was found at my husbands farmstead. I have no idea what piece of equipment it is from. The snowman was painted with craft paint. I put saran wrap on the back of the screen before painting and then peeled it off when it was dry.

Re: Sprinkler is now a candle sconce

I love it! What a great idea!

Re: Gear Decor

Great idea! I love the way you put it in an arrangement for the wall. My husband just brought me one similiar to yours except it has a handle on it, so I am looking for ideas. Thanks for sharing yours.