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Ive been an avid junKer ever since I can remember - junKin
with my Dad as a young girl in Michigan. Kept on junKin after I married and moved to Oklahoma and have continued to love it even more after moving to Texas 16 years ago, where my husband - Mark the Architect and my four children of 30 years of marriage reside together. I took the next step in January of this year and opened an antique and gift shop. Ive called it my new baby! (Cottage Panache Antiques is its real name!)
So I can continue to torment my husband - the Architect on a daily basis - bringing in more junK for him to ask his favorite questions - IS THIS TRASH?! & PLEASE TELL ME YOU DIDNT PAY MONEY FOR THAT! oOPS I think Ive rambled on enough

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Re: How to Make a Cupola Planter

I love these...going hunting for a cupola or two! Way cool! And where do I get the thing-a-ma-jigs? They could come in handy for lots of projects!

Re: Before trash day I need an idea

I think this piece would be great in a studio, on the wall above your table for a workstation. I can picture various wire or metal baskets or containers attached to hold all those pieces for projects. Might have to remove a row or two of the hooks or not if you can find the right sizes. Or how about a cool lantern for the patio with the old mason jars with wire to hang them from each hook add sand and votives. (Use Citronella candles and keep the mosquitoes away!!) Daytime, fill with freshcut flowers for a garden party look. Where can I get one??!!! LOL


These are fabulous, love the wording that you have added to them. What a wonderful idea to use them as a vase. So lightly and Springy! I must keep my eye out for them!