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More Junky Displays

I love old fashioned Christmases!!

Upside Down Junk Tree

My upside down tree hanging outside my family room makes me smile. It almost pushed my husband over the edge but he'll take all the credit when the grandkids come and get a kick out of it!

Christmas is REELY coming!

I found this hose reel and had fun using it in my Christmas display.

Autumn Junk

You are all so talented!! I just find junk and use it in my decor.  Happy Fall Everyone!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas part 3

Okay I'll stop now... this is about half of my decor. Happy Holidays!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Happy Holidays to all! I'm having a blast decorating with some of my junk collections this year.

Fall Decor... enjoy it while we can!

My 2008 fall entrance decor. I just added the distressed column.  

Fall 50th Anniversary Party

Mom and dad are country western kind of folks so we decided to have their celebration outdoors in the country. They renewed their vows in front of many friends and family. The guests of honor and...

Junk Renewed

Kind of backwards... in this case I cleaned them up rather than distressing but I love the already distressed oak. They have someone's initials carved in them. 

Family window

Family window provides good memories.

Recent comments

Re: A Piece From The "Something Old, Something New" Bridal Collection

Absolutely beautiful! I love the vintage/elegant look. I love it!

Re: Shutter Hall Tree

VERY CUTE!! I want one! Nice job!

Re: Merry Christmas Everyone! Sharing Our House With You

I love all of your displays. The vintage Santa's are great! Merry Christmas!

Re: Peace like a river

I LOVE the glass, silver, white and twinkle against the natural rustic brick fireplace. Absolutely beautiful. Photographs would make an awesome greeting card! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Christmas is REELY coming!


This must have been your hose reel then because I bought in Apple Valley's Haupt Antiek last month. Glad I found out it!!


Re: Christmas is REELY coming!


This must have been your hose reel then because I bought in Apple Valley's Haupt Antiek last month. Glad I found out it!!


Re: Christmas is REELY coming!


This must have been your hose reel then because I bought in Apple Valley's Haupt Antiek last month. Glad I found out it!!


Re: Tis' the Season to be "JUNKY" Fa La La La La.......

I LOVE LOVE the sleigh. Very cool! Now I want one too.

Re: Potting table

Now that's original. It's adorable!

Re: Is this the year I finally get organized?

Congratulations on getting organized! These are great looking and actually make you want to use them. Nice work!

Re: Garden Gate Pot & Pan Hanger

I love, love, love this idea. I like the fact that you can use the top as a shelf in addition to hanging your pans. Looks great and you saved it... way to go!

Re: How to make Your Bathroom Tolerable on a Budget

Well you can certainly be proud now!! I love the wall color. Would you mind sharing the brand and color? I have a blue-grey picked out for my guest bathroom remodel... just wondering how close mine is to yours. Hard to tell on a monitor. Your room doesn't look like it was done on a budget. Nice job Georgia!


Re: Making cards with..........junk of course!

I also have a passion for card making and love junk so the combination is perfect! I was just recently thinking how I was going to recreate vintage cards. Great cards! I'll keep my eyes open for junk embellishments. Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Towering blast from the past

This is really cute! I think any young boy would love this bed. Nice job!

Re: Northwoods Christmas tree

From one Minnesotan to another... love it! Too late for this year but thanks for the inspiration for next year.
Enjoy and stay warm up there!

Re: Simple Treasures

Nice displays, all of them. I really like the fan too. I'm going to be looking for cheese graters on my next outing... I can imagine the glow of the candles through them. Charming!

Re: Old door bench seat

Your bench is charming and inviting. I never get tired of repurposed doors. Very nice!

Re: Table Top Made With Old Printing Press Type

Nice job!! I'm a printer so I have an appreciation for vintage letter press fonts. You did a great job! I just love it. Enjoy!


Re: A few "borrowed" ideas

I saw the pulleys on Decorating Cents too, yours turned out nice! I like the scrabble board too!

Re: Great for gift giving -- fun & easy photo displays

These are great displays! I love the vintage cameras!! The possibilities are endless aren't they?? Thanks for the fun and great ideas.

Re: Christmas 2008

All of your displays are adorable. I also love the tree in the cart. The old bulbs draped around the frame and the filled jar are really cute too!

Re: A Junky Holiday Coaster Ornament

So simple yet elegant. I love this. Great idea!

