I LOVE repurposing things from old windows to teacups. I have a booth at a local flea market that enables me to continue with my addiction. My DBF is a genius at helping me build anything I can dream up. I also enjoy tole painting, decoupage,mosaic, flower arranging, sewing, and gardening. I get inspiration from visiting this website and decided to share some of my projects in hopes they will inspire others.

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Teapot Lamp

I got the lamp parts from a lamp I purchased and took apart for $3.00.

Light base repurposed into candle holder

I'm all for easy projects and this was one of them. I picked up this vintage light fixture at a yard sale for $1.00. It looked like it wanted to be a candle holder. The sockets were a llittle too...

Teacup chandelier/candelier

I have been wanting to make one of these for several years. I finally found the perfect old chandelier. It's sitting amongst some other treasures I picked up at an auction. I collected the right...

New sign at Junk Store

Flip flop sign and Bling sign at flea market/junk store.

What is this?

I picked this up at an auction Saturday for $4.00. I have no idea what it is but I really liked the look of it. It's metal and it appears as though it's been left outside because the top is a bit...

Old windows and doors

I went to an auction Saturday and WOW, there were some really great old things. I picked up these 2 doors with great chippy paint and a whole lot of windows and at a great price. I was thinking...

Vanity chair renewed

I found this cute little vanity chair at a yard sale for $1.00. It was a pathetic little thing. The cover on the seat was gross and the frame was it's original wood color. I recovered the seat with...

Broken china mosaic backsplash

This was my first attempt at broken china mosaic. I put it on the backsplash of my serving counter in my kitchen. I loved it at the time, but I think Im ready for a change now. I think I have a lot...

Embellished mirror

This was a very simple project. I like those! I bought the mirror at a yard sale for $1.00. I got the rose swag at a yard sale free. She was giving away stuff just to get rid of everything. I just...

Always kiss me goodnight sign

I have a friend that wanted to get rid of some things so I got this piece of wood for $1.00. It had it's original wood finish so I crackled it and painted the flower design and stenciled Always Kiss...

Decoupaged table and lamp

I found this little table at a yard sale for $1.00 and the lamp for $1.00. I had the lamp shade already.  I've been dabbling with decoupage and thought I'd try it on this repainted table. I have...

Tin ceiling crown molding shelf

I was lucky enough to snag several of these vintage tin ceiling crown molding pieces. With my DBF's help, we designed this shelf. The paint on the tile was very chipped, so I painted it a cream...

Headboard bench

We used a twin size headboard for this bench. I had some spindles, so my DBF cut them to size and used them for the arm supports. I painted it a sage color and tole painted the rose design.

Repurposed chest of drawers/TV cabinet

I had a chest of drawers that I no longer needed for that purpose. The style of it screamed cottage style TV cabinet. My house is cottage style and I thought this fit in perfectly. My DBF took out...

Tin ceiling tile coffee table

My DBF got this fabulous idea of making a coffee table from a vintage tin ceiling tile. The table has a glass top that can be lifted off to place collectibles inside. I crackle finished the frame of...

Old window coffee table

I saw one of these at a craft fair and it inspired us to make a similar one.

Recent comments

Re: My version of teacup chandelier

Aren't these so much fun to make! I love mine! Good job!

Re: Bed Spring Candle Holder

You are so amazing! I wish I had your imagination. Who would have thought this would have turned out so elegant. Beautiful job!

Re: Stocking up for my booth...

I'd shop your booth with great stuff like that! Love your sign! Having a booth at an antique mall is a great way to feed our junking addiction! We shop, peoople buy, we shop some more. I love it! Good luck to you!

Re: Chippy Cottage Charm Flea market booth

Now that is where I'd be shopping! I love your displays. I'm sure you came home with much less than you took!

Re: Keeping it Simple

I love simple projects! This one is beautiful! I so enjoyed meeting you in Tulsa this last weekend. You really inspired me to look at a piece of junk in different ways. I find myself turning things upside down or pairing it with some other piece of junk to turn it into something beautiful. DBF was going to throw away a piece of metal mesh gutter guard and I snatched it from him! He said, I suppose you're going to make something out of that. Yep! Don't know what right now, but I'll have it when the idea comes to me. I wish I had your imagination Sue!


What great finds! I know how excited you must get because I do too when I find great junk! There's going to be 100 mile yard sale coming up in my area soon. I can't wait! I'm taking the truck for sure! LOL

Re: Summer Brunch with Some Fancy Junk

Your table looks so inviting and welcoming! You snagged some great bargains! I love it!

Re: Hey! Look what I found...

Hey! Angela? Are you the T2T diva on the T2T board? I'm not surprised to find you here! LOL I love the mirror you snagged! And for free! It will make a beautiful embellished mirror! Please post pics when you're done with it!

Re: This little Diva's green with envy and dripping with bling!

I LOVE your candelabra! How fun is that! Are those wine glasses for the candle cups? Great idea! That would let the candlelight shine through.

Re: Light base repurposed into candle holder

Thanks! Great idea for the center hole. After I took this picture, I found a pearl-like half round bead and covered the hole with it. It does look much better.

Re: New sign at Junk Store

Thank you! I had so much fun making those signs.
It is a fun little place! So many different kinds of treasures hiding inside! It is located in Tyro, Ks which is southeast Kansas. It's a very little town. As a matter of fact, this store sells pop and sandwhiches and it's the only place in town that does!

Re: Old windows and doors

What great ideas! I wish I had more doors now so I could make ALL of these things!
CarrieBear,there are a few broken windows in the doors, so I had thought of putting quilt pieces there no matter what I decided to make out of them. My original plan was to repurpose these 2 doors into something and sell it but now I think I'll have to figure out a place in my house to put these!
RustyDiva, my DBF chuckled when I told him what you wrote. He said he didn't think the world was ready for another one like him! So funny!
I'm so excited about getting started on these but we are getting ready to turn my attic space into a master suite. I hope we can get to these doors sometime soon!

Re: What is this?

Thank you ladies for the suggestions. I think it will end up in my flower garden for sure. I've got so many projects going right now, so maybe I'll turn it into a totem at a later date. I will for sure post it when I get it done!

Re: Old windows and doors

Wow! You ladies have some great ideas! CottageElements, I love what you did with your doors. I've got a corner in my living room where the doors with the photo display would look great.
RustyDiva, I love the idea of the windows connected with crown molding surrounding them. If you make one, I'd love to see it.
Junkermidge, I also like your idea of a display case with the doors as front pieces.
Sounds like the vote is for photo displays. Right now, my DBF and I are just finishing up a 20 X 20 ft. storage building we built from the ground up. I've still got some painting to do but we're getting close. I'm not sure when we'll get to these doors because we have another huge project after this one!

Re: Graduation Photo Board

I love how your door turned out! I'm still pondering over what I'm going to do with mine. Thanks for the great idea!

Re: Tin ceiling tile coffee table

Thank you ladies! I really love this table. I have several more tins ready to become tables someday. Too many ideas and never enough time!

Re: Headboard bench

Thank you ladies! I have another headboard I'm hoping we'll turn into another bench someday. I really had no place to put this one but I just couldn't stand the thought of selling it so I made room!

Re: Tin ceiling crown molding shelf

RustyDiva, you gave me a great laugh! I saw DBF on some other board and was hoping it meant Darling Boyfriend and not Dumb Boyfriend. LOL Anyhoo, Darling Boyfriend is what "I" mean it to be! You will have to take a number on him because all my g'friends wish they had one like him too!

MimiToria, we cut out the ends and the shelf top and routered them. We also cut a 1/8 in. groove into each inside end the same contour of the tin. Of course, we glued them in. That way, the tin is inset into the ends and I think it gives it a cleaner look.

Re: Vanity chair renewed

Thank you ladies for your kind comments. This really was one of my favorite pieces. If I had a place to put it, I would have definetly kept it. I'm getting ready to redo another little vanity chair. I'll try to post before and after pics of it when I get it done.

Re: Broken china mosaic backsplash

Thank you ladies! Your comments gave me a lot better feeling about my mosaic job. Texasjunkermom, if I do tear it out and it's not all completely destroyed, I'll send it to you!

Re: Repurposed chest of drawers/TV cabinet

Thank you so much suewhitney! I have been loving Junkmarket for awhile now. All these talented ladies really inspire me! I'm glad to be a part of it now sharing my projects.

Re: Tin ceiling crown molding shelf

Thank you so much bookends! I think it's my fave too.

Re: Old window coffee table

Golly! A comment already! Thanks suewhitney!