Re: Inexpensive & Simple Junk Tree Ideas

I love your tree and all of it's surroundings. The contrast of rustic and elegance is so beautiful! Because they are so different we notice each of them even more than if they were elegant or rustic alone. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

Re: Christmas Decor Ideas

I love your displays Gretchen, I love the photo display and I want your clock!

Re: Having a Ball at Christmas . . . Christmas Balls that is!


I had the same idea but I used clear bulbs with letters affixed. I LOVE your vintage collection. Very nice!


This is adorable and very inviting. I love the contrast between the tin and fabrics. Great idea!

Re: Drum Side Table

This is really cute and festive. Great idea!

Re: Screen Door Potting Stand/Kitchen furniture

I love this, what a great way to enjoy your own art. It's beautiful, architecturally interesting AND functional. I love it! Keep sharing your painted projects.

Re: Dressed my nest

I don't know how I missed this posting but this is very inviting! I LOVE the ladder with basket and clock! I have an indoor ladder and I'm always trying to find different ideas. I'll be searching for a basket! Your wreath looks awesome against the black door. I hope you post your winter holiday entrance too!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Turn your junk into a pleasing photo vignette!

I love this! I'm going to try this and frame some of my fav junk!
Thanks for the GREAT idea!!

Re: Junk silver!!!

What a beautiful piece. I love this.

Re: Fall fix-up!!!

Welcome! Looks like it's lit up from the bottom. Very cute, nice job! I look forward to more of your posts.

Re: Converted garage sale find.

Very cute! What does it say on the sign?

Re: My Creative Inspiration Desk

That desk would inspire me! Nice job!

Re: Window Pane Photos

Nice job! I love your B/Ws. Great photos!! Thanks for sharing,


I love this, I'm currently looking for ideas for my patio next spring. Thanks for the inspiration and great ideas. Enjoy!

Re: Memo Gate

This looks great, what a fun way to display your treasures. Great save!

Re: Shuttered shelf

This is absolutely adorable! I want one of these.
Nice job. Sue

Re: Sweet Little Potting Shed

I want this in my back yard. I love it! Looks like a fun place to get away from it all. Do you have photos of the inside? If so, please share. Sue

Re: In the "Pink" Garden Sign

This is very pretty. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Junk Renewed

The Haupt Antiek is in Rosemount, MN. They are only open once a month. You can find their schedule at It's a good one!

Re: Ever Seen A Blue Pumpkin?

I LOVE the blue pumpkin!! And thanks for the stenciling idea too, that looks great. Looking forward to the exterior decor.

Re: Family window

I thought your "Let's go skiing" looked like Upper Case Living, that looks great!

Re: Junk Renewed

I did go to Haupt Antiek last night, I bought a clock but more importantly I came away with a lot of great ideas and plans. I'm planning a shabby chic/junk patio for next spring. I love the hunt! Their show is always a great time!

Re: Strawberry Tea Set Bird Feeders

They are adorable! Way to go with helping the fight against cancer. A great hobby and raising funds... you can't beat that. Very nice!

Re: Junk Renewed

I sanded the oak seats and the metal, then primed, repainted and stained. A lot of work but worth the effort.

Re: Newcomers Please Read

I immediately felt welcomed here! I love this web site and the members are great. I got hooked on HGTV's rate my space and posted photos of my home and people were brutal on that site. I was so hurt with their comments about my home that I cried. This is more my speed. Here I noticed everyone has their own taste, shares ideas, encourage others and they don't try to outdo everyone with fancy schmancy expensive home decor. I don't have to be filthy rich to reuse and recycle. I much prefer junk! They just don't get it... their loss.

Thanks for a fun site! I love it!!!

Re: Family window

Thanks for welcoming me Georgia - I am hooked! The words on the wall are from upper case living. I have them all over my house. Sue

Re: From "ick" to "slick"...Sconce Rescue

Good eye! These are great as is and they can easily be changed out for the seasons. Way to go! Sue

Re: Family Scrabble Board

I would have never thought of the Twister tablecloth! I love the game idea! My 8 grandchildren will love this. Hope we can all fit on the board!! Thanks for the great idea! Sue

Re: Fall is in the Air!

I LOVE the thermos!! I've not seen any like that before. Cute display!

Re: Family window

junkinhart - I added a close up photo. The wire from the beads is extended and swirled at the top so I used thread and thumb tacked it to the back of the window. The thread is barely noticeable. Thanks for asking!

Re: JUNKMARKET Leaded Window Finds a New Home

I absolutely love this look. Very nice!! Wish I had this in my home